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Lauren Bacall

If I see her walking down W72nd St, I'm going to call her a cunt to her face!

by UWS Homoreply 9404/07/2016

This is why They hate us.

by UWS Homoreply 102/12/2011

I would overturn my empty glass coffee cup and place it on her head to trap in her flavah.

by UWS Homoreply 202/12/2011

Lauren looks like shit in the VF article.

by UWS Homoreply 302/13/2011

What if she's walking down 71st?

by UWS Homoreply 402/13/2011

I will never understand the levels of hatred for her on DL. I thought you guys loved divas.

by UWS Homoreply 502/13/2011

She got Bogart away from his abusive third wife, so her life hasn't been a complete wasteland of cuntery.

by UWS Homoreply 602/13/2011

yeah because cheating on your "abusive" 3rd wife with a teenager when you've one foot in the grave is so acceptable....

by UWS Homoreply 702/13/2011

There are more Bacall threads on this board than Palin threads, I believe.

by UWS Homoreply 802/13/2011


by UWS Homoreply 902/13/2011

Oh, aren't you a big, brave homo, OP! My hero!

by UWS Homoreply 1002/13/2011

If you did call her a cunt to her face, I can imagine her looking you up and down and saying something back to you so perceptive and accurate and hurtful that you'd be left standing there with your jaw on the sidewalk wishing you'd never even heard of her.

by UWS Homoreply 1102/13/2011

[quote]yeah because cheating on your "abusive" 3rd wife with a teenager when you've one foot in the grave is so acceptable....%0D %0D He did [italic]not[/italic] one foot in the grave...!

by UWS Homoreply 1202/13/2011

Wasn't she hospitalized because the ball joint on her hip replacement was shredding cobalt filings into her system?

by UWS Homoreply 1302/13/2011

I've heard Bogart was just as mean to Mayo Methot as she was to him.

by UWS Homoreply 1402/14/2011

Heard from whom, r14? Did you know Mayo?

When they were an acting team, Bogart and Methot were known as "Ham and Mayo."

by UWS Homoreply 1502/14/2011

I hope some thugs or guidos see your nelly ass yelling at an old lady and fucking beat you to the ground. Piece of shit.

by UWS Homoreply 1602/14/2011

She'll take out her teeh and throw them at you, OP.

by UWS Homoreply 1702/14/2011

Was she carrying on with Sinatra BEFORE Bogart finally died? %0D %0D I love her though with Greg Peck in Minnelli's '57 campfest Designing Woman, made while Bogie was dying.%0D %0D

by UWS Homoreply 1802/14/2011

Bacall would/could beat the shit out of you. More power to her!

by UWS Homoreply 1902/14/2011

Mayo attacked him with a knife. I don't think he did that to her.

by UWS Homoreply 2002/14/2011

Yes--she and Sinatra were already doing it when Bogart was dying. Sinatra privately expressed some guilt over it later in life.

by UWS Homoreply 2102/14/2011

No, r15, I read it in a gossip book years ago. Wikipedia talks about how they both boozed and got violent, even taking Army guns and shooting them around for fun. But they do mention her threatening him with a gun and stabbing him in the shoulder, and while I know I read he smacked her during fights, I never read he used weapons on her.

Really, at that point, it doesn't seem to matter. They were both abusive drunks.

by UWS Homoreply 2202/14/2011

Wow, OP, you're such a tough guy. Bullying a senior citizen. What other heroic feats do you have planned for the weekend?

by UWS Homoreply 2302/14/2011

Bacall is 87 today.

I wonder if she's going to die someday?

by UWS Homoreply 2409/16/2011

OP, was she using a walker and assisted by a Home Health Aide?

by UWS Homoreply 2509/16/2011

Say what you will, she is LAUREN BACALL, and you ARE NOT.

by UWS Homoreply 2609/16/2011

She'll see 2017.

by UWS Homoreply 2709/16/2011

A friend saw her recently. She hobbles slowly with a walker and someone at her elbow to guide her.

by UWS Homoreply 2809/16/2011

Awww. That's sad r28

by UWS Homoreply 2909/16/2011

She's finally living life to the fullest... maybe because she's learned how to pick her pleasures!

by UWS Homoreply 3009/16/2011

The best Bacall story was the one of the great actor, Michael Dunn, drunk and following her around at a party. You'll recall he was a little person, and he had an ego and a strong personality. He kept telling her a wanted her, he needed her. and finally that he was going to fuck her.

