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Tony Geary claims on Oprah he had an affair with Liz Taylor?

Why don't I believe a word of it. He claims it was FOR YEARS. Even Oprah seemed skeptical. Liz was hardly at her beautiful best back then. I guess Tony's gay lifestyle was not so, huh?

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 15903/05/2011

Well Liz said they had an affair before he did. She didn't say how long it went on. It sounded like it was just two years long.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 102/09/2011

It's not like anyone saw it. At link, OWN's ratings continue to tank. Now well below discovery health.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 202/09/2011

She had to choose between him and Malcolm Forbes.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 302/09/2011

I'm surprised she was able to accommodate Tony after her tawdry affairs with Michael Huffington and David Geffen.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 402/09/2011

An affair. As in sexual intercourse. As in Geary with a hardon and Liz lubricated?%0D %0D From the Onion, right?

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 502/09/2011

He's gay? Only around the edges, dear.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 602/09/2011


by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 702/09/2011

Yeah, and Susan Lucci said she's never had any plastic surgery, except for a "nose adjustment" from a car accident she had when 19 years old but waited for the adjustment till she was 47.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 802/09/2011

Loved how ABC heavy Oprah's lovefest was, and the black actors from AMC on to kiss her fat ass. Darnell Williams' tribute was sickening. I love Debbi Morgan but she has been ill served so many times by ABC. Too bad Generations didn't make it and showcase Debbi the way she deserved. %0D %0D As for Geary, it's common knowledge he had a longterm relationship with the photog Jim Warren. Roberta Leighton and P.K. Cole both tried to beard for him, but how laughable.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 902/09/2011

Oh please! Richard Burton I'd believe, but not Liz.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 1002/09/2011

He never sucked my ....%0D %0D [italic]Oh, never mind![/italic]

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 1102/09/2011

It's well known that Ron Glass and Tony Geary were lovers for quite some time.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 1202/09/2011

R9, No need to call out Debbie and Darnell because they are black. Susan Lucci, Michael Knight and Jeanne Cooper spoke of stories of how much they admired Oprah and how she is a cultural icon. They were kissing her ass BIG TIME as well!! They were so happy to be guests for the 25th season. Not sure what you were watching...roll eyes!

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 1302/09/2011

All that was missing was Dee Hall. %0D %0D ATWT's Lisa.%0D %0D GL's Reva, maybe Phillip or Vanessa.%0D %0D B&B's Ridge and Brooke.%0D %0D A and Marcy from SB.%0D %0D

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 1402/09/2011

Diedre Hall was invited to attend but had to turn it down because she's swamped with her new project on the west coast.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 1502/09/2011

R15, I'm sure she could've found someone to cover her shift at Hickory Farms if she told them she was going to be on "Oprah."

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 1602/09/2011

Was Kin Shriner there? I turned it on at the end and saw a lot of people standing on the stage but couldn't tell who everyone was.%0D %0D I always thought Kin was gay, too, by the way.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 1702/09/2011

OP, why do you feel the need to exaggerate?%0D %0D Tony Geary specifically said that he and Liz were together for TWO YEARS. He did not say just YEARS.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 1802/09/2011

LOL @ Susan Lucci not having plastic surgery.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 1902/09/2011

R2, the Oprah show is still shown on CBS, not just the OWN network.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 2002/09/2011

Not surprised at Tony and Liz, Liz does love her gay men.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 2102/09/2011

I've loved my soaps since I began watching them with my grandmother (she called them her 'stories'). I loved Erica when she was fooling around with Philip while watching Kitty die. I loved OLTL when Karen cried and Marco wreaked havoc with Jenny. Hell - I called in sick on my first day of work at college to watch Luke and Laura get married. So I'm glad Oprah paid homage to great entertainers.

That said - I'm a huge Luke and Laura fan - but I get a little upset that they never really give credit to the stellar stories that supported them - like Rick and Leslie and Alan and Monica. Back then - we loved Denise Alexander just as much as Genie Francis. And frankly - I doubt they could've pulled off their later plots without the support of Emma Samms, Demi Moore, and Tristan Rogers. I give credit to Tony and Genie - but their star was only slightly brighter than the rest in that cast.

