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"I understand that Ryan Seacrest is in love..."\\n

" which Hough is it?"

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 6104/03/2014

Derek and Julianne Hough

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 102/08/2011

Did he really say that?

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 202/08/2011

Derek is sleeping with Mark Ballas. There's no way he would cheat on Mark with Ryan Seacrest.%0D %0D Julianne is just a beard. And she's making MILLIONS for it.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 302/09/2011

On Access Hollywood, when Simon was asked about Ryan and Julianne being and item, he said something like "Do you mean Derek?"%0D

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 402/09/2011

Is Derek rumored to be closeted?

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 502/09/2011

Rumored? Do you have eyes?

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 602/09/2011

Who's Simon shacking up with these days?

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 702/09/2011

Simon did NOT go there.... that's a no-no with closeted homos... I hope Ryan puts out Simon's business in retaliation

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 802/09/2011

Simon really is a nasty fucking queen.%0D %0D In one online article, he commented on how he hasn't watch this season's AI. You know, the show he used to BE ON.%0D %0D Bitter, party of one!

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 902/09/2011

R9, why in the world should Simon be watching American Idol now that he is not on it?%0D %0D How absurd that you think he should be watching.%0D %0D There is no reason for him to watch.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 1002/09/2011

It would appear Julianne's bearding contract with Seacrest is finally paying off in a big way:

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 1103/05/2011

Don't be so fucking naive, r10. He's watching.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 1203/05/2011

I believe Cowell is checking in on AI, if only to feed his ego that he was much better than the current judges. But he is not going to tell a reporter that he is watching it. If he did he would have to comment on the judges, he knows he would not be able to compliment them with a straight face.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 1303/05/2011

But he's not much better than the current judges. He was out of it long before he left the show.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 1403/05/2011

Simon's a fucking hypocrite. Does anyone believe his relationship with Mezhgan is real? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?%0D %0D And *IF* Simon is straight(and I think there is more of a chance of Tom Cruise being a pussy hound) then that was more directed at Derek than Ryan. He wants Cheryl Cole. To either be his girlfriend or his beard because shes much younger and hotter(though I think she's ordinary) than Mishmash.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 1503/05/2011

Simon's definatley watching AI. Only a fool would think otherwise. At the the very least to watch the competition and steal and "modify" more ideas from the Idol franchise.%0D %0D He was probably crying in his imported beer over the latest ratings and the major talent on this season.%0D %0D Suck it, Cowell.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 1603/05/2011

Well, he does show a strange and strong loyalty towards that mush mouth. But of course he's a hypocrite, e.g., his beard.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 1703/05/2011

America has already forgotten who Simon Cowell is.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 1803/05/2011

"the major talent on this season"


by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 1903/05/2011

Of course it's possible that Ryan IS dating Derek and Simon is a jealous asshat about it.%0D %0D But I doubt it. Aside from Ryan "dating" Julianne, there is nothing to link Ryan and Derek.%0D %0D But I hope Ryan DOES have a hot new boyfriend. And I hope he rubs it continually in Simon's face. I would bet anything that Simon is trying his damndest to live a straight life right now. You can tell that he's trying his best to please mummy(who ironically can't seem to stand Mezhgan) and Fox execs.%0D %0D Hypocrite to the extreme. He needs a dose of fail.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 2003/05/2011

R-19= An X-factor/Simon freak.%0D %0D There are some mediocre people, but this season is not only better than the last few Idol seasons, but it beats the absolute hell out of any X-factor season. You know. I know it. Simon knows it. Everyone knows it.%0D %0D Simon isn't going to win it in a walk this year. He's going to have to bring is A-game. Because not only does he have a revitalized Idol to deal with, but he's going to have "The Voice" to deal with.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 2103/05/2011

Why would you think that, r20? From what (very) little I've seen, the British tabs make it seem like they're hardly ever within a 200 mile radius of each other, and get together only for photo shoots.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 2203/05/2011

I haven't watched it this season but people really do seem to like the new judges? I read the other day that the ratings are back up again, so maybe that's the answer right there.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 2303/05/2011

I don't know, maybe he's getting some One Direction ass on the side. But he wants too desperately to be seen as STRIGHT PUSSY HOUND TURNED FIANCE EXTRODINAIRE! for me to think he's risking being with men too much. I don't know.%0D %0D

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 2403/05/2011

%E2%80%9CAmerican Idol%E2%80%9D took a fairly massive tumble for its second 2011 episode.

