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Gloria Estefan and Madonna are tied!

From celebrity net %0D %0D Alison Krauss $16 million %0D %0D Jennifer Warnes $35 million %0D %0D Tracy Chapman $38 million %0D %0D Carnie Wilson $24 million %0D %0D Amy Grant $55 million %0D %0D Anita Baker $80 million %0D %0D Tori Amos $55 million %0D %0D Loretta Lynn $60 million %0D %0D Annie Lennox $45 million %0D %0D Patti Labelle $40 million %0D %0D Wynonna Judd $35 million %0D %0D Tanya Tucker $50 million %0D %0D Pat Benatar $32 million%0D %0D Donna Summer $75 million %0D %0D Olivia Newton-John $40 million %0D %0D Dionne Warwick $4 million %0D %0D Whitney Houston $80 million %0D %0D Martina McBride $38 million %0D %0D %0D Gloria Estefan $500 million %0D %0D Carole King $15 million %0D %0D Trisha Yearwood $40 million %0D %0D Cyndi Lauper $6 million %0D %0D KD Lang $15 million %0D %0D Reba McIntyre $65 million %0D %0D Marie Osmond $17 million %0D %0D Debbie Gibson $15 million %0D %0D Diana Ross $160 million (and she tours A LOT!) %0D %0D Toni Braxton $15 million %0D %0D Carly Simon $44 million %0D %0D Kylie Minogue $200 million %0D %0D Jennifer Hudson $15 million %0D %0D Norah Jones $25 million %0D %0D Brandy Norwood $60 million %0D %0D Shania Twain $350 million %0D %0D Dolly Parton $225 million %0D %0D Barbra Steisand $140 million %0D %0D LeAnn Rimes $38 million %0D %0D Avril Lavinge $45 million %0D %0D Alanis Morissette $45 million %0D %0D Stevie Nicks $65 million %0D %0D Tina Turner $90 million %0D %0D Alicia Keyes $35 million %0D %0D Sheryl Crow $40 million %0D %0D Bette Midler $175 million %0D %0D Amy Winehouse $8 million %0D %0D Carrie Underwood $35 million %0D %0D Kelly Clarkson $24 million %0D %0D Fergie $30 million %0D %0D Faith Hill $75 million %0D %0D Cher $200 million %0D %0D Pink $70 million %0D %0D Lady Gaga $110 million %0D %0D Taylor Swift $50 million %0D %0D Jessica Simpson $100 million %0D %0D Christina Aguilera $60 million %0D %0D Miley Cyrus $120 million %0D %0D Beyonce $300 million %0D %0D Britney Spears $155 million %0D %0D Jennifer Lopez $110 million %0D %0D Janet Jackson $150 million %0D %0D Mariah Carey $500 million %0D %0D Celine Dion $260 million %0D %0D Madonna $500 million%0D

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 16904/03/2015

Brandy Norwood $60 million %0D %0D %0D Whats wrong with this picture.%0D %0D

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 103/17/2011

Brandy looks like a flounder...her eyes are on the sides of her head.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 203/17/2011

i thought Anita Baker was broke?

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 303/17/2011

Anita Baker can't have $80 million. She hasn't done shit in 20 years.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 403/17/2011

oops, thinking of Toni Braxton

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 503/17/2011

How can Tracy Chapman be worth ANY million? She is the definition of OVAH.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 603/17/2011

I was about to ask the same thing about Tracy Chapman. Did she just become a songwriter? That's where the money is.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 703/17/2011

How the hell did Jessica Simpson get to $100 million?

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 803/17/2011

Chapman writes and owns all her stuff, and she probably lives simply (for a celeb) and invested most of the $$.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 903/17/2011

didn't Estefan start out wealthy?

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 1003/17/2011

Carly Simon has had well-publicized money issues.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 1103/17/2011

Hey you bitches! What about me?

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 1203/17/2011

I guess Estefan benefited from selling in both Latin American and in English-speaking countries. Damn, that is a lot of money. Aren't they co-owners of the Dolphins? Or am I thinking of La Lopez?

