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Do any of you know someone who disappeared?

I love the show "Disappeared" on ID. %0D %0D I'm 58 y/o and have never known anyone who's disappeared, yet there seem to be so many people who just vanish into thin air.%0D %0D

by inquiring mindreply 13402/02/2013

no one?

by inquiring mindreply 102/23/2011

I didn't know them but my stepfather knew the McCall family whos daughter Stacy disappeared along with her high school friend Susie Streeter and Streeter's mother Sheryl Levitt. "The three missing women in Sprinfield, Mo" which happened about 15 years ago. And a close friend knew Sheryl Levitt. There is going to be a program about this on Discovery ID March 7th.%0D

by inquiring mindreply 202/23/2011

A couple thousand people out of hundreds of millions isn't really that much.

by inquiring mindreply 302/23/2011

Who do you know OP who vanished into thin air?%0D %0D I suppose I know people I have lost track of, but that is all. With effort I can find out where they are and what has become of them.

by inquiring mindreply 402/23/2011

Thanks, R2.

by inquiring mindreply 502/23/2011

Are any of the missing people on facebook?

by inquiring mindreply 602/23/2011

My second cousin. But it was most likely a suicide...the police found his car but not his body. Sad.

by inquiring mindreply 702/23/2011

well i didnt know him obviously, but Richey Edwards (guitarist in Manic Street Preachers) disapeared in the 90s and no one ever found out what happened to him. I think he's legally presumed dead but some think he's still alive somewhere. I always found the whole thing really fascinating/sad. are there any other famous people who've vanished like that?

by inquiring mindreply 802/23/2011

They're taken by aliens, everyone know this...

by inquiring mindreply 902/23/2011

that's hardly what I'd call "famous", r8.

by inquiring mindreply 1002/23/2011

"Disappeared" is a great but really creepy show. The idea of someone completely vanishing is so terrifying to me.

by inquiring mindreply 1102/23/2011

idk, he was famous in Europe in the 90s, but thats not really the point. I meant has anyone else in the public eye vanished.

by inquiring mindreply 1202/23/2011


by inquiring mindreply 1302/23/2011

There is disappearance in my area now that is one of those where someone seems to have just walked off the face of the earth.

see link for story.

by inquiring mindreply 1402/23/2011

I know this guy

by inquiring mindreply 1502/23/2011

One of my brother's friends disappeared for a number of years. Just vanished with no trace. Eventually he was located halfway across the country. He had just left his wife and small child because he didn't want to deal with the responsibility.

by inquiring mindreply 1602/23/2011

I just thought... Clare Balding, rumor has it blonde Desperate Dan lookalike disappeared up her own arsehole a while back.

by inquiring mindreply 1702/23/2011

A friend of mine's brother disappeared in 2001, he was last seen leaving a gay bar in Halifax, NS. Another gay man went missing within the same-24 hour period, no one's heard from either since.

by inquiring mindreply 1802/23/2011

I%E2%80%99m still waiting for a serious documentary about the Johnny Gosch case. The level of madness involved there is unbelievable.

by inquiring mindreply 1902/23/2011

Olivia Newton John's boyfriend disappeared a couple of years ago, but I think he was found recently in the Caribbean, wasn't he?

Tax evasion or something?

by inquiring mindreply 2002/23/2011

A girl who I grew up with disappeared about 12 years ago. She was a huge cocaine addict. I know her parents hired a private detective to look for her, but to my knowledge they never found her. That is of course, they never announced publically what their findings were.%0D %0D A few years ago the mother of the family died. When they had the funeral, the funeral was for both of them.

by inquiring mindreply 2102/23/2011

The actor who played Sgt. Chevalier in the Peter Sellers Pink Panther films may be dead or alive. No one seems to know.

Some say he died several years ago, some say he is alive and living in France.

by inquiring mindreply 2202/23/2011

I own this thread!

by inquiring mindreply 2302/23/2011

The link below is a great website devoted to missing people cases.%0D %0D I think I found it from a link here a while ago. %0D %0D If you are not familiar with it, do check it out. Fascinating.%0D %0D [quote]The Charley Project profiles over 9,000 "cold case" missing people mainly from the United States and links to over 500 missing person related websites. It does not actively investigate cases; it is merely a publicity vehicle for missing people who are often neglected by the press and forgotten all too soon.

by inquiring mindreply 2402/23/2011

Jimmy Hoffa was never found, right?

by inquiring mindreply 2502/23/2011

I've posted about this before. I had a cousin Robbie disappear in May 1996 in Michigan.

He was 33 years old. We have no idea what happened, especially since at various times since then every single option (murder, suicide, accident, kidnap, voluntary disappearance) has been ruled out, only to then later resurface as a possibility because none of the alternatives make any sense either.

It has torn apart the family and emotions are still raw even this far out.

by inquiring mindreply 2602/23/2011

I'm very sorry for your loss, R26. What do you think really happened to him?

by inquiring mindreply 2702/23/2011

I had a friend who disappeared, but then she died.

by inquiring mindreply 2802/23/2011

Two schoolgirls, Miranda and Marion, and their teacher Miss MacCraw, were never seen again after their trip to Hanging Rock.

by inquiring mindreply 2902/23/2011

R26 - Is this him at the link from The Charley project?%0D %0D %0D %0D

by inquiring mindreply 3002/23/2011

I find "Disappeared" to be pretty funny. Most of the people they feature who have gone missing spent a lot of time at truck stops. And the families always seem bizarrely shocked that their lot lizards have vanished. It would seem to be common sense that truck stops aren't the safest places to spend time.

