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Sister Wives... Anybody?

I'm not freaked out by the 3 wives. I am freaked out because the 3 wives always wear shirts (or 2 shirts) that cover their evil elbows.

by What is this about?reply 4512/31/2012

There are four wives, not three.

by What is this about?reply 103/28/2011

I watched the first season. I'm surprised they're still married. It seemed like the 4th wife was trying to either break up his other marriages or was going to split.

by What is this about?reply 203/28/2011

I feel like I should be freaked out by their actual lives, but I agree: it's the aesthetics of the whole situation that really creeps me out. When I was in high school, I knew a Mormon girl who was a huge fag hag. I liked her, but I could never get past her pleated khakis and huge belt buckles. I supposes some things never change.

by What is this about?reply 303/28/2011

Yes, 4 wives. I forgot Robyn. She did seem like she was challenging their status quo, but now, in the 2nd season, she's settled in and she isn't working. She's looking after the kids while 2 of the other wives and dippy Cody work.

None of it bothers me, except the shirts.

by What is this about?reply 403/28/2011

Notice the husband thinks he's a prize that no woman in the world could think to turn him down. Plus with a little bit of phony 'humility' mixed in there.

by What is this about?reply 503/28/2011

Is Cody's hair any better this season? And is he still orange?

by What is this about?reply 603/28/2011

He's a weird guy, definitely. I was thrown for a loop when on the second season's premiere, they explained that the mother of one of Cody's wives is Cody's father's second wife. They live in Montana.


by What is this about?reply 703/28/2011

Cody's father has two simultaneous wives.%0D %0D But Cody's father is ill and frail, and though in his early or mid 70's is older than his years from what they said is 'hard work all his life on the ranch'.

by What is this about?reply 803/28/2011

I'm watching the 1st episode of the second season right now. The 4th wife does seem to have calmed down a bit.

by What is this about?reply 903/28/2011

I'm starting to like the wives... Kody is no catch though...

by What is this about?reply 1003/29/2011

I think Janelle is under too much stress. She's the only one of them with a real job and is supporting like 25 people.

by What is this about?reply 1103/29/2011

The new fourth wife has hardly anything in her house, nothing on the walls. All the wives and kids are homely looking and most females are fat. They eat fattening casseroles and heavy carbs. Cody appears like an actor, phony in his demeanor, with a huge ego he unsuccessfully tries to hide. Are they on any public assistance yet?

by What is this about?reply 1203/29/2011

I bet it was Kody's idea to do the show as a way for him to get out of getting a job. He claims to work in advertising but there's no evidence that he does at all.

by What is this about?reply 1303/29/2011

I think Kody is hot, the scenes of him going surfing, trying on the wet suits and his bare chest....woof!

by What is this about?reply 1403/29/2011

so is one of the daughters an unwed mother? I saw a baby on the season premiere of the 2nd season. I didn't hear any mention of a husband - the girl looked like late teens.

by What is this about?reply 1503/29/2011

No, the mormon royalty wife had the baby.

by What is this about?reply 1603/29/2011

No R15. One of the wives recently had a baby. The third wife I believe. (I hate that I know this!)%0D %0D I think Robin looks like a man.

by What is this about?reply 1703/29/2011

Pictures of hot Kody please.

by What is this about?reply 1803/29/2011

Robyn is pregnant, bringing up the kids to 17! %0D I thought I remembered from last season, the wife that works saying that she and Cody are more like brother and sister. Did anyone see that?

by What is this about?reply 1904/11/2011

They are all in desperate need of a glamor makeover.%0D %0D Cody is a portly shaggy mess now, but the pics of him when he was younger: hawt! In a cornfed kinda way.

by What is this about?reply 2004/11/2011

I have no problem with polygamy among consenting adults but this bothers me because it's cultish brainwashing thing. One of the wives, maybe #1, doesn't come across as happy about sharing her husband but she puts on a good show and a nice big, fake smile. Most of these families are on public assistance and the men usually don't work at all. Cody is an arrogant piece of shit but then these fundamentalist Mormon men think they are all God's gift to women and rule their own little kingdoms.

by What is this about?reply 2104/11/2011

My friend Cassie thinks that my marriage is better then any hetro one she could find, and wants to be my sister wife. I told her this would involve no sex, which she was fine with as long as I continued to cook. She makes serious money, we are tempted.

by What is this about?reply 2204/11/2011

[quote]of the wives, maybe #1, doesn't come across as happy about sharing her husband but she puts on a good show and a nice big, fake smile.

