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"Happy Endings" has the most annoying, unrealistic gay man on TV!

He watches football on TV and every other word he says is "dude'.

by Bobby Trendyreply 59902/12/2015


by Bobby Trendyreply 104/13/2011

I thought the show was pretty funny. And I like seeing non-stereotypical gay characters.

by Bobby Trendyreply 204/13/2011

Except for the football part, I totally identified with him.%0D %0D The show was amusing in parts, but some of the actors are really overplaying it.

by Bobby Trendyreply 304/13/2011

Surprised that I thought it was funny. There were a few good lines. And I thought the straight-acting gay guy was a nice break from what they usually feed us. Plus, he was kinda cute.

by Bobby Trendyreply 404/13/2011

Does the gay guy have a bf/partner, or is he another of those neutered gays on TV who only hangs out with str8s??

by Bobby Trendyreply 504/13/2011

He's as gay as John Malkovich was in "Queens Logic" about a group of friends in which he called Pachebel;s Canon "that song from Ordinary People." Really?

by Bobby Trendyreply 604/13/2011

I thought it sucked. Everything that "gay guy" said was some reference to being gay or gay sex...everything. That doesn't happen when most gay guys are around straight guy friends. If they did the straight guys would be very nervous and on guard all the time.

by Bobby Trendyreply 704/13/2011

The very definition of televison sit-com writing by committee. And that's saying something.

by Bobby Trendyreply 804/13/2011

R5, the gay guy apparently has no gay friends, which is why he only hangs out with straights.

Just like the black guy apparently knows no other people of color, which is why he only hangs out with white folks.

by Bobby Trendyreply 904/13/2011

Not as bad as it looked in the ads but R8 has it right. Still, much, much better than "Better With You." But that's not saying much.

by Bobby Trendyreply 1004/13/2011

Is this a sitcom? What network is it on?

by Bobby Trendyreply 1104/13/2011

I liked it. The gay guy is cute and sexy. A nice zippy sitcom feel, but with post-millennial 30s angst. I have a feeling the gay guy is going to be seeing some action- it's set to run at 10pm, they are all sexually aggressive, and the show doesn't seem the type to shy away from some sexy man on man action! If it's a hit, who should the gay guys first makeout stunt celebrity casting?

by Bobby Trendyreply 1204/13/2011

"Everything that "gay guy" said was some reference to being gay or gay sex...everything. That doesn't happen when most gay guys are around straight guy friends. If they did the straight guys would be very nervous and on guard all the time."%0D %0D %0D Wow, you read my mind; I could not agree more.%0D %0D That being said, if Damon Wayans, Jr. takes off his shirt, I will watch more episodes.%0D

by Bobby Trendyreply 1304/13/2011

I like him 100 times better than the gay character on Modern Family I totally despise that guy(the one that is not Jesse Tyler Ferguson)

by Bobby Trendyreply 1404/13/2011

R14 - you mean the FAT one...

by Bobby Trendyreply 1504/13/2011

Good god, that was a travesty of bad editing and some idiot producer standing there saying, "Speed it up! We want it to zip!" None of the characters were even allowed to come up for air. It was trying to be so slick that it lost any sense of genuine timing which is what made Friends so funny. I think I laughed once during these two episodes. The only one with any sense of timing is the girl with the black hair. She was also the only one who seemed natural in her role. The others just seemed very stilted. They resolved the story of the main dude being left at the alter WAY too quickly. They should have let it play out over a few episodes.

I don't think I'll watch it again.

by Bobby Trendyreply 1604/13/2011

I'm just glad to see a comedy tackle the realistic situation of a straight woman being afraid to commit.

by Bobby Trendyreply 1704/13/2011

I suppose that we may be satisfied with having reached parity - since this show disgustingly stereotypes every group it purports to represent, gays are simply one more cliche in the mix, with nothing particularly special intended in our being treated in superficial, stupid nitwits like everyone else.

by Bobby Trendyreply 1804/13/2011

The black-haired "Jewess"; was she a cast member on SNL?

by Bobby Trendyreply 1904/13/2011

Nothing I've read makes it sound like he's more than a token fag who's not supposed to be like a typical fag but is not allowed to have any kind of life. Heterosexuals must be allowed to have the superior life!%0D %0D Of course straight men come off as total idiots in most sitcoms. Just look at all the shows that premiered this season, something like "Traffic Light" which has a bunch of stupid, idiotic straight men whose balls are tied to the fingers of their wives and girlfriends. Castrated idiots. I guess being the castrated gay guy is preferable.

by Bobby Trendyreply 2004/13/2011

If this means that the pitiful gays who feel persecuted by flaming queens can quit whining about their lack of role models, then this is indeed a happy day. May this show last ten seasons, and may I never have to see it.

by Bobby Trendyreply 2104/13/2011

Yes, R19, that was Casey Wilson, who was fired from "SNL" a few seasons ago.

I freely admit that I sometimes read way too much into these things, but the episode with Stephen Guarino (of LOGO's "The Big Gay Sketch Show") annoyed me because the underlying message of it was that the straight characters were all thinking "This is why we like our gay friend because he doesn't act like THAT guy," meaning the over-the-top, flaming queen Guarino was portraying (because gays only come in two variations, masculine and screaming queen). He was also clearly an embarrassment for their "normal" gay friend, who had this "I promise you we don't all act like that" look on his face in every scene with Guarino. (Takeaway philosophy: gays are great to have around so long as they don't act like one.)

Now I'm just waiting for the episode in which one of Damon Wayans' hip-hop cousins comes to town and he can act all embarrassed by him in front of his white friends (i.e., be black, just don't act black).

by Bobby Trendyreply 2204/14/2011

It looked straining, obnoxious and insufferable. Hate the fat homely actress in the gym scene. I switched it off mostly because housefrau Linda Stasi loved it.

by Bobby Trendyreply 2304/14/2011

And the two blonde girls look and act way too much alike.%0D %0D Also, something about the quality of the film/lighting made it all feel very distanced and uninvolving.%0D %0D The brunette girl was too strident too soon.%0D %0D The gay guy did grow on me a little as the 1st epidode wore on. By the end, I could actually believe he might be gay.

by Bobby Trendyreply 2404/14/2011

Watching "Maude" and thinking, why don't they do any sitcoms about older people anymore?

by Bobby Trendyreply 2504/14/2011

The show has possibilities. The women are not bad, and the straight white guy who was jilted is kind of cute.%0D %0D That said: the gay guy is the weakest element on the show. Where can they possibly take this character, a straight-identified, football-loving, gay guy who's barely gay? There's nothing interesting about him. It doesn't help that he's the least appealing male on the show.%0D %0D And yes, the other, over-the-top gay character really bordered on offensive. Not that funny, not that fresh, just... offensive.

by Bobby Trendyreply 2604/14/2011

It resembles Cougar Town in that everyone's talking so fast and trying so damned hard to make it zippy!

by Bobby Trendyreply 2704/14/2011

I take it this show is not about Chinese hookers

by Bobby Trendyreply 2804/14/2011

Fuck, do you really need to dissect every single show that has a gay character? Get a life!

by Bobby Trendyreply 2904/14/2011

Aw, it features the cute doctor guy from Flashforward. Nice inoffensive comedy. The gay guy claims he got laid with a confused college guy in the second episode without anything being shown of course. It's blatant how the show is trying to cover as much demographics as possible in order to have ratings.

by Bobby Trendyreply 3004/14/2011

Totally agree with r27. It's like a sitcom put together by COMMITTEE. Appeal to all demographics. Have them all talk fast and furious life Cougar Town. Refer to it (actually IN the promos) as a modern day "Friends" for 2011. The whole thing is overstuffed. And they all are actually kinda, well, okay, STUPID.

by Bobby Trendyreply 3104/14/2011

To get such wildly varying and somewhat impassioned opinions of the show, they must have done something right. I identified with the gay dude and his fitfat fake girlfriend. The show TOUCHED ME...but in a bad place.

by Bobby Trendyreply 3204/14/2011

Is the actor who plays Max, Adam Pally, one of us gaydudes?

His imdb page is him with his burly black lover.

by Bobby Trendyreply 3304/14/2011

that'll be a first, a gay guy playing gay.

by Bobby Trendyreply 3404/14/2011

[quote]Is the actor who plays Max, Adam Pally, one of us gaydudes?

He's married to a woman named Danielle.

Which I learned from looking him up on Wikipedia.

Which you could have done.

by Bobby Trendyreply 3504/14/2011

And what do we know about Zachary Knighton? I looked him up but found nothing.

by Bobby Trendyreply 3604/14/2011

[quote] I have a feeling the gay guy is going to be seeing some action%0D %0D Same here. I think that he's going to hook up with the cute guy in the black shirt, who was sitting with the group of friends at the birthday party.%0D %0D At the end, when everybody left the table, the cute guy said, "I'm confused." Then the gay guy said something like, let's go out on a date, have a beer, etc. Then the cute guy said, "dude, I'm NOT gay."%0D %0D I'll just bet that he turns out to be gay, and starts dating the gay character.

by Bobby Trendyreply 3704/14/2011

This must be written by the creators of "Two and a Half Men." They have no idea what real gay people are like.

by Bobby Trendyreply 3805/10/2011

Max is based on a friend of the creator's, and yes, most gay guys aren't like him, that's part of what makes him funny. And I identify more with Max than I do most gay male characters I see on TV, so.

by Bobby Trendyreply 3905/10/2011

Really R9? What does everybody need to stick with their "own kind"?

Tons of people are best friends with people from different races or sexuality from themselves.

And honestly Max is just as "unrealistic" of a character as Kurt is. Kurt represents one end of the spectrum, Max represents another end. Neither one are the "average gay dude" but both exist.

by Bobby Trendyreply 4005/10/2011

Comedy doesn't do well with normal regular guys. The more extreme the characters are the better they work for comedy purposes.

by Bobby Trendyreply 4105/10/2011

Finally a show with a gay dude who is a normal dude. There are more gay dudes like this than the effeminate gay stereotype, although most masculine gay dudes are closeted or identify as bisexual.

by Bobby Trendyreply 4205/10/2011

Max has become my least favorite character on the show. His nastinees and general cruelty to other people is very unappealing.

by Bobby Trendyreply 4305/10/2011

For better or worse, my partner and I (especially my partner) are more like that douchey, slob, inappropriate sports freak gayguy than we are not. Put a beard on him and he's just another bear.

by Bobby Trendyreply 4405/10/2011

I like the Max character, even though he's pretty much an excuse to have a really inappropriate, slobby, offensive character but get away with it because he's gay. He's also pretty cute.%0D %0D I was surprised as hell that Damon Wayans Jr. was actually Damon Wayans' son - thought he was yet another younger brother in the clan, because they definitely did not look like father and son in the episode. Damon Wayans seems to have kept himself together pretty well; he must be in his late 40's / 50's if he has a full-grown son?%0D %0D The two main characters who broke up are coming off bland as hell, especially Elisha Cuthbert's character. No personality at all. I know there are supposed to be normal characters to play "straight" off the other characters' zaniness and avoid tiring the audience, but they could have a little more personality. I mean, even Friends tried to give each of the six a bit of personality, even if those personalities were one-note.

by Bobby Trendyreply 4505/10/2011

I love the show, and I love Max. It's awesome to see a gay character that isn't a total stereotype and is just a normal guy. Plus he's cute.

by Bobby Trendyreply 4605/10/2011


by Bobby Trendyreply 4705/10/2011

the gay guy is refreshing!

by Bobby Trendyreply 4805/10/2011

Dude. Not all gays are mincing prisspots.

by Bobby Trendyreply 4905/10/2011

Max, tonight, describing himself:

"I'm like a chubby Chris O'Donnell. Which in Chicago, is Chris O'Donnell."

by Bobby Trendyreply 5005/11/2011

After a few episodes, this show is growing on me.

by Bobby Trendyreply 5105/11/2011

Max was not very likeable in the first episode tonight. He was a total ass for not showing up for his date with the British black guy. And he seems so judgmental about other guys.

by Bobby Trendyreply 5205/11/2011

I love how the black and gay characters are different than the lame-stream media loves to present.

by Bobby Trendyreply 5305/11/2011

I watched it again tonight, and it is getting better and funnier. Max is supercute to me.

The cast has chemistry, and some of the story lines are cute.

I called a friend a gaycist this weekend and he knew what I meant even though he's never seen the show.

I hope it gets another round, and that the execrable "Better With You" is played on constant repeat in hell.

by Bobby Trendyreply 5405/11/2011

So do you guys think Max is a top or bottom?

by Bobby Trendyreply 5505/11/2011

If tonight was an example of better and funnier, the first episodes had to be the worst pieces of shit ever unleashed on TV. I watched the second episode tonight and it was charmless and laugh-free.

by Bobby Trendyreply 5605/11/2011

Oh please. It's not the "worst pieces of shit ever released on tv" that would be Better With You which comes on an hour and a half earlier.

Actually, you know what, I think the title actually belongs to Shit My Dads Says. I mean they based a tv show off a twitter feed. No wonder it's horrible. Captain Kirk has fallen so far. So far.

Happy Endings is a good, funny, and light-hearted show. It's not the best thing ever, but it's solidly good.

by Bobby Trendyreply 5705/11/2011

I thought they were going to kiss, but all Max and Ian did was bump fists, bah!

And for the record the worst show ever is generally regarded as "My Mother the Car."

by Bobby Trendyreply 5805/11/2011


Actually they wrote and filmed a kiss at the end. I saw it on afterelton, but they ended up cutting it during editing.

by Bobby Trendyreply 5905/11/2011

R59, that sucks...I thought they were going to kiss. The fist bump was lame.

Fuck you ABC/Disney!!!

by Bobby Trendyreply 6005/11/2011

I think that the gay character of "Max" is really straight in real life, and I think that the straight character of "Dave" is gay in real life.%0D %0D Don't ask me why, but I just get that impression.%0D %0D Oh, and here's "the kiss" that was edited out, for anybody who cares. Apparently it was cut because of the backlash against FOX for the Kurt/Blaine kiss on "Glee."

by Bobby Trendyreply 6105/11/2011

who ever started this suckkksss.

by Bobby Trendyreply 6205/13/2011

His teeth are fucked up. He'd be cuter if he had them fixed.

by Bobby Trendyreply 6305/13/2011

BTW - This show was picked up for a 2nd season.

by Bobby Trendyreply 6405/13/2011

But in the end the gay relationship didn't work out, because he turned out to be married and have kids according to the end credit scene. Still, the fist bumbping thing was lame.

To me Max is a giant douche and extremely unlikeable. The show is still fun though.

by Bobby Trendyreply 6505/13/2011

I actually think it worked without the kiss (though I agree the fist bump was lame.) I couldn't tell if Max was being serious about the wife and kids in the coda or not.

I read somewhere the guy who plays Max is married with a baby daughter in real life. But I've also wondered about the actor playing Dave. He does set off the 'dar.

by Bobby Trendyreply 6605/14/2011

My local channel cut off the show (to go to the news) just when Max said "Not too good" in response to the question about his relationship with Ian, so I didn't hear the comment about married with kids. Ah, well. The Brit was cuter, anyway.%0D %0D And I agree that Zachary Knighten, who plays Dave, definitely sets off my gaydar. Or maybe it's just that he's so damn cute.

by Bobby Trendyreply 6705/14/2011

I'm so sorry he isn't a screaming queen like Chris Colfer or those guys on Modern Family!

Let's spend a few more decades as dancing minstrels for straight people!

by Bobby Trendyreply 6805/14/2011

R61, I knew that excuse about the kiss "not fitting in" was bogus. Thanks for clearing that up. I lost a whole lot of respect for the show for doing this though.. I can't believe they removed it because of pressure. They should have just said 'fuck it' and kept it as a statement instead.

by Bobby Trendyreply 6905/14/2011

If you're furiously pounding away at your keyboard about how great and refreshing it is to finally have a dudebro gay character on TV that isn't some shrill queeny stereotype, chances are you're a shrill queeny stereotype (or at least you are one on the inside, where it really counts.)

by Bobby Trendyreply 7005/14/2011

Chances are if you feel the need to post something like R70's diatribe, you're probably a self-hating asshole.

by Bobby Trendyreply 7105/14/2011

But he breaks other stereotypes, too. He's chubby (for Dataloungers, read: gay obese). And slobby. But still very attractive.

by Bobby Trendyreply 7205/14/2011

The fist bump was AWFUL. It was actually offensive.