I, recently, watched a not so good documentary about how to disappear. The guy claimed it took 7-10 years to erase yourself from the grid and your old identity and that, at least, five of those years needed to been spent in near solitude. He was super paranoid about fingerprints and detecting whether there were cameras in hotel rooms.

The stories about people who have faked their own deaths fascinate me. Of course, we don't hear about the ones who have done it successfully.

by inquiring mindreply 3102/23/2011

That's him r30! Good detective work.

To your question, r27, what do I think happened? In the end my personal conclusion is that he left on his own. If it had been a suicide he would have been found. All the search teams have agreed on that.

As far as foul play, it just seems nuts that at the same time he comes out of a bar and is walking on a quiet road he is somehow taken by a homicidal maniac who successfully conceals all evidence of a crime both at the time it is committed and over the years. It doesn't seem logical, although part of me thinks that maybe I am just not letting myself believe in this theory.

He didn't have any serious troubles that might have caused someone to want to harm him: no drug problem; no crime history; no affiliation with shady characters or groups. Just a fairly low-key average guy leading a very low-key average life.

So I figured he just up and left because of his family / wife issues, which were 'typical' but I think he took them very hard. The theory has PLENTY of holes. He didn't have much money; he would have needed help to get out of town or incredibly good walking shoes (the place he disappeared from was extremely remote); it probably takes a level of smarts and planning to pull this off that is hard to believe he had. And on and on...

So my own 'best theory' is highly problematic. Which is why this has tortured us for 15 years...

by inquiring mindreply 3202/23/2011

A high school friend's brother parked his car on a bridge, leaving a suicide note behind. He had a bad drug problem so we thought he might have just wanted to disappear, but he's never turned up in over 20 years.

My dad had a cousin who ran an antique business. In his 50s, he left his wife and family for a young piece of trash (male) he hired to refinish some furniture. Then he gave him a share of the antique business (he had bought his ex-wife out). Then the young guy tells everyone the cousin has gone on a buying trip. Except he never returns. His grown kids get the police involved, but there's no evidence of foul play. The young guy then continues running the business along with his new young boyfriend.

Years later, a body is found in a cave in some rural area. The police go down the list of missing persons, a DNA test is done, and it's the cousin's body. But it's too deteriorated to even determine a cause of death, so nothing ever happens. And by that time, the young guy and his friend have run the business into the ground.

by inquiring mindreply 3302/23/2011

Thanks for the response, R32. I hate to burden you, but I can see why people would be more likely to reject and rationalize away an awful scenario. I think that foul play is more likely than him walking away and not being heard from for all of these years. Also, I'd trust my gut before I'd trust detectives.

Would you mind telling us what you know about this remote place(the town itself and also the actual part of the town where he disappeared from)?

by inquiring mindreply 3402/23/2011

My parents, who grew up during the Depression, told stories about friends of theirs whose fathers had disappeared, presumably to avoid family responsibilities.

by inquiring mindreply 3502/23/2011

[R18] I remember reading about them. I also remember activists and some community members claiming they were two of several gay men who've disappeared in Canada in the 90's-00's.

Then again, the police don't investigate women's deaths comprehensively (unless they're good-looking, white teens) so I don't imagine they'd give a rat's balls about gays. Pathetic.

by inquiring mindreply 3602/23/2011

A few years ago one of my elderly distan female cousins disappeared. %0D %0D She was in her lae 70s, went for a walk and never came back. Up to this day, her body has never been found.

by inquiring mindreply 3702/23/2011

i heart r 29

by inquiring mindreply 3802/23/2011

Singer Eleanor Rigby disappeared...

by inquiring mindreply 3902/24/2011

Has anyone read about the West Point cadet who disappeared in 1950?%0D %0D %0D %0D I was reading a book about it...apparently he was involved in "teh homosex"

by inquiring mindreply 4002/24/2011

No, but I see that the thread about Donald Rumsfeld denying any knowledge of WTCV 7 has been made to disappear.

Apparently we are not allowed to discuss certain topics.

by inquiring mindreply 4102/24/2011

[quote]I see that the thread about Donald Rumsfeld denying any knowledge of WTCV 7 has been made to disappear.%0D %0D I don't understand. I wanted to see what Rummy had to say and wondered if it was deleted by accident. I know we're not supposed to talk about soaps and not post EST accusations, but is 9-11 also forbidden? (If so, you can be sure that Rudy Giuliani won't pay to post here.)

by inquiring mindreply 4202/24/2011

A friend's long-time boyfriend and father of their son was a 2nd generation Mexican-American, born and raised in Santa Barbara, but bilingual and had relatives in Mexico. He was a successful property agent who routinely went to various parts of Mexico as part of his business.

Depending on where he needed to be, sometimes he would drive down, sometimes fly and rent a car, and sometimes hire a driver. When she could, my friend would go with him. She and the kid and his relatives all got along well. He knew how to do business in Mexico and never encountered a serious crime.

