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The Two Gay Men On "The Big Bang Theory"

I know there was a blind item a while back which referenced the series. Who are they? Jim Parsons and Kunal Nayyar, right?

by Pennyreply 8711/25/2012

I always thought Johnny G was gay

by Pennyreply 102/06/2011

I think it is JG as well. There was a story last year about how Kaley Cuoco dated him for a while, but it went nowhere (the story and the relationship).

by Pennyreply 202/06/2011

All 4 seem to be gay. Kunal is hot. I also like Simon Helberg.

by Pennyreply 302/06/2011

JG recently inned himself due to the proximity of major tv money.

by Pennyreply 402/06/2011

I wish it was Kunal but I think it was Jim Parsons and Galecki.

by Pennyreply 502/06/2011

What we all [italic]really[/italic] want to know:%0D %0D Which man has the biggest nipples on the show? Who has the biggest cock?

by Pennyreply 602/06/2011

The most ridiculous thing is Jim Parsons attempting to closet.

by Pennyreply 702/06/2011

Galecki's in-ing on The View was so odd. He was like I don't really like to talk about itand there is certainly nothing wrong with it but I'm not gay. He was all troubled about having to answer the question YET answering the question was clearly his agenda for being there. They even announced at the beginning "today on The View Johnny Galecki of The Big Bang Theory" clears up a misconception about him!!!"

by Pennyreply 802/06/2011

I know it doesn't mean anything, but the guy who plays Wolowitz is married to a woman in real life.

by Pennyreply 902/06/2011

[quote]He was like I don't really like to talk about it and there is certainly nothing wrong with it but I'm not gay.%0D %0D Worked for us!

by Pennyreply 1002/06/2011

does he r7? he took a guy to the Emmys

by Pennyreply 1102/06/2011

R7, you're full of crap. Parsons is not trying to closet himself. In fact, there was a lot of publicity last year when he proposed to his partner. Linking to one example...

by Pennyreply 1202/06/2011

Parsons and Kunal Nayyar. Definitely. Not sure about JG

by Pennyreply 1302/07/2011

On the first season DVD of the show the creator of the show is interviewed on the extras and he says Nayyar is married as well. Plus is is much better looking on the show than he is in real life.

by Pennyreply 1402/07/2011

Parsons isn't closeted. He is following the footsteps of NPH and David Hyde-pierce and not making a big deal of it. Let him be.

by Pennyreply 1502/07/2011

Is there more than one version of the DVDs? Because my copy of the Season 1 extras doesn't include any such information about Nayyar. Nor do Seasons 2 or 3. What is said on the Season 1 extras is that Prady worked with someone who, like Raj, was much too shy to talk to women, but he did get married to one, and is still married.

by Pennyreply 1602/07/2011

R16 Yeah I don't think Kunal is married, but I remember reading somewhere that he has a girlfriend.

by Pennyreply 1702/07/2011

The "Raj can't talk to women" plotline needs to end asap. It's played out and his character can't develop at all as long as it's around. But writers and directors and producers can be lazy so why change?

by Pennyreply 1802/07/2011

Did Nayyar get his raise? I'd heard CBS was balking at giving him more money, even though they had already upped the salaries of his co-stars (the guys anyway, not sure about Cuoco).

by Pennyreply 1902/08/2011

Nayyar and Helberg didn't get the raises, but the other three did.

by Pennyreply 2002/22/2011

R8, what a strange interview that was.

What as funny is that they put the question about his sexuality into Whoopi's question cards and she said something to the effect, "why is this question in my cards?"

Odd x1000

by Pennyreply 2102/22/2011

That's fucked up about Helberg. He's the second-funniest person on the show (and sometimes he's the funniest, hands down).

by Pennyreply 2202/22/2011

Jim is obviously gay.%0D Kunal, gay..maybe?%0D Johnny has another gf.%0D Simon is married and he and his wife have double date with Johnny's gf and Jim and Todd. :)%0D

by Pennyreply 2304/09/2011

While I would love JG to be gay (I've had a crush on him since his days on Rosanne, made even more intense once I saw that nude frontal of him from that broadway play he, I just don't see it.%0D %0D I think JG is wishful thinking.%0D %0D JP is the only confirmed.%0D %0D

by Pennyreply 2404/09/2011

I feel badly for actors who feel that in order to keep their livelihoods going they have to be closeted.

