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The most depressing f*cking shithole in the continental U.S.

Where is it?

by Damron Fodorreply 57606/06/2015

Somewhere I haven't been.

by Damron Fodorreply 103/12/2011

There are too many candidates R23, you have to be more specific about what you consider depressing.

by Damron Fodorreply 203/12/2011

Any high school.

by Damron Fodorreply 303/12/2011

I've heard Youngstown, Oho is pretty bad but I haven't been. I'm in the Northwest and would say Aberdeen, WA, is one of the most depressing places in this region. Kurt Cobain's hometown which explains a lot about his music and suicidal tendencies.

by Damron Fodorreply 403/12/2011

R4, he was murdered.

by Damron Fodorreply 503/12/2011

Detroit. Period. No other major metropolitan city has ever reverted to farmland till Detroit.

by Damron Fodorreply 603/12/2011


by Damron Fodorreply 703/12/2011

R6 wins, it's a wasteland.

by Damron Fodorreply 803/12/2011

Galveston, TX

by Damron Fodorreply 903/12/2011

St. Louis is pretty grim. New Orleans, beyond the surface party sheen, is a filthy shithole. But McComb, Mississippi is probably the most depressing place I've ever spent time in. The mall was like the one from "Roseanne" - WalMart is the anchor store. There's just nothing there and no reason not to run far away.

by Damron Fodorreply 1003/12/2011

What's the situation in St. Louis?

by Damron Fodorreply 1103/12/2011


by Damron Fodorreply 1203/12/2011

St. Joseph, Missouri. Dirty, decaying, empty, and full of the dumbest people I've ever seen. It's known for one thing and one thing only--Jesse James' House. We drove around for 20 minutes and must have asked a dozen people for directions to it, and not one damned person knew what we were talking about.

by Damron Fodorreply 1303/12/2011


by Damron Fodorreply 1403/12/2011

Definitely St. Louis. The city has lost more than 2/3 of its population since 1950, it has the highest crime rate of any city in the country, the downtown area has 35% of its office space vacant, the entire metroplitan area continues to hemmorage jobs, the airport is under-utilized and half empty, and the inner ring suburbs that surround the city are quickly turning into crime ridden slums (Jennings, Wellston, Pine Lawn, Moline Acres, just to name a few). %0D %0D Yet the clueless people and the area's "leadership" think everything is just great the way it is and keep telling themselves they're better off than Detroit or Cleveland.

by Damron Fodorreply 1503/12/2011

I'm from rural Oklahoma originally. It could definitely be a contender.

by Damron Fodorreply 1603/12/2011

I've been to St Louis, Youngstown, and Galveston before. Of those three, Youngstown is the worst, with Galveston a close second. But there are certainly worse shit-holes in this country.%0D %0D

by Damron Fodorreply 1703/12/2011

This again? Okay, New York.

by Damron Fodorreply 1803/12/2011

Galveston has a beach - Detroit gets my vote.

by Damron Fodorreply 1903/12/2011


by Damron Fodorreply 2003/12/2011


by Damron Fodorreply 2103/12/2011

Stockton California

by Damron Fodorreply 2203/12/2011

Bridgeport, Connecticut.

by Damron Fodorreply 2303/12/2011

Galveston's beach:

by Damron Fodorreply 2403/12/2011

Barstow, CA

by Damron Fodorreply 2503/12/2011


by Damron Fodorreply 2603/12/2011

Crystal Beach is on the mainland, not Galveston Island.

by Damron Fodorreply 2703/12/2011

Agree about Bridgeport, Connecticut. It's almost like you're in the third world. Many CT residents do not get off I-95 in Bridgeport for any reason whatsoever. If your tank is on empty, you're about to shit your pants, etc. you just white-knuckle it till you cross into Fairfield. Sections of New Haven and Hartford are just as bad. %0D %0D Years ago, I got lost in Newark, New Jersey at 1:00 in the morning looking for the airport. Jesus Christ what a fucking shithole that place is.

by Damron Fodorreply 2803/12/2011

Isn't Bridgeport, CT where Ricky and Lucy moved to?

by Damron Fodorreply 2903/12/2011

Indeed r29.

by Damron Fodorreply 3003/12/2011

Ever hear of Imperial County, California? It's located in the far southeast corner of the state, brushing up against Arizona and Mexico. It's in the middle of a god-forsaken desert where the temperature often exceeds 120 degrees during the summer. The country's most polluted river, the New River, runs through it, carrying untreated sewage from Mexicali, Mexico, to the Salton Sea. Currently, the county holds an unemployment rate of 25.1%.

The county is home to some of the absolute shittiest cities and people; but an unincorporated area called Slab City, or just "The Slabs," takes the cake. The dictionary definition of dreary...

by Damron Fodorreply 3103/12/2011

Detroit, no doubt.

by Damron Fodorreply 3203/12/2011

Another vote for Youngstown, OH. Depressing and symbolic.

by Damron Fodorreply 3303/12/2011

my bedroom?

by Damron Fodorreply 3403/12/2011

R22 you are wrong!

by Damron Fodorreply 3503/12/2011

If you think Detroit is bad you should drive north and check out Flint.

by Damron Fodorreply 3603/12/2011

Wow! That is hard to decide. There are so many god candidates!

by Damron Fodorreply 3703/12/2011


by Damron Fodorreply 3803/12/2011

The state of Michigan is pretty much a mess. The remaining people aren't very nice, but that is understandable. I wouldn't call it a shithole, but I would say it comes pretty damn close.

by Damron Fodorreply 3903/12/2011

Apache Junction AZ

by Damron Fodorreply 4003/12/2011

R39 That's a very broad brush with which you are painting. There are many good and nice people in Michigan. Many of them have fallen on very hard times. And yes, there are some real shithole towns. Let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

by Damron Fodorreply 4103/12/2011

I'll second Flint and add Pontiac.%0D %0D Detroit is just a tragedy, but Flint and Pontiac have always been shitholes.

by Damron Fodorreply 4203/12/2011


by Damron Fodorreply 4303/12/2011

Tie: Hazleton, Pa & Centralia, Pa

by Damron Fodorreply 4403/12/2011

Arlington, Texas

by Damron Fodorreply 4503/12/2011

Southwest DC

by Damron Fodorreply 4603/12/2011

I stopped to see Old Shawneetown, Illinois, the one the flood people refuse to insure since there is no levee. The first bank in Illinois is there, a place that gave money to establish Chicago. It is across the street from crumbling brick buildings. One of them, with the bricks mostly missing from the second floor, had an operating bar. The streets were worn down to nineteenth century brick paving. And when I stopped in front of the bank to read the plaque my car was surrounded by feral dogs who would not let me move forward or back for a good ten minutes.

by Damron Fodorreply 4703/12/2011

Bakersfield, Ca. is stiflingly hot and the people are miserable.

As far as shitholes go, I'd vote for Fort Stockton, Texas, which only exists as the only place within hundreds of miles to pull over and sleep when you're driving across hellblasted West Texas. It's truly Hades on earth.

When my partner and I stopped there, we stopped at a Godforsaken motel where the clerk wore a bolo with a turquoise crucifix. The only place open on a Sunday at 7 pm was Pizza Hut ('and you better hurry, 'cause it closes at 9"). Bars? They didn't have any, at least none that would dare open on a Sunday. When we got back to the motel, she glowered at us and told my partner "Here's the keys for you AND YOUR BROTHER."

We backed the car in to the cinderblock motel so no one could get in to the trunk. Every station on the TV was showing either home shopping or televangelists. I'm from a small town and can still be charmed by them; this was a place that would have driven any rational person to suicide within a week.

by Damron Fodorreply 4903/13/2011

Benton Harbor should be added to the Michigan cities list.

In fact, no matter what the locals say, pretty much all of Berrien County is depressing. Not one Starbucks in the whole county.

by Damron Fodorreply 5003/13/2011

Not one Starbucks, you say? That actually sounds... nice.

by Damron Fodorreply 5103/13/2011

[quote]It's known for one thing and one thing only--Jesse James' House. We drove around for 20 minutes and must have asked a dozen people for directions to it, and not one damned person knew what we were talking about.%0D %0D %0D Don't believe it for a minute. You just know they all said among themselves afterwards 'Hey who sent those two dykes looking for Jesse's house off on a wild goose in the wrong direction! Ha!' %0D %0D They're stupid in the right direction are local yokels.

by Damron Fodorreply 5203/13/2011

Where are you right now, OP?

by Damron Fodorreply 5303/13/2011

Cairo, Illinois is a nearly abandoned, depressing town on the Mississsippi River. ou always read about it on some urban planning forum.

by Damron Fodorreply 5403/13/2011

Some parts of Michigan are still beautiful.%0D Ithas many top notched universities.

by Damron Fodorreply 5503/13/2011

Kemmerer, Wyoming. Dismal.

by Damron Fodorreply 5603/13/2011

Gary, Indiana.%0D I really think that some decay can been seen as beautiful.%0D I am inclined to believe those dreary border towns lacking any green are the most depressing.

by Damron Fodorreply 5703/13/2011

Marmet, WV

by Damron Fodorreply 5803/13/2011

Every Northern shit hole decaying city.

by Damron Fodorreply 5903/13/2011

r31, I had a great time at Slab City. Wouldn't necessarily want to live there, but the old timers took us in like family, protected us from even perceived harm, housed and fed us. And the parties are ridiculous.

by Damron Fodorreply 6003/13/2011

Fort Worth, TX

by Damron Fodorreply 6103/13/2011

Somewhere near Dick Cheney's testes.

by Damron Fodorreply 6203/13/2011

r61 has obviously never been to Fort Worth.

by Damron Fodorreply 6303/13/2011

Maywood, IL

by Damron Fodorreply 6403/13/2011

oh, honey. its so transparent. All this thread is is just one more insecure uneducated 20something from somewhere in the north trying to compensate for his own small world or lack of top-rate education or legitimate world travel by beginning a thread to bash places in the south and midwest so he can continue to live in his grandiose vision that he is worldly as he day dreams between fixing double decaf latte's on his second barista shift at some Starbucks in Trenton or New Brunswick.

by Damron Fodorreply 6503/13/2011

r29, the Ricardos lived Westport, not Bridgeport.

by Damron Fodorreply 6603/13/2011

R25 is correct: Barstow, CA. Scary and toxic-sludge adjacent.

by Damron Fodorreply 6703/13/2011

The governor of Wisconsin

by Damron Fodorreply 6803/13/2011

#65, me-OW. We can't all go to Harvard. Now pull your caftan out of your crack; I know it's starting to get real hot down there in Fla.

by Damron Fodorreply 6903/13/2011

R61 lived in Fort Worth for 16 years.

by Damron Fodorreply 7003/13/2011

r61 - then you must know that FW has a great downtown area and a lot of cultural events. Bass Hall is pretty amazing,Sundance Square, etc. I don't even think it qualifies as depressing much less a shithole. Yes, it has a few dreary neighborhoods but what city doesn't?

by Damron Fodorreply 7103/13/2011

Hello, Thread. Worcester MA here. I own this one. Move over, bitches.

by Damron Fodorreply 7203/13/2011

I've spent time in most of the big Midwestern cities. Detroit was awful the last time I was there (2002) and I can only imagine how much worse it is now. St. Louis is nearly as bad.%0D %0D I don't know much about the south beyond Texas. I've lived for weeks at a time in several different cities in Texas and they were all terrible. Not falling apart terrible, but hot and filled with loud, obnoxious assholes. Everyone said Austin was different, but it really isn't. It's just full of loud, obnxious asshole hipsters.

by Damron Fodorreply 7303/13/2011

Worcester ain't that bad. It has several great colleges, Lake Quinsigamond, proximity to Boston and leafy suburbs. There are far worse places. %0D %0D

by Damron Fodorreply 7403/13/2011

San Jose

by Damron Fodorreply 7503/13/2011

In that case don't bother giving me the directions

by Damron Fodorreply 7603/13/2011

Belle Glade FL Do a google maps street view search of SW 6th Street & SW Ave C Belle Glade FL

Unbelievable squalor... and it goes on and on for city blocks and blocks and blocks...

by Damron Fodorreply 7703/13/2011

Isn't Belle Glade where they traced the start of AIDS in America to? Haitian hookers giving it to truckers who brought it north?

by Damron Fodorreply 7803/13/2011

Any border town with Mexico. Just awful.

by Damron Fodorreply 7903/13/2011

[quote]Agree about Bridgeport, Connecticut. It's almost like you're in the third world. Many CT residents do not get off I-95 in Bridgeport for any reason whatsoever. If your tank is on empty, you're about to shit your pants, etc. you just white-knuckle it till you cross into Fairfield. Sections of New Haven and Hartford are just as bad.

I used to visit a friend who was a grad student at Yale back in the 90's. The poor people I'd see on the street in New Haven scared me.

by Damron Fodorreply 8003/13/2011

I actually grew up in Bridgeport. It wasn't as bad in the 60s. Really went downhill in the late 70s. Too bad. It's a great location with a lot of potential.

by Damron Fodorreply 8103/13/2011

r77: Damn, did you live there?

by Damron Fodorreply 8203/13/2011

How come Madonna never 'beautified' Pontiac, with all her $$ ?

by Damron Fodorreply 8303/13/2011

Beautiful downtown Cairo, IL

by Damron Fodorreply 8403/13/2011

Beautiful downtown New Madrid, MO from the levee.

by Damron Fodorreply 8503/13/2011

The most depressing fucking shithole in the continental United States has to be the one attached to Dick Cheney.

by Damron Fodorreply 8603/13/2011

Buffalo NY

by Damron Fodorreply 8703/13/2011

Hartford, CT is pretty much a warzone now outside of the downtown business district, and even there you don't want to hang out after dark. As soon as all the offices close for business people high-tail it out of downtown to the suburbs.%0D %0D It's a real shame because Hartford has neighborhoods that could be beautiful - a lot of gorgeous Victorian homes and the brownstones are comparable to anything in the West Village, seriously. Unfortunately, the crime is epidemic and the state of CT wrote off Hartford decades ago.

by Damron Fodorreply 8803/13/2011

oh, come on Hartford is NOT that bad. It has some pretty nice architecture and urban renewal areas.