About 6 years ago he drove down for a business meeting, but did not show up and was never seen again. No trace of his car has been found.

My friend and the guy's parents have exhausted every government and police channel on both sides, hired detectives on both sides, and have a Mexican "attorney" who basically bribes local authorities into doing what is probably illegal snooping.

There is no trace of him, no insurance settlement, no apparent motivation for him to vanish, no closure. She can't rule out 100% that he might have had some sort of other life but there is no evidence of that. After six years, my friend is starting to try to date again and that's been painful.

by inquiring mindreply 4302/24/2011

Perhaps it got too close to the truth, R43.

WTC 7 housed offices of the Department of Defense and other federal agencies. It is extraordinary for the Secretary of Defense to claim that he was unaware that his own Department lost its NY offices on 9/11.

by inquiring mindreply 4402/24/2011

I didn't know this person, but only knew the man she was married to.

Many years back (in the late 80's) one of our delivery drivers and his wife planned a little vacation with their 2 kids in Florida. The plans were for her to go down a few days early with the kids, get a hotel/motel room, and the husband would drive down on Friday night. She apparently arrived close to midnight with the kids asleep in the back seat. Why they didn't arrange for a hotel/motel prior to her leaving is beyond me, but she started looking for lodging. She parked, locked the car and went into a motel and was told they didn't have a room available so she left to go back to the car. That was the last anyone ever saw of her. Someone did say they heard a woman screaming bloody murder in the parking lot sometime between midnight and 1:00am in the morning. The cops called the husband and he raced down there the next morning expecting his wife to have been found by then. No such luck.

Fast forward to the mid 90's he had fallen in love with a woman and they wanted to get married but because he was still legally married since they never found the wife's body, and she hadn't been declared legally dead yet, he had to file for divorce in order to marry.

His case was featured on that old show they did many years back about unexplained things (can't remember the name of it). To date her body has never been found and there has never been an arrest.

by inquiring mindreply 4502/24/2011

This girl.%0D %0D It was the second half of our senior year in rural east Texas. The kind of town where not much ever happened, but when it did, it was creepy as hell. Some truly horrific things have happened there in my lifetime.%0D %0D At any rate, this girl Kelly was in my inner circle. One night she finished up her shift at the local video store, went to make a bank deposit, and was never seen again. She was gone. She never made the deposit; all her belongings, purse, etc. and the money were in her vehicle. The tires had been slashed.%0D %0D This was 1992; there is absolutely NO trace of her. Over the years there have been extremely bizarre tales, theories, tips, and even arrests made, but nothing has stuck. No one has ANY idea what happened to her at all.

by inquiring mindreply 4602/24/2011

Forget it Jake, it's Chinatown.

by inquiring mindreply 4702/24/2011

I'm addicted to "Disappeared". I catch all the new episodes via Amazon. The latest one was insanely creepy!!

by inquiring mindreply 4802/24/2011

R48, i have only seen one episode of Disappeared and want to catch more, but I did have one complaint....they seem to stretch out about 20 minutes of info into 40 minutes (sans commercials) by repeating things over and over.

by inquiring mindreply 4902/25/2011

Unfortunately, yes, I do know someone who disappeared.

Seven years ago, my aunt was hospitalized. During her stay, she was harassed by an orderly. She complained to staff, but they did nothing, probably because she is a minority.

She was afraid of the orderly and she got up out of bed and walked out of the hospital. No one has seen her since.

We hoped for the best, that she'd be found, but it's been seven years now and the police still have no leads.

by inquiring mindreply 5002/25/2011

Go see "Unknown" this weekend. Thrills and chills of the mistaken identity variety.

by inquiring mindreply 5102/25/2011

A friend's brother, her only sibling, was "disowned" by their strict parents after they caught him stealing money, using drugs, etc. He took off and never came back. They have no idea where he is and pretend like they don't care. He was around 19 and this was over 20 years ago in Baltimore.%0D %0D Not one I personally know but it was close to home at the time in Louisville, Ky. around 1983 is the case of 13 yo Ann Gotlieb, the daughter of Russian Jewish immigrants, who rode her bike to the local mall and was never seen again. They found her bike propped up on the exterior wall of the mall. Years later people claimed to have seen her in the Russian community in NYC which sounds highly unlikely.

by inquiring mindreply 5202/25/2011

r50, so sorry for your loss. %0D Did your aunt have dementia?

by inquiring mindreply 5302/25/2011

No but I found someone who had been lost. Was working on a USDA program in SOuthern Mexico. The Mex Nationalas who worked with me were relaxing over a few beers one night. They asked me if a new about the guerro (blond) in the local prison. Huh? Several people had different stories. %0D %0D I decided to check it out. This apprently American guy in horrible condion was wondering azround - out of it. I called the consulate and they sent someone down, after the warden wouldn't tell me when, why and how the guy arrived there. %0D %0D Consular guy arrived we got the info. The authorities knew he was mentally ill. No charges had ever been filed. They never attempted to figure out who he was. %0D %0D I said finger prints? We gbot those done and got him realized to a hospital. Sent the prints to DC.%0D %0D Turned out he was from San Diego, bi-polar, stopped taking his drugs, somehow made it almost all the way to Guatemala. Missing six years. Was one of the greatest phone calls I ever got to make. Our American doctor got him back on meds, people donated clothes -so he would look good when his family arrived to escort him home.