She turned to him and said, in that voice, with people listening,

"If you do,

and I find out about it..."

Cunt, bitch, whiner, whatever. A legend who can do that, or even generate that kind of perfect anecdote, deserves her Applause.

by UWS Homoreply 3109/16/2011

r31, Judy Garland told that exact story on The Jack Paar Show in the 50s about herself and one of the munchkin extras on the set of "The Wizard of Oz."

by UWS Homoreply 3209/16/2011

Why on earth do some of you hate Lauren Bacall? What did she do to inspire such hatred? Hasn't she been a long-time supporter of The Gays?

by UWS Homoreply 3309/16/2011

It's just playful DL hate, r33.

by UWS Homoreply 3409/16/2011

Sad. I saw her in APPLAUSE and CACTUS FLOWER. On stage she was magnetic.. really sold it.%0D APPLAUSE was a fun show with a very mediocre score. But Bacall was a triumph. When she was on stage she was the show.

by UWS Homoreply 3509/16/2011

OP: no one will remember you.

But people will forever quote: "You know how to whistle, Steve, don't you? You just put your lips together and blow".

by UWS Homoreply 3609/16/2011

No way Garland told that story on Paar. Even if she tried, Broadcast Standards would never have let it air.

Besides, Judy never said no to anyone who would fuck her.

That story is pure Betty.

by UWS Homoreply 3709/16/2011

This thread is useless without naked pictures.

by UWS Homoreply 3809/16/2011

Sophie, this novelty shop never closes.

by UWS Homoreply 3909/16/2011

J'adore R2.

by UWS Homoreply 4009/17/2011

she would reply "..and?"

by UWS Homoreply 4109/17/2011

Watched Harper yesterday, but how can you even notice Bacall when you have Paul Newman?

by UWS Homoreply 4209/17/2011

r28, same as Jean Stapleton who I saw at 68th and Broadway.

by UWS Homoreply 4309/19/2011

Lauren Bacall in not a nice lady. That is why DL does not like her. It's all true in her case. I got to know her long ago when I worked at Andre Oliver, a store she used to shop. (her comes my stalker any minute...)

However, no reason to call a mean old lady a cunt. In fact, not a good idea to go up to a mean old gay man and call him a fag either.

OP is trying to be funny. I don't find it real funny throwing that word around as it is on DL.

by UWS Homoreply 4409/19/2011

"is" not a nice lady... did it again.

by UWS Homoreply 4509/19/2011

classic Jew hater

by UWS Homoreply 4609/19/2011

Who is a classic jew hater R46?

by UWS Homoreply 4709/19/2011

Lauren Bacall is not one of my favourite actresses, but i like that she was out there and i have seen some of her movies. She is a good actress, that goes without saying. The problem is her character maybe. From many sources she comes out as a jealous, impatient bitch. However, i'm sure that one person is more than one negative or positive characterization.

by UWS Homoreply 4812/06/2012

I find this photo hilarious. Look Bogie's stare!

by UWS Homoreply 4912/06/2012

And one more... I wonder how these ladies were feeling at that moment

by UWS Homoreply 5012/06/2012

A coffee lovah's dahreeeeeem!

by UWS Homoreply 5112/06/2012

She's Got FLAVVAH!

by UWS Homoreply 5212/06/2012

Lauren Bacall is a first cousin of Shimone Perez, president of Israel. Her mother and his father were brother and sister.

by UWS Homoreply 5312/06/2012

That kid is adorable, r51.

by UWS Homoreply 5412/06/2012

She looks like an old booger eating baboon these days.

by UWS Homoreply 5512/06/2012

Betty Bacall may not be nice, but she's a staunch liberal Democrat -- and always has been.

by UWS Homoreply 5612/06/2012

Always such a sweetheart. She just HAD to recount how her old friend Katharine Hepburn got mean as a senile old wreck and accused Betty of ridiculous things. A true friend would just have to get revenge this way, even against someone off her nut who is now dead, who said things in private.

Cunt. Semper Cunt.

by UWS Homoreply 5712/06/2012

Oh please, One withering glance from Bacall and you'll be a pink puddle on 72nd St.

by UWS Homoreply 5812/06/2012

Though she has mobility issues, she still manages to get out of the Dakota.