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 1303/17/2011

Dionne Warwick $4 million


by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 1403/17/2011

"Whitney Houston $80 million"

That may be her highest in her 25 year career but I'd bet the farm she doesn't even have 1/10 of that today.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 1503/17/2011

Cyndi Lauper is poor compared to others. Annie Lennox only $45 mil. I thought she'd have more thanks to Eurythmics. What about Kate Bush? Does she have more than Tori Amos?

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 1603/17/2011

Jennifer Warnes $35M? She never toured and only had two big duet hits that she didn't write. That one is really baffling.. how can she be worth that much?

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 1703/17/2011

Where's SJP on this list?? With all her products, endorsements and cuts on the SATC movies, she has to be well over 100 mill..

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 1803/17/2011

my bad...just realized they were all singers.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 1903/17/2011

Donna Summer 75 million? Really?

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 2003/17/2011

Kim Carnes $75 million

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 2103/17/2011

I love Jennifer Warnes, love to see her do a show. Had no idea she was this rich. Where is this person getting this shit?

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 2203/17/2011

How does Gloria Estefan have so much money? I understand her being wealthy, but in the same league as Madonna and Mariah? Sounds weird to me.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 2303/17/2011

Gloria is a real estate mogul.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 2403/17/2011

This all sounds bogus.

Fergie has $30 mill? Hah!

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 2503/17/2011

I wonder how they come up with these estimates. They have Liza at $50 million but there was a rumor around when her major domo was suing her that she was worth $250 million (his lawsuit was going for $100 million).

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 2603/17/2011

Donna Summer deserves more, she is that good.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 2703/17/2011


All information presented on is gathered from sources which are thought to be reliable, but the viewer should not assume that such information is up to date or completely accurate or final. CelebrityNetWorth does not assume responsibility for any errors in the information it presents on this site. All information on this site is based solely on public information and is subject to change without notice.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 2803/17/2011

Carole King should be worth way more. She owns the rights to all of her own songs many of which were hits for both her and cover artists. I call SHENANIGANS on these figures!

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 2903/17/2011

How much do they get every time one of their songs is played on the radio?

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 3003/17/2011

[quote]Mariah Carey $500 million

I guess I don't really have any problems of my own.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 3103/17/2011

Even with the sales of all those Scary Dolls, Marie Osmond is only worth $17 mill?

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 3203/17/2011

So Babs is worth so much less than Madonna AND Gloria Estefan? %0D %0D What hurts the most is Cyndy Lauper and Madonna started out at the same time and were sort of neck in neck for a while. Lauper was the one with the real talent and the real voice but she didn't come off as a whore and whore won out. Life is so not fair.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 3303/17/2011

The celebrity net worth website is notorious for printing bullshit. We;ve been through this at least twice before.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 3403/17/2011

Yes, the Carole King number is suspiciously low.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 3503/17/2011

Toni Braxton filed for bankruptcy (again). No way she's worth millions.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 3603/17/2011

I'm shocked that Allison Krauss is so low. I thought her career was pretty big.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 3703/17/2011

Too bad about Cyndi, that must be why she fought for that rent controlled apartment and tours all the time.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 3803/17/2011

R8, Jessica Simspon has a VERY succesful clothing line. Grossed $750 million last year.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 3903/17/2011

Jessica Simpson has that ugly clothing line that flyover fraus love.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 4003/17/2011

"Jessica Simpson $100 million"

NEW YORK magazine had a cover story on Jessica, her various, shoes, human hair clip in hair pieces etc....generate close to 1 billion.

How the money is distributed is another story, does she pay her staff, as well are the people who sew her clothes, etc out of that amount?

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 4103/17/2011

[quote]Lauper was the one with the real talent and the real voice but she didn't come off as a whore and whore won out.