by inquiring mindreply 5402/25/2011

That is brilliant, r54.

by inquiring mindreply 5502/25/2011

I love this show, too, OP. Thankfully, no, I don't know anyone missing.

by inquiring mindreply 5602/25/2011

That's a great story R54!

by inquiring mindreply 5702/25/2011

Great outcome, r54! A lot of people wouldn't have looked into it.

by inquiring mindreply 5802/25/2011

Years ago, one of my friends disappeared. I tried looking for her as best I could (I had just started getting on the Internet at that time but wasn't very knowledgeable on using it to look for someone.)

Her mother would call me all the time, in tears, all of us were worried sick. My friend didn't have a very good relationship with her mother but she was very close to her older sister. I figured if anyone, she'd atleast contact her but she never did, which made me start to worry that she was a victim of foul play. It was an awful time.

Fastforward a year and a half, my friend shows up. No explanation, no nothing about where she has been all this time. Oh, I was pissed! I lit into her for not contacting anyone, us thinking she was dead. To this day, she has never told of where she was. Personally, I think she was in jail and was ashamed to tell anyone. My mother always said, semi- joking, that she got involved in a cult during that "lost time."

by inquiring mindreply 5902/25/2011

A kid one year ahead of me in high school disappeared shortly after his class graduated. He came from a large family and they always maintained he had probably gone out west to see friends or relatives and would come back whenever he felt like.

Flash forward ten years and a hunter found his skeleton next to a handgun in the woods. Shot through the head, most likely suicide. No one could quite understand why his family seemed so unconcerned about his absence. They had never even bothered to report him missing.

by inquiring mindreply 6002/25/2011

One of my cousins disappeared a few years ago. Her brothers and sisters lost all contact with her and she probably is unaware that both her parents have since died (if she is alive.)

by inquiring mindreply 6102/25/2011

Newspaper article about that three missing women case in Springfield, Mo. Discovery ID channel doing a special on March 7th.

by inquiring mindreply 6202/26/2011

bump for more stories.

by inquiring mindreply 6302/26/2011

r24 - my dad is listed on the Charley Project website. The first time I saw it it freaked me out, to say the least.

by inquiring mindreply 6402/26/2011

I happened to get hooked on this program yesterday. Unfortunately, TWC has only 3 episodes on demand.%0D %0D The Jeremy Alex episode was interesting. I think the family was in complete denial about what was going on with him. Cocaine, heroine and alcohol were mentioned, but no one mentioned meth.%0D %0D His manic, paranoid behavior over several days screamed meth use to me. %0D %0D The money and drivers license washing up on the beach was an interesting development. I think the guy was onto something when he proposed that Jeremy simply ran off a cliff onto the rocks below and was washed out to sea.

by inquiring mindreply 6502/26/2011

R64, if I may ask, what were the circumstances surrounding your Dad's disappearance?%0D %0D You have mentioned him being on Charley's list before, right?

by inquiring mindreply 6602/26/2011

R46, soooooo scary. THAT'S what freaks me out about missing persons cases and "Disappeared".

R60, that family's action/inaction sounds suspect to me.

by inquiring mindreply 6702/28/2011

OP, I love that show, too, and watch one case after another. What I like about it is that you never really know until the end if the victim is going to show up dead, alive or not at all.

by inquiring mindreply 6802/28/2011

My aunt's husband's son (she married him just a few years ago, they're both 50ish, so I don't really consider the father my uncle or his son my cousin). He left Nova Scotia and went out west to Alberta, and at one point, simply stopped calling his father. His father has gone out west several times to look for him, but has never found out anything at all. The RCMP did find some bones in a woods somewhere that they tested, but the test was inconclusive and they couldn't establish if it was his son or not. He's been gone for well over ten years. Oddly enough, my aunt has a son about the same age who also moved to Alberta, but has little to no contact with him by choice.

Crazy story R18 - I was living in Halifax at the time and heard nothing about it. Scary, especially considering that I was going to these same bars at the same time (well, Reflections, not the one on Gottingen, which I believe was called The Tool Box) and frequently left alone.

by inquiring mindreply 6903/01/2011

Any of you have an opinion on the latest episode of "Disappeared" where the District Attorney from Pennsylvania disappeared?%0D %0D His laptop and hard drive were found in different places.%0D %0D I'm thinking he abused his office and was on the take.

by inquiring mindreply 7003/01/2011

Yeah, r70. Maybe he had kiddy porn on it or something too. Really weird. I always think that there's probably a whole big incident that the interviewees aren't telling. It's like, "Oh, and he had a massive coke problem." They sometimes do that shit in the show. They reveal something critical half-way into the show, something that they should have mentioned early on. You're having to depend on the stories these witnesses are getting. There's probably a lot more out there that they aren't telling. Something that would obviously explain a case.

by inquiring mindreply 7103/01/2011

Hi R69, it's R18. Like you, I don't remember hearing anything about it at the time, I only heard about it a few years ago from a friend. I can't believe that another gay man disappeared within a 24-hour time span of my friend's brother, that's just too much of a coincidence.

