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Emmy winner,KIM ZIMMER in Kander and Ebb''s musical CURTAINS!

Houstin's Theatre Under the Stars. Rehearsal footage. Kim is playing the theatrical producer, Carmen Bernstein. Robert Newman plays Det. Colfi, the role originated on B'way by David Hyde Pearce.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 10411/17/2013

She is taking Debra Monk's part. Why would they think of Kim for Deb's part?

The two look nothing alike?

by Jessica Cranshawreply 103/17/2011

Adorable David Elder as Bobby Pepper!

by Jessica Cranshawreply 203/17/2011

It's an awful show. A real slog.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 303/17/2011

Kim Zimmer is a soap actor.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 403/17/2011

[quote] She is taking Debra Monk's part. Why would they think of Kim for Deb's part? The two look nothing alike.

Are you kidding? They have the exact same body silhouette.... BLIMP.

I guess this means she's done in Llanview, along with Chuckles.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 503/17/2011

WOW - Robert Newman's pitch problems are quite severe, aren't they?

Now where's the youtube of Ron Raines with Bernadette in FOLLIES in DC?

by Jessica Cranshawreply 603/17/2011

David Elder is HOT. Who's got dish on him?

by Jessica Cranshawreply 703/17/2011

I want to smack that fucking choreographer. SHUT THE FUCK UP BITCH. That is so disrespectful, shouting that nonsense at them while they're also singing and (presumably) acting. Reinforces my belief that dancers should never, ever become directors.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 803/17/2011

R5- It's only a two or three week run. She'll be back in Llanview soon enough.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 903/18/2011

Met David last summer when he did CRAZY FOR YOU at Music Theatre of Wichita- a delightful man and wonderful performer. I hope he comes back this summer.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 1003/18/2011

I saw Kim Zimmer, Linda Dano and Eileen Fulton in a production of VANITIES at the What Did I Do to Deserve This Theatre in Purgatory, IL a couple years ago. It was worse than it sounds.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 1103/18/2011

Isn't this a co-pro with Paper Mill? So it'll be coming our way soon! And I think they're using the Broadway sets and costumes.%0D %0D Which one is David Elder? The lead dancer?

by Jessica Cranshawreply 1203/18/2011

Robert Newman is a sweetheart but god love him, this is not a part for him, Can't sing and can't dance.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 1303/18/2011

When did Kim Zimmer turn into a cube frau?

by Jessica Cranshawreply 1403/18/2011

Is Newman gay?

by Jessica Cranshawreply 1503/18/2011

Yes R12-- the dark haired chap in the front who does the handstand. He is playing the role of Buddy the lead dancer. He replaced Noah Racy in the Broadway production.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 1603/18/2011

David Elder photo%0D He was in TITANIC and 42nd STREET (revival) on Broadway.%0D He was in the WHITE CHRISTMAS tour winter 2009 with Lorna Luft.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 1703/18/2011

Boycott Reva Shayne.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 1803/18/2011

That PIG!!!!!!!!!

by Jessica Cranshawreply 1904/07/2011

Love Kim... Hate Curtains

by Jessica Cranshawreply 2004/07/2011

Kim was great. David Elder was a dream. Robert Newman was AWFUL! He's no David Hyde Pierce. He's no comedian.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 2104/14/2011

Now that OLTL is canceled, how nice that Kim has her regional theater career to fall back on.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 2204/14/2011

So what's Kim going to do now? Maybe she could play the title role in a revival of Titanic on Broadway?

by Jessica Cranshawreply 2304/17/2011

[quote] Houstin's Theatre Under the Stars

Oh, dear.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 2404/17/2011

Yes Oh dear! troll, OP here. I made a mistake. And I was in Houston last week and saw the show. But I did botch the spellin'%0D ;) LOL

by Jessica Cranshawreply 2504/17/2011

Anybody buying Kim Zimmer's new book?

by Jessica Cranshawreply 2606/16/2011

Not me!

by Jessica Cranshawreply 2706/16/2011

There won't be any curtains left by the time that over-the-top hag chews them all.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 2806/16/2011

Is she still fat?

by Jessica Cranshawreply 2906/21/2011

Is "Curtains" an ode to Kim's career?

by Jessica Cranshawreply 3006/21/2011

Has anyone read her new memoir?

by Jessica Cranshawreply 3109/16/2011

R31%0D %0D She chews Ellen Wheeler up. Blistering comments.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 3209/16/2011

[R31] Oh yes and it was FAB.

She talks (without naming names) about Beth Ehlers, who played Harley, and about how she fucked all her coworkers.