Or Madonna was smart enough to not hitch herself to the WWF.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 4203/17/2011

Estefan is a married whore. Madonna's not married. Madonna has more money than that bitch will ever have if she divorces.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 4303/17/2011

I wonder if Guy Ritchie took her to the cleaners.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 4403/17/2011

There is no way Barbra is only worth 140. No. Way.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 4503/17/2011

Etheridge must be worth a buck or two.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 4603/18/2011

Celebrity net worth says $25M for Etheridge.%0D %0D $70M for Pink.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 4703/18/2011

Whoops. Pink's already on OP's list.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 4803/18/2011

NO way Anita Banker has that much. She lost most everything not that long ago. And while I don't think she's as bad off as Toni Braxton, I don't believe Baker has $80 million in assets.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 4903/18/2011

I don't think any of them got anywhere near that from their artistic work. I think that might be the list of who's been around the longest and has the best financial advisor.

And I bet a ton of them took a bath in the financial crash.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 5003/18/2011

R45- her net worth was estimated at between 100-200 million in "92 by the Wall Street Journal when she was getting so much press as a Clinton groupie. Since she has conducted 3 huge tour$ and I gather made tens of millions off CDs/DVDs and her most succe$$ful movie work to date, the lousy Fockers movies. Odd isn't it that a supporting role in schlock makes her more money than almost all her other movies combined? Then again, when she makes a bundle on something, she channels lots of it into her Foundation (charity).%0D %0D These lists are silly. No one really knows. No one can gather or know where all the assets of a person are located. Some are obvious, like personal property and or a company. But security portfolios and investment properties etc are not public record as far as I know- unless you are a public servant.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 5103/18/2011

Rebecca Black $10 million

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 5203/18/2011

Gloria and Madonna have been great friends since the 80's. Madonna even stays at Gloria's home on Star Island. Rosie also lives on Star Island.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 5303/24/2011

[quote]didn't Estefan start out wealthy?


by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 5403/24/2011

This can't have any basis in fact. There is no way on earth that Carol King is worth that little. She wrote so many songs that STILL get played on the radio. She probably makes millions and millions a year from royalties.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 5503/24/2011

From Wiki:

Gloria and Emilio Estefan own a number of business establishments, including seven Cuban-themed restaurants (Bongos Cuban Caf%C3%A9). The restaurants are located in Miami; Miami Beach, Downtown Miami, part of the American Airlines Arena; Walt Disney World%E2%80%99s Downtown Disney in Orlando; Mexico City; and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. They also own two hotels: the Costa d'Este in Vero Beach which opened in 2008,[38] and The Cardozo in Miami Beach.

Gloria Estefan was appointed to the board of directors for Univision Communications Inc. in 2007, according to Hispanic Market Weekly. The Estefans' estimated net worth as of 2011 was approximately $700 million, according to an article in People En Espanol magazine.

In June 2009, Gloria Estefan and her husband bought a "small" ownership stake in the Miami Dolphins.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 5603/24/2011

"Jennifer Warnes $35M? She never toured and only had two big duet hits that she didn't write. That one is really baffling.. how can she be worth that much?"%0D %0D She NOT worth that much. And neither are most of the others on that ridiculous list.%0D %0D Of course you all realize that NONE of the so-called "net worths" of these people are subtantiated, right? I seriously doubt that many are anywhere near what these numbers are.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 5703/25/2011

Carole King, who had one of the biggest selling albums of all time and has written God knows how many big hits is only worth 15 million, the same as Debbie Gibson? And Carnie Wilson has 24 million? And Jennifer Warnes has 35 million? And Pat Benatar has 32 million? And Tanya Tucker has 50 million?%0D %0D This list is a crock of bullshit!

