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Kelsey Grammer and Wife #4 Already Fighting?

Kelsey Grammer and his fourth wife, Kayte Walsh, have only been married a couple of weeks and already the new Mrs. Grammer is starting to understand that being married to Kelsey isn't as easy as you might think. Sources close to the pair tell me they've already stumbled upon their first rift -- and it involves about 2,800 miles and an ex-wife.

"Kelsey wants to move back to LA to be near his daughters and start working on a new TV project with Starz," an insider tells me. "But Kayte would rather stay in New York where she has close friends and is far, far away from [his ex-wife] Camille."

The 'Frazier' star will win in the end, friends say, but the disagreement so early on "should be a warning of what is to come."

The May-December couple (he's 55, she's 29) have been laying pretty low since their Feb. 25 wedding, which came just two weeks after he finalized his divorce from his wife of 13 years, Camille, 42. But on Friday, the pair emerged looking happy as can be as they rambled around midtown New York and Central Park. In many of the pics, Kelsey obliged snappers by laying a few kisses on his bride.

Maybe Kelsey will look at these photos of a beautiful day in NYC and change his mind about heading back to Los Angeles and the realities of living near an ex-wife? Not likely.

"Kelsey has an enormous ego and definitely likes being the boss," my source tells me. "Everything goes great when your answers is 'yes' to him." And right now, he's saying "yes" to being near his young kids with Camille, 9-year-old Mason and 6-year-old Jude.

It's been a drama-filled first chapter in the story of Kelsey and Kayte, who became pregnant but lost the baby while the actor was still very married to Camille, now a star of 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.' Kelsey announced he was engaged to Kayte and said, "We are in love and see no reason to postpone our happiness any longer."

Maybe history will show it might have been better to postpone and get to know each other a little better before saying, "I Do."

by Miareply 3504/16/2012

Shouldn't he have realized by now that he is *not* the marrying kind?

by Miareply 103/07/2011

Why do men like this keep on getting married. Why not just date and fuck around, which is obviously what they want to do anyway.

by Miareply 203/07/2011

Well, you marry somebody that's the breadwinner, you go where his work is. If she wants to live where there's no work for him, go get a good paying job herself and support him. Bwahahahha! Like that would ever happen!%0D %0D Did she somehow not know he had small childen he would want to see again? Was he supposed to take them to an orphanage right after the wedding? The ex-wife whose marriage she broke up doesn't adore her, so she can't live in the same state? What an asshole. %0D %0D Sounds like Contest of the Rampaging Egos. They deserve each other.

by Miareply 303/07/2011

Who would trust anything posted on a site where they're too lazy to even spell the name of his sitcom correctly?

I know it's the internet, but accuracy should still count for something. I completely discount writers' credibility for stupidity like that.

by Miareply 403/07/2011

He's a bad news buffet!

by Miareply 503/07/2011

New soap thread alert! New soap thread alert!%C2%A0

The soap cunts are trying to sneak in more and more SOAP THREADS despite knowing they are not allowed.%C2%A0

The "Ron Moss" thread, the "Tony Geary on Oprah" thread, the " TREVOR ST. John heading to California for pilot season" thread, anything with "Van Hansis" in it . They are all SOAP THREADS!!!

Punch and delete those cunts, already.

by Miareply 603/07/2011

r2 He keeps getting married because he likes the idea of having someone doing what he wants because they "love" him. Obviously he has enough money to have servants obey him and to have whores tell him he is great, but he wants someone who "means it." The illusion that he is loved for who he is, not what he has. He wants an adoring wife and he trades them in when the illusion no long works for him. No different than someone like Donald Trump.

by Miareply 703/07/2011

Now his dumb ass got her name tattoed on him:

by Miareply 804/15/2012

The hip is an extremely gay place to get a tattoo. Despite Kelsey's affinity for boozy, trashy, strippers, flight attendants and Club MTV dancers with irritable bowels, I think he's a big mo.

by Miareply 904/15/2012

He has some kind of damage.

by Miareply 1004/15/2012

He is quite talented, and I will always love Sideshow Bob, but man he seems like a borderline sociopathic jerk.

Just because Frasier was sensitive and likable, doesn't mean he is.

by Miareply 1104/15/2012

I never get guys like him. He should by now realize that only gold diggers want him 'to put a ring on it' and instead become some Lifetime Platinum member (that includes reduced rates) for some Call Girl agency with his type of women he's into.

