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First Kristy McNichol, now Merideth Baxter....

Where did I go wrong? Why are my daughters suffering so?

by Sadareply 5811/26/2014

Sad-ah day for Sada. Well - they didn't call the show "Family" for nothing!

by Sadareply 103/03/2011

What about me?

by Sadareply 203/03/2011

And me, your gay son?

by Sadareply 303/03/2011


by Sadareply 403/03/2011

Dodged that bullet.

by Sadareply 503/03/2011

Flying High - Like a UFO...........

by Sadareply 603/03/2011

Gary Frank is gay?

by Sadareply 703/03/2011


by Sadareply 803/04/2011

It's the disco's fault, Mom.

by Sadareply 903/04/2011


by Sadareply 1003/04/2011

Where is McNichol now?

by Sadareply 1103/04/2011

Did anyone else notice how much alcohol The parents on that show consumed? It was as bad as Bewitched.

by Sadareply 1203/04/2011

"Where is McNichol now?"%0D %0D She's retired from acting. She's bi-polar. She sometimes teaches acting at private schools. She does charity work. By Datalounge standards she's "OVAH." And despite everyone knowing she's a lesbian (one of her lovers sold her story to the National Enquirer" she's never come out.%0D %0D

by Sadareply 1303/04/2011

That was such a weird clip, r9. Almost like Buddy's journey through disco hell. And then Priscilla Lopez suddenly bursts out of a dark alcove at 3:19!

by Sadareply 1403/04/2011

It all started when I crossed the threshold.

by Sadareply 1503/04/2011

R7, Gary Frank has been married for over thirty years. %0D %0D Of course Meredith Baxter was married a long time too....

by Sadareply 1603/04/2011

Why does everyone blame the mother?

by Sadareply 1703/04/2011

I loved that little lezzie, Tizzie Lish, the most. I'm sure you could tell I barely tolerated that selfish Nancy.

by Sadareply 1803/04/2011

I adore your new wallpaper, Kate. It reminds me of my favorite restaurant.

by Sadareply 1903/04/2011

I loved "Family" - I just bought Seasons 1 and 2 on CD. And I always coveted that house.

by Sadareply 2003/04/2011

There was a "Family" episode that concerned a female teacher that Buddy looked up to. During the episode the teacher was outed and Buddy had to endure rumors that she and the teacher were getting it on. One of the parents who found out about the teacher's sexual orientation attempted to get her fired and runout of town. I don't know how the episode ended.

by Sadareply 2103/04/2011

I remember that episode, R21. And one of the earliest episodes concerned Willie's best friend getting arrested in a gay bar. Willie turns against him and the parents (pretty progressive for the era) expressed their disappointment in Willie's behavior. Finally, Dad sits Willie down for a talk and Willie admits he once had a crush on a man...then Dad smiles and says he too had a crush on man when he was a teenager -- and that such behavior is normal. People say that we're more liberal nowadays, but I can't imagine such a scene playing out on a TV series these days. Incidentally, the episode ended with Willie going to apologize as his friend boards a plane to leave town, and the friend isn't exactly forgiving -- not a feel-good ending, but pretty realistic.

by Sadareply 2203/04/2011

Kristy must have gotten a handle on her bi-polarness early on. I don't recall her ever having a Charlie Sheen type meltdown.

by Sadareply 2303/04/2011

[quote]People say that we're more liberal nowadays, but I can't imagine such a scene playing out on a TV series these days.

I agree that there is no way you would see that scene today play out on American television.

by Sadareply 2403/04/2011

I'm not gay. I love feeling a big hard cock thrusting in and out of my vagine. I want to ride a big nine incher like you read about.

by Sadareply 2503/04/2011

"I'm into leather!"

by Sadareply 2603/04/2011

Quinn oops. Someone had mentioned this bit of trivia while watching Annie Hall.

by Sadareply 2703/04/2011

R22, I also saw the episode and remember it slightly differently. I don't remember James Broderick saying anything about a m/m crush, but Willie talked about having feelings for an older boy when he was younger. The scene I remember most is when the guy tells his secret to the Kristy McNichol character and she says that it meant that he would never marry her and that's what she was hoping for all her life.

by Sadareply 2803/04/2011

David Birney did a guest appearance on "Family." His character was dating Nancy. I don't know how it came about, but he confessed to Nancy that he had gotten into some serious trouble in his life. He'd been arrested for having sex with an underage girl; I can't remember if he said he did jail time, but he did say that he'd had counseling and would never do anything like that again. Nancy continues to see him. He seems like a good guy. But when she sees him hugging Annie (it's an innocent hug) she shrieks "Let go of her!" He ends the relationship realizing that she will never really trust him.%0D %0D Another episode has Willie falling in love with an older woman played by Elizabeth Ashley. %0D %0D Yet another one I remember is one that had Leif Garrett playing Buddy's boyfriend. He's pressuring her to have sex with him, telling him he has "needs!"%0D %0D Another episode has a very young Michael J. Fox as a kid who develops a crush on Kate (yes, Kate). In order to scare him off Kate suggests they run away together, to Mexico perhaps. That does the trick.%0D %0D "Family" was quite a show: the actors were exceptional (especially Sada Thompson), the writing was intelligent and it dealt with a lot of delicate subjects very well.