And what Genie said about not playing the victim is right on. She is Leslie's daughter....survived the Cassadines - put up with Luke's bs. Why she didn't evolve into the strongest character on that soap is beyond me.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 2202/09/2011

I just realized today how much Darnell Williams pings..For some reason I don't think I've seen many interviews with him.Does anyone know if he's gay?

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 2302/09/2011

I thought all the male leads on today pinged. Darnell, Michael Knight and Geary.%0D %0D So Geary is bisexual? %0D %0D I think these stars were chosen because those were the soaps that Oprah watched.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 2402/09/2011

Tony Geary claims on Oprah he had an affair with Liz Taylor?

No, No, No....He said he did Liz Taylors hair, her hair people.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 2502/09/2011

R23, Miss Darnell pings for days! He looked a little bony on the show, but he is very cute for 55. I hope everything is ok with him.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 2602/09/2011

On Oprah today, Michael Knight seemed to be talking in a gay voice.%0D %0D He does not talk in a gay voice when he is playing Tad on All My Children.%0D %0D I found it striking.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 2702/09/2011

r20,%0D %0D Oprah actually airs on more ABC affiliates than CBS ones and their flagship station in Chicago is an ABC station... hence the more ABC-centric focus.%0D %0D I'm bummed they couldn't bring on anyone from DAYS, the last remaining NBC soap.%0D %0D There were tweets indicating that Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso (Bo and Hope) were supposed to be a part of this, but then it came out that they werne't going to be on Oprah and there was no clear explanation why.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 2802/09/2011

So I take it Kin was not there?

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 2902/09/2011

That is mean.....LOL

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 3002/09/2011

R29, only Susan Lucci and very briefly eight of her TV husbands, Michael Knight (Tad on AMC), Tony Geary and Laura, Mrs. Chancelor from Y&R, and the black couple from AMC (Darnell) were there.%0D %0D No, Kin was no there.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 3102/09/2011

Tony Geary.... orange frizzy hair on a soap in the 80s? right.. he was with the blonde.%0D %0D Haven't watched a soap since early 90s, but even so.. I thought he was gay or that was rumors.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 3202/09/2011

Arrhh, just read r22, Luke and Laura that is them...

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 3302/09/2011

R31, thank you.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 3402/09/2011

Does anyone really believe Tony Geary is straught???

I don't care that he doesn't want to come out, but to lie on tv and claim a 2-year affair with Elizabeth Taylor is absurd.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 3502/09/2011

The whole thing with Oprah and Tony regarding his supposed affair with Liz was odd.Isn't Tony being gay pretty much an open secret? I might be mistaken but I could have sworn that he was halfway out of the closet.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 3602/09/2011

R35, Liz Taylor already said in an interview not too long that she and Tony had a two-year affair.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 3702/09/2011

Oprah also asked Tony if he and Laura ever dated. Tony said that he is vastly older than Laura, so no, they never dated.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 3802/09/2011

r38 maybe it was just me but Genie Frances looked a little uncomfortable with the question.The whole thing was ridiculous.There is no way Oprah doesn't know Tony is gay.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 3902/09/2011

Yeah, but Liz also purports to be in a relationship now with a guy who is the biggest screaming meemie of all time.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 4002/09/2011

No straight guy is going to use the excuse that an attractive younger woman was too young for him and then turn around and date a woman much older than he is, and who was probably a drug abusing alcoholic on top of that. He's gay. Period. End of discussion.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 4102/09/2011

Why does anyone think that Tony has to be lying and couldn't have been with Liz for two years just because he's gay?%0D %0D He is gay, but he may not have known at the time or maybe was bisexual back then. And the reality of their relationship regardless probably didn't involve that much sex just like Taylor's other relationships post-Richard Burton. Tony probably used her as a sugar mama and she used him for the companionship.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 4202/09/2011

So let me get this straight.

THIS is what passed for "hot" in 1980?

