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Kate Bush releases an unusual new album %E2%80%9CDirector%E2%80%99s Cut%E2%80%9D on May 16 on her own label Fish People, in conjunction with EMI.

On %E2%80%9CDirectors Cut%E2%80%9D Kate revisits a selection of tracks from her albums %E2%80%9CThe Sensual World%E2%80%9D and %E2%80%9CThe Red Shoes%E2%80%9D, a process that presents a fascinating portrait of an artist in a constant state of evolution. She has re-recorded some elements whilst keeping the best musical performances of each song %E2%80%93 making it something of a director%E2%80%99s cut but in sound, not vision.

A new version of %E2%80%9CDeeper Understanding%E2%80%9D will be released as a single in April. Although written some twenty years ago, the song may be more relevant today than ever%E2%80%A6

Kate is currently working on new material although no release date has been set for this.

%E2%80%9CDirector%E2%80%99s Cut%E2%80%9D will be released in the following formats:

* Digital Album, Standard CD in a case-bound book, Deluxe CD (three disc package, including Director%E2%80%99s Cut, The Sensual Word and re-mastered The Red Shoes) in a case-bound book and two-disc vinyl.

* Other digital and vinyl formats will be made available on Details will be published shortly.

by Why?reply 4011/18/2011

God, even ARTISTS can't create anything new these days. It makes it hard to get angry at Hollywood...

by Why?reply 103/11/2011

I'm intrigued, as I have always thought the production and mastering of both of those albums were sub-par.

by Why?reply 203/11/2011

It's also been announced that she's working on new material in addition to this release.

by Why?reply 303/13/2011

Two of her worst albums...yeccch!

by Why?reply 403/13/2011

You can listen to the whole album on NPR's web site.

Some of it is spectacular (Song of Solomon made me weep), some songs didn't work for me before and I don't care for the new versions either (The Red Shoes), some songs I didn't like before but I love the new versions (Top of the City, And so is Love). The new 'analogue' sound is warm and sensual. Kate's vocals are beautiful and heartbreaking at times. I can't wait to hear the vinyl.

Offsite Link
by Why?reply 505/11/2011

It was Never Be Mine, not Song of Solomon that made me tear up. Must be the moment The Trio Bulgarka comes in. It's the first time that I can actually hear what they're singing. Anyway, both songs sound great on the new album.

by Why?reply 605/11/2011

She's basically redone these songs with the kind of lower-key production and more natural vocal sound she employed on "Aerial."

But instead of redoing the songs from The Red Shoes that didn't work (like, most of the songs in the second half) she redid all the good ones. And she's crazy to redo "This Woman's Work."

by Why?reply 705/11/2011

i love la bush.

by Why?reply 805/11/2011

There's a whole new audience for her to get discovered by.

by Why?reply 905/11/2011

Poor Kate can only afford $18 for her pr campaign. At least all those caps and exclamation marks are FREE!!!!!

by Why?reply 1005/12/2011

I wonder if she did this project as a way to own the masters of her own work--haven't a lot of artists been doing this lately as a way to make money on royalties? I'm glad she's still recording but it's shame we don't get to hear any new material. I'm shocked she's redoing "Woman's Work"--thank God she had the sense not to touch "Wuthering Heights."

by Why?reply 1105/12/2011

She's working on new material, r11. When will we hear it is another matter.

by Why?reply 1205/12/2011

[quote]hank God she had the sense not to touch "Wuthering Heights."

She has already had one go at redoing it in the 80s as evident on The Whole Story album.

by Why?reply 1305/12/2011

I think I would vote for Scott Brown.

by Why?reply 1405/12/2011

It's getting rave reviews. . .but not from me. I feel like she's singing up against a second-rate karoake instrumental, recording it, and calling it a new album. The new take on "Sensual World" is not at all listenable. "Deeper Understanding" lost what made it special with that auto-tuned chorus and the two-minute harmonica solo. "The Red Shoes" loses what made it grow and grow. "Lily" gets improved, though but "Song of Solomon" is a pointless update. Really, it's like she slowed down half the songs a bit, forgot some lyrics, and decided that was good enough. This is not worth the wait since "Aerial". What a shame. Completely pointless.

by Why?reply 1505/12/2011

Thanks for wandering into our Kate Bush thread, R14.

by Why?reply 1605/12/2011

Love the original "Never Be Mine." Gorgeous. "Sensual World" too. Gotta have a listen to the redo's but I don't know. I love her but I thought the new "Deeper Understanding" was awful.

by Why?reply 1705/12/2011

Interview with Radio 2's Ken Bruce recorded in the garden at Kate's house about the new album. Love the sound of her speaking voice. Her son sang the computer voice part on the new version of "Deeper Understanding" but agree with r15 that it isn't an improvement on the original.%0D %0D

Offsite Link
by Why?reply 1805/12/2011

her speaking voice is so beautiful. i thought the same thing the first time i heard her in an interview.