The show was down to a mere 7.7 adults 18-49 rating, marking a decline of 21% from Wednesday%E2%80%99s premiere.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 2503/05/2011

Old news, asshole. Get up with the times. top 13 reveal was almost 30% up from last year.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 2603/05/2011

[quote]Bitter, party of one!%0D %0D %0D Actually, reading that link it seems like "Bitter, party of many deluded assholes."

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 2703/05/2011

R26, keep pretending that bad AI ratings didn't happened.

March 2, 2011

"American Idol%E2%80%98s ratings are down from previous seasons and appear to be on the usual, gradual decline that occurs each season"

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 2803/05/2011

Question: Does this mean that Julianne Hough is a lesbian?

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 2903/05/2011

I had heard that Ryan and Simon had been in a sexual relationship with each other off and on since close to the beginning of Idol's run.

They are clearly off now and the apparent animosity may have occurred due to Ryan refusing to either host or judge Simon's upcoming X-Factor show--the show being the only thing that gets it up for the aging Simon these days.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 3003/05/2011

I refuse to talk anymore to the idiot who thinks Idol's ratings are bad. Mostly down a bit..sure. But doing just fine and sometimes even better than last year. But then again, the Simon fanguuuuurl knows this but won't admit that their hero wasn't the be all and end all of the show.%0D %0D Nuff said.%0D %0D And there is no animosity. Simon was just on Ryan's radio show. But I'm sick of Simon being the main hypocritical homophobe, and Ryan getting the brunt of it all from everyone.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 3103/05/2011

If Julianne had Xtina's voice she'd be the perfect triple threat.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 3203/05/2011

Different opinion here but I don't think Simon is Gay. Ryan I'm not sure about. I wouldn't be surprized if he was asexual though. I think he cares more about work that dating women (or men). Julianne is probably a front, but not because he's gay. But because people think he should be dating.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 3303/05/2011

Simon Cowell is an odd one. I don't think he's gay in the sense that he enjoys sex with men, (what a disgusting mental image) but I don't believe for a second he has really had proper relationships with the women he's been linked with throughout the years, especially when they've all his girlfriends look like ladyboys.%0D %0D He's such a vile and bitchy little queen though, I just maybe a non-sexual one.%0D %0D Dez'n'Chez do make an attractive couple though.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 3403/05/2011

I love the "asexual" rationalization. Reeks of desperation.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 3503/05/2011

I still find it interesting that Ryan is dating a female Hough, while the male Hough is with Simon protege Cheryl Cole. Hmmm.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 3603/05/2011

I think it's a mere coincidence.%0D %0D If Simon had any involvement, I think the ideal bearding relationship would have been Cheryl/Ryan.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 3703/05/2011

Also curious is Simon Cowell's reaction to other people being gay.%0D %0D It's a fairly open secret that Louis Walsh is gay - the only person he doesn't know is his mother - but when there have been gay contestants on the show it's really not approved of, mainly because he doesn't think there'll be as much money to make, or because viewers won't vote for them.%0D %0D Danyl Johnson, as openly gay as they come and with a pretty long list of sexual partners in London (including Russell Tovey) was the early favourite for the series he appeared in, so fearing any kiss and tell stories, they flooded the tabloids with stories about how he was bisexual - a ladies man who also flirted (and occasionally slept) with men. And when Dannii referred to it SHE was accused of homophobia!%0D %0D When Joe McElderry won it didn't take long for an "I'm not gay" headline to come out, when he clearly was.%0D %0D And then there was Austin Drage, who was openly gay and been in a boy band before and featured in a reality show where members of boy bands dragged up to become a girl band. He didn't do very well on the show and when the other judges criticsed his performance one night Cowell tried to make out that Austin had been distracted by the beautiful dancer behind him. There was a total feeling of "what the fuck?" in the studio.%0D %0D And when he finally does have an openly gay act on the show - Diva Fever - they're treated as a novelty act.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 3803/05/2011

Simon doesn't want to be tainted with the queer brush.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 3903/05/2011

Who bearded up Cheryl Cole and Derek Hough? The British papers were writing that they went to Africa (Tanzania?) together and that he nursed her through her malaria. "He didn't leave her side for even a minute" and all that.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 4003/05/2011

