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Christopher J. Hanke in upcoming B''way revival of HOW TO SUCCEED. Who''s had him?

Any stories?

by Smittyreply 2806/18/2013

He also plays the intern on this season's BIG LOVE.

by Smittyreply 102/16/2011

He is the rather long term boyfriend of Geoffrey Nauffts, the tv writer (Brothers and Sisters), and the author of last season's Broadway play "Next Fall". He's very Christian, and although in a relationship with a man, I don't think he considers himself "gay".

by Smittyreply 202/16/2011

As usual, this thread is useless without photos...

by Smittyreply 302/16/2011

No way in hell he's straight....

by Smittyreply 402/17/2011

That frosted hair! He looks like someone who'd be a regular at a rural gay bar.

by Smittyreply 502/17/2011

Wasn't he allegedly part of Broadway's pray the gay away group?

by Smittyreply 602/17/2011

He's the guy from IN MY LIFE, right?

by Smittyreply 702/17/2011


by Smittyreply 803/28/2011

NEXT FALL is ABOUT this mincing queen and his religious quandary over being gay.

Like, who gives a rat's fucking asshole?

by Smittyreply 903/28/2011

How repulsive is it when a gay play's out gay playwright can't even walk down the red carpet with is partner?

Both were there at "Next Fall's" opening but NOT photographed together.

When asked by Patrick Pacheco on NY1 if the play was based on any real life situation

Nauffts demurred with a "I'd rather not say,"

I'd say they're evil, but having met them, I would call them two of the dumbest men I have ever met.

by Smittyreply 1003/28/2011

Is the 'e' pronounced? Because then he's Mr Hanky.

Yeah, I'm immature that way...

by Smittyreply 1103/28/2011

Nauffts is a nasty little shit, and his partner is naive, born-again, and completely, stupidly clueless. But knew how to suck more than a few dicks to get roles. Maybe not so naive.

But still clueless.

by Smittyreply 1203/28/2011

Amen, r12!

In addition, Hanke's manager is fellow-Xtian-bible-thumper Kristi Dawn Chenoweth's "miracle worker" Danielle Thomas. That hard-boiled Lebanese is determined, come H. E. Double Hockey Sticks or high water, to make that mediocre chorus boy a star.

And anyone who has seen his performance knows that Ben Brantley, for all his c*ntery, is right on the money when he calls CJ.H a juvenile masquerading as a character actor...

He is COMPLETELY out of his league in a role that should be a Tony Award "gimme"... as funny as a cramp.

That is all.

by Smittyreply 1303/28/2011

It used to be reported on here a lot that Hanke has a small penis.

by Smittyreply 1403/28/2011

Agreed that hanke is awful in H2$..not his fault....anyone of his type should never have been cast...EVER....

by Smittyreply 1503/28/2011

and they're still at it!!!

Nauffts there at opening night party of "succeed" but not photographed with his mystery lovah

ole Hanke Panky is only photographed by himself

in every pic the cheese stands alone

perhaps this is a new sequel to "The Little Dog Laughed"?

And I'd lay off the hair dye

Chrissy is starting to look like Baby Jane Hudson

by Smittyreply 1603/29/2011

He has the girliest face I've ever seen on a grown man. Gay Christians make me sick. I can just see a fruit loop like him starting a pre-show "prayer circle". According to Jackie Hoffman, these prayer circles are very common ob the Broadway. Yuck.

by Smittyreply 1703/29/2011

Who did the choirboy/chorusboy blow for that part? Ashford? The producers? He's about as funny as an AIDS hospice.

by Smittyreply 1803/29/2011

R13, I think Brantley's exact words were "male ingenue masquerading as a character actor."

by Smittyreply 1903/29/2011

I would love to have him...LOL..even if he is small in size. He was so nice to me at the Stage-Door of IN MY LIFE and found he very attractive and sweet. But who knows, people change. Just my type of guy all-around!

by Smittyreply 2005/02/2011

Who was involved in this pray the gay away thing on Broadway besides Hanke?

by Smittyreply 2105/14/2011

Whoremaster Rob Ashford has had most of his chorus boys in all of his Broadway shows. And a few of the leads. He's one slimy motherfucker.

by Smittyreply 2205/23/2011

May not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he's sure one of the shiniest...

by Smittyreply 2305/26/2011

[quote]Who was involved in this pray the gay away thing on Broadway besides Hanke?

There was documentary shot but it was never released as far as I know. They never revealed the names of the actors involved.

by Smittyreply 2405/26/2011

Who's had him?

Who the fuck would want him?

by Smittyreply 2507/17/2011

I know his father, kim hanke. Kim is a scum sucking piece of shit who deserves to be in prison. The other son is already in prison for sexual assault on a young woman. The father claims to be such a christian, always espousing religious ideals while screwing everyone over. It appears chris took this idea to the next level and just fucks them.

by Smittyreply 2601/16/2013

On Major Crimes tonight playing a Perez Hilton type. He's starting to show his age, which getting awfully close to 40.

by Smittyreply 2706/17/2013

R 27. And this is worth resurrecting a long-dead thread about a wannabe, who's essentially an aint- gonnabe?

by Smittyreply 2806/18/2013
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