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What happened to Vikki Carr?

She was the Linda Eder of her generation who could have been as big as Streisand. She was gorgeous and a great singer to boot.%0D %0D Did Babs have her blacklisted?

by Edyie Gormereply 10312/13/2014

I loved her song, "Fame" and that one from "Flashdance."

by Edyie Gormereply 104/16/2011

She's living at Lawrence Welk Village and sings karaoke in the rec center on Friday nights.

by Edyie Gormereply 204/16/2011

After the Carol Burnett Show went off, she just had that "Mama" character she milked for all its worth.

by Edyie Gormereply 304/16/2011

Loved her as the Sock-It-To-Me girl on Laugh-In.

by Edyie Gormereply 404/16/2011

For a long time she was the only American "star" that Latino programs could muster up that had some name recognition and could also speak Spanish.%0D %0D It seems like every time they wanted to impress the audiences at award shows they always trotted out "Veeckee Carr" (wild applause from audience).

by Edyie Gormereply 504/16/2011

She retired to run her family's cracker factory.

by Edyie Gormereply 604/16/2011

Melanie ate her.

by Edyie Gormereply 704/16/2011

How the hell do you mix up Irene Cara, Vicki Lawrence and Vicki Carr?%0D %0D And Melanie - holy shit. She looks like the love child of Stevie Nicks and The Blob.

by Edyie Gormereply 804/16/2011

she's at home waiting for the phone to ring probably

by Edyie Gormereply 904/16/2011

[quote]How the hell do you mix up Irene Cara, Vicki Lawrence and Vicki Carr?

Jokes, sweetie.

by Edyie Gormereply 1004/16/2011

Sometime in the 1970s, Vikki Carr lost her mainstream recording contract and as a result, she transformed herself into a Latin singer. The problem was that she wasn't the hot young thing on the block by the time her shift in audiences happened.

by Edyie Gormereply 1104/16/2011

In 2002, she embarked on a comeback tour in South America - huge audiences flocking to see her in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil. They made her an honorary citizen of Uruguay and gave her a beach house in Punta del Este next door to Mrs. Ken Lay's estate. Sadly, Vikki lost everything in a lawsuit when Lisa Beamer found out she had written and perfromed a patriotic song called "Let's Roll!" Beamer even took the Punta del Este home.

by Edyie Gormereply 1204/16/2011

Anna Connie seduce Lawrence Welk and steal her career!

by Edyie Gormereply 1304/16/2011

[quote]Anna Connie

Oh, dear.

by Edyie Gormereply 1404/16/2011

Vicki Carr is out there on her own, but don't worry, she's gonna live forever, she's gonna learn how to fly.

by Edyie Gormereply 1504/16/2011

I loved Vicki in her own show in the 80's. Fab!

by Edyie Gormereply 1604/16/2011

Her brother Alan produced "Can't Stop the Music."

by Edyie Gormereply 1704/16/2011

My all time favorite worst introduction in the world was when Jim Nabors introduced her on his show as "a kind of car that doesn't cause pollution--Miss Vicky Carr!"

by Edyie Gormereply 1804/16/2011

She was/is a very good singer. Had a very strong voice. I loved how her song "Let It Please Be Him" was used in the movie MOONSTRUCK.

by Edyie Gormereply 1904/16/2011

"Her brother Alan produced "Can't Stop the Music."%0D %0D Isn't he better known for "Grease"? Was that him, too?

by Edyie Gormereply 2004/16/2011

This song always reminds me of Moonstruck.

by Edyie Gormereply 2104/16/2011

She and Patty Duke starred in the Los Angeles Production of Follies a few years back.

by Edyie Gormereply 2204/16/2011

I think she performed at a McCain fundraiser.

by Edyie Gormereply 2304/16/2011

Here's a 2010 pic of her.

by Edyie Gormereply 2404/16/2011

Wow, Vikki looks good!

by Edyie Gormereply 2504/17/2011

I just saw Vikki Carr in Chicago, last November. She still has a wonderful voice and maybe more beautiful than ever. She is an all around wonderful entertainer.

by Edyie Gormereply 2604/17/2011

Saw her play Nellie in a summer stock production of SOUTH PACIFIC when I was in high school.