Exaggeration is not becoming on a man...

by Damron Fodorreply 8903/13/2011

Baton Rouge, LA.

by Damron Fodorreply 9003/13/2011

I would imagine Gary, Indiana.%0D %0D Haven't seen Gary in a long time, but it was a complete shithole going way back.%0D %0D For the person who listed the entire state of Indiana (is that you Evansville native who hates Indiana and always indicts a whole state?)....%0D %0D Indiana has some lovely beach towns on Lake Michigan with beautiful beaches such as Michiana Shores, Dunes State Park, New Buffalo....%0D %0D plus Bloomington, Indiana and nearby artsy towns are nice and picturesque including a Big Ten University - Indiana University which has a lovely campus

by Damron Fodorreply 9103/13/2011

The Slabs? I rememeber the slabs in the movie "Into the Wild". catherine keener's character and her husband would make a pilgrimmage to the area yearly. They kinda romanticized the place.

by Damron Fodorreply 9203/13/2011

Buffalo NY is a dump

by Damron Fodorreply 9303/13/2011

Beautiful Zug Island, Michigan over looking beautiful Ontario

by Damron Fodorreply 9403/13/2011

Girls, girls, your whole country is a shithole!

by Damron Fodorreply 9503/13/2011

Utica, NY

by Damron Fodorreply 9603/13/2011

Lovely Tonopah, Nevada.

by Damron Fodorreply 9703/13/2011

What is the primary ethnic group that's causing the trouble in Bridgeport, Waterbury, New Haven and Valley Forge?

by Damron Fodorreply 9803/13/2011


by Damron Fodorreply 9903/13/2011

R98 I can't speak for Valley Forge but in the CT cities, it's a mix of races. Not one in particular.

by Damron Fodorreply 10003/13/2011

Camden, New Jersey across from Philadeplhia. Just laid-off 160 cops in a city whose major industry%0D is crime and drug dealing.

by Damron Fodorreply 10103/13/2011


by Damron Fodorreply 10203/13/2011

Uh . . . that would be Dallas.

Even the Lip Gloss And Prada Queens feed off of each other for lack of anything better to do!!!!

by Damron Fodorreply 10303/13/2011

The worst I've ever been to is Aberdeen, Washington. It's Kurt Cobain's hometown, and as soon as you see it you instantly realize why his music was so depressing.

by Damron Fodorreply 10403/13/2011

Buffalo is NOT a dump nor a shit hole. Compared to these examples it is Shangri-La.

by Damron Fodorreply 10503/13/2011

I second Atlanta. A dumb, fat, whore of a city.

by Damron Fodorreply 10603/13/2011

I've never been to Atlanta, but everybody I have ever known who has been there hated it.

by Damron Fodorreply 10703/13/2011

Does it have to be continental U.S.?

by Damron Fodorreply 10803/13/2011

Yo, Wasilla, you are continental.

by Damron Fodorreply 10903/13/2011

Not according to UPS and FedEx.

by Damron Fodorreply 11003/13/2011

Any town that's had a big military presence. They leave a huge, destructive footprint wherever they are and manage to make things even uglier when they're shut down.

by Damron Fodorreply 11103/13/2011

Rumford, Maine.

by Damron Fodorreply 11203/14/2011

You are correct R71, Fort Worth has some truly lovely neighborhoods, and areas. The problem with them is that they are (for the most part) populated by bigots, rednecks and (gasp) devotees of Fox News. If memory serves me correctly, it is the only of the "large" cities in Texas to vote McCain/Palin. Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and El Paso supported Obama.

by Damron Fodorreply 11303/14/2011

[R72] wins it. Worcester MA is the "most depressing f*cking shithole in the continental U.S." Went to college there, and somehow thought that it would have the best of Boston and the Berkshires. Boy, was I wrong. If the world ever needed an enema, they'd put it in through Worcester.

by Damron Fodorreply 11403/14/2011

R72 here. Thanks for the shout-out, R114.

by Damron Fodorreply 11503/14/2011

Augusta "Disgusta" Georgia -- the city with an open-air sewage treatment plant on one end (next to the airport...welcome to Augusta) and a paper mill at the other. Nothing in the world smells as bad as a paper mill.

Throw in a population of Bible-thumping, homophobic, pig-ignorant racists, an economy in the crapper, a downtown as dead as any rust belt city, and summers with the thermometer and the barometer both in the 90s.

by Damron Fodorreply 11603/14/2011

Atlanta. Populated by welfare trash acting like Southern aristocracy.

by Damron Fodorreply 11703/14/2011

Hands down, Alamagordo, New Mexico.

by Damron Fodorreply 11803/14/2011

Levittown, PA and surrounding communities.%0D %0D Absolute FILTH.

by Damron Fodorreply 11903/15/2011

[quote]thermometer and the barometer both in the 90s.%0D %0D Oh, my!

by Damron Fodorreply 12003/15/2011

Las vegas%0D Camden%0D Gary

by Damron Fodorreply 12103/15/2011

[quote]You are correct [R71], Fort Worth has some truly lovely neighborhoods, and areas. The problem with them is that they are (for the most part) populated by bigots, rednecks and (gasp) devotees of Fox News.[quote]%0D %0D Then if that's the criteria for a depressing shithole, then you can say most of this country is a shithole, including parts of NYC and Boston.%0D %0D I think the OP was talking more about places like Camden, Detroit and East St Louis.

by Damron Fodorreply 12203/15/2011

Either Detroit MI or Newark NJ

by Damron Fodorreply 12303/15/2011

LA tops my list. What a soulless, empty, vapid, cultureless cesspool.....

by Damron Fodorreply 12403/15/2011

I find LA to be one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Let's hope the prediction for an earthquake tomorrow through the 26th is erroneous.

by Damron Fodorreply 12503/18/2011

Disgusta, GA. There is a good reason people call it that. When I was there while stationed at Fort Gordon, I remember reading at least once a week a letter to the editor in the local paper how gays should be sent to prison. I mean seriously. It has to be the most homophobic city I have ever lived in.

by Damron Fodorreply 12603/19/2011

Fox News headquarters.

by Damron Fodorreply 12703/19/2011

Puerto Amboy, New Jersey.

by Damron Fodorreply 12803/19/2011

Clermont-Ferrand, France, makes most of these places look like NYC.

by Damron Fodorreply 12903/19/2011

Any large city in the US has sections that could fit the bill as "the most depressing fucking shithole in the continental US. And any large city in any country on earth has sections that could easily be considered "the most depressing fucking shithole on earth".

But of course, on DL and most any other online chat board a city's worth is always based on it's worst areas or attributes, mainly because too many people who frequent these boards are mental cases who thrive on shitting on some one, some thing, or some place else.

by Damron Fodorreply 13003/19/2011

R129, is that good or bad?

by Damron Fodorreply 13103/19/2011

[quote]But of course, on DL and most any other online chat board a city's worth is always based on it's worst areas or attributes, mainly because too many people who frequent these boards are mental cases who thrive on shitting on some one, some thing, or some place else.

I think I love you!!

by Damron Fodorreply 13203/19/2011

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Minneapolis is the worst place I've ever lived. It's fallimg apart from the inside out, a few years ago a bridge collapsed, a few weeks ago a major urban gas line burst into flames. There is no money for even basic maintenance of the city. People are working sixty hour weeks just to pay for cheap apartments and running around with broken teeth and cheap shoes because wages are so low. But just as another poster on this thread said about a different city, people are just as happy as can be, freezing their asses off for nine months of the year with huge simles on their faces. Sort of like a sick, not funny at all Mayberry.

by Damron Fodorreply 13303/19/2011

Nine months, R133? You are ridiculous - it's only chilly in Minneapolis from November thru early March - that's only 4 and a half months.%0D %0D It's in the 50's today and will be in the 50's most of the rest of March.%0D %0D When you exaggerate so wildly, it deflates any argument you might possess and feel.%0D %0D Washington DC is MUCH WORSE with is horrible, incessant high humidity and heat.%0D %0D And you seem to be running around with people who have very low level jobs - sorry to hear that. There is a whole world of people not in low level jogs.%0D %0D Also, as an aside, the bridge is not the responsibility of Minneapolis - it is the responsibility of the State of Minnesota which does inspectio

by Damron Fodorreply 13403/19/2011

The entire state of New Jersey (with a special aromatic mention of Elizabeth).

The only good thing about NJ is it's on the way to somewhere else.

by Damron Fodorreply 13503/19/2011

I am not a proponent of New Jersey, but it has many beautiful parts and beautiful counties toward the western and middle parts of the state - WHICH YOU APPARENTLY HAVE NEVER SEEN.%0D %0D Why would you judge an entire state by solely it's eastern corridor when the rest of the state has many lovely, upscale, garden-like areas?%0D %0D It makes you appear ignorant and uninformed.

by Damron Fodorreply 13603/19/2011

Beaumont, Tx

by Damron Fodorreply 13703/19/2011

New Jersey does indeed have some beautiful areas. It's a shame that more people don't know that.

by Damron Fodorreply 13803/19/2011

[quote]Clermont-Ferrand, France, makes most of these places look like NYC.

[quote][R129], is that good or bad?

After about 30 seconds there and you'd have your answer.

C-F is pretty much the Akron of Europe. It's the headquarters for Michelin. The city and the whole surrounding area are involved in tires and other car-related manufacturing.

Now, to be fair, if you're interested in geology, the area around C-F is full of fascinating extinct volcanoes, giving some parts an almost lunar feel to them.

But to live or spend any time in C-F, no thank you.

by Damron Fodorreply 13903/19/2011

I can't believe more of you didn't vote for me!

by Damron Fodorreply 14003/19/2011


by Damron Fodorreply 14103/19/2011

R140, because it is ignorant and stupid to indict an entire state.%0D %0D Florida has a good number of very nice, lovely, enjoyable places to live - such as Naples, Florida which is right on the ocean.%0D %0D If you want to name certain cities in Florida, or couties, or a certain region minus the nice towns/cities within, then go ahead.

by Damron Fodorreply 14203/19/2011

sorry, counties

by Damron Fodorreply 14303/19/2011

After Googling Ohio, I'm starting to believe the posters who said the whole state is a shithole.

by Damron Fodorreply 14403/21/2011

Oh please, R144, the entire state of Ohio is not a shithole. I left Ohio over 15 years ago, but college towns like Granville, Gambier, and Yellow Springs are lovely.

by Damron Fodorreply 14503/21/2011

Aren't there a lot of colored people with guns and knives in Beaumont?

by Damron Fodorreply 14603/23/2011

r35, I guess you haven't been to Cape May.

by Damron Fodorreply 14703/24/2011

Is Datalounge on Saturday night a place?

by Damron Fodorreply 14803/24/2011

Stamford is pretty nasty. For a town founded in 1641 there's really not much left beyond 1960. They should also use it as a how don't for urban planning it's just awful and depressing.

by Damron Fodorreply 14904/06/2011

Tonopah Nevada!! This God forsaken wana be town has nothing ,no jobs a group of people who think tere keeping it together,actually the only thing it has is a road going trough it to Vegas

by Damron Fodorreply 15012/21/2011

R24 that was Crystal Beach, not Galveston. To be fair they'd just had the worst hurricane since 1900. I'd say any of those ugly failing rust belt cities that used to thrive on the steel industry.

by Damron Fodorreply 15112/21/2011

A beach with a big, black seawall.

by Damron Fodorreply 15212/21/2011

R31, I've hung out at Slab City and it's far from depressing. The people are great and the party never ends.

by Damron Fodorreply 15312/21/2011

Silicon Valley -- third world sweat shops in a dusty backwater overgrown by steroids into San Jose.

by Damron Fodorreply 15412/21/2011


by Damron Fodorreply 15512/21/2011

Wilkes-Barre, PA wins this hands down.

by Damron Fodorreply 15612/21/2011

Decatur, AL. Hands down.

by Damron Fodorreply 15712/21/2011

This topic would make a great series on TV. I love looking at squalor.

by Damron Fodorreply 15812/21/2011

Gilette Wyoming.

by Damron Fodorreply 15912/21/2011

Memphis, TN is Detroit's neighbor to the South.

Really depressing. I would dare say only about thirty five to maybe forty percent of that city has properly habitable housing.

When they had that minor flood, their Mayor did not even give a shit about the lakes, creeks, and estuaries which followed out the very humble neighborhoods. He just let them go and focused on next to nothing short of going on t.v. and speaking of the Downtown area of the city still being open.

by Damron Fodorreply 16012/21/2011


Sorry about that I have a headcold and am drunk on Ny Quil

by Damron Fodorreply 16112/21/2011

The Coachella Valley, followed closely by the Texas Rio Grande valley near McAllen,

by Damron Fodorreply 16212/21/2011

Camden, NJ looks like a war-torn third-world shithole. A friend and I took the wrong exit and got lost there late one night. HOLY SHIT! You almost can't believe you're in the United States. Horrifying.

by Damron Fodorreply 16312/21/2011

Sacramento CA

by Damron Fodorreply 16412/21/2011

Detroit wins. Jacksonville, Fl is a close second simply due to the abject TRASH (white, brown, black, you name it) that inhabits that hell hole.

by Damron Fodorreply 16512/21/2011

r156, that must be why W-B gets top-rung acts to come to its various venues.

Wilkes-Barre, like much of NE PA, is old, with old-timey dwellings (the kind with porches and shingle-siding); but it is humble, not wretched.

by Damron Fodorreply 16612/21/2011

Cairo, IL

Waveland, Miss.

by Damron Fodorreply 16712/21/2011

Ditto R19

by Damron Fodorreply 16812/21/2011

Tallulah, Louisiana for the win, Bob.

