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Saddest moment ever in an American movie?

The death of Bambi's mother (my choice).

by Film Fanreply 34911/29/2012

Dumbo's mom chained, stroking Dumbo behind bars. Sad that it (worse stuff) happens in real life in circuses, still (Ringling, for example).

by Film Fanreply 102/19/2011

Artex the horse dying in The Neverending Story. Even sadder now, because I just found out the real horse died during filming of that scene. I don't think I can ever watch that again.

by Film Fanreply 202/19/2011

The scenes in "Sex and the City" where Carrie and Samantha appear in age inappropriate attire.

by Film Fanreply 302/19/2011

Jesus, are these ALL going to be about animals?

by Film Fanreply 402/19/2011

(Sophie's Choice) When Sophie has to make said choice.

(Forrest Gump) When Forrest tells Jenny "Why don't you love me, Jenny? I'm not a smart man but I know what love is..."

by Film Fanreply 502/19/2011

I think it was 'Fantasm' wherein they shrink people for the other dimension. I cried for those poor little fucking midgets trudging down some unknown badly lit and poorly funded set. So sad.

by Film Fanreply 602/19/2011

The death montage in "Selena".

by Film Fanreply 702/20/2011

The final scene in "Eddie Duchin Story."%0D %0D "Music by Duchin"%0D %0D Corny - but still...(those fingers slipping off the piano keys)

by Film Fanreply 802/20/2011

The death of Glenn's career in "South Pacific."

by Film Fanreply 902/20/2011

Susan Kohner running after her mother's casket in Imitation of Life. Hands down.

by Film Fanreply 1002/20/2011

I agree with R10. I tell myself it's corny and melodramatic, but I cry like a baby every time I see it.

by Film Fanreply 1102/20/2011

The death of Jack Dawson in Titanic.

by Film Fanreply 1202/20/2011

Terms of Endearment....when her daughter finally dies, Shirley McLaine's character says something like, "what a fool I was to think it would be a relief when she finally died"...I have seen that happen so many times in real life and it always makes me think of that movie...

by Film Fanreply 1302/20/2011

Yes, Sophie's "choice", and also in the last scene when she is in Nathan's arms. The most profoundly sad movie I have ever seen- even more poignant for me in that it's lense highlights the horrors of the Hollocaust (at all stages) and mental illness. I think it was much more powerful than Shindlers List.

by Film Fanreply 1402/20/2011

When the Maltese Falcon turns out to be a fake.

by Film Fanreply 1502/20/2011

My other favorite is the final scene in "Glory" when Matthew Broderick and Denzel are thrown into the mass grave....the music is so haunting and sad...

by Film Fanreply 1602/20/2011

Dawson's last load.

by Film Fanreply 1702/20/2011

R14, 'Schindler's List' is one long Bausch & Lomb commercial compared to 'Sophie's Choice.'

by Film Fanreply 1802/20/2011

"Goin' home, goin' home, I'm-a goin' home" from The Snake Pit.

by Film Fanreply 1902/20/2011

When the boy gets shot in "House of Sand and Fog," and the end of Dancer in the Dark.

by Film Fanreply 2002/20/2011

1) The end of Central Station- I cried like a fucking baby

2) Into The Wild- I could not stop bawling. And I felt sad for days.

3) The end of Dancer In The Dark, and Catherine Deneuve's final words to Selma. Cried.

by Film Fanreply 2102/20/2011

I just realized that Central Station isn't American but who gives a fuck.

by Film Fanreply 2202/20/2011

Han Solo being encased in carbonite.

by Film Fanreply 2302/20/2011


by Film Fanreply 2402/20/2011

I hardly ever cry in life but I cry so much in movies, it's embarrassing.

The end of "The Green Mile"

The end of "Ghost"

The end of "Schindler's List"

The hospital scenes in "Gia."

The first ten minutes of "Up"

Most of "A.I.", but I have big mommy issues. In fact, I dont think I've ever cried harder at the end of a movie.

"I am Legend," when he kills the dog

"Forrest Gump," when he's talking to Jenny's grave

The dead dad in "The Lion King"

Pretty much every seen with Ellen Burstyn in "Requiem for a Dream." Holy shit, was she amazing in that role.

The end of "Boys Don't Cry"

Almost the whole fucking kaboodle in "P.S. I Love You"

"Shawshank Redemption"

"Field of Dreams" when he meets his dad

The end of "The Sixth Sense," but I had just lost two family members a few months beforehand

"Saving Private Ryan"

The end of "Empire of the Sun," when he doesn't recognize his parents (Was this an American movie? I know it had American actors.)

I'm pretty sure I cried hard at the end of "Titanic," but I was in high school so don't judge too harshly.

I refused to see "Marley and Me" because I know how it ended.

And while it's not American, the end of "LIfe is Beautiful" is one of the best of all time.

by Film Fanreply 2502/20/2011

Agree with the death of Bambi's mother. I still can't watch that film knowing that will happen again. I was very young when I saw this film and I never forgot the sadness I felt andI never want to relive it.

by Film Fanreply 2602/20/2011

Spock dying...

by Film Fanreply 2702/20/2011

Terms of Endearment when she says goodbye to her kids.

by Film Fanreply 2802/20/2011

Some oldies:%0D %0D When Susan Hayward as Jane Froman is reunited with and sings to Robert Wagner as the young (and impossibly hot!) wounded GI in With a Song in My Heart. Kills me every time! And made a star of RJ.%0D %0D And definitely the death of Old Yeller. As a little kid, I felt so betrayed by Walt Disney.%0D %0D Not as well-known, but the high school graduation scene in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn when little Francie remembers her dead daddy. This is a film that deserves more recognition in all departments!%0D

by Film Fanreply 2902/20/2011

The whole of "The Colour Purple" and most of Elisabeth Shue's and Nicholas Cage's scenes in %0D "Leaving Las Vegas". And of course "Boys Don't Cry"

by Film Fanreply 3002/20/2011

In for Pete's Sake when Pete yanks the ring off Babs Streisand's finger.%0D %0D She thought he was pissed at her for lying and being a hooker for a day and rustling cattle.%0D %0D It was a comedy.

by Film Fanreply 3102/20/2011

R16 I agree.

by Film Fanreply 3202/20/2011

Not sure if it's sad or just plain eerie, but I cry everytime at the end of Unbreakable with Sam Jackson and Bruce Willis. That is just a dark movie. The idea of being so close to something evil and not knowing it sends shudders down my spine and makes me cry.

by Film Fanreply 3302/20/2011

Ricky Schroeder owns this thread

by Film Fanreply 3402/20/2011

Sal Mineo discovering the body of his girlfriend played by Jill Haworth in Otto Preminger's EXODUS. Her throat had been cut by an Arab terrorist.

by Film Fanreply 3502/20/2011

Most recently, the remake of "True Grit" - Little Blackie's fate.

Just about every scene in "Hachi: A Dog's Tale."

"Terms of Endearment" - Emma's farewell to her kids was sad enough, but I really lost it when Garrett showed up to support Aurora after Emma's death. I still choke up when he walks into the scene.

"The Sixth Sense" - the scene in the car, Cole telling his mom about her late mother.

"Who Framed Roger Rabbit" - the baby Toon car and The Dip.

"Empire of the Sun" - when Jim Graham finds his mother.

"How Green Was My Valley" - the entire mine disaster sequence: The blind man descending into the mine, accompanied by child miner Huw Morgan...while the other miners remained above, too scared to assist in the rescue. Huw saying goodbye to his trapped father.

by Film Fanreply 3602/20/2011

The "Jane" character in the Twilight films. Played by someone who once showed so much promise and now reduced to this crap. Tragic.

by Film Fanreply 3702/20/2011

Natalie Wood in that final scene of Splendor in the Grass when she reunites with Warren Beatty and sees how much had changed and that there was no going back.%0D %0D %0D Another Natalie scene-- Tony's death in West Side Story.

by Film Fanreply 3802/20/2011

"Take .... off... the red..... shoes."

by Film Fanreply 3902/20/2011

R36 here - correction for the Roger Rabbit scene...the baby Toon was a shoe, not a car.

by Film Fanreply 4002/20/2011

When the evil queen lost her Joan Crawford-ish beauty and turned into that old witch crone in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.%0D %0D And that bitch Snow didn't thank... didn't even say goodbye(!) to those dwarfs after she was rescued by the prince. She and that prince just up and booked it outta there.%0D %0D %0D %0D I was a severe little gay boy..

by Film Fanreply 4102/20/2011

The blind Bette Davis saying goodbye to her dogs as she ascends the stairs to her bedroom to die.