She attended a performance of The Best Man earlier this year and also Nore Ephron's memorial service . . . in a wheelchair.

by UWS Homoreply 5912/06/2012

A photo...

by UWS Homoreply 6012/06/2012

High Point was her low point

by UWS Homoreply 6112/06/2012

i wish she'd come back to Broadway in a scaled down version of "Woman of the Year".

by UWS Homoreply 6212/08/2012


(From 'Harper')

by UWS Homoreply 6312/14/2012

Really funny!

Vivien Leigh: dressed to the nines. Lauren Bacall: in a bathrobe.

by UWS Homoreply 6412/16/2012

With Bogie

by UWS Homoreply 6503/03/2013

R62, Kander and Ebb would NOT like to see that. Yes, I know that Fred Ebb is dead. He'd RATHER be dead than see that.

by UWS Homoreply 6603/03/2013

[quote]Lauren Bacall is a first cousin of Shimone Perez, president of Israel. Her mother and his father were brother and sister.


by UWS Homoreply 6703/03/2013

You won't find her walking down any NY street anymore.

by UWS Homoreply 6803/03/2013

What on earth did Bacall do to make you folks hate her so much?

I think she's wonderful.

by UWS Homoreply 6903/03/2013

Lauren Bacall, she certainly has her type R69. I don't think that these guys really hate her, they just noticed that a couple of times she was flagrantly bitchy.

by UWS Homoreply 7003/03/2013

She's nasty dirty old cunt. Poor Bogie. He had some terrible women in his life.

by UWS Homoreply 7103/03/2013

[quote]What on earth did Bacall do to make you folks hate her so much?

It started when she ran over that little boy's dog and then yelled at the kid to get his dead dog from under her car and to clean the blood off the bumper.

by UWS Homoreply 7203/03/2013

I have a distinct memory of her marrying for a third time, after the Robards divorce (obviously). As I recall, she married her hairdresser -- or at least A hairdresser -- and there was an annulment very, very soon thereafter. (We're talking Merman/Borgnine soon, or sooner.)

Does anyone else remember this?

by UWS Homoreply 7303/03/2013

I once saw her walking alone up Madison Ave. looking in the shop windows. She was the essence of New York chic in a plaid flannel suit that seemed to move as gracefully as she did.

by UWS Homoreply 7403/03/2013

I had no idea she was such a rude slut

Rudeness is fine, kinda badass, but cheating isn't a good look

by UWS Homoreply 7503/03/2013

"She's nasty dirty old cunt. Poor Bogie. He had some terrible women in his life."

Water seeks its own level.

by UWS Homoreply 7603/03/2013

She had Flavvah!

by UWS Homoreply 7703/03/2013

God, R71. Don't tell me, Bogart was really gay and only sought out "bitchy" wives because he was looking for his mother. If he had met YOU, he would have been saved. Yeah?

by UWS Homoreply 7803/03/2013

"Had," cunt at R77?


by UWS Homoreply 7903/03/2013

Humphrey Bogart, Bing Crosby and Lauren Bacall chillin' with a kangaroo.

by UWS Homoreply 8003/04/2013

Three (vicious or not) cats in a photo!

by UWS Homoreply 8103/04/2013

She used to hang out and watch Bogart get incoherently drunk along with Burl Ives and Peter Lorre. Good times.

by UWS Homoreply 8203/04/2013

Newlyweds Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall, 1945

by UWS Homoreply 8303/13/2013

Lauren Bacall, 1968, with Yves St Laurent

by UWS Homoreply 8403/13/2013

Her Theoni Aldredge slacks/blouse/wrap costume in Woman of the Year gave her a gunt.

by UWS Homoreply 8503/13/2013

How close she to Lena Horne?

by UWS Homoreply 8601/05/2014

None of your business how close i was to Lena Horne.

by UWS Homoreply 8701/06/2014

R86. What kind talk that?

by UWS Homoreply 8801/06/2014

CHEERS! Bogie, Bacall & Sinatra nightclubbin' in the good ole days

by UWS Homoreply 8901/15/2014

So cute

by UWS Homoreply 9009/10/2015


by UWS Homoreply 9109/10/2015

Was she ever roumored too be lez??

by UWS Homoreply 9204/02/2016

she was rumored to be dead

by UWS Homoreply 9304/06/2016

I always hated her. One of the most overrated actresses in Hollywood.

by UWS Homoreply 9404/07/2016
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