Mormons are the largest consumer group of anti-depressants...

by What is this about?reply 2304/11/2011

That explains the Stepford wife robotic mannerisms R23.

by What is this about?reply 2404/11/2011

I'll bet Cody has a really big cock.%0D %0D Just a feeling.

by What is this about?reply 2504/11/2011

I'm all for whatever among consenting adults, but I find it hard to believe a woman would ever "consent" to an arrangement like this if she weren't brainwashed in some way.

by What is this about?reply 2604/11/2011

And that's the problem R26, most have raised like this since birth. I don't know why #4 wife consented unless she too was Mormon. Maybe she was just so nuts about Cody and thought she could supplant the others.

by What is this about?reply 2704/11/2011

There is jealousy among the wives and it is apparent, even though for the most part, the wives will not admit it.%0D %0D Last night, wife #3 admitted to jealousy, great upset, and a feeling of abandonment when Cody dated and then married wife #4.%0D %0D Also last night, wife #1 was obviously jealous when Cody took off for a Vegas vacation with wife #3 and their kids. Wife #1 over-reacted by announcing all the fun she was going to have in Cody's absence, but you could tell she was jealous.%0D %0D Cody really made the first 3 wives jealous, when he took off for an 11-day honeymoon in San Diego with new wife #4.%0D %0D As far as having a big cock, that is exactly what gay men on Datalounge would say. Gay men on Datalounge always think a man has a big cock if he is successful with women.

by What is this about?reply 2804/11/2011

Just about polygamy in general, I can't imagine the roiling feelings of jealousy with the wives. It's got to be there; you catch him looking at one of the other wives the way he looks at you; it's got to hurt. They're just brainwashed that it's all good, it's for the sake of a strong family. They must have to swallow so much of their emotions, I imagine, to try to make nice. I can't imagine the turmoil - I'm sure they do like the sister wives as people, but yet, they're making time with their husband. A real mind fuck, if you ask me.

by What is this about?reply 2904/13/2011

One of the women who escaped from that really weird bunch in Colorado City run by Warren Jeffs said the elder wives often abuse the younger wives and their children.

by What is this about?reply 3004/13/2011

anyone still watching?

by What is this about?reply 3105/09/2011

Last night TLC had a show about the Polyg family 'Big Love' was based on. Anybody else watch? This family is a lot more organized and the wives are better looking. Though it is squicky that the wives are twin sisters and a cousin.

by What is this about?reply 3212/19/2012

[quote]He's a weird guy, definitely.

He's mormon. They are all weird. Mormons have the narrowest gene pool in the US and Utah has tons of kids with disabilities and handicaps from inbreeding.

I thinks it's gross that so many of these men marry sisters, father's wife's sister and cousins too.

by What is this about?reply 3312/19/2012

R32: Is that the Darger (sp?) family?

by What is this about?reply 3412/19/2012

Yes r34, the Dargers

I think TLC is going to give them a show, but they seem too (dare I say?) drama free.

by What is this about?reply 3512/19/2012

Why is Truely still bald and so skinny?

Meri is a cunt to kill her dog just because she didn't want it pissing on her new McMansion carpets. That was horrible.

Who on Earth do they think would ever buy that "jewelery"?

by What is this about?reply 3612/19/2012

OP, the elbow-covering shirts are because women's elbows are so sexy that men couldn't control themselves if they could see them all the time. The husbands would just rip their clothes right off and fuck them to death.

by What is this about?reply 3712/19/2012

Link to "that jewelry".

The really funny thing is it appears they plan on selling clothing also. Who in hell would want to dress like them?!?! Their clothes are all from Salvation Army or Goodwill and look 3 sizes too small. They also wear strapless tops and then put long sleeve, full coverage shirts underneath (yes, you ugly Meri) which makes it all that much more ugly.

Clothing ladies? I think not.

by What is this about?reply 3812/19/2012

R3, they prefer the less hurtful “gay affiliate”

by What is this about?reply 3912/19/2012

Season Three finale tonite. I know. I know. But I justify watching it because I've never seen a single episode of Kardashians or Jersey Shore.

Since Meri, Cody and the Sis posse don't recognize it or won't admit it: Meri doesn't want another kid. If she did, she's be all over the options that are being thrown at her and we'd have to watch some home pregnancy kit segment every other week.

by What is this about?reply 4012/30/2012

Exactly right, R40. However she does nwant a wet bar and and 7 bedrooms. "Because I entertain a lot." HA!

by What is this about?reply 4112/31/2012

These ugly hos are famous?

by What is this about?reply 4212/31/2012

I wonder if they have health insurance. Meri would be looking at fertility coverage which she would probably be covered for since she is the legal spouse. But I don't think anyone really has a job in LV so if she were to try to get pregnant with medical help, it would be hugely expensive.

by What is this about?reply 4312/31/2012

When you watch the confessional with the 4 wives and Cody, you just get a sense of misery, resentment, simmering anger. The woman proudly declare that Cody is usually 'in the doghouse' with one wife or another all the time. Christine and Meri seem to bitch at him, Janelle sits serenely by and the last wife grins a lipless smile.

by What is this about?reply 4412/31/2012

I'm shocked by how manipulative and Cody-controlling Meri is. Robyn sucks up to Meri because she is the original wife and Janelle and Christine are such doormats.

No one asks the Browns about their history of multiple bankruptcies and their Medicaid-paid breeding and foodstamps.

by What is this about?reply 4512/31/2012
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