by Edyie Gormereply 2704/17/2011

Does anybody have information on her personal life? I find nothing so far; still looking.

by Edyie Gormereply 2804/17/2011

Florencia Bisenta de Casillas Martinez Cardona , aka Miss Vikki Carr, is trying to hang in there long enough for another Republican to be elected president so she can perform in the White House just one more time. %0D

by Edyie Gormereply 2904/17/2011

Here is an interview from '07. Carr seems pretty stable and normal.

by Edyie Gormereply 3004/17/2011

She's in Texas today to sing "The Star Spangled Banner" at an oil-spill 1 year anniversary at Padre Island.

by Edyie Gormereply 3104/18/2011

She was one of the stars of the Firestone Christmas album my parents had, and we listened to it endlessly when I was a kid (there was a whole series, but apparently my family thought one was enough). The other stars: Leontyne Price and Nicolai Gedda.

by Edyie Gormereply 3204/18/2011

She lives in San Antonio. I saw her walking along the river walk last year selling pralines for $2 a piece. People were taking pictures with her. Apparently, that's how she makes a living these days.

by Edyie Gormereply 3304/18/2011

Could have been as big as Streisand? LOL.

by Edyie Gormereply 3404/18/2011

I want one of Vikki Carr's pralines to go with my praline from Aunt Sally.

by Edyie Gormereply 3504/18/2011

There was a Perez Hilton sponsored show in Austin about a year ago and Vikki Carr was standing in front of me in the line to get in. We waited in the cold for about five hours but never made it inside. My friend, Jeff, had a ticket and was inside drooling over Perez the whole time.

by Edyie Gormereply 3604/18/2011

How about a Vikki vs Eydie comparison?%0D %0D Eydie blows Vikki off the plant, imo.

by Edyie Gormereply 3704/18/2011

Her Dad Otto Carr developed the very first Ottomobile better known as the Car. He was in the process of patenting it when Henry Ford beat him to it. Thus the Carr family relied on Vicki to sing her heart out and save the family from ruin. The song It Must Be Him is a take on Otto Carr waiting for word from the patent office on his invention.

by Edyie Gormereply 3804/18/2011

Hey, Vikki, this bunch of homos want to know what happened to you. No, no, just take that table's order, and you can help me type a response.

by Edyie Gormereply 3904/18/2011

The guitarist in r7's link is hot.

by Edyie Gormereply 4004/18/2011

[quote]Here's a 2010 pic of her.%0D %0D A younger Tyne Daily as a blonde.

by Edyie Gormereply 4104/18/2011

Some of these replies are HILARIOUS!! Here is what's HAPPENING with Vikki Carr...%0D %0D

by Edyie Gormereply 4204/19/2011

This actually happened: Betty Ford called her a bitch for flirting with Gerry when she was performing at the White House.

by Edyie Gormereply 4304/19/2011

[quote]Eydie blows Vikki off the plant, imo.

"Get off my ficus, bitch!"

by Edyie Gormereply 4404/19/2011

What happened to Linda Eder?

by Edyie Gormereply 4504/19/2011

"And now! The Plywood Room, high atop Swingo's %0D Celebrity MotorLodge! In gorgeous downtown Seven Hills is thrilled to present, The inevitable song stylings of the internationally acclaimed - Miss Vicki Eydie!!!%0D her internationally acclaimed%0D 'Around The World Revue' entitled%0D 'Around The World In 80 Ways!'%0D

by Edyie Gormereply 4604/19/2011

Vikki recently recorded a new specialty CD that will be part of the Linda Dano Home Collection on QVC.

by Edyie Gormereply 4704/19/2011

Vikki Carr is scheduled to give a performance at Carnegie Hall this Saturday for all her peers in show business as well as her friends in the gay community. %0D %0D The song list for her solo performance includes: The Trolley Song, Over The Rainbow, The Man That Got Away, Puttin' On The Ritz, That's Entertainment, Chicago and many more. It's sure to be the ultimate Carnegie Hall concert that will wipe out the memory of all others. Don't miss this history-making event.

by Edyie Gormereply 4804/20/2011

Last night, she visited Lindsay Lohan in jail.