The guy who plays Adam has epic straightface, so I suppose it's a testament to my imagination that I have eventually been able to buy him as gay on the show.

by Bobby Trendyreply 7305/14/2011

It's a shame that Adam Pally - the guy who plays Max - has a debilitating case of the tragic tinynip. I saw him shirtless in something else, and it was actually hard to determine that he had nipples at all.

by Bobby Trendyreply 7405/14/2011

You all sound like gaycists!!

by Bobby Trendyreply 7505/15/2011

The show is getting a second season, great news.

by Bobby Trendyreply 7605/15/2011

Better With You is worse than My Mother the Car.

by Bobby Trendyreply 7705/15/2011

You go, #75! (I still want an Internet sign of So Agree!) None of this "gaycists" shit for us! I'd go/w Max in a heartbeat (an heartbeat?)! He's a sorta' cute chub/w protective wit, but you don't fuck that. Would go/w Adam Pally, too!

by Bobby Trendyreply 7805/15/2011

Penny is the most like a stereotypical gay man. It's a refreshing change.

by Bobby Trendyreply 7905/16/2011

Adam Pally shirtless in Taking Woodstock.

by Bobby Trendyreply 8005/16/2011

Listen to you guys!! The black guy has no black friends so that is unrealistic? The gay guy doesn't have a flock of shopping buddies so he isn't really gay. For the gays that think that you have to be impersonating the "A-list New York" in order to be attracted to another man, you have some serious life lessons to learn. I am gay and I play basketball, like action movies for more than the shirtless actors, I do my own yard work, I enjoy construction and fixing things. Trust me, using a drill is an important task that you will need to learn one day when you get laid off from Abercrombie. I work with 20 other people and I am that free about myself with all of them. None of them feel threatened because we have a true friendship that is not based on superficial things. They know me and I know them. I have always said that the gay community is it's worst enemy. The real goal is to watch the show and support ANY gay characters on tv that are being used constructively. If not, the gay twink will be how people judge us, and lets be honest, we all know how we feel about them.

by Bobby Trendyreply 8105/17/2011

r81, are you sure you want to put an email address after that rant?

by Bobby Trendyreply 8205/17/2011

r82, it's possibly not his. He could be "punishing" somebody.

by Bobby Trendyreply 8305/17/2011

To r81,

I think the problem is that the majority of DLers are superficial and shallow.

by Bobby Trendyreply 8405/17/2011

This is the guy who created the show:

by Bobby Trendyreply 8505/18/2011

nope it is my email address, you may email me if you seek proof :) Sorry if I offended anyone. Listening to people rant that a character is not "gay" enough is so frustrating. As a community we seek to be included and counted among the many and to not be spoofed, but if that is what we support, then that is all we will get?

by Bobby Trendyreply 8605/18/2011

Max tonight:

(After describing some hot guy): "That's for my spank bank."

(Before punching a guy): "I'm Steven Segal ALL THE TIME."

by Bobby Trendyreply 8705/18/2011

R81/86 the majority do not agree with such moronic comments. Don't let the silly DL crazies get to you.

by Bobby Trendyreply 8805/18/2011

Gays are evolving, plain and simple.

by Bobby Trendyreply 8905/18/2011

[quote]I am gay and I play basketball, like action movies for more than the shirtless actors, I do my own yard work, I enjoy construction and fixing things. Trust me, using a drill is an important task that you will need to learn one day when you get laid off from Abercrombie

Well smell you, Nancy Drew!

by Bobby Trendyreply 9005/18/2011

"Gays are evolving, plain and simple."%0D %0D And the Datalounge is proving this how?

by Bobby Trendyreply 9105/18/2011

[quote]"Gays are evolving, plain and simple." And the Datalounge is proving this how?

You can't put on a caftan without opposable thumbs.

by Bobby Trendyreply 9205/18/2011

I think I have a crush on Max.

by Bobby Trendyreply 9305/19/2011

I love how all ABC sitcoms seem to take place in the same super glossy backlot city and everyone speaks in the same superfast patterns - as if they just drank a Redbull. %0D %0D At any moment any member of the cast from Cougartown, Samantha Who or even Ugly Betty could wander into any of these sitcoms and fit right in.

by Bobby Trendyreply 9405/19/2011

People in flyover country hate the way cityfolk talk.

by Bobby Trendyreply 9505/19/2011

""Gays are evolving, plain and simple."%0D %0D Based on how this character portrays gay men, it is more accurate to say we are devolving downward.

by Bobby Trendyreply 9605/19/2011

So, let me get this straight - we complain because characters are too gay, now complain because they act too straight - as if either characterizations DON'T represent portions of the gay community (let me just suggest that they actually do).

I'm sorry, what is the acceptable portrayal of a gay man on tv?

by Bobby Trendyreply 9705/19/2011

I've never met a gay man like the one in this series and I am a gay man.%0D %0D The Sarah Silverman Program had a hilarious gay couple - overweight, computer nerd, potheads. That was cool the way they were depicted and very funny.

by Bobby Trendyreply 9805/19/2011

You need to get out of the gay ghetto once in a while, R98. There are gay people outside of the Village/Chelsea, WeHo, the Castro, Boystown, etc.

by Bobby Trendyreply 9905/19/2011

[quote] I'm sorry, what is the acceptable portrayal of a gay man on tv?

Such a thing does not exist on DL.

by Bobby Trendyreply 10005/19/2011

Never lived in a gay ghetto. %0D %0D I've met very "masculine" gay guys and guys you wouldn't peg as gay but this guy on this show feels like they are trying so hard to make him anything BUT gay.%0D %0D The whole show has such a smarmy, insincere tone. Sort of like a modern day Archie's come to life.

by Bobby Trendyreply 10105/19/2011

It's far from a great show, but it is better than that minstrel show, Modern Family.%0D %0D %0D

by Bobby Trendyreply 10205/19/2011

I've never known a gay guy like him, but I do relate to a lot of his characteristics. I'm lazy, out of shape and avoid intimacy. Would much rather watch TV or eat a big unhealthy breakfast in a greasy diner with friends than go to the gym or eat a fancy, overpriced brunch at some trendy gay hotspot. Oh, and I'm a total slob. How have I not been snapped up by some lucky guy...

OTOH, I hate video games and watching sports and live up to a lot of other gay stereotypes. (Anything with a dance beat? Hell, yeah!) But even though I'm probably closer to Jack from "Will & Grace" I could never really relate to him either. (And I don't get the gay couple on "Modern Family" at all.)

Hopefully, they can move beyond the one-sentence character description next season and show more of his softer side.

by Bobby Trendyreply 10305/20/2011

[quote] I've met very "masculine" gay guys and guys you wouldn't peg as gay but this guy on this show feels like they are trying so hard to make him anything BUT gay. The whole show has such a smarmy, insincere tone.%0D %0D Thank you! This is such a perfect description of the "Max" character, and this is probably why so many of us are annoyed by him.%0D %0D Basically, all they did was come up with a prototypical straight male character, and slap a gay title on him.%0D %0D Insincere is EXACTLY right.

by Bobby Trendyreply 10405/20/2011

The Max character is, although funny, not terribly likeable. He seems shallow and smug. And immature. And oh, so hip and cool. SO hip and cool. Ugh! I don't get the gay in him, either. He mocks all things gay, is far too sarcastic and does the "verbal eye roll" far too much just like douchebag, unhygenic straight dorks do. Hopefully next season they will soften him up just a bit, show him just a tad vulnerable. At least here and there and around the edges. Same with all of the characters.

He needs to be seen lip synching to Judy at Carnegie Hall or with a secret doll collection or SOMETHING to indicate that he really, truly is gay. Don't make him a stereotype, of course, but DO make it hilariously believable that he is a homo! The "normal acting, masculine" thing is fine and true to "reality," and refreshing to see on TV but still...

He is NEUTER, so far, just like most gays on television. Notice that they cut the kiss he had with the guy that owned the coffee house. They replaced it with a stupid fist bump. He is the most UNgay gay I have ever seen.

by Bobby Trendyreply 10505/20/2011

Actually looking at how he is protrayed on this show CLEARLY INDICTAES HOMOPHOBIA. %0D %0D The strive so hard to make him un gay it is like gay panic on steroids. wHO CREATED THIS SELF-LOATHING CHARACTER ?

by Bobby Trendyreply 10605/20/2011

Anyone have a link to the article saying they cut the gay kiss in Happy Endings because of the backlash the gay kiss got on Glee? It doesn't fit with the original story, so I'm interested in reading it.

by Bobby Trendyreply 10705/20/2011

Maybe you'd be happier with the part played like he was Jack McFarland?

by Bobby Trendyreply 10805/20/2011

R62 = the real Bobby Trendy

by Bobby Trendyreply 10905/20/2011

Actually my partner and I can quite relate to Max's character because we are just like him. We don't act like your stereotypical gay guys and yeah, we pretty much are straight guys that like guys when it comes down to it. So to clear any misconceptions out there, we do exist. We just don't really relate to other gay guys (the type that everyone seems to want Max to be) and choose not to participate in whatever 'community' there is out there. We live drama-free lives in good part because we stay away from other stereotypical gay guys...and don't act like you don't know what I am talking about. We like having straight male friends and watching football and drinking beer...we don't try to be this way. It is just who we are but the fact that we are gay does not define us. Open your minds a little, people.

by Bobby Trendyreply 11005/21/2011

Self-loathe much, r110?

by Bobby Trendyreply 11105/21/2011

r110, if you were TRULY comfortable with who you were, you would be able to enjoy the company of flaming effeminate guys sometimes, to appreciate ALL types of gay people and to laugh at yourselves, including the fact that you like to suck dick. IF YOU TRULY LIKE YOURSELF, YOU HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH "STEREOTYPICAL GAY" BEHAVIOR. That's the real point. All men are a composite of masculine and feminine traits. The only psychologically healthy men are those who have been able to embrace both sides. That includes heterosexual men. Your macho posturing indicates a disconnect. Where's the occasional feather boa?

By "choosing not to participate in whatever community there is out there," you indicate a serious level of homophobia and self loathing. Perhaps your wording was just unfortunate, though. Maybe you just try to stay away from the negative, catty, toxic behaviors that some gays exhibit? You know, the "Boys in the Band" type of behavior? Is that what you meant?

That being said, your post wreaks of douchebaggery.

Some of the strongest men I have ever met (character, determination, etc.) have been the "effeminate" ones. They have HAD to be strong to get along in society. "Fitting in" and being all "belch and pull my finger, what's the score dude" doesn't require any strength of character. Or a brain. Or any courage. Or any character.

Being straight is ordinary. Deadly ordinary. ORDINARY IS NOT NORMAL, either. IT'S JUST..COMMON. Who the fuck wants to be common?

Oh, and completely "drama free" lives? You sound deadly dull. Everyone's life needs a BIT of "drama" once in awhile. It's what makes us human. And watching football and drinking beer? You sound like BORING AS HELL gay guys, too. Good lord. Who would be proud of such BANALITY? If you are happy, then fine but I would probably be in a coma being in your company for three minutes.

"We are pretty much straight guys who like guys?" You are, yourselves, a STEREOTYPE in 2011, honey. You are just too unaware to understand that.

by Bobby Trendyreply 11205/21/2011

Also, any man who calls other men "dudes" is NO RHODES SCHOLAR, gay or straight. Anything that spills from his mouth breathing visage should be taken with a consideration of the source.

I hope you take the dishes out of the sink before you pee in it.

by Bobby Trendyreply 11305/21/2011

R111 he is not self loathing he loves himself. He loathes YOU!!!!

by Bobby Trendyreply 11405/21/2011

r114, people usually DO loathe those who call them on their bullshit.

by Bobby Trendyreply 11505/21/2011

"no fats, femmes, or freaks, str8 acting only"%0D %0D right R110?

by Bobby Trendyreply 11605/21/2011

"We live drama-free lives in good part because we stay away from other stereotypical gay guys...and don't act like you don't know what I am talking about." %0D %0D Seriously R110, what a strange defensive post. The very fact that you post here, on this site says you are not as "unsteroetypical" as you seem to think.%0D %0D Your usage of the phrase drama-free is a fairly good indication of your being queenier than most, you just think you are hiding it.

by Bobby Trendyreply 11705/21/2011

"The very fact that you post here, on this site says you are not as "unsteroetypical" as you seem to think."

That's a good point. If his life devoid of gays and boring gay issues was complete, he would be spending most of his time on ESPN or Field and Stream. He should just cut the gays off entirely since they are as alien to him as they are to all his very straight, straight friends.

But something must be missing. Straight friends are great, but there are some things about gay guys that they will never understand.

by Bobby Trendyreply 11805/21/2011

I love the gays, but what they do to each other is really repulsive.

by Bobby Trendyreply 11905/21/2011

So, whatever happened to r110 and his sports, beer and macho life? Is he too busy being "just who he is?"

by Bobby Trendyreply 12005/22/2011

I am going to have to watch the show this week to see just how self-loathing and anti-gay the show really is; I hope I can stomach watching it all the way through.%0D %0D It would be interesting, but sadly not surprising if at least one of the writers is a self-loathing gay guy selling himself out for the money.

by Bobby Trendyreply 12105/22/2011

I love you, R112.

by Bobby Trendyreply 12205/23/2011


by Bobby Trendyreply 12305/23/2011

In a recent episode, Max referred to himself as "chubby." Yes, he's out of shape, but he's probably five pounds overweight at most. I guess that's chubby in Hollywood. Good God.

by Bobby Trendyreply 12405/24/2011

I say Dude all the time.

by Bobby Trendyreply 12505/24/2011

Happy Endings%E2%80%99 Adam Pally Live-Tweets His Cross-Country Flight With Tim Robbins:

by Bobby Trendyreply 12605/24/2011 interviews Adam Pally:

by Bobby Trendyreply 12705/25/2011

Tonight is the night to see how homophobic and self-loathing the season finale is these days!

by Bobby Trendyreply 12805/25/2011

R124, On DL he's just plain fat,

by Bobby Trendyreply 12905/25/2011

"Just plain fat"? Sorry, R129, on the Datalounge he's morbidly obese!

by Bobby Trendyreply 13005/25/2011

Simmah down now,girls. I've seen all episodes and it is good. The pilot was nothing great, but it does get better. And the gay guy is refreshing. Actually a pretty good actor. Give it a shot. And I think someone on the show checks into DL. I've caught a few references from here!

by Bobby Trendyreply 13106/26/2011

Woo hoo!

by Bobby Trendyreply 13206/26/2011

I have never met a gay person at all like this character. Most 'masculine' gay guys are really more like Jesse Tyler Ferguson on Modern Family.

You may think you could pass for straight, but not really.

by Bobby Trendyreply 13306/26/2011

R133 Is a perfect example of projection.

by Bobby Trendyreply 13406/26/2011

R134 is a perfect example of delusional.

by Bobby Trendyreply 13506/26/2011

R135 Yes, I don't expect everyone to have the same gender expression I do... how utterly delusional of me.

by Bobby Trendyreply 13606/26/2011

We're out there, R133...

by Bobby Trendyreply 13706/26/2011

I know its hard to believe but there ARE gay folks that watch football & say dude, Sorry there is ONE character on tv that isn't a sickening stereotype of a stereotype. I think it's great. Open your eyes and ears

by Bobby Trendyreply 13806/27/2011

this has probably been beat to death, but at this point I have one thing left to say. I think there are always spectrums of personalities. And lets be honest. The ultra fem is no better than the uber straight guy. they are at both ends of a long line. As humans, gay or straight, we dwell along the entire line. But I think just because I don't embrace the ultra fem (who has made a choice to be that way) or the uber straight(who makes a choice to be that way as well) doesn't make anyone a bad person. WE all choose who we project ourselves to be. I don't think the ultra gay man is any better because he is "truly" living the Gay life. Making oneself into a character does not give one insight or wisdom. We all choose our paths. So lets stop giving credit to any tip of the spectrum. I find it almost funny that the Uber straight guys and the Ultrs fems hate each other when they are both cut from the block and are both over compensating and trying to be something they do not have to be. Ok, fell free to call me all sorts of stuff now.

by Bobby Trendyreply 13907/05/2011

I completely identify with the character of Max, the majority of my friends are straight, I say Dude and Bro all the time, I drink beer, I watch football, and I am not a skinny size two twinky little freak that wears too much lip gloss and says "fabulous" like it's going out of style. An affectation of femininity is the most annoying thing I have ever seen. Be yourself and do what makes you comofortable. I am proud to be a husky, beer drinking, football loving bro, that also happens to be a gay man.

by Bobby Trendyreply 14008/05/2011

well said sir :) You are my kind of guy.

by Bobby Trendyreply 14108/07/2011

FYI for fans...

I'm not sure why, but there is a new, previously unaired episode of Happy Endings scheduled to be shown tomorrow night.

