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Chris Jacobs of "The Insider"

Unmarried, hot and 41 years old. Gay, right?

by Lara S.reply 2111/16/2013

wow. I had never heard of him -- I don't have a tv -- but googled him, and he is cute as a mofo.

by Lara S.reply 103/03/2011

Not gay. Always drools over the Vic Secret segments on the Insider.

by Lara S.reply 203/03/2011

So what, R3? Rosie used to drool over Tom Cruise.

For the cameras, straight. Off camera, I bet he's had quite a few cocks up his ass in his time.

by Lara S.reply 303/03/2011

That man is beautiful! What a major stud!

by Lara S.reply 403/03/2011

Who are these 2 gorgeous hunks interviewing Taylor Lautner?

by Lara S.reply 503/03/2011

only reason i ever bother watching The Insider is to see Chris Jacobs. He looks like he could be related to Joseph Gordon Levitt. He went to Whittier College (yes Richard Nixon's alma mater)here in Los Angeles area. He also went to law school and is an attorney though i dont know when the last time he used it. Also noticed that off camera in casual dress he wears baseball caps....aka sign he is losing his hair going bald receding hairline. Still seems like a cool dude.

by Lara S.reply 603/03/2011

He is hot and I wouldn't doubt he is gay.

by Lara S.reply 703/04/2011

I don't think he's gay. He's so hot! Only reason to watch that terrible The Insider.

by Lara S.reply 803/04/2011

Now that Kevin Frazier is the official new co-host, does that mean Chris is out of a job?%0D %0D I'd be glad to offer him succor and comfort...

by Lara S.reply 903/11/2011

OP, I believe that whenever you speak of him, you're supposed to add "...and attorney." As we are mandated to recognize that he is not merely a host of some entertainment show, but also the resident "legal eagle."

by Lara S.reply 1003/11/2011

Chris Jacobs is "Beatuiful"! On the Gay issue? Lets face it he is 42 and could have whomever he wants!! Has a great deal to offer a girl! So why isn't he married? It's odd that you never see him with a girl and no mention of a significant other etc..You know when you are a TV personality its hard to keep your private life out of the press! However, Chris seems to hide his personal life frm the press very well! Yes, he could be gay?? But the public may never know!!

by Lara S.reply 1108/12/2012

Yes he is gay. Very private closet much like Ty Pennington. He won't come out due to his gig with overhaulin where he works with macho car rebuilders. He used to be with one of the guys on overhauling, muscular dude with tats.

by Lara S.reply 1210/07/2012

And the last time there was an out gay man on "The Insider/ET", we all know how badly that ended....

by Lara S.reply 1310/07/2012

If he's gay, where are the shirtless/nude photos that are expected?


by Lara S.reply 1410/07/2012

He is very very grindr, no a4a no gay bars..He likes the muscular tatted guys - like the vanilla gorilla look. Same goes for Jerry Pennicoli in case you didn't know.

by Lara S.reply 1510/07/2012

How the fuck did Kevin Frazier get the job? He's the worst apologist for African Americans acting badly since Whoopi Goldberg.

by Lara S.reply 1610/07/2012

[quote]He used to be with one of the guys on overhauling, muscular dude with tats.

Andreas Somogyi (guy on the left)?

by Lara S.reply 1710/07/2012

I've looked for shirtless pics of Jacobs many times and have never found any. No doubt, he is a hot guy!

by Lara S.reply 1810/07/2012

Chris Jacobs, originally from Chicago and to say he had a gay following in Chicago would be like saying Chicago Steamworks is without gloryholes.

While Chris enjoys his new gig on ET, he still seems to have his gig on OVERHAULIN. Andreas Somogyi seems to me to be the guy that is trying to hide in a gay closet. Too cute, too HOTT and his voice well, doesn't seem to fit this big macho man body Andreas sports. He looks like one of these guys on RENTBOY.COM or aka an male escort for hire.

Either way, it would not be surprising to find that Chris Jacobs and Andreas Somogyi have used the same gloryhole at the same gay bar in LA or San Diego.

by Lara S.reply 1910/21/2012

I will not lower myself to state WHY I know, but I DO HAPPEN to KNOW....Andreas Somogyi is straight, not the least bit gay. PERIOD!

by Lara S.reply 2005/28/2013

on twitter always has pics of him and the same guy or just the guy. always same one though.

by Lara S.reply 2111/16/2013
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