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High School Wrestling

How on Earth did this not get gay stereotyped? There is nothing more gay than this sport, and high school kids all line up to get involved in it. For a generation so worried about looking "gay", how do they let this one fly? All the rubbing, balls in your face, crotch and ass grabbing, etc, etc. Aren't these kids at their sexual peak anyway? How do they not pop a boner? Oh, that's right, they do! No one can tell me that they're not getting some sexual thrill out of this. They're getting pent up sexual frustration out of their systems doing it. Most people exercise to get rid of that, but with this sport, they get exercise, but also get to hump someone. It's so outrageously gay! I'm curious, did any of you gay boys sign up to get to dry hump a straight dude? Seems like the perfect opportunity.

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 5505/05/2011

I'm from east Texas and although I was aware of h.s. wrestling, we never had it in our school and I never knew of any schools within 1,000 miles that did!%0D %0D It would definitely have been 'gay' whereas football of course, was king.

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 103/18/2011

I was too lazy in high school to be a wrestler - those dudes work hard! - but I'd go and watch the meets on the weekends. My big crush - Donnie! - was a wrestler and he'd spend half his time when he wasn't flopping around rubbing other boys on the mat walking around with his singlet stripped down to his waist. Dear lord, that memory.

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 203/18/2011

A guy I hooked up with last year was a wrestler during his high school years (early 00's). I asked him about it, and he said he never really thought about the gay fantasy angle while he was wrestling. He said that he was aware now, though, that most gay men found his past a turn-on.

He had an average-sized, [italic]extremely[/italic] thick cock, as well as a big ass, one that was barely bubble and on the verge of becoming fat. His personality was a drawback, though... He was sports-obsessed, to the point of Asperger's.

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 303/18/2011

When I find someone who was a high school or college wrestler, I figure they're in the same category with florists and hair stylists. You just start out by assuming that they're gay.

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 403/22/2011

[quote]high school kids all line up to get involved in it.

It has a fanatical following and plenty of kids are involved, but it's nowhere near the top of popular sports. Plenty of school don't even have wrestling teams.

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 503/22/2011

The gay ones? Those are the former gymnasts. Hot bodies, and bottoms all, each and every one. Thank goodness!

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 603/22/2011

My high school could barely field a football team. No wrestling or cross country available.

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 703/31/2011

[quote]All the rubbing, balls in your face, crotch and ass grabbing, etc, etc. Aren't these kids at their sexual peak anyway? How do they not pop a boner? Oh, that's right, they do! No one can tell me that they're not getting some sexual thrill out of this.

Straight guys are not turned on by other guys. It's hard to hide a boner in those outfits.

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 803/31/2011

I went to the FAME high school... We wrestled our tongues around Sondheim...

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 903/31/2011

I don't understand OP's point. It has always been stereotyped as gay.

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 1003/31/2011

No, r10, it has not. Kids are not ridiculed for joining. In fact, they're considered jocks, and pussy magnets.

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 1103/31/2011

Our school had 'Wrestlerettes' - stockier perkier girls with a lot of spirit who couldn't make the cheerleading squad cheered on the wrestlers.

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 1203/31/2011

I wish my school had had wrestling. To me there's nothing hotter to watch.

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 1303/31/2011

There is a difference between something being culturally gay and homoSEXUALLY gay. Culturally gay stuff is especially considered uncool, such as effeminancy in males, certain tastes in music and clothes, non-athleticism, gender-non comformity. However, there is quite a bit of tolerance for homoeroticism and outright same-sex activity as long as it preserves machismo and masculinity. In other words, it's ok to be homoerotic, as long as you don't act "gay."

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 1403/31/2011

Sometimes they can't contain the excitement.

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 1503/31/2011

I looked up the message on the young gents singlet:

"stoei vir jesus"

Afrikaans. "Wrestling for Jesus"

Do you suppose young Jesus was watching from the stands? How hot to win a wrestling match in front of your HS bf?


by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 1603/31/2011

All but one (maybe two) guys on my HS wrestling team were fugly.%0D %0D

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 1703/31/2011

I went to a school with a fairly strong wrestling team. Ten years later none of the guys I remember as being wrestlers strike me as being gay and I don't think any are. They also were extremely unattractive meathead like guys.

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 1803/31/2011

meatheads turn me on though

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 1903/31/2011

The OSU wrestling team (when I was in college back in the late 80's) were VERY hot. And the captain and co-captain were lovers, and I'm pretty sure most people knew that.%0D %0D

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 2003/31/2011

I became friends with a short hot guy that wrestled in school. Major closet case. Had really hot sex twice. He loved getting fucked. He said that several guys on wrestling team would beat off together.

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 2103/31/2011

My high school had a wresting team, but all the guys on it were overweight and gross. They were half a step away from being apes. They were the guys that never washed their hair, told disgusting fart jokes and didn't know how to close their mouth when they chewed. There was nothing sexy about it.

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 2203/31/2011

Ours were called the "Mat Maids", R12. Although they were more commonly referred to as the "Mat Rats".

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 2303/31/2011

[quote]They were half a step away from being apes.

sounds hot to me

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 2403/31/2011

The wrestlers in my HS were the stoners too.%0D %0D They were just fun and cool.

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 2503/31/2011

Most of the wrestlers at my high school were hot as fuck -- well, except for the ones in the "heavyweight" class. Those guys were just fat.

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 2603/31/2011

We all had to wrestle at my high school. The singlets were wonderful to us gay guys, of course. One guy spontaneously came when he had me pinned - it was the most erotic experience of my life to that moment and I thought I was going to faint. I kept his secret and never talked to him about it, but he held me, grinding and spasming - ah.