Thank the baby Jesus I was only in Kindergarten and knew nothing of the world at that time.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 4302/09/2011

It's based on his talent, deary.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 4402/09/2011

R41, I always marvel and laugh at how wrong gay men are on Datalounge when they try to act like they just KNOW what straight men would do and how straight men would act and think.%0D %0D R41, you have no idea about straight men.%0D %0D Your statement is ridiculous. Of course, some women are too young at times.%0D %0D

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 4502/09/2011

Is there anyone in show business La Liz hasn't fucked???

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 4602/09/2011

To R46: yeah, Tony Geary.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 4702/10/2011

I thought that Erica Kane was also married to Kent Bogard, played by the then-stunning Lee Godart.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 4802/10/2011

I tricked Erica into fighting with Kent and a loaded gun went off during the struggle, R48.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 4902/10/2011

Tony is actually 15 years younger than Liz, and 15 years older than Genie.

His story makes sense that he was too old for Genie (33 & 18), but not too young for Liz (33 & 48).

If, you know, you toss his sexuality out the window.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 5002/10/2011

Tony Geary has never fucked a woman. He is family.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 5102/10/2011

Giving each other manis and pedis does not equal an affair.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 5202/10/2011

As far back as his time on Bright Promise, Tony's lack of interest in females was obvious by the interviews he would give. He was always playing retards, rapists, weirdoes. He was hired as Luke because he had a weird vibe. He was never intended to be a love interest for Genie, but a villian in the Laura/Scotty relationship. Something weird clicked, though, and the rest is history. Tony went from skinny creep to a sex symbol and then the 'rumours' about his dates with co-stars like Les Charleson( a big old dyke) and that make up lady started churning out. Wasn't he 'dating' Susan Brown, too? Oh my.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 5302/10/2011

R51, you are not aware that plenty of gay men have fucked women, especially when the gay men are in their younger years?

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 5402/10/2011

Tony has had a bf in Amsterdam for years.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 5502/10/2011

I always preferred Scotty Baldwin.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 5602/10/2011

Tony has gone on record admitting that he was a BIG partier (both alcohol and drugs, especially cocaine) back in the heyday years of GH. I suspect that he and Liz probably were party buddies that did socialize regularly, but in more of a fag hag and her best gay kind of way.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 5702/10/2011

Me, too, R56. Always thought Kin was sex on legs.%0D %0D Would love some gossip on him. Any truth to the rumor he was more than friends with Billy Warlock?

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 5802/10/2011

I don't know R58, but a Shriner-Bond sandwich sounds pretty tasty!

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 5902/11/2011

"On Oprah today, Michael Knight seemed to be talking in a gay voice.%0D %0D He does not talk in a gay voice when he is playing Tad on All My Children.%0D %0D I found it striking."%0D %0D I looked at some footage of George Reinholt on YouTube; it was an ET segment on him, showing how low he had fallen in life. Very sad, it was. On the soaps he had a very masculine, deep voice. But in that segment his voice practically screamed "queen!" Really, it sounded very gay. I was startled; I had only heard the deep, manly tones he used on the soaps. To hear his real-life voice, which was high-pitched and thin, was a shock.%0D %0D Did Anthony Geary REALLY say he and Liz Taylor had a two year "affair?" Were those his exact words? Because I remember seeing a tv interview with him in the eighties where he vehemently denied an affair with her, saying it was just something the tabloids made up. And besides, he's GAY. Everybody knows that but Oprah and his crazy fans apparently. %0D %0D

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 6002/11/2011

"So let me get this straight. %0D %0D THIS is what passed for "hot" in 1980?"%0D %0D Yeah. The eighties really sucked, didn't they?%0D %0D

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 6102/11/2011

I agree w r42. It's not hard to believe that a soap actor,gay or not,could get it up for a middle age movie icon like La Liz-just to have a story to tell in your old age,like he did on Oprah.%0D %0D I was shocked by how poorly some of Erica's husbands have aged-Michael Nader appears to have lost his teeth! And Charles Frank was so gorgeous in his prime,was completely unrecognizable on Oprah. %0D %0D Genie Francis'hair was far to matronly fo such a young woman; She looked as old as Tony Geary and is only a year older than me! %0D %0D All in all,still a nice stroll down memory lane when I came of age... %0D %0D