by Edyie Gormereply 4904/23/2011

She's at the party in Buckingham Palace tonight. It's a surprise appearance with Neil Diamond.

by Edyie Gormereply 5004/29/2011

Y'all are cracking me up.

by Edyie Gormereply 5104/29/2011

Vikki Carr is the headliner for "Concert for Osama" that will be broadcast on Al Jazeera tonight at 8 p.m. Bahrain Standard Time.

by Edyie Gormereply 5205/02/2011

Here she is from 2006:

by Edyie Gormereply 5305/02/2011

CBS just hired Vikki Carr to sing at the end of Katie Couric's final newscast in June. Song: "So Long, Dearie"

by Edyie Gormereply 5405/03/2011

I recently wrote to Ms. Carr and she signed some photos for me which I got back this week. Truly an underrated talent!

by Edyie Gormereply 5505/03/2011

Vikki Carr is in Memphis today, helping fill sandbags to hold back the flooding of the Mississippi River.

by Edyie Gormereply 5605/09/2011

Wasn't she always the first guest on Jerry Lewis's MDA telethon each year? I seem to recall Jerry calling her his good luck charm. She'd always finish her song and pledge request by making a special plea in Spanish to Hispanic viewers.

by Edyie Gormereply 5705/09/2011

Yesterday, Vikki Carr accompanied members of Congress to CIA headquarters in McLean, Virginia where they were scheduled to view photographs of the dead Osama bin Laden.%0D %0D "We were thrilled to have Miss Carr with us," said Florida Senator Bill Nelson. "It was very serious business but her singing made things easier."%0D %0D Before the viewing of the photos, Carr sang her hit song "It Must Be Him," to get everyone in the mood. %0D %0D According to Nelson, the song lyrics begin with "I tell myself what's done is done."%0D %0D "Could anything have been more special?" he asked reporters.%0D %0D Since she doesn't have a security clearance, Carr stayed in the lobby with her orchestra as members of Congress viewed the photos. %0D %0D The CIA has released a YouTube version of Carr's mega-hit, linked below.

by Edyie Gormereply 5805/13/2011

Vikki Carr flew to Louisiana today where US army engineers have opened floodgates that will inundate up to 3,000 square miles of land in an attempt to protect large cities along the Mississippi River.%0D %0D As the Grammy-winning songstress sang, "Come Rain Or Come Shine," the Morganza Spillway was opened to ease pressure on Baton Rouge and New Orleans.%0D %0D Corps spokesman Col Ed Fleming said: "About 25,000 people and 11,000 buildings could be adversely affected." With that announcement, Carr continued her songfest singing "Yesterday I Heard The Rain." %0D %0D Opening the spillway will channel water out of the Mississippi into the Atchafalaya river basin, a low-lying area of central Louisiana.%0D Since the water will flow south, flooding homes and farms in the state's Cajun country under an expected 10-20ft of water, Carr felt inspired to sing, "The Other Man's Grass Is Always Greener." She finished her musical stint by signing autographs for the army engineers while singing her hit song, "With Pen In Hand."%0D %0D %0D %0D

by Edyie Gormereply 5905/14/2011

Vikki Carr is in London to attend the state banquet at Buckingham Palace tonight. She'll be seated with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, just one table over from the Obamas. %0D

by Edyie Gormereply 6005/24/2011

Vikki Carr is soon to be over in Joplin. She is to be leading the Army Corps of Engineers toward rebuilding efforts.%0D %0D On her plane ride back from London, she will be focusing on creating new homes for all of Joplin. Just Vikki, graph paper, a TI 83 plus calculatator, and a lead pencil are all it will take to make the homes a soon to be reality. %0D %0D

by Edyie Gormereply 6105/24/2011

What happened to me?


