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Elizabeth Berkley is appearing at my local bookstore this week

What questions -- besides "Are you still a whore, darlin'?" -- should I ask?

by kirkerreply 3301/17/2013

She's actually a sweet girl, wish people would stop picking on her for doing "Showgirls".

by kirkerreply 104/05/2011

Elizabeth will also be reading excerpts from her book, btw.

by kirkerreply 204/05/2011

Bring her photos of your redecorating work on Ghetto Tara and ask her to evaluate them.

by kirkerreply 304/05/2011

Is it as big as Screech said it is?

by kirkerreply 404/05/2011

[quote]Elizabeth will also be reading excerpts from her book, btw.%0D %0D It's a picture book.

by kirkerreply 504/05/2011

I used to work in SoHo in the Saatchi building and I would see her around a lot. She never looked anything less than flawless. She's a seriously beautiful woman. Skin, body, hair, everything. It's no wonder she married so well.

by kirkerreply 604/05/2011

Did she ever kick the caffeine pills?

by kirkerreply 704/05/2011

R6, Saatchi? Isn't that pronounced "sayse"?

by kirkerreply 804/05/2011

Ask her is she still so excited that she just can't hide it.

by kirkerreply 904/05/2011

Her husband is hot! He's a about money and moving well above your station.

by kirkerreply 1004/05/2011

[quote]He's a about money and moving well above your station.

Oh honey. Honey. "Above your station"?

The former Ralph Lifshitz is the son of an immigrant house painter from the Bronx. No matter how rich he may have become, he's not above anyone's "station."

by kirkerreply 1104/05/2011

OP, is this how you feel about meeting her?

by kirkerreply 1204/05/2011

Oops, R7 and R9 already beat me to it.

by kirkerreply 1304/05/2011

kirker, throw a handful of No Doz in her face and tell her to sing for you.

by kirkerreply 1404/05/2011

Ask her who she preferred working with the most: Oliver Stone, Woody Allen or Screech.

by kirkerreply 1504/05/2011

R15, or Tori Spelling.

by kirkerreply 1604/05/2011

R15 and R16, or Goldie Hawn

by kirkerreply 1704/05/2011

Act really nice to her and then when saying bye, tell her that far more males have masturbated to Tiffani Thiessen than to her.

by kirkerreply 1804/05/2011


by kirkerreply 1904/05/2011

OP, did you get to see her?

by kirkerreply 2004/10/2011

He didn't see her so much as he absorbed her aura. Elizabeth Berkeley is an experience, not a sightseeing opportunity.

by kirkerreply 2104/10/2011

Her hubby is kinda hot.

by kirkerreply 2204/10/2011

I see.

But I still wanted Elizabeth Berkley to be made to feel inferior to Tiffani Thiessen, though.

by kirkerreply 2304/10/2011

Liz is way hotter than Tiff.

by kirkerreply 2404/10/2011

Mark-Paul, I guess that confirms that you're gay, because all of the straight guys disagree with you.

by kirkerreply 2504/10/2011


by kirkerreply 2604/10/2011

Elizabeth is shooting an Christmas themed Hallmark Channel Movie of the Week

Is it socially inferior of being abused by a man on a Lifetime movie but better than getting killed by a shark on a SyFy's Saturday night?

by kirkerreply 2707/30/2011

She's dazzling, she's exciting, and she's very, very sexy.

by kirkerreply 2807/30/2011

r22, let's hope they don't have kids. Massive cheekbones on the both of them! I'm not a lover of flat faces but that shit is too much.

by kirkerreply 2908/02/2011

She pings to me. I'm pretty sure that she has been wet in the past for women.

by kirkerreply 3001/17/2013

Stood behind them online at Food Emporium. They're scary looking, her eyes are huuuge and he's a real girl and they both act like they're tweaking. Frightening.

by kirkerreply 3101/17/2013

I meant "on line" not online.

by kirkerreply 3201/17/2013

Actually she was pretty spastic in that interview. She didn't let Jennifer Beals to speak with her constant babbling.

by kirkerreply 3301/17/2013
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