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 6202/11/2011

r62, I thought Genie looked fabulous, and her hair was very flattering. She looked years younger than ol man sellout Geary, who gave up a long time ago.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 6302/11/2011

r37, yeah, but Liz has been bat-shit crazy for pretty much the last decade and a half.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 6402/11/2011

I know Tony is gay on DL. But has he come out or actually been caught with his hand on another man?%0D %0D

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 6502/11/2011

No, he has never come out. No, no one really knows what he does.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 6602/11/2011

Or who.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 6702/11/2011

He hasn't come out, but then some men don't need to.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 6802/11/2011

Charles Frank was there? I used to have such a crush on him.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 6902/11/2011

The news about TG and Liz was first brought up on the Wendy Williams Show. This was maybe 6 months ago.%0D %0D Wendy said she'd heard Liz admit she had a 2 year relationship with Tony.%0D %0D Tony said he had vowed never to talk about it. In fact back in the day he denied it. Now Liz had spoken about it on record so he felt that it was OK for him to address it.%0D %0D He said they had had a relationship for 2 years.%0D %0D IMO 'relationship' can mean various things- companions, fag hag,friends, and sometimes lovers.%0D %0D I think TG's sexuality may have been more fluid back in the '80s. If I had to guess I'd say he definitely fucked mostly men but occasionally fucked a woman due to drugs/booze/club scenes. Tony and Genie have gone on record that GH had piles of Coke on the craft services table back then.%0D %0D %0D All of that changed and Tony is strictly gay and he doesn't really hide it to anyone who knows him .He has a LTR with a partner in Amsterdam. He also had a long relationship with Ron Glass.%0D %0D So, basically Tony and Liz could have fucked a time or two but been mainly companions or they could never have fucked and been companions.%0D %0D I have no doubt TG would gladly come out but the network probably has it stipulated in his contract.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 7002/11/2011

I always thought he played Luke as gay. I like the Michael Knight might be gay, I'd do him in a second. Tony.. bottom yes?

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 7102/11/2011

R62%0D %0D Nader looked bad because he's a drug addict and Poz.%0D %0D He was in a bad accident several years ago with his daughter in the car. He was high.%0D %0D Shortly after he was arrested for selling drugs in a really skeevy part of NYC. The tabloids released his HIV status.%0D %0D When all this went down AMC fired him. He was showing up high and late, causing disturbances.%0D Nader then filed a lawsuit against ABC under grounds that they were firing a disabled person.%0D %0D You rarely sue your boss, lose, and get your old job back.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 7202/11/2011

E58%0D %0D Yes, Shriner and Warlock have been on and off for years.%0D %0D Yes, Darnell is family.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 7302/11/2011

R4%0D %0D Elizabeth Taylor and David Geffen ?%0D %0D That has to be a joke.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 7402/11/2011

I'd love to voh-dee-oh-doh-doh with Shriner and Warlock.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 7502/11/2011

R71%0D %0D Tony strikes me as a top.%0D MEK is a definite bottom.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 7602/11/2011

MEK as a bottom makes me VERRY happy :-)

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 7702/11/2011

I thought Genie Francis looked the best she has in years. Thinner and a much more flattering hairstyle.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 7802/11/2011

So, R73, was Warlock's 2 year marriage to Marcy Walker a fake? And does it mean she's a lesbian (wouldn't surprise me)?

And what about his current marriage to Julie Pinson, which has lasted about 5 years so far?

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 7902/11/2011

I think r73 is fibbing.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 8002/11/2011

Is there anyplace to watch this show online?

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 8102/11/2011

%0D So how come no one has mentioned that Elizabeth Taylor has been hospitalized due to heart failure? I would think DL would be all over this?