I dare any of you to get off I20 late at night and stop at the convenience store across from the wretched Days Inn (run by the nastiest East Indians I've ever met). Migrant workers in mass, broken glass everywhere, spit and shit and anything else gross you can think of.

Two fighting cats ran over my foot when I got out of the car. They were like a welcome wagon compared to the rest of the citizens.

by Damron Fodorreply 16912/21/2011

Jacksonville, Florida

by Damron Fodorreply 17012/21/2011

It is most certainly Wasilla, Alaska, which is on the continent unless one of the underlying earthquake faults splits in just the right place. Hope springs eternal on that one.

by Damron Fodorreply 17112/21/2011

Reno NV without a doubt. Although Tahoe is quite nice.

by Damron Fodorreply 17212/21/2011

A tie between Gary, Indiana & Flint, Michigan. One tied all its hopes & dreams to the steel industry and the other to the auto industry. Both lost. Gary's despair is seemingly made worse by its location. The magnificence & cosmopolitanism of Chicago is just to the north, and the natural beauty of Michigan gems like New Buffalo, Warren Sand Dunes, and St. Joseph are just to the east.

I grew up in the Detroit suburbs. Yes, there is a great deal of shithole. But believe it or not, there are some lovely places within the city limits. The Whitney, the Book Cadillac Hotel, the Detroit Athletic Club, the Fisher and Fox Theatres, the Whitcomb Conservatory on Belle Isle, the Palmer Park neighborhood, the Detroit Golf Club. Not to mention the second gay bar I ever ventured inside - Menjo's! It is literally in the hood, but holds a lot of great memories.

by Damron Fodorreply 17312/21/2011

Lawrence, MA

by Damron Fodorreply 17412/21/2011

You people really are peculiarly selective. Detroit truly is awful, but even a place like St. Louis is amazing for contrasts, diversity, and healthy life behind appearances to the casual observer.

Shithole? Try Salt Lake CIty.

Get your priorities straight.

by Damron Fodorreply 17512/21/2011

I haven't spent much time in the continental US. Born and raised on Long Island, I now live in Manhattan and the Hamptons. Spend my summers all around the Hamptons, Montauk, Block Island, Cape Cod and the Vineyard. I have been up and down the East Coast from Canada to the Keys.

I don't think I've been very far west. PA, that's about as far as I've gone. Haven't been as far west as Buffalo.

I don't like being away from the ocean.

I pretty much don't know the continental US.

by Damron Fodorreply 17612/21/2011

[quote]How come Madonna never 'beautified' Pontiac, with all her $$ ?

Because she knows that you can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig.

by Damron Fodorreply 17712/22/2011

Waco, Tx. Decrepit and ghostly. Freight and highways take massive industrial loads through the town.

Kiryas Joel NY. Orthodox community with mammoth houses for families of 12 kids plus two kosher kitchens. No trees. Unfinished construction everywhere. Most inhabitants live on food stamps.

Chester PA. Dungpile between Philly and Wilmington, visible in all its tattered misery from Amtrak. Casino and soccer stadium have not helped.

Memphis, earlier posters were right. Poverty and generations of bad urban planning have cut the heart out of the city.

by Damron Fodorreply 17812/22/2011

W&W for R177.

by Damron Fodorreply 17912/22/2011

The most depressing cities I've ever visited are Spartanburg, South Carolina, and South Bend, Indiana. 30 years ago I would have said Chattanooga,Tennessee, too, but Chattanooga has improved drastically in the past 30 years. Now it's quite a nice smaller city. So props to Chattanooga for that.

East St. Louis, IL, Camden NJ, and Detroit MI all deserve their bad reputations.

The people who have listed Atlanta & Dallas here must not have seen 98% of those cities, since they are both great cities. Atlanta especially is about as pretty and vibrant as can be found in the US.

I have found Norfolk-Virginia Beach to be very depressing due to the massive military & religion influences on those cities. There are some nice enough spots there, but over-all the military & religion crap are still depressing.

by Damron Fodorreply 18012/22/2011

r166 - the only reason WB gets acts to come is it is located on the interstate 2 hours from NY and Philly with huge market bases who can get tickets cheaper than in NY and Philly. The dowtown was once a nice college city that went belly up because of drugs, prostitution and an influx of lower economic classes who flock to the depressed cities of PA for government benefits. They also have more meth labs and drug violence than most cities in the rest of PA except North Philly. There are no jobs. Its a crap hole, not humble. And if getting good acts defines an area's success, Atlantic City should be your idea of Oz.

by Damron Fodorreply 18112/22/2011

Braddock, PA (in ruins, but beautifully set on the river)

Brownsville, PA (Looks like a scene from The Day After)

I disagree with the poster who listed Wilkes-Barre, PA. I find Wilkes-Barre/Kingston area to be quite nice, especially in the spring and summer along the Susquehanna river. Wilkes-Barrie has two of the finest optical laboratories in the entire United States, Luzerne Optical Lab and Balester Optical. Great people there too; Scranton included. And I still love guys up at Parrish.

by Damron Fodorreply 18212/22/2011

El Paso , Texas It's just across the border from the real ultimate s-hole, Juarez, Mex. People are gunned down, beheaded, disappear everyday there, and they say it's now flowing across the border into EP. They're all loco !

by Damron Fodorreply 18312/22/2011

I haven't been all over, so it may not be the worst, but I thought Cheyenne, WY was a pretty depressed and depressing area, full of backwards yee-haw cowboys and evil James Watt types.

by Damron Fodorreply 18412/22/2011

Coshocton, OH.

by Damron Fodorreply 18512/24/2011

Any "city" in New Hampshire

by Damron Fodorreply 18612/24/2011

Between Marcus Bachmann's asscheeks.

by Damron Fodorreply 18712/24/2011

This thread would make a great TV show, maybe on the Travel Channel?

by Damron Fodorreply 18812/24/2011

St.Louis MO, the most disgusting piece of shit I have ever seen. On my way to New York I thought I would stop in for the night, see a movie, get some dinner etc. When I got off the freeway, Im talking shit everywhere. Garbage in the streets, buildings that were decaying and rotted out. Pot holes in the street, some so big that they had orange cones around them and you had to drive into on coming traffic to pass though. Even the cop cars were broken pieces of shit. I had to take a piss, I just used a empty juice bottle and tossed it out the window ( Maybe the uric acid will kill some of the germs in the street) I met someone in Indiana that had been to Detroit, New Orleans and St. Louis, and St. Louis was 10x as bad as Detroit and N.O. according to him. And yes, in many of the parts enjoy the smell of raw sewage. On my way out I could see a public pool I swear had a dead dog in it. If you want to visit this place, I would suggest getting a bunch of shots, and if you fall down in the street and break the skin, I would get tested just be sure. Happy Travels.

by Damron Fodorreply 18905/17/2012

Troy, NY

The Upper East Side

by Damron Fodorreply 19005/17/2012

Any place on the Central Coast of California.

Overhyped beyond rescue. And really, quite embarrassing.

REALLY quite embarrassing.

by Damron Fodorreply 19105/18/2012

According to Mr Obama it's the space next to him in bed, occupied by what he terms as, "That uppity black woman."

by Damron Fodorreply 19205/18/2012

San Bernardino, CA, is truly a turd of a city.

by Damron Fodorreply 19305/18/2012

No question, Brooklyn. Why anyone would go there is a mystery. We hate leaving Manhattan to travel there, because it's, well, it's Brooklyn. Sophisticated people never go there, much less live there.

by Damron Fodorreply 19405/18/2012

Meriden, Connecticut

by Damron Fodorreply 19505/18/2012

Anywhere in Mississippi or Arkansas. I think it's the heat. It makes the people slow and stupid and the air fetid.

by Damron Fodorreply 19605/18/2012


by Damron Fodorreply 19705/18/2012

R85. I travel to New Madrid several times a year for work. It is a horribly depressing place to be.

by Damron Fodorreply 19805/18/2012

There are nice areas of Detroit. There are NO nice areas in Gary, Indiana.

by Damron Fodorreply 19905/18/2012

Fresno. Appropriate that the 3-letter code for their airport is FAT

by Damron Fodorreply 20005/18/2012

R189 is correct. The entire metropolitan area is on it's death bed and the clueless people who live there are either too stupid or too lazy to care, including the so-called leadership.

And they favorite rejoinder to any criticism is "at least we're not Detroit or Cleveland." Well, idiots, at least Detroit and Cleveland have airports that are major hubs and you can get direct flights to Europe or Asia from them.

by Damron Fodorreply 20105/18/2012

R196 you need to learn about Eureka Springs Ar. Beautiful late 1800's town with a huge gay population. Even has civil unions for gays. Last census of town put it at just over 50% gay. All arts crafts and shops with 3 diversity events a year.

We own a vacation home there, an old Victorian and plan to retire there in a few years.

by Damron Fodorreply 20205/18/2012

r193 wins. Thread closed.

by Damron Fodorreply 20305/18/2012

I knew a Fort Worth couple who went to Eureka Springs to get married. I hadn't realized it was a wedding spot before that. At any rate, they were quite pleased with how things went.

Most depressing city I've spent any time in was El Paso. It seemed to be dying a slow, sad death.

by Damron Fodorreply 20405/18/2012

Eureka Springs, AR has a population of 2,000. Sounds like hell to me.

by Damron Fodorreply 20505/18/2012

R205 We have seen it with over 15000 tourist a day on weekends though. Funny they have a ton of biker events and I was surprised how well they got along with gays. I just assumed it would not be so. Tons of lesbians visit as well. And there is a gay men's nude resort right in town.

by Damron Fodorreply 20605/18/2012

Is Gary, Indiana somewhere in here? It should be.

by Damron Fodorreply 20705/18/2012

Another vote for New York City.

by Damron Fodorreply 20805/18/2012

Winslow, AZ

by Damron Fodorreply 20905/18/2012

Bakersfield, CA is full of stupid, un-educated, meth addicted, white trash morons. Combined, they may have enough brain-power to go to a Community College and study basket weaving.

Remember, it's NOT Bakersfield, but "this here Bakersfield". Their police are corrupt and nearly as unprofessional as the average Joe or Sue with a grade school education.

Mostly white trash, un-educated folks living in temporary and mobile housing (trailers). Employment status seldom exceeds Walmart/Target cashier-level skills traits. The women like to paint their nails in layers, and prep their big hair-do with eighties colors. Their ideal boyfriends hold jobs like plumbing, masonry, and cashiers at Walmart, Circle K and Seven Eleven.

by Damron Fodorreply 21006/03/2012

r48 's head.

by Damron Fodorreply 21106/03/2012


The ignorance, mean spiritedness, cultural impoverishment and squalor grate even more because of all the PR saying it is a place where life is beautiful.

by Damron Fodorreply 21206/03/2012

Biggest shithole town in the Western US? Bakersfield, CA. 6th Grade educations, meth, and trailer-trash as far as the eye can see. Wallmart and Target flunkies, whipped guys who fall for stupid floozies, dumb girls who get knocked up hoping to go to LA with a purpose.

Welcome to California's dark secret. A place that makes West Virginia's freaks blush. Just when you thought California is glamorous, and those songs about fun in the California Sun gets your feet dancing, don't forget that a lot of weird people come from California. Charles Manson was one. I'm not saying that Bakersfield is full of psychos, but just a bunch of uneducated trailer-trash and meth heads. If California has an anus, this stinky place qualifies as a definite shithole on this list in need of a clean wipe.

Bakersfield, CA is California Hillbilly Central. Shit-Hole Station One- CA on this list of shitholes in the United States of America. Even the cops are too stupid to make this town anything more more than a nasty truck-stop. Be warned however, they WILL bust YOU you for ANYTHING they deem. Expect having your vehicle impounded, handcuffs, fines. Many of us think this sort of thing only happens in the deep South. Think again. Be very cautious around Bakersfield CA. Seriously.

by Damron Fodorreply 21306/03/2012

Pittsfield New Hampshire is DISGUSTING.

Worcester, Massachusetts

Lawrence, Mass.


by Damron Fodorreply 21406/03/2012

r212 said it. Miami Miami Miami.

The face eating story this week is just the tip of the iceberg. Full of corruption, drugs and fraud. Most people who end up in Miami have nowhere else to turn, its the last stop. Its an ok destination, but a miserable place to live.

by Damron Fodorreply 21506/03/2012

Burlington Vermont. Home of dredlocked trustafarians who think that a certificate from New England Culinary Institute and their recipe for artisan ale battered free-range shrimp over cruelty free cheddar grits with a side of kiwifruit waffles will put them on the map. Three months later when their bistro closes, they're using their trust fund to start a goat cheese popsicle business.

Then there is the white-trash who are both foster parents and registered sex offenders, working part time at Walmart to fund their meth factory.

Stay away.

by Damron Fodorreply 21606/03/2012

I'm torn between pretty much anywhere in Missouri and anywhere in Nebraska.

by Damron Fodorreply 21706/03/2012

[quote]Any town that's had a big military presence. They leave a huge, destructive footprint wherever they are and manage to make things even uglier when they're shut down.[/quote]

I came here to post about Great Falls, MT. It was once briefly a booming industrial town that has since long been abandoned and is falling apart, kind of like mini Detroit in the middle of Montana (in the flat lands, not the pretty part of the state). Now there's pretty much nothing there but this huge air force base, which has an alarmingly high suicide rate among the people who are stationed there. The main "tourist attraction" is this bar called the Sip and Dip, where tattooed meth addicts dressed as mermaids swim around in a giant glass tank while you get drunk.

by Damron Fodorreply 21806/03/2012

R217. My vote would for Kearney, Nebraska. Too far from Lincoln or Omaha to even give you hope, and the most bigoted and closed-minded people I've ever known (I lived there for three hellish years).

by Damron Fodorreply 21906/03/2012

Gary, IN is a complete wasteland and the worst by percentage.