She incinerates Ellen Wheeler as a bobbleheaded yes-bitch who drove the show into the ground.

Best line is when she talked about how Reva somehow got all the men on the show: "Reva's got a golden pussy!"

by Jessica Cranshawreply 3309/16/2011

Is the book worthy buying retail?

by Jessica Cranshawreply 3409/16/2011

More like BEEF curtains!%0D %0D Heil Hitler!

by Jessica Cranshawreply 3509/16/2011

Of course she has convenient amnesia about how horrible a bitch she was to Cunthia Watros or Crystal Chappell.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 3609/16/2011

She doesn't spill about my indiscretions, does she?

by Jessica Cranshawreply 3709/17/2011

[quote] Of course she has convenient amnesia about how horrible a bitch she was to Cunthia Watros or Crystal Chappell.

She actually wrote nice things about about Crystal and Cynthia.

Her real feud was with Michelle Forbes. Now I would love to know the real story about that relationship!

by Jessica Cranshawreply 3809/17/2011

[R38] I know, that was my point. She wrote nice things, but she had vicious rivalries with them.

Particularly Cynthia. I think at the end of the day Kim made up with both of them, but Kim is just intensely competitive and jealous of anyone who steals her spotlight.

It got pretty bad with Cynthia (their purse fight). She tried that shit with Crystal but Crystal is an even bigger and more ferocious bitch than Kim and she shut Kim down. (Crystal was the "snake in the grass" when Grant Aleksander got fired - she was a big part of that whole controversy.)

You are right, [R38] - the real nasty rivalry was with Michelle Forbes, and that never got resolved. According to Zimmer, Forbes is batshit crazy.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 3909/17/2011

I'd like to have Grant Aleksander's snake in my (gr)ass.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 4009/17/2011

He's got a big snake, too!

by Jessica Cranshawreply 4109/17/2011

[quote] Crystal is an even bigger and more ferocious bitch

If anyone can take on Deidre Hall, after Zimmer she would be a piece of cake.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 4209/17/2011

Speaking of Dee Hall....

Here she is....without her magic amber light overhead. Love the bags under your eyes, Miz Hall!

by Jessica Cranshawreply 4309/17/2011

No, r15 - he is not. %0D %0D But is one of those annoying Born-Again Christians.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 4409/17/2011

r39 - what do you mean CC was the "snake in the grass" re: GA's firing?

by Jessica Cranshawreply 4509/17/2011

Yeah, r39-- we want deets!

by Jessica Cranshawreply 4609/17/2011

This is absolutely the best scene between Kim Zimmer & Michele Forbes as they struggle on a rope bridge in the jungle.

Poor quality, but the scene is great

by Jessica Cranshawreply 4709/17/2011

[R45] and [R46] She was buddy buddy with Ellen Wheeler, and EW either wanted to get rid of Grant or, as I suspect, had pressure from higherups to fire him. He was expensive and also, he was an actor who would question their bad choices. (I loved him for caring.)

Anyway, there was some big hubbub over the story where Harley masqueraded as "Ruth" to spy on Philip and stories were planted in the press about shit Grant supposedly pulled backstage. Most of it was BS but apparently the damage was done.

I heard directly from friends who worked there in hair & makeup that Crystal was the troublemaker there. She and Grant had a nasty falling out and she helped Ellen work the rumors until it gave Wheeler "reason" to fire Grant.

But it was obvious to anyone who could read the soap mags. When Grant was fired, Beth Ehlers (Harley), Beth Chamberlin (Beth) and Liz Keifer (Blake) all said wonderful things in his defense. Only one female GL costar of Grant's still on the canvas at that time stayed silent....hmmm...wonder who. LOL

by Jessica Cranshawreply 4809/17/2011


by Jessica Cranshawreply 4909/17/2011

Cynthia Watros as Annie Dutton - queen of psychosis!

by Jessica Cranshawreply 5001/30/2012

More Watros:

by Jessica Cranshawreply 5101/30/2012


Which episodes did Watros submit that won her the Emmy ?

by Jessica Cranshawreply 5201/30/2012

I believe the court scenes and the ones where she had a breakdown at Cross Creek:

by Jessica Cranshawreply 5301/30/2012

Binging on pills and booze, smashing up Josh and Reva's love nest - both tragic and hilarious!

by Jessica Cranshawreply 5401/30/2012

LOL. When sitcom means high tragedy:

by Jessica Cranshawreply 5501/30/2012

R48, I find it hard to believe that either actor in the follow scene could have a problem with the other.