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 8202/11/2011

r27, the same could be said about the guy on young and the restless who won an emmy recently ( last two years) who I saw on the daytime awards while visiting my parents. He was a screaming queen but when I have seen him on the show (my parents love that one) he pings not so much. I don't know his character or real name but i think he plays a lawyer.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 8302/11/2011

You're talking about Christian LeBlanc. He's gay. Not sure if he's out, but I feel like in an Emmy acceptance speech he thanked a guy?

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 8402/11/2011

Haha, Christian JULES LeBlanc is definitely gay. Of course his character is married to a department store heiress.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 8502/11/2011

Still here, bitches!!

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 8602/11/2011

I just don't get how a gay man could have sex with a woman on a consistent basis for any length of time. Once or twice, out of curiosity, I can understand. But after that, the novelty would be gone and it would start to gross me out.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 8702/11/2011

Gay men don't have sex with women on a consistent basis for any length of time. Straight and bisexual men, however, do.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 8802/11/2011

R80%0D %0D I am not "fibbing". BW and KS have been off and on lovers for years.%0D %0D Marcy Walker is not a lesbian. She's now on marriage number 4 or 5. She's gone all fundamentalist and is a Sunday School teacher.%0D %0D The marriage to Billy broke up because both were cheating. She had gone away to film a TV mobie and took up with a guy in the crew. She wound up marrying and divorcing said guy. She came home early and found Billy in bed with a guy.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 8902/11/2011

R73/R89 - How do you know this? Not doubting you, just wondering what your connection is.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 9002/11/2011

I am sad Marcy Walker retired from the biz. I always thought she would make a great recast (and rewritten) Kristen Forrester on B&B, playing Susan Flannery's daughter.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 9102/11/2011

I met photog Jim Warren once, before he was a photog. He kind of gave me the creeps... very odd guy. He was very good friends with Kin Shriner as well.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 9202/11/2011

Just got around to watching the clips from Oprah. I don't think Tony cares much for Genie. He wasn't too excited about the question if she would ever come back to GH.

It's feasible that Geary hooked up with Liz, but a two year affair? I ain't buyin' it.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 9302/12/2011

Jim Warren Photography has a website with tons of pics of soap stars, mostly GH. There is a section called "Amsterdam" with pics of Tony in the City. A ton of other pics of blonde twinks, shirtless.%0D %0D I agree Tony dcesn't want Genie and Luke/Laura back on GH. I personally can't watch a minute of GH with Laura Wright and her screeching.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 9402/12/2011

Back in the 90s Gloria Montry returned to GH and brought Tony Geary back as a new character named Bill Eckart, Luke's cousin. The story and character was disastrous. Meanwhile, Genie was on AMC and later LOVING as Ceara, a role she really loved. Monty left GH and ABC wanted to salvage the mess Monty made with the Tony Geary return. They cornered Francis by having her AMC character murdered and offering her a return to GH. It was blunked on her. Geary and Francis were forced back into the roles. I think the two of them have always been ambivalent about Luke & Laura. %0D %0D I have heard Tony Geary's favorite writer has always been Bob Guza.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 9502/12/2011

I don't care that Francis loved playing Ceara, it was just impossible to accept her in Pine Valley when she was so closely identified with Laura on GH.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 9602/12/2011

With the 50% budget slash for GH, rumors are already starting on who will be next to be sent packing. Some of the likely candidates include Nancy Lee Grahn, Tyler Christopher, Ingo Rademacher, John Ingle, and Jane Elliot.

Oddly, the names who are "safe" are the actors/characters I can't stand: Geary, Steve Burton, Maurice Bernard, Laura Wright. Vanessa Marcil, for as long as she wants to stay. Robin McCollough and Johnathan Jackson are probably OK as well.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 9702/13/2011

I have no doubt that Geary is gay but I must laugh at gays who do not believe that gay men can and do have sex with women. Naive much?

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 9802/13/2011

Interesting R97, I would have thought Frons playmate, Kelly Monaco, would be safe as well.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 9902/13/2011

Oh, she probably is safe, R99. I'm just commenting on rumors I've heard, so not at all 100% complete or accurate.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 10002/13/2011

Without Jane Elliot (or even John Ingle), Geary will be reduced to nothing but a supporting doddering ol' alcoholic burden for the young 'uns. %0D %0D That's what you get for trusting Guza.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 10102/13/2011

[quote]but I must laugh at gays who do not believe that gay men can and do have sex with women. Naive much?