Detroit is also burned out but there's a bigger segment of Detroit still viable.

Buffalo also sucks ass.

by Damron Fodorreply 22006/03/2012

Mineral Wells, Tx. My sister and her husband were stationed there in the 60's while he underwent helicopter pilot training prior to being sent to Vietnam. Even then when it was hopping it was a shithole, and it's FAAAAAAAR worse now that the military is long gone. There's this one big monstrosity of an old dilapidated highrise hotel in the middle of town. I think it's been empty now for a few decades. It's the kind of town that would definitely benefit from a huge tornado coming through and wiping the whole town off the face of the earth.

by Damron Fodorreply 22106/03/2012

Portales, New Mexico

by Damron Fodorreply 22206/03/2012

Rockford, Illinois. So many accolades, I don't know where to start. Lets see.

Ninth most miserable city in the US. Seventh most violent. Fourth fattest, and number one city to buy cheap property!

Still a pretty town in some respects. Nice river that was cleaned up so you don't die of dysentery if you fall in. Lots of pretty, bucolic neighborhoods with gorgeous homes. But money moved to the east side of town and the west side is fucked.

by Damron Fodorreply 22306/03/2012


by Damron Fodorreply 22406/03/2012

I'm afraid New York is now a contender. All the entitled rich people have made it skanky. I once loved the place, not so much these days. I'm hoping the whole financial system collapses so we can all get back to normal. Still voting for Obama. Shalam, y'all.

by Damron Fodorreply 22506/03/2012

Anything along 95 in South Carolina.

by Damron Fodorreply 22606/03/2012


by Damron Fodorreply 22706/03/2012

227 posts and no one voted for Schenectady?

by Damron Fodorreply 22806/03/2012

St. Louis without a doubt. The people are rude the city is filthy. The place is completely segregated. This place is so backwards it's sickening. I wouldn't suggest my worst enemy go to this place.

by Damron Fodorreply 22909/18/2012

Provo, Utah.

You just can't believe these idiots. It's like going back to the middle ages, except people then were smarter than these douchebags.

by Damron Fodorreply 23009/20/2012


by Damron Fodorreply 23109/20/2012

It's always amazing when threads like this show up. You have the responses that are obviously well thought out and accurate. Then you have the nitwits who are so sad they actually think that listing cities that in no way fit the description of "depressing fucking shithole" makes them look urbane, cosmopolitan, and just so above it all, to people who wouldn't know them if they spit in their faces.

So unfortunately I have to vote for Datalounge to be the most depressing fucking shithole in the continental U.S., for the shear number of losers, posers, nitwits, and fools who reside here.

by Damron Fodorreply 23209/20/2012

There's a lot of different strokes, here.

Wilkes-Barre, for instance, is kinda awful, but there is a modicum of culture.

Bridgeport CT is one of the most awful, and scary, places (I actually peed there, in the middle of the road, in the middle of the day, rather than continuing to look for a bathroom, since I could see the onramp back to the highway, and some brothas were on approach, carrying paper bags).

Camden NJ is horribly frightening to get lost in--day or night. Ditto Chester, PA, which at least will spare you if you buy some drugs.

And Worcester is pretty bad in MA terms (though Springfield is arguably as bad).

Yet, if you have a Northeast upbringing, these places are not nearly as frightening as the thick aura of isolation and fear in places like West Texas or most of Ohio, or all of Wyoming.

by Damron Fodorreply 23309/20/2012

If Connecticut ever got an enema, Bridgeport would be the point of insertion.

Every native Nutmegger knows that you never stop in Bridgeport for any reason, ever. No matter how low on gas you are or how bad you have to pee, you just keep hauling ass on I-95 until you get to Fairfield or Stratford, depending on which direction you are headed.

by Damron Fodorreply 23409/20/2012

the whole coast of Texas from the east side of Houston to Lake Charles Louisiana

by Damron Fodorreply 23509/20/2012

Tampa..also parts of Oakland are pretty scary.

(but then I've never been to Detroit)

by Damron Fodorreply 23609/20/2012

We wouldn't dream of hanging out in the shithole known as Panguitch, Utah.

by Damron Fodorreply 23709/21/2012

My daughter says Atchison, KS is the most depressing place she ever visited. Not sure why she got that impression. She had to perform in a church there and it sounds like it was located in the seamy underbelly of Atchison, so maybe she got a glimpse of Atchison that was not representative....

by Damron Fodorreply 23809/21/2012

R238 = Ginny from Billings

by Damron Fodorreply 23909/21/2012

Barstow, California

by Damron Fodorreply 24009/21/2012

The most depressing shithole in the US belongs to Pollyanna Prisspot, School Marm.

Fortunately, she's leaving for Luxembourg.

by Damron Fodorreply 24109/21/2012

Not sure if it was posted already, but the salton Sea in southern california.

Recently saw a documentary,its a bunch of old wierdo's and crazies thinking the lake will get cleaned up and people will start moving back in.

Half of the area's are ghost towns and there are half flooded towns filled with rusted trailers and not much more than a bar.

It all looked so post apocalyptic, very depressing.

by Damron Fodorreply 24209/21/2012

I've heard about old towns in New York state, empty and dying. Is it true?

by Damron Fodorreply 24309/21/2012

Sometimes I wonder if anyplace in America is thriving? I blame the 1% and their greed. I blame companies like Bain Capitol or is it Bane Capitol?

by Damron Fodorreply 24409/21/2012

"The most depressing f*cking shithole in the continental U.S."

One of the Romney's many toilets.....

by Damron Fodorreply 24509/21/2012

As I have never been to many of the cities that are mentioned, I would have to say Skid Row in Los Angeles.

There is nothing more depressing than seeing blocks of homeless people living in the condition they are. It's like leaving LA and entering a slum in India. It's shameful that skid row has existed for existed.

I am from California and have heard of skid row all my life, but have never actually seen it. I got lost on my way to Japan Town and ended there. It was eye-opening.

by Damron Fodorreply 24609/21/2012

[quote] It's shameful that skid row has existed for existed.

"existed for decades."

by Damron Fodorreply 24709/21/2012

[quote]I've heard about old towns in New York state, empty and dying. Is it true?

Most of New York state has been like this forever. The towns are either depressed or depressING to look at, or both. You must embrace that if you want to enjoy yourself on a self-guided car tour. Then it can be quaint at times.

Western New York, holding Rochester-Buffalo (the other major cities in NY...I'm not counting Albany), is part of the rust belt; though they both have one or two pretty and classy suburbs, respectively. Many people there complain about living there, but never leave.

Ithaca and towns with SUNY colleges are usually overcrowded, rustic, and have become unreasonably expensive. I'm a Westchester county native, and the area depresses me when I go back to visit.

That being said, I've been to every state. I don't think we're particularly the most "breathtaking" country out there overall, but to each their own.

by Damron Fodorreply 24809/21/2012

So basically any placed with a lot of blacks or native Indians is a shithole according to DL?

You bunch of racist cocksuckers.

by Damron Fodorreply 24909/21/2012

I agree with the people who have mentioned Wyoming. Before I visited, I had this vision of a beautiful untouched Wild West populated with nice little towns. Well. The eastern half of the state is isolated, backwards, economically depressed, and the people seem inbred and ignorant and resigned. The atmosphere was one of despair.

Also, an entry in the category of Places Other People Like But I Find Horrifying: the Florida Panhandle. Lived there for 18 months and couldn't wait to leave. The Gulf Coast is so beautiful in some parts, but the people living in the Panhandle are so rednecky and horrible that they ruin it. We used to drive to Alabama on the weekend just to get out of northwest FL, and that's saying something.

by Damron Fodorreply 25009/21/2012

The thing about Hartford, CT is that from the late 1950's on they did a program of urban renewal that really decimated the city.

Luckily just about 50 miles to the east as the crow flies there's Providence - a city that didn't tear down all it's historic properties even though I've noted a push over the past couple years to do so.

by Damron Fodorreply 25109/21/2012

Jacksonville is HUGE... The largest city by land area in the USA. Thus, it is impossible for it to be a depressing fucking shithole. There are nasty areas absolutely - like in any sprawling city (i.e. Atlanta). But, there are also immaculate areas with some of the most valuable real estate in the nation (the PGA is HQ'd in Jacksonville), excellent resorts, restaurants, pedestrian malls, riding trails, art walks, etc.. The central business district in Jacksonville is quite nice, with a hell of alot of hot eye candy jogging shirtless by the river front every day at lunchtime :) When I think of depressing fucking shitholes, I think of a town where there is literally NOTHING to do, say Hendersonville, NC.

by Damron Fodorreply 25209/21/2012

Gary Indiana is so bad, "Life After People" filmed an episode there to show what happens when a city is abandoned and left to rot. The only other U.S. city profiled was Detroit. What does that tell you?

by Damron Fodorreply 25309/21/2012


by Damron Fodorreply 25409/21/2012

Hartford and it's neighbor to the north, Springfield, have both seen better days. But there are still areas of them that are decent.

by Damron Fodorreply 25509/21/2012

[quote]Gary Indiana is so bad, "Life After People" filmed an episode there to show what happens when a city is abandoned and left to rot. The only other U.S. city profiled was Detroit. What does that tell you?

Well, according to r249, it tells you that we're a bunch of racist cocksuckers.

by Damron Fodorreply 25609/21/2012

Hartford? Springfield? Worcester? Are you people kidding me? Yes, they're kind of boring and bleak, but they're also in a generally lovely part of New England and surrounded by great towns. Gary Indiana makes Hartford look like Beverly Hills.

by Damron Fodorreply 25709/21/2012

Hartford CT used to be nice many, many years ago. Now it is a very small downtown business district surrounded by a dangerous ghetto on all sides.

by Damron Fodorreply 25809/21/2012

Isn't it really anywhere that Whites have left and coloreds have taken over?

by Damron Fodorreply 25909/21/2012

Well R257, given this is Datalounge, he's half right. :)

by Damron Fodorreply 26009/21/2012

Parts of San Bernardino, CA (now a bankrupt city) look bleak and war-torn.

No part of Idaho that I visited had any redeeming qualities. Land of Ruby Ridge massacre. Weird, xenophobic militia types with guns and kooky ideology.

by Damron Fodorreply 26109/21/2012

Agree with those who said Camden, NJ.

Also Colorado Springs, because of all the fundie shit.

Never been there but Branson, MO sounds awful.

by Damron Fodorreply 26209/21/2012

I got lost at night in Newark, NJ once. I didn't think I would make it out alive. I've been in a few shit neighborhoods in my life, but Newark had me genuinely frightened. That whole place just just be leveled.

by Damron Fodorreply 26309/21/2012

East St. Louis, IL

Camden, NJ

Gary, IN

Detroit, MI

In that order.

by Damron Fodorreply 26409/21/2012

Black ghettos duh

by Damron Fodorreply 26509/21/2012

I think it's in South Carolina.

by Damron Fodorreply 26609/21/2012

Paterson, NJ also not good. Nor the most run-down parts of Baltimore.

by Damron Fodorreply 26709/21/2012

Oakland, southeast dc, Detroit, new Orleans, east la

by Damron Fodorreply 26809/21/2012

Go figure, R266/269 is the troll from the Elizabeth Warren thread...and a racist, too.

by Damron Fodorreply 26909/21/2012

Sioux Falls, SD

by Damron Fodorreply 27009/21/2012

R269 is also the racist troll on the Ann Romney flight thread.

by Damron Fodorreply 27109/21/2012

I did hang out for a week with the 'rents in an unheated, mouse-infested cabin at Panguitch Lake, R237. It was very cold, depressing and rainy, the fish weren't biting, and sanitation was horrendous. The camp owners were fucked up, and I missed the start of school with 'stomach flu' aka dysentery. Thanks for bringing back these really special memories!

by Damron Fodorreply 27209/21/2012

Camden NJ. Highest murder rate in the country and no police force.

by Damron Fodorreply 27309/21/2012

Los Angeles

by Damron Fodorreply 27409/21/2012

McCOMB, MS #pEtty

by Damron Fodorreply 27511/07/2012

R171 the Central Coast of CA? Either you are fucking retarded or simply referring to that cesspool known as S.F. In that case, agreed, but Monterey to Fort Bragg is amazing aside from the slums of san fran

by Damron Fodorreply 27611/12/2012

"So basically any placed with a lot of blacks or native Indians is a shithole according to DL?

You bunch of racist cocksuckers."

Show me one black neighborhood with property values that increased-NAME ONE!!! ignorant bastid, keep hiding from the truth.

by Damron Fodorreply 27711/12/2012

I'd like to throw Clewiston, Fl's shabby hat into the ring.

by Damron Fodorreply 27811/12/2012

Southeast DC has got to be one of the leading contenders.

by Damron Fodorreply 27911/12/2012

Bridgeport, Ct on google earth looks kind of nice.

by Damron Fodorreply 28011/12/2012

Gary, Indiana has had the most mentions for good reason.

Once seen, never forgotten.

by Damron Fodorreply 28111/12/2012

Roswell New Mexico

by Damron Fodorreply 28211/12/2012


Physically, it's awful. Cramped like a sardine can, terrible, rotting infrastructure, and a diaster waiting to happen (said this before Sandy).

Most overpriced place in the world, except the people are incredible.

by Damron Fodorreply 28311/12/2012

Toms River, NJ if you want proof that IQ is sold separately.

by Damron Fodorreply 28411/12/2012


Camden is pretty lively, especially near the waterfront. Neward, on the other hand, I found terrible.

by Damron Fodorreply 28511/12/2012

Anywhere in Kentucky(aka)Rightwing redneck paradise...Yes I live there.

by Damron Fodorreply 28611/12/2012

Well, R249 is more than half right, but I wouldn't point at DL'ers. Try to understand what's happened to cities in America,then you can see why places like Gary,E.St. Louis or Detroit are rotting. Federal gov't policies had a lot to do with it.Private industry had a lot to do with it. And racism.

