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Worst TV Recasts. EVER.

John Aniston subbing for Frank Gorshin as The Riddler on "Batman." %0D %0D

by Dnreply 14805/21/2015

I like him on the Addams family, but no, he was no Riddler.

by Dnreply 103/01/2011

John Astin.

by Dnreply 203/01/2011


by Dnreply 303/01/2011

"Aniston."%0D %0D Je suis mortified.%0D %0D This is what years of having Jennifer's name in the press will do to a well-intentioned thread.

by Dnreply 403/01/2011

No matter how much accolade Peter Bregman and Whatserface may have gotten, in my mind there is only one Jack and one Jill - Terry & Brenda

by Dnreply 503/01/2011

John Stamos for Charlie Sheen on TWO AND A HALF MEN

by Dnreply 603/01/2011

The replacements in "More Tales of the City." Nina Siemaszko was a pale and boring Mona compared to the original, Chloe Webb. The blank who played Mouse was a poor substitution for Marcus D'Amico. There were more, but these two stand out the most.

by Dnreply 703/01/2011

R5, you're not alone, but we have five Emmys between us. %0D %0D And, thankfully, jobs.

by Dnreply 803/01/2011

R6 Charlie Sheen

by Dnreply 903/01/2011

Emma Samms as Fallon.

by Dnreply 1003/01/2011

Sandy Duncan for Valerie Harper.

by Dnreply 1103/01/2011

Daniel Pilon.%0D %0D John Bolger.%0D %0D Marj Dusay.%0D %0D Any Alan-Michael who wasn't Carl or Rick.

by Dnreply 1203/01/2011

Charlie Sheen for Michael J. Fox on Spin City.

by Dnreply 1303/01/2011

Seems everytime I turned around, Carol Burnett was playing someone's mother in some 90's sitcom and then replaced by someone else.%0D %0D Also the kids in those mediocre family shows were replaced all the time for what seemed no improvement whatsoever (My Wife & Kids, Roseanne - yes even DJ - , etc)

by Dnreply 1403/01/2011

Emma Samms as Fallon on Dynasty is the worst.

by Dnreply 1503/01/2011

r14, it's called SORAS. Look it up.

by Dnreply 1603/01/2011

Judi Evans replacing Calli Timmins

by Dnreply 1703/01/2011

Isn't it funny. Calli Timmins of the most obscure actresses you can find and the one place I find a fellow fan is on DL.

by Dnreply 1803/01/2011

Her Maggie on RH was amazing; sultry, sexy...she was great. Love her.

by Dnreply 1903/01/2011

Yeah I never watched her on DL but on Ryan's Hope she upstaged anyone she had a scene with and on that show that was saying something because she had good competition. I really expected an after soaps career for her. That's how good she was on Ryan's Hope

by Dnreply 2003/01/2011

Timmins, given a chance and some great material, could have become one of the great soap actresses. It was not meant to be...

by Dnreply 2103/01/2011

I also preferred Timmins to Evans. All these years I thought I was the only one.

I mean, come on. Her siblings are the Cowboy Junkies for crying out loud.

by Dnreply 2203/01/2011

Secret Storm, 1968 - I win.

by Dnreply 2303/01/2011

Good one R23 That certainly was something. Wish I had seen it.%0D %0D Kent Masters-King who briefly replaced Victoria Rowell as Dru on Y&R. Victoria she needs to get back to that show pronto.

by Dnreply 2403/01/2011

Another vote for Emma Samms replacing Pamela Sue Martin as Fallon being the worst recast in tv history.

Of course, Janet Louise Johnson replacing Pamela Sue Martin as Nancy Drew was also pretty shitty too.

others that come to mind:

that first girl who replaced Martha Byrne as Lily on ATWT back in the early 90's

Sheilah MacRae for Audrey Meadows as Alice Kramden in the 1960's Honeymooners reboot

by Dnreply 2503/01/2011

""Aniston." Je suis mortified. This is what years of having Jennifer's name in the press will do to a well-intentioned thread."