Hopefully that doesn't lead to more cloistered gays going on and on about how no gay male could be like the one represented on the show....since we all must conform to the collective.

by Bobby Trendyreply 14208/23/2011

Thanks, R142! I probably would have missed it if you hadn't said anything. Hope it's a good one because I've been really looking forward to season two.

by Bobby Trendyreply 14308/23/2011

Dave: I like very feminine women.

Max: I like masculine women. Very masculine women. Men.

by Bobby Trendyreply 14408/24/2011

R38 I thought Jon Cryer played a pretty realistic gay guy in Two and a Half Men.

by Bobby Trendyreply 14508/24/2011

Did we always know the two blondes were sisters?

by Bobby Trendyreply 14608/26/2011

Yeah, they've mentioned the relation several times. It was normally just in passing though.

"You're one of my oldest friends, and you're my sister, but..."

by Bobby Trendyreply 14708/26/2011

I had no idea they were sisters until I saw Wednesday's episode. I don't know how I missed that bit of information.

by Bobby Trendyreply 14808/26/2011

The funniest thing about this show and the gay how he's supposed to be the "fat" one.

He's a normal sized guy who apparently, because he doesn't have an eight pack, is described as being so obese he blocks out the sun.

by Bobby Trendyreply 14908/26/2011

Penny's Samantha *is* getting much better! I literally LOL at that one... this is still my favorite "new" show.

by Bobby Trendyreply 15010/11/2011

Agreeing with R110 (Is that you babe? Didn't know you posted here!)

I'm in a masc relationship too. We drink beer, hang out at the local pub, play video games, etc. God knows we've been up all hours lately catching the RWC games.

I've seen the program briefly and thought the dude in question was pretty cool. Def my type. However, we're prob more comparable to the couple that were on the Sarah Silverman Show. Except we exercize. Ha!

The fact I'm gay dictates nothing, expect who I sleep with.

Before you start, I'm not self loathing either. I do have... flamboyant friends lol, and they're cool. I also have a lot of straight male friends, they're cool too. I'm proud of who I am, but being gay doesn't have to define me like it does for so many others.

There are plenty of dudes like us, we're just not at the front of the gay parade. Most of us didn't even go.

by Bobby Trendyreply 15110/11/2011

I like this show a lot. I think it's refreshing to see a gay character that isn't a lisping cliche.

by Bobby Trendyreply 15210/11/2011

And more importantly the show is just funny. Sometimes the situations the cast are in are cheesy but they always manage to knock it out of the park. Such a talented, hilarious cast. I wish the show was doing better in the ratings.

by Bobby Trendyreply 15310/11/2011

What? An unrealistic portrait of a human being on a sitcom?


by Bobby Trendyreply 15410/11/2011

FYI, Megan Mullally is on tonight as Penny's mom.

"Two Hartz Beat as One"

by Bobby Trendyreply 15510/12/2011

I wish the actor who plays him wasn't straight. I want to eat his ass.

by Bobby Trendyreply 15610/12/2011

Megan never seems as funny anymore. She should only play Karen Walker.

by Bobby Trendyreply 15710/12/2011

I agree that Megan is (was) at her best as Karen Walker, but she's still good in her other work.

I'm surprised to find myself liking this show. I think the cast plays well off each other, and seem to be having fun with it.

Oh, and Whitney Cummings wishes she was Casey Wilson.

by Bobby Trendyreply 15810/12/2011

I was a little underwhelmed by Mullaly's appearance. I kept thinking that if she'd just break into Karen Walker voice, every thing she said would be a little bit funnier. She probably gets that a lot - although when she plays Tammy No. 2 on Parks and Recreation, it's a different enough character that I don't long for Karen-voice at all. But as Penny's mom, she was just about as dizzy as Karen so she might as well have just full hog.

by Bobby Trendyreply 15910/13/2011

I agree, I like Megan Mullaly but I found myself wishing she wasn't stealing time from the rest of cast in last nights episode. They make me laugh a lot more than she did.

Elisha Cuthbert who isn't generally one of the funnier members of the cast is quite good when they give her physical comedy to do.

This show continues to be solid entertainment. We need to get more gays watching it.

by Bobby Trendyreply 16010/13/2011

"Oh, and Whitney Cummings wishes she was Casey Wilson." _ Agreed.

Elisha handles the physical comedy, pretty well, but she's mostly there for eye candy.

by Bobby Trendyreply 16110/13/2011

This show really is funny. I'm surprised how much I like it. The whole cast works really well together.

by Bobby Trendyreply 16210/14/2011

I like the show but I don't like Max. It seems they make him a slobbish, underemployed, kind of jerk so they can show we gay men can be slobbish, underemployed jerks too. I know we can, but it seems counterproductive and just dumb too.

My best couple friends are a hypermasculine ski champion president of his company and his rail thin designer bf and they love football and lesbian potluck dinners.

People like what they like.

by Bobby Trendyreply 16310/14/2011

This fast-paced, well-written show has me laughing from beginning to end, espcially with the closed captions on so I don't miss a line.

by Bobby Trendyreply 16410/14/2011

Some of you need to watch more than one episode before posting your critiques.

by Bobby Trendyreply 16510/14/2011

Good point R164. I have had to rewind once in a while and hit the CC button in order catch some of the funny stuff they are saying, especially in the quit edits.

by Bobby Trendyreply 16610/14/2011

it was very mediocre

and, they copied - almost verbatim - a scene from SATC (I'm ashamed I know this...)

when the girl who bought the condo brings a guy home he gets totally freaked out cause she has much more then him etc etc - same storyline as Charlotte

so they're stealing from a ten year old show about middle-aged hags in the city

by Bobby Trendyreply 16710/14/2011

I always think of Liza Minnelli and Martin Scorcese when I see this thread. The Unedited version natch.

"You got stress?"

"Yes, I guess!"

by Bobby Trendyreply 16810/14/2011


by Bobby Trendyreply 16910/17/2011

Happy Endings was hilarious tonight,,but I have a feelings it's going to be cancelled soon because of the ratings.

by Bobby Trendyreply 17010/19/2011

""Happy Endings" has the most annoying, unrealistic gay man on TV!"

OP hasn't watched the "Anderson Cooper Show" yet I take it

by Bobby Trendyreply 17110/19/2011

They've now been noticed by the NYT, R170, so maybe that will help:

by Bobby Trendyreply 17210/19/2011

Are there any actual gay writers on the show? I think they tried to have Max make a joke about positioning during anal sex but it was something only a straight person would write. Penny said she wanted to make love to some guy while looking into his eyes and Max said he wanted the same thing except the looking into his eyes part would be impossible. Gay men can have sex face to face.

by Bobby Trendyreply 17310/20/2011

OP, you may not know any gay men who watch football. Perhaps you should go to some gay sports bars in Chelsea.

You may also not know any gay men who say "dude" often. Perhaps you should spend some time in some hip gay bars in Williamsburgh.

by Bobby Trendyreply 17410/20/2011

Do we know the jobs that each of the friends has?

Brad and Jane seem to both have some vague business office-type position. Do we know what either does?

Alex owns the clothing store.

I guess Dave was a cook at the beginning of the series, and now he owns his own sandwich truck.

Max appears to be chronically unemployed.

And Penny? Does she work for a PR firm?

by Bobby Trendyreply 17510/20/2011

I'm worried about the ratings too because I really like the show. This week it lost about half of the viewers from "Modern Family" airing right before it.

But then I saw the ratings for all of the NBC Thursday night comedies. "Happy Endings" beats all of them by quite a bit. I'm kind of shocked to see that "Community" and "Parks & Rec" have such low numbers. "The Office" fares better, but then "Whitney" drops viewers again.

I'm hoping that ABC is satisfied enough with the numbers to keep the show going. I'd be OK with them moving the show to a different timeslot because I understand they would want to find something that can maintain the "Modern Family" audience. "Cougar Town" wasn't the answer either since it's ratings weren't stellar in that slot last year, but maybe "CT" and "Happy Endings" would be a good duo at some other hour. Would make me happy because those are 2 of the funniest shows on TV as far as I'm concerned.

by Bobby Trendyreply 17610/21/2011


Brad works at an investment firm. No idea what Jane does, but Alex mentioned something about her office this week. Alex has the clothing store. Dave used to work at some sort of meat company, and now he has the truck. Penny work in PR. Max is unemployed.

Also, ABC must be happy with how it's doing, even if it's not a huge hit. They just added six more episode on October 13th citing the improved ratings as the reason why. They're up to 19 episodes for the season now.

by Bobby Trendyreply 17710/22/2011

My bad, they order six new scripts, not episodes. Still a good sign, though.

by Bobby Trendyreply 17810/22/2011

OP, you remind me of the woman who asked Phylicia Rachad, during a Donohue Show, how she could do anything as unrealistic as The Cosby Show about a family with a dr. father and lawyer mother.

She politely responded that there are families where one parent is a dr and the other a lawyer. You may not know them, but that doesn't mean they're not realistic.

by Bobby Trendyreply 17910/22/2011

I was struck by that too, r173 -- the only thing I wondered was whether the joke was that men don't look each other in the eyes when they have sex -- or that the type of men/hookups he has don't? Or am I overthinking it?

by Bobby Trendyreply 18010/22/2011

r178, Some say it's not a good sign...I don't know what to believe..I heard that's it's doing well in the UK and not a lot of shows do well there..

I hope ABC have the patience like NBC with their low rated shows...

by Bobby Trendyreply 18110/22/2011

OK, I've watch two episodes - snooooze. Tries WAY too hard to be funny (and seldom succeeds).

by Bobby Trendyreply 18210/27/2011

Feel sorry for you R182, I think this cast is hilarious. As a gay male the character of Max is a completely new thing for TV. A gay dude who is simply one of the guys whose sexuality is a complete non-issue for his buds. That is REAL progress.

by Bobby Trendyreply 18310/27/2011

Shut up R183. I hate gay guys like you. "Buds"...just shut the hell up. Douche.

by Bobby Trendyreply 18410/27/2011

Max as Penny's baby was creepy/hilarious but this wasn;t their best ep. It seems like every show has had to do a Halloween ep this year. Or perhaps they always do...

Actually I like Max. I've known slobby, "dude" gays like him.

by Bobby Trendyreply 18510/27/2011

And we hate gays like you, r184. We're sorry it bothers you that there are homosexual men in the world whose vocabulary and slang extend beyond that used in a typical episode of "The A-List" on Logo.

by Bobby Trendyreply 18610/27/2011

I love how some gay men refer to gay men who have straight "buds" as the ones who aren't causing issues amongst their straight counter-parts because of their sexuality. Gay men still see themselves as inferior. Pathetic.

by Bobby Trendyreply 18710/27/2011

R186, sorry brah. I didn't realize: bros before hoes.

by Bobby Trendyreply 18810/27/2011

LOL r188

by Bobby Trendyreply 18910/27/2011

I sort of wish the 'Cubs ballplayer' that was hot for 'drag queen Marilyn' Alex had been the guy that Max was flirting with instead of the guy he actually was. He was hotter than the guy that was eating his chicken in the bathroom stall. Gross.

by Bobby Trendyreply 19010/27/2011

I'm sort of obsessed with Damon Wayans, Jr.

The blonde gal that plays his character's wife is really growing on me as a performer. I loved her in bacon costume.

by Bobby Trendyreply 19110/27/2011

I don't know her name, but she was good on Scrubs as the unemotional, "dude"-like female intern. Her new character is completely different but she's equally funny.

by Bobby Trendyreply 19210/27/2011

The show is so self-consciously quirky and unrealistic that it shouldn't work, but somehow it does pretty well. I do notice they're moving the needle on Max from being a cheerfully annoying slob to an aggressively annoying one.

by Bobby Trendyreply 19310/27/2011

Really R184? You have serious issues. My use of the word "buds" in a post sends you into a hissy fit? Wow.

by Bobby Trendyreply 19410/27/2011

r192 I think her name is Eliza Coupe and I think she is very funny in this show.

by Bobby Trendyreply 19510/27/2011

I have to admit, I laughed every time they showed Max in his baby costume.

by Bobby Trendyreply 19610/27/2011

Me too, the baby hands were funny and creepy.

by Bobby Trendyreply 19710/27/2011

R194, yeah brah! Gay men like you DO throw me into a hissy fit. I can't stand homos like you who are desperate for the acceptance of straight men and say ridiculous things like "buds", and "cool with the gays", and "he has no issues hanging out with a gay man". You are self-loathing assholes. EEEEFFFFFF YOU!!!!!

Get at me bro.


by Bobby Trendyreply 19810/28/2011

I agree R183 and R186.

The majority of gay and bisexual men are not your stereotypical queens that you see on the A-list or who act like Jack on Will and Grace.

by Bobby Trendyreply 19910/28/2011

R198 you are so obviously projecting some of your own issues it is hilarious.

Desperate for the acceptance of straight men? Why because we have some as friends? Sorry, I just make friends with people I get along with regardless of gender/sexuality/race. Catch up, most educated urban youths are the same way. Gays don't have to isolate ourselves from the rest of society anymore.

Buds was a good wood choice for describing the friendship of the character's of "Happy Endings", you seem unhinged that it offended you that much.

Honestly, I just feel sorry for you. You seem very bitter and unhappy. Hope life gets better for you...dude.

by Bobby Trendyreply 20010/28/2011

Start to finish funny. Love Penny and love that she's on a better show than SNL after Lorne fired her for the fats.

by Bobby Trendyreply 20110/28/2011

Never watched it. It would be more interesting with a gay father & son involved in a secret romance.

by Bobby Trendyreply 20210/28/2011

Yeah, I know. What's up with that?

by Bobby Trendyreply 20310/28/2011

Speaking of Jack McFarland, wasn't there an ep of Will & Grace where he fucked some older guy that he later found out was his dad? Or am I imagining things?

by Bobby Trendyreply 20410/28/2011

R200, that was way too long to read, bro.

Fo realz.

Now go suck your buds cock.


by Bobby Trendyreply 20510/28/2011

R199, shut up.

by Bobby Trendyreply 20610/28/2011

I happen to LOVE guys who are like Jack and the A-List.

by Bobby Trendyreply 20710/28/2011

We know r205-7/r184/r198, etc, etc. You've made your (stupid) point. Move on.

by Bobby Trendyreply 20810/28/2011


by Bobby Trendyreply 20910/28/2011

Well said R200

by Bobby Trendyreply 21010/28/2011

The actor Adam Pally plays the gay character on "Happy Endings." He's very handsome...reminds me of Paul Peterson and other Fifties and Sixties heartthrobs. The show is trying to be a racier, trendier "Friends" but falls a bit short. The problem is there is no breakout star to carry the vehicle. Damon Wayans Jr might end up being the star, but he gets lost in a sea of whitebread on this show.

by Bobby Trendyreply 21110/28/2011

I don't think the show falls short at ALL. In fact, I think it's the best comedy on TV right now. I also watch the other big names (Modern Family, Parks & Rec), but none make me laugh like this one does.

by Bobby Trendyreply 21210/28/2011

What's cool is that the show is fairly new (midseason replacement last season, only a few episodes into the new season), and the actors already have such great chemistry together. It usually takes awhile for ensemble shows like this to settle in & find the right rhythm, but I feel like the actors in this show are already ahead of the game. So if they're already this good this early in their run, imagine how good they can become as long as the writing stays on point.

by Bobby Trendyreply 21310/28/2011

"...but on the bright side, the hottest guy here thinks you're the hottest guy here."

by Bobby Trendyreply 21411/01/2011

Penny bump

by Bobby Trendyreply 21511/05/2011

Some good news for fans. ABC is asking for a full season of the show. The ratings have been better the past 2 weeks and they've held more of the Modern Family audience, so things are looking up for Max and Penny and Brad and Jane and Alex and Dave.

by Bobby Trendyreply 21611/05/2011

I just watched this show because of this thread and I have to agree that it's just such an unrealistic portrayal of a gay man. He needs to break into showtunes sometime or randomly throw in some Judy Garland references to prove that he is gay. Maybe dress better too and loose some weight.

by Bobby Trendyreply 21711/05/2011

No, R217, he doesn't need to "break into showtunes sometime or randomly throw in some Judy Garland references." I hope you're kidding. I'm a flame & I've never even done either of those things. You must be an eldergay. Things have changed over the last 60 years, sir. Sorry to break it to you, but gays in their 30's & younger most likely will not make references to Judy Garland.

by Bobby Trendyreply 21811/05/2011

[quote]loose some weight

Oh, dear.