After WW II, federal housing policies rewarded people who wanted to buy in the suburbs. During WW II many jobs and manufacturing operations moved to "green fields."

To suburbanize America, publically funded infrastructure was built to accomodate the population. Federal policies incentivized suburban sprawl and the strip malls we take for granted. Shopping malls,free parking, room to spread out, multiplexes, office parks,etc. Life styles changed dramatically.

Riots in the 60's accelerated white flight. Businesses left. Insurance rates skyrocketed, The 70's & 80's saw massive disinvestment by banks, lenders, and businesses from cities.

With massively eroding tax bases,urban areas became more dependent on state/federal help that wasn't well funded and did nothing more than place a bandaid on a hemmorhage.(We were paying for Vietnam.)

In the 70's & 80's local politicians demanded that state & Presidential candidates unveil an "urban policy." Some did, but it was never comprehensive enough. Urban areas became a repository for the poor and the elderly. Those who could afford to leave, did.

The infrastructure's been destroyed, schools are horrible, basic city services are poor at best. Local officials are now caretakers. So there are a lot of "shitholes" to pick from.

by Damron Fodorreply 28711/12/2012

Right now? Probably Staten Island.

by Damron Fodorreply 28811/12/2012

Any place where Ann Coulter is standing or sitting.

by Damron Fodorreply 28911/12/2012

Bridgeport is a shithole extraordinaire but it fits with the so very depressing surrounding area north of it and the whole of eastern Connecticut straight up to the northeast corner. Lacks the ocean available in states east with Atlantic coastline and is basically made up of old mill towns. Not close enough to New York or Boston where the creme congregate so that leaves you with slackers trying to be top dog in a small and shallow pond. Their sense of inferiority and defensiveness about the region is maddening and depressing. It is a nice drive through in the fall but nothing compared to the west side of the state. Townies abound in the small villages and the only decent nightlife can be found at nearby casinos. It is such a drive to the better towns like Newport and loaded with republican closet cases. Everyone knows everyone's business and gossiping is their only true form of entertainment. So oppressive and second rate. An overwhelming sense pervades as though you are missing out on something.

by Damron Fodorreply 29011/12/2012

Russell Springs, Kentucky.

by Damron Fodorreply 29111/12/2012

R289 I would suggest Staten Island even before Sandy. Starting in my '80s childhood.

by Damron Fodorreply 29211/12/2012

R133 Cheer up! You might just make it after all!

Anyway, in 2001 Gene Weingarten (humor columnist for the Washington Post) chose Battle Mountain, NV as the official "Armpit of the United States."

by Damron Fodorreply 29311/12/2012

Gary Indiana is in such bad shape it was featured in 'Life After People' where they showed how cities slowly decay when people abandon them. I remember they talked about how the lake effect made it worse for the buildings.

by Damron Fodorreply 29411/17/2012

""We are doing great things!"

Gary, Indiana is located on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan and on three major Interstate. At the Crossroads of America, Gary provides the perfect location for a weekend getaway, a family vacation, a business trip, or a night on the town. Relax on the beach or rent a jet ski! Take a long walk under the stars with Chicago's beautiful skyline twinkling across the calm water, or spend the day shopping in our Lake Street Shopping District, filled with boutiques and galleries. Night is near, get dressed up, the Jack Pot is waiting for you at Buffington Harbor!"

by Damron Fodorreply 29511/17/2012

Camden, NJ and Chester PA. After spending a day in Chester, I'll never complain about Philly again.

by Damron Fodorreply 29611/17/2012


by Damron Fodorreply 29711/17/2012

And little Ronny Howard even sang about it!

by Damron Fodorreply 29811/17/2012

Utica, NY

Gary, Indiana

Lawrence, Massachusetts

Southeast DC

Camden, NJ

Stockton, CA

basically any city in CT

by Damron Fodorreply 29911/17/2012

I live in Cleveland. I go to Youngstown a few times a year on business. its pretty bad.

by Damron Fodorreply 30011/17/2012

Shaker Heights Ohio and East Cleveland Ohio.

by Damron Fodorreply 30111/17/2012

The worst shithole in the U.S is a thousand times better than the best place in oil rich Venezuela

by Damron Fodorreply 30211/17/2012

Honorable mention to West Haven, CT. Nothing but boarded-up factories and strip malls filled with regional, second-rate steak houses. What gives?

by Damron Fodorreply 30311/17/2012

Gary Indiana or anywhere in "The Region" aka the calumet region of NWI.

by Damron Fodorreply 30411/17/2012

The most depressing f*cking shithole in the continental U.S. is Ann Coulter's mouth.

by Damron Fodorreply 30511/17/2012

Memphis, TN owns this thread.

Memphis has about 40% livable housing stock and the rest is rotting. Some people have literally set fire to rotting, vacate housing because the city will not do anything about it.

Memphis has the highest rime rates in the nation for everything.

Memphis has the lowest ranking school system in the state of Tennessee and they have a school budget of a bit under a billion dollars for approximately 110,000 students and only a small part of that budget goes to anything pertaining to the classroom. The average ACT score is 12.

Memphis has one of the highest poverty rates in the country. There are third generation welfare recipients within the same family there.

Memphis has the highest rate of infant mortality in the US.

When there was flooding in Memphis well over a year ago, the Mayor claimed that his downtown was fine (the city was planning to buy Beale Street, which they have since done) while the rest of the creeks and such were flooding out neighborhoods which were rotting. No one ever did anything past the downtown area with this flooding because the Mayor forbid it.

Memphis owns this thread. My grandmother used to live there until I moved her the fuck out.

by Damron Fodorreply 30611/17/2012

[quote]Memphis has the highest rime rates in the nation for everything.

Well, I don't know about that.

by Damron Fodorreply 30711/17/2012

Okay r32 East Cleveland is lower middle bordering on ghetto.

Shaker Heights is a middle to upper middle class East Coastish in flavor suburb that has some of the most beautiful Tudor homes I've seen outside of the East Coast. Shaker Heights, Cleveland Heights and Pepper Pike contain some of the best private college prep schools in the entire area. I can understand why you wouldn't want to live there but shit hole is dishonest word usage.

Detroit now that's a shithole.

by Damron Fodorreply 30811/17/2012

Shamokin, PA. Like a post-WWII Warsaw ghetto.

by Damron Fodorreply 30911/17/2012

I didn't stop in the city, but Amarillo, Texas is surrounded for miles around by the flattest, most desolate landscape you can imagine.

by Damron Fodorreply 31011/17/2012

San Angelo, TX

by Damron Fodorreply 31111/17/2012

Baltimore, MD.

Once one leaves the Inner Harbor area, there is nothing but blight.

by Damron Fodorreply 31211/17/2012

Minden, Nebraska

by Damron Fodorreply 31311/17/2012

Needles, CA

by Damron Fodorreply 31411/17/2012

[quote]Baltimore, MD... Once one leaves the Inner Harbor area, there is nothing but blight.

And when it's raining, that statue of George Washington can be seen pissing on Baltimore.

by Damron Fodorreply 31511/17/2012

Tulsa Oklahoma

Roseanne used to have a funny bit about how most people think SF is the most decadent city in the US, but it's actually Tulsa, for how shamelessly redneck it is.

by Damron Fodorreply 31611/17/2012

I took a cross-country road trip this summer and stayed a night in Oklahoma City.

The people I ment were nice, but then I can pass for straight. If I were a flamer, I don't think I would have left my hotel room.

by Damron Fodorreply 31711/17/2012


by Damron Fodorreply 31811/17/2012

I've been to Tulsa. It wasn't all that terrible, except for being really hot in the summer. They have a couple of pretty nice museums originated by oil barons.

by Damron Fodorreply 31911/17/2012

I agree with r282. I passed through Gary, Ind. in 1975 and I've never forgotten it.

by Damron Fodorreply 32011/17/2012

anywhere that democraps are in control

by Damron Fodorreply 32111/21/2012

R322 needs to take his medications so he can realize that he's on the wrong site.

by Damron Fodorreply 32211/21/2012

Laughlin, NV. Desolate, boring AND 120 degrees in the summertime. Just kill me!

by Damron Fodorreply 32311/21/2012

Johnstown, PA

by Damron Fodorreply 32411/21/2012

Anywhere in Texas. It really is a shithole. And don't tell how lovely Austin is.

Between the redneck accent, the stupid cowboy hats and boots, the redneck politics and the dismal, dismal countryside, Texas really is the shithole of America.

by Damron Fodorreply 32511/21/2012

As someone who once considered one day making a 'grand tour' of all 50 US states this thread is very educational...!

Personally I haven't seen much outside the major cities on the East & West coasts. Travelling through Camden NJ was a total shock - it looked like f**king Calcutta. LA in the neighborhoods near Venice wasn't much better and I felt nervous in case the car I was in broke down.

NYC (Manhattan inparticular) before it's 'Disneyfication' was a total shithole, I don't care how many people romanticize how it was back then; I recall Penn Station permanently smelling of piss, Times Square being filled with panhandlers, prostitutes, pickpockets & hustlers and much of the rest of it being a no-go zone after dark.

Surprised to hear how bad St Louis is - why is the infrastructure so f*cked there inparticular?

by Damron Fodorreply 32611/21/2012

Mitt And Ann's bedroom.

by Damron Fodorreply 32711/21/2012

Any big city in New Jersey

by Damron Fodorreply 32811/21/2012

No wonder the guy went wonky

by Damron Fodorreply 32912/17/2012

Newark or Camden NJ. are real winners but I also almost shoot myself in the face once when i was held over for 3 days on some highway just outside of Atlanta. I'd buy a crackhouse in Newark over that.

by Damron Fodorreply 33002/04/2013


by Damron Fodorreply 33102/04/2013

It's a tie between Johnstown (a town that time truly forgot), Gary (which looks even more burned out and decrepit, in sheer percentages, than Detroit) and Newark.

Honorable mention to the whole Steubenville/Youngstown/Wheeling region.

Detroit has a lot of bad stuff going on, but it also has some people in politics and in planning there that have some good ideas, and it's slowly paying off. I would not count out the Motor City just yet.

by Damron Fodorreply 33202/04/2013

[quote] Show me one black neighborhood with property values that increased-NAME ONE!!! ignorant bastid, keep hiding from the truth.

R278 - The "truth" is that white people in this country, by and large, have implemented legislation and zoning laws to ensure their separation from whites. You can call it what you want, but let's not even try to pretend it's NOT about race.

Black neighborhoods lost value because the zoning and lending laws whites put into place sucked all the value out. People who don't have money and don't have resources can't move next to people that do.

Despite every single study ever done pointing to mixed incoming housing as the best thing for all the residents of an area, we continue to concentrate pockets of poverty - which is also normally people of color - and then wonder why people with no resources, no money and no economy in their area fight over basic needs. DUH.

This article explains the point I'm making in an apples by apples comparison.

If you really don't think laws are racist or classist in the way they are conceived or applied, think again.

by Damron Fodorreply 33302/04/2013

And before anyone asks, I'm as white as a pasty white Irish/German boy can get.

by Damron Fodorreply 33402/04/2013

It's depressing how racially charged this answer is, but the answers are cities like Bridgeport (as mentioned many times) and Camden and Newark NJ. Terrifying. Camden was going to shut down their public library system due to a lack of public funds!

by Damron Fodorreply 33502/04/2013

I've been to Georgia and California and anywhere I could run.

by Damron Fodorreply 33602/04/2013

There isn't a city in the US (let alone NJ) that's as terrifying as Camden.

As shabby as it is, Newark isn't unsafe to work in (at least in the University Heights section), and during lunch I walk around its downtown for take-out and never felt unsafe, despite its shabbiness. And I've had no problem going out to eat or visiting in certain parts of the city at night (the Ironbound, Forest Hill and Weequahic sections). Nor have I ever had a problem going to NJPAC/NJSO, the Pru Center or the Public Library (for a talk) at night. And the city has a more than decent mid-sized museum.

Camden on the other hand is a whole other world - despair right down to its very core.

by Damron Fodorreply 33702/04/2013


by Damron Fodorreply 33803/23/2013

Anyone ever been to Gary, Indiana?

by Damron Fodorreply 33903/23/2013

I think Stockton, CA, St. Louis, MI, or Detroit, MI are the biggest (and most crime-ridden) shitholes.

by Damron Fodorreply 34003/23/2013

Did you know the Hooterville switchboard doesn't even have a Fargo hole? Let alone a shit hole.

by Damron Fodorreply 34103/23/2013



by Damron Fodorreply 34203/23/2013

California. So glad to be out of there

by Damron Fodorreply 34303/23/2013

[quote]California. So glad to be out of there

You and me both. Left LA in 2006 and haven't been back since.

by Damron Fodorreply 34403/23/2013

R344 R345 Seriously? You've been to all parts of the state?

by Damron Fodorreply 34503/23/2013

Yes, I have.

by Damron Fodorreply 34603/23/2013

Ca is crap! I still live in LA. :(

by Damron Fodorreply 34703/23/2013


by Damron Fodorreply 34803/23/2013

Has East Saint Louis made the list?

by Damron Fodorreply 34903/23/2013

r342 one of the funniest green acres episodes

by Damron Fodorreply 35003/23/2013

Boise, Idaho. Hands down.

by Damron Fodorreply 35103/23/2013

The worst in my area is methuen/ Lawrence/Haverhill/Lowell mass out to Fitchburg ect.... Just the pits. Worst accents, personalities, just trashy and depressing. And the area is ugly as fuck

by Damron Fodorreply 35203/24/2013

The Merrimack Valley is lower-middle class, but it isn't as bad as you describe. I grew up in the area and its still a good place live. The urban areas of Lawrence, Lowell and Haverhill can be sketchy in places, but I would much rather live there than in Detroit, St. Louis, Memphis, Gary, Compton, Camden or other cities that are far worse.

by Damron Fodorreply 35303/24/2013

Buffalo, NY

10% unemployment

by Damron Fodorreply 35403/24/2013

I live in Andover, which is next door to Lawrence MA. It's bizarre travelling in a nice well kept wealthy town and then the second you cross the border into Lawrence, it's like the air changed or something. A small strip mall and parking lot just off route 495 in Andover is just yards away from the border and has become a favorite spot for druggies to come and shoot up. My Mom works there and despite the fact the area is nice - my mom got mugged during the time when the police force in lawrence was cut by a 1/3rd. Lawrence does have great history and some great spots and at some point will probably improve. But for now is a definite shit-hole.

by Damron Fodorreply 35504/03/2013

West Coast: Modesto East Coast: Sumter/Florence South Carolina Middle Earth: Little Rock Arkansas

by Damron Fodorreply 35604/03/2013

I'm from Little Rock, R357, and am curious to hear about your experiences there. I hate the city now and would never live there again, but I don't think it's by any means the most depressing place.