I'm not saying I don't believe it; I just find it bizarre that actors would try to get each other fired.

If I were an ep and an actor tried to get another one fired (particularly a really good one like GA), I'd tell that actor: we understand you can't work with him.

"We'll miss you."

by Jessica Cranshawreply 5601/30/2012

R54 that scene won her the Emmy

by Jessica Cranshawreply 5701/30/2012

wasn't it the witness stand scene that won her the Emmy, too?

I have to say I thought for the most part Watros was too over the top ("REVAH!REEE-VAAAH! REEEE_BAAHHHH!!!")

But she nailed the courtroom testifying scene; Jerry verDorn was brilliant, too, as always.

I would have liked to have read some Sonni/Reva dish in Zimmer's book.

Pam Long told one of the soap mags when GL was going off the air that she knew that Sonni's story was working "when Zimmer got jealous!"

by Jessica Cranshawreply 5801/30/2012

They submit two episodes for consideration. One of them was when Annie got drunk and tore up the cabin

by Jessica Cranshawreply 5901/30/2012

What's the real story behind her pulling her son off ATWT just before they were about to launch the gay storyline? Is she homophobic?

by Jessica Cranshawreply 6001/30/2012

I don't think she's homophobic; her kid was too young to handle such a heavy storyline.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 6101/30/2012

Didn't Kim famously wish she'd been included with the Otalia thing?

by Jessica Cranshawreply 6201/31/2012

I find that hard to picture.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 6301/31/2012

Hysterical fun:

by Jessica Cranshawreply 6401/31/2012

[R56] CC and Grant got along in the beginning - and God knows their characters worked well together, at that time.

Something happened at some point, though.

[R62] Kim wants to be included in any storyline that isn't currently about Kim.

It's a double edged sword, though. At GL, If they wrote for Kim she complained she's overworked or that she hated her story. If they didn't write for her she complained they aren't writing for her. If she's doing too much she complained that fans will hate her for The Reva Shayne show, if she wasn't she complained she's the star of GL….blah, blah, blah.

(and I had to go back and change my words…I was writing that as if the show was still on. sadly it's not)

by Jessica Cranshawreply 6501/31/2012

The thing about Kim is - she seems like the sweetest, most wacky and yet fundamentally spontaneous actress and yet when they brought Reva back in the mid-90s, they made her into this kind of conservative romantic heroine/grande dame that totally warped Kim's persona with the fans. She was not playing to her natural ability which as a Reva that was outcast and on the fringes, the Reva that Alex, India and the like enjoyed slagging off on a regular basis.

I think had Kim been playing the 80s Reva - her screen overtime would have digested better with those of us who cared about the show as an ensemble piece.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 6601/31/2012

[quote] India

Gah. I LOVED that character.

Hell….I ***was*** that character! LOL

by Jessica Cranshawreply 6701/31/2012

R66, excellent analysis.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 6801/31/2012

[R68] Wow, a long time viewer. I started in the Marland era and rode it till the end.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 6901/31/2012

I miss GL and AW more than any soap.

I even ordered the new GL boxed set. They plan to release an AW box set next.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 7001/31/2012

[quote]You are right, [R38] - the real nasty rivalry was with Michelle Forbes, and that never got resolved. According to Zimmer, Forbes is batshit crazy.

Would love to hear what else you know. Forbes was really, really young. I can't imagine why a woman in her mid-30s would create this rivalry with a 20-year old.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 7101/31/2012

From what I remember [R71], that storyline got very negative and I think at some point Forbes just really let her frustrations with Zimmer fester and spilled out all that negativity in the character - which scared the fuck out of Kim.

The shame of Zimmer's book is that she didn't talk about that or the Cynthia Watros feud.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 7201/31/2012

Remember this tribute?

by Jessica Cranshawreply 7302/02/2012

I managed to have a listen to a taped interview KZ did for Soap Opera Digest c 1988 and she relentlessly trashed her female castmates. She specifically singled out Beth Ehlers, who hadn't been there for more than 6 months. She said "That girl really needs to calm down." I remember thinking pot, kettle, black.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 7402/02/2012


Jack Wagner off Bold and Beautiful

by Jessica Cranshawreply 7502/02/2012

Figured that jacks days were numbered

by Jessica Cranshawreply 7602/02/2012

Didn't Lesley Anne-Down and Brandon Beemer also get canned last week?

by Jessica Cranshawreply 7702/02/2012

Yeah, B&B sucks ass. It's all about the Forresters and it's just ludicrous. That better soaps were cancelled for that drivel is amazing.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 7802/05/2012

It's rather extraordinary how B&B has played out the same storylines for 25 years with just a key group of characters.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 7902/06/2012

I think that speaks to knowing your audience wants familiar faces (sets, too, that Forrester living room hasn't changed.)