by Why?reply 1905/12/2011

Maybe I should try this...

by Why?reply 2005/12/2011

I much prefer the original recording of The Sensual World to Flower of the Mountain, ditto the remake of Deeper Understanding. I have this CD on my Amazon pre-order list (their release date says 5/23), but I'm thinking of canceling it now. Haven't heard anything yet that impresses me, and most of it is just worse. I don't know whether to even try listening to the new This Woman's Work.

by Why?reply 2105/12/2011

Is Kate big in the US? Or marginal?

by Why?reply 2205/12/2011

Sounds great, but wish she was working on "The Kick Inside" instead.

by Why?reply 2305/12/2011

It's already available for pre-order on iTunes!

by Why?reply 2405/12/2011

She's an amazing talent, but when is she going to be on SNL again??

by Why?reply 2505/12/2011

Birds chirping...

by Why?reply 2605/12/2011

[quote]Sounds great, but wish she was working on "The Kick Inside" instead.

Why do you say that? I'm not saying it would not be interesting to hear those songs redone, but that's a pretty tight album. Every song on it is kind of perfect.

by Why?reply 2705/12/2011

I think she's always been marginal in the US, R22. Running Up That Hill is about the only song the average American can even vaguely recognize. Her heyday here, if she can be said to have had one, was roughly 1978-1985. For the most part she's long since forgotten. Her fans in the US are just as rabid as any of her other fans worldwide, though. We're like a secret society.

by Why?reply 2805/12/2011

I'm so excited that I feel like singing!

Out on the wiley, windy moors We'd roll and fall in green You had a temper, like my jealousy Too hot, too greedy How could you leave me? When I needed to possess you? I hated you, I loved you too

Bad dreams in the night They told me I was going to lose the fight Leave behind my wuthering, wuthering Wuthering Heights

(Chorus) Heathcliff, its me, Cathy come home I'm so cold, let me in-a-your window

Oh it gets dark, it gets lonely On the other side from you I pine alot, I find the lot Falls through without you I'm coming back love, cruel Heathcliff My one dream, my only master

Too long I roam in the night I'm coming back to his side to put it right I'm coming home to wuthering, wuthering, Wuthering Heights

Oh let me have it, let me grab your soul away Oh let me have it, let me grab your soul away You know it's me, Cathy

by Why?reply 2905/13/2011

and so is love redone:

Offsite Link
by Why?reply 3005/18/2011

[quote]Kate Bush is on course to end Adele's run at top of the UK albums chart this week (beginning May 16) with her new record 'Director's Cut. Adele's second album '21' has spent a total of 15 weeks at the top of the albums chart, including the last four weeks in a row. But Bush's new album, which is a collection of re-recorded versions of tracks from her 1989 album 'The Sensual World' and 1993's 'The Red Shoes', has sold more copies this week so far.

Suck it haters!

Offsite Link
by Why?reply 3105/18/2011

I posted 'and so is love' above and while I ADORE Kate Bush, I am a little befuddled. The new version makes her sound, in parts, inebriated. I still love her, but I just don't know what to make of this new release.

by Why?reply 3205/18/2011

Was this not released on the 16th as announced? I can't find it anywhere, not even itunes

by Why?reply 3305/18/2011


by Why?reply 3405/19/2011

23rd May in the US and Canada - already released in Europe and Asia.

If you found Aerial drab, meandering and bereft of a single memorable tune then I would give the Director's Cut a miss as it is more of the same.

I cannot understand any of the plaudits she is garnering online for the reworking of This Woman's Work or Moments of Pleasure on the DC as she has sucked all the life out of those songs.

Based on what she has wrought here I am not holding out much hope for the new stuff she is supposedly working on now.

by Why?reply 3505/19/2011

I am loving it! Though a little jarring at first as I am so used to the original versions of the songs (especially "This Woman's Work") - but ultimately brilliant!

by Why?reply 3606/01/2011

I bought it today and have to say I think it's kind of terrible. The best thing in Moments Of Pleasure is the chorus, and she excises it completely, while changing the melody of the verses and making them less interesting. All of the excitement of the arrangement of Red Shoes is gone. Deeper Understanding is annoying now. The alteration of the melody on the chorus of Never Be Mine renders it dull. Awful!

by Why?reply 3706/04/2011

She must be hard up for cash, which isn't shocking since she hardly works. She's gone from doing nothing, to doing something as gimmicky and unnecessary as this. She committing the ultimate sin by messing with classics. It's truly sad. I do wish her the best though, and that she realizes another stellar studio album. She ain't getting any younger!

by Why?reply 3806/04/2011

I'm going to wait for the cartoon version

by Why?reply 3906/04/2011

I hate it. I LOVE the new album "50 words for snow"...and absolutely love all her albums, but this 'director's cut' nonsense is stupid.

It's like some drunk Brit 25 year old took over the studio, using her existing DAT tapes.

by Why?reply 4011/18/2011
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