Well, her father is OLD enough to have replaced Gorshin back then!

by Dnreply 2603/01/2011

Susan Batten for Allison Rice on As The World Turns.

That new Malcolm on Young and Restless.

by Dnreply 2703/01/2011

Emma Samms? Bitch, please.

by Dnreply 2803/01/2011

Sarah Chalk on "Roseanne"

by Dnreply 2903/01/2011

Oh, come on - not even close:

Karen Cellini replacing Catherine Oxenberg on Dynasty!

They not only dropped Cellini, they "disappeared" the character like she'd never existed.

by Dnreply 3003/01/2011

Yeah but Oxenberg wasn't really that memorable in the first place so that recast didn't have any where near the same impact.

by Dnreply 3103/01/2011

And now for two of the BEST recasts:%0D %0D Replacing Loretta Switt with Sharon Gless in Cagney & Lacey%0D %0D Replacing Unknown Artist with Mila Kunis in Family Guy

by Dnreply 3203/01/2011

[quote]Susan Batten for Allison Rice on As The World Turns.

Oh god, I had almost managed to forget about that one. There have been some bad recasts in daytime, but the circumstances of this one elevate it to the worst.

Ruined the careers of two good daytime actresses.

by Dnreply 3303/01/2011

Why did Oxenberg leave Dynasty in the first place? What young no name in their right mind would have walked away from that show in the mid-80's?

by Dnreply 3403/01/2011

Actually, R32, Loretta Switt was replaced by Meg Foster. Foster was replaced by Gless.

Sharon was a replacing bitch in the 70s, also taking over for Lynn Redgrave on the forgotten sitcom "House Calls."

by Dnreply 3503/01/2011

Mila Kunis replaced Lacy Charbet on 'Family Guy'. It's not talked about much so there must be a breat scandal behind this.

by Dnreply 3603/01/2011

R14 - there was only a different DJ in the pilot. Michael Fishman, I think, was a better fit.

by Dnreply 3703/01/2011

Loretta Swit was still performing on CBS's [italic]M*A*S*H[/italic] when CBS greenlit [italic]Cagney & Lacey[/italic]. Canadian-born Meg Foster took over for the series part; but it didn't work out. So, in came Sharon Gless.

by Dnreply 3803/01/2011

R29 - I feel bad for the slams Chalke took on Roseanne, because she actually turned out to be a pretty good comedic actress. She even owned up to it not being very good, but explained that she was 16 years old, coming onto a 7 year-old show full of seasoned veterans, AND in a main role. It must have been terrifying for her.

by Dnreply 3903/01/2011

Dick Sargent as Darrin on Bewitched. Even though he was supposed to be the orignal Darrin, Dick York was far superior.

by Dnreply 4003/01/2011

Batshit Betty Buckley was the original matriarch in "The Sally Field Program".

Then she crashed and burned.

by Dnreply 4103/01/2011

Add me to the Cali Timmins fan club. I was singing her praises on the Bay City thread the other day.

I was never a huge fan of "Roseanne", so I can't comment on Sarah Chalke. But the young lady she replaced looked mildly retarded, so Chalke couldn't have been THAT much worse.

by Dnreply 4203/01/2011

Whoever replaced Becky on "Rosanne". Of course, the second worst recast is when the original then replaced the replacement.%0D %0D

by Dnreply 4303/01/2011

The "Would 'Pa' approve of Clint Buchanan's recent actions?" and "Tell me about Bay City" threads are SOAP THREADS.%0D %0D Are they still banned or what?%0D %0D Someone shut down those two SOAP THREADS! (You know, the "Bay City" and "Clint Buchanan" threads, which are soap threads)

by Dnreply 4403/01/2011

Karen Cellini owns this thread...

by Dnreply 4503/01/2011

Sarah Chalke was painful on Roseanne, but then she really came into her own on Scrubs. She was fantastic on that. And I would have never seen it coming from Roseanne. So good for her.

by Dnreply 4603/01/2011

Will Smith as James (Wild, Wild)West.

by Dnreply 4703/02/2011

"John Aniston subbing for Frank Gorshin as The Riddler on "Batman."" On the other hand, he did introduce "The Rachel" hairdo to a whole generation of Batfans.

by Dnreply 4803/02/2011

To bring it full circle Cali Timmins would have made a great Amanda. Or Fallon for that matter.

by Dnreply 4903/02/2011

[quote]Why did Oxenberg leave Dynasty in the first place? What young no name in their right mind would have walked away from that show in the mid-80's?