My vote is for Truth Or Consequences, NM.

by Damron Fodorreply 35704/03/2013

any place you happen to be when you're totally depressed

by Damron Fodorreply 35804/03/2013

It's really hard to argue with Camden--aside from the riverfront venue, there is literally nothing about Camden that isn't nightmarish.

That being said, Terre Haute, In. comes to my mind. It smells, and lots of things are named after Larry Bird. Indiana, generally, seems like an awful place.

by Damron Fodorreply 35904/03/2013

DISGUSTA, GA wins hands down. It is a smelly, depressing, pathetic shit hole of a town. Hot and humid most of the year. Most of the population is fat and retarded and to make it worse are crazy Bible thumpers. Government is corrupt. The downtown looks like it was hit by a zombie apocolypse. A truly shitty place in every sense.

by Damron Fodorreply 36005/20/2013

Any DL'ers from the places mentioned here, specifically Camden? I'm going to throw in a vote for Oklahoma City. I got lost there looking for Route 66 history and found the town to be overall depressing and unappealing.

by Damron Fodorreply 36105/20/2013

[quote]DISGUSTA, GA wins hands down. It is a smelly, depressing, pathetic shit hole of a town. Hot and humid most of the year. Most of the population is fat and retarded and to make it worse are crazy Bible thumpers. Government is corrupt. The downtown looks like it was hit by a zombie apocolypse. A truly shitty place in every sense.

Particularly since the sewage treatment plant was built right next to the airport -- an open-air sewage treatment plant!

Welcome to Augusta!

by Damron Fodorreply 36205/20/2013

OMG, I found this thread last night and googled Slab City, aka The Slabs.

There's one women who looks to be in her 70s who keeps posing nude. Or at least topless. The place is so disgusting.

I remember someone once said, "It's like God tilted the US and all the fruits and nuts rolled to California." That's what Slab City looks like.

by Damron Fodorreply 36306/05/2013

Silver Spring(s)?...New Mexico! OMG! Yuck,just sad and beat-down,and dirty. New Mexico has a very creepy/strange vibe. Serial killer capital of the world,and it feels like it!

by Damron Fodorreply 36406/07/2013

Wherever they dump nuclear waste.

by Damron Fodorreply 36506/07/2013

Too lazy to scroll. Has Schenectady NY been cited? It's really a place that time has forgotten and has treated like shit. Albany would be right up there, but for some reason it's the state capital. Still pretty grim as well. The whole Capital region is pretty sad.

by Damron Fodorreply 36606/08/2013

I googled Silver Spring,NM to see what it looks like and I found this real estate ad from Las Palomas, NM. They obviously didn't hire a stager for this series of photos and if you look closely, they forgot to remove something from the living room.

by Damron Fodorreply 36706/08/2013

in your pants.

by Damron Fodorreply 36806/08/2013

Columbus, GA r just across the river in Phenix City, AL. Satan wouldn't piss here.

by Damron Fodorreply 36910/09/2013

Los Angeles.

by Damron Fodorreply 37010/09/2013

Anywhere along the Salten Sea; it is about 1 1/2 hour south of Palm Springs. Ghastly place.

by Damron Fodorreply 37110/09/2013

For $300, you could own this home in East St. Louis.

by Damron Fodorreply 37210/09/2013

Dearborn, Mi

by Damron Fodorreply 37310/09/2013

Anywhere in Virginia outside of Norfolk, Richmond, or Northern Virginia.

by Damron Fodorreply 37410/09/2013


by Damron Fodorreply 37510/09/2013

Interesting that California is cited.

What is wrong with California those of you who mention it as a shithole?

I know - traffic and third world Mexicans and other immigrants.

But what else makes you say California is a shithole?

by Damron Fodorreply 37610/09/2013

Holyoke, MA is dreadful.

by Damron Fodorreply 37710/10/2013


by Damron Fodorreply 37810/10/2013

Uvalde, Texas. Terrible pit of illegal aliens, crystal meth, ignorant people and despair. I just moved away from there after living there for 7 years. If I had stayed any longer I would have killed myself. So many people there are on meth it's sad. The only money there is held by the meth dealers. They hate gays and there is a lot of gay bashing. Never go there. My dad and stepmom still live there. I will never go back to visit them. They will have to come to Fort Worth to see me. I will never go back.

by Damron Fodorreply 37910/10/2013

Granite City, IL

Suburb of St. Louis/East St. Louis

You never want to go there unless you're a meth dealer or love the smell of steel plant exhaust.

by Damron Fodorreply 38010/10/2013

R363 will be pleased to know that Slab City has just gotten its own Starbucks!

by Damron Fodorreply 38110/10/2013

R378 has nailed it. Utica has been on the shit list ever since that downtown Rare Cheese & Fancy Ribbon boutique shop was robbed by a bunch of meth addicted village elders with their junk in their hands.

by Damron Fodorreply 38210/10/2013

I didn't read read the whole thread, but Atlantic fucking City. It was depressing back in the 80s when it was just being built up. I'm sure it's a complete shit hole now

by Damron Fodorreply 38310/10/2013

One of the worst places in the state of Oregon is the Tualatin Valley Highway (Hwy 8), known as "TV Highway" between Beaverton and just outside of Forest Grove. It passes through sh*tholes like Aloha (it's no paradise), Hillsboro, Cornelius, and the outskirts of Forest Grove. It is basically one big, long congested road with ugly strip malls, high crime, strip clubs, illegals, and check cashing places. It's the ugliest place I've ever seen here in this beautiful state.

by Damron Fodorreply 38410/11/2013

I have been to every state and South Carolina has the stupidest people

by Damron Fodorreply 38510/11/2013

It amazes me how often super-hot guys (including models) are from terrible towns. I wonder why that is.

by Damron Fodorreply 38610/11/2013

El Paso, Texas. What a shit pit!

by Damron Fodorreply 38710/11/2013

Vermillion County, Illinois has a lot of depressing, near-dead small towns, like Rankin.

by Damron Fodorreply 38810/11/2013

I second Apache Junction, AZ. It's a fucking nightmare shitbox. Prescott, AZ is pretty fucking creepy as well.

by Damron Fodorreply 38910/11/2013

Pocatello, Idaho.

by Damron Fodorreply 39010/11/2013

R388 Theres a town called 'Rankin" ? How appropo for a thread with this title !

by Damron Fodorreply 39110/11/2013

Apache Junction & Prescott wouldn't even make my top 20 of worst towns in Arizona. Try places like Coolidge. Isolated, ugly and grim. Or the shithole border towns like Nogales and Douglas. Yuma is the pits as well. Large swathes of the Phoenix metro are home to just as much trash as AJ, but without the scenic backdrop of Superstition Mountain.

by Damron Fodorreply 39210/12/2013

So all of Arizona is a shithole?

by Damron Fodorreply 39310/12/2013

I'm still wanting to hear why California is a shithole according to some posters, besides the third world immigrants and heavy traffic.

Or are those two factors what make it an almost complete shithole?

Wouldn't you say parts of California outside of the Los Angeles area have many nice qualities?

by Damron Fodorreply 39410/12/2013

Oh please, California does not even compare to the types of human trash you'll find in places like Florida, Idaho, Texas, disintegrating mill-towns scattered across the northeastern rust-belt. Of course, ReFuKKKs hate California.

by Damron Fodorreply 39510/12/2013

...from sea to shining sea.

by Damron Fodorreply 39610/12/2013

the ENTIRE state of Mississippi!

by Damron Fodorreply 39710/12/2013

I scanned and then did not find Akron, OH. This town owns this thread!

by Damron Fodorreply 39810/12/2013

Malta, Idaho, Pocatello, Idaho. Overrun by stupid looking mormon trash.

by Damron Fodorreply 39910/12/2013

Regarding California, it's complex. Some of the nicest cities are there, but some of the worst.

La Jolla, Belvedere/Marin County, Pacific Grove/Monterey, Palm Springs- lovely places.

I worked as a consultant with the California Dept. of Corrections, and got to visit all the awful places tucked away in the high desert and Central Valley.

From south to north: El Centro/Imperial County - close to Mexicali. Basically like a small Tijuana without the luxuries, such as paved roads. Forget a car, bring a burro.

Salton Sea- the stench will overwhelm you as you get within a few miles. Scary place both in the day and night. Angry people, angry dogs, and that stench. And more meth.

Coachella/Indio- Riverside County: see El Centro. More paved roads, but without the rural charm of El Centro. Also more meth and shanty towns with feral dogs and wind strewn trash. Summer temps of 110+, makes the feral dogs very irritable.

Barstow/Victorville-San Bernadino County. Ugly tract homes and trailer homes nestled in the barren wastelands of the high desert. Think Mad-Max dystopia, with meth.

Bakersfield- now we are heading north along the 5. Tijuana meets Appalachia, with more meth and dust. Roasting heat in summer, without the backyard pools of Palm Springs.

Fresno- a bigger Bakersfield, with increased dining options (Outback Steak, that chain with jungled theme junk- not Sambo's, Chili's). More gangs and crime and meth. Very violent cops here.

Stockton- smaller Fresno, with just as many gangs and more crime. Declared bankruptcy, maybe this is why there a less police. Very high unemployment rate, but does host the annual Asparagus Festival.

Along the coast, at the far north:Pelican Bay, home to the supermax prison full of the most violent felons. Everyone here is either custody staff (sociopathic in their own way) or families of the felons (and apples do fall close to the tree). Best to put your kids in private school as to avoid the budding sociopathic offspring of the inmates.

by Damron Fodorreply 40010/12/2013

[quote]I scanned and then did not find Akron, OH. This town owns this thread!

Drive one hour east to Youngstown and you'll see a town that makes Akron look like Ibiza.

by Damron Fodorreply 40110/12/2013

Has anyone mentioned Torrington, CT? A mangy rural city in the middle of nowhere, Connecticut -- the closest town is probably Waterbury, which gives Bridgeport a run for its money in terms of general despair and disgustingness. Filled with rural weirdos, alcoholics, enraged townies, and a downtown that makes Detroit look like Rodeo Drive. Lots of bleak split-level homes. There are some nicer sections on the fringes, but really...why bother.

by Damron Fodorreply 40210/12/2013

Merrimack Valley MA isn't so bad. Yes, Lawrence is vile and Lowell isn't a picnic, but there are plenty of perfectly respectable towns there (Andover, Chelmsford) too that are in no way trashy.

by Damron Fodorreply 40310/12/2013

Bergen county nj

by Damron Fodorreply 40410/12/2013

Thanks, R400! I always wondered about the differences between Stockton, Fresno and Bakersfield.

Do you have any experience with Modesto?

by Damron Fodorreply 40510/12/2013

Any place you find yourself to be unhappy.

by Damron Fodorreply 40610/12/2013

Worcester, MA (Woosta to the locals)- by far the biggest ghetto in all of New England, besting Lowell, New Bedford, Waterbury, Bridgeport and all other aforementioned. A place of no redeeming cultural, historical, or economic value whatsoever (a few modestly good colleges is about it).

by Damron Fodorreply 40710/12/2013

All of California.

by Damron Fodorreply 40810/12/2013

Worcester has a nice art museum.

by Damron Fodorreply 40910/12/2013

Pomona, California. 'nuff said.

by Damron Fodorreply 41010/12/2013

So, basically any place that has a minority majority. Got it.

by Damron Fodorreply 41110/12/2013

R176: you need to get out more and see what gave you your life of privilege. And what we are doing to it.

The inner rot and decay is astonishing. I love seeing different parts of the country and have been to many of the places mentioned - the Hsmptons and Manhattan and much of ocean and Sound country in Long Island too R176 - and it leads me to think we are killing it.

by Damron Fodorreply 41210/12/2013

[quote]So, basically any place that has a minority majority. Got it.

Yes, if you count "white trash" as a minority.

by Damron Fodorreply 41310/12/2013

anaconda montana is the most depressing shithole I have ever seen. I have been to 3 different continents, and the slummiest areas don't compare to Anaconda. I think it may be a reservation for people on welfare. Stay out of the's a crapper.

by Damron Fodorreply 41403/13/2014

Somewhere in the deep south. Anywhere in the US really, if you don't have money. These days, that's most people.

by Damron Fodorreply 41503/13/2014

Kudos on "Damron Fodor" (!!)