The clip is the scene where she goes blind. I sobbed for the rest of the film. I am still looking for the final scene.

by Film Fanreply 4202/20/2011

And will you be happy, Charlotte? Oh, Jerry, don't let's ask for the moon. We have the stars.

by Film Fanreply 4302/20/2011

I'm glad to see some older (pre-1980 films) mentioned here! More of those, please....%0D %0D It's funny, but I don't think there will be many 1970s films mentioned. It was a helluva cynical decade for the movies.

by Film Fanreply 4402/20/2011

When Jack Black and/or Justin Timberlake appear.

by Film Fanreply 4502/20/2011

R44%0D %0D It wasn't quite 1970 (it was '69) but those closing scenes of "Midnight Cowboy" are gut-wrenching, particularly for gay men.

by Film Fanreply 4602/20/2011

r42, that schlock LITERALLY made you cry? REALLY? I mean, Dark Victory is a classic film, yes, but good lord everyone laughs at the totally UNrealistic way she dies. It is the TEMPLATE for "glamorous movie deaths." Same with Ali McGraw in Love Story. Bette so nobly, in full make-up and perfect hair (with full a studio orchestra just behind the door) so nobly ascends the stairs and gently lies on the bed to die. The music swells and the screen fades. Cue the hanky. It's glamorous and fun but not in the least sad. That is, unless you live in some kind of candybox world of unicorns and rainbows. %0D %0D And have never had a truly sad thing happen to you.

by Film Fanreply 4702/20/2011

Not a really emotional movie, but the scene in Apocalypse Now where Lawrence Fishburne is listening to a letter on tape from his mom, then is shot. He's dying and the tape goes on "well, stay outta the way of the bullets, and bring your ass home".

And, of course, the "reunion" scene in Showgirls with Nomi, Al and Henrietta at the Stardust.

"It must be nice not having anyone cum on ya."

by Film Fanreply 4802/20/2011

Antwone Fisher

When he confronts his mother (played by Viola Davis)

Davis also had a great sad moment in Doubt.

by Film Fanreply 4902/20/2011

How does the whole of "The Color Purple" qualify when the entire movie hinges on themes of hope and redemption, and the end finds everyone reunited and happy?

by Film Fanreply 5002/20/2011

The death of Spock at the end of "The Wrath of Khan".

by Film Fanreply 5102/20/2011

Emma Thompson in LOVE ACTUALLY-THAT scene with Joni Mitchell singing in the background.

by Film Fanreply 5202/20/2011

Please tell me R2 is lying.

by Film Fanreply 5302/20/2011

R53, I was trying to look up the name of the horse for this thread, and came across that story. I hadn't heard it before, and am so fucking sad about it. Apparently they had to halt production for a couple of weeks because Noah Hathaway was so traumatized.

by Film Fanreply 5402/20/2011

The scene in COLOR PURPLE when he physically throws Celie's sister off of the farm and the sister keeps screaming "Why?????"%0D %0D Tony's death in WEST SIDE STORY. I've seen it a million times but the music, together with the look on Natalie Wood's face gets me every time.%0D %0D The death scene in ENDEARMENT when Debra Winger stares at her mother, then weakly waves good-bye before she dies.

by Film Fanreply 5502/20/2011

Lana Turner's death scene in Madame X%0D %0D Susan Hayward's death scene in I want to Live

by Film Fanreply 5602/20/2011

I want to live's link

by Film Fanreply 5702/20/2011

When Captain Craig comes back for Mrs. Muir at the end of her life, and they finally can be together. Makes me cry every time.

by Film Fanreply 5802/20/2011

Actually, we probably shouldn't even be talking about The Neverending Story. Wasn't it a German production?

by Film Fanreply 5902/20/2011

The last 30 minutes of "Marley & Me"...absolutely broke my heart, I was hysterically crying like a baby. %0D %0D Same goes for "My Dog Skip" and "Hachi"%0D %0D The last scenes of "Brokeback Mountain". Also, when Heath Ledger cries to Jack, "You made me this way".%0D %0D The fantasy beach scene in "Longtime Companion".%0D %0D The last scenes in "Maurice"...Maurice reunites with Scutter at the boathouse, and when Hugh Grant is remembering his lost love with Maurice while looking outside the window.

by Film Fanreply 6002/20/2011

The final scene of "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" when Joel and Clementine decide to give their relationship a shot even though they both know it'll be doomed.

by Film Fanreply 6102/20/2011

Gods and Monsters. Ian McKellen's WWI story about his lover being killed. Him describing how his body was caught in the fence and how he and his fellow soldiers used black humor to cope with the nearby decaying body.

by Film Fanreply 6202/20/2011

The moment referenced at R19. These people are all patients in a state mental hospital and know they're not going home anytime soon.

by Film Fanreply 6302/20/2011

The ending of Without a Trace when Kate Nelligan was reunited with her kidnapped little boy. I have never sobbed so loudly or uncontrollably in a movie theatre.

by Film Fanreply 6402/20/2011

"And that bitch Snow didn't thank... didn't even say goodbye(!) to those dwarfs after she was rescued by the prince. She and that prince just up and booked it outta there."%0D %0D Excellent point, r 41. I hadn't really noticed that before.

by Film Fanreply 6502/20/2011

Death Be Not Proud

Brian's Song

Terms of Endearment

My Girl

Schindler's List (girl in red dress)

by Film Fanreply 6602/20/2011

OK, what's the one where the old dog is dying and they pick his little nugget ass up and set him on the bed?

Didn't see it, don't want to.

My Dog Skip?

by Film Fanreply 6702/20/2011

r2, God, I haven't been able to watch that scene in years anyway and now I don't think I will ever watch a moment from that movie again.

by Film Fanreply 6802/20/2011

This will send a bunch of queens into a crying tizzy.

by Film Fanreply 6902/20/2011

My death by drowning in a toilet.

by Film Fanreply 7002/20/2011

r63, there is a shot of Betsy Blair in that clip, too. She was married to Gene Kelly and won an Oscar for Marty, seven years later.%0D %0D That song is heartbreaking. The faces of the patients is what does it.

by Film Fanreply 7102/20/2011

Definitely the ending of Sophie's Choice....ample make this bed. I just sat there completely devastated.%0D %0D The scene in Saving Private Ryan when the mother collapses on the front porch.

by Film Fanreply 7202/20/2011

The boys death in Pay it Forward was sad.

by Film Fanreply 7302/20/2011

The end of Stella Dallas

by Film Fanreply 7402/20/2011

When Mary runs up the stairs to Stephen Haines with her hands outstretched at the fade-out I just lose it.

by Film Fanreply 7502/20/2011

In "Wit" when Emma Thompson (who is dying of cancer) gets a visit from an old professor of hers who read to her from "The Runaway Bunny."

by Film Fanreply 7602/20/2011

"He was sweepin', you sons of bitches!"

by Film Fanreply 7702/20/2011

Undoubtedly it's Annette Bening, chewing every piece of scenery in sight in "American Beauty," convinced she was destined for Oscar glory.

by Film Fanreply 7802/20/2011

Any movie when an animal dies or is hurt, cartoon or otherwise.

by Film Fanreply 7902/20/2011

Glenn's astonishing final scene in Dangerous Liasons. Its almost like she knows she'll never be nominated again and that a career in "small" films and the television is just around the corner. Those are real tears.

by Film Fanreply 8002/20/2011

r10, that's what she gets for denying her heritage!!!

by Film Fanreply 8102/20/2011

Any scene or movie where animals die. "Eight Below" tore me apart.

Also the reunion scene at the end of "A League of Their Own". (MARY!)

by Film Fanreply 8202/20/2011

Movie criers make me laugh. It's not real, folks.

by Film Fanreply 8302/20/2011

"Shane! Come back!"

by Film Fanreply 8402/20/2011

Lassie Come Home is heart-wretching to watch.

by Film Fanreply 8502/20/2011

Somewhere in Time - when Richard found the penny in his pocket.%0D %0D RICH.....CHERD....RICH....CHERD!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Film Fanreply 8602/20/2011

The heart attack death of the male lead in "Dr. Zhivago."%0D %0D The final scene of "The Blue Veil" (Jane Wyman).

by Film Fanreply 8702/20/2011

Artex really died?

by Film Fanreply 8802/20/2011

The Rose's phone call to her parents always makes me cry like a baby.

by Film Fanreply 8902/20/2011

[quote] The death of Spock at the end of "The Wrath of Khan".

The death was something of a tearjerker, but it doesn't count because they brought him back to life. I just felt toyed with and ripped off by the cheap manipulation of the production. They cheated by having it both ways: getting their emotional tearjerker scene, then twisting it into a joyous ending.

E.T. did the same thing.

by Film Fanreply 9002/20/2011

When Spock died. And when George Kirk died. I cried like a baby at both of them.

by Film Fanreply 9102/20/2011

The end of The Little Mermaid when Ariel says "I love you Daddy" always sends me into hysterics. He gave up his daughter to land for some guy that she had only known 3 days because it's what she wanted. Talk about sacrifice!

by Film Fanreply 9202/20/2011

"It's beyond my control."

by Film Fanreply 9302/21/2011

[quote]Movie criers make me laugh. It's not real, folks.

Oh, dear. Another Holocaust-denier.

by Film Fanreply 9402/21/2011

Speaking of which, the wailing sirens at the end of The Diary of Anne Frank.

by Film Fanreply 9502/21/2011

James Caan's death scene in the original "Brian's Song". Can't even hear the theme song without bursting into tears.

by Film Fanreply 9602/21/2011

Starring Jennifer Aniston

by Film Fanreply 9702/21/2011

I have posted this before, and I believe I got mocked for it...but what the hell.

The end of "A League of their Own" Old Geena Davis meets Stillwell ("you're gonna loose...You're gonna loose") at the museum reunion. She asks where is mother is, and he tells her she died, but he came because she loved baseball so much.

Always gets me.