Oxenberg didn't leave. She had only been on the show for a couple of years, but demanded a huge raise, and the producers (who didn't want anyone else in the cast to get any ideas about money) didn't even bother to negotiate.

Season 7 scripts had been written and Amanda's plotline was central to everything else -- she was supposed to be in a dangerous romance with the chauffeur who was going to destroy Blake -- so they couldn't just write out the character. They recast the part over a weekend.

Karen Cellini, if I remember correctly, went from working as a checker to facing off against Joan Collins. She was dreadful and the audience hated her from her first episode. The producers then had to scramble to wrap up the chauffeur plot in order to get Cellini off the show... and Amanda was never mentioned again.

by Dnreply 5003/02/2011

I guess Cali Timmins was on Ryan's Hope back when Dynasty needed a new Amanda, but you gotta wonder why excellent people like her never work again.%0D %0D Spelling was great about hiring daytime people, ironically, too "good" because he hired Samms to replace Martin.%0D %0D Better to write the part out for a little longer and then go back to Martin after she realized she had a sweet deal as Fallon Carrington.

by Dnreply 5103/02/2011

Jamie Luner as Liza Colby.%0D %0D In what world do you take a leggy redhead who's all external and then put her in a part, which had been played by a cerebral, icy, blond?%0D %0D

by Dnreply 5203/02/2011

Actually, Emma Samms as a replacement for Catherine Oxenberg would have made a lot of sense, and probably been better than Emma-as-Fallon.

by Dnreply 5303/02/2011


by Dnreply 5403/06/2011

Yes, Emma as Amanda made much more sense. Still son't know what the hell the PTB were thinking with Sammas as Fallon. %0D %0D Martin refused any offer to come back as Fallon. They offered her The Colbys before settling on Samms. I believe they offered her the role again when Jeff and Fallon returned to Dynasty after The Colbys was cancelled and she refused. I know they definitely asked her for the Reunion Tv-movie and she declined. Martin was bound and determined never to play the role again. Makes you wonder why the hell she bothered doing the last reunion show - maybe because it wasn't a dramatic offering? Or because Henry Winkler was behind it? %0D %0D The writers stopped writing for the characters by the forth season and reduced it to a plot-driven show. You could tell Martin no longer felt comfortable with the role by the time she left. Her earthiness and edginess had no place in Dynasty anymore. Forsythe and Evans sold out and played along with the new gay wonderland that Collins turned it into ... Ken Doll Coleman could play the new Steven but Corley couldn't have. Martin and Corley were edged out by the new direction Dynasty went into.

by Dnreply 5503/06/2011

A big Cali Timmons fan here. Judi Evans was a bad recast ... couldn't capture that naughty innocent sexuality that Timmons had. %0D %0D Here's Cali in action:

by Dnreply 5603/06/2011

btw, I had no idea that Timmons, ON, is named after her family.

by Dnreply 5703/06/2011

[R55] that's great scoop. Thank you.