And I can say that in TWO languages!

by Edyie Gormereply 6205/24/2011

Vikki Carr spent all night at Arlington National Cemetery placing flags on all the graves. She was totally exhausted so, around 6:30 a.m., she reclined on a marble bench and fell asleep. Hours later, someone gently shook her awake. It was Barak Obama who was in the cemetery to place a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns. He plucked a poppy off the wreath and gave it to Vikki for her scrapbook. Then Michelle Obama removed her pink bedjacket (worn to Buckingham Palace last week) and gave it to Vikki for a pillow so she could go back to sleep.

by Edyie Gormereply 6305/30/2011

Vikki Carr had dinner with Nancy Pelosi this evening while they discussed the photos e-mailed to Vikki by Anthony Weiner.

by Edyie Gormereply 6406/09/2011

Vikki Carr is in Albany tonight campaigning for marriage equality.

by Edyie Gormereply 6506/22/2011

[quote] She was one of the stars of the Firestone Christmas album my parents had, and we listened to it endlessly when I was a kid (there was a whole series, but apparently my family thought one was enough). %0D %0D Were they free? I remember we had one and cannot imagine my father paying money for a record album of any kind.

by Edyie Gormereply 6606/22/2011

Vikki was heard to utter, "I thought Leslie Caron was dead, too!" while reading an internet messageboard on her iPhone today.

by Edyie Gormereply 6706/22/2011

They were 97 cents.

by Edyie Gormereply 6806/22/2011

Vikki is at Cheryl's teaching her to douche properly.

A horrendous job, but someone has to do it!

by Edyie Gormereply 6906/22/2011

I heard she embraced her heritage, changed her name to Vikki Coche, and promptly disappeared.

by Edyie Gormereply 7006/22/2011

I saw Vikki Carr in that production of FOLLIES, R22. She sounded great --- and she provided her own wardrobe for Losing My Mind.

by Edyie Gormereply 7106/22/2011

Vikki Carr wrote the arrangements for three of the songs Michael Buble sang on his Christmas special.

by Edyie Gormereply 7212/22/2011

Vikki Carr is replacing Ron Raines in the LA run of Follies. She likes to switch things up.

by Edyie Gormereply 7312/22/2011

She was a fucking faggot

by Edyie Gormereply 7412/22/2011

All of you are so cru-el to this older lady. She seldom leaves her house as her ankles swell with the slightest movement. She's been constipated for over 20 years now but her ankles continue to look good. Her brother, Will Carr retired to take care of her and both moved to the New Jersey shore and sell dolls.

by Edyie Gormereply 7512/22/2011

Don't cry for her, DL. She was married to the producer of Grease. She's rolling in dough.

by Edyie Gormereply 7612/22/2011

R35 , it was actually "Aunt Pauline's Pralines".

I'm giving you a pass since it's the holiday season.

by Edyie Gormereply 7712/22/2011

Now he'll play that damn Vikki Carr record and when he comes to bed he won't touch me.

by Edyie Gormereply 7812/22/2011

[quote]I want one of Vikki Carr's pralines to go with my praline from Aunt Sally. by: Lucy Ricardo

I dip mine in Aunt Martha's old fashioned salad dressing.

by Edyie Gormereply 7912/23/2011

Vikki Carr is investigating a case of missing meat in Omaha. In the past few months, semi-trucks loaded with Nebraska beef were stolen in Omaha. Carr isn't saying much about the case, but victims are speaking out to protect their product.

People in the meat industry said they think it's a kind of coordinated effort because there are serious security measures in place to get something like beef from producer to its destination. However, Carr said three large scale cons -- with one con netting $170,000 in beef -- were reported in the last couple of weeks.

Vikki Carr, whose job is to track beef shipments from producer to destination, said a con man posed as a real life carrier and picked up a shipment from her Omaha office. "I looked it up on this website, and everything looks legitimate," said Carr, "Sunday, when the first drop was supposed to come off, they just quit answering their phones."

Miss Carr said that within the last few hours, she's learned that the con stretches farther than what she originally thought. Beef brokers, meanwhile, are spreading the word because they want the seemingly sophisticated con to stop. "I'm a small business. I don't have a fraud department," the Carr said.

by Edyie Gormereply 8012/23/2011

Vikki Carr is soon to be in the operatic version of "Doubt." She will play Sister Aloysius Beauvier and is currently assisting John Patrick Shanley with the score.

True to form, Vikki does not want to be credited with anything past her portrayal of Sister Aloysius Beauvier because she is just that kind of gal.

by Edyie Gormereply 8112/24/2011

"Fuck Vicki Carr! Fuck her right in the ass!"