An actor (or any rich guy in the public's eye) not getting that these women PRETEND to be into him when in reality they are into his money and maybe the media exposure they get out of it is just baffling to me.

by Miareply 1204/15/2012

I believe he's straight now.

Only straight men can get to his age, without developing the tiniest shred of self-awareness.

by Miareply 1304/15/2012

What's even more annoying is that this douchebag is a REPUBLICAN!

What happened to the sanctity of marriage?

by Miareply 1404/15/2012

R10 that's for sure.

Grammer's personal life has been affected by several tragedies: in 1968 his father, whom he had seen only twice since his parents' divorce, was shot and killed; In 1975 his younger sister, Karen, was abducted, raped, and murdered; in 1980 his twin half-brothers died in a scuba diving accident; and in 2001 David Angell, close friend and producer of Frasier, died in the 9/11 attacks.

He's had a VERY fucked up personal life. A lot of loss.

by Miareply 1504/15/2012

He is wrong; New York is far superior to California is every way. She should not be made to leave it.

by Miareply 1604/15/2012

His new wife seems a bit flighty. She recently dyed her hair red. And now it is back to blonde. I think that illustrates her mind might be in a weird place...perhaps she is unhappy with herself.

Isn't she currently pregnant? I know she miscarried before they got married, but I thought I remembered reading that she is again pregnant.

by Miareply 1704/15/2012

His current wife, former flight attendant, was probably very flattered that Kelsey liked her and loved her, but now that she has him maybe the feeling of being flattered is not so strong.

by Miareply 1804/15/2012

[quote]perhaps she is unhappy with herself

Perhaps she thinks he's unhappy with her.

Anyone who marries a three-time loser at marriage is a bit nuts.

by Miareply 1904/15/2012

Why is he fathering more children at his age? He could be dead by the time they are in high school.

by Miareply 2004/15/2012

Kelsey Grammer is a first-class asshole. Any see him on Piers Morgan a few months ago waxing poetic about how he had finally found the love of his life?

He told a story about how he and Kayte Walsh, the new girlfriend (at the time), met and then instead out going to dinner, they walked around London in the snow. Please, he was nauseating.

by Miareply 2104/15/2012

Maybe his new wife feels rootless and unsettled with angst or anomie since she apparently gave up her career as a flight attendant.

Maybe she needs a career to satisfy a need to be productive with a sense of accomplishment.

by Miareply 2204/15/2012

Wasn't she 5 months pregnant with twins at the Golden Globes?

by Miareply 2304/15/2012

I think Kelsey getting his new wife's name tattooed on his lower abdoment or hip this weekend shows how adolescent and juvenile he is.

by Miareply 2404/15/2012

What happened to the TV show he won the Golden Globe for?

by Miareply 2504/15/2012

R25 The show is returning for a second season of 10 episodes.

Kelsey endorsed Michelle Bachmann for President which shows you he is nuts.

by Miareply 2604/15/2012

It's terrible how he still supports the Republicans.

by Miareply 2704/15/2012

He's rich, white and straight. Of course he's a repug.

by Miareply 2804/15/2012

R28, most rich, white straight actors in Hollywood are not Republicans - he is the exception.

by Miareply 2904/15/2012

Yes they are, r29, as are the vast majority of sports stars, radio personalities and tv personalities, and the executives, power players, agents etc that surround them. It's a big industry with lots of rich people with vested interests. Of course the rich ones are repugs.

Democrats, despite a vocal and visible presence, are actually in the minority in my experience.

by Miareply 3004/16/2012

R30, the large majority of Hollywood celebrities are Democrats

by Miareply 3104/16/2012

Don't leave NYC for California, Kayte!

by Miareply 3204/16/2012

Repeating it doesn't make it true, r30.

Don't believe the hype.

by Miareply 3304/16/2012

R33, I think you were referring to me at R31, and not R30.

But the fact remains that Kelsey Grammer is in the minority in Hollywood by being a Republican. Yes there are others, but most major movie stars, actors and celebrities, whether it is Brad Pitt, George Clooney, or Leonardo DiCpario are Democrats, and YOU saying otherwise doesn't make it true.

Have you not seen all the articles where Republicans like Patricia Heaton and Kirk Cameron complain how they are persecuted in Hollywood because they are not in the Liberal majority?

by Miareply 3404/16/2012

Can someone make a thread for the cast of Frasier??

by Miareply 3504/16/2012
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