You're naive that you don't call them by their rightful name -- bisexual.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 10202/13/2011

I think Liz Taylor was high on drugs the time she guest-starred on GH ... which would explain her guest-starring on GH ...

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 10302/13/2011

And for those who care, Liz Taylor's GH appearences in sequence:

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 10402/13/2011

[quote]On Oprah today, Michael Knight seemed to be talking in a gay voice.%0D %0D He does not talk in a gay voice when he is playing Tad on All My Children.%0D %0D I found it striking.%0D %0D I did too r27. Of course he's been rumored to be gay or bi for ages as have Darnell Williams and Tony Geary. Maybe it's just my imagination but Oprah seemed to be very deliberately trying to stomp down rumors of these soap heart throbs being gay. Either that or she is truly the most clueless fan girl ever. As for Tony Geary and Liz Taylor...two words. Michael Jackson. 'Nuff said. %0D %0D

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 10502/13/2011

"That's the line I took away from you - and you took it back!"

She's totally flirting with Tristan Rogers in that clip!

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 10602/13/2011

Oprah has never had anyone from Llanview on her show. It's a fucking insult.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 10702/13/2011

r106, yes, and she is obviously higher than a kite.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 10802/13/2011

Rumor is that Becky Herbst is being kept on as Elizabeth Webber due to fan outcry.

Wonder how GH is going to slash 50% of their budget if producers are going to roll over like a two dollar whore every time the fans get their panties in a bunch.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 10902/20/2011

It's possible that Jill Farren Phelps FINALLY learned that killing off a beloved female character is the stupidest fucking shit to pull and will lose fans. She did it on AW and it was then cancelled. She did it on GL which many said was the beginning of the end for that soap. That bitch knew that doing it a third time would lead to her demise in the business (which is dying anyway but still).%0D %0D Tyler Christopher's primetime show is getting picked up so he might just be fine leaving. The Balkan storyline will get wrapped up in a few so those actors will be gone too. Rebecca Herbst can't be that expensive. Getting rid of the guy who used to be on Days and a few others should tighten the budget.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 11002/20/2011

This news was also posted on the OLTL thread but... SPECIAL REPORT: ABC to Make "Major Decisions" About Daytime Lineup in Coming Weeks

[quote]%E2%80%9CGeneral Hospital isn%E2%80%99t in any immediate danger,%E2%80%9D says a setsider. %E2%80%9CIt has the strongest brand by far.%E2%80%9D

Which is kind of ridiculous because it's by far the shittiest of the three. I tune in every so often with the rare hope that things will change, but it's just mobster central. Sucky.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 11102/22/2011

Ingo, now is not the time to be burning bridges!

[quote]It looks like we won't be seeing much more of Ingo Rademacher (Jax) on General Hospital. Here's what the popular actor tweeted:

[quote]Dont expect to c me much on GH. once a week seems to the norm for me if that. I must have peed in the pool and was fresh out of chlorine I'll be on the air for the next week or 2 a bit. But after that a lot less. Sorry guys. I don't know what to tell u. Its Not my call.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 11202/22/2011

WTF happened to Michael Nader? The coke is doing him in.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 11302/22/2011

Ingo was so beautiful when he started the show. He has a sweet smile.

He probably knows he's on the chopping block, r112. That's why he's tweeting about it.

What happened at the wedding?

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 11402/22/2011

I'll take me some Ricky Paull Goldin, a golden cock has he.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 11502/22/2011


by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 11602/22/2011

I always thought it was sort of hilarious that Luke and Laura fell in love after he raped her in the disco. I still can't hear Herb Alpert's "Rise" without thinking about disco rape.

9-year-old me never thought Luke was a handsome man, and could never understand why she would pick him over Scotty.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 11702/22/2011

R117, if Laura had her head screwed on straight, she would have had a three way with Scotty and Dr. Jeff Webber. Luke was gross.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 11802/23/2011

Oh Nancy. Sucking up only really works when you can spell the president's name right. They'll be writing off Alexis before the summer.

