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14 Year Old Fashionista, Tavi Gevinson

Are you fucking kidding me???!

This bitch gets to sit with Vogue, and even gets professional photo shoots done for high fashion magazines.

She dyes her hair white.

The world is seriously fucked up!

Google images her!

by Jada P Smithreply 4310/05/2013

She looks like a little old lady. And she's ugly.

by Jada P Smithreply 103/29/2011

This is some serious Benjamin Button(s) shit.

by Jada P Smithreply 203/29/2011

No nothing CUNT! CUNT!! CUNT!!! CUNT!!!!

by Jada P Smithreply 303/29/2011

[quote]No nothing

Ees ingrish you secon langage?

by Jada P Smithreply 403/29/2011

why does anyone care what a 14yr old has to say, especialy about fashion?

by Jada P Smithreply 503/29/2011

She is the next cover girl for "Progeria" magazine.

by Jada P Smithreply 603/29/2011

Proving there's a fine dividing line between "young fashionista" and "elderly bag-lady"...

by Jada P Smithreply 703/29/2011

Anna Wintour is so overrated.

by Jada P Smithreply 803/29/2011

I would actually laugh if I saw that walking down the street.

by Jada P Smithreply 903/29/2011

Looking at the fucking state of this kid I'd say she's def got learning difficulties.%0D %0D I pity kids today if this is what they have to look up to. Sheesh.%0D %0D Next!

by Jada P Smithreply 1003/29/2011

aw, she seems like a cute, smart little kid, lay off. Anyone who thinks that this is anywhere near the depths of how bad precocious middle-schoolers from Oak Park can get is dead wrong, and Rosie isn't even renting there yet

by Jada P Smithreply 1103/29/2011

Oak park = Jewville.

by Jada P Smithreply 1203/29/2011

She looks like Scarlett Johansson

by Jada P Smithreply 1303/29/2011

The sad thing is, lots of idiot "fashionistas" take her seriously.

Just another example of how the internet has been used for evil.

by Jada P Smithreply 1403/29/2011

her writing shows a level of sensitivity and nuance that surpasses anything written thus far in this thread. I you think fashion and the people weho care about it are stupid why do you delight in obsessing over it so much?

by Jada P Smithreply 1503/29/2011

Have any of you ever read her blog? She's actually one of the wittier, more insightful and, until now, more committed fashion bloggers. (Yes, I know the bar is set rather low.)

by Jada P Smithreply 1603/29/2011

r15 - people in glass houses...

by Jada P Smithreply 1703/29/2011

her blog is surprisingly well-written. yeah, the fashion theatrics are a little much but I give her a pass. at least she isn't some Bieber-obsessed suburban future-ho.

by Jada P Smithreply 1803/29/2011

She's a terrific writer for someone who just left middle school, and quite frankly, I'd rather have a teenage daughter spending all her time blogging about fashion and putting together esoteric outfits than shopping for sweatpants with words across the ass and giving blowjobs in an effort to cement her popularity.

by Jada P Smithreply 1903/29/2011

Should have know criticizing this twit would hit a nerve with DL queens, OP.

by Jada P Smithreply 2003/29/2011

I enjoy Tavi. Her writing is interesting and her sense of style is adventurous. She has a sense of history and irony. I give her a lot of credit.

by Jada P Smithreply 2103/29/2011

Um, do you think she's actually writing any of those blog posts, my little darlings?

by Jada P Smithreply 2203/29/2011

Why does high fashion (and its enthusiasts) enrage some DLers so much?

by Jada P Smithreply 2303/29/2011

r 22 - if you've seen her interviewed you know those are her blogs.

by Jada P Smithreply 2403/29/2011

Luv huh. She has the makings of a superstar.

by Jada P Smithreply 2503/29/2011

Insufferable brat.

by Jada P Smithreply 2603/29/2011

they feel threatened r23. Most people here are STRONGLY invested in the notion that there is a right way and a wrong way to think about everything, especially matters of taste and manners and aesthetics. The exclusive world of high fashion exists as a higher authority on those matters, and a reminder to all these glee loving queens who have built thier identities around having the chicest apartment in bumfucke flyoverland, that -in the larger picture- they are just as clueless as the housefrau next door.

by Jada P Smithreply 2703/29/2011

I'm sorry, remind me again--what the fuck is a Tavi Gevinson and why does it have a career?

by Jada P Smithreply 2803/29/2011

Mark my 10 years she will be the editor-in-chief of Vogue

by Jada P Smithreply 2903/30/2011

How do you know she isn't giving blow jobs to be popular, r19?

by Jada P Smithreply 3003/30/2011

R24 She doesn't seem like a 14 year old at all....

by Jada P Smithreply 3103/30/2011

Who are her parents?.

by Jada P Smithreply 3203/30/2011

Is Tavi a baby dyke?.

by Jada P Smithreply 3303/30/2011


by Jada P Smithreply 3403/30/2011

She looks like Granny from Tweety bird cartoons.

by Jada P Smithreply 3503/30/2011

She dresses like a junior Anna Piaggi.

by Jada P Smithreply 3603/30/2011

I think she's tremendous.

by Jada P Smithreply 3703/30/2011

Total hoax. The new JT Leroy.

by Jada P Smithreply 3803/30/2011

She's staring in a Nicole Holofcener movie and is going to be a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight.

by Jada P Smithreply 3910/04/2013

FYI- She's trying to break into acting.

by Jada P Smithreply 4010/04/2013

fashionista schmashionista, you sheeple fall for everything and stand for nothing

by Jada P Smithreply 4110/04/2013

I usually hate fashionistas AND teenage stars but I have to admit, that girl got it together. She's obviously smart and has a great sense of humour about herself and the industry. In short she reminds me something I was starting to forget between the Britneys and Mileys of this world: some teenagers are actually intelligent and good at what they do.

Just from this snippet from her blog she should be named Honorary Princess of DL:

[quote]If you are the kind of person to encounter human beings in your life, you probably will find yourself needing a bitchface eventually. A bitchface is a beauty essential for any true lady—the kind of accessory that says, “You are a fucking idiot, why am I still talking to you.” "

by Jada P Smithreply 4210/05/2013

Actually the whole post is like a Reader's Digest version of Heathers mixed with Jawbreaker. She's a better and funnier writer than most adult bloggers.

by Jada P Smithreply 4310/05/2013
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