I also agree about the worst recast being Emma Samms. I've read somewhere that Pamela Sue Martin left because she was embarrassed by being on the show. It's too bad her career didn't really go anywhere after Dynasty.

by Dnreply 5806/14/2011

Pamela Sue Martin can't be that bright - She left Nancy Drew and Dynasty for what? I vaguely remember her doing a feature about cocaine or something...Gawad, and have you seen her now? She looks older than Joan Collins

by Dnreply 5906/14/2011

R59 I know, I can't recognize her anymore. She was beautiful once and she doesn't look anything like she used on the show. They don't make shows like Dynasty anymore

by Dnreply 6006/14/2011

Donna Reed as Miss Ellie.

by Dnreply 6106/14/2011

Hillary Bailey Smith will be Margo Hughes in my heart forever. I don't think Ellen Dolan is a bad actress, but she just didn't have the same heartbreaking vulnerability. %0D %0D However, if Hillary *had* stuck around, it would have made me sick to see her try to deal with what they did to Margo.

by Dnreply 6206/14/2011

Cali Timmins is married to Geoff Pierson. He used to play Frank Ryan on Ryan's Hope, which is where they met... That must have been 26 or 27 years ago. Pierson still acts - I know he was on the TV show "Unhappily Ever After", and did guest stints on "24", "Dexter", and more recently on "Boardwalk Empire".

I think Cali may have retired from acting to raise her family. She hasn't acted in years.

by Dnreply 6306/14/2011

That Jessie Walton as Jill Abbott. There's only ONE Jill Abbott and . . .Well, Hello!

by Dnreply 6406/14/2011

The daffy blonde as a replacement for Tattoo on 'Fantasy Island'.

by Dnreply 6506/14/2011

How about the dull Nicole DeBoer taking over for the fabulous Terry Farrell on DS9?

by Dnreply 6606/14/2011

R62, what about Glynnis O'Connor as Margo? That was a horrendous recast, almost as bad as Susan Batten replacing Allison Rice.%0D %0D Karen Cellini was so abysmal on DYNASTY she ran screaming from the business. Anyone know what happened to her?%0D %0D Oh, and there was someone named Jonna Lee who was on AW as Julia Shearer for around 2 weeks. She made me wanna puke. And there was Vana Tribbey who played Alice on the same show. Cast any btch with a stupid name and you got trouble.%0D %0D

by Dnreply 6706/14/2011

Gladys Kravitz. When Alice Pearce died, they brought in her friend Sandra Gould. They changed the character so much. RIP Alice.

by Dnreply 6806/15/2011

WHO the fuck is John Aniston?

by Dnreply 6906/15/2011

Ken Kenitzer as Kevin Buchanan. Enough said.

by Dnreply 7006/15/2011

Nancy Travis replacing the diner owner (can't think of her name) on "Becker." I liked that show, especially the ditzy receptionist.

by Dnreply 7106/15/2011

Didn't they replace DiPesto on Moonlighting with Donna Dixon? That was an error.

by Dnreply 7206/15/2011

This thread is not complete without Bree Williamson and Trevor St. John.

by Dnreply 7306/15/2011

PSM was the epitome of sultry seventies-like sexiness in the first season of DYNASTY. Just beautiful. Then in the second season, she started to look manly. By her forth and last, she was looking as graceful as Sarah Ferguson. They could never do anything with her hair. She looked best when she left it natural and untouched.

by Dnreply 7406/15/2011

Ron Ely for Bert Parks.

by Dnreply 7506/15/2011

R74 I was a huge fan of Pamela Sue Martin. I read that she started getting pretty sick during the 2nd season of Dynasty and her hair was falling out. When you look at her at the beginning of the series her weight seems pretty healthy, but then progressively her figure and face start looking too thin. I wonder if she was dieting too much. Anyway, too bad she had to leave the show, but she claimed it was for health reasons.

by Dnreply 7606/15/2011

The girls who replaced Sharon Case on GH. They were but pale imitations of the real Carly.

by Dnreply 7706/15/2011

Hmmm ... never heard that, r76. Interesting. Makes sense now.

by Dnreply 7806/15/2011

is recasting the thing of the past? I can't recall any recent long running show where any of the major characters were recast. Is that true?

by Dnreply 7906/16/2011

R77, you Sarah Brown?%0D %0D Let's not forget John Bolger.%0D %0D Phillip turned in from the hunk of Springfield to the lab/golden retriever mix that you just love.%0D %0D

by Dnreply 8006/16/2011

John Astin was fuckalicious!