[quote]Clever synergy kinda thing with franco in his tux having to attend "a big event" I believe Mr. Fronz came up with that. Good one Brian

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 11902/26/2011

He's not still sporting that godawful perm from the early 80's is he?

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 12002/26/2011

Taylor is fabulous but she was an ennabler of Michael Jackson's-wouldn't be surprised if she agreed to play along with Geary on this one, too.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 12102/26/2011

If you want to buy Greg Vaughan's home (ex-Lucky) it's for sale by Sharona Alperin, of My Sharona fame. Poor Greg, I don't think he's found work since GH let him go. Hope he saved his pennies.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 12202/26/2011

"You're talking about Christian LeBlanc. He's gay. Not sure if he's out, but I feel like in an Emmy acceptance speech he thanked a guy?"%0D %0D Yes he is gay and it is believed he is the anonymous sperm donor of Michelle Staffords (Phyllis Y&R) daughter. She had her baby via surrogate. I have heard repeatedly that MS is a lesbian but she is also a scientologist (big time) so I'm not so sure. %0D %0D

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 12302/26/2011

MS is a lesbian and yes she is a scientologist. You can be both. Where have you been?

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 12402/26/2011

Vaughan recently turned down a testing deal with DAYS because he said what they were offering him wasn't what he thought he was worth. Yes - that was an actual tweet from him. %0D %0D I agree that soaps should all be taken back to half-an-hour.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 12502/26/2011

GV is living in a fatasy world. It's not like anyone is knocking his door down. I bet that offer was more than he's making now. I also bet it's going to be his last for quite some time.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 12602/26/2011

La Liz has written her memoirs. I'm sure she'll mention TG one way or another.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 12702/27/2011

R125, do you know what is meant by a "testing" deal? I'm not going to pass judgment at turning it down, since I don't know what the hell a testing deal is, but Greg may want to think twice about tweeting that he turned it down. Sounds a little egotistical.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 12802/27/2011

I am thinking a testing deal is when the actor is "tested' for chemistry with other actors, or if his role will any appeal for a long-term story. The show could suddenly say 'we don't think this working out' at any time. %0D %0D DAYS is a strange place these days. They should be happy to get Vaughan, who still has a big fanbase from ABC. And he would be a big fucking improvement in the leading man department over Galen "wake me up when the scene is over" Galing, who is the most painful thing to watch since Drake Hogthescreen. I don't think they know what they are doing over at DAYS - you hire Frances Fisher to a contract and give her silly crap to do as a character totally unrelated to any core character. She is playing "Gladys the neighbour".

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 12902/27/2011

Well, DAYS didn't test Natalia Livingston, and we saw how well that worked out.

And Liz had "an affair" with Geary the same way she had "an affair" with Malcolm Forbes.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 13002/27/2011

I didn't think Gladys was a contract role. If it is, She has a bigger role to play than neighbor. Could she be anyone's mum?

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 13102/27/2011

PLEASE! Someone tell me more about MS and CLB. I knew he was gay but I didn't know Michelle was a leasbian. Is this some sort of unfounded rumor or is it true? Is she REALLY a scientologist? Is CLC really the sperm donor? I'm sorry If this has been talked about before but I have never heard any of this stuff.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 13202/27/2011

Both Michelle Stafford and Sharon Case are Scientologists.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 13302/27/2011

Yes MS is a scientologist. I believe she's lesbian too. She is at the very least bisexual. No proof if CLB is the sperm donor of her baby. I think it's generally known he is though. Why a great thing like that is a secret I'll never know. CLB is wonderful. I'd shout it from the rooftops!

