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How many women has Prince William had sex with?


by Prince Harryreply 3204/15/2011

How very dare you, Op, that's a very private question. We do not flaunt this things.

by Prince Harryreply 104/14/2011

Don't look at me?

by Prince Harryreply 204/14/2011

Not all that many women. Wills & Kate have been together about eight or nine years, and he's only 28 years old.

by Prince Harryreply 304/14/2011

No one has "come forward", to use the Tiger Woods term.

by Prince Harryreply 404/14/2011

R3, men in long-term relationships, especially when they're just "dating," ALWAYS fuck around on their significant others.

by Prince Harryreply 504/14/2011

R5, I never did.

by Prince Harryreply 604/14/2011

Not as many as me!

by Prince Harryreply 704/14/2011

More important, have William and Harry fooled around?

by Prince Harryreply 804/14/2011

Of course they have, R8. In front of Charles and Camilla. They like to watch.

by Prince Harryreply 904/14/2011

R5. William has been reported to have a few former girlfriends, but really not all that many. Yeah, he had other girlfriends when he was dating Kate. But since the media has hunted Will and Harry down since they were kids, we would have heard about or seen photos of them with other women. There have been a few, but not a ton of women. In his day, Andrew had more women, and they reported about him all the time.%0D %0D Even Harry doesn't seem to have all that many women. He's been on and off with Chelsea Davy for a number of years too. Maybe for all the media attention and being the world's most eligible bachelors, they really haven't let the "swinging bachelor" lifestyle.%0D %0D Sure, they've acted like bar-hopping frat boys at times. But women? They just don't seem to have all that many hanging around for sex.

by Prince Harryreply 1004/14/2011


by Prince Harryreply 1104/14/2011

I bet he was so scared of sluts running to the press that he was pretty frugal when it came to fooling around. He's probably only been with a couple of women, including his skeletal fiancee.

by Prince Harryreply 1204/14/2011

What, no whores?

by Prince Harryreply 1304/14/2011

He has to have a courtesan on the side. It's written in Britain's Constitution.

by Prince Harryreply 1404/14/2011

On another board there was a lengthy thread that Wills is actually closeted and this is an arranged marriage. Given the royal family's history, I can believe it.

They also said Harry was the most normal of the bunch and the whole swastika armband was done as a gag, an acknowledgement that his in fact does have Nazis in his family (the English royal family is actually German).

by Prince Harryreply 1504/14/2011

[quote]Sure, they've acted like bar-hopping frat boys at times. But women? They just don't seem to have all that many hanging around for sex.

Just so.

by Prince Harryreply 1604/14/2011

Well of course it was done "as a gag." What other reason could there possibly be? The issue was not that people believed he was a closet Nazi. It was a question of taste.

by Prince Harryreply 1704/14/2011

Here are the photos of William caught pissing:

by Prince Harryreply 1804/14/2011

[quote]On another board there was a lengthy thread that Wills is actually closeted and this is an arranged marriage. Given the royal family's history, I can believe it.

Spending too much time on DL apparently diminishes people's ability to tell real relationships from fake ones. I love speculation as much as anyone here, but for fuck's sake, no one, not even a prince, carries on a fake relationship for 10 years, starting as a 19-year-old university student. These people have friends who have known and socialized with them as a couple for a decade. DLers really see beards everywhere.

by Prince Harryreply 1904/14/2011

Maybe he's not a whore.........Darlin'.

by Prince Harryreply 2004/14/2011

One of these things is not like the others:

Jake and Taylor Taylor and Taylor William and Kate Bradley and Renee Justin and Jessica

It's annoying when people have no gaydar.

by Prince Harryreply 2104/14/2011

I went to a costume party as a Nazi. I kept the helmet and armband from when I was a Nazi in Sound Of Music.

by Prince Harryreply 2204/14/2011

Was William embarrassed when the photos of his pissing cock were released?

by Prince Harryreply 2304/14/2011

r23, I'm British and never saw those photos in any tabloids or mentioned on any shows. Buckingham Palace must have got a media blackout on Willies's willy.

by Prince Harryreply 2404/14/2011

R19, the speculation didn't originate from DL but another anonymous gossip site centered around black celebs. What's more, that thread said Harry is really into black girls and is currently with some Nigerian Oxford chick on the low.

by Prince Harryreply 2504/14/2011

Actually given William's history and damage - ie, his mother and father, I doubt that he will cheat on Kate.

He was closest to Diana, remember? He knew the hell she went through. Will he repeat it & become his father? Hard to say but his great grandparents really loved each other & did not cheat on each other. They were truly a love-match.

And I don't think the Queen & Prince Albert dislike each other, I think they probably do like each other a lot.

by Prince Harryreply 2604/14/2011

He's stuck mostly to the Upper class set and has had a few known girlfriends. All very horsey and nothing to write home about but posh and discreet.

by Prince Harryreply 2704/14/2011

R14, Britain doesn't have a written constitution.

by Prince Harryreply 2804/15/2011

I feel for the poor guy. I mean, how do you have sex and made it as "personal" as you'd like to while being a member of the royal family, especially a potential heir to the throne? Almost impossible. So, all we see on tabloids are pictures of them accidentally (or not?) showing their wands at ranches or what now. That is just not a life for any normal human being to live.......Well, excluding nuns and monks and Catholic priests.

by Prince Harryreply 2904/15/2011

R27 does Kate know?

by Prince Harryreply 3004/15/2011

Not sure if it was when he was on a break with Kate but if you look you'll find he's been linked with a handful of girls. Kate's only been linked with a couple guys, I would think she's had to be a bit more careful.

by Prince Harryreply 3104/15/2011

R24, they were all over the Internet, and were posted above

by Prince Harryreply 3204/15/2011
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