by inquiring mindreply 7203/01/2011

I am also obsess with the show. Few shows are as chilling as this one. Of all the eps that I have seen, only one has the disappeared person being found - a woman who ran off the side of the road and wasn't able to get out. At the end, the police found her less than a mile from her home. Her husband was going crazy looking for her. Today I just saw the case of Leah Roberts who disappeared after traveling from North Carolina to Washington. Very sad. This is a creepy show to watch.

by inquiring mindreply 7303/01/2011

r73, and what about that family-I forget the a name- it started with "S"-that had just moved into a new house, and one day just disappeared? They (or a family just like them) were caught on camera walking into Mexico- mother, father and two children. It turned out that the police thought it was not the missing family after all.%0D %0D Very strange!

by inquiring mindreply 7403/02/2011

Johnny Gosch case being profiled on Nancy Grace right now on CNN Headline News.

by inquiring mindreply 7503/02/2011

R74, you're thinking of the McStay family.%0D %0D I think they went to Mexico to shop and met with foul play.

by inquiring mindreply 7603/02/2011

Trout Creek, Ontario %E2%80%93Tuesday May 29, 1956 marked the beginning of a tragedy that won%E2%80%99t go away 47 years later. On the previous Sunday, Shirley and Harold Conrad, baby Allen, and her three sisters (June, Joan and Teddy) had visited with her parents at their new "Lake Heights Road" home in North Bay. There had been talk of heading out to the cottage later in the week, depending on which day Allen Campbell had off. The Campbells had been out to their beloved Trout Lake cottage during the winter, parking their car in off the access road and skiing the rest of the way to the cottage. Now they were planning for their first spring excursion, having to wait for both the access road and path to the cottage to dry a little. That Tuesday was Mr. Campbells day off and they started packing early for their first day out. Joan Campbell was only 10. As she got ready for school, her parents were busy packing a lunch and loading the car. Her mother finished putting the last things in the family car about 8:30 a.m., as Joan headed out to school. June Campbell, then 17, was still living at home but had gone to stay with her sister Teddy. Teddy was 19, her husband, Bob, was out of town and she was eight months pregnant with their first child. Allen and Margaret Campbell told Joan they would be home by 6 p.m., the traditional supper time, just like on so many earlier trips. When Joan got home at 4:30 she occupied herself but as 6 p.m. came and went she got increasingly edgy. The house was new and the telephone had not yet been installed. There was no phone at the cottage either. Joan cried herself to sleep waking up at 10 p.m. to a still-empty house. She made her way through the dark to a neighbors house where they called Teddy and June. Early the next morning, around six, June borrowed a truck from a nearby service station and drove to the cottage. She was thrilled to see a car in the driveway. She hiked to the cottage and found it unlocked. No beds had been slept in. A fire had been put on in the wood stove and a hamburger lunch started and put to the back. The fire was out. The lunch was cold. Her fathers cigarette tobacco was sitting on the end of the table. The boat and motor had been moved from its winter resting place on the verandah and the family Pomeranian was missing along with Junes parents. She returned to the service station where police were summoned. Meanwhile, Shirley was unaware that anything was up. Shirleys husband Harold, who worked at Smiths Mill in Callander, received a call at work. He went into North Bay to show police to the cottage, presuming his in-laws were stranded on an island, never thinking the worst. He arrived back home in Trout Creek, 30 miles south of North Bay, early %E2%80%93 around 3 p.m. %E2%80%9CThen he blurted out that Mom and Dad were missing on Trout Lake. Oh God!%E2%80%9D (said Shirley) The next day Harold and friend Mervin Weiler paddled around the lake looking for clues. They were convinced the Campbells had been stranded on an island, caught in the fog. The police mounted a search complete with an airplane and dragging operations. The only clues to turn up were a five-gallon gas can, a brown shoe that washed ashore the following spring and various small articles, none of which seemed to belong to the missing couple. Mrs. Conrad and her sisters were unable to positively identify the shoe as one belonging to their father although it was about the right size. It is doubtful the gas can came from the cottage because %E2%80%9Cmy Dad never kept a five-gallon can in the boat with him.%E2%80%9D (said Shirley) The green fiberglass boat was termed unsinkable by its manufacturers because of the air pockets under the seats. The police, and many boaters who came out to help in the search, never found a trace of it. But all leads were followed including many wild goose chases. Teddy, living in North Bay, was the target of dozens of prank phone calls. The Campbell girls were quizzed about how their parents got along with other people, their social habits and financial status. A key for a safety deposit box was found at the house and police accompanied the girls to the bank in hopes a note would be found. No letter was found. %E2%80%9CI don%E2%80%99t know if I was relieved or sorry at the time.%E2%80%9D (said Shirley) Police even checked into the whereabouts of two men charged with a break-in at a service station Mr. Campbell had owned in Trout Creek a few years earlier. There was no involvement there. The police files are still open but there havent been any officiers around with washed-up articles for a long time. Shirley%E2%80%99s one regret about the case is that they didn%E2%80%99t think to hire a private investigator. While drowning is the presumed cause of death there is no proof. Neither is there any evidence of foul play; nor anything to dismiss that theory. Shirley had a feeling in the pit of her stomach that there was more than drowning involved just because of the total lack of evidence. %E2%80%9CBut one way or another, I would like to know what happened to them before I die.%E2%80%9D%0D %0D Summary: Spring 1956 a man and his wife go out to their cottage. The couple and their dog go missing, as well as their unsinkable fiberglass boat. Their lunch was ready and a fire was out, and there was no sign of foul play or any evidence of what happened to them or the boat. They left behind 3 daughters and their families. A few leads have been followed but all have been dead ends. %0D %0D

by inquiring mindreply 7703/02/2011

I wish Charlie Sheen would disappear.