Meanwhile, r217, I'd like to back up r218's statement. Why does this guy have to do any of this stuff you ask to "prove" that he's gay? Get over your stupid stereotypes.

by Bobby Trendyreply 21911/05/2011

Shouldn't the gay guy be drinking from a teacup with his pinky sticking out? And maybe have a cardigan wrapped around his shoulders?

by Bobby Trendyreply 22011/05/2011

I am pretty sure R217 was just trying to be funny. No need to go crazy on him.

by Bobby Trendyreply 22111/05/2011

Why isn't the gay guy talking in the lisp and gossipy with the women? And why is he hanging out with a black guy? Looking at Grindr profiles, you'd think he would subscribe to the "no blacks or asians" philosophy.

by Bobby Trendyreply 22211/05/2011

I can't believe R217. I've never once thought about singing showtunes, think Judy Garland has a lovely voice, and could lose 10 pounds, but I have never once thought I was gay only if I liked "gay things" (which I would think all gay men would find offensive, whether they fit a stereotype or not). I love sports (I play soccer and I cycle), motorcycles, beer, going to my kids athletic events, and eating lots of carbs. I guess I'm not worthy to be gay.

My partner and I are out and proud and have three sons through surrogate, but guess we don't qualify as "gay enough" for R217. From my experiences, there are almost as many of gays that match my profile as there are of "flamers" (God, I hate that silly, demeaning term).

by Bobby Trendyreply 22311/06/2011

R217 was J O K I N G. God but some of you are really dense.

Caftans too tight?

by Bobby Trendyreply 22411/06/2011

Funny show - and the actors make the scripts funnier than they are.

But so MANY of this season shows look just the same. Hope it doesn't get lost in the shuffle.

Max makes me laugh because the actor is so funny.

by Bobby Trendyreply 22511/06/2011

Finally! A gay man posters on DL can admire! Played by a straight man and not effeminate. He is what you imagine yourselves to be.

Not what you really are of course.

When we're done admiring him, can we get back to beating up on out, actually gay men?

by Bobby Trendyreply 22611/06/2011

Ok, r217 MIGHT have been joking, or perhaps not, because as previous posters have said, he just seems so unrealistic to them, and they think he needs to play the stereotypical gay man. I like him and the other characters because they're total wrecks. This is kind of like the anti-"Friends" show. Best examples: Max kissing Brad's boss a few weeks ago, and the excellent scene last season with Penny and Alex getting shitfaced on Mimosas at brunch and eating ribs. I love them all.

by Bobby Trendyreply 22711/06/2011

[quote]I love sports (I play soccer and I cycle), motorcycles, beer, going to my kids athletic events, and eating lots of carbs.

Uh, are you sure you're gay? I mean, carbs? Seriously?

by Bobby Trendyreply 22811/06/2011

[quote]Finally! A gay man posters on DL can admire! Played by a straight man and not effeminate.

I think that's part of the problem - He's being played by a straight guy. The actor is playing it totally straight. A gay actor would put some swish into his step to give it some authenticity like Darren Criss.

by Bobby Trendyreply 22911/06/2011

OMG, R229, you're maddening. What you're not getting is that actual gay men do exist that are like this character. There are actual gay men that don't have any "swish." If Darren Criss is your idea of a straight gay, you're living in the dark ages. Get out a little.

by Bobby Trendyreply 23011/06/2011

R230, there are only gay men who hope they're like this guy.

by Bobby Trendyreply 23111/06/2011

There's nothing wrong with some Judy Garland references here or there. I don't think I've ever been to a brunch where my friends didn't make a Judy Garland or Barbara Streisand reference. It'll round out the character and authenticate him.

by Bobby Trendyreply 23211/09/2011

I don't like him and wouldn't want to hang out with him. That said, there are skads of gay men I don't like and wouldn't want to hang out with.

by Bobby Trendyreply 23311/09/2011

I'm depressed this wasn't on tonight. Damn CMT Awards. I need my Penny fix!

by Bobby Trendyreply 23411/09/2011

Oh please.. Max will always be a second rated character on this show. He is gay and will not be treated equal like the rest of the straight characters. He never has a boyfriend, and never seems to date. And what someone explained as "a kiss" a few episodes ago was merely a peck on the cheek. Not fair when we see the straight characters making out all the time. I also heard that the gay kiss last season was cut too. I can't believe they can get away with this in USA. I'm currently watching a gay storyline from MEXICO of all places, where the gays make out and ever have sex! Imagine that! Nice to see that USA is even behind Mexico. Feels good, right?

I attached a video so you can see for yourself.

by Bobby Trendyreply 23511/11/2011

R235, I understand your point. To be fair though, the other single characters on the show (Penny, Dave, and Alex) all date, but none of them have been shown 'making out' with any of their dates either. also, none of those characters have dated anyone for longer than one episode.

As a matter of fact, the married couple are rarely in a lip-lock even though they are clearly very into each other. It hasn't been a show that features much in the way of sexual activity in any variety.

However, the show hardly shies away from Max's interest in guys as it is mentioned frequently. He is a very schlubby character and it would be nice to see him dating regularly someday, but it seems that would be more realistic if he'd first become gainfully employed.

I think the show deserves credit for what it does, and not criticism for whatever expectations other people have for it.

by Bobby Trendyreply 23611/11/2011

Uh, that video isn't of Max. Are you even watching the same show?

by Bobby Trendyreply 23711/13/2011

Because R222 not every gay guy feels the need to have fag hags, be a flaming queen, and most of us have friends of all orientations and races, including straight male friends.

by Bobby Trendyreply 23811/14/2011

[quote]His teeth are fucked up. He'd be cuter if he had them fixed.

I dont agree

by Bobby Trendyreply 23911/14/2011

R236, did you even read what I wrote? I said that I think Happy Endings is kinda tame, because they won't even let Max kiss someone. I compared it to a tv series from Mexico of all places where the gays get to kiss and even have sex. That is why I posted that video, to compare it with Happy Endings.

by Bobby Trendyreply 24011/14/2011

Max had a love-interest for one episode and they did film a kiss between them. It was actually the show-runner that decided to cut the scene because he didn't feel it worked in context. They also talked to AfterElton about it to reiterate that it had nothing to do with them being afraid of a same-sex kiss (and they have had Max and Dave kiss).

I agree though that Max isn't shown dating as often as the other single characters. In many ways I think that rings true for Max's character but it is annoying and I hope the rectify it.

by Bobby Trendyreply 24111/14/2011

Of course I read your post, R235. It would be foolish of me to address you in my response without having done so.

To be clear, my post isn't all about what you said, and I wasn't trying to shoot you down. I just used your comment as a launching point for my own feelings.

I started off wanting to clarify that I disagree with your statement "Not fair when we see the straight characters making out all the time." Actually on this show, we don't, so it's not like they are treating Max differently in that regard.

That's all. I am in agreement with most of the rest of your statement, and you are right that compared to other programs it's a relatively tame show.

by Bobby Trendyreply 24211/14/2011

I kind of assumed the actor was gay before checking up on it! I doubt he's making any real effort to "play gay" but it's hard to definitively distinguish between the mild effeminacy of under-the-radar gay boys and the mild effeminacy of every youngish guy who owns a plaid shirt and an Arcade Fire record

by Bobby Trendyreply 24311/14/2011

R241, actually, we DO see them make out with people. Dave has made out with everyone he's dated on the show. Max.. nobody. Do you see a sign here?

Jane and Brad heavily made out in the last episode. Granted, they are married, but still. Max still hasn't kissed any guy except for that lame friend kiss with Dave.

by Bobby Trendyreply 24411/14/2011

Max's new love interest is HOT AS HELL! I only hope they won't cut out a kiss this time.

by Bobby Trendyreply 24511/16/2011

I love me some Jimmy Wolk, so I'm happily looking forward to his upcoming stint on the show. He looks like Max, only more handsome. So did that guy from "New Girl" that Max was interested in. I guess Max has a type.

by Bobby Trendyreply 24611/17/2011

Is this on Netflix yet? Which episode shows the guy dancing in the hallway in his shorts?

by Bobby Trendyreply 24711/17/2011

[quote] He looks like Max, only more handsome. So did that guy from "New Girl" that Max was interested in. I guess Max has a type.

Like most gay guys, he's into hotter versions of himself.

by Bobby Trendyreply 24811/17/2011

I realize we were supposed to be disgusted by the shirtless Max eating that sandwich in this week's episode, but I wanted to lick those drippings off his hairy chest, myself.

by Bobby Trendyreply 24911/17/2011

Why isn't this on the Net Flicks yet? I would like to see what today's young gay looks like.

by Bobby Trendyreply 25011/17/2011

I haven't noticed many kissing/make-out scenes at all so I don't feel like Max is getting cheated. Has Penny had a lot of love scenes? Even Alex and Dave, the two straight single leads, haven't had an abundance of love scenes since wrapping their broken wedding storyline.

It's not like "Melrose Place" where all the straight characters were jumping into different beds every episode while poor gay Matt sat chaste by the pool.

by Bobby Trendyreply 25111/17/2011

Damon Wayans Jr is the gayest character on the show. The screen will burst into flames soon when he's flouncing around.

by Bobby Trendyreply 25211/18/2011

first of all, I'm a straight dude and i have gay friends. we talk about sex and i don't get nervous because one, they respect I'm not gay and two, i respect they are. It also helps that they're not overly effeminate, bad homosexual stereotypes. They are normal guys who love other guys. I'm surprised to see so many people here bashing gay guys who aren't steretypes, it's a little backwards. That'd be like saying, oh this guy isn't acting black enough he should be eating chicken and watermelon and skipping out on his kids. sorry not everyone fits in to a perfectly little box for you to relate or not relate to but grow up and let people be who they want to be and learn that equally means not letting something like race or sexual preference define you. in other words stop viewing him as a gay guy, he's a gay that happens to be gay whether effeminate or not.

by Bobby Trendyreply 25311/18/2011

DL also shits on the fatty from Modern Family. Straight actor playing super queeny.

by Bobby Trendyreply 25411/18/2011

I know a lot of very straight acting gays guys

by Bobby Trendyreply 25511/18/2011

R232 is your typical femmey queen.

There are masculine gay men but they are rare and you'll find that most bisexual and hetero men are way more masculine than most gay men are.

Then again there are some gay men who think that they have to act nellie just because they're gay.

by Bobby Trendyreply 25611/18/2011

r253, SURE you're a "straight dude." For one thing, if you use terms like "dude," what you are is a douche. Get your nomenclature right.

by Bobby Trendyreply 25711/18/2011

R257 I know lesbians who use "Dude" or "Man" does that make them assholes, bitches, or douches?

by Bobby Trendyreply 25811/18/2011

Then again there are some gay men who think that they have to act nellie just because they're gay.

Nails it! also, I think they buy into their own stereotypes

by Bobby Trendyreply 25911/18/2011

Ah! Temple Grandin!

by Bobby Trendyreply 26011/18/2011

There are also straight men who are definitely straight but also queeny.

by Bobby Trendyreply 26111/18/2011

R260 - LOVED that line!!

by Bobby Trendyreply 26211/19/2011


by Bobby Trendyreply 26312/11/2011

... but sexy.

There, I finished your sentence for you, R263.

by Bobby Trendyreply 26412/11/2011

I could tolerate some of that slovenly behavior, as long as he can tolerate it from me too.

by Bobby Trendyreply 26512/11/2011

Found out Max is going to get his crush on with another chubster.. SNL star Bobby Moynihan in an upcoming ep..

I can't wait for James Wolk to appear as his bf but we might not see him for awhile. Rumor has it that ABC might replaced HE timeslot with their new mid-season show Apt 23 around feb or March..HE's ratings is just not as spectacular as they wanted it to be.

by Bobby Trendyreply 26612/11/2011

I love Happy Endings but I am not surprised, it doesn't have the type of mainstream middle-america type of humor like Modern Family.

Its audience was never going to be as big.

by Bobby Trendyreply 26712/11/2011

r267,Maybe Happy Endings should stop with the lame pop-culture reference/jokes..that's one of the reasons audience turned away from Community..I mean who is going to know who Dr Who is in Middle America besides a few nerds...

by Bobby Trendyreply 26812/11/2011

[quote]Found out Max is going to get his crush on with another chubster.. SNL star Bobby Moynihan in an upcoming ep..

Eww, eww, eww, I could not think of anything more revolting. Are they going to be bumping vaginas and flesh rolls?

by Bobby Trendyreply 26912/11/2011

r269, According to a spoiler I read Max has a crush on him because he finds him hot when he bullies.

by Bobby Trendyreply 27012/11/2011

I'm not crazy about the bit they do every week where one of them blurts out some goofy thing that sounded cool in their head, and the others cringe at it.

by Bobby Trendyreply 27112/11/2011

I'm a gay guy.

I watch football and a lot of other sports (that rarely includes ice skating except maybe during the Olympics).

I've said "dude" more than once - okay years ago when people said it more often, but still...

by Bobby Trendyreply 27212/12/2011

R22, I don't think you're gay.

by Bobby Trendyreply 27312/12/2011

I love how many people responded to the OP seriously when it was signed Bobby Trendy...clearly intent on being humorous.

by Bobby Trendyreply 27412/12/2011

A seriously overrated show that never rises above "mildly amusing."

by Bobby Trendyreply 27512/12/2011

But that makes it golden in a world of Two Broke Girls and Whitney.

by Bobby Trendyreply 27612/12/2011

The New Girl is a huge hit on Fox and has similar humor/characters to Happy Endings except they don't have a non-stereotypical gay character or a successful interracial couple. Hmmmmmm...

I wonder if Audience love their gays flaming and safe and their blacks ghetto.

by Bobby Trendyreply 27712/12/2011

That's possible, R277, but it also might be that New Girl is very Fox-esque, while Happy Endings isn't very ABC-eqsue. Most of the network has a certain sort of tone in all their shows.

I love Happy Endings, but it probably would have fit in better on Fox or NBC.

by Bobby Trendyreply 27812/12/2011

R277: New Girl has Zooey Deschanel

by Bobby Trendyreply 27912/12/2011

Apologies for linking to Huff Post (I was directed to it via an AfterElton link), but here is a moderately interesting article about Max. It mentions something that I feel separates him from other gay characters on TV.

Max is kind of stereotype-busting which I'd argue is evidenced by the number of posters in this thread (including OP) who swear guys like Max don't exist in this world.

They/we do exist...although I'm no so sloppy as to blissfully let my lunch spill out on my stomach like Max does in R263 (which this article leads off with).

by Bobby Trendyreply 28012/15/2011

r280,Thanks for the article! What's interesting is even straight guys find him cool and likable which is rare! Sure, some love Cameron from Modern Family because he is "a flaming homosexual".. but here is this other gay character that they haven't seen before... were he is not define by his sexuality... Straight guys actually wants to hang out with him and the only other gay dude they think is cool is NPR..2 bad no one really watches Happy endings and ABC will soon replaced it by their Good Girl/2 broke Girls new show Apt 23... At least one television show tried to break the mold..and that enough,I guessed.


by Bobby Trendyreply 28112/15/2011

Maybe it's because Adam Pally isn't gay, but to me, he doesn't read as straight-acting gay, just a straight guy saying "I'm gay" because it's in the script. Maybe that's too hard or indefinable for an actor to pull off, but I think in part it's the writing. They want the diversity of having a gay character, and they want him to be able to pal around with Casey Wilson's character without it being romantic, without having to actually write anything, well, too gay. Writing him as "non-stereotypical" means they can essentially ignore it except for throwaway references to it.

by Bobby Trendyreply 28212/15/2011

I think the writers are hinting that Max might be a bottom...Am I alone on this? There are these hints here and there in some eps that makes me go hmmm??

by Bobby Trendyreply 28312/15/2011

I only like him when he plays the mucus in those nighttime medication commercials.

by Bobby Trendyreply 28412/19/2011

This is a terrible show. There's not one iota of authentic human behaviour. Makes one really appreciate Friends.

by Bobby Trendyreply 28512/19/2011

This show is definitely not nearly as stupid as most sitcoms, it has a strong cast and is enduring, but it's not particularly funny.

It's just sort of sweet and harmless, but kind of pointless.

The gay character is good though.

by Bobby Trendyreply 28612/21/2011

And the guy who plays dave is Hot

by Bobby Trendyreply 28712/21/2011

I just watching this show over the holdiay break and I love it!!! Max is awesome. Yes I am gay and yes I do know gays like Max

by Bobby Trendyreply 28801/06/2012

I watched it for the first time over the holidays and it reminds me of SCRUBS. I liked it and will continue to watch.

by Bobby Trendyreply 28901/06/2012

Max was looking pretty good in his underwear last episode.

by Bobby Trendyreply 29001/06/2012

Wow! Some of Max lines are very daring for a ABC show.

On their Christmas Special he stopped by a gay porn store because they only have the porn he likes "Bloody Guys"

and in this weeks ep he mentioned to Dave that he had a four-way with a butcher, baker, and candlestick maker in one tub...