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 5803/25/2011

Streisand must have the rest of her money stuffed under her mattress - she's def got more than 140.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 5903/25/2011

This is mostly BS.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 6003/25/2011

This list is total bullshit. Streisand is said to be worth north of $600 million. Her prime Malibu compound is worth around $100 million alone.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 6103/25/2011

[quote]These lists are silly. No one really knows. No one can gather or know where all the assets of a person are located. Some are obvious, like personal property and or a company. But security portfolios and investment properties etc are not public record as far as I know- unless you are a public servant.%0D %0D This.%0D %0D

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 6203/25/2011


by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 6303/25/2011

If this is true then Norah Jones is getting screwed. I find her boring but her albums have consistently sold a ton worldwide. Much more than you would think by radio play.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 6403/25/2011

Kylie is at $200 million. I adore her, and know she's huge overseas and her tours are huge but never would have guessed she was that rich, even if that site is bull.

As for Streisand, we all know her net worth is the result of Brolin money.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 6503/27/2011

[quote]Gloria and Madonna have been great friends since the 80's. Madonna even stays at Gloria's home on Star Island. Rosie also lives on Star Island.

Madonna has her own house on Star Island. Rosie stayed with her and then bought a house on her own. Madonna has probably never even said Hello to Gloria Estefan.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 6603/27/2011

r66 knows NOTHING!

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 6703/30/2011

US -

Gloria Estefan: I gave Madonna tips on getting pregnant

Singer passed on advice about being an older mum Gloria Estefan Gloria Estefan has been married to husband Emilio for 30 years

Gloria Estefan has revealed that she and Madonna share a strong maternal instinct.

The Latin singer was seriously injured in a bus crash in 1990 and feared she would be left infertile, but she went on to have daughter Emily, 13, and was happy to share her secrets to conceiving with Madge.

%E2%80%98Madonna was over to dinner and all we talked about was babies,%E2%80%99 she says. %E2%80%98My baby, the problems I%E2%80%99d had conceiving after breaking my back, the baby she wanted at 37.

'So I gave her 2 tips. One, have a pain-killing epidural injection. Two, if you want to help nature, get your legs in the air!%E2%80%99

Gloria, 50, who also has a son Nayib, 28, adds that making love with husband Emilio Estefan, 55, after suffering such traumatic injuries was difficult.

%E2%80%98The first time Emilio and I had sex after the accident was such a strange feeling,%E2%80%99 she tells the Daily Mail. %E2%80%98It all felt very alien. My body wasn%E2%80%99t my own any more.%E2%80%99

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 6803/30/2011

Sorry, typo. Headline should read, "Gloria Estefan and Madonna are tired!"

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 6903/30/2011

The figures for Norah Jones and Alicia Keys seem incredibly low. Should be double that at least.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 7003/30/2011

That does it. I'm gonna make a record and hope to make just a million from it.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 7103/31/2011

Madonna no longer has a house on Star Island. That was a billion years ago. Madonna also has no connection to Gloria Estefan anymore.

Madonna just bought a mansion in NY. She bought and sold all of her properties in Los Angles and England. Real estate has been a major player in Madonna's portfolio for 20 years now. Madonna downsized years ago during her stint as wife to Guy Ritchie. Madonna spent the majority of that marriage (8 years) in London.

Is Rosie still even near Star Island? I haven't heard about her being there in years, and she just divorced. She's going to be living the majority of the time in Chicago for her new show.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 7203/31/2011

Any idea what Joni Mitchell is worth? Is she on this list?

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 7303/31/2011

Any true Madonna fan knows she and Gloria are long time friends. No longer living on an island in FL doesn't end a friendship. In fact, Madonna showed up to support Gloria at her concert here in London two years ago. They are still friends.

Get it together r66/r72.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 7403/31/2011

I agree with R74, they may not shop at Talbots together but they are friends, by all accounts.%0D %0D Now Gloria's teenage son is now 28? Wow, I have to Google him; he was hot.%0D %0D %0D %0D

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 7503/31/2011

$300 million net worth for Beyonce?

That's $100 million for each note in her vocal range.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 7603/31/2011

Janet Jackson is only worth 150 million?

That's 150 million for each note in her vocal range.

I thought Michael owned the Beatles stuff worth half a billion at least. She didn't get anything from his will?

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 7703/31/2011

R77 I thought he left everything to his mother.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 7803/31/2011

Kim Carnes: 75 million?!

Where oh where did you get that info?