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 2703/31/2011

heavyweights look hot to me

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 2803/31/2011

R22 is obviously lying. The weight categories for wrestling are so small that the majority of any team are sexy thin little pocket gays. Only a few heavyweights are on any team.%0D

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 2903/31/2011

I used to like how they were always in the locker room getting naked to weigh in. How much could a pair of briefs weigh? yet they always had to take them off too.....

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 3003/31/2011

I have always wondered about this and also the weight lifters with their steroids. I am so not into that look, but who else spends all their time looking at themselves in a mirror, working out and watching their diet other than us? Thoughts?

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 3103/31/2011

Gay girl here - I was the stat girl for my HS wrestling team in 1990-91. I was quite butchy then and perceived as a lesbian so no one would bat an eye if I was in the locker room at various meets when our guys were weighing in naked.

Boners were always a'poppin in the nervous excitement to "make weight" or they would be disqualified. I could care less, wieners were gross and I hated standing outside the gym in the heat. Jealous?

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 3203/31/2011

"Weiners are gross."

Brought to you by the same uber-lezzy whose head would spin off in rage if we even hinted that vaginas are oozing, smelly, sticky meat sacks.


by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 3303/31/2011

Our HS was state champs in wrestling repeatedly (a genuine dynasty,) and while I found it pretty doggone arousing, there was no hint of homosexuality floating around. Nearly fifty years later, most of those guys are still straight. Well that, or dead.

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 3404/01/2011

[italic]Gay girl here - I was the stat girl for my HS wrestling team in 1990-91[/italic]

Honey, you're in the wrong thread.

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 3504/01/2011

We needs some pix!

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 3604/01/2011


by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 3704/01/2011


by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 3804/01/2011


by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 3904/01/2011

How do realize manage to pack on so much tight muscle? How can they be so muscular and so lean?

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 4004/01/2011


by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 4104/09/2011

R40, they try really hard. the wrestlers goal is to be as heavy and strong as possible, but within their weight category. this means alternatively pounding on muscle and starving themselves before weigh-ins.

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 4204/09/2011

Wrestlers at my high school in Florida were required to weigh in in the nude in front of the refs. I still rub it out to these memories.

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 4304/09/2011

Football has very gay elements to it also.%0D %0D Tackling other men to get a big ball, I come on, HELLO! Slapping each other on the rear end to let you know you did a good job. You don't need to be Freud to figure it out.%0D %0D Don't forget the big pile on's!

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 4404/09/2011

The business about wrestling being gay is a myth--yes, it's major jo material (the singlet, the body contact)but I've only known one wrestler who was gay. High school, college, grad school (student advisor who handled atheletes), post-grad...nada, except for this one guy.%0D %0D Now tennis is another story for another thread. Lol.

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 4504/09/2011

You need to get out more, ranger. Things have changed since the 50's.

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 4604/09/2011

R46: You need to get a life. I've been working with students for 30 years. It's a myth. Gay men love it for the obvious reason, but those men--like yourself--are examples of the wishful thinking you find with queens who live for "Glee" and shopping. %0D %0D Honestly, the world is not as gay as you think dear. Lol.

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 4704/09/2011

Well I had sex with every member of the wrestling team when I was in high school and that was more than 30 years ago. Ranger probably needs to see all his charges as straight so as not to get in trouble with them and get fired, so leave him to his illusions.%0D

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 4804/09/2011

' you think dear. Lol.'

Everything you said was just invalidated by that clusterfuck, ranger. Search back into those 30 years, and see if one of the students you molested will help you with your grammar and overall thought processes.

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 4904/09/2011

[quote]I've been working with students for 30 years. %0D %0D As if they're really going to let a middle-age guy know they're gay. Times have changed since you were in high school in the last century. Today, it's a H.S./college sport that gains a lot of gay participants.

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 5004/12/2011

[quote]the wrestlers goal is to be as heavy and strong as possible, but within their weight category. this means alternatively pounding on muscle and starving themselves before weigh-ins.

A lot of the guys who wrestled also played football. The coaches for both were essentially the same. They would encourage the football players to bulk up during football season and diet down during wrestling season (except for the real heavyweight wrestlers who could just carry a lot fat all the time).

And, a number of those guys developed weight issues. For example, the quarterback, who was built like a Greek god in high school now resembles a beach ball.

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 5104/12/2011

Who, among these kids, were living with assistant coaches?

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 5205/05/2011

The fines against the wrestling and vollyball teams would have been a ten-year budget for all the sports in my high school.

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 5305/05/2011

Some of you drooling queens might choke on that spit if you actually spent time in a real wrestling locker room.%0D %0D My little brother was huge into high school wrestling at an extremely competitive school. As several people have mentioned here, you have to be as heavy as possible while staying under the weigh limit for your class. Which means binging and purging.%0D %0D I occasionally picked him up from practice (his coach was my social studies teacher and I really liked him) and it always struck me how the locker room stunk. Not like sweaty feet, but like shit. And sometimes vomit. Maybe that turns on some people, but not me.%0D %0D Some kids end up leaving wrestling with pretty serious eating disorders. One of my brother's teammates ended up hospitalized the summer after he graduated because he had so fucked up his digestive system.%0D %0D That said, one thing I've always been jealous of is my brother's ability to drop weight really quickly, even though he's in his 30s now. He typically gains 30-ish pounds in the winter and drops it by Memorial Day.

by Gay, Gay, Gay!!!reply 5405/05/2011
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