And then, to cap it off, there is a quick moment in a montage where Stillwell gets his picture taken with a cut-out of his mother. He sort of leans toward the picture with this look on his face that just makes me bawl. My favorite moment in the movie.

by Film Fanreply 9802/21/2011

The telegram scene in the locker room in "A League of Their Own" is pretty sad as well.

by Film Fanreply 9902/21/2011

Hardly anyone has seen this film, but there is a scene in Coppola's "Pegdgy Sue Got Married" when Kathleen Turner goes back in time and sees her mother--Turner is again a teenager--and she says, "Mother, you were so pretty." Kills me every time. It's like a primal dream to see our parents as they were when we were children and couldn't really imagine how time would change so much.

by Film Fanreply 10002/21/2011

Damn, of course the film I meant to type was "Peggy Sue Got Married."

by Film Fanreply 10102/21/2011

This is silly, but for me it was the end to Hair, as you saw Burger being shipped off to Vietnam in Claude's place and you knew what was going to happen. I was a basket case after that.

by Film Fanreply 10202/21/2011

When I saw Ordinary People, in the suburbs, everyone in the theater seemed to be crying. Men were crying as hard as their wives.

by Film Fanreply 10302/21/2011

At the end of "The Iron Giant", when the robot flies up to save the town and closes his eyes while whispering, "Superman..." I turn into a goddamn tear fountain every single time.

by Film Fanreply 10402/21/2011

[quote]Movie criers make me laugh. It's not real, folks.

As long as you're not laughing at any movies, r83, because the humor is no more "real" than the suffering.

by Film Fanreply 10502/21/2011

The moment Grizelda Brown died in Desperate Living.

by Film Fanreply 10602/21/2011

I don't know about saddest moment ever, but there was a dog movie in the 70's called Benji. Benji's owners (two young kids) got kidnapped and mutt Benji and his fluffy bitch pull all sorts of stuff to save them. Near the end, one of the kidnappers kicks the bitch and sends her flying across the room to a crumpled mess in the corner. I cried hysterically but I was about 8 or 9.

by Film Fanreply 10702/21/2011

Artex didn't really die in The Neverending Story. That was a false rumor. What really happened is the kid actor in that scene nearly drowned when the lift didn't work.

by Film Fanreply 10802/21/2011

The death of Darth Vader in "Return of the Jedi."

by Film Fanreply 10902/21/2011

When dude got the Dear John letter in The Thin Red Line.%0D %0D In A.I. when boy found out the bottom of the ocean was just the bottom of the ocean.%0D %0D I usually cry at everything but I'll refrain from listing others as I'd rather not embarrass myself.%0D %0D

by Film Fanreply 11002/21/2011

"The Neverending Story" discussion is getting tedious. I think this would be a more interesting thread if we focused on sad films that are adult-oriented. When we're children we are easily manipulated by scenes of parents or beloved pets dying and sometimes haunted by that as adults. So those choices are obvious and more about nostalgia than genuine feelings. Let's all grow up, shall we?

by Film Fanreply 11102/21/2011

[quote]Most of "A.I.", but I have big mommy issues. In fact, I dont think I've ever cried harder at the end of a movie. I was a wreck during all the mommy scenes.

by Film Fanreply 11202/21/2011

R100, another devastating moment from Peggy Sue Got Married is when the young Kahleen Turner picks up the phone and hears the voice of her beloved deceased grandmother. Exquisitely bittersweet.

by Film Fanreply 11302/21/2011

I agree r113. That is like a moment out of Proust.

by Film Fanreply 11402/21/2011

As a child of the seventies, I fully agree with Bambi and Dumbo.

I don't know who thought those movies were for children. Bambi's mom dying was unbelievably horrible when I saw it at five. It scarred me for life. I have never seen, nor will ever see Bambi again.

I think Disney was a sadist, and those early movies are extremely dark. While I've enjoyed their later offerings, the entire motivation and existence of the Disney corporation is deeply ironic, and I mean that by its strict definition. Intending to distribute manufactured joy while in fact doing the exact opposite.

by Film Fanreply 11502/21/2011

"It scarred me for life."

Really? Damn, you sound weak.

I cried at The Lion King (saw it as a kid after my dad died) but I wasn't "scarred for life," nor would I break down if I saw it again.

by Film Fanreply 11602/21/2011

[quote]I was trying to look up the name of the horse for this thread, and came across that story. I hadn't heard it before, and am so fucking sad about it. Apparently they had to halt production for a couple of weeks because Noah Hathaway was so traumatized.

That movie was a touchstone of my childhood. I can't believe that. Can you provide a link?

by Film Fanreply 11702/21/2011

[quote]The last scenes of "Brokeback Mountain". Also, when Heath Ledger cries to Jack, "You made me this way".

Easily at the top of the list. I start weeping from the moment they are packing up the truck extending all the way through the argument where Ledger threatens to kill him if he finds out about his extracurricular activities in Mexico (that moment stops my heart every time) to the "You sleep on your feet like a horse" scene and the humming and all that happens around that.

While Gylenhaal simply doesn't have the gravitas to pull it all off, and Ledger makes the scene, the one thing Gylenhaal does pull off is the ending of that scene with the transformation of young hopeful Jack watching the truck driving away panning to old hopeless Jack in the same place.

I originally saw it in a theater in Chelsea packed with queens and lesbians, and I walked out of the theater at that point into the lobby and threw up in a garbage can. Yes, I went back and watched the rest of the movie.

by Film Fanreply 11802/21/2011

[quote]Really? Damn, you sound weak.

Yes, it did. I still remember it.

And you have no idea what I've been through in life, which I can guarantee has been much more difficult than yours, so FUCK OFF CUNT.

by Film Fanreply 11902/21/2011

Anything with Keanu Reeves in it.

by Film Fanreply 12002/21/2011

Terms of Endearment when the mother tells the kids she's going to die. And Heath Ledger all alone in a trailer at the end of Brokeback.

by Film Fanreply 12102/21/2011

Without a doubt: In the movie Black Beauty, when Ginger is whipped and beaten as a city taxi horse. Beauty watches her and sees her snap. Then, a minute later, we see her thin, abused dead body being wheeled off as her horrible owner curses her. URgh. I am getting weepy as I am typing this. Kills me!

by Film Fanreply 12202/21/2011

"And you have no idea what I've been through in life, which I can guarantee has been much more difficult than yours, so FUCK OFF CUNT." I'm sorry I called you "weak." I meant to call you "weak" AND "CRAZY!!!"

by Film Fanreply 12302/21/2011

another vote for Bambi.

by Film Fanreply 12402/21/2011

The saddest moment in movie history...

When Tim Hutton calls his friend and is told that she has killed herself, in Ordinary People.

by Film Fanreply 12502/21/2011

For you,r96~

by Film Fanreply 12602/21/2011

On the weathered old porch of her dilapidated childhood home near coastal Texas, the scene in A Trip to Bountiful where Geraldine Page talks to the local sherif, thinking of her father walking out on the porch to greet her. If you don't tear up during that scene, you should check yourself for a pulse.

by Film Fanreply 12702/21/2011

The beginning of I Am Number Four, since it was the farthest point from the end.

by Film Fanreply 12802/21/2011

The climactic scene between Hirsh and Hutton in "Ordinary People"

by Film Fanreply 12902/21/2011

Here's the scene from A Trip to Bountiful.

by Film Fanreply 13002/21/2011

Mancini was some shit!

by Film Fanreply 13102/21/2011

I hated Terms of Endearment.%0D %0D Didn't think it was sad, either.

by Film Fanreply 13202/21/2011

Has anyone seen "Brian's Song" lately? Does it still hold up?

by Film Fanreply 13302/21/2011


by Film Fanreply 13402/21/2011

The part in Beethoven where Beethoven eats the bacon off of Charles Grodin's plate. The bacon came across as being pretty sympathetic to me.

by Film Fanreply 13502/21/2011

R132, I totally agree with you. Corny Oscar bait cheese.

by Film Fanreply 13602/21/2011

I won't watch any of the recent dog movies, "Hachi," "Marley," etc. I lost one of my dogs in June and I don't need to relive it again. Also, another vote for the ending of "A.I"--I was a mess!

by Film Fanreply 13702/21/2011

I don't have mommy issues, but the ending of AI gets me every time.

by Film Fanreply 13802/21/2011

The Elephant Man%0D %0D The final scene of Merrick's suicidal last sleep.%0D

by Film Fanreply 13902/21/2011

I agree r139. So sad because it really happened.

by Film Fanreply 14002/21/2011

HATED Terms of Endearment, too. That is just manipulative, dishonest shit.

by Film Fanreply 14102/21/2011

The scene in Private Ryan where the mother is doing dishes by the window as she watches the chaplain drive up to the house. When she collapses on the front porch - it gets me every time.

by Film Fanreply 14202/21/2011

The court scene in the TV movie of The Matthew Shepard Story when the father forgives his murderers. Sam Waterston makes me cry every time.

by Film Fanreply 14302/21/2011

I'd like to nominate the scene in Longtime Companion when the character Bruce Davison plays is at his mate's hospital bedside stroking his hand and telling him that it's OK to let go.

by Film Fanreply 14402/21/2011

[quote]When the evil queen lost her Joan Crawford-ish beauty and turned into that old witch crone in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Oh no: that wasn't "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"... that was "Autumn Leaves."

by Film Fanreply 14502/21/2011

Olivia de Havilland on the gangway for the ship to Europe, crying out, "MORRIS! MORRIS!" (The Heiress)

Audrey Hepburn crying in the rain, trying to find Cat in the alleyway (Breakfast at Tiffany's)

Brenda Blethyn sobbing to Tim Spall as they go through their dead father's things (Secrets & Lies)

But none of those hold a candle to the episode of "Little House on the Prairie" where Reverend Alden gets married. The ending of that episode can turn the most hardened battle-scarred marine into mush.

by Film Fanreply 14602/21/2011

The death of little Bonnie in Gone With the Wind. It also represented the death of any hope of Rhett and Scarlett's future together.

by Film Fanreply 14702/21/2011

When Dorthy tells the scarecrow goodbye in the Wizzard of Oz.

by Film Fanreply 14802/21/2011

very sad indeed, r144. It's heartbreaking.

by Film Fanreply 14902/21/2011

[quote]The death of little Bonnie in Gone With the Wind.