I've met her. While she does well (gorgeous contemporary home in TN high on a mountaintop), I think you may have your #s wrong.

How? If true, HOW?

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 7903/31/2011

In 1981, Carnes recorded the Jackie DeShannon and Donna Weiss song "Bette Davis Eyes". As the first single released from the album Mistaken Identity, it spent nine weeks at number one on the US singles charts and became a worldwide hit. The song's success propelled the album to No. 1 for four weeks. The single became the biggest hit of the entire year of 1981,[1] and is second only to Olivia Newton-John's "Physical" as the biggest hit of the 1980s in the USA, according to Billboard.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 8003/31/2011

Steven Kipner who wrote the lyrics to Olivia Newton John's Physical, said he made over 5 million dollars from that song.

And that was just HIS cut of it.

Also from link:

Robert John, who wrote and sang the 1979 hit "Sad Eyes", states on the liner notes of a greatest-hits collection that [italic]the song continues to earn a living for him.[/italic] He currently resides (or at least did when this particular collection came out) in Las Vegas, which is not exactly a cheap place to live.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 8103/31/2011

Apparently it's possible to make millions off of one song. Kim has a lengthy discography and multiple Grammys. I could see 75 million out of it all.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 8203/31/2011

Where is Liza?

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 8303/31/2011

I think Janet is probably worth more, but probably not more than 50-75 million more. Jimmy and Terry made a mint off of Janet's hits. Rene walked away with a lot of the money too. She also helped support the family when Michael was in debt.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 8403/31/2011

An article on my Verizon web page on Elizabeth Taylor's jewlry collection estimated it to be worth 150 million- before auction.%0D %0D These lists are silly. Streisand's home in Malibu (compound) is worth 100 million- or rather she has put at least that much into it. Do you really think she onlly has another 40 million? That was more like her 2010 income. %0D %0D Ditto all the others. The authors do not have access to financial statements, income tax returns, or deeds of ownership.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 8503/31/2011

Charline the thread shitter strikes again with his vast, vast knowledge of celebrities.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 8603/31/2011


by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 8703/31/2011

Tori Amos $55 million? I don't think so

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 8803/31/2011

More reputable sources place Streisand's fortune in the $600 million range.

Gloria Estefan's net worth has taken a big hit with the Florida real estate bust.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 8903/31/2011

[quote]Gloria Estefan's net worth has taken a big hit with the Florida real estate bust.

Maybe. I know she owned at one time half of Ocean Dr. She bought when the area was a dirt bag piece of shit.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 9003/31/2011

Taylor Swift, as much as I abhor her and her trite Hallmark lyrics and tuneless melodies, is worth a lot more than $50M. She earned more than that last year alone. %0D %0D She has a contract with Cover Girl, and a few other product deals too. (You cannot avoid her leaping across your TV screen, absurdly swathed in green chiffon.)%0D %0D She's selling in the tens of millions of downloads to the tweens of Walmart Nation, and their Christian mothers. She is unavoidable.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 9103/31/2011

Olivia Newton-John has made $20 million in real estate alone ovder the past 15 years. She walked away from Grease with $12 million in 1978 and she had a "favortie nations" clause, the bitch pulls a cool million a year from that "little" movie alone. If I know that much,(I know nothing about her personal investments), about her, then the whole list is worthy of debate.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 9206/26/2011

Most celebrities make their financial statements available to the public, don't they? I mean, if the numbers are on the internet, then they have to be correct, right?

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 9306/26/2011

[quote]What hurts the most is Cyndy Lauper and Madonna started out at the same time and were sort of neck in neck for a while. Lauper was the one with the real talent and the real voice but she didn't come off as a whore and whore won out. Life is so not fair.%0D %0D I love CyndI more than Madonna as well. But, even I can admit that Madge has/had more business savvy, and could manipulate people better, which is part of the reason for the success. Also, listen to the first few albums from each artist, and you'll see that the production values are much better on Madge's LPs. That's another reason.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 9406/26/2011

lol @ Let's Get Fiscal.%0D %0D Maybe Dionne should use some of that $4M to pay us back!

