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Serial Killers: What Happened To Them?

Has the economy affected them as well? We used to have so many on the run wreaking havoc on an unsuspecting public. Those were the days. They don't make them like they used to!

by From Hellreply 5112/08/2012

hopefully, potential SKs see all the forensic shows (Forensic Files)about how killers are caught and just think they can't be bothered - getting away with it seems pretty difficult.

by From Hellreply 102/18/2011

John Wayne Gacy still gives me nightmares.

by From Hellreply 202/18/2011


by From Hellreply 302/18/2011

Shamefully laughing at loud.%0D %0D Btw, I was living in Milwaukee during both the Jeffery Dahmer reign and the cryptosporidium - in - the - public - water scare.%0D %0D A situation which, therefore, gave birth to the classic bumpersticker "Milwaukee. The place where you can eat the people but not drink the water."

by From Hellreply 402/18/2011

My theory is that it's because prostitutes and hitchhikers have cellphones now.

by From Hellreply 502/18/2011

Well MY theory is that today's serial killers know that if they keep their mouths shut and spread their activities across many juristictions, the authorities will never put the pieces together. %0D %0D What we don't seem to be getting is braggarts like Zodiac and BTK, who got off on telling the press and police everything they did. %0D %0D

by From Hellreply 602/18/2011

All the Great Big Fat Persons are gone.

by From Hellreply 702/18/2011

Well there were four prostitutes found on the side of road here in NYC a couple of weeks back, a la last season of Dexter. They were women who advertised their services on Craigslist and their bodies were found in varying degrees of decomposition.

by From Hellreply 802/18/2011

A variety of professional development opportunities is helping today's serial killers avoid detection while still affording them the excitement and satisfaction they need. It's all a matter of becoming more professional. You can enhance your security without losing your passion and commitment.

There is now general agreement that remaining free to practice makes it worthwhile to give up some of the fun but risky aspects of the craft. Classwork - much of it online - now assists apprentice serials to suppress the desire to taunt the police, develop diverse target and kill methods and avoid signature traits, improve disposal management, enhance tool and trophy security, and perfect behavioral covers.

Nowadays there is simply no reason for a talented serial not to enjoy a long career completely undetected.

Of course there are those for whom drama and notoriety and publicity are important. Education cannot reach such crazy people. But there are nuts in every profession, aren't there?

by From Hellreply 902/18/2011

[italic]the authorities will never put the pieces together. [/italic]


by From Hellreply 1002/19/2011

r9- I'm torn between laughing or, otoh, being creeped out by your post.%0D %0D Well done.

by From Hellreply 1102/19/2011

They're out there all right but they're so common now they hardly ever make the national news. Plus they tend to prey on people on the margins of society, like hookers, that nobody cares about anyway.

by From Hellreply 1202/19/2011

R9's post is delicious.

by From Hellreply 1302/19/2011

If anything the economic hard times mean police departments only pour their resources into easily solvable crimes. Got to keep up the conviction rates to get the funding. So any real "difficult" get left by the wayside. %0D %0D And yes, the constant over-representation of serial killers and crime solving on t.v. shows DOES act as a sort of training for serial killers (and other criminals).%0D %0D Remember those guys who disappeared in the woods in, I think Canada? One of them did porn. Well, who's going to stick their neck out for a dead/ disappeared gay porn star when they get way more mileage out of the latest cute girl who was abducted, killed, or simply left her husband at the altar?

by From Hellreply 1402/19/2011


by From Hellreply 1502/19/2011

Really ? I look at it a different way ... I assumed that police techniques, etc have become more advanced and that the potential serial killers are being caught before they can get a long list of victims.

by From Hellreply 1602/20/2011

Other things that were so '70's - '80's: teenage runaways; abused wives; telephone harrassment; babysitters.

by From Hellreply 1702/20/2011

The cost of driving a body 45 miles out of town to a deserted woodland area has skyrocketed, not to mention the price of vinyl tarps.

by From Hellreply 1802/20/2011

R17 is right about hitchhikers, who were the victims of many a serial killer. Hitchhikers were everywhere in the 70s and 80s, now you hardly ever see one. Cell phones, of course, have also saved many people from violent crime.

by From Hellreply 1902/20/2011

Greater access to mental health care.