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 13402/27/2011

Just in case you need a reminder why the current version of General Hospital both sucks and blows:

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 13502/28/2011

You know for a cute guy, Dominic Zamprogna is not that cute to watch as a leading man. Does that make sense? %0D %0D

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 13603/01/2011

WEHT the big storyline that was going to feature Valentin Cassadine, bringing Helena and even Laura back into the mix? Don't trust anything Guza has to say if it doesn't have anything to do with the mob stories. Matt Borlenghi has been screwed around for two years overe that role. Guza's obsession with Sonny & Co has destroyed that show. It is a terrible awful place to visit for an hour a day. I stopped watching a long time ago. %0D %0D Btw, the Valentin Cassadine story was a bit sloppily put together anyway, with yet another illigetimate son of Mikkos Cassadine coming out of the woodwork ... why the show has never decided to bring Thaoo Penghlis back as Mikkos' brother Tony and have Valentin as Tony's son is beyond me. Would love to see Towers and Penghlis play at rivals.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 13703/01/2011

It was common knowledge they were seeing each other, and it went on for a long time. Lord, what short memories.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 13803/01/2011

Who are you referring to, r138?

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 13903/01/2011

Is Jane Elliot still Diedre Hall's GF?

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 14003/01/2011

It was an affair of the HEART!!!

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 14103/01/2011

Is Jane Elliott gay? I never knew that. I did a google search on Jane Elliott lesbian, and it took me a backstage stories thread on TWoP, where the "Jane Elliott is gay" post refers to stories here at DL.

By the way, that TWoP thread is a good way to kill about three hours, but it does get tedious because all the people posting refer to the actors by their initials.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 14203/01/2011

what is TWoP

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 14303/01/2011

TWoP = Television Without Pity

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 14403/01/2011

Dee and Jane are friends I really don't believe there was anything more. Would love it if someone knew otherwise. If you do please post.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 14503/01/2011

Dee Hall here. Any questions?

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 14603/01/2011

"Oprah has never had anyone from Llanview on her show. It's a fucking insult"%0D %0D Not true. Erika Slezak, John Loprieno and Andrea Evans have been guests in the past.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 14703/01/2011

R145%0D %0D %0D Yes, Jane is gay. She and Dee have had an on again off again relationship for decades. Even when they aren't together they have remained the best of friends.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 14803/01/2011

SOAP THREAD ALERT!! SOAP THREAD ALERT!!!%0D %0D %0D The %0D %0D "Would 'Pa' approve of Clint Buchanan's recent actions?" %0D %0D and%0D %0D "Tell me about Bay City" threads%0D %0D are SOAP THREADS.%0D %0D Are they still banned or what?%0D %0D Someone shut down those two SOAP THREADS! %0D %0D (You know, the "Bay City" and "Clint Buchanan" threads, which are soap threads)%0D %0D %0D And oh yeah, you should F&F my posts so the webmaster can read what I'm saying, that the SOAP THREADS should be deleted because the SOAP cunts are homophobic fish who don't really belong on a gay website.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 14903/01/2011

Get over yourself r149

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 15003/01/2011

There's no poster on DL more pathetic than lonely, bored, controlling R149.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 15103/01/2011

The Bay City thread has been shut down. The anti-soap-troll will get his. %0D %0D Is there anyway we who want to discuss soaps can do so on another board? Does anyone have any suggestions? I think we should form a group somewhere else because this rule is ridiculous.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 15203/02/2011

I wish I knew of a place R152. Most of the ones I've found are either heavily moderated, or fan forums with a lot of "Sonny and Brenda: TRUE LOVE 4EVER!!!1!" horseshit.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 15303/02/2011


by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 15403/02/2011

Sonya Eddy (Nurse Epiphiny Johnson) is taken off contract. Telling that the actors being cut are the characters who work in the hospital and not the mob kingpins.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 15503/03/2011

Has she had a story since 2008? Epiphany is such a peripheral character she may as well be recurring. John Ingle and Jane Elliott are probably next.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 15603/03/2011

One of the soap magazines says Ingo R. will be next.%0D %0D You're definitely right. It will be a cold day before they take days away from the over played Mobsters.

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 15703/03/2011

Was Monty Clift gay?

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 15803/04/2011

Did anyone read Carolyn Hinsey's book that was released last year? Was there any decent dish in it?

by Jane Dawson R.N.reply 15903/05/2011
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