That said, I support them doing it.

They're actors -- not activists. If they come out and end up losing their jobs who's going to support them?

It's nobody's business anyway.

by Pennyreply 2504/09/2011

All got raises.

by Pennyreply 2604/09/2011

[quote]The "Raj can't talk to women" plotline needs to end asap. It's played out and his character can't develop at all as long as it's around. But writers and directors and producers can be lazy so why change?

Fucking tell me about it, my brother. That's Chuck Lorre and the crew all over. Same producer as Men, same problem as Men.

by Pennyreply 2704/09/2011

Galecki is gay, there's been a blind about him before.

by Pennyreply 2804/09/2011

I hear that Carol Burnett is going to play Sheldon's "Mee-Maw", and she is playing it pretty much as her "Eunice" character. Sounds perfect, Eunice seems very "East Texas" and just wacky enough to have helped raise Sheldon.

by Pennyreply 2904/09/2011

R29, No!!!! Lily Tomlin is the only one who can play Meemaw. Burnett has the subtlety of rat poison.

by Pennyreply 3004/09/2011

I hate this show.

by Pennyreply 3104/09/2011

Thanks for sharing, R31! Now that you've spoken we'll all stop watching it!

by Pennyreply 3204/09/2011

I'd love to see Roseanne play Howard's mother .

by Pennyreply 3304/09/2011

Viacom is so stingy with streaming rights that I've stopped trying to keep up with the show. "We're on iTunes." No, you're not. "We're on Hulu." Those are clips. "We're on TV." Nobody watches TV.

by Pennyreply 3404/09/2011

He needs a better agent...

Nayyar is getting $75,000 an episode, up from about $25,000 he has been getting under his current deal. Helberg is getting $100,000 an episode. Galecki, Cuoco and Parsons getting $200,000 per episode.

by Pennyreply 3504/10/2011

Isn't Galecki partnered with one of the actors who's in the Christopher Guest movies? In fact, I think it's the guy who plays the gay neighbor on U.S. of Tara. There a weird pair, I guess, but I've heard this several times.

by Pennyreply 3604/10/2011

Oops. Should be "They're a weird couple..."

by Pennyreply 3704/10/2011

Can someone refresh my memory:

Didn't Johnny's character on Roseanne turn out to be gay?

by Pennyreply 3804/10/2011

No r38 he was married to Becky not Darlene.

by Pennyreply 3904/10/2011

No, R38--he ended up married to Darlene.

by Pennyreply 4004/10/2011

R39, Becky was married to David's (Johnny's character) brother, Mark.

by Pennyreply 4104/10/2011

I had no idea the guy who plays "Sheldon" was 38 years old! Holy crap!%0D %0D He's been in college a LONG time...%0D

by Pennyreply 4204/10/2011

You're all confused: His character David was married to Darlene. That turned him gay. Marrying a lesbian will do that to you.

by Pennyreply 4304/10/2011

I think Jim is bi. And Johnny is just confusing.... He's back and fourth. If he is actually gay, then he's going in and out of the closet. Simon is heterosexual and is married to a woman. I don't know about Kunal. The Internet has almost nothing on him but rumors. As for Roseanne (spoiler alert): David dated Darlene, and Mark married Becky. Darlene got pregnant at some point and I know Becky had Mark's baby. I don't watch it much anymore, so I'm not sure if David turned gay or married Darlene or...something to that extent.