by Sadareply 2903/05/2011

My favorite episode was Kate doing jury duty. I don't remember anything about it, actually, but of course Kate took her civic duty very seriously.

by Sadareply 3003/05/2011

I really do hope Kristy McNichol is very happy with her life.

by Sadareply 3103/05/2011

R28, Doug Lawrence did indeed confess to his own same-sex crush in that episode. After Willie told about crushing on an old boy, Doug says, "For me it was Steve Pevney" and Willie looks shocked, laughs, and says, "Mr. Pevney who owns the shoe store?"%0D %0D This episode is on the DVD.%0D %0D

by Sadareply 3203/07/2011

I remember there were a couple of TV series that took on this story line and the fathers said the same thing to their sons.

by Sadareply 3303/07/2011

You were too cold, Sada, and your name confused them.

by Sadareply 3403/07/2011

R30, I think you're remembering the time when Edith Bunker was on jury duty.

by Sadareply 3503/07/2011

New soap thread alert! New soap thread alert!

The soap cunts are trying to sneak in more and more SOAP THREADS despite knowing they are not allowed.

The "Ron Moss" thread, the "Tony Geary on Oprah" thread, the " TREVOR ST. John heading to California for pilot season" thread, anything with "Van Hansis" in it . They are all SOAP THREADS!!!

Punch and delete those cunts already.

by Sadareply 3603/07/2011

Please don't let this thread die on that fucking soap opera troll post!

by Sadareply 3703/09/2011

R35, no, Kate did jury duty, too, and like Edith they were both hold outs and later proved to be correct.%0D %0D the real killer involved in Kate's case started stalking buddy on her skateboard; it was scary.%0D %0D I wish the rest of FAMILY would come out on DVD; it got so much better; the last season with Quinn was so-so.%0D

by Sadareply 3803/09/2011

Family -- we attempt to ferret out the truth about America.

by Sadareply 3903/10/2011

I guess they added Quinn Cummings to the show to try and boost the ratings, the old "add a kid" trick. It didn't work. She didn't do anything to make more people want to watch it.

by Sadareply 4003/10/2011

I hated her so much I wanted to push her off that swing.

by Sadareply 4103/10/2011

I had a big crush on Kirsty when I was a kid. It's odd to grow older and realize some of those you had the hots for are also gay. Not that you now have a chance, of course, but it would have been so cool to have known when you were younger that someone you're attracted to is also homosexual. I mean, there are those who are obvious to anyone, even to a kid who knows something's not quite right and the person looks/acts like the opposite sex. I've been thinking about a girl who grew up in my neighborhood who absolutely looked and acted like a guy. I've been wondering what it was like for her growing up in the 60's and 70's. She seemed comfortable with herself.

by Sadareply 4203/10/2011

Nancy was such a snotty bitch. I loved the episode where she had a stalker/admirer who freaked her out by leaving an herb planter on her doorstep.

by Sadareply 4303/10/2011

Quick, what was the name of the television show that employed Willie?

by Sadareply 4403/10/2011

Has someone tracked down Sada for a comment on her former co-star Meredith?

by Sadareply 4503/10/2011

My name is r36 and I like to hijack threads with my post-adolescent nerdiness:

by Sadareply 4603/10/2011

[quote] And despite everyone knowing she's a lesbian (one of her lovers sold her story to the National Enquirer" she's never come out.

Until now.

by Sadareply 4701/06/2012

I like hearing about "Family." I was in college when it aired and didn't have a TV, so always heard about the show, but never saw it.

by Sadareply 4801/07/2012

[quote]Has someone tracked down Sada for a comment on her former co-star Meredith?

Hold on. Let me grab my Ouija board.

by Sadareply 4901/07/2012

Gary Frank was so much my first gay crush as Willie. I wished the show had been brave enough to have Willie be gay - it was SO OBVIOUS. Loved the Willie/Buddy relationship. I am so glad Franny Michaels quit acting so she would not have been cast as Buddy. Genie Francis played a mean girl on Family who teased Buddy and that secured her as Genevieve on Young and Restless.

by Sadareply 5001/07/2012

Why are so many lesbians bi-polar?

by Sadareply 5101/07/2012

My favorite episode was when Willie was with Brenda Vaccaro. There was a shot of him wearing just a towel and it was down quite low.

by Sadareply 5202/20/2013

[quote]Why are so many lesbians bi-polar?

The question really is:

Why do so many bi-polar women think they are lesbians?

by Sadareply 5302/20/2013

High or fluctuating testosterone levels, R53 and R51, coupled with sexual trauma.

by Sadareply 5402/20/2013

54 posts and no one has asked me about gay son, Matthew?

by Sadareply 5502/20/2013

Kristy was insatiable on the set. She pretty much mounted every cock she could find.

Maybe that was because her mother drove her to make more money, and so she felt the need to provide in any way she could. Her career soared after the pedophile producers had their share.

Is it no wonder that she came out as a lesbian after the pedophiles lost interest?

Not sure, but her former father probably also got his fair share.

by Sadareply 5603/29/2014

Family: The show attempted to depict the "average" family with realistic characters.



Come one now. They were lower upper class snobs in Pasadena. The two oldest kids were bums who didn't work and they had a lez in training for a tom boy.

by Sadareply 5711/26/2014

me saw da

by Sadareply 5811/26/2014
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