It just doesn't have the same ring to it, does it?

by Edyie Gormereply 8212/24/2011

Vikki Carr. 1964. Up the arse.

by Edyie Gormereply 8312/24/2011

Vikki Carr was seen in Vatican City tonight. She lit a candle, handed it to the Pope, and told him to place it in the window overlooking St. Peter's Square.

by Edyie Gormereply 8412/24/2011

Vikki Carr was at the Pentagon today urging the Navy to take their battleships out of mothballs and send them to the Straight of Hormuz. "It's the only way to stop the threats from Iran," she told the Secretary of the Navy.

by Edyie Gormereply 8512/28/2011

Vikki Carr is trying to convince Ryan Seacrest to leave California and move to NY to replace Regis.

by Edyie Gormereply 8601/06/2012

[quote]For a long time she was the only American "star" that Latino programs could muster up that had some name recognition and could also speak Spanish.


by Edyie Gormereply 8701/07/2012

Vikki Carr is in Keene, New Hampshire today working as a get out the vote volunteer. She's going from door to door in the town singing, "It Must Be Him."

by Edyie Gormereply 8801/10/2012

Vikki Carr flew to Italy yesterday, donned a wetsuit and is helping to search the Costa Concordia for possible survivors.

by Edyie Gormereply 8901/18/2012

"She was the Linda Eder of her generation."

I think you should be asking what happened to both Carr AND Linda Eder then, no?

by Edyie Gormereply 9001/18/2012

Vikki Carr was one of the great contemporary singers of the 60's and the 70's. I met her in 1976 and I was a very dedicated fan! She has/had a recording contract from Columbia to record in Spanish and only does concerts in the South (warm weather). She's a decent and kind professional - she even filled in for Johnny Carson a few times! he's known for the hit song "It Must Be Him" (Liberty Records).

Vikki Carr was the person that started the notification of bad second-hand smoke, which started the end of smoking in public places! Vikki began to get a throat condition due to smoke in Las Vegas show rooms.

NOTE: It was Vicky Lawrence on Carol Burnett. Also, her name is Vikki Carr... not Vicky or Vickie or Vicki.

Vikki, I still remember your concerts at the Mill Run in Illinois - Thanks for all the work you have done!

One other thing People, please keep your filthy, stupid and disrespectful comments about another person to yourself.

by Edyie Gormereply 9101/06/2013

Vikki Carr is putting on a benefit concert this afternoon for protesters in Istanbul's Taksim Square.

by Edyie Gormereply 9206/14/2013

Vikki Carr spent the day in Arizona demanding that the governor veto the homophobic bill.

by Edyie Gormereply 9302/26/2014

Vikki will be flying on her own dime to the Ukraine to try and broker a peace treaty. Debra Messing was otherwise engaged.

by Edyie Gormereply 9402/26/2014

She is tempting at the Tempe, AZ Wigwam outlet store as a part-time checker.

by Edyie Gormereply 9502/26/2014

This thread could use a current Vikki Carr video.

by Edyie Gormereply 9602/26/2014

For six weeks every summer, and Christmas every other year, she plays the role of part-time mother. And then she dies. RIP Vikki.

by Edyie Gormereply 9702/27/2014

Jeff Zucker is consulting with Vikki on her ideas of who should be a replacement for Piers Morgan. She plans to announce her list of recommendations on Friday evening.

by Edyie Gormereply 9802/27/2014

She's flying to Washington to consult with the President regarding her planned "Concert for Kiev" that was scheduled for next Friday.

by Edyie Gormereply 9903/01/2014

La Diva del Bolero is appearing in Managua Nicaragua on 11 de Abril.

by Edyie Gormereply 10003/01/2014

She met with Ellen today to convince her to apologize to Liza by inviting her to cohost the Oscars next year.

by Edyie Gormereply 10103/04/2014

Vikki Carr flew to Liberia yesterday to set up a soup kitchen to feed Doctors Without Borders.

by Edyie Gormereply 10212/11/2014

Vikki is in Darfur today, distributing candycanes to the orphans.

by Edyie Gormereply 10312/13/2014
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