The straight male fans didn't seem to mind... but I'm afraid it'll be a diff story when his bf shows up.

by Bobby Trendyreply 29101/06/2012

To me this show just doesn't have a natural flow to it. It's too self-consciously trying to be funny. They're all trying so hard with every line reading.

Maybe I need to give it a chance. I think I've only watched one episode from beginning to end. I've tried a couple other times but can't stay with it.

I do applaud at their effort to portray a type of gay man (that does exist) but hasn't been seen on TV before.

by Bobby Trendyreply 29201/06/2012

R292,If you like Scrubs,HIMYM,Cougar Town and your under 30 thn you'll like this Show.

Happy Endings was a mid-season replacement that was about to get cancelled and had a second chance.. when ABC unexpectedly renewed them for a another season and a time-slot after Modern Family ...I don't blame them for trying hard to be funny because it's their last chance. Their first season had more of a heart and a flow in their humor so you should try those out first but skipped the pilot.

eps "Mein coming out" or "The Shershow Redemption" are my fav

by Bobby Trendyreply 29301/06/2012

Saw this show for the first time this week. So not funny.

by Bobby Trendyreply 29401/06/2012

What the hell does being under 30 have to do with liking this show? Dumbass.

by Bobby Trendyreply 29501/08/2012

[quote]What the hell does being under 30 have to do with liking this show? Dumbass.

There is some truth to that. It has a youngish yuppie type of humor to it not a middle-aged middle America type of humor.

Not saying it is exclusive to groups but objectively that is the sort of show it is.

by Bobby Trendyreply 29601/08/2012

{quote]ABC unexpectedly renewed them for a another season

Damon Wayans Jr had already moved on and filmed the Zooey Deschanel "New Girl" pilot and had to leave when both shows were picked up.

[quote]It's too self-consciously trying to be funny. They're all trying so hard with every line reading.

Honey, the Teamsters must love Casey Wilson. That chick chews enough scenery, they don't even have to break down the set.

by Bobby Trendyreply 29701/08/2012


It's funny you mention Damon Wayans and New Girl because I thought I was going insane because I thought he was on that show and then he wasn't!

by Bobby Trendyreply 29801/08/2012

R290, put down the Oreos.


by Bobby Trendyreply 29901/08/2012

R297, I love Casey because she chews the scenery.

by Bobby Trendyreply 30001/08/2012

R297, has Damon Wayans Jr definitely left Happy Endings now, do you know?

I really like this show. It may not be constantly laugh-out-loud, but it's very likeable with a great cast; it would be a shame if it got cancelled after this season.

by Bobby Trendyreply 30101/10/2012

DW is still on Happy Endings. He left New Girl after filming the pilot.

by Bobby Trendyreply 30201/10/2012

First look at James Wolk aka Max bf on Happy Endings.

He's going to first appear in the Valentine's ep.

by Bobby Trendyreply 30301/11/2012

New shirtless pic of Max bf James Wolk on Happy Endings.

Thank goodness he didn't shave his chest.

He will first appear on the show in feb 8.

by Bobby Trendyreply 30401/28/2012

The Wayan's character seems more gay.In fact, all those Wayan's seem to protest too much , about how they are so straight. Me thinks a couple are on the DL - just saying.

by Bobby Trendyreply 30501/28/2012

The cast is adorable...that's the only thing this show has going for it. Otherwise it's not funny enough to survive on humour, but the stories are too feeble for it to thrive in any other way.

by Bobby Trendyreply 30601/28/2012

Zachary Knighton is hotter. Plus he has a hot cock which Max doesn't!

by Bobby Trendyreply 30701/30/2012

Why is that unrealistic OP? Not all gay men act like women.

by Bobby Trendyreply 30801/30/2012

How do you know Max doesn't have a hot cock, r307? We just haven't seen it yet.

by Bobby Trendyreply 30901/30/2012

Here's Max in tighty whities from a recent episode. Yum!

by Bobby Trendyreply 31001/30/2012

The character is annoying but I guess that's the point. I was more annoyed by the early characterizations of Will Truman and his straight poker buddies. Eric McCormack couldn't make that believable.

by Bobby Trendyreply 31101/30/2012

He was really annoying and manic in the first eps of s2 but he took it down a notch in the recent eps(yes,I noticed the difference)..I guess people were complaining..

Last week didn't count because it was a repeat.

by Bobby Trendyreply 31201/30/2012

He's real, I just don't like him very much. A lot like real life.

by Bobby Trendyreply 31301/30/2012

r313, totally agree. I love the characterization of a gay guy who IS a schlub and who is not a stereotypical showtune queen or gay best friend type of deal. But the character, as funny as some of his lines are, is just not a likeable guy. He is thoughtless, rude, self-serving and immature. In small doses that can be funny as long as you see more of the kind/tender side. The writers have not shown the VULNERABILITY yet. At least not enough of it. There is nothing about Max that is truly "loveable," yet. Amusing, yes. Like a beloved "pet" you want around sometimes? Yes. But his fratboy antics grow tiresome very quickly. You find that you don't care WHAT his sexuality is, you just want him to shut up! Just like real life!!

If they want this show to stick around or Max to be a favored character, they are going to have to change up the way the character is written.

by Bobby Trendyreply 31401/30/2012

I think this is the first gay character on tv who is define by his personality and not his sexuality.

by Bobby Trendyreply 31501/30/2012

Excellent analysis, R315. Exactly right.

by Bobby Trendyreply 31601/30/2012

His character seems to have become borderline deranged or "special needs" since the show started. Not really funny at all.

by Bobby Trendyreply 31701/30/2012

He does seem pretty gay althought the actor is "straight." The "Steaktanic" moment made me want to punch him in the face.

by Bobby Trendyreply 31801/30/2012

Sorry haters, but this show gets funnier every week. I love Max as a character, but would hate him in real life.

by Bobby Trendyreply 31901/30/2012

He may be straight in real life but he sure is a convincing gay guy.

by Bobby Trendyreply 32001/31/2012

Max is a bit like Barney in HIMYM, in terms of his unlikeability & tendency to make you think 'why do these guys hang around with him'. Personally, I reckon Barney, with his ridiculous objectification & casual sexism towards women is more repellent than Max's immaturity.

by Bobby Trendyreply 32102/01/2012

Well I've seen the first 5 min of the Valentine's ep on Yahoo that will air next week and it very annoying and manic than I recommend you guys to DVR it so you can fast forward for the James Wolk shirtless scenes.

by Bobby Trendyreply 32202/03/2012

the characters are concepts and not real people. People whine about the unreality of Friends but accept the unreality of this piece of barely-passable pablum. A couple of nicely written scripts would help.

by Bobby Trendyreply 32302/03/2012

r323,This upcoming Valentine's ep is written by 2 brothers who are straight so the gay scene is going to be very unrealistic..or maybe not.

I love this show but I'm ready for it to be cancelled.

by Bobby Trendyreply 32402/03/2012

R323 has it right. I'm constantly surprised to see the show get such critical acclaim. All of the characters are idiotic in their own, unfunny way.

by Bobby Trendyreply 32502/03/2012

Well they didn't start off so zany and manic..

Season one were Max came out to his parents was hilarious and poignant.

by Bobby Trendyreply 32602/03/2012

[quote]I reckon Barney, with his ridiculous objectification & casual sexism towards women is more repellent than Max's immaturity.

Not to straight guys, r321.

by Bobby Trendyreply 32702/03/2012

Both Max and Barney are clowns. Barney is more talk than action (he's like Blanche Devereux) and has no depth. He's the character they secretly laugh at because he's so irrelevant.

Max is like Jack on Will & Grace. No one will ever take any relationship that he has seriously because he's a joke. (It took Will six seasons before they gave him a real relationship but at least they gave him one.)

by Bobby Trendyreply 32802/03/2012

It also has the most annoying unrealistic people on TV. Awful show.

by Bobby Trendyreply 32902/03/2012

R329 has never see Jersey Shore.

by Bobby Trendyreply 33002/03/2012

His being more of a regular guy instead of a lisping queen, make him a lot hotter.

by Bobby Trendyreply 33102/03/2012

This is DL, R331, HE IS FAT, therefore, not hot at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Bobby Trendyreply 33202/03/2012

Then why doesn't he loose weight?!????

by Bobby Trendyreply 33302/03/2012

AfterElton featured a short interview with Jimmy Wolk about his current guest spot on the show. I haven't had a chance to see the Valentine's Day episode from last night yet, but I'm anxious to get to it.

by Bobby Trendyreply 33402/09/2012

This show is so shrill and artificial while still being pretty funny and watchable - the kind of thing you'd end up watching an entire season of on a transatlantic flight. Max is the favorite of all the aging frat brahs and sorority trixies in my office.

by Bobby Trendyreply 33502/09/2012

Didn't they kiss last night?

by Bobby Trendyreply 33602/09/2012

Yes Max and James Wolk's character kissed last night. It was very sweet.

by Bobby Trendyreply 33702/09/2012

Very sweet episode.

Also, points to them to having Brad high as a kite mistaking everyone for the cast of "Friends," especially Max as "Fat Joey."

"I feel like I'm a gay salmon swimming upstream in a river of Bears."

by Bobby Trendyreply 33802/10/2012

I really like this show. It's probably the funniest thing on TV.

by Bobby Trendyreply 33902/10/2012

I made a mistake after I watched the 5 min teaser I thought it was going to be awful and annoying. I was wrong..The Valentine's ep is hilarious,sweet and progressive. It makes me so upset that this show will be cancelled soon.

by Bobby Trendyreply 34002/11/2012

Why do you think it's going to be cancelled soon R340? I haven't heard anything like that lately.

The total number of viewers ratings isn't outstanding and they lose a good percentage of the Modern Family audience, but they do have a better rating in the 18 to 49 demo and that's good enough to keep ABC happy with the program.

by Bobby Trendyreply 34102/11/2012

I guess Max would be more popular here if he was a little fairy, and whined about how he is treated by his parents

by Bobby Trendyreply 34202/11/2012

[quote]I guess Max would be more popular here if he was a little fairy, and whined about how he is treated by his parents

No, he'd still be hated, just for different reasons.

The episode was laugh-out-loud funny (I'm still cracking up over Jane's comment about the drugged-out Brad being like "Weekend at Bernie Mac's"), but I think what really sold it was the fact that Adam Pally and James Wolk have really great chemistry. In ten minutes of screen time, they seemed more like a believable couple than Cam and Mitchell have in three seasons of Modern Family.

by Bobby Trendyreply 34302/11/2012

*Sigh* I LOVE this show but I'm back to being annoyed again... Everybody has been extra zany and irritating ...The only 2 things that saved this ep is Alex and the Max/Grant scenes...

I think they should make James Wolk a regular..I really do.

by Bobby Trendyreply 34402/15/2012

my DVR cut off, Was Alex alone after her dream? LOVED MAx in his underwear!

by Bobby Trendyreply 34503/01/2012

No Alex woke up in bed with whats-his-name for real.

And Grant is over - Max dumped him.

by Bobby Trendyreply 34603/01/2012

Loved Damon Jr. having sex dreams about Dave.

by Bobby Trendyreply 34703/01/2012

Max Shmax...Damon Wayons, Jr. is getting gayer by the episode. Shit, they sure changed his character from the original episode.

by Bobby Trendyreply 34803/02/2012

all the guys are pretty gay

by Bobby Trendyreply 34903/02/2012

Finally someone notices that Damon Wayons is the gayest "straight" character on television. His ping is the kind that only dogs (not ugly men but labrador retrievers) can hear.

Of course, now we know Max is the gay one because his relationships with Grant is now over. He's the new Will Truman, i.e. can't have a real relationship unless the show is going off the air.

by Bobby Trendyreply 35003/02/2012

Max is the most realistic gay man that I have ever seen on TV!!! I know gay people like Max hell I'm a lot like Max. I think he gets hated on because he isn't as ridiculous as the gay characters people are used to seeing. I'm sure he also gets hated on because he doesn't have a perfect body and is a bit of a cub. He is messy and his image is relaxed and sometimes kinda messy. I am happy to see a more realistic yet quirky gay character on this show.

by Bobby Trendyreply 35103/12/2012

This weeks ep was great. I love that straight-acting bro Max didn't seem to be embarrassing or grossed out by hanging out with effeminate stereotypical Derrick..They make a good team..I can't say the same to other masculine gays out there..

by Bobby Trendyreply 35203/22/2012

[quote]I guess Max would be more popular here if he was a little fairy, and whined about how he is treated by his parents

Jack from 'Will and Grace' is more up DL's street. I'm happy/sad to say I have a Max in family (cousin) who lives near me and thinks nothing of raiding peoples fridges.

by Bobby Trendyreply 35304/09/2012

I bet the queens who hate Max are the same queens whose panties are all in a bunch about the SNL spoof of Andy Cohen.

by Bobby Trendyreply 35404/09/2012

Happy Endings got renewed for a 3rd season with a full 22 eps! I hope Grant comes back I love that he's a chubby chaser!

by Bobby Trendyreply 35505/11/2012

That's good news R355. Sounds like ABC is showing some confidence in the show by ordering a full season of episodes.

by Bobby Trendyreply 35605/11/2012

Jonathan groff is a producer on the show

by Bobby Trendyreply 35705/12/2012

That's Jonathan Groff the TV writer and producer, not "Spring Awakening's" Groff.

Yay for renewal!

by Bobby Trendyreply 35805/12/2012

That's great and honestly somewhat surprising. You are right R356, ABC really must believe in the show.

by Bobby Trendyreply 35905/12/2012

I love this show. Penny, Brad and Jane, ditzy Alex. Glad to hear it was renewed.

by Bobby Trendyreply 36005/12/2012

Diversity is good. And for fuck sake, the guy is NOT obese! He's cute and normal looking.

by Bobby Trendyreply 36105/12/2012

That's great news about the renewal! I really like the show. I'm in the UK and streamed the first 2 seasons. I'm watching the first episode of season 2 as I type. It's funny how they allude to the fact that Brad (Damon Wayan's character) is the gayest one on the show. Love how he starts twirling with Penny to celebrate her new home, 'So what? Now a brother can't twirl?' The cast is incredibly strong, it's rare that I find myself liking all of the characters on a show.

by Bobby Trendyreply 36205/12/2012

I have a feeling Megan Mullally will be a series regular and also the very gay's going to be Karen and Jack 2.0 except Megan's character is bubbly and not a drunk b~

by Bobby Trendyreply 36305/12/2012

I love this show too. Max, Penny, Brad and Jane are hilarious. Alex and David are OK. If they were as out there as the others, the show would be over the top. Smart writing.

by Bobby Trendyreply 36405/12/2012

Totally fake, the gay guys I see are all flaming.

by Bobby Trendyreply 36505/12/2012

Happy Endings is moving to Tuesdays next fall and will be up against monster Hit "New Girl"..this will prob be their last I hope Max get a relationship before the show ends.

by Bobby Trendyreply 36605/15/2012

It's kind of out-of-date now, but Casey Wilson ("Penny" on the show) does an outstanding Callista Gingrich.

by Bobby Trendyreply 36705/15/2012

That's not true at all and I am so refreshed to see a 'non-stereotypical' gay man on television. A friend of mine (who is VERY similar to Max) has recently come out and admitted his main fear was that he wouldn't be accepted by straight or gay community because he wouldn't fit into either. He is not interested in fashion and instead loves sport and beer. He wants to date men similar to him and not the flamboyant men we see on tv. I wish more programmes would have characters like this!!!

by Bobby Trendyreply 36807/16/2012

Love this show, love Max.

by Bobby Trendyreply 36907/16/2012

Happy Endings will also be up against Matthew Perry's new show (which looks pretty good) this fall. I hope ABC promotes HE since I really love this show.

by Bobby Trendyreply 37007/16/2012

That Matthew Perry show looks AWFUL. I'd put it on the short list for early cancellation but "Outsourced" (which it looks like) somehow survived the whole season.

by Bobby Trendyreply 37107/16/2012

Max reminds me of former MTV VJ and real life gay Dave Holmes.

Kind of chunky, kind of sloppy looking (and probably actually very sloppy at home) and very likable.

Love them both.

by Bobby Trendyreply 37207/16/2012

Is the guy who plays Dave, Zach Knighton, gay? I saw him on Rosie O'Donnell's doomed talk show on OWN and he was pinging all over the place.

by Bobby Trendyreply 37307/16/2012


by Bobby Trendyreply 37410/06/2012

New episodes start Oct. 23rd. It's on a different day and time (I think) from last year. Tuesdays at 9 Eastern - same time as New Girl.

