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So my partner just told me something I don''t get

I'm just sort of dumb about these things I guess. He works for a pharma company and has been so enthusiastic about his job lately - both because of his personal accomplishments there and he just likes the atmosphere. Not to mention great pay ($110K plus incentives).%0D %0D Anyway, he told me his stock options are now worth $200K and goes "who needs the lottery?"%0D %0D Well, what does that mean? Can he take that money out, or what happens? Does this mean I can plan a nice vacation for us soon?

by Clueless in CTreply 1909/21/2013


by Clueless in CTreply 104/04/2011

It means he's going to vote for Huckabee or Romney.

by Clueless in CTreply 204/04/2011

It means it's time to give Bernie Madoff a call and see if you can get in on his excellent investment scheme.

by Clueless in CTreply 304/04/2011

Stock options are the right to buy so many shares, from the Corporations own supply, at a set price, given time in advance. So if he has the right to buy 10,000 shares at the old price of $50 a share, he can turn around and sell them now at $200. aka that statement.

by Clueless in CTreply 404/04/2011

Aren't many large pharma stocks in the tank right now because patents are expiring with nothing new in the R&D pipeline?

by Clueless in CTreply 504/04/2011

Stock options are given as golden handcuffs to executives to keep them around. He'll probably have to wait 5 years for each year's shares to mature. In other words, hang on to him.

by Clueless in CTreply 604/04/2011

Home ownership in lovely Detroit is only a phone call away!

by Clueless in CTreply 704/04/2011

If he's that excited over $200K in stock options then it obviously doesn't take much to excite him.

by Clueless in CTreply 804/04/2011

R8 - that's kinda what I was thinking as well.%0D %0D He has about 80K in debts I know he wants to get paid off as soon as possible - so that's probably where the excitement comes from. He really wants to be debt free and I guess this would be a way to pay that totally off.%0D %0D Still, $200,000 ain't THAT much money, especially in our neck of the woods.

by Clueless in CTreply 904/04/2011

Your partner has basically put you on notice that he'll be trading up to someone younger, hotter, and smarter, OP.%0D %0D Sad, really.

by Clueless in CTreply 1004/04/2011

No, precious at R10, it's the opposite.%0D %0D I've had a roving eye lately and he knows it...and I told him that at just 44 years old, he has developed "old man smell" in spite of showers and the like.%0D %0D So he's feeling insecure and looking for ways to keep ME around...

by Clueless in CTreply 1104/04/2011

It means he needs another partner.

by Clueless in CTreply 1204/04/2011

You're a jackass R11/OP. %0D %0D As a matter of fact, you should hook up with your perfect match---the OP of the other thread, a formerly "nice" guy who has become an asshole to attract men.%0D %0D Hope you're hot, 'cause you sure are dumb as stump if you don't know what a stock option is.

by Clueless in CTreply 1304/04/2011

I do know what a stock option is...I just wondered what it meant in terms of how soon the money is available to us, etc. %0D %0D Ok maybe I don't know what it is! lol

by Clueless in CTreply 1404/04/2011

Why, OP, don't you ask your partner if you do not know what a stock option is?

by Clueless in CTreply 1504/04/2011

It means he will be hosting a table at the next HRC dinner.

by Clueless in CTreply 1604/04/2011

What is HRC?

by Clueless in CTreply 1704/04/2011

You sound cunty and obnoxious, OP. Is your life meaningful in any way? Or are you just the bumbling, dim "kept" boyfriend who lives like a parasite off his partner?

by Clueless in CTreply 1804/04/2011

I'm hijacking this thread because I want to know about stock options. I recently started working for a startup who gave me stock options which is something I'm totally unfamiliar with.

Who here has worked for stock options and capitalized on them? How much did you make? How much did you have the option to buy and for how much? I got 5,000 shares of something called nonstatutory stock options for pennies per share. Is this number of shares below average, average or above average?

Any info on stock options contributed to this thread is appreciated.

by Clueless in CTreply 1909/21/2013
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