by Dnreply 8106/16/2011

More Tales of the City%0D %0D Mona: Chloe Webb became Nina Siemaszko%0D %0D Brian: Paul Gross became Whip Hubley%0D %0D Frannie: Nina foch became Diana Leblanc%0D %0D Michael: Marcus D'Amico became Paul Hopkins%0D %0D The replacements were adequate. But the originals are unforgettable.

by Dnreply 8206/16/2011

another vote for Emma Samms. Did she ever appear in anything after that?

by Dnreply 8306/16/2011

The harsh-featured actress who replaced Kim Delaney's Jenny on "All My Children". She wasn't a "recast", per se--Jenny had been killed off--rather, she was rushed in to be set up as a new love interest for Jenny's widower, Greg. He was supposed to fall in love with her because she looked so much like Jenny. Needless to say, the fans rejected her.

The horse-faced, overacting redhead(!) who replaced the beautiful Taylor Miller as Nina, also on AMC.

And sorry, Jill Larson fans, but Dorothy Lyman will always be Opal Gardner to me.

by Dnreply 8406/16/2011

R84, there was another ice blonde who first replaced Taylor Miller in 1984, her name was Heather something. She was a good choice visually as a replacement but she had zero warmth. Apparently she was a bitch off the set and Peter Bergman loathed her so much she got fired. They brought on a redhead named Barbara something who was hugely miscast, she looked too young to play her and uhh, was a redhead.

by Dnreply 8506/16/2011

And, R84, ITA re Dorothy Lyman. She will always be the true Opal Gardner to me. Jill Larson was cast as her when she played Ursula on OLTL and the AMC bossses saw her obvious facial resemblance to Lyman.

by Dnreply 8606/16/2011

r83, besides Google, Imdb is your best friend.

by Dnreply 8706/16/2011

the woman who was the recast Alice when The Honeymooners went color in the 60s. I think that might literally be the worst recast ever because it is such an iconic role, and nobody knows this woman's name.

While not a role, Drew Carrey being recast as the host of Price Is Right has to be up there as one of the worst replacements ever.

by Dnreply 8806/16/2011

That Australian dude for Billy Mays in the Oxyclean commercials.

by Dnreply 8906/16/2011

Cali Timmins was the kind of leading lady everyone wanted to fuck.

by Dnreply 9006/16/2011

Your leading role is now being played by .....%0D %0D [bold]S-A-N-D-Y D-U-N-C-A-N[/bold] !

by Dnreply 9106/16/2011

Oxenberg holding out for more money was the official "save face" story. In reality, Oxenberg had been arrested for shoplifting, which is why the dumping and recast happened practically overnight.

by Dnreply 9206/16/2011

[quote]Sheilah MacRae for Audrey Meadows as Alice Kramden in the 1960's Honeymooners reboot

We couldn't agree more.

by Dnreply 9306/17/2011

Moira Kelly replacing Lara Flynn Boyle in "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me." Moira is cute but Lara was one of my favorites on the show and irreplaceable, IMO. One of many things that didn't work in that movie.

by Dnreply 9406/17/2011

Hey r.77, Sharon Case didn't play Carly, she was Dawn, Monica's long-lost daughter.

And I remember the rumor mill raging back in the day that Pamela Sue Martin left Dynasty because of a huge coke problem.

by Dnreply 9506/17/2011

I loved Donna Reed and I always thought she was much more appropriate physically to play the type of woman who would have had men fighting over her when she was young, as Ellie Ewing had. Much more so than the dowdy and matronly Barbara Bel Geddes. But somehow Donna never connected with the role, and of course, the other cast members made it difficult for her. A bad experience all around.

by Dnreply 9606/17/2011

The problem was, R96, she was about as Texan as a tea party in Boston. At least Bel Geddes looked right.

by Dnreply 9706/17/2011

On "The Jeffersons" the original Lionel was replaced for a time by another actor. I can't remember the guy's name, but he was awful. For some reason he reminded me of Stepin Fetchit.