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 9506/26/2011

charlie, you're such an idiot.%0D %0D DEEDS ARE PUBLIC RECORD. Anyone can look up property values and what was paid for homes...and who owns which properties.%0D

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 9606/26/2011

I highly doubt Debbie Gibson has $15 million. In fact, I'd be suprised if she even has a few million. Just a few years ago, there was a story on a blog about her having to sell her home for only $800,000 and was selling autographed photos on her site for $20 each (don't know if she still is).%0D %0D On top of that, there's no way that Dionne Warwick has $4 million because she currently owes $2,185,901.08 in back taxes. She would be able to pay that off if she had $4 million.%0D %0D is NOT reliable.%0D %0D

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 9706/26/2011

Tori writes and owns the copyright to all her songs, that is where the money is, she also owns a large state of the art studio that she rents out to other bands, and has lots of property, she has a fanatical fanbase that will buy everything with her name on it. Plus her shows sell out.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 9806/26/2011

Anita "Hasn't Been Heard From in 20 Years" is worth $80,000,000?

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 9906/26/2011

There's a cute guy on Grindr in my city who had a profile pic of him with ONJ. He claimed they're friends...which kind of killed the attraction.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 10006/26/2011

I can't find Enya on that list. I thought she's like the richest bitch in Ireland?

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 10106/26/2011

Ah, looked Enya up myself (100 Million) and also Björk (45 Million). Impressive.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 10206/26/2011

I wonder how much Polly Harvey is worth? Along with Tori and Bjork she was one of the weird sisters of rock, Tori is worth 55million and Bjork 45million, yet I assume Polly, the most talent of the three by a long long way is worth a lot less.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 10306/26/2011

Pretty much everything on this list is wrong after you consider it for a moment. OP, shitty, shitty post.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 10406/26/2011


by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 10509/15/2011

Jennifer Warnes is not even relevant anymore. The public rarely mentions her name.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 10609/15/2011

This list is a bunch of BS! Neely O'Hara has more talent than all of these broads!

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 10709/16/2011

It may be a guess of how much they've earned, not their net worth. This is before taxes, expenses. It's just bullshit.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 10809/17/2011

Good point, r108.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 10909/17/2011


by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 11009/17/2011

Olivia Newton-John used to be (not sure if she still is) a major shareholder in Famous Amos Cookies.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 11109/17/2011


by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 11209/17/2011

Janet Jackson is worth a lot more than 150 mill. She co-owns a bank in LA with Magic Johnson, she signed two of the biggest recording contracts in history in the '90s, she's had record-breaking tours, she recently had a #1 NY Times Bestselling book, she's been in several successful films, she has a film production deal with Lionsgate, she's sold over 100 million records...

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 11309/17/2011


by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 11409/17/2011

R113, can you imagine how much more money Madonna has than Janet? Madonna has sold more albums. More most of her songs she "co-wrote" she only shares publishing with 1 other person. Janet had to share it with Jam, Lewis and Rene. Madonna was continuously played around the world in her heyday unlike Janet.

In the past decade Madonna's tours have grossed around $800 million! That doesn't include merchandising. Her next tour will put her over the billion dollar mark for concert grosses.

Do you know the concert grosses for Janet for the past decade?

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 11509/17/2011

yeah, what's with Anita Baker?

married well?

wise investments?

has she never spent a dime?

How can her net worth possibly be twice Carly "Simon and Schuster" Simon's?

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 11609/17/2011

^^LOL @ R-15. Who said anything about Madonna? I was speaking on Janet's worth, and it's definately more than 150 mill. Besides everything I mentioned before, Janet also has her own companies, Black Doll Inc. and JDJ Entertainment. Black Doll Inc. employs her staff (bodyguards, hair and make-up people, chef, etc.), while JDJ Entertainment makes all of her film/TV deals, etc. That bank she owns in LA is constant revenue. When she was with Jermaine Dupri, they began their own brand of Vodka. She even had her own line of lingerie a couple of years ago, and is making beaucoup money from the Blackglama ads she's currently the face of.