But don't worry, the GOP will take care of that.

by From Hellreply 2002/20/2011

I'm actually watching a documentary about incompetent coroners and the lack of autopsies on PBS right now. Maybe that's another reason.

by From Hellreply 2102/20/2011

Is the Smiley Face Killer still active?

by From Hellreply 2202/20/2011

Ted Bundy would have been caught much sooner if he started now. He killed pretty young white women. After his first victim was killed it would have been all over the news, day and night.

With 24 hour news and Amber alerts it's much harder to go on killing successfully over a long period of time.

by From Hellreply 2302/20/2011

True R23.

The Internet has probably saved many blondes.

by From Hellreply 2402/20/2011

Green River Killer, still confessing after all these years.

by From Hellreply 2502/20/2011

Hm, I wonder if this work with people like Bundy and Dahmer actually helped to recognise possible future serial killers and prevent murders? Recently I read book "The Riverman" - "Red Dragon" and "Silence of the Lambs" were based on events from this book - about detective Robert Keppel's meetings with Ted Bundy, and I was interested by few mentions of dinamic between Bundy and FBI agent William Hagmaier. Keppel wrote that he was unnerved by dinamic between them, lover like gestures they were exchanging and rapport they had. Bundy called Hagmaier his best friend. And yes, Bundy was delusional psycho, but why would FBI agent keep this delusion going? I was really weirded out by that.

by From Hellreply 2604/03/2011

Yes, cell phones, and the internets. A lot of sociopathic behavior is funnelled into the web now. Plus, if you meet someone online there's a computer footprint of the exchange for police to track you down by.

Also, there's a lot less street prostitution nowadays. It's gone online as well where it's safer. So the answer is technology.

by From Hellreply 2704/03/2011

If they're smart, they're moving to Colorado Springs & othr places where public service cutbacks mean fewer police.

by From Hellreply 2804/03/2011

Read "Snakes in Suits." The psychopaths have traded serial killing for corporate chaos.

by From Hellreply 2904/03/2011

OP, you awoke the serial killer in New York. Sad.

by From Hellreply 3004/04/2011

R26, people with Antisocial Personality Disorder and/or people with a high level of psychopathic traits are masters at spotting vulnerabilities in others and exploiting these weaknesses to meet their own needs.%0D %0D I am sure Bundy could present himself in an appealing way when it suited him to do so; glib superficial charm is a well-known psychopathic trait. But sociopaths are by definition incapable of experiencing empathy or building true rapport with anyone.%0D %0D What the FBI agent experienced sounds like typical sociopath mindfuckery. It's an occupational hazard when dealing with them; even very experienced clinicians and law-enforcement agents can be seduced by a person with this disorder. The prison system in the UK has special units devoted to prisoners with severe and dangerous personality disorders because of the challenges these individuals present.

by From Hellreply 3104/04/2011

They got aborted

by From Hellreply 3204/04/2011

A few years ago, I read that the FBI estimated that there were about 40 serial killers operating in the U.S. at any given time. If that's true, it just means that they are still there, just not caught yet. Scarey.

by From Hellreply 3304/04/2011

R32, is close.

by From Hellreply 3404/04/2011

Impulse control and other perfections of craft of course. I'd love to show you all about it if you really want to know. We could take our time so you could get a real education. It's education that wipes that grin off their faces. I'd be happy to work with you on that.

by From Hellreply 3504/04/2011

Investigators on Long Island discovered the remains of three more people on a barrier beach on Monday, bringing the number of remains found nearby to eight since the police began searching for a missing prostitute late last year.

by From Hellreply 3604/04/2011

"Well there were four prostitutes found on the side of road here in NYC a couple of weeks back, a la last season of Dexter. They were women who advertised their services on Craigslist and their bodies were found in varying degrees of decomposition."

As R36 posted, the cops just found three more bodies on Long Island which, is nowhere near NYC (Manhattan).

As a native New Yorker, I've never considered Long Island part of NYC. NYC is me is Manhattan, other New Yorkers do consider Brooklyn and Queens NYC too.

All these bodies have been found in desolate areas of Long Island, the first few were identified as "Craigslist prostitutes" .

The one woman they are currently looking for was last seen running from a house screaming.

by From Hellreply 3704/04/2011

Yes, R32 is indeed very close to the truth.