by Dnreply 9806/17/2011

Roger Davis replacing Pete Duel on "Alias Smith and Jones." To be fair, nobody could have replaced Pete Duel on that show and gotten away with it. Duel was unique and too essential to the character to have another actor fill his shoes.

by Dnreply 9906/17/2011

A surprise announcement during the original run before an audience clamoring for Chita Rivera:%0D %0D "Ladies and gentlemen, at this performance of Chicago the part of Velma Kelly...."%0D %0D gasps from the crowd.%0D %0D "Will be played by Liza Minelli."%0D %0D A collective "OH MY GOD!" followed.%0D %0D

by Dnreply 10006/17/2011

I doubt that ever happened R100.

What DID happen was that Liza Minelli took over the role of Roxie Hart for Gwen Verdon when she was out for surgery. It was not announced in the press and many people were actually surprised when they learned that Minelli would play Roxie that night.

by Dnreply 10106/17/2011

%0D Sheriff Mort Metzger taking over for Sheriff Amos Tupper.%0D

by Dnreply 10206/17/2011

George W. Bush for Bill Clinton

by Dnreply 10306/17/2011

This must be the most press Cali Timmins ever had.

by Dnreply 10411/19/2012

One more Cali Timmins tidbit. She played Diane Chambers on an episode of Frasier. Well sort of. Diane wrote a play about her days at Cheers and Cali played Diane. She mimicked Long perfectly.

by Dnreply 10511/19/2012

Emma samms replacing pamela sue martin on dynasty and the colbys owns this thread. Only thing emma had going for her was she looked like a cross between john forsythe and joan collins. Other than that she was completely wrong for the part. Played fallon as a victim instead of the headstrong independent feisty way pamela played her. Plus emma couldnt do an american accent. Dont know wtf aaron spelling thought by hiring her.

by Dnreply 10611/19/2012

Jennifer Aniston was so disappointing as the Riddler. Sure, she'd say, "Riddle me this, Caped Crusader!"; but instead of then posing fiendish clues to a crime and laughing maniacally, she would complain about how just because they had been "on a break" Batman shouldn't have slept with Catwoman. Then she'd muss up her expensively styled hair and smoke a lot of pot and sulk about Angelia Jolie.

by Dnreply 10711/19/2012

On "Dynasty," they had to reshoot all the flashbacks and previous scenes using the new actors. So there was a reenactment of an early Pamela Sue Martin/Fallon scene where the chauffeur caught her in the bathtub reshot with Emma Samms, and another where Heather Locklear and Catherine Oxenberg were fighting in a swimming pool in their evening gowns. In the reshoot it was galumphy Karen Cellini thrashing around in the pool.

by Dnreply 10811/19/2012

Emma Samms was a terrible Fallon to be sure.

When Emma first came on the scene as Holly Sutton on General Hospital in the early 80's, she was so charming and fun to watch.

However, she was a bore on Dynasty. It didn't help that she was failing miserably to fake an American accent.

by Dnreply 10911/19/2012

It wasn't John Aniston, it was John ASTIN (Gomez from the Addams Family)

You're a fucking moron. Go fuck yourself.

by Dnreply 11011/19/2012

R108 I know lol those flashbacks made it worse. Like the producers were trying to convince the audience these new actors WERE the characters now. Emma in that fallon red dress and karen in amanda blue. Painful to watch.

by Dnreply 11111/19/2012

Esther Shapiro (co-creator of DYNASTY) liked Samms a lot and wanted her for Fallon. Badly. If memory serves, she had to work out an arrangement with Gloria Monty -- who held the helm of GENERAL HOSPITAL at the time -- and wait for Samms to be released from GH before bouncing over to Denver.

by Dnreply 11211/19/2012

[quote] Karen Cellini replacing Catherine Oxenberg on Dynasty! They not only dropped Cellini, they "disappeared" the character like she'd never existed.