by Pennyreply 4404/19/2011

[44] Actually, Johnny isn't gay.%0D %0D He isn't an absolute magician hidden his private life. If he was gay, he may date w/ men and I swear that no one would know, but in his private life (very private) he dates women.%0D %0D And I heard a few years ago that Galecki had a one-night stand with a woman..oh and she was pregnant (it's a strange story, but it's real) - search on google: "johnny galecki paternity"%0D %0D %0D I really knowing his state, I think he's a "playboy" and hates the compromise. %0D %0D I assure you that the only way th a woman can "catch him" would be that she was pregnant. That is what Kaley Cuoco had to do to stay with him. Shame it didn't work.%0D

by Pennyreply 4504/23/2011


by Pennyreply 4604/23/2011

@46 Holy shit on a cracker, it's an erection?

by Pennyreply 4704/25/2011

I don't care about Johnny Galecki. LOL%0D %0D Jim, get out of the closet right now. Nobody believe that you aren't gay. %0D

by Pennyreply 4804/30/2011

Galecki is now, and always has been, as gay as a cageful of tropical birds.

And like the birds, if provoked, he will bite.

by Pennyreply 4904/30/2011

[quote]Jim, get out of the closet right now. Nobody believe that you aren't gay.%0D %0D Sigh. He doesn't seem to be IN any closet. He openly took his male partner to his recent award win and everyone with eyes in head could see the guy was his date/partner. I believe he also made some sort of reference to him. %0D %0D He seems to be a private man but but neither is he hiding, denying or deflecting. He's merely letting you do the math instead of Sheldon doing it for you.

by Pennyreply 5004/30/2011

Who cares what anyone is?%0D Does it change the content of the show????

by Pennyreply 5109/06/2011

Jim Parsons IS gay! He is happily engaged to a man named Todd Spiewak. Not sure how long they have been together but they are much in love! Don't know about any of the other guys though... :)

by Pennyreply 5210/02/2011

Dorky Gay Nerd = Wears a T-Shirt over his long sleeve shirt. It is like blond bangs, red mini-shorts and sunglasses in the hair.

by Pennyreply 5310/03/2011

I think that it is pathetic that all you people have to do is talk about a persons sexual prefernce. Does it matter? These are all hard working people, who do a fantasic job bringing the charectors we love to life every week. They work hard (something you people probably know nothing about) and desrive respect. If any of you were true fans of this show you wouldn't get on here and bash these people. I was online, taking a break from taking care of my house and son and was looking for a chat about TBBT and this pops up. It makes me really sad that people can take something as great as this show, and turn it into something twisted that frankly isn't any of your business. Does anyone besides me have anything good to say? or anything worth talking about? Maybe how last nights episode was one of the best to date. Oh of course not because it's people like you who have to pick on people for no good reason, because your not happy with your own life and the sad part is that 99% of you wont even put your REAL name on here. It's easy to be a bully when you can hide threw the internet.

by Pennyreply 5411/18/2011

I'd like to know what's going on with Jim Parsons' hair this season.

Why is it shellacked down and swept to the side in a manner that actually makes it look like a really bad wig? It's also VERY dark all of a sudden.

IS it a wig?

by Pennyreply 5511/18/2011

Johnny Galecki had something going on with Michael Hitchcock, of Guffman and Best in Show, MadTV and now a consulting producer on Glee. Even though Hitch is out, they are very secretive about this relationship. Couple-y pictures of the two of them were all over Hitch's apt, however.

by Pennyreply 5611/18/2011

I'm still kind of shocked that Parsons is 38 fucking years old.

by Pennyreply 5711/18/2011

[whispering and pointing at Emily]

by Pennyreply 5811/18/2011

Surely the cunt at R54 is a brilliant parodist. The crap about "sexual preference" was brilliant, and the name at the end - "Emily" being one of those sure-fire cunt names - was spot-on.

But, just in case -

R54, why don't you realize that the sewer smell in your neighborhood is coming from that cesstaco of yours, and do us a favor and turn the big bang theory into reality by dropping a lit match somewhere near the stench's vicinity?

by Pennyreply 5911/18/2011

[quote]I think that it is pathetic that all you people

Ah the "you people" str8 cunt has arrived to shit all over the gay board. Take your gay bashing back to the million mom board cunt.

by Pennyreply 6011/19/2011

Katey