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Any SPARKS fans on DL?

Their latest album, THE SEDUCTION OF INGMAR BERGMAN is pretty awesome.

They are one of the most under-rated bands ever.

Here's COOL PLACES live w/ Jane Weidlin.

by Ron & Russellreply 1201/07/2013

No fans, OP. But the entire team posts here.

by Ron & Russellreply 103/17/2011

Sorry I thought you meant the basketball team.

by Ron & Russellreply 203/17/2011

I can't stand that little shit.

by Ron & Russellreply 303/17/2011

Oh how I love you, OP. I haven't kept up with them but I lived and died for them in my youth. I'll check it out. Have you heard neko case's cover of 'never turn your back on mother earth?'

by Ron & Russellreply 403/17/2011

Only know them because of the Siouxsie cover of their song "This Town ain't big enough for both of us".

I like "When I kiss you (I hear Charlie Parker playing)".

by Ron & Russellreply 503/17/2011

I thought the band broke up when Muriel disowned Robin.

by Ron & Russellreply 603/17/2011

Are you talking 'Number One Song In Heaven' Sparks? God I love that song.

by Ron & Russellreply 703/17/2011

I own some of their early Island recordings, "Kimono My House" was a brain-jiggling classic. I'd recommend it unreservedly, but with most people's taste being what it is, it would probably go over now Stateside about as well as it did in 1974 (Sparks was huge across the pond).%0D %0D %0D And there was also the matter of Ron Mael's resemblance to a certain chancellor elected in 1933...still, you gotta love a band that writes a song about an impatient Romeo sizing up the hereafter while he awaits Juliette.

by Ron & Russellreply 803/17/2011

Ron and Russell bump

by Ron & Russellreply 903/20/2011


by Ron & Russellreply 1009/07/2011

DangerousMinds had a four song, live concert vid from the 70's ('74 I think) yesterday. Wacky!

by Ron & Russellreply 1109/07/2011


by Ron & Russellreply 1201/07/2013
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