Hilarious. I checked imdb and she had no prior credits. 16 episodes on Dynasty and she never worked again. Must've been exceptionally untalented, wonder how they missed that while casting her.

by Dnreply 11311/19/2012

P113 By this point dynasty was on autopilot anyway to put it nicely. I think the producers thought you could cast anyone in these roles and the audience would watch just for the sheer spectacle and escapism of it. The audience just stopped watching. John, joan and linda couldnt carry the show alone up against these ridiculous storylines and horrible miscasts.

by Dnreply 11411/19/2012

Whoever replaced Bea Benaderet as Betty Rubble.

by Dnreply 11511/19/2012

June Lockhart for Bea Benaderet on Petticoat Junction.

by Dnreply 11611/19/2012

They should have recast that bad ass Jane Badler as Fallon. She would have breathed some life into that show.

by Dnreply 11711/20/2012

Charity Rahmer as Belle Black,

by Dnreply 11811/20/2012

Samms was good as victim Fallon. You can't fault her for the writers changing Fallon.

I know everyone and their mother loves Kassie Depaiva but OLTL was wrong for recasting Asian Blair with a blonde. They should've made her a new character. I loooooved Mia Korf as Blair. Still one of the most exotic and beautiful vamps daytime has seen. Max and Blair having sex on top of her wedding dress! Whoo!

by Dnreply 11911/20/2012

R119, I adore Samms as Holly; especially with Scorpio, but Fallon wasn't supposed to be a victim. I think Samms played it that way, but she could have played against it.

All of Fallon's fire was gone when Samms took over the part.

by Dnreply 12011/20/2012

Well, you know, the aliens and all....

by Dnreply 12111/20/2012

Badler would have made a great Fallon. Check out the resemblance when the hair is right. She would have brought Fallon back to being a high riding bitch.

by Dnreply 12211/20/2012

[quote]Mila Kunis replaced Lacy Charbet on 'Family Guy'. It's not talked about much so there must be a breat scandal behind this.

I would call that an improvement. Lacy Chabert was boring in the role. Kunis made Meg pathetic AND sympathetic.

by Dnreply 12311/20/2012

Emma Samms I love but she just wasn't Fallon Carrington on Dynasty... Worst recast of all time ... Maybe she could have been an original Amanda

by Dnreply 12408/14/2013

Kassie Depaiva as Blair Cramer on OLTL- Mia Korf was half japanese half white and it was a big part of her storyline. Then they case white country Kassie and poof. She is half country and half rock n roll.

by Dnreply 12508/14/2013

Can we PLEASE get back to talking about Madonna?

by Dnreply 12608/14/2013

Karen Cellini as Amanda Carrington (after a head and accent transplant.)


by Dnreply 12708/14/2013

Adam Lambert as Finn Hudson on "Glee." (As IF!)

by Dnreply 12808/14/2013

More love for Cali Timmins - a Hitchcock blonde too late for Hitch. Between her, the young Yasmeen Bleeth (!), Grant Show, and Marg Helgenberger, whoever was casting "Ryan's Hope" in the early/mid 80s was en fuego.

Beautiful beguiling blonde.

Not a recast, technicality, but dropping Ken Wahl from the lead, the center of gravity, of "Wiseguy" for Steven Bauer...oy.

Suzanne Sommers/ Jennilee Harrison, not an in-kind swap. Or poor Jon Lovitz coming onto "Newsradio" after Phil Hartman. Paul Provenza for Rob Morrow on "Northern Exposure". Redhead who came into "Beauty & The Beast" after they killed off Linda B Hamilton.

Cindy Williams taking over the neighbor cbaracter previously played. Y Shelley Long on "8 Simple Rules" ought to get a special mention.

Takeda 2, looking like Takeda 1's grandfather, on "Revenge".

by Dnreply 12908/14/2013

Linda Hamilton's character, that is. Dodgey airport WiFi + lighting, sorry re: typos

by Dnreply 13008/14/2013

Sometimes I worry that trivial thoughts take up space for thoughts that could be curing cancer.

by Dnreply 13108/14/2013

Kirsta Tesreau as Tina Clayton Lord Roberts on OLTL.

by Dnreply 13208/14/2013

Drew Carey for Bob Barker

by Dnreply 13308/14/2013

Soap thread?