Dancing With the Stars is the lead-in which might be good for the ratings, and Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23 follows. Although if it starts losing too much of the DWTS viewers, I bet ABC won't wait too long to move the show.

by Bobby Trendyreply 37510/06/2012

Apparently Jane has done some muff diving in her past. I can see that - she'd be a decent lesbian.

by Bobby Trendyreply 37610/18/2012

This has actually been referenced before where someone called her out for "sleeping with a lot of girls in college and calling it a phase". Nice to see the show actually followed through on that rather than have it be an off-hand joke.

by Bobby Trendyreply 37710/18/2012

Looking forward to its return. So many BAD new sit coms (Partners really sucks!).

by Bobby Trendyreply 37810/18/2012

Oh man, I love Derek.

by Bobby Trendyreply 37910/19/2012

We need more depictions of bisexual dudes on tv shows. Athletic masculine bisexual dudes, specifically.

by Bobby Trendyreply 38010/19/2012

Who is Derek, R379?

by Bobby Trendyreply 38110/19/2012

He's a friend of Max and the complete opposite of him. I guess the Jack to his Will but funnier.

by Bobby Trendyreply 38210/19/2012

[quote]Nice to see the show actually followed through on that rather than have it be an off-hand joke.

That's one of the greatest things about this show... it follows through. Sometimes you wonder where a joke was going, only for the punchline to popup two episodes later. Very smart writing.

by Bobby Trendyreply 38310/19/2012

The two main characters who left each other at the counter are the only ones who aren't funny. The straight-acting gay guy, feminine straight, black guy, his awkward white wife and the "Ah-MAH-zing" ("This is the year of Penny") desperate, single friend are all hilarious. Far better than New Girl, if you ask me.

by Bobby Trendyreply 38410/19/2012

I love all of them. They're all very funny.

by Bobby Trendyreply 38510/19/2012

Alex and Dave are decidedly less funny than they others, but they both still have a lot of great moments. Alex shoving whole chickens down the disposal because the sound of crunching bones makes her feel like a god is one of my favorite jokes of the whole series so far.

As far as Partners, it may not be as good as this, or even as good as a lot of shows, but it's starting to grow on me. After the last two episodes, I'm rooting for it.

by Bobby Trendyreply 38610/19/2012

I agree, r386. Elisha Cuthbert was pretty weak the first season, but she has opened up and improved her physical comedy a lot since then, I'll give her that.

by Bobby Trendyreply 38710/19/2012

[quote]The two main characters who left each other at the counter...

Yikes! I meant to type "altar". I don't know what I was thinking for it to come out like that.

by Bobby Trendyreply 38810/19/2012

Elisha playing Alex drunk eating ribs is hilarious. Casey is still the most talented of the cast.

by Bobby Trendyreply 38910/19/2012

I don't like that Max has a tattoo. So tacky and out of character. Can't they use makeup to cover it up?

by Bobby Trendyreply 39010/19/2012

I thought Elisha really stepped it up last season.

Zach pings for me. And I never say that, my gaydar is pretty much non-existant.

by Bobby Trendyreply 39110/20/2012

I always start out watching the show and then they way overdo the cutesiness and it gets lame fast. And why the hell does Daman never show his chest like the other guys?

by Bobby Trendyreply 39210/20/2012

Just a reminder - new season starts tonight.

by Bobby Trendyreply 39310/23/2012

The premier was pretty good. Alex and Dave's story was pretty cringeworthy, but the other two pairs were hilarious. Max and Penny were my favorites though, as usual.

by Bobby Trendyreply 39410/23/2012

Is it online already? How did you see it?

by Bobby Trendyreply 39510/23/2012

It is available for download online.

by Bobby Trendyreply 39610/23/2012

At the link is an interview with Adam Pally who plays "Max."

Zachary Knighton who plays "Dave" is married to an Asian woman which on DL means he's gay, right? I think she's Vietnamese.

I adore this show. It's the funniest thing on TV.

by Bobby Trendyreply 39710/23/2012


by Bobby Trendyreply 39810/23/2012

The physical therapist Max hit on tonight was HOT.

by Bobby Trendyreply 39910/23/2012

I read we will see Max romancing the wrong guys in s3.

boyfriend 1 will be a Dave look-alike

bf 2 is up-tight similar to Jane's personality

in an upcoming ep Derek will show Max the different type of gays because he felt that he doesn't belong.

Also the executive producer confirmed that Max/Grant is endgame

by Bobby Trendyreply 40010/23/2012

That girl so whack, her first name should be Knick Knack Patty.

by Bobby Trendyreply 40110/24/2012

I hope there is a Halloween episode next week. Last years was pretty awesome with Max and his baby hands and Alex getting hit on at that party by that guy that thought she was another guy in drag.

by Bobby Trendyreply 40210/24/2012

Max is Misery-ing me. He's like Kathy Bates, only way fatter.

by Bobby Trendyreply 40310/28/2012

Last year's Halloween episode, mainly concentrating on Max.

by Bobby Trendyreply 40410/28/2012

"Steak Me Home Tonight"

by Bobby Trendyreply 40510/28/2012

Thanks r405.

I'll have a 12" Max with everything on it.

by Bobby Trendyreply 40610/28/2012

Shut up, LaToya!

by Bobby Trendyreply 40711/01/2012

Elisha (Alex) has lost some weight.

by Bobby Trendyreply 40811/01/2012

"Are you a witch?"

The Jane/Casey subplot of this last one was great. The Alex/Dave and Brad/Max didn't work quite as well for me. Alex/Dave not surprised by but Brad/Max are both funny as hell so I expected more. Still enjoying this show and sad that it (and Don't trust the bitch which is comedy gold) aren't doing well in the ratings.

by Bobby Trendyreply 40911/02/2012

Stupid LaToya. Why you so stupid, girl?

It's all in LaToya's beard.

by Bobby Trendyreply 41011/04/2012

Quaint? Isn't that the space between a gal's goal and her penalty box?

by Bobby Trendyreply 41112/05/2012

I want to buy a pig just so I can name it Carnitas.

by Bobby Trendyreply 41212/06/2012

A rerun of that whack alien show The Neighbors got a better rating than the original Christmas/Janemas episode of Happy Endings this week. That really has be worried about cancellation.

I wonder if TBS would consider taking it on like they did with Cougar Town. I'd like to see those two shows programmed together again.

by Bobby Trendyreply 41312/20/2012

Some possibly good news - we might end up seeing all they made for the season even if ultimately it looks like ABC would be smoking something if they renewed it.

Starting Jan. 6th, Happy Endings and Don't Trust the B will start airing after Revenge on Sunday nights in the old 666 Park Avenue spot. That's in addition to the Tues night slot and both of the nights will be original episodes.

So hopefully all the new episodes will be shown since they will temporarily have 2 nights a week.

Maybe something shocking will happen and counterprogramming Sunday night with comedy will be good for ratings, but I doubt it.

by Bobby Trendyreply 41412/21/2012

I still love the show but Season 2 was a classic. Maybe they can get some press if they bring back Brad's dad, Penny's mom, and Dave's dad. Or at least the rasist parrot.

by Bobby Trendyreply 41512/21/2012

"Oh my God, when I get drunk, I speak Italian."

by Bobby Trendyreply 41612/22/2012

It is just ABC being nice and airing all the episodes the people on the shows created. Both Happy Endings and Don't trust the B are guaranteed goners, but I am glad we get to see all the ones they made.

by Bobby Trendyreply 41712/22/2012

New episodes in the temporary time slot start tonight at 10 Eastern.

And new episodes in the usual Tuesday night slot start this week also.

by Bobby Trendyreply 41801/06/2013

I haven't watched the new episode yet, but the Sunday night experiment is off to a bad start. Happy Endings had it lowest rating ever and Don't Trust the Bitch had even fewer viewers.

Following Revenge with comedies is not a good idea. Also sitcoms in the 10pm hour usually don't do well. And I wonder how many fans of the show even knew about the temporary 2-nights a week schedule.

So many signs that make it look like ABC just wants to burn off the episodes they have and be done with the show.

by Bobby Trendyreply 41901/07/2013

Since the new trend (and they are bragging about it in the Cougar Town clips) seems to be being more vulgar than the next show, I'm disappointed. Did we need the bleeped f-bomb?

by Bobby Trendyreply 42001/07/2013

If this is the end, I really hope Casey Wilson gets a new show.

by Bobby Trendyreply 42101/07/2013

It's really a shame they decided to bury the show on Sunday Night. That was one of the funnier ones they've had all season.

by Bobby Trendyreply 42201/07/2013

Though I've come to like the whole cast, I think Damon Wayans Jr (Brad) and Eliza Coupe (Jane) are definitely the most talented comedians on the show. Adam Pally and Casey Wilson are both really funny also but I don't think they have the same range.

by Bobby Trendyreply 42301/07/2013

Happy Endings is the funniest show on TV and no one watches it. Meanwhile, ratings for reruns of Big Bang Theory are through the roof. What a world.

by Bobby Trendyreply 42401/07/2013

It's a niche sense of humor unfortunately. There is a reason these bland general comedies get huge ratings...they are easy and appeal to middle America. Most comedies that try to do something different end up getting low ratings, they only work on cable. Even Arrested Development got cancelled remember.

by Bobby Trendyreply 42501/07/2013

BBT delivers its lines loud and clear, and it is pretty funny.

HE has many, many funny lines, but so many are delivered as asides, throwaways , and under the breath that a lot are missed. The closed captions can't even keep up with them.

by Bobby Trendyreply 42601/07/2013

BBT is much more like a classic sitcom than HE, which has more of the trappings of a more recent sitcom. For instance, HE uses frequent short flashbacks.

by Bobby Trendyreply 42701/07/2013

Steak Me Home Tonight is hilarious

by Bobby Trendyreply 42801/08/2013

[quote]I haven't watched the new episode yet, but the Sunday night experiment is off to a bad start.

I had no idea they were doing this until Monday when we saw it on our DVR.

by Bobby Trendyreply 42901/08/2013

How well would BBT do if it didn't have a laugh track to help it?

by Bobby Trendyreply 43001/08/2013

I used to like the show but lately instead of funny writing, all the characters act so FRENETIC and talk on top of esch other like they drunk 10 expressos and did a lb of coke each hoping that will make people laugh.

by Bobby Trendyreply 43101/08/2013

I think Happy Endings is funny but sometimes it can be hard to take. It's very fast, fast talking with lots of throwaway lines. The jokes just never have time to settle. When people are trying to relax after spending hours at work all that frenetic, hyperactive energy is the opposite of what they want.

Maybe that's why the network is trying it on Sunday. But the change in schedule was not heavily advertised so I just assumed the Sunday episodes were repeats. Also crazy energy shows don't really work on low key Sundays either.

by Bobby Trendyreply 43201/08/2013

Casey Wilson said in an interview that the actors don't really talk super fast--for the most part, the show is just edited that way. She said that the showrunner told them to study "The Social Network" to get an understanding of how fast their characters should talk.

by Bobby Trendyreply 43301/08/2013

Do they speed up the tape?

by Bobby Trendyreply 43401/08/2013

Who else wants to be an Optimistic Red-Velvet Walrus?

by Bobby Trendyreply 43501/09/2013

I do!

by Bobby Trendyreply 43601/09/2013

Love the Ginger Snaps!

I have already accused someone of power washing the house with farts.

by Bobby Trendyreply 43701/09/2013

I still love Derek: "I'm a soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, soft butch."

by Bobby Trendyreply 43801/09/2013

Last night's episode was really funny. Loved all the gay 'types'.

by Bobby Trendyreply 43901/09/2013

I was an athlete during college but came out a bit after graduation in my mid twenties. I love playing video games, have a sarcastic sense of humor and am considered very masculine. I'm not sure what you expect of realistic portrayals of gay men because all people are different.

by Bobby Trendyreply 44001/09/2013

I'm a fan, watch every episode, still laugh - but I do tend to think that the show is not as 'on' as it was last year. It does remind me of "Friends" in terms of their creative quality - I found that "Friends" seemed to be 'on' every other season. The second seasons didn't quite work because all of a sudden, it was all about each characters mannerisms and tics, the things that made the audience laugh, and instead of being spontaneous and funny, it seemed forced - like they were checking off a list of what needed to be in an episode to get a laugh.

I'm feeling some of the same thing with "Happy Endings" this year. Sometimes, it all feels a bit forced - like being strange for strange sake.

by Bobby Trendyreply 44101/09/2013

The soft,soft,soft butch thing was so fabulous. Casey Wilson is such a beautiful hag isn't she? I love that girl.

Adam Pally is so not gay. I'm not saying that he should be wearing cock socks, listening to Liza and visiting glory holes BUT he is so against the stereotype. Thank god for that blonde queen. He's getting all the juicy lines and has been so good.

by Bobby Trendyreply 44201/09/2013

I watch only for my future husbear, Max.

by Bobby Trendyreply 44301/09/2013

I haven't watched as much this season, but it seems Max barely plays a gay person in the sense that he spends more time kissing Penny & the blonde girl on the show than any guy. He spends more time aiding and abetting in his friends love life than his own. He pretty much plays asexual most of the time, even if a funny one.

Some may applaud this as not stereotyping but really, it's just so much easier for the straight audience to take a gay character like this. A gay guy who doesn't act gay in any way including not trying to hook up with other guys. It's very non threatening to a straight audience.

by Bobby Trendyreply 44401/09/2013

Half the episode on Sunday was about Max's love life.

by Bobby Trendyreply 44501/09/2013

R445 I haven't watched that one yet. I'll check it out on demand. I wasn't too impressed last season with the way Max was being portrayed (neutered) but maybe they're taking more chances with his character now.

by Bobby Trendyreply 44601/09/2013

[quote]Half the episode on Sunday was about Max's love life.

And last night's episode had the straight characters figuring out how they would fit in the bear/otter/whatever subcultures.

"I'm a scruffy power bottom!"

by Bobby Trendyreply 44701/09/2013

Who was the scruffy power bottom, r447? I haven't seen the episode yet.

It's gotta be Dave, right?

by Bobby Trendyreply 44801/09/2013

Yep, r448. It was just a tossed-off line, which made it even funnier.

by Bobby Trendyreply 44901/09/2013

R447 The retort by the blonde queen was the line that added an extra punch to things.

by Bobby Trendyreply 45001/09/2013

Jane, of course, is a complete top.

by Bobby Trendyreply 45101/09/2013

[quote]Adam Pally is so not gay. I'm not saying that he should be wearing cock socks, listening to Liza and visiting glory holes BUT he is so against the stereotype. Thank god for that blonde queen. He's getting all the juicy lines and has been so good.

Let me were a fan of Will & Grace?

by Bobby Trendyreply 45201/09/2013

I'm guessing this will be the end for Happy Endings. Although I do agree that the show has been a little "off" this season, maybe a little bit forced at times... but still good for some laughs.

by Bobby Trendyreply 45301/09/2013

I do agree that overall Season 3 hasn't really "clicked" as well as Season Two, it seems to be a pretty universal feeling. The show still is hilarious and makes me laugh every time though.

by Bobby Trendyreply 45401/09/2013

Mark Paul Gosselaar was on last night, but I didn't even recognize him!

by Bobby Trendyreply 45501/17/2013

I've been so confused by what ABC is doing with this show. This past Sunday they put a rerun of Shark Tank in the temp timeslot after Revenge (where the 2 comedies should never have been expected to do well anyway), and the Shark Tank rerun got a better rating than the comedies have been getting the past couple of weeks. That was fine with me so long as Happy Endings kept the Tuesday night slot. Except I'm sure ABC will say that they were really trying to give Happy Endings a shot by putting it on during that (failing) time slot.

But then it wasn't on Tuesday either (to accommodate the 2-hour premier of some Top Chef knock-off) and I was concerned it was gone for good.

But apparently it's 'Don't Trust the Bitch' that got yanked. According to the attached, Happy Endings will play out in the Tuesday spot with double episodes to occupy the 'Apt. 23' spot.

by Bobby Trendyreply 45601/24/2013

Two new episodes tonight - at least according to my DVR.

by Bobby Trendyreply 45701/28/2013

The cast will be live tweeting during the new episodes tonight.

This live tweeting thing is such a weird marketing tool to me. I wonder how effective it is given that the show isn't on air at the same time in every zone. Also the percentage of viewers that watch the show in some delayed form (recorded or online) is a significant number of their viewers.

Ah, I just figured it out. Having the stars live tweeting must be an effort to encourage those 'non-live' viewers to watch during the original broadcast so that there are additional eyes on the commercials that accompany the show. Got it.

by Bobby Trendyreply 45801/29/2013

[quote]Some may applaud this as not stereotyping but really, it's just so much easier for the straight audience to take a gay character like this.