That belongs in a thread on "Most welcome moment ever in an American movie?"

by Film Fanreply 15002/21/2011

[quote]Audrey Hepburn crying in the rain, trying to find Cat in the alleyway (Breakfast at Tiffany's)%0D %0D No matter how many times I've seen it, that tears me everytime.

by Film Fanreply 15102/21/2011

The wordless 4-minute MARRIED LIFE montage in UP!

by Film Fanreply 15202/21/2011

I%E2%80%99m such a sap, I couldn%E2%80%99t read through this thread without tears welling up.

I agree that any movie where an animal dies makes me cry. And to those films, I would add:

The death scene in The Champ with Ricky Shroeder.

The end of West Side Story.

The beach scene in Longtime Companion.

Dorothy saying goodbye to the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz.

The closing scene in Ghost.

Both of the scenes from Peggy Sue Got Married that were mentioned upthread where she talks to her mother and picks up the phone to hear her grandmother%E2%80%99s voice.

Yes, Brian%E2%80%99s Song %E2%80%93 including the music.

And, one non-American film: the end of A Love To Hide, the French film about the persecution of both gays and Jews during the Holocaust.

by Film Fanreply 15302/21/2011

The end of "The Mist."

by Film Fanreply 15402/21/2011

I involuntarily rock back and forth and weep after listening to this audio clip:

by Film Fanreply 15502/21/2011

When Frankie Muniz hits his dog in "My Dog Skip"...that upset me, and made me cry. %0D %0D When Jennifer Aniston says good-bye to Marley before he's taken to the vet...I totally lost it, and felt my heart was ripped out. The last scenes were very difficult for me to watch. A very heart-wretching movie for animal lovers.%0D %0D In "Hachi: A Dog's Tale"...when Joan Allen discovers Hachi still waiting for his master after many years...the last hour will make you cry not-stop. Also, when Richard Gere has a heart attack in front of his students, then you know that the dog is in trouble, which is very painful to watch.

by Film Fanreply 15602/21/2011

Damn, but The House of Sand and Fog was something I could only watch once and I have never forgotten it. Harrowing. Cried my heart out.%0D %0D Private Ryan:the sequence with the mother collapsing on the porch,the General reading Lincoln's letter,&insisting "he's alive and we are going to get him the hell out of there!". %0D %0D In Schindler's List,the end when the actual survivors place stones on Schindler's grave.%0D %0D Old Yeller, and Dumbo and his mother.%0D %0D In Brokeback, when Ennis goes to Jack's house, & climbs those stairs,enters that bedroom. Such a bleak, death filled place. He takes it all in, examines the toys on Jack's desk,looks out the window at the flat, empty landscape, then finds the shirts. That's when Ang won his directing Oscar, IMO. I am a sobbing wreck. %0D %0D With The Color Purple, I cry in all the usual places, but I also cry when Suge Avery marches down to her father's church singing that song, "God's Tryin to Tell You Something", and the choir starts responding to her. That whole call & response thing. Damn that was a great crying moment.

by Film Fanreply 15702/21/2011


I kept saying.... Don't do it. Don't do it.

by Film Fanreply 15802/21/2011

'Bambi' disgusted me. After the murder of his mother I was expecting a plot dealing with Bambi's revenge.

by Film Fanreply 15902/21/2011

I actually cried at the end of "The King's Speech"..when Colin Firth makes his speech, while Rush is guiding him through it. And, when Colin cries "I'm not a King! I'm not a King!%0D %0D The end of "Black Swan" when Natalie Portman utters "That was perfect...perfect". That was like a rush! %0D %0D "Jack, there's a boat!" from Titanic. %0D %0D In "Return of the King" when Frodo wakes up, and reunites with his friends. And, the "You bow to know one" scene. %0D

by Film Fanreply 16002/21/2011

The only crazy here r123, is your pathological ass.

by Film Fanreply 16102/21/2011

[quote]That movie was a touchstone of my childhood. I can't believe that. Can you provide a link?

I did some more checking. It's hard to find anything definitive one way or another, but it looks like that Artex rumor might be false.

by Film Fanreply 16202/21/2011

Last two lines of "Ordinary People".

"I love you dad."

"I love you, too."

Donald Sutherland deserved as Oscar for that line reading alone. I get choked up just thinking about it.

by Film Fanreply 16302/21/2011

It's not a famous movie, but the last scene of "The Search" devastates me.

Also "Kramer Vs. Kramer" when Dustin Hoffman shows that he now knows how to properly prepare French toast.

by Film Fanreply 16402/21/2011

The Yearling.

by Film Fanreply 16502/21/2011

They have been showing "Ordinary People" on encore this week. The "I love you, dad" was very moving. And, when Timothy hugs his mother, and she shows no emotion.

by Film Fanreply 16602/21/2011

I might be the ONLY one to feel so sad watching King Kong- any version. I can't stand the ending!

by Film Fanreply 16702/21/2011

Jar Jar Binks in THE PHANTOM MENANCE, like the Unisphere, "I weep of what might have been but was never meant to be."

by Film Fanreply 16802/22/2011

OK, a new one. Veronica Guerin, starring Cate Blanchett. If you haven't seen it rent it.I won't spoil it for you. But the last 10-15 minutes I am a sobbing mess. Totally. And the soundtrack is just incredible. It make you want to keep crying and crying and crying. I love that movie. Complete departure for Bruckheimer and Schumacher. Neither one ever did anything else worth looking at IMO. Excellent movie.%0D %0D %0D OMG, yes! The Jeff Bridges version of King Kong. We saw it at the theatre,when I was five and I was a sobbing wreck at the death scene. You could hear his heart beat slowing down, slowwer, slowwer...then... it... stops.%0D But there were other moments too. Like when he pushed Jessica away, and kept getting shot. And when they catured him and he was in the hold of the ship. So sad.%0D %0D I love Mary Tyler Moore in OP. I never cry. I love her scenes the best. At the end, when Donald Sutherland shocks her, and she starts to lose it in the bedroom when she's packing, I feel glad.%0D %0D In Titanic, the scene when he puts Rose on the lifeboat and they watch each other as the boat starts to lower, then she leaps off! I cry.%0D %0D Life is Beautiful. "Bon giorno, princepessa!" Whe he plays the opera for her over the loudspeaker at teh prison.And the ending, of course.%0D %0D %0D %0D %0D %0D

by Film Fanreply 16902/22/2011

Not the SADDEST moment, but...

At the end of E.T., when he tells Elliott, "I'll... be... right... here." And John Williams' music swells up. Gets me every time.

by Film Fanreply 17002/22/2011

And IMDB's spelling of "Elliott" can't possibly be right...

by Film Fanreply 17102/22/2011

Testament%0D %0D The death of Carol's (Jane Alexander) youngest child (Lukas Haas).%0D %0D the audio in the clip is of poor quality but the scene is still very powerful

by Film Fanreply 17202/22/2011

I never saw the movie, but my friend said an 80's movie called 6 weeks , I think, about a little girl dying, was ever so tearjerking.

by Film Fanreply 17302/22/2011

I thought that last scene in "Good Will Hunting," where Ben Affleck's character went over to Matt Damon's house, and he wasn't there, and he knew then that he had left for good. I wanted to give taco flavored kisses to my Ben, he was so sad!

by Film Fanreply 17402/22/2011

This goes back a ways, but for me it was the scene in "Born Free" when they release Elsa back into the wild.

by Film Fanreply 17502/22/2011

The Fox and The Hound. I cried so hard I had to go home from school. My Life. I was soaked with tears - my shirt, pants, hair all soaked. Alien 3 when Ripley died.

by Film Fanreply 17602/22/2011

R176, your pants were soaked? %0D %0D Honey, those weren't tears.

by Film Fanreply 17702/22/2011

[quote]Hardly anyone has seen this film, but there is a scene in Coppola's "Pegdgy Sue Got Married" when Kathleen Turner goes back in time and sees her mother--Turner is again a teenager--and she says, "Mother, you were so pretty." Kills me every time. It's like a primal dream to see our parents as they were when we were children and couldn't really imagine how time would change so much.