A huge number of future killers, gangbangers, and serial criminals have been aborted in the years since Roe v. Wade, leading to a substantial reduction of them in the current population.

by From Hellreply 3804/04/2011

New Yorkers have funny ideas of "near".

by From Hellreply 3904/04/2011

They're busying themselves on the internet, posting inane comments on whatever forums, arguing with anonymous posters over whatever issues, and jacking off to porn.

The internet, supposedly some great equalizer with the ability to empower people, is only a tool by government to distract people.

Serial killers will get around to serial killing tomorrow or the day after that or the day after that or the day after than, just like the rest of passive society who fritters away they're life while being "someone" online.

by From Hellreply 4004/04/2011

Poor NY Ladies...

by From Hellreply 4104/05/2011

They've given up their old ways for a fresh start with news that McDonald's is hiring?

by From Hellreply 4204/05/2011

r37 = borough queen.

by From Hellreply 4304/05/2011

As a native New Yorker, R37, you insufferable snob, I am sure you know that not only do people consider Brooklyn and Queens to be part of New York City, they ARE part of the city, along with Staten Island and The Bronx.

by From Hellreply 4404/05/2011

[quote] I am sure you know that not only do people consider Brooklyn and Queens to be part of New York City, they ARE part of the city, along with Staten Island and The Bronx.

Yes, but that's not really our fault, dear.

Do wipe your feet on the mat before you come in.

by From Hellreply 4504/05/2011

I can't believe no one has mentioned the impressive work of Miss Nancy Grace and Mr John Walsh. Surely their efforts must be credited with the remarkable decline in serial murders ;o)

by From Hellreply 4604/05/2011

"As a native New Yorker, [R37], you insufferable snob, I am sure you know that not only do people consider Brooklyn and Queens to be part of New York City, they ARE part of the city, along with Staten Island and The Bronx."

This has nothing to do with snobbery, this was simply what I was taught as a child: NEW YORK CITY is Manhattan. PERIOD. No on I knew ever called Brooklyn, Queens or Da Bronx, NYC.

It's the faux Manhattan flyover transplants who ALWAYS feel they have to correct native New Yorkers about THEIR hometown.

Just go home already! Manhattan is already way too diluted with your boring poseur attitudes!

by From Hellreply 4704/05/2011

We're so jealous that we don't have a Fridays, Kmart, Hard Rock Cafe, and Bubba Gump Shrimp Rest. Oh, we wish we lived in Manhattan, so we could experience those wonderful things!

by From Hellreply 4804/05/2011

I wonder if serial killers ever go for, well, "crimes of motivation."

Not "crimes of opportunity." But motivation.

For example, a wealthy couple are slain. Only one person stands to gain from their death: their ne'er-do-well son. Plant some questionable evidence, make sure the ne'er-do-well doesn't have an alibi.

Of course, the serial killer would have no know the family well in order to successfully pull this off. And I don't know how "serial" they can kill since these "motivation" scenarios don't grow on trees.

Another scenario...a couple has a bad break up. The bf harasses, stalks, threatens the gf. Gf ends up dead...the obvious suspect is the bf. But no hard evidence...just he's the only one with motive.

Maybe the serial killer could work in some kind of social services office where they learn about these "motivations."

Might be a good "Criminal Minds" episode. God knows they've gotten so tired & ridiculous.

by From Hellreply 4904/05/2011

R49, you make me never want to leave my family behind an go on a weekend long camping/fishing trip.

by From Hellreply 5008/06/2011

Last week Israel Keyes killed himself in his jail cell in Alaska. He was being held for the murder of Samantha Koenig, a barista from Anchorage, and had also confessed to killing a couple from Essex, Vermont. Turns out he told investigators that he also killed at least 5 others and they suspect it may be more. In the case of the Curriers from Vermont he flew from Alaska to Chicago, drove to Vermont, unearthed a "kill kit" he had buried two years prior and then looked for a house that looked like it didn't have kids or a dog inside. The random nature of their deaths is fucking chilling.

You can also watch surveillance video of Samantha Koenig being abducted by Keyes from the coffee shack she worked at, if you never want to sleep again.

by From Hellreply 5112/08/2012
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