It may not be number one but Slab City, CA is up there.

by Damron Fodorreply 41603/13/2014


A narrow, fascist police-state, where the men are all ugly

by Damron Fodorreply 41703/13/2014

Oh, and let's not forget SIX MONTHS OF WINTER.

by Damron Fodorreply 41803/13/2014

Any place in Rhode Island.

by Damron Fodorreply 41903/13/2014

The entire state of Illinois...but southern Illinois to be more specific. Bunch of inbred drunks.

by Damron Fodorreply 42004/22/2014

I would have to say Salt Lake City. This place has the worst air quality, wreaks like shit when the Great Salt Lake decides to fart. And if your a single guy who is over 40, well, forget trying to find a decent date in this shithole because its not going to happen. Your surrounded by a bunch of Ex-Californians who are fucked in the head to begin with and have migrated here to get away from California only to change it into CA which they are making very good progress at turning it into another Armpit state USA. The other factor is the mormons and their F'd up cult. Sorry, I can see why suicide rates among teenagers is very high here.

Unless your a tree hugging liberal quack, a mormon cultist, DO NOT move here if you want to succeed in life and find a date. It won't happen.

by Damron Fodorreply 42107/04/2014

You're crazy. Salt Lake City is beautiful, especially in the winter. Great mountain scenery and a wonderful bracing climate. Ironically, the Mormons have built a beautiful city but their weird religious intolerance of practically everybody and everything make it impossible to live there.

by Damron Fodorreply 42207/05/2014

Seriously, that bad? I haven't been to any of these places mentioned. What's going on in there??

by Damron Fodorreply 42307/05/2014

Grand Rapids MI and all the little shitholes surrounding it.

by Damron Fodorreply 42407/05/2014

many areas in New Mexico suck. don't tell me about the scenery. Who wants to see old time western movies scenery daily?

Detroit looks like a bombed out apocalypse shithole, with most of Cleveland a close runner-up, and Youngstown.

Have not been in Texas for years but always thought it was awful too.

I have always thought New York was over rated. Rarely enjoyed it when I was there on business. Too many freaking Eurotrash, horrible traffic, same old crappy stores you can find in any shopping area, dirty sit outside restaurants with nonEnglish speaking help loated right by big garbage bins.

I guess Detroit and then Dearborn/Cleveland/Youngstown win.

by Damron Fodorreply 42507/05/2014

Anywhere where there is a large minority population!

by Damron Fodorreply 42607/05/2014

426. Rural Oklahoma is not black. And neither is the entire state of Kansas. Nor the crappy towns in Cali. Or Washington or Maine or Illinois.

by Damron Fodorreply 42707/05/2014

Any small town with no thriving businesses or young adults. Once a town loses its 18-35 population, it loses a lot of its energy.

That said, I left my medium sized town (100,000) after college and never looked back. I completely get it that a young adult would want to move to the big city and experience life to the hilt. But I also feel sad that a lot of small towns wither and die because they can't hold on to the YA population. (And, no, that demographic is not the 'be all, end all' but they are a very active demographic in keeping the community revitalized)

I have lived in a large metropolitan city ever since I left college. My hometown friends who stayed on to raise families in my childhood town have really tried to keep it a vibrant and 'current' place to live. I really admire them for that. Every small town needs some 'current' citizens who are good at introducing viable change in the community and I'm always really impressed when I return for annual visits to see how it's kept the best of its old school "Mayberry" feel with a nice blend of progressive elements as well.

In my ideal world I would live in a small town like Cabot Cove with Jessica Fletcher, an Atticus Finch, a great local bar scene, and be less than an hour away from a large metropolitan area. : )

by Damron Fodorreply 42807/05/2014

All of Texas except Austin. It is the land of 12th Century Extremism, clinging tightly to the flavor of Jim Crow.

by Damron Fodorreply 42907/05/2014

[quote]So all of Arizona is a shithole?

Pretty much. It's really the top-down tea-bag right wing political bent of the place that makes it unfortunate for normal folks who live here. Radicalized, low information people have been flocking to AZ since Gov. Ev Mecham invited them to come and fight his impeachment battles in the 80's. They own politics outside a of few reasonable places (Bisbee, Jerome, Sedona, Flagstaff and Tucson.)

The county level GOP machines are highly effective at getting wackos elected. Voter suppression of Latinos was practically invented here. ALEC and Arizona Center for Policy own the political process, and use the state as a test bed for the worst boilerplate bills imaginable.

It's not surprising in the land of Joe Arpaio that a number of county sheriffs are involved in Oath Keepers, an insurrectionist group which seeks to take on the federal government, Bundy-style.

I'm a native, I've delt with wall to wall weirdos and what they do for the past 25 years, and I AM getting out.

by Damron Fodorreply 43007/05/2014

I would guess somewhere in Ohio.

by Damron Fodorreply 43107/05/2014

The fucking racist pig invades every thread.

by Damron Fodorreply 43207/05/2014

Any town with a paper mill is pretty terrible — the stench, which covers entire towns, is ungodly and they're typically set up in areas with no regulation whatsoever. Bogalusa, Louisiana is one example, but I've never been to a bigger shithole than Augusta, Georgia, which not only has a paper mill but an open-air sewage plant near downtown.

The city has nothing to trade on but the golf course there (where they hold the Masters) but beyond that much of the city is shanties, crumbling buildings, houses with tarps for exterior walls. Detroit has some scary majesty in its crumbling buildings (and the downtown area is doing OK), but Augusta just looks like Mortville.

by Damron Fodorreply 43307/05/2014

It's Montgomery AL. Even though it's a capitol city it is a SHITHOLE.

by Damron Fodorreply 43407/05/2014

R432 Epic failure to understand that racism goes hand in hand with homo haters. Texas is a shithole for real, and their legally endorsing REPARATIVE THERAPY makes them the worst fuckers of all - racists to boot. But back to your remark : So all gays are white is that it? For your edification:

E. Lynn Harris Langston Hughes Wallace Thurman Countee Cullen James Baldwin

It is a long and illustrious list, much more than this.

by Damron Fodorreply 43507/05/2014

Gary, Indiana.

What a wonderful name!

Named for Albert Gary--of judiciary fame!

by Damron Fodorreply 43607/05/2014

Atlanta and its many suburbs.

by Damron Fodorreply 43707/05/2014

The most disgusting city in the US that I've ever personally been to, is Camden, NJ.

Closely followed by Trenton & Newark, NJ.

Other horrible American cities I've had the misfortune to experience:

Detroit & Flint, MI - both of these should be flattened & turned into farmland, or solar panel complexes. They're beyond redemption. It would cost more to fix them than they're worth at this point. Seriously.

St Louis & Cleveland. Disgusting & crap weather to boot.

Bakersfield & Barstow, CA. Their only salvation is they're both surrounded by desert, so it keeps them from "spreading". Thank God.

Only about 10% of New Orleans, Baltimore or Memphis can be visited in daylight. Flush the rest.

Any town in the interior of Florida - all just awful & their weather is horrendous. If you live in Florida & don't live on the coast, you may as well be in bumfuck Mississippi. It's that bad.

Any city or town on the Texas/Mexico border. Take your pick. Yes, they are as bad as you've heard.

by Damron Fodorreply 43807/05/2014

Hmmm, gee, I wonder why R421 can't possibly get himself a date?

by Damron Fodorreply 43907/05/2014

Any place I happen to feel depressed. I can be happy any place when I'm not in turmoil.

by Damron Fodorreply 44007/05/2014

Youngstown native here, and yes, it is probably one of the worst cities in the US. The cops don't even care if you roll through red lights as long as you explain to them that you didn't feel safe stopping at the intersection. Believe it or not, it's also the birth place of Warner Bros. Entertainment. I am a bit surprised at how many people from other states are even aware of Youngstown, since Detroit usually gets all the limelight for being one of the worst cities.

by Damron Fodorreply 44107/05/2014

The phrase "Where to begin?" springs to kind!

by Damron Fodorreply 44207/05/2014

"The phrase "Where to begin?" springs to kind!"

you almost had it.

by Damron Fodorreply 44307/05/2014

Typing cost extra at my skool.

by Damron Fodorreply 44407/05/2014


by Damron Fodorreply 44507/05/2014

San Francisco

by Damron Fodorreply 44607/05/2014

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA in the San Francisco bay area. A lot of psychos harbor there. The murder capitol of the country. And the sick old ugly aging queens live there love picking up the thugs there, paying them money for their black cocks.

by Damron Fodorreply 44707/05/2014

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by Damron Fodorreply 44807/05/2014

There's a place I've passed through called Imperial County in southeast California. It's a hellhole. Why would anyone want to live there?

by Damron Fodorreply 44907/05/2014

Rancho Mirage. Urf. Luxury estates and golf - that's about it. At least I can walk to Betty Ford in a year or two.

by Damron Fodorreply 45007/05/2014

The people who live in these places have constant sex, with people who are not their partners...they also drink a lot and also use a lot of drugs...then they create all this drama over their fucking situations. Then they get their guys, or an ax, and kill each other.

by Damron Fodorreply 45107/05/2014

waterbury ct

by Damron Fodorreply 45208/02/2014

Newark, NJ is The Magic Kingdom compared to Camden, NJ!

by Damron Fodorreply 45308/02/2014

[all posts by tedious, racist idiot removed.]

by Damron Fodorreply 45408/02/2014

I visited St. Louis for three days and found Washington University to be one of the most attractive and inviting residential areas I've ever seen. In fact, there were many nice parts of the city and its suburbs.

I've seen much worse looking places, primarily in the Southwestern U.S. from Texas to California.

by Damron Fodorreply 45508/03/2014

I thought it was New York until I went to San Francisco.

by Damron Fodorreply 45608/03/2014

R434 is right. Montgomery Alabama.

by Damron Fodorreply 45708/05/2014

Lufkin , Texas...Hands down

by Damron Fodorreply 45811/21/2014


by Damron Fodorreply 45911/21/2014

Arbuckle, CA, is a pretty depressing shithole.

by Damron Fodorreply 46001/02/2015

Laredo Texas. Sensory deprivation.

by Damron Fodorreply 46101/02/2015

The entire state of Indiana.

by Damron Fodorreply 46201/02/2015

Detroit owns this fucking thread!

by Damron Fodorreply 46301/02/2015

Gila Bend, Arizona. Especially in the summer.

by Damron Fodorreply 46401/02/2015

Mordor on the Potomac.

by Damron Fodorreply 46501/02/2015

Texas, Alabama, the Carolinas, Georgia (hotlanta is NOT Georgia lol); Riverside, Ca; Orlando, Fl; Dover, NH; Minot, SD; Cinncinati, OH; Lousiville, KY; anywhere WV; Rochester, NY; New Orleans, LA;Utah

by Damron Fodorreply 46601/02/2015

Michigan, not only a shithole, but a shithole with a winter that lasts half the year. Detroit is obviously king of the godforsaken hellscapes but Flint is a close second.

At least the South and Texas are warm.

by Damron Fodorreply 46701/02/2015

R466 is ridiculous.

by Damron Fodorreply 46801/02/2015

Well thank u sweetie. Coming from YOU, that's high praise LOL Go cry on something and contact us when your period ends.

by Damron Fodorreply 46901/02/2015

I'm with R17. I live in cleveland but go to youngstwn a few times a year, very depressing. Detroit however definitely owns this thread. Steubenville ohio is a very frightening place. Anti semitic.

by Damron Fodorreply 47001/02/2015

Everything in Ohio is horrifying. Even worse when they move down South, usually to run from creditors. Mix that crazy with southern crazy and you'll see Ozzy could ONLY IMAGINE what 'going off the rails' actually looks like.

by Damron Fodorreply 47101/02/2015

Johnson City, TN

by Damron Fodorreply 47201/02/2015

My vote goes the Brooklyn, it's supposed to be a hotbed of creativity but it's sad and depressing as hell

by Damron Fodorreply 47301/02/2015

The Navajo reservations in New Mexico.

by Damron Fodorreply 47401/02/2015

Steubenville, Ohio

by Damron Fodorreply 47501/11/2015

R475=Grace Foster

by Damron Fodorreply 47601/11/2015

The worst place I've ever seen is downtown Memphis, which looked even worse than Baltimore or Camden, NJ,

by Damron Fodorreply 47701/11/2015

The old timers had it right. Embrace segregation.

by Damron Fodorreply 47801/11/2015

Utica NY? Newburgh NY?

by Damron Fodorreply 47901/11/2015

Meriden, Connecticut

by Damron Fodorreply 48001/11/2015

My mother-In-Law's underpants. Please, don't get me started...

We hung them on the line one day and sailed all the way to Brazil.

I live in Queens, people!