I saw it, and it made me cry like a baby. The person I went with was at a total loss as to what my problem was, but I reacted the same way you did, and for the same reason.

by Film Fanreply 17802/22/2011

r177, I'm crying down below!

by Film Fanreply 17902/22/2011

I saw Peggy Sue Got Married and it just didn't "work" for me. I saw it at the theatre when it came out. I was 15. IMO, she was too old to pass for a teenager.

by Film Fanreply 18002/22/2011

Goodness, R29 and I could be twins.

by Film Fanreply 18102/23/2011

Mufasa dying in The Lion King When the baby closes his eyes at the very end of Benjamin Button Margot Mardindale's segment in Paris, je t'aime

by Film Fanreply 18202/23/2011

I remember crying during "Big Fish." Also "Finding Neverland."

The last scene in "Chinatown" when Fay Dunaway's character gets shot is both creepy AND sad.

by Film Fanreply 18302/23/2011

Moulin Rouge when Satine dies.

by Film Fanreply 18402/23/2011

The end montage in "And The Band Played On."

by Film Fanreply 18502/23/2011

r184Come what may...Ewan was so good in that.

That Life is Beautiful ending was so shocking in it's abruptness, they gave you no forewarning.

Anybody see the movie Crush with Andie Macdowell? When she throws her fiance out for cheating which he didn't do and he gets hit by a truck and dies. God the guy was so hot and adorable I totally cried. Never saw him in anything else.

by Film Fanreply 18602/23/2011

r185, The part where Nureyev is leaping across the stage makes me ball every time. Just watched it again and yes I cried again.

by Film Fanreply 18702/23/2011

I'm too lazy to look, but did anyone mention the band on the Titantic playing while the ship sunk?

by Film Fanreply 18802/23/2011

The ending of Reqieum for a Dream. That whole movie is emotionally devastating. I was shellshocked for a whole day.

by Film Fanreply 18902/23/2011

When Donald Sutherland kills the boy he's been molesting by swinging him around and smashing his head into the pole in '1900'. %0D %0D Donald Sutherland torturing and killing the cat in '1900'.

by Film Fanreply 19002/23/2011

1900 is not an American film.

by Film Fanreply 19102/23/2011

The scene where we know David has passed because he starts happily reuniting on the beach with all his friends who had died of AIDS at the end of 'Longtime Companion'.

by Film Fanreply 19202/23/2011

r 190, boy do we ever hate Donald Sutherland's guts.

by Film Fanreply 19302/23/2011

In "The Bad Seed" Claude Dagel's drunken mother begs Rhoda's mother for any information as to how her son could have died.

by Film Fanreply 19402/23/2011

When Julia Roberts survives at the end of "Sleeping With The Enemy".

by Film Fanreply 19502/23/2011

Bette Midler performing STAY WITH ME BABY at the end of THE ROSE. Just heartbreaking. The part where she stumbles back from her microphone as the audience applauds, and her guitarist places his hand out to steady her. %0D %0D Gets me every time.

by Film Fanreply 19602/24/2011

"And the Band Played On" has so many places where I tear up! But for some reason, and maybe it's not sadness, but it's anger, the most powerful scene for me is the one where Matthew Modine reams the Red Cross. "How many will it take..."%0D %0D I try to watch that movie once a year. I own it. I want to really remember the pain, the fear, and the lack of response from Reagan et al. And yes, the montage at the end says it all.

by Film Fanreply 19702/25/2011

%0D When Julia Roberts won an Oscar for wearing a push-up bra

by Film Fanreply 19802/25/2011

I don't remember the name but it was a movie about a Datalounge thread that got to 199 posts and promptly stopped dead in its tracks. Poor thing - it just couldn't make it to 200.

by Film Fanreply 19902/28/2011

Old Yeller.

by Film Fanreply 20002/28/2011

[quote]Not as well-known, but the high school graduation scene in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn when little Francie remembers her dead daddy. This is a film that deserves more recognition in all departments!

Another vote from me.

by Film Fanreply 20102/28/2011

The scene in What's Eating Gilbert Grape, when the mom's fat assis dragged out the house, after she dies.%0D %0D Also this black and white older movie scene (forgot the movie name) with a black mom and light skinned daughter. Anyways the funeral scene is pretty sad..

by Film Fanreply 20202/28/2011

There is a 1929 all-black movie called Hallelujah! It is a very interesting film about greed, sex, cheating, stealing and murder. Way ahead of it's time.%0D %0D It's really sad when one of the siblings die. Oh, the poor mother's wailing and crying just goes on for days! %0D %0D Sad, sad, sad!

by Film Fanreply 20302/28/2011

R 202%0D %0D "Pinky"

by Film Fanreply 20403/01/2011

The final scenes with Andy and Bonnie in "Toy Story 3" brought a few tears to my eyes. The life and death montage with Carl and his wife in "Up" got to me. Pixar really knows how to hit me where it counts.

by Film Fanreply 20503/01/2011

I was just going to post that R205. Also in Toy Story III, when they were all in the incinerator type thing. There's a moment when they all stop struggling and fighting to get free and as a group, silently acknowledge their fate.

by Film Fanreply 20603/01/2011

R202, Gilbert Grape's fat mom isn't dragged out of the house after she dies. Her kids decide to burn the house down with her in it to spare her that humiliation.%0D %0D I wonder whatever happened to the woman who played the mother and if she ever managed to lose any of that weight.

by Film Fanreply 20703/01/2011

She died in a house fire, R207.

by Film Fanreply 20803/01/2011

The scene in Shawshank Redemption in which the old man can't adjust to life on the outside and hangs himself, while Morgan Freeman's beautiful voice poetically relates the occurrence.

Maybe not the saddest moment ever in movie history, but the scene always gets the tears welling whenever I see this wonderful film.

by Film Fanreply 20903/01/2011

The elephant man, when the mobs attack him at the train station. The whole movie made me sob.

by Film Fanreply 21003/01/2011

has to be when Gloria Upson talks about Muriel Puce dropping that ping pong ball.

Well, it was ghastly.

Just ghastly!

by Film Fanreply 21103/01/2011

Some Chaplin moments %E2%80%93 %0D %0D The ending of City Lights when the girl sees the tramp for the first time.%0D %0D In the Gold Rush when he prepares a party and the audience knows the girl he%E2%80%99s in love with is not going to show up.%0D

by Film Fanreply 21203/01/2011

So many! Right now, will say Pig's death in Disco Pigs. Heart wrenching.

by Film Fanreply 21303/01/2011

No, she doesn't R208. Her kids find her dead in her bed and then they set the house on fire.

by Film Fanreply 21403/01/2011

The other day I watched just 30 minutes of this movie "Fluke". It was all that I could take. These poor doors running around the street without a home.%0D %0D It was probably a sweet movie but I couldn't take it and had to turn it off. Don't even know the end.

by Film Fanreply 21503/01/2011

Dark Victory

by Film Fanreply 21603/01/2011

R214, R208 was answering the question about the death of the actress not the character. And according to both imdb and wiki, the actress apparently is still alive.

by Film Fanreply 21703/01/2011

When Innes found out that his longtime love was dead.

by Film Fanreply 21803/01/2011

Natalie Wood's breakdown at the end of "West Side Story."

Not so sad as bittersweet, but the ending of "Ghost" usually brings me to tears, with the orchestra playing "Unchained Melody" in the background.

Merle Oberon's death in "Wuthering Heights."

End of "Pan's Labyrinth."

by Film Fanreply 21903/01/2011

Just watched some of Trip to Bountiful on youtube.%0D %0D And I cried.

by Film Fanreply 22003/01/2011

The casting of Leo Dicaprio in Titanic. He looked about 12.

by Film Fanreply 22103/01/2011

The death of Old Yeller, of course.

And when they returned the lion to the wild in Born Free -- it shouldn't be sad, but it so is.

by Film Fanreply 22203/01/2011

God Bless the Child with Mare Winningham takes the cake for me. And that it was true makes it even more sad.

by Film Fanreply 22303/01/2011

The Bridge to Teribithia. Yeah it's a kids movie, and I sat there blubbering like a seven-year-old.

by Film Fanreply 22403/01/2011

r219, Ghost is even more sad now because Patrick Swayze is really gone.%0D %0D

by Film Fanreply 22503/02/2011

"Done because we are too menny"

by Film Fanreply 22603/02/2011

R211%0D %0D LOL!%0D %0D Additions:%0D %0D The end of the animated (title-?) film with the word "fireflies" in it.%0D %0D More despairing than sad - The end of "On The Beach".....waltzing Matilda.....

by Film Fanreply 22703/02/2011

When I first saw Hotel Rwanda I was silent in the theater, then went home and sobbed on my bed for an hour. Just heavy, heaving sobs. It was just devastating and I couldn't process that that had actually happened.

I've never watched it again.

by Film Fanreply 22803/02/2011

[quote]The end of the animated (title-?) film with the word "fireflies" in it.

Grave of the Fireflies. It wasn't an American movie though, and neither was Jude.

by Film Fanreply 22903/03/2011

When Pierce Brosnan sang in Mama Mia.

by Film Fanreply 23003/03/2011

Surely the poster upthread was referring to DL fave Imitation of Life and not the very obscure Pinkie?

by Film Fanreply 23103/03/2011

Boyz In The Hood made me cry for hours.

by Film Fanreply 23203/03/2011

The ending of Born Free.