As for publishing, Janet co-writes or writes everything (with the exception of most of the tracks from "Discipline" and songs from her first two albums). Rene is only credited on songs from The Velvet Rope, and he was rewarded handsomely in the divorce settlement, so what he gets from publishing is not much in the grand scheme of things. As for Madonna, who's to say Madonna only shares publishing with one other person? Some of her tracks have multiple writers.

As for Janet's touring history:

The RHYTHM NATION TOUR visited 3 continents, sold old the Tokyo Dome faster than any artist in history and remains the most successful debut tour by any artist in history. The janet. TOUR saw even more countries and fans than the RN Tour, and lasted for close to two years. The VELVET ROPE TOUR visited 5 continents, garnered massive praise, won an Emmy award and sold out the Aloha Stadium. The ALL FOR YOU TOUR also sold out the Aloha Stadium and venues in the USA, Canada and Asia, and garnered record numbers for its HBO premiere. All in all:

The following are her gross tour equivalents based on Janets 2011 average ticket pricing and inflation:

Rhythm nation Tour $261,645,313 Janet Tour $276,986,666 Velvet Rope Tour $178,750,000 All For You Tour $126,879,310 Rock withu Tour $13,750,000

Excluding her current NUMBER ONES TOUR, Janet's tours have grossed about $315,236,000. With inflation, they have grossed about have grossed $858,011,200.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 11709/17/2011

Gloria Estefan said some nice things about us. Thanks r112.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 11809/17/2011


Anyone who posts gross receipts ADJUSTED FOR INFLATION is a sad, sad fan indeed.

Looks like there's a lot of you at the link!

There are no words. Well, almost no words.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 11909/17/2011

DAMN! She looks good!

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 12009/17/2011

LMAO at the Madonna stan @ 115 and 119!! YOU are the one who brought Madonna up in regards to Janet when, in my initial post, I was speaking on Janet and Janet only (your insecurities are pretty telling). I love Janet and Madonna both, but don't act like Janet didn't drag M through the '90s and early 2000s. Madge couldn't even get a #1 album after Like a Prayer until 2000's Music. Stay pressed.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 12109/17/2011


by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 12209/17/2011

Your Janet fantasy life has hampered your reading comprehension. Where did I mention Madonna in my post? I DIDN'T!

Just to reiterate: Posting concert grosses adjusted for inflation is beyond ridiculous.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 12309/17/2011

[R116] Anita toured like a ho for about three years in the mid-90s, and was charging $300 and above at a time where that wasn't done. She invested it, got married, got knocked up and watched her money grow since.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 12409/17/2011

$300 back then?

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 12509/17/2011

Janet Jackson is a talentless cunt. Next!?

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 12609/17/2011

119, you and the other dude are anonymous, and both threw shade at Janet, so I thought you were the same person. Anyway, you're both pressed. Have several seats, along with 126.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 12709/17/2011

Surprised Carole King is not worth more. Didn't she have one of the all time bestselling records plus writing credits?

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 12809/17/2011

"Alison Krauss $16 million "

This can't be right, she's been in the music business for many years and she constantly tours.

Not to mention, Krauss had a huge hit Grammy winning Album Of The Year with Robert Plant, which then sold more after she won the Grammy, as most Grammy winning albums usually do,

The amounts here seem to be very low.

The reports, years ago, were that Alanis Morrisette made $60 million on her first hit album, so how the hell is she now worth only $45 million?

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 12909/17/2011

R105, why did you bump this thread? The figures cited are bullshit and only fucking idiots believe them.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 13009/17/2011

Hazell Dean - £60,000

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 13109/17/2011

bump 4 r130!

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 13209/18/2011

That sounds right for Alison Krauss. Keep in mind she has to support her loser husband.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 13309/18/2011

who's her husband?

