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TOP CHEF''s Carla Hall''s Modeling Photos

Sorry, guys. They're on the iVillage Website:

by Miareply 1208/04/2014

Actually I'm impressed. She photographs(-ed)amazingly well.

by Miareply 102/24/2011

I like the 4th pic (laying down, chin in hands).

by Miareply 202/24/2011

beautiful photos

by Miareply 302/24/2011

Love Carla.

by Miareply 402/24/2011

LOVE her

by Miareply 502/24/2011

barf she is so ugly

by Miareply 605/05/2013

I didn't know she modeled, but I agree with R1.

by Miareply 705/05/2013

What R1 said.

by Miareply 805/05/2013

She wears clothes well. The pictures are actually very flattering and model-y. Kudos to the photographer.

I think she looks great. Though, I'm not sure she could be sold as an actual top model. But, then again, are all models necessarily superstar models?

She looks a little old in the face. Still beautiful, but mature.

by Miareply 905/05/2013

i went to the chew and saw her live.

she is so ugly in person. to tits, no ass and ugly face.

barf X 100.

by Miareply 1001/19/2014

ugliest woman on tv!!!!!!!!

by Miareply 1108/04/2014

R6 and r10 are so mature and sophisticated. I'm impressed!

by Miareply 1208/04/2014
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