It think it is more subversive to break the stereotype and that femmy, sassy queens like Jack are easier, non-threatening characters for the straight public to digest.

by Bobby Trendyreply 45901/29/2013

Exactly, r459. Jack was the cultural other. Audiences could laugh at the fag because he was so different than themselves. Max us subversive precisely because he's not the cultural other - he is virtually interchangeable with any other Joe six-pack, but he fucks men, and the show never shies away from it. While I'm not a huge fan if the character or the actor, it's definitely a new step for gay male depictions on tv. I think the same was true of Ellen back in the 90s. She was no butch dyke, and could have been anybody's sister. I think that's a big part of the reason why people tuned out - it made homosexuality seen too "normal."

by Bobby Trendyreply 46001/29/2013

Nicely said R460 and I completely agree. By not having Max be an "other" but encouraging straight guys in the audience to relate to him and see themselves in him while reminding them guess what...he happens to like dudes is a much more cutting edge culturally.

Easy for an audience to laugh at the gay hairdresser, harder to get a (straight) audience to insert themselves in the shoes of a character who is gay.

by Bobby Trendyreply 46101/29/2013

I like that the character of Derrick is as embraced by the gang as anyone else.

by Bobby Trendyreply 46201/29/2013

DON'T TRUST THE BITCH has been cancelled.

HAPPY ENDINGS has about 5 minutes left. Not looking hopeful.

by Bobby Trendyreply 46301/30/2013

Yeah, it's totally unrealistic that a gay guy would be into football

by Bobby Trendyreply 46401/30/2013

And would people quit responding to the OP as if it were serious or even what this topic is about? The OP is even signed "Bobby Trendy" to loudly broadcast SARCASM, every page someone does that.

by Bobby Trendyreply 46501/30/2013

Well, if TBS is smart, they'd pick up "Happy Endings" and run it after "Cougartown."

by Bobby Trendyreply 46601/30/2013

R463 ABC is playing two episodes of HE now per hour. I wonder if they are burning off the episodes. They put it against the vapid and quirky New Girl which is Happy Endings dome wrong BTW.

by Bobby Trendyreply 46701/30/2013

No comments on the awesomeness of last night's two episode like Alex's Keyser Soze moment and Max and Brad in Gay Town at the wedding expo?

by Bobby Trendyreply 46801/30/2013

Two GREAT episodes. The first with all the pranks was my favorite.

I watched Max's reaction to winning the lotery like 20 times.


by Bobby Trendyreply 46901/30/2013

It's a sin HE is being cancelled. It's SO GOOD!!

by Bobby Trendyreply 47001/30/2013

I think it would have been more realistic if the visitors to Gay Town tried to hit on Brad rather than all the vendors trying to get Max and Brad back together. But maybe since it was a wedding expo, everyone wanted couples to stick together.

Nick Zano is cute in the low key role on the show - even with his magic hair.

But Penny won't actually get married, will she? That would only work for me if it was the series finale...which is likely the end of this season, unfortunately.

by Bobby Trendyreply 47101/30/2013

I did not realize this show was still on the air.

by Bobby Trendyreply 47201/30/2013

ABC sure does like to fuck this show by screwing around with the scheduling.

It looks like it will be off the schedule for February sweeps, but then returning in the same Tuesday timeslot with double episodes playing, like they did this week.

And Max tries to lead on a straight girl so he can score some good seats to a Bulls game. (only worth it if Derrick Rose is playing and the Heat are in town)

by Bobby Trendyreply 47302/01/2013

Adam Pally (Max) was on the new episode of Fashion Police last night. Luckily he was a guest rather than someone they slammed on the worst dressed list.

It was a Super Bowl themed show and they had him do a segment where he rated various chick's racks. He gave them all of the tits some pretty high scores.

At one point Giuliana egged him on to motorboat Joan Rivers and he went for it.

He also made a funny crack in response to a question Joan asked him about how he got the role of Max. He said he had to go through 3 auditions and then let someone finish down his throat. That got big laughs from everyone.

George Kotsiopoulos said something early on that he meant well by, but it's one of those things that can be taken as a negative comment too. When they said Adam plays the gay character Max on Happy Endings, George added that Max doesn't really play gay on the show. He said Max is an awesome character because he's really like a straight guy who happens to be gay.

Adam followed that up with something less borderline controversial (at least as I see it). He said he describes Max as a frat dude who likes dudes.

by Bobby Trendyreply 47402/02/2013

I'd like to motorboat Adam Pally's moobs.

by Bobby Trendyreply 47502/02/2013

I just want to cuddle with him on a long winter's evening.

They're killing me by having him shirtless every other episode.

by Bobby Trendyreply 47602/02/2013

It's not looking good. ABC has moved Happy Endings to Friday nights, the place where TV shows go to die.

by Bobby Trendyreply 47702/14/2013

The schedule change to Friday night that r477 mentions will start Mar. 29th.

I guess it's better than pulling it for good and not showing the rest of the episodes for the season. It won't affect my viewing since I watch it later in the week off the DVR anyway.

But it's disappointing to know that this is the last step on the road to cancellation. Their already low average viewership will only drop on a Friday night. It's too bad.

by Bobby Trendyreply 47802/14/2013

Take it for what it's worth but someone named "Balls" posted the following today in the comments section on The Hollywood Reporter website:

[quote]From what I've heard through the grapevine, Paul Lee and other execs over at ABC LOVE Happy Endings. They watch it on their sofas at home and their spouses roll on the floor laughing. Even if the ratings are poor, they recognize why that is so (shifting it off Weds to make room for Suburgatory et al) and they still see a future for it because of DVR stats, cult following, and syndi potential. One more season (26-28 eps) is enough to get it to syndication, and since the prod is split between ABC and Sony, that's more of an incentive to push forward. The burnoff was the death knell for Apt 23, but in HE's case, it's a ruse to disguise the framing of a fourth season order. There will be no cable pickups- CT's soft failure assured that- but there WILL be a 4th season order, unless it totally tanks (below 0.8) on Fridays.

Hope he's right.

by Bobby Trendyreply 47902/14/2013

There was a commercial during the Oscars that pissed me off. ABC is running their own version of that stupid celebrity diving show that Fox had a couple of weeks ago.

And that's what they are running on Tuesday nights. This week they have Celebrity Wife Swap (or some shit) and when they've run through however many episodes of that they are running, then the stupid diving show takes over.

That's what Happy Endings got booted from Tuesday night for - some reality diving show.

I hope they get the worst ratings they've ever seen with that program. It's failure won't help Happy Endings, but it would still make me feel better about how they treat that show.

by Bobby Trendyreply 48002/25/2013

Is this show still on? I haven't seen it in a few weeks...

by Bobby Trendyreply 48103/12/2013

r481, as the post at r478 indicates, the show will start up on Friday nights on Mar. 29th.

by Bobby Trendyreply 48203/12/2013

D'oh! I saw the Friday night mention, but not the date.

by Bobby Trendyreply 48303/12/2013

OP despises masculine and mainstream bisexual and gay dudes. He is jealous of them.

by Bobby Trendyreply 48403/13/2013

R484 can't pick up on obvious jokes

by Bobby Trendyreply 48503/13/2013

2 new episodes tonight: teaser clips at link

by Bobby Trendyreply 48603/29/2013

Unreal news!!!!

It's possible that USA Network will pick up Happy Endings if (actually when) ABC announces that they are through with the program.

Even hearing that someone MIGHT be interesting in keeping the show alive is great news.

I think it would be good paired once again with CougarTown on TBS, but I'll follow the program wherever it goes.

by Bobby Trendyreply 48704/03/2013

I haven's seen Happy Endings but if you think he's unrealistic,you obviously haven't seen Tony Geary from General Hospital or Rock Hudson.Although I knew someone once who told me Rock was a "pussy" and I read he liked to have his ass plugged.

by Bobby Trendyreply 48804/03/2013

If that happens, r487 I won't care whichever show the networks decide to can. It's too good to be cancelled.

We now have a name for the demographic Max represents, btw: "Gaybros". He may, or may not, be annoying; but he's most definitely NOT unrealistic.

by Bobby Trendyreply 48904/04/2013

In the epsiode where Max dates a girl, I'm surprised that the censors let them get away with a reference to "Bang Bus."

by Bobby Trendyreply 49004/04/2013

I like Dave. I think he is cute. Am I in the minority?

Penny's bf is cute too.

by Bobby Trendyreply 49104/04/2013

This is such good news, I'd all but given up hope.

by Bobby Trendyreply 49204/04/2013

Max had sex with a hot Brazilian guy! And later kissed him in the middle of the street during a food fight!

by Bobby Trendyreply 49304/05/2013

That guy doesn't look very Brazilian. Hes kinda cute though.

by Bobby Trendyreply 49404/05/2013

Any pics of the cute Brazilian guy?

by Bobby Trendyreply 49504/06/2013

No R491, I think Dave is hot. Pete (Penny's boyfriend) too.

by Bobby Trendyreply 49604/06/2013

Haven't watched the new episode yet, but this must be the Brazilian guy with Max.

What does that Hebrew tattoo on Max's chest say?

by Bobby Trendyreply 49704/06/2013

[quote]That guy doesn't look very Brazilian. Hes kinda cute though.

He reminded me of a more ethnic Seth McFarlane, but way sexier.

I believe the actor, Alex Quijano, is Latino though, not Brazilian.

by Bobby Trendyreply 49804/06/2013

Two really good episodes last night, especially the second one.

by Bobby Trendyreply 49904/06/2013

Yes, the revelation that Penny's father is gay "And that explains nearly everything about me" was great.

I also need to just RuPaul/Krisjahn's "bitch hissing" in a sentence soon.

by Bobby Trendyreply 50004/06/2013

VoTN, what was that last part again?

I actually thought Ru did great in that little throwaway part.

by Bobby Trendyreply 50104/06/2013

It was something Ru said to Max about Alex and Jane trashing each other to him. "Those two have been bitch hissing about each other for years..."

There are very, very few comedies that make me actually laugh out loud as consistently as "Happy Endings." I think the biggest laugh of the night came from Alex's helpful identification of the movie "War Biscuit," but The Brazilian telling Dave that they needed to work things out because clearly their sons were in love was also pretty funny.

by Bobby Trendyreply 50204/06/2013

War Biscuit made me laugh out loud.

by Bobby Trendyreply 50304/06/2013

Parked at the end of the week for the rest of its season, like last week Happy Endings had back-to-back episodes on Friday. Unlike last week, the ABC comedy didn’t suffer a steep fall from its previous originals on Tuesday January 29. In fact, Happy Endings was up at 8 PM (1.1/4) and 8:30 PM (1.0/4) by 22% and 43% respectively from its March 29 shows.

by Bobby Trendyreply 50404/06/2013

Any nary a peep from the Jesus freaks about showing two shirtless men in bed and then kissing out in public on TV during "the family hour."

by Bobby Trendyreply 50504/06/2013

Dave is very cute r491 but that hair is ridiculous! So glad they made fun of it in lastnight's episode.

by Bobby Trendyreply 50604/06/2013

Max is a milestone - the most sexualized gay guy we've really ever seen on network tv. And there's nothing stereotypically gay about him - or the Braxilian guy for that matter. That's the subversive element we were talking about up thread. If HE doesn't win a GLAAD award, there's really something wrong.

by Bobby Trendyreply 50704/07/2013

R504 Wow a big fat point one and a four share. Dead air and infomercials get better ratings1 I don't see it lasting on ABC. It might be like Cougartown and have a second life on cable.

Oh and Happy Endings is so much better than its like minded show New Girl.The girls on Happy Endings are just as hot on HE and they are funnier than Zooey and Hannah on New Girl. Especially Casey Wilson. Can you believe she was canned on SNL? She played the best cougar in the history of the world.

by Bobby Trendyreply 50804/07/2013

Have you checked the ratings in general lately, r508? A 1 rating is not too far below average anymore. It was second in its time slot.

by Bobby Trendyreply 50904/07/2013

The dude who plays Penny's bf looks like Brad Pitt. Hot.

by Bobby Trendyreply 51004/07/2013

Gotta love Penny...

by Bobby Trendyreply 51104/07/2013

[quote]What does that Hebrew tattoo on Max's chest say?

"Asher." It's Adam Pally's Hebrew name.

by Bobby Trendyreply 51204/07/2013

The Brazilian dude was definitely a step or two up from Thumb Faced Larry.

by Bobby Trendyreply 51304/07/2013

The one thing Max does not want to do...



Kill spiders?

Hold farts in?

Not eat sugar directly out of the bag?

Have sex with a woman?

Touch corduroy?


I'm a little behind, just catching up on the episodes from the previous week. So unfortunately my DVR viewing is outside the +3 day window to help the ratings. My bad.

by Bobby Trendyreply 51404/07/2013

Casey has a very expressive face and excellent comedic timing.

by Bobby Trendyreply 51504/07/2013

r513 that's true. But can we have James Wolk back ?

by Bobby Trendyreply 51604/07/2013

If the show does end, they better bring Grant back for Max's happy ending.

by Bobby Trendyreply 51704/07/2013

I think the whole show is great, but the Penny character has given me the most laughs by far. Casey really deserves some recognition for her role, an Emmy nomination at least.

by Bobby Trendyreply 51804/07/2013

R509 A point one is good for CW not so much for Fox,ABC,CBS or NBC. Especially if a show is on the cancellation bubble metaphorically speaking like HE.

by Bobby Trendyreply 51904/08/2013

I don't watch the show, but what is the name of the actor who plays the Brazilian dude?

by Bobby Trendyreply 52004/08/2013

Dave just gets more annoying each week. The show started out being sort of about how he and his friends dealt with him being left at the altar, by their other friend. Now he is just annoying.

The women are great, Brad is great. Max is often funny.

by Bobby Trendyreply 52104/08/2013

Is it true this show got cancelled? I love it.

by Bobby Trendyreply 52204/08/2013

Brad is the gay one. Max is the straight one. :)

by Bobby Trendyreply 52304/08/2013

Just caught up on some episodes. The Brazilian guy, the Bang Bus reference... The show is so funny and gets away with so much!

by Bobby Trendyreply 52404/18/2013

Tonight´s episodes pre-empted for some story out of Boston.

I hope they rebroadcast them.

At least The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini recorded on This-TV.

by Bobby Trendyreply 52504/19/2013

I'm West Coast and we got a rerun of that Tim Allen show (I don't know what it's called) and an old Happy Endings.

Next week was supposed to be the 2 episode season finale, so I hope they are going to push that back so that we can see the shows that were scheduled for tonight. Sounds like both of them were going to have some good Max action.

In one of them he was going to enter the Mr. Gay Gay Chicago contest, and in the second show one of his old roommates was going to visit him and cause him to reevaluate his life.

by Bobby Trendyreply 52604/19/2013

I didn't see any online news detailing what ABC planned to do, but according to my cable guide tomorrow night hey will be showing the 2 episodes that were skipped last week.

And then the following Friday (May 3) will be the last two of the season (and probably of the show altogether, at least on ABC).

by Bobby Trendyreply 52704/25/2013

I was on two United flights this week that offered an episode/episodes of HE thru DirecTV. They showed the episode with Dave's shrink, Rick Rickman. I don't know if they had more than that one episode, though.

by Bobby Trendyreply 52804/25/2013

"Actually, my name's Dave. I work pretty hard not to look like a Dan."

I have no idea what this means but it's hilarious. ABC, please don't take this show away from me.

by Bobby Trendyreply 52904/25/2013

MAX (looking at a diagram of his body that Jane has marked up): What are all those red arrows for?

JANE: Oh those are the areas that need improvements.

MAX: But that's all of them.

JANE: Yeah, you've got lots of bad areas. You're like the Oakland of gay guys.

by Bobby Trendyreply 53004/27/2013

The last 2 episodes of the season air tonight!

by Bobby Trendyreply 53105/03/2013

[quote]The last 2 episodes of the season air tonight!

They are also unfortunately quite possibly the last 2 episodes...period.

Entertainment Weekly has always been kind to this show, and they have another piece about it today. It doesn't add anything new to the speculation about a cable pick-up (but they will be on that story when there is something to report), but it is a nice summary of what's likeable about the program and the somewhat subversive way that stereotypes are turned on their head.

by Bobby Trendyreply 53205/03/2013

If this is it for them, what a good note to go out on.

They brilliantly cast Stephanie March has Alex and Jane's heretofore unmentioned elder sister, who is even more anal than Jane.

by Bobby Trendyreply 53305/04/2013

I have to say that I was disappointed in the Stephanie March/Eliza Coupe showdown. I guess I had really built it up in my mind and then it didn't meet my expectations. However, that was a good episode to (possibly) end the series on (which is ironic considering that the episode was actually supposed to air a few weeks ago with others after it).

by Bobby Trendyreply 53405/04/2013

PENNY: How do you know some much about uteruses?