Is this thing on?

by Damron Fodorreply 48101/11/2015

I had a swoogie neighbor a few years back who told me he had fathered 22 children that he knew of. After observing the shocked look on my face, he added... "That's nothing, my daddy had over fifty". Our beloved country is broken. Eventually the welfare recipients will out number the taxpayers.

by Damron Fodorreply 48201/18/2015

Obviously the father does not support the 22 children. Their mothers support them, so why would you assume they are on welfare, idiot. Get into the real world, mothers have often been the bread winner in the family.

by Damron Fodorreply 48301/18/2015

Birmingham Alabama looked pretty bad when I was there.

by Damron Fodorreply 48401/18/2015

But does it still have the Princess Theatre, R390?

by Damron Fodorreply 48501/18/2015

Cleveland fucking Ohio owns the thread.

by Damron Fodorreply 48601/18/2015

Bridgeport, CT is a ghetto nightmare.

by Damron Fodorreply 48701/18/2015

I'm sitting in Bridgeport, CT right now and there's nothing depressing about it. It has some desolate areas, and not a lot of money, but that's any post-industrial American city.

by Damron Fodorreply 48801/18/2015

I'm not American so please bear with me. I was wondering if those third world conditions depicted in 'True Detective' exist?

by Damron Fodorreply 48901/18/2015

Have we named every city in the USA yet?

by Damron Fodorreply 49001/18/2015

[You do realize that this is a troll, right? It just craves attention. You might want to stop talking to it.]

by Damron Fodorreply 49101/18/2015

Slab City @R363 [bold]IS[/bold] Mortville.

by Damron Fodorreply 49201/18/2015

East Fort Worth makes Detroit look like the Emerald City.

by Damron Fodorreply 49301/18/2015

Slab City is awesome and amazing. Nothing else like it in the U.S. that I know of. Nothing depressing about it, unless you can only exist in five-star hotels. And while you're in that area, also see Salvation Mountain, East Jesus, the Calipatria mud volcanoes, the International Banana Museum, Algodones Dunes and take in a nice soak in one of the hot springs around the area.

by Damron Fodorreply 49401/18/2015

If there's any place on this planet that's worse than Camden, NJ, I never, ever want to go there...

by Damron Fodorreply 49501/27/2015

the entire state of Mississppi

by Damron Fodorreply 49601/27/2015

r290, right on!! Norwich CT used to be pretty grim. Maybe it has changed by now.Sad, because it is filled with wonderful old Victorian architecture. Things went down when the mills closed. It is too far from the beach, too. New London, CT is pretty sad, too, and it is on the water.

by Damron Fodorreply 49701/27/2015

Eastern PA outside of chi-chi, liberal central Bucks County. Esp. the area around Wilkes-Barre, Allentown, Quakertown. Lower Bucks county is gross.

by Damron Fodorreply 49801/27/2015

hazleton pa luzern county nepa is the shit hole of america or should i say littel havanna,ya like that the goverment gave up on as just like the rest of the country ,thier laughing all the wat to bank selling us out day by day

by Damron Fodorreply 49902/20/2015


by Damron Fodorreply 50002/20/2015

Lock Haven, PA

by Damron Fodorreply 50102/20/2015

Well, it's NOT Utica, NY., that's for sure!

by Damron Fodorreply 50202/20/2015

The entire state of NJ

by Damron Fodorreply 50302/20/2015

Salina, Kansas.

by Damron Fodorreply 50402/20/2015

Hendersonville, NC. Thread closed.

by Damron Fodorreply 50502/20/2015

The most depressing shithole is obviously where the OP lives. She's trying to make herself feel better because she lives in a cardboard box in Oklahoma, and is desperately trolling to find others more unfortunate than herself. Not possible OP. You live in the worst shithole in the world.

by Damron Fodorreply 50602/20/2015

We stopped in Vega, Texas on a cross-country trip. This was in June and it was hot and windy. The only place we could see to eat was a Burger King. We went in and ate. I noticed that a lot of the other people in the place weren't eating. They were playing cards, checkers, etc. Apparently it was where people go to hang out in Vega, Texas. And apparently the only place in town with air conditioning. It was kind of fun in a weird way for a few minutes, but if I was stuck there, I would find it extremely depressing.

by Damron Fodorreply 50702/20/2015

Vega, Texas statistics.

by Damron Fodorreply 50802/21/2015

Vega, TX was the setting for a reality show, Popularity Contest. A group of people moved to town and each week the residents of Vega would vote one out. I actually enjoyed it.

by Damron Fodorreply 50902/21/2015

Virginia Beach when the hillbilly, cankled street preachers show up to harass tourists.

by Damron Fodorreply 51002/21/2015

[quote]East Fort Worth makes Detroit look like the Emerald City.

Ah, it's not that bad!

by Damron Fodorreply 51102/21/2015

R29 it is Westport, also setting for Bewitched, which had the original title of The Witch of Westport.

I think NYC is a contender here. People who think they are living in nirvana. It's a dirty smelly shithole of a city filled with Eurotrash and middle easterners. Where else can you sit outside and eat ice cream next to a dumpster?

Other than a couple art museums and aging uncomfortable Broadway theatres--which now mostly have stuff appealing to flyovers anyway--what is so great about NY?

by Damron Fodorreply 51202/21/2015

[quote]In fact, no matter what the locals say, pretty much all of Berrien County is depressing. Not one Starbucks in the whole county.

R50 There are at least two Starbucks in Berrien county located inside Martin's Grocery stores in St. Joe and Niles. There is more to Berrien county than New Buffalo.

by Damron Fodorreply 51302/21/2015

Having read what most have written I was surprised that no ONE mentioned terrible hopeless Terre Haute, Indiana! Referred to as the "crossroads of the world". This town is the worst most depressing town I have ever been in.

Considered the "arm-pit of america". The town has the worst smells daily!! Consider this the-a smell of a rubber plant in addition to paint factory mixed together!

This was the town that created the "pay-toilet" need I say more. Their only major "industry" is the state university........

It has more "fast food" restaurants than anywhere else I have ever been. One tiny hole in the wall gay bar that send any young homosexual back into the closet......sad and depressing..........................

by Damron Fodorreply 51403/01/2015

Jacksonville, FL

The 'new music' station here plays stuff like 'Purple Rain' and 'I come from a land down under..'

by Damron Fodorreply 51503/01/2015

Hendersonville is nice

by Damron Fodorreply 51603/01/2015

Everywhere in Kansas. Everywhere.

by Damron Fodorreply 51703/01/2015

Laredo Texas. Sensory deprivation. Even the birds are ugly.

by Damron Fodorreply 51803/01/2015

Isn't Terre Haute also where the U.S. Federal death chamber is?

by Damron Fodorreply 51903/01/2015

Wilkes-Barre,PA - Scranton wants to nuke it.

by Damron Fodorreply 52003/01/2015

R510) Somebody should have reminded Inbred Jed about the sin of gluttony. The Lord helping those who help themselves doesn't refer to third servings at the buffet table at some waffle house.

by Damron Fodorreply 52103/01/2015

[You do realize that this is a troll, right? It just craves attention. You might want to stop talking to it.]

by Damron Fodorreply 52203/05/2015

R512, I totally agree with you. Why are so many people completely blind to the fact that NYC is nothing more than a glorified shithole?

by Damron Fodorreply 52303/05/2015

OP, why did you feel a need to censor fuck but not shit?

by Damron Fodorreply 52403/05/2015

It has to be in Ohio. What a fucking cesspool of a state.

by Damron Fodorreply 52503/05/2015

R523, in comparison to Chicago or DC or Miami, it's WAY better.

And if you have to work for a living, the best jobs are HERE. Yes, if one didn't need to work and instead, sit around smoking pot and drawing from a trust fund, then one bums about in Los Angeles or San Francisco. We get it.

by Damron Fodorreply 52603/05/2015

New York City

by Damron Fodorreply 52703/05/2015

Beckley, WV or Huntington, WV. Equally dreary, depressing shitholes.

by Damron Fodorreply 52803/05/2015

R477, what was wrong with Memphis? I had a great time there and went to several cool restaurants and clubs and museums. I know Memphis has a lot of crime, but the parts I saw were fine.

My friends took me down into Mississippi too, and it was pretty and I met some neat people.

by Damron Fodorreply 52903/05/2015

R520, I was born and raised in Scranton. Wilkes-Barre is an oasis in comparison.

by Damron Fodorreply 53003/05/2015

Capitol City of Alabama, Montgomery would make those other places look like DisneyWorld. It isn't a friendship city w/out your Glock or Colt.

by Damron Fodorreply 53103/17/2015

Damn peoria

by Damron Fodorreply 53203/17/2015

Any god forsaken hell hole in the south run by republicans. Arizona, Louisiana (lake Charles anyone), Mississippi,Alabama, Tennessee,oklafuckinghoma, kansas, Nebraska, south or north Dakota ( who the FUCK would live there)???

by Damron Fodorreply 53303/17/2015

New Bedford, MA

by Damron Fodorreply 53403/17/2015

Bessemer Alabama has to rank.

by Damron Fodorreply 53503/17/2015

Ajo or Gila Bend, AZ.

by Damron Fodorreply 53603/17/2015

Burke, SD

by Damron Fodorreply 53703/17/2015

Gotta be somewhere in Ohio or Oklahoma

by Damron Fodorreply 53803/17/2015

Have you ever heard of Gary, Indiana, R538?

Subtract all of the good parts of Chicago as a city and that's what you're left with.

by Damron Fodorreply 53903/17/2015

According to my brother, Pahrump, Nevada - where my middle niece and 3 small children currently live - is pretty bad. I suppose a lot of Nevada is no bloody hell.

by Damron Fodorreply 54003/17/2015

the coal mine towns in KY and WV don't look good

by Damron Fodorreply 54103/17/2015

Apparently, it's wherever I am.

by Damron Fodorreply 54203/17/2015

Fort Worth, Texas is an eyesore.

by Damron Fodorreply 54303/17/2015

Renton Washington, also Duvall, lakewood, and Tacoma

by Damron Fodorreply 54403/17/2015

[quote]According to my brother, Pahrump, Nevada - where my middle niece and 3 small children currently live - is pretty bad. I suppose a lot of Nevada is no bloody hell.

Well, it's the closest city to Las Vegas where prostitution is legal, so at least your family will be able to find employment.

by Damron Fodorreply 54503/17/2015

Uniontown, Pennsylvania. Dead town full of short, ugly people.

by Damron Fodorreply 54603/17/2015

R543 how about Dallas?

by Damron Fodorreply 54703/17/2015

Any town immediately outside am Army post. I spent 20 years in the Army, pretty depressing!

by Damron Fodorreply 54805/12/2015

This is a true fact and you can even look it up: More people have died drinking the water in Altoona PA than have died in all wars in history.

by Damron Fodorreply 54905/12/2015

Anywhere in Indiana at the moment, but South Bend in particular.

by Damron Fodorreply 55005/12/2015

Anywhere in central Wisconsin is a horror.

by Damron Fodorreply 55105/12/2015

Jacksonville, FL

by Damron Fodorreply 55205/12/2015

TWhen that guy who danced around the world went viral when YouTube was young, I read his Q&A page. This is a guy who have been all around the world, and seen some pretty run down third world places.

Someone asked him where the most depressing place he'd ever been was. I kid you not, his response was some suburb of Kirkland, WA. Not only that, he specified the shopping center that I lived right NEXT to and shopped at that time. It was like reverse kismet.

Yes, the absolute worst shithole this non-rich well travelled guy had ever been to was exactly where I was living when I read that page. I took it as a sign to move, and did.

by Damron Fodorreply 55305/12/2015

So what did he say was so bad about Kirkland, r553?

by Damron Fodorreply 55405/13/2015

[quote]This is a true fact and you can even look it up: More people have died drinking the water in Altoona PA than have died in all wars in history.

Since everyone in every town drinks the water and eventually dies, that statement is true of every town.

by Damron Fodorreply 55505/13/2015

South San Diego, next to the border.

by Damron Fodorreply 55605/13/2015

it's incomprehensible that there is anyplace in this great country that is worse than Camden. If there is, I hope I never, ever have to go there.

by Damron Fodorreply 55705/13/2015

Half the United States has turned into a shit hole

by Damron Fodorreply 55805/16/2015

Didn't we decide it was Texarkana in another thread?

by Damron Fodorreply 55905/16/2015


He didn't go into detail, but I totally get it. Of all the gloomy, hopeless places in the world he picked the Juanita shopping center, which I lived right next to. It's not rundown or old. It's just a strip mall type place with Starbucks, a decent grocery store, a GNC, yada yada. Around back, there is a drug store that is nice enough. It's all regular, clean and nice. But it's palpably soulless.

I think the guy used to live in the same apartment building I did. There is just a pervasive, hopeless and soulless feeling that one area and I can't explain it because everything is clean and "nice". The fact that someone else pointed it out was a revelation - maybe I'm not depressed. Maybe I need a change of scenery.

by Damron Fodorreply 56005/17/2015

Any state where the majority of people use "y'all".

by Damron Fodorreply 56105/17/2015

North Dakota. The entire state is bland and it's people are pale, fat and boring.

by Damron Fodorreply 56205/17/2015

The most uppity judgmental person I've met happens to be from North Dakota. It was my school friend's mom. The friend was cool. The mom hated everyone who wasn't exactly like her, including me.

by Damron Fodorreply 56305/17/2015


by Damron Fodorreply 56405/17/2015

I will add that Kirkland itself isn't depressing. It's hill-y and overlooks Lake Washington. It's pretty. But there is that one area within it that is like... hexed or something. It was wild to get outside confirmation of what I was feeling.

Plus, the people act so surprised if you have decent manners and are somewhat kind. It's like everyone is starving for a friend. Again, that area was MORE depressing than a shanty town. Think about that.


by Damron Fodorreply 56505/17/2015

[quote]and it's people are pale, fat and boring.


by Damron Fodorreply 56605/17/2015

R405 "Do you have any experience with Modesto?"

Why yes, sure I do!

by Damron Fodorreply 56705/18/2015

Starbucks in Queens

by Damron Fodorreply 56805/18/2015

Chicago. Sitting in traffic, watching the infrastructure crumble at every overpass and bridge.

by Damron Fodorreply 56905/18/2015

Toms River, NJ

With an honorable mention to Cordele, GA

by Damron Fodorreply 57005/18/2015

Beverly Hills.

The only people you actually see are uniformed Hispanic maids and gardeners.

by Damron Fodorreply 57105/18/2015

I think after this weekend, Waco can move to the top of the list.

by Damron Fodorreply 57205/18/2015

Modesto is paradise compared to Turlock

by Damron Fodorreply 57305/18/2015

Am seconding Wheeling-Steubenville-Martins Ferry region of the Ohio River. There are other places just as shitty, but no where is there such a concentration of nasty people. They're evolving into pig-people.

by Damron Fodorreply 57405/20/2015

I have to pipe in again and crown Camden, NJ the winner...I have nothing personally against Camden but it truly is the gold standard for shitholes. Even the pimps and crack whores are scared to go out at night. In 2014, the murder rate was ten times than that of New York City and 30 percent higher than New Orleans. The unemployment rate is more than 20 percent. The graduation rate of high schools is 37%. etc. etc. etc. A miserable, pathetic pile of garbage that is beyond repair - just bulldoze it into the Delaware and end it....

by Damron Fodorreply 57506/06/2015
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