I tuned into the last few months of GL and barely recognized anyone.

If they'd kept familiar favorites like Ed, Vanessa, Holly, the show might not have tanked in viewers and been forced off the air.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 8002/06/2012

I would be happy to see B&B with those same folks if all of them were great or even proficient actors.

But Ronn Moss is horrible, as is Hunter Tylo. Susan Flannery is divine, but she can't be on all 18 minutes.

I agree [R80] that GL changed too much and tried to make changes back too little too late.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 8102/07/2012

Meanwhile…Kim's son (Jake Weary) in his new music video.

Dare I say it? He sounds kinda not so bad bordering on good. Catchy song.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 8202/07/2012

Where is Houstin? Suburban Houston?

Debra Monk did not get the role because she looks like a fatter, older Anita Gilette. She got the role because she sucked up to Fred Ebb for so long that even after his death she seemed to deserve it.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 8302/07/2012

I'm tempted to write in the comments 'Annie Dutton disliked this 4 times' but I don't want to be mean.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 8402/07/2012

I think KZ should be brought on B&B as Sally Spectra's sister Sabel.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 8502/07/2012

Hmm you may be on to something r85. That could work.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 8602/07/2012

Flannery would never stand for it.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 8702/07/2012

I don't think it would be disrespectful to Darlene Conley. To me it would be a bit of an homage. Or are you saying Flannery would simply object to Kim Zimmer?

by Jessica Cranshawreply 8802/07/2012

[quote] If they'd kept familiar favorites like Ed, Vanessa, Holly, the show might not have tanked in viewers and been forced off the air.

Sorry no. My show focused consistently on the veterans (40 years on daytime!) and still got canned.

It's all about the economics. Soaps are just too expensive (so they tell me).

by Jessica Cranshawreply 8902/07/2012

[R88] To quote Helen Lawson: The only star of a Susan Flannery show is Susan Flannery!

by Jessica Cranshawreply 9002/08/2012

Imagine the rivalry that Dee Dee Halls would start if Zimmer were cast on Days.

Lots of fur would be flying.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 9102/08/2012

It would have to be fur. Dee Dee couldn't be muff diving on Kim. Kim loves cock and Dee Dee would have to lift up Kim's massive gunt to even find her vageene.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 9202/08/2012

r89 - Viki you cunt, what the fuck do you call the Ford Brothers??

by Jessica Cranshawreply 9302/08/2012

R89, actually outside of Viki, Bo and Dorian there were few actors from the '80s still on the show.

OLTL was climbing in the ratings the last year; if the ABC execs were interested in working hard they could have found a viable economic business model.

I'd take actors reading monologues in front of a black cloth drop over the chew and the revolution.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 9402/08/2012

Kim will never have a chance to become Ruth Warrick. Is that a good or bad thing?

by Jessica Cranshawreply 9502/09/2012

Now that GH is bringing back Heather Webber, they could cast Zimmer as Diana Taylor.

Think of all the scenery Zimmer could chew while explaining that she really didn't die after all.

Alternately, since Rachel Ames has retired, the could cast Zimmer as Audrey Hardy.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 9602/09/2012

[R95] Ruthie was Reva Shayne in her private life, honey. She was fuckin' em left and right.

Kim may not wear the furs and the airs - she's really a middle class frau with a slightly wild streak - far more tame than Reva!

by Jessica Cranshawreply 9702/09/2012

And a new Reva video.

Cue Kim complaining she isn't getting a cut of the profits in 5…4…3...

by Jessica Cranshawreply 9802/10/2012


They did the story of Reva without including the Slut of Springfield episode ??


by Jessica Cranshawreply 9902/10/2012

[R99] Not sure what you're talking about. The set has 5 episodes and the Slut of Springfield is one of them.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 10002/10/2012

r99 The Slut of Springfield episode is not only included in the special Reva DVD, but it's also on the 20-episode GL DVD collection.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 10102/10/2012

what is this about Robert Newman and his indiscretions?

Really??? He doesn't seem the type.

by Jessica Cranshawreply 10203/22/2013

Barbara Bush and George Sr posing for pics with Zimmer backstage? Are they GL fans?

by Jessica Cranshawreply 10306/01/2013

Watros is on Y&R now! Now we just need Zimmer to join and it'll be like old times!

by Jessica Cranshawreply 10411/17/2013
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