Thread closed.

by Film Fanreply 23303/03/2011

OMG, the scene in "Mystic River" when Sean Penn realizes that's his daughter's car, and he goes over there, and then starts screaming, "Is that my daughter?" I just was stricken by that; it was so visceral and so authentic, it was horribly real.%0D %0D In Terms of Endearment, my saddest scene is when Shirley MaClaine wakes up, and realizes her daughter has died. And she says, "There's nothing harder." I started sobbing.

by Film Fanreply 23403/03/2011

Agree about the montage at the end of AND THE BAND PLAYED ON. By the way, after the montage is over, one of the title cards says: "By the time President Reagan delivered his first speech on the AIDS crisis, more than 25,000 Americans had died of the disease."

Lest we forget. It truly infuriates me how anyone today can deify that evil man.

by Film Fanreply 23503/03/2011

The end scene of IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER when Emma Thompson is screaming is pleading the innocence of DD Lewis and he is aquitted. I had to wait for everyone to leave the theatre I was a sobbing mess.....

by Film Fanreply 23603/03/2011

Rosemary's Baby.

My mother's name is Rosemary, and I cried for a year thinking I was a spawn of the devil. It didn't help that my mother actually confirmed my belief.

by Film Fanreply 23703/03/2011

I think they've all already been mentioned, but I sobbed at the end of "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" as the house burns down and at the end of "The Elephant Man" when John Merrick lays his head on the pillow. "ET," when the boys and ET fly into the sky to escape the military men...and several points in "A.I.," which is just a heartbreaking film.

by Film Fanreply 23803/03/2011

I found AI hard to watch. I felt freezing cold all thru it.

by Film Fanreply 23903/03/2011

In Field of Dreams, when he plays baseball with his father and then he walks into the cornfield.

by Film Fanreply 24003/03/2011

The day all the financing fell into place so they could begin casting and filming the Twilight series of movies.

by Film Fanreply 24103/04/2011

The final scene in The Way We Were when Streisand and Redford meet by chance.

by Film Fanreply 24203/04/2011

r100, I too love that scene in "Peggy Sue Got Married". Peggy has had a cocktail or two by this scene, and her slight drunkenness actually makes it more endearing. When she visits her grandfather (Leon Ames, Judy's father from Meet Me in St. Louis!), that feeling returns. It's a lovely movie.

by Film Fanreply 24303/04/2011

R237 made me LOL

by Film Fanreply 24403/07/2011

Especially after the whole swine & bird flu commotion, R235. It's amazing how many people died before he made a speech! I was still a child when all this happened, and to see that montage makes me sad about all the wonderful talent that died.

by Film Fanreply 24503/09/2011

It might not be the saddest thing, but%0D In What's Eating Gilbert Grape, when the family is out to get Arnie out of prison and suddenly the mob spots the Mother and everyone look, comment, take photos. You can feel that the children are utterly humiliated.%0D %0D Also, in the same vain, in That 50s(?) Walt Disney movie, you have a young Kurt Russell who's father is not involved like the other parents in the boyscouts meeting. The man in charge of the troop decides to invite him. Of course, the father shows up completely drunk. What is even worse is that he tried. He had bought ice creme for all the kids, but it is half melted and leaking through the box. It's a pathetic scene.%0D As a child, it made me cry.

by Film Fanreply 24603/09/2011

I'm really embarrassed to admit it but I was crying like a little girl when ET was laying there like it was the end for him.

by Film Fanreply 24703/10/2011

This is strictly a guess.%0D %0D Hal Holbrook in "Water for Elephants". Just knowing that he lost Ms. Dixie will make me cry (not sure if he lost her before or after making this film).

by Film Fanreply 24803/12/2011

When the girl in the middle of the Human Centipede survives.

by Film Fanreply 24903/12/2011

You are one sick fuck, R149.

by Film Fanreply 25004/09/2011

The opening line of "It's Today" from Mame.

by Film Fanreply 25104/09/2011

I agree with the following:

Dancer in the Dark


Imitation of Life


Also, the ending of Far From Heaven, when Julianne Moore (seriously) tells Dennis Haysbert he's beautiful. And his train goes away.

In Edward Scissorhands, Wynona Ryder tells Johnny Depp to hold her, and he says, "I can't." I'm in pieces.

Not a traditional tear-jerker, but the ending of 'Birth' with Nicole Kidman, when her new husband finds her weeping on the beach in her wedding dress. It haunts me.

by Film Fanreply 25204/09/2011

I always tear up at the end of "The Color Purple" when Celie and Nettie re-unite. It's sad when you realize how much they loved each other and how they were separated for so long.%0D %0D And then Nettie introduces Celie's own children to her.

by Film Fanreply 25304/09/2011

The last 40 minutes of E.T. have to rank up there pretty high.

by Film Fanreply 25404/09/2011

In the Day of the Dolphin, a very obscure movie, the trainers of the dolphins (fa and bea) had to send them out to sea and tell them that men were bad and the dolphins were saying "but fa love pa" and the trainer said "men are bad" and sending them out to open ocean. It was really sad when I saw it.

by Film Fanreply 25504/09/2011

Three moments from "Brokeback Mountain":

Ennis Delmar receives his returned postcard stamped "deceased" and calls Jack's Wife to find out what happened.

Ennis finds his missing shirt stained with blood tucked inside Jack's shirt, both hanging inside Jack's closet.

Ennis opens the closet in his trailer exposing his shrine with the two shirts and picture postcard of Brokeback Mountain.

by Film Fanreply 25604/09/2011

I agree with R241, the Mormon takeover of Hollywood.

by Film Fanreply 25704/09/2011

When Sonny is sent back to earth after getting thisclose to having Kyra at the opening/closing night of Xanadu.

by Film Fanreply 25804/09/2011

The ending of "Requiem For A Dream" had me inconsolable for about 3 hours afterward.

by Film Fanreply 25904/09/2011

I ALWAYS cry at the scene in "Carrie" when she's dancing with Tommy to "I Never Dreamed Someone Like You Could Love Someone Like Me" I'm tearing up now just thinking about it.%0D %0D I also cry at the "Good Morning Baltimore" scene of "Hairspray" because it's so optimistic.

by Film Fanreply 26004/09/2011

Mad elephant!

by Film Fanreply 26104/09/2011

r254, you're not kidding. I thought I'd sob out loud in the quiet theater during that sad scene in ET when the movie came out.

by Film Fanreply 26204/14/2011

The opening credits of Silkwood, when the audience laughed at "Cher."

by Film Fanreply 26304/15/2011

The whistles signaling the men out of the trenches in Galipoli

by Film Fanreply 26404/15/2011

"OMG, the scene in "Mystic River" when Sean Penn realizes that's his daughter's car, and he goes over there, and then starts screaming, "Is that my daughter?" I just was stricken by that; it was so visceral and so authentic, it was horribly real."

I'm sorry, I just thought that scene was so ridiculous and Penn overacting a storm. And then dozens of cops keep arriving on the scene to subdue him and it just keeps getting worse and worse.

Amc's new series The Killing just copied that same scene and it was just as ridiculous.

by Film Fanreply 26504/15/2011

I have to agree about that Mystic River scene. In theory, it is sad, but Sean Penn is just so over the top it turns comical. When my ex and I used to have a bit to drink, he would always ask me to do it and I would gladly comply. I've run down many a NY street screaming "Is that my daughter in there? Is that my daughter in there?"

by Film Fanreply 26604/15/2011

Near the end of Benjamin Button when she's trying to get the toddler to say her name and then the *very* end when the infant looks her in the eye and dies. Oh that was terrible, terrible to watch.

by Film Fanreply 26704/15/2011

Scarface - When Tony Montanna's sister dies.

by Film Fanreply 26804/15/2011

Here's another vote for "You may keep one of your children."

by Film Fanreply 26904/15/2011

Less obvious scenes from Brokeback Mountain:

When Jack and Ennis part for the first time, and Ennis stumbles into the alley to vomit, and then cry.

When Ennis pushes Jack against the wall under the stairs, kisses him, and whispers "little darlin'," nuzzling him like a horse. Kills me every time, because you know the relationship is doomed yet Ennis loves him so much.

by Film Fanreply 27005/03/2011

[quote]I've run down many a NY street screaming "Is that my daughter in there? Is that my daughter in there?"

That's as creepy as a fat man living as a baby.

by Film Fanreply 27105/03/2011

SO many scenes in "Testament". Just incredibly sad and bleak.

And I know it's manipulative bullshit, but the scene with Streep in the car with her husband in "Bridges of Madison County" where she has her hand on the door handle gets me every time.

I was a 15 year old sensitive boy when I saw "Ordinary People". Cried like a baby then, and that final scene still gets to me.

Point of order, though: many of the scenes mentioned by other people are completely tear-inducing (The ends of "Shawshank", "Without a Trace", "Empire of the Sun", and "The Search", an amazing film, btw), but not necessarily "sad."

by Film Fanreply 27205/03/2011

Tom Hanks' death scene in Philadelphia; specifically when his eldest brother leans over the bed to say his final good-bye and his face just crumples and then he turns to his mother and sobs on her shoulder.

by Film Fanreply 27305/04/2011

R265, you are 100% correct about Penn - and for that he got an Oscar!

by Film Fanreply 27405/04/2011

The end of Dead Man Walking when Susan Sarandon tells Sean Penn to look into the face of love. %0D Philadelphis when Joanne Woodward is in the hospital with Tom Hanks and he's dying and the brother breaks down. %0D The Deerhunter when they are all sitting at the table after Christopher Walken's death. %0D These are scenes that had me actually sobbing. I tear up at the drop of a hat but these slayed me. %0D Recently saw Barney's Version and there is a scene where Barney's ex wife is having lunch with him and he has dementia and can't remember which utensil to use to eat dessert and the look of terror on Paul Giametti's face was so heartbreaking.

by Film Fanreply 27505/04/2011

ET flying off.