It would make much more sense for Simon to be gay, given his whole persona. He is so unconvincing with all his "girlfriends." I think he would make a terrible actor.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 4103/05/2011

I don't know, r37; it seems fairly fishy to me.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 4203/05/2011

It's not "fishy" at all. Cheryl met Derek through some dance thing(indeed, I think he has some sort of history in England), and Ryan has known Julianne for awhile through interviews and such. I recall him jokingly referring to her as "Mrs. Seacrest" long before they started dating.%0D %0D I seriously doubt Simon was like "Hey, Cheryl. Would you like to beard for my friend/maybe ex-boyfriend's new boyfriend??? He's using his sister for Ryan, but Ryan's sister isn't going to cut it for Derek.%0D %0D The whole thing sounds stupid. Just someone being all "Ryan can't be really dating Julianne..he must be dating her BROTHER!! He's obviously gay!"%0D %0D

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 4303/05/2011

In a world outside of Hollywood, R43, it would be preposterous to think this brother and his sweet Mormon sister and their curious relationship to Ryan and Simon might smell um fishy.

However, this IS the town of closeted stars, smoke and mirrors, and covering everything up for the sake of furthering careers. Add to that, the gay rumors surrounding Ryan and Simon since day one of American Idol. Simon is called the queen in certain Brit circles. I doubt it is coincidental that the Houghs are involved with Ryan and indirectly with Simon. Oh, and just for an FYI, Derek directed Cheryl's music video a few years back while she was still married to her um previous beard, and Derek was recruited to be her beau at the perfect time in her career.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 4403/05/2011

Why does it follow that Derek Hough and Seacrest are together, r43? You'd think Seacrest with all his cash could get a lot hotter BF than Hough.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 4503/05/2011

It doesn't "follow". It's stupid. That's why I'm saying it's some stupid idiot who made up the idea they are dating and Julianne is their beard.%0D %0D %0D "Hey, sis. Want to pretend to be my boyfriend's girlfriend?"%0D %0D Gross.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 4603/06/2011

Don't get the "gross" response. It isn't as if anyone is suggesting Julianne is doing her brother. And the idea two men might need a beard isn't exactly a novel idea on a gay gossip board or in today's celeb world for that matter.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 4703/06/2011

I can never decide if this photo is indisputable proof that he's gay (mustache and shirt combo) or indisputable proof that he's straight (mustache and hair combo).

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 4803/06/2011

Gay to the 100th power.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 4903/06/2011

It looks like he's wearing a woman's baby-t. Nice hairstyle.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 5003/07/2011

I just saw his teen bride on TV. I know this is an old thread but did he get this girl to beard for him?

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 5106/05/2012

r51 - Julianne Hough? Why not? He's rich, famous connected. She's ambitious and probably gets to play as much as she wants on the side.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 5206/05/2012

Simon Cowell is a weird one. He is widely believed to be gay and yet there don't seem to be any actual reports of hook ups or relationships. I read an English forum from time to time and no one seems to have come forward. Mind you, who would want to admit to hooking up with Simon Cowell?

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 5306/06/2012

Wedding plans to be announced shortly.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 5402/13/2013

R54 To be followed by annulment based on fraud.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 5502/13/2013

Ryan Seacrest is dating Derek Hough

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 5603/18/2013

Right after he dropped his sister!

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 5703/18/2013

He dumped her because he finally realised she's NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 5803/18/2013

How sad for Julianne. I love Ryan's hair this season on Idol. I am sure he will never come out but I am very happy he got rid of that awful annoying no talent ugly Mormon girl. That was just sad. Here is probably the most powerful on air celebrity of our generation with a 2 bit dancer??? And he uses his power to get her decent parts and she went nowhere with them. . At least she could've made one decent movie, but noooo. She screwed up all those parts and it must have been an embarrassment for him to show his face with that poor dumb excuse of a woman. I am sure he will get another beard but who could equal the star power that is Mr. Seacrest? And I will tell you that I love Ryan. He is a cute corn fed short white boy that is just too cute.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 5903/18/2013

Both R. Seacrest and D. Hough need to get their lives in order because in another five years, they'll be as ugly as Ty Pennington.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 6003/18/2013

derek huff is def gay. mormons marry by 20.

julie huff made millions by pretending to be ryan's wife.

puhleeze ryan needs to marry a fat chick from iowa to stop the gay rumors.

by Simon Cowell, on E! newsreply 6104/03/2014
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