by inquiring mindreply 7803/02/2011

r64 here - I know someone who works on the ID show "Disappeared" and there's definitely a chance my story could be profiled on the show if my family and I wanted to go forward with it.

It was in the local news when it happened, which felt like a huge invasion of privacy. For the time being, I want to keep the story quiet.

by inquiring mindreply 7903/02/2011

Ok, R64/R79. Don't want to intrude. Thanks.

by inquiring mindreply 8003/02/2011

I was at UCLA when Michael Negrete disappeared. Most of us only knew of him through his photos and it was immediately speculated that he was gay and was meeting his lover when he disappeared. I see that psychic/cunt Sylvia Browne said he was living nearby.

by inquiring mindreply 8103/02/2011

R78 = Martin Sheen

by inquiring mindreply 8203/03/2011

Does anyone remember the episode with the family on their home security walking to their station wagon, loading it up like zombies, and taking their kid with them, never to be seen again? They then thought that they had an image of them crossing the Mexican border. So incredibly creepy. The real footage is always nightmare material.

by inquiring mindreply 8303/03/2011

DVR ALERT! March 7th on ID Discovery on cable.%0D %0D "The Springfield Three" on Disappearance about the three missing women (Sheryll Levitt, her daughter Susie Streeter and Stacy McCall, a high school friend) from Sprinfield, Mo.

by inquiring mindreply 8403/03/2011

Do you know anyone who thinks they were abducted by aliens?

by inquiring mindreply 8503/05/2011

there must be a lot of skeletons everywhere.

by inquiring mindreply 8603/05/2011

R83 that was creepy. I think it was two kids and they left the dog behind. I'm half inclined to believe that they are in hiding in Mexico but maybe something more sinister is going on what with all the kidnappings and stuff going on down there. Maybe he got mixed up with some drug cartel.

by inquiring mindreply 8703/05/2011

The Susie Streeter case bothers me a lot for some reason. I can't comprehend how someone can kidnap three women at once. You would think that at least one would put up a fight. Weren't the the police eyeballing a neighbor at one point?

by inquiring mindreply 8803/05/2011

Maybe it was more than one guy kidnapping them?

by inquiring mindreply 8903/05/2011

R83, do you remember the name of the family? I want to see the creepy footage you mention.

by inquiring mindreply 9003/05/2011

#90, I think he means the San Diego McStay family (possibly) but there is no security footage.

by inquiring mindreply 9103/05/2011

Interesting story that sums up the case details.

I would love to know others theories on the McStays.

And there IS surveillance of the McStays crossing the border..

The woman sounds very eccentric, almost off kilter...

Interesting and sad mystery.

by inquiring mindreply 9203/05/2011

My aunt disappeared. I posted this before. All her clothes, money, stocks, etc. still at home.

Just vanished, but through a psychic, my mom and her sister believes she's alive.

It was 20 years ago and we've tried to see if she pops up on the internet - nope.

It's difficult to talk about still - she was my favorite relative.

by inquiring mindreply 9303/05/2011

Sometimes I fantasize about disappearing...

by inquiring mindreply 9403/05/2011

It's a it strange that Mrs. McStay changed her name several times during her life. Most people who change their name, change it once because of marriage but she seemed to change it on a whim; for example once changing her last name to Martelli because "she admired Italians".

Also, the day she went missing, she phoned a homeopathic remedy company asking to buy a drug called "Anger". Something about that seems odd, but I can't put my finger on it. I've just started to read up on the case, but has the mom had mental health issues in the past?

by inquiring mindreply 9503/05/2011

When I was in 6th grade 4 of us were going to run away from home. We had it all planned out. At the last minute I chickened out. The other 3 ran away. A week later one of them was back home, she never came back to our school tho so I never heard what happened. The other 2 have never been found (at leat as far as I know). It's been 35 years. My mom still sees a few of the parents at church, but no one ever talks about the missing/runaway girls. I don't know how they could not talk about it.

by inquiring mindreply 9603/05/2011

[italic]And there IS surveillance of the McStays crossing the border..[/italic]

It's never been proven to be them. People who once thought it was them from behind, changed their feelings afterward. It could have been anybody.

They were having trouble with a white supremacist that they hired to do work on their home. Who knwos?

by inquiring mindreply 9703/05/2011

[quote] Sometimes I fantasize about disappearing...