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 13409/18/2011

Barbra Streisand, Madonna, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion are easily the wealthiest women in music. No one else comes close to their net worth.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 13509/18/2011

Oddly enough shouldn't Kylie Minogue have at least twice that amount of ca$h since the bulk of her fans are overseas/

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 13609/18/2011

I wonder if Madonna would be this calm and nice on the set?

it really starts @ :32.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 13709/24/2011


by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 13809/24/2011

LOL r138.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 13909/24/2011

Cyndi HAS to be worth more than that. She's been in the business for over 30 years, toured her ass off, wrote most of her songs....there's no way she's only worth 6 million. It doesn't seem like she's lived extravagantly.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 14009/24/2011


by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 14105/18/2012

Gloria Estefan was really unusually happy about her stint on Glee for someone with so much money. I guess she just loves working. She seems like a real sweetheart too.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 14205/18/2012

She is r142.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 14305/18/2012

That site is bullshit.

Why do people keep falling for that crap?

For UK folks, look at the Times Rich List

For US folks, Forbes publishes a good list

The rest is nonsense.

How gullible are you?

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 14405/18/2012

Bono goes to the top of the list. He bought $90M of Facebook in 2009. Today's it's worth about $1.5 billion!

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 14505/18/2012

Oh, I also wipe back to front.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 14605/18/2012

You have to take into consideration also, that those artists who write their own music are going to be worth more. Also, those who produce, have been in film, and have other businesses and interest in business and/or property are going to have more money than those who do not. Having great attorneys and accountants doesn't hurt.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 14705/31/2012

This list is pretty silly when you consider that since it was posted, Elizabeth Taylor died and her fortune was estimated to me between 600 million and 1 billion.

Streisand's compound in Malibu is alone worth 30 million. Somehow I think her net worth is more than 140 million.

And we also know that Whitney was not worth 80 million... in fact she was selling off real estate to raise cash at the time of her death.

Silly stuff.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 14805/31/2012

Barbra Streisand – Net Worth $340 Million (USD)

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 14907/15/2012

So someone has gotten into their bank accounts and counted all their money? Don't fall for this bullshit list, folks.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 15007/15/2012

celebrity net worth is fake as shit

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 15108/14/2012

Unbelievable. This truly is the end of the world.

Shania Twain has more money than Barbra Streisand. As does Beyonce.

Some real no-talents on this list. I hate the world.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 15208/14/2012

Nobody has more money than Streisand. She has a mall under her house!

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 15308/14/2012

R145 I'm sure he's loving that decision now haha

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 15411/19/2012

R150, you aren't aware that these celebrities file tax returns, like everyone else?

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 15511/19/2012

But Carnie Wilson just filed for bancruptcy 4 years ago and lost her house.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 15611/19/2012

ANYONE who shows up on "Celebrity Apprentice" (Dionne Ganja Warwick, Debbie Gibson, etc.) are there because they have already filed bancruptcy, owe the tax man millions, or are about to lose their house. Those folks are broke.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 15711/19/2012

lol R157

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 15811/20/2012


by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 15912/06/2012

Jennifer Warnes? Where has she been? Back in the 80's she had an album that never left my turntable. Yes turntable

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 16012/06/2012

I'm sorry, but there is no way Tracy Chapman, who had only one hit record some 20 plus years ago has almost as much as Anne Lennox, who has had numerous hits and a much much longer career.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 16112/06/2012


by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 16209/23/2014

is gloria's husband ridiculously rich?

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 16309/23/2014

i was surprised norah jones isnt worth more. her albums sold huge.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 16409/23/2014

Gloria made excellent real estate investments in South Beach, Miami.

Jessica Simpson's money is mostly from smart licensing deals with her mass market clothing lines.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 16509/23/2014

r165 that's was I thought about both.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 16609/23/2014

This list is BS.

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 16709/23/2014

What does Jane jacket think?

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 16804/03/2015

Dolly Parton is worth well over 225 million. That bitch owns Dollywood !!!

by Poor Dionne Warwickreply 16904/03/2015
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