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Boys in shorts!

Thank you Vernal Equinox.

by NYCreply 2411/26/2012

Yesssss! I've been thanking the good Lord.

by NYCreply 103/16/2011

Anyone spotted any hot dudes going commando yet? Love a nice pair of hairy balls making an appearance on the subway!

by NYCreply 203/16/2011

My favorite sign of spring.

by NYCreply 303/16/2011

Ever since I was a little boy I've been obsessed with mens legs. Nothing has changed.

by NYCreply 403/16/2011

Oh, I don't know, R4.

Indoor plumbing and electricity came in.

by NYCreply 503/16/2011

R5, I wish you knew how ironic your post is.

by NYCreply 603/16/2011

Tomorrow it's going to be 68 in NYC, boys! Yippee!

by NYCreply 703/17/2011

This thread should really be titled "The Pathos of the Caftan in Spring".

by NYCreply 803/17/2011

It was 84 at the beach today.

by NYCreply 903/18/2011

I was 84 at the beach yesterday. Ah, the good old days.

by NYCreply 1003/18/2011

Oh, man. It was heaven in New York today. Not only did Columbia boys come to the 5:30 Mass in shorts already, but on the subway I saw up my first pair of shorts for the season!

by NYCreply 1104/03/2011

I've been looking forward to spring in New York, but that is nothing compared to where I am today: Georgetown U.

The temp's in the eighties and there are fabulously cute guys half-naked all over the place.

by NYCreply 1204/25/2011 forgot to mention the most important detail of all:%0D %0D BOYS IN FLIP-FLOPS!!!!

by NYCreply 1304/25/2011

You NYC dwellers are hard up!

by NYCreply 1404/25/2011

A older dude I know is an administrator at Brown University. He once called JFK Jr. into his office for some school business. John John showed up in shorts and I guess he liked going commando. My acquaintance got an eyefull of Kennedy cojones dangling out when he sat down.

by NYCreply 1504/25/2011

How are we "hard up," R14? I'll put up our men against your any day?

And did I mention the shorts (and flip flops) that New York men are all wearing, having been in their hot jeans and suits all winter?

by NYCreply 1606/07/2012

A summer in NYC must be the most withering experience ever...and then most gays are paying $3000/month to live in a "refurbished" phone booth and working 4 jobs in addition to going to every Broadway audition they can fit in or living with 12 other people just to say they "live in NYC". Hey boys..come to Palm Springs..the gayest, most fun city in America where the boys wear shorts and go commando all year "waiting for Spring" out here darlings. And, you can have a cool apartment for like $800/month.

by NYCreply 1706/07/2012

Yes, well I get to see guys in three branches of the military jogging without shirts, and with great frequency.

There are some small perks to living here.

by NYCreply 1806/07/2012

Rapey thread. That woman's cunt lips showed when she crossed her legs, so I took a photo of it and posted on a public board.

by NYCreply 1906/07/2012

Shorter shorts plus muscle slut shirts make my day!

by NYCreply 2006/07/2012

Thursday evenings check the bois in shorts on the High Line for a festive time.

by NYCreply 2106/07/2012

R17, your uninformed view of life in New York is sad. But, if it makes you feel better ...

And why on earth would any New Yorker want to live in "Palm Springs," which is just another word for "artificially watered place in the desert" -- and desert in every intellectual and cultural sense as well.

Yes, yes, R20! And thank goodness the fashion is going back to shorter shorts! More men's legs!

by NYCreply 2206/07/2012

The winter edition

by NYCreply 2311/26/2012

R23, you like frozen balls?

by NYCreply 2411/26/2012
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