MAX: Uteri. You're a woman, you should know what part of the butt the baby comes out.

by Bobby Trendyreply 53505/04/2013

I love me some Penny.

I'll be sad if this was the end for Happy Endings, but if so it went out at the top of it's game. Which is nice.

And not always the case.

by Bobby Trendyreply 53605/05/2013

NO! I refuse to believe that this show is over!! It will come back. It will come back.

by Bobby Trendyreply 53705/05/2013

This show needs to be picked up. I can't believe the public prefers New Girl over this.

by Bobby Trendyreply 53805/05/2013

No definite word yet where it could end up next year but last night was, without putting too fine a point on it, a happy ending for the third season of ABC’s Happy Endings.

The 8 PM (0.8/3) airing of the Windy City-based thirtysomethings comedy rocketed it up 33% from last week’s series low. The actual season finale at 8:30 PM (0.7/3) rose 17% from its April 26 show, which had been even with the prior original two weeks before.

So now the question for ABC’s ratings challenged but youngest skewing show is will the network bring Happy Endings back, will it die or is it heading over to USA Network?

by Bobby Trendyreply 53905/05/2013

I can't see any way that ABC would bring the show back themselves. Actually I'm a little surprised that they even let the remaining episodes play out this spring.

They screwed the show a little bit by moving it around the schedule so much in 2013. But by doing all those moves, at least it meant we got to see the full season.

Since ABC pulls better ratings with cheap reality stuff like Shark Tank and the revival of Wife Swap, I can't see them signing on for a 4th season of HE.

But if it could maintain the viewers it has with a move to USA, it might be a viable option for the cable net. Also it would probably benefit from some decent promotion and reruns to get the attention of more viewers.

It worked for Cougar Town on TBS.

by Bobby Trendyreply 54005/05/2013

The way they filmed that final scene with the camera slowly pulling away from group dancing together at the wedding - it had the feeling of a goodbye. Like a scene that was filmed knowing that it could possibly the be last.

It reminded me of the series finale of Brothers & Sisters with all the main cast members dancing at Sarah's (was that her name?) wedding reception.

by Bobby Trendyreply 54105/06/2013

Tuesdays after "Cougar Town" is open.

by Bobby Trendyreply 54205/06/2013

Will it be renewed?

by Bobby Trendyreply 54305/09/2013

Lovely ending. If it ends here I'd be satisfied, even though I want more.

by Bobby Trendyreply 54405/09/2013

[quote]Will it be renewed?

Not really likely.

by Bobby Trendyreply 54505/09/2013


But the studio is going to shop the show to USA.

by Bobby Trendyreply 54605/10/2013

Yes, just announced. Officially canceled by ABC.

by Bobby Trendyreply 54705/10/2013

Whose dicks do we have to suck at USA Network to get them to pick the series up?

by Bobby Trendyreply 54805/10/2013

R541, the episodes were shown out of order-that episode was supposed to air the week that whathisname was being captured in Boston-so that wasn't even meant to be the final scene of the series-it just worked out that way.

by Bobby Trendyreply 54905/10/2013

I don't know if different affiliates handled it different ways, r549, but that's now what my local ABC station did.

The 2 episodes that were supposed to play on the night of the capture of the Boston bombers were bumped to the following Friday which pushed the final pair to last week. So they still showed them in the originally intended order.

There was some finale consistency with last year too because Megan Mullally was on the final episode of that season as well.

by Bobby Trendyreply 55005/10/2013

by Bobby Trendyreply 55105/10/2013

At least they got to finish.

by Bobby Trendyreply 55205/10/2013

More and more women are watching football. Many commentators of tv coverage of football are women. So, a gay is forbidden to like football? And femme gays are policing gay characters on tv? Maybe those are the gays that Mae West referred to when she declared that gays are like women in that they have a woman's brain in a man's body. That may be true of the majority of effeminate gays, but masculine gays are increasing their presence. I've known some who could knock me out with their punches. (If I didn't use my karate kicks in time.)

by Bobby Trendyreply 55305/10/2013

USA Network announced they are going ahead with programming original sitcoms for the first time, but HE isn't one of the 2 new programs they are talking about.

The show isn't mentioned at all in the attached story, but one of the first comments (who knows if they know what they are talking about?) is from someone saying that they heard the negotiations are still in the works and a decision on Happy Endings hasn't been made yet.

by Bobby Trendyreply 55405/16/2013

TBS should pick it up. It would fit in perfectly right after "Cougar Town."

by Bobby Trendyreply 55505/16/2013

I don't care who, but some cable network needs to pick up Happy Endings. I do think it's a good fit with Cougar Town, though.

by Bobby Trendyreply 55605/16/2013

This isn't much of an update, but Michael Ausiello says that USA Network continues to be "Seriously Interested" in picking Happy Endings up for a 4th season. His take is that it's good that we haven't heard any news because that means the negotiations are still going.

The attached link has questions about lots of shows, but he very first item is about our Chicago friends.

by Bobby Trendyreply 55705/21/2013

If USA doesn't take it, maybe Netflix would be interested if Arrested Development does well? Happy Endings has to be pretty cheap to make compared to a lot of shows.

by Bobby Trendyreply 55805/21/2013

There's no way Sony is going to let it go with three seasons worth of episodes. They're great at negotiating lower broadcasting costs to get a series to syndication numbers. It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when and where.

by Bobby Trendyreply 55905/21/2013

Some tweets from NYMag Vulture's TVMoJoe on Happy Endings ratings

@TVMoJoe Reminder to cable nets mulling a HAPPY ENDINGS pickup: In 9 weeks it aired Tues at 9, it averaged a 1.9 w/ no lead-in & intense competition

@TVMoJoe HAPPY ENDINGS also rose about 50% each week via DVR.

@TVMoJoe Also, for any HAPPY ENDINGS folks looking to be outraged: NEIGHBORS, in the plum Wed 8:30 slot, averaged a 2.1, w/ weekly DVR lift of 17%

by Bobby Trendyreply 56005/21/2013

1ST the gay guy does have gay friends. Secondly brad does have black friends in the episode where he tries to become old bbrad. Brad and jayne are so perfect and funny together I hate he the show got cancelled. Alex is amazing and plays her ditsy character so well. But my favourite character has to be penny the girl who can never settle down and all thinks het next boyfriend is the one. Great sitcom hope that another channel brings its back for a fouth season

by Bobby Trendyreply 56105/28/2013

Guess it's official now. No pickup by USA.

by Bobby Trendyreply 56206/01/2013

The show's creators are going to do interesting things in the future and all 6 lead actors will go on to big things.

I watch a lot of TV and Happy Endings is the only one that makes me laugh, a lot, during every single episode. I hope it inspires other creators to make funny TV.


by Bobby Trendyreply 56306/01/2013

Apparently Sony has still been working to find a new network after the USA deal died.

According to the attached, the contracts with the stars expire at the end of this month. So if they don't lock something up by the weekend, that will be the real death of the show.

by Bobby Trendyreply 56406/27/2013

Now I guess it's OFFICIAL official. Sony has given up the search for a network to carry the show and they will let the contracts of the actors lapse on Monday.

Sad, even though I haven't been holding out much hope for a resurrection.

Thanks for nothing Turner networks!!!

by Bobby Trendyreply 56506/28/2013

I am going to really miss these characters!

by Bobby Trendyreply 56606/28/2013

And the show didn't live long enough for us to fill a complete thread talking about it.

But the shortage of chat is reflective of the shortage of viewership that doomed it in the first place.

Can someone start a Kickstarter?!?

by Bobby Trendyreply 56706/28/2013

I will miss sexually ambiguous Dave. So cute! Such a better gay man than Max.

by Bobby Trendyreply 56806/28/2013

I agreed with someone else's suggestion yesterday that they should have tried producing new episodes through Netflix, but whatever. It's over now.


by Bobby Trendyreply 56906/28/2013

This news is disturbing.

I think I'll need a dose (or two) of Noche Tussin in order to get some sleep tonight.

by Bobby Trendyreply 57006/29/2013

Anyone know if HE will be available on DVD? This is something I would DEFINITELY buy, if I could. The characters and situations were for the most part hysterical.

by Bobby Trendyreply 57107/01/2013

I'm still in mourning.

by Bobby Trendyreply 57207/01/2013

[quote]Anyone know if HE will be available on DVD? This is something I would DEFINITELY buy, if I could.

DVD sets of Seasons 1 and 2 are each available on Amazon, r571. So I'm sure Season 3 will be released later this year.

by Bobby Trendyreply 57307/01/2013

Thank you, R573!

by Bobby Trendyreply 57407/02/2013

Apparently Jane's real life husband can't take the news that she won't be Jane anymore.

Eliza Coupe's husband filed for divorce. Bad week for her.

by Bobby Trendyreply 57507/03/2013

I'm sure Damon Wayans Jr. is happy he gave up his spot on NEW GIRL for the HAPPY ENDINGS spot.

by Bobby Trendyreply 57607/03/2013

Too bad. Adam Pally is adorable.

by Bobby Trendyreply 57707/03/2013

R576, he was under contract, so it's not like he picked the wrong horse. He just didn't have a choice.

by Bobby Trendyreply 57807/03/2013

I haven't finished watching this season. I have the last 2 or 3 episodes on DVR but have yet to finish them off. I can say the last one I watched (in which Jane tries to give Max a makeover to thwart an old nemesis played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar) was very funny.

[quote]I'm sure Damon Wayans Jr. is happy he gave up his spot on NEW GIRL for the HAPPY ENDINGS spot.

I read something the other day about now that HAPPY ENDINGS is over, it's possible he might be able to get his old role on NEW GIRL back. Plus, he just made a movie with NEW GIRL's Jake Johnson, who said they'd "love to have Damon back" on the show.

by Bobby Trendyreply 57907/03/2013

They should replace Winston with Damon. That character has never gained any traction, and the actor can't keep up comedically with Max Greenfield and Jake Johnson.

by Bobby Trendyreply 58007/03/2013

[quote]I really liked the comfort and matter-of-factness with which Max’s sexual orientation was [handled]. I thought he was an interesting character that I hadn’t seen before. I loved the ease with which his sexuality was just part of the basic facts of the group. I also really liked the way that race was handled easily in the group. I’m proud of that.

That’s a quote from Executive Producer Jonathan Groff in this new interview.

Michael Ausiello has an interview with the show runners David Caspe and Jonathan Groff (the other J. G.). They discuss things such as how close to reality was the rumored USA network deal, what the characters would have done if there had been a next season, and how valiantly they feel Sony tried to find a new network home for the show.

They point out how the cast had a ‘full circle’ moment at Elisha Cuthbert’s wedding last week. The show began with Alex and Dave’s aborted wedding, and possibly the final time the whole cast was together was at Elisha’s real life wedding.

About the shows failure to catch an audience, David Caspe says…

[quote] If there’s one thing that we are a little pissed about — and I’m not laying the blame anywhere because I don’t know where it lays — but the show felt like it was built to be a better performer than it was in the end. It maybe wasn’t gonna be a Modern Family-sized [hit], but it shouldn’t have died the way it died, in our opinion… It didn’t deserve 14 million views, possibly, but it also didn’t deserve 1 million. It should have performed more in the middle and should have been able to hang out for a few more seasons, in our humble opinion.

Fans like me (and likely others that post here) wonder about that too.

Why were so pitifully few people watching? What’s wrong with me that I thought it was often one of the funniest and sharpest shows on TV? When I see how lame and genuinely unfunny so many of the current sitcoms are, I wonder how people looking for something clever didn't appreciate this one.

The schedule shuffling on ABC didn’t help build an audience at all, but of course they could have just cancelled the show rather than moving it around, so I appreciate that they did the moving.

So did they not market the show the right way? Was ABC the wrong network in the first place? Was the humor too rapid-fire or too ‘niche?’

by Bobby Trendyreply 58107/10/2013

Yeah, I agree, R581. Happy Endings has been one of my favorite sitcoms and the best one in years, but when I've mentioned it to friends who have good taste in other television shows, I just got a lot of blank looks. Many had never even heard of it, or else I had to remind them of the premise before they remembered. It makes me sad.

by Bobby Trendyreply 58207/10/2013

The rapid fire humor was ahead of it's time for network TV, but like Arrested Development, the appreciation for this show will grow over the next few years.

by Bobby Trendyreply 58307/10/2013

Elisha just married a hockey player.

by Bobby Trendyreply 58407/10/2013

I loved Max. He was really someone I could look up to. Obviously sitcoms are a bit exaggerated, but I think he was sort of an "aspirational character." Adam Pally is so good-looking. "Happy Endings" is very much missed. A lot of great TV role models are gone; Brandon Routh's character on "Partners" and Max Bartha (sp?) on "The New Normal" We need more "Gay Pride" as opposed to stereotypes on TV.

The gay characters on "Days of Our Lives" are terrific-not so much so on "General Hospital."

by Bobby Trendyreply 58507/10/2013

I agree with much of what you say, r585.

The Brandon Rough character in Partners was another good example of a 'nontraditional' (at least for TV) characterization of an adult gay male. Too bad that show was almost painfully unfunny. I watched the few episodes that aired, but there was no joy in the watching.

by Bobby Trendyreply 58607/10/2013

Yeah, you're right R586 there aren't too many funny shows on TV now.

by Bobby Trendyreply 58707/10/2013

Happy Endings will most likely end up being a cult classic.

And Routh's character was the sole bright spot of Partners. It's a shame it wasn't better overall.

by Bobby Trendyreply 58807/10/2013

I liked Happy Endings, but the humor got too fragmented and absurdist towards the end, and not in a good way. It was just annoying.

by Bobby Trendyreply 58907/10/2013

As expected, the Emmys showed no love to Happy Endings today. I figured the actors would get shut out, but I held out hope that at least one would get recognized.

But I really thought their stronger hope was in either writing, editing, or directing. Those are areas where I think the show excels...or I should say excelled.

by Bobby Trendyreply 59007/18/2013

Adam Pally lands his next gig:

by Bobby Trendyreply 59107/18/2013

[quote]Damon Wayans Jr is the gayest character on the show. The screen will burst into flames soon when he's flouncing around.

IKR when first seeing this I didn't know if it was about girls who hung out with gay guys. It looked like the slightly-overweight hot gay one wasn't the only gay character.

Wayans Jr. is cute, surprised his papito has a son that old.

by Bobby Trendyreply 59209/22/2013

Adam Pally's character on The Mindy Project starts tonight.

by Bobby Trendyreply 59310/01/2013

At last there is finally a reason to finish this thread out.

VH-1 is bringing the show back! Well, sort of. Unfortunately only in reruns, not new/original episodes.

There will be a New Year's Eve marathon of the entire series (57 episodes) and then HE will have a regular Wednesday night slot on the VH-1 schedule in 2014.

by Bobby Trendyreply 59412/10/2013

[quote]IKR when first seeing this I didn't know if it was about girls who hung out with gay guys. It looked like the slightly-overweight hot gay one wasn't the only gay character.

The show acknowledged that in universe in episode, that Max was way "less gay" than the other guys though he was the gay. That was kinda that point. Though to be honest I didn't think Adam Pally was believable with a single love interest, I liked the idea of Max as a character not being stereotypical but he does need to be believeably into guys.

But then it was an outlandish sitcom that didn't really care that much about real romantic chemistry.

by Bobby Trendyreply 59512/10/2013

[quote]The show acknowledged that in universe in episode, that Max was way "less gay" than the other guys though he was the gay.


by Bobby Trendyreply 59612/10/2013

Oh boy!

I was just thinking to myself that since Adam Pally is leaving Mindy Project and Damon Wayans is leaving New Girl and Eliza Coupe's USA show was cancelled and Casey Wilson's Marry Me show seems like it will be cancelled - all of them would be available for another go at Happy Endings.

Now this... the writers/producers of Happy Endings tweeted out a clip of Vivaldi's "Four Seasons."

Does it mean anything? Or is it a tease just to tease with nothing to back it up? Could they be trying to get everyone back together and put out a 4th season? And if that's the intent, who is going to broadcast it?

Unfortunately I'm excited by this. It's probably not going to come to anything, but I'm holding out hope.

by Bobby Trendyreply 59702/12/2015

I've never seen this show but with the way everyone talks about it I'm beginning to wonder if I should give it a try. Is it worth investing my time?

by Bobby Trendyreply 59802/12/2015

Entertainment Weekly's open letter to the powers that be to stop teasing and announce that they have a new season of Happy Endings coming.

by Bobby Trendyreply 59902/12/2015
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