End of BB Mountain.

Dorothy saying goodbye to scarecrow.

by Film Fanreply 27605/04/2011

"The scene in COLOR PURPLE when he physically throws Celie's sister off of the farm and the sister keeps screaming "Why?????"%0D %0D I didn't find that scene sad at all. I thought it was hilarious! In fact that whole segment was so maudlin and sappy it funny. Celie and Nettie holding onto each other for dear life, just a weepin' an a wailin' and carrying on: "please let her stay, please let her stay!" As Mister is hauling Nettie away Celie is still clutching at her sister; she's dragged along the ground is dragged down steps, blump, blump, blump. Mister has to pound on their hands with his fists to separate them; they were behaving so idiotic I wish he'd punched their lights out. Nettie bellows "WHHHHYYYYYY?!!!" and then starts playing the stupid little patty-cake game she and Celie liked to play. Celie yells "write" and Nettie raises her arm in the air ike she's taking an oath and proclaims "NOTHING BUT DEATH CAN KEEP ME FROM IT!!!" I think she does that twice; her acting was terrible. As she runs away Celie moans "don't go."%0D %0D The atrocious aforementioned scene in "The Color Purple" didn't happen in the book. In the book Nettie goes off with some missionaries; there are no hysterics, no wailing, no screaming, no clutching, no being dragged down steps, etc. It was all Steven Spielberg's vision of how black people behave and his attempt to make movie viewers reach for their hankerchiefs. Actually, I think after seeing this scene movie viewers wanted to reach for a barf bag. %0D %0D

by Film Fanreply 27705/04/2011

my girl...Macaulay culkin Anna Chumsley

by Film Fanreply 27805/04/2011

The endings of "Pan's Labyrinth" and "Life is beautiful" are absolutely unbearable for me. The italian one specially, watch it gives me physical pain, Mel Gibson torture in "Braveheart" is a joke compared to the execution of Benigni character.

by Film Fanreply 27911/23/2012

I agree with R256

by Film Fanreply 28011/23/2012

R242 "Your girl is lovely, Hubbell."

by Film Fanreply 28111/23/2012

The end of Charlotte's Web.

by Film Fanreply 28211/23/2012

The whole ending sequence of Rebel Without A Cause...Dean pleading with Mineo, Mineo's death, Dean coming outside in the pink early dawn light and introducing Wood to his parents.

by Film Fanreply 28311/23/2012

The scene in The Sixth Sense when the boy tells Toni Collette that her mother saw her dance. I can't watch that scene without balling...

Oh and when I was a child, it was Old Yeller.

by Film Fanreply 28411/23/2012

In addition to some of those already mentioned, I always tear up at the end of Running on Empty, when River Phoenix's family decide to leave him on his own. Also the end of Stand By Me, when River fades away as the narrator tells you he died trying to save someone.

by Film Fanreply 28511/23/2012

[quote]without balling...

[Psst: it's bawling. Balling means fucking.]

by Film Fanreply 28611/23/2012

[quote]OMG, the scene in "Mystic River" when Sean Penn realizes that's his daughter's car, and he goes over there, and then starts screaming, "Is that my daughter?" I just was stricken by that; it was so visceral and so authentic, it was horribly real.

Bullshit. He was so obsessed about winning that Oscar he was actually screaming "IS THAT MY OSCAR IN THERE??????"

They had to fix it in post-production.

by Film Fanreply 28711/23/2012

John Coffey's execution in The Green Mile.

by Film Fanreply 28811/23/2012

I don't know if this is an American or British movie, but when Milady (Faye, in one of her best performances) strangles Constance (a delightful Raquel) in "The Four Musketeers," it really fucked me up. Still, it is one of my favorite movies.

by Film Fanreply 28911/23/2012

The end of The Bridges of Madison County, when Meryl watches Clint drive away.

by Film Fanreply 29011/23/2012

when the guy would perform miracles in 'The Green Mile' was taken to the chair for a crime he did not commit...

by Film Fanreply 29111/23/2012

The end of Frances was pretty sad as was the end of Requiem for a Dream although RFAD was more disturbing than anything else...

by Film Fanreply 29211/23/2012

Come Back Little Sheba-when Shelly Winters talks about trying to find her lost dog.

Pinnochio-the scene where the bad children turn into donkeys and they are crying to go home.

Of Mice and Men-the last scene

by Film Fanreply 29311/23/2012

The ending of Ghost World.

by Film Fanreply 29411/23/2012

"The scene in The Sixth Sense when the boy tells Toni Collette that her mother saw her dance."

I totally agree, except I would say that scene is sad in a very beautiful way, rather than devastating.

The boys turning into donkeys scene in PINOCCHIO isn't "sad." It's extremely disturbing, if not terrifying.

by Film Fanreply 29511/23/2012

The end of AI was very sad. To know that the AI suffered in emotional pain for thousands of years and then to see the little robot teddy bear all alone. Sigh.

by Film Fanreply 29611/23/2012

OK, not American, but the funeral in "Four Weddings and a Funeral." when the partner quotes the Auden poem, I'm gone.

by Film Fanreply 29711/23/2012

R293. Shirley Booth not Shelley Winters. I also sawS. Epatha Merkerson do it on Broadway--she was heartbreaking in her own way.

by Film Fanreply 29811/23/2012

I was also moved by Ricky Shroder crying in The Champ.

The scene where Heath Ledger sees the shirt in Brokeback Mountain.

Billy's death in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

When Sean Penn lost custody in I Am Sam.

The dog dying in I Am Legend.

The girl dying in Pan's Labyrinth.

For animation, I found the death of the Iron Giant much sadder than the death at the beginning of Up.

by Film Fanreply 29911/23/2012

Diane Keaton, smoking a joint in the bathtub and singing the Beatles "If I fell", as she breaks into sobs in "Shoot the Moon"

Requiem for a Dream, devastating end for all, did not induce tears as much as a three day depression.

Meryl Streep's silent scream in Sophie's Choice.

Yes, Shirley Maclaine's exhausted and almost inappropriate reaction to her daughter's death in Endearment, was so authentically sad. Her performance in that film is full of surprises, don't listen to the cynics that say it is all about emotional manipulation. Duh, that is what actors do for a living. Great actors don't piss themselves to indicate that we should piss, they technically guide us through with the skill of their performance, and then we have to piss.

The end scene - accumulating snow burying Warren Beatty, Julie Christie in the opium den, the Leonard Cohen song, McCabe and Mrs. Miller. No dialogue, Robert Altman.

Shane, come back.

The bittersweet surprise in "Atonement", when Vanessa Redgrave throws our whole experience of caring for these characters into the dimension of wish fulfillment....the happiness they never really had.

by Film Fanreply 30011/23/2012

Pursuit of Happyness - Several times, one where Will Smith is rushing to get to the homeless shelter and the kid drops the toy and they don't/can't go back and get it.

by Film Fanreply 30111/23/2012

It's the scene in Terms of Endearment where Debra Winger is saying goodbye to her two boys and the little one just broke my heart. "I think that went well, don't you," Winger says. The boy nods and tries to hold back his tears. I was destroyed.

by Film Fanreply 30211/23/2012

Two scenes from 'The Joy Luck Club':

The daughter with no self esteem cries to her mother, who places a jade necklace around her neck and assures her "I see you."

The mother who accidently drowned her son in the bath, Stone filmed it in flashback and in near present time she sits alone in a windy room, a devastated look on her face from unhealed wounds.

From 'Playing For Time':

When Vanessa Redgrave is robbed of her hair on arrival to Auschwitz.

The sausage scene, where she nearly chokes eating a piece of sausage her friend earned in the camp brothel. She realizes the prisoners have lost their humanity and even if rescued by the allies, the Nazis have won.

From 'The Hours:'

Julianne Moore sitting in the bathroom crying while her husband is oblivious to her pain.

From 'Slumdog Millionaire':

The boys deny the little girl shelter in the pouring rain, we see her crouching in the mud in the rain, sadly using a stick I guess playing school, writing in the mud with the stick.

From 'Aladdin':

Aladdin steals some food and goes into an alley to eat it, finds a little boy and his littler sister picking in the garbage for food. The turn to look at him with sad, ashamed eyes. He gives them his food. Gets me every time.

by Film Fanreply 30311/23/2012

The final act of Hud is so remarkably heartbreaking and violent, but so honest. When the cattle are killed it is unbearable to watch. Hud is a sad and admirable film.

by Film Fanreply 30411/24/2012

[quote]there is a shot of Betsy Blair in that clip, too. She was married to Gene Kelly and won an Oscar for Marty, seven years later.