If is is, I despise Kristen on DOOL, the character as well as the actress who portrays her. I can't wait until that brittle looking witch leaves DOOL.

She's always fucking Brady. Don't these two assholes work? Isn't the actor who plays Brady, gay? He pings to high heaven! Watching Brady fuck Kristen always make me laugh. He should be fucking Sonny or Will.

by Dnreply 13408/14/2013

all of the Spaulding recasts were pretty much misses: Marj as Alex; John Bolger as Phillip; Daniel Pilon as Alan; Ron Raines was good as Alan.

The Classic Spaulding clan got together or one Christmas, 1987: Alan, Alexandra, Phillip, Amanda, and Alan-Michael.

by Dnreply 13508/14/2013

[quote]Sometimes I worry that trivial thoughts take up space for thoughts that could be curing cancer.

The brains at work in this thread couldn't cure bacon.

by Dnreply 13608/14/2013

June Lockhart for Jan Clayton on "Lassie". Hey, I'm old, I can't help it. Lockhart was a bit too soft for that role, Clayton had just a bit more of an edge to her. Bonus: Jon Provost was no Tommy Rettig. Clayton and Rettig just seemed more "real". And oh yeah, the original Gramps was better too. What IS it with this "Lassie" fixation lately???

by Dnreply 13708/15/2013

R50 More on Karen Cellini's axing at this link. She was axed after two episodes. In an interview after the axing the poor thing is quoted as saying "I look forward to playing women who smoke and have orgasms. I mean, Jesus, does anyone have an orgasm on Dynasty?"

by Dnreply 13808/15/2013

r134 Eileen Davidson plays Kristen and it says shw is 54 but I am pretty sure she is close to 60. Eric Martsoff plays Brady and he is married with two kids.

by Dnreply 13908/15/2013

I don't know if this was "worst" recast but it was interesting. Susan Hayward for Judy Garland as Helen Lawson in Valley of the Dolls. I got an anniversary set and they had some film of Garland trying on the costume Hayward wore when singing "This is my House" or whatever it was called. I always wondered if Garland would have done a great job but Hayward did an outstanding job in a movie that was high camp for its time.

by Dnreply 14008/15/2013

R133 - Yes. CBS messed up big.

by Dnreply 14108/15/2013


by Dnreply 14207/13/2014

I'm not clear why people don't like Marj as Alex. She wasn't Beverlee to be sure, but if you can leave that aside, she really made the role her own. Actually prefer her as Alex to hammy and wooden Ron Raines as Alan.

by Dnreply 14307/13/2014

Primetime : Cellini as Amanda. Runner ups: Reed as Miss Ellie, Coleman and Samms as Steven and Fallon.

Daytime: Dusay as Alex on GL. Runner ups Coleman as Annie on GL, Amelia something as Victoria..

by Dnreply 14405/21/2015

Susan Harney. She was a pretty good actress, but she wasn't Jaqueline Courtney.

And then, replacing Susan Harney with Wesley Ann Pfenning and then Vana Tribbey!! Both were equally bad casting decisions.

by Dnreply 14505/21/2015

I agree with R144's Primetime list, at least as far as nighttime soaps go. Coleman was a dreadful Steven. Poor Dynasty. It had the worst track record for replacements. On Dallas, at least they were smart enough never to try a recast again after the Donna Reed Failure.

For sitcoms, Sarah Chalke just never worked as Becky. But I did like her a lot on Scrubs.

I agree with the previous posters that the replacements for Nina Cortland were awful. Neither worked at all.

by Dnreply 14605/21/2015

George W. Bush for George H.W. Bush.

by Dnreply 14705/21/2015

It didn't help that Samms looks like she either hated or was completely bored with her role. She'd pout, spit her line out, then go back to her pout.

Here's Cellini stinking up the set. You have to be really bad to seem really bad on Dynasty.

by Dnreply 14805/21/2015
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