Me too

by inquiring mindreply 9803/05/2011

R97, I've read a lot about this case and I've never heard anything about a white supremacist. Can you link or tell the story?

by inquiring mindreply 9903/05/2011

The family on the video surveillance loading their cars like zombies is the Jamisons. Their full Disappeared ep is on Youtube.

by inquiring mindreply 10003/05/2011

Ah, r100. We're probably mixing up our deranged missing families. lmao. Suburbia does this.

by inquiring mindreply 10103/05/2011

A woman who worked at my company disappeared. She had been in a very responsible position, and one Monday, we discovered she had written out her subordinates work schedules for the following two weeks, had her uniforms cleaned and hung them in the office - and without so much as a good-bye or notice to HR, she disappeared. Not only that, she moved out of her apartment over the prior weekend. The apartment manager said she told him she was getting married. There was no address to forward her final paycheck! Nobody leaves like that. I'm thinking it was boyfriend/domestic violence problems, or financial issues - Colombian drug lords? - or even Witness Protection. Strange.

by inquiring mindreply 10203/05/2011

Thank you R100!

The more I read about the McStay family, the more it bothers me. I rarely get interested in missing person cases but this one has me intrigued.

by inquiring mindreply 10303/05/2011

sounds like witsec to me

by inquiring mindreply 10403/05/2011

[quote] sounds like witsec to me

But you'd think that they could have taken their dogs...

by inquiring mindreply 10503/05/2011

[quote]The Susie Streeter case bothers me a lot for some reason. I can't comprehend how someone can kidnap three women at once. You would think that at least one would put up a fight. Weren't the the police eyeballing a neighbor at one point?%0D %0D %0D I don't live in Springfield anymore and I may not have all the facts correct but a friend told me that several years after the disappearance, the police were looking at the son of a wealthy man who owned Carnahan fence company in Springfield. Apparently, years before, the son had been suspect in the murder of his girlfriend. I don't beleive he was ever charged with that first crime.%0D Also there was a story or rumor that Streeter was going to testify in a former boyfriend's trial about drugs.

by inquiring mindreply 10603/05/2011


by inquiring mindreply 10703/06/2011

I heard faking your death in Haiti is pretty easy. of course that was before the earthquake.

by inquiring mindreply 10803/06/2011

i had a friend who disappeared two years after h.s. graduation. they found her car in a bank parking lot. her keys and purse were in the car. she and her money were gone. that was almost 3 decades ago.%0D %0D

by inquiring mindreply 10903/06/2011

Very creepy story R77.

by inquiring mindreply 11003/06/2011

"The Three Missing Women of Springfield, Mo" tonight on Discovery ID show "Disappeared." 8 PM cst; 9 PM est.

by inquiring mindreply 11103/07/2011

I've known several people who disappeared for a year or two. Looking through that linked database, I only recognized one person and I don't know where I saw him. Most of the others look like they are dead but nobody has found the body yet.%0D

by inquiring mindreply 11203/07/2011

Back in the summer of 92, my 12 year old neighbour dissappeared.%0D %0D I remember cop cruisers around the neighbourhood on a daily basis during that whole summer and two years ago, I went back to visit my hometown (in Buffalo) after like 10 years, and heard a rumour that his skeletal body was found in the attic.%0D %0D It made me very sad.

by inquiring mindreply 11303/07/2011

R96, aren't you curious now that you're an adult? Why not contact the other person you were going to run away with and ask them for closure? You were good friends, right?

by inquiring mindreply 11403/08/2011

Missing College Student Found Dead

by inquiring mindreply 11503/08/2011

R77 that was solved. They drowned and both bodies and the boat were found at the bottom of the lake in 2006. Modern technology help find them.

by inquiring mindreply 11603/08/2011

I watched the show last night and they had much more information that popped up than the last time I'd read about it but still so many strange things about the women. It makes me think we really don't know what people do in secret. You see shows where families will say "he would never do that" and I just think "how do you know?". The fact is a lot of people do things their families and friends would never guess at but I still can't decide whether the women were abducted by a total stranger who possibly saw two attractive girls alone and followed them or they knew the person.

by inquiring mindreply 11703/08/2011

R117- a friend posted her theory. That they were taped and bound and taken to one of the many graveyards in Springfield and dumped into one of the masouleums on the property. No digging, no mess. No one would think to check one of the masouleums. Think about those guys who were the grave diggers.

by inquiring mindreply 11803/08/2011

When are they gonna dig up that parking garage???

"Tips follow show on 3 Missouri women missing since 1992"

(Reuters) - Police in Springfield, Missouri, received a dozen calls and some possibly useful tips on Tuesday after the airing of a cable television show about three women who disappeared in 1992.

They vanished after a high school graduation ceremony in a case that has long stumped and frustrated investigators. Police Chief Paul Williams, who took office eight months ago, has vowed to keep the investigation a priority.

"We are very committed to it," Corporal Matt Brown, department spokesman, said Tuesday about the case of the three missing women, so well-known in southwest Missouri that police simply call it 3MW.

Police are considering digging under a hospital parking garage under construction when the women disappeared, Brown said. The hospital is about five minutes from the women's last known whereabouts.

Sherrill Levitt, 47, her daughter Suzanne Streeter, 19, and friend Stacy McCall, 18, have not been seen since June 7, 1992. The two teens had just graduated from Kickapoo High School in Springfield. After partying past midnight, they returned to Levitt's house to spend the night, the investigation showed.