Nope, nominated but didn't win. I did.

by Film Fanreply 30511/24/2012

The appearance of Madonna.

by Film Fanreply 30611/24/2012

For me, although the film has a number of sad moments, it's the final communion-distribution scene in 1964's "Priest". Powerfully themed and intensely plotted, the film deals frankly with the topics of homosexuality in the Catholic clergy, child sexual abuse, incest, guilt and redemption. Linus Roache is amazing in the role of a young priest, but it is Robert Carlyle's, as a working-class gay man, that best captures the essence of the film. His is also the most sensitive and honest screen portrayal of gay men as we actually are, rather than as we're generally perceived, I've ever seen created by a straight actor. Tom Wilkinson is also remarkable as conflicted and jaded older priest.

by Film Fanreply 30711/24/2012

PS - "Priest" was released in '94, not '64... sorry!

by Film Fanreply 30811/24/2012

Not American, but the ending of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas destroyed me.

by Film Fanreply 30911/24/2012

R307 I had forgotten the movie "Priest." It was so sad and true in the ways that you have alluded to, that I never could watch it again. I suspect a lot of gay men would object to that film, without acknowledging why.

by Film Fanreply 31011/24/2012

Fox and Hound: The old woman has to abandon the fox on the forest for some reason I can't remember, but I stumbled across the clip on YT the other day and I bawled my eyes out for about 5 mins. Thank God no one else was around.

by Film Fanreply 31111/24/2012

Any number of moments in Sophie's Choice- but the end when they are in eachothers arms at the end... Just hearing the music makes me cry, Mary!

by Film Fanreply 31211/24/2012

Resurrection w/ Ellen Burstyn. When she says goodbye to her grandmother.

by Film Fanreply 31311/24/2012

"Torch Song Trilogy" When Arnold learns that Allen was killed (gay-bashing) when he went to the store.

AI - pretty much all or it but especially the end.

by Film Fanreply 31411/24/2012

Yes R300, another vote for Diane Keaton's scene in Shoot the Moon, one of the great unheralded performances in a much overlooked 80s film.

by Film Fanreply 31511/24/2012

Make Way for Tomorrow . The plot concerns an elderly couple (Victor Moore and Beulah Bondi) who are forced to separate when they lose their house and none of their five children will take both parents in.

by Film Fanreply 31611/24/2012

Death scene in Brian's Song. Scene in Terms of Endearment where Shirley MacLaine tries to get someone to give her daughter something for the pain. Also the death scene in same movie.

But the saddest was the ending of Philadelphia when they're playing the Neil Young song and showing the video of the Tom Hanks character as a child. I'm crying right now thinking about it. :((

This thread's depressing.

by Film Fanreply 31711/24/2012

R306 wins

by Film Fanreply 31811/24/2012

RDJ hugging the dog that ate his finger in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

by Film Fanreply 31911/24/2012

The death of Mr Jingles in The Green Mile.

by Film Fanreply 32011/24/2012

Lee Remick at about 4:05 -

by Film Fanreply 32111/24/2012

R315, agree, Shoot the Moon is an incredibly powerful and sad film-

by Film Fanreply 32211/24/2012

Not sad, but definitely tear-jerking: the "La Marsaillaise" scene in "Casablanca." Remembering that the film came out in 1943, with the outcome of the war still uncertain, makes it that much more powerful.

by Film Fanreply 32311/24/2012

Ratcatcher-entire movie is depressing but the ending is so sad.

by Film Fanreply 32411/24/2012

In "The Hours" where the little boy is screaming for his mother as she drives away.

by Film Fanreply 32511/24/2012

The final scenes of "On The Beach" where Tony Perkins and Donna Anderson decide to take the cyanide pills to avoid death by radiation poisoning, and Donna's character plaintively pleads with Tony to "take care" of their daughter. And when Gregory Peck leaves Ava Gardner to die alone so he can go back on the submarine with his men in a clearly vain attempt to return to the US. And the banner waving over the city center "THERE IS STILL TIME...BROTHER" while the strains of "Waltzing Mathilda" play in the background. Of course, the science is all wrong, and Ava was too old for the character of Moira and had no Aussie accent, but the film had many compelling scenes.

by Film Fanreply 32611/24/2012

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer-the scene with the misfit toys.

by Film Fanreply 32711/24/2012

When John Malcovich dies, in any film he dies in.

by Film Fanreply 32811/24/2012

I say the film Short Cuts...sad, sad, sad.

by Film Fanreply 32911/24/2012

What, no The Notebook? The ending sets me off every time.

Barney's Version was sad. Life felt so empty at the end. One of the best films I've seen.

I know this isn't American but who gives a shit, Marion Cotillard in the newly released French film Rust and Bone. Brilliant performance and heart breaking.

by Film Fanreply 33011/24/2012

I was so unprepared for the death of Buddy in "Fried Green Tomatoes". It's just so, so sad to see a sweet young man die so unexpectedly just as his life is about to start. Of course, the later scene of Ruth's death just brings up the same emotions. I love how the same story of the ducks and the frozen pond ties them together. Sad, sad, sad.

by Film Fanreply 33111/24/2012

I agree, Buddie's death was very sad.

I could never even finish The Notebook...was it really good?

by Film Fanreply 33211/24/2012

I've always thought that they could have made the ending of AI where they program the kid to think he's always with his mom. I pictured his robot body in some alien museum but he doesn't know that because of his programming.

by Film Fanreply 33311/24/2012

Far From Heaven:

When Raymond Deagan tells Cathy Whitaker to have a splendid life.


At then end of the movie when Selby identifies Aileen as the killer and Aileen sort of nods her head and scrunches her nose as if to say "it's ok." I burst into tears right there in the theater.

by Film Fanreply 33411/24/2012

I was pretty devastated by Wit with Emma Thompson. Brokeback Mountain made me cry all the way through. More moving than sad but when the soldier with no hands comes home in Best Years of Our Lives is one of my favorite scenes.

by Film Fanreply 33511/24/2012

It's not an American film, but the scene in "La Strada" when Gelsomina discovers her friend, Il Matto the Fool, murdered, is one of the most heartbreaking scenes in film history (and Giulietta Masina's interpretation of Gelsomina is stunning, as was usual with her performances).

by Film Fanreply 33611/25/2012

When Dawson takes that fiftieth and final load, and you realize there won't be any more that weekend.

by Film Fanreply 33711/25/2012

[quote]The bittersweet surprise in "Atonement", when Vanessa Redgrave throws our whole experience of caring for these characters into the dimension of wish fulfillment....the happiness they never really had.

"I gave them their happiness" and then that wonderful scene with Robbie and Cecilia at the beach while Marianelli's gorgeous oscar-winning score plays.

McAvoy's last shot, with those big beautiful eyes of his, looking so hopeful before entering the cottage, made me sob like no other recent movie.

by Film Fanreply 33811/25/2012

The opening credits of Showgirls.

by Film Fanreply 33911/25/2012

Dead Man Walking when Poncelet the prisoner finally confesses his crimes to Sister Helen before he goes to die.

by Film Fanreply 34011/25/2012

r100 also when she hears her deceased grandmothers voice over the phone for the first time in years. When I saw the movie the way Kathleen Turner gasps a little and begins to cry but fights it back so her grandma won't hear her crying. . . killed me.

by Film Fanreply 34111/25/2012

Yes, R100 and R341. Kathleen Turner is so underrated as an actress. It's quite sad, actually.

by Film Fanreply 34211/25/2012

OK going outside the thread a bit here. In the early 70s, there was a short movie (maybe an hour or less?) on PBS about a boy who lost his dog. He walks all over the city looking for the dog. At the end he finally finds the dog but the dog is with an old man and the old man seems very happy to have the canine as his companion. The boy makes an extraordinary sacrifice and let's the old man keep the dog. I cried for a week after seeing it and never could watch it again. It haunted me for years. I wonder if anyone else on here saw it, too? If I recall correctly, I don't think the movie had any dialogue at all.

by Film Fanreply 34311/25/2012

The end of brokeback mountain Death of bambi's mother sophie's choice when she has to make "the"choice All of schindler's list John coffee's execution in the green mile

by Film Fanreply 34411/25/2012

It sounds like "Disneyland Little Dog Lost" (made in the early '60s), R343.

by Film Fanreply 34511/25/2012

I cried for HOURS after the final scene of "Longtime Companion" and, to this day, have never been affected quite the same way by a movie.

by Film Fanreply 34611/25/2012

The scene in "Johnny Belinda" where the townspeople bring Lucky MacDonald's body back to his house after Blackie kills him by pushing him off the cliff. His deaf-mute daughter Belinda (Jane Wyman) says The Lord's Prayer in sign language. It's so sad. Wyman totally deserved her Academy Award.

by Film Fanreply 34711/25/2012

The scene that so moved you, R346, is successful because it perfectly exemplifies an Aristotelian approach to writing.

According to Aristotle, one of the primary goals of writing is to persuade an audience that the author's ideas are not only valid, but so much more valid than those holding opposing opinions, as to negate their arguments. He divided the means of persuasion into three categories- Ethos (credibility), Pathos (emotion) and Logos (logic). All tree are found consistently throughout "Longtime Companion".

Like you, that scene had a unique and lasting effect on me also.

by Film Fanreply 34811/25/2012


Dude, we are not stupid. What was the point of that analysis? It is not very pertinent to the experience of watching movies. Say what you mean and don't analyze in luxurious ways.

A script can be sub-par, even illogical, but we can still be moved. Movies are the directors and actors playground. Sound, lights, camera, action. Music. We respond. Modern art.

Aristotle did not write screenplays.

Maybe that scene in Longtime Companion made you cry ?

Give yourself a break, don't patronize.

by Film Fanreply 34911/29/2012
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