The next day, all three women were gone, but their beds had been slept in and their cars were in the driveway. The only possible hint of foul play was a shattered ceiling light fixture on the front porch. Their purses, money and keys remained in the house.

The case received national publicity and continues to surface in the news, especially when human bones are discovered somewhere or there are other possible connections, Brown said.

The Investigation Discovery cable channel's program "The Springfield Three" on Monday provided a good overview of the case and the evidence, Brown said. He said no tips so far appear to be solid leads but they are being pursued.

"We don't know if this is a case where what happened is known by only a few people or many," Brown said.

He said police hope anyone with "even a small piece of information they are holding onto that they don't think is important" will come forward.

Springfield police have asked that anyone nationwide who has information call 417-864-1810.

by inquiring mindreply 11903/08/2011

I though I saw something about a possible call to the Streeter household from a friend and a man answered and was fairly sexually explicit? Anyone know more?

by inquiring mindreply 12003/09/2011

[quote]I though I saw something about a possible call to the Streeter household from a friend and a man answered and was fairly sexually explicit? Anyone know more?%0D %0D Yes, that was mentioned on the show. The call came in when Streeter's friend and her boyfriend went over to the house that morning. The friend picked up the phone. Listened briefly, hung up thinking it was a prank call.

by inquiring mindreply 12103/09/2011

What did the man say R121? Sounds like a possible lead was lost.

by inquiring mindreply 12203/09/2011

The friend just mentioned on the program that it was an obscene call. She didn't go into specifics.

by inquiring mindreply 12303/09/2011

On second thought, she may have said that she heard a lot of breathing and didn't hear what he said. Not sure. Need to watch that part again.

by inquiring mindreply 12403/09/2011

Lots of the episodes are up on YouTube. I have never heard of this show before reading this thread, now I am addicted. Thanks, OP!

by inquiring mindreply 12503/10/2011

Stacy McCall's mother accidently erased an answering machine message at the Streeter home while she was there looking for her daughter. She doesn't recall what the man on the message said, but it sexual in nature.

by inquiring mindreply 12603/10/2011

OP, I only know someone indirectly. My old college friend's Dad disappeared. The authorities suspect foul play, and he is presumed dead* but the case has never been solved. %0D %0D He was (out of state) elk hunting with family members in Wyoming. They separated to hunt in different directions, and meet up later/return to camp that evening but he never arrived.%0D %0D There was a big search. At first they thought he was injured or possibly lost-(but he knew the area well, and was an experienced woodman-with a compass/watch GPS thing...%0D %0D *His torn blood soaked shirt, pants, and blood-stained hunting jacket were found discarded in a dumpster. This was some gas station in Nebraska. Terrible...I never knew him but his daughter was a very nice person. A sweetheart. Makes me sick...

by inquiring mindreply 12703/10/2011

My sister Sherry Leighty has been missing for the past 13 years. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. This has been a living hell every day. Our local police dept. only recently, in the past several months, are finally looking into her case & declared her a missing person. I don't have any faith in our PD and have been trying to find answers on my own but I will never give up on my sister & won't stop until we find her.

by inquiring mindreply 12802/01/2013

R102, it sounds like she went to jail.

by inquiring mindreply 12902/01/2013

I live in the Ark-La-Tex area, and it is fairly common around here but I can't think of anyone that I know personally who was never found. One young man hanged himself in the woods, and was missing for nearly a year until someone riding an ATV found his remains. Early in January a car with three people from hear went missing on the way back from a funeral in NC, but they found it in a river next to the Interstate last week, accidental death of all three. An elderly relative of mine went missing, but his body was found 4 days later, on an oil field road where he had apparently driven off the main road to take a leak, then got the car stuck and had a heart attack working to get the car out of the mudhole.

by inquiring mindreply 13002/01/2013

In 2000, a little boy in Santa Fe, NM went missing and has never been found. His name was Robbie Romero. My cousin and her family used to live in his neighborhood. My relatives didn't know the Romero family well, but they heard stories about the Romeros even before Robbie went missing. There were domestic violence issues in the family and one of the older sons was connected to gangs and other illegal activity.

After Robbie disappeared, the police investigated several people connected to the family. One theory that went around was the oldest son's girlfriend hit and killed Robbie with her car in the neighborhood and threw his body in a dumpster. There were also theories that the dad killed Robbie. My relatives moved out of that neighborhood in 2005.

by inquiring mindreply 13102/01/2013

I was aware of Kristy McNichol

by inquiring mindreply 13202/01/2013

The disappearance of Aeryn Gillern is pretty haunting. I saw the 2 hour long episode on Discovery ID last year.

Aeryn was an American gay man living in Vienna. His mother was a former cop but now spends her days obsessively searching for her son. His case is rather complicated to explain so if anyone is interested, just click on the link where his mom has retells his story in vivid details and her frustration with the homophobic Austrian authorities. She believes there's a cover-up in her son's disappearance.

by inquiring mindreply 13302/01/2013

No one is missing in this day in age, unless they are dead. Everyone has to have a social security number so unless they live off the land and constantly roam about they are known.

They may be missing to you, but someone knows about them or will come tax time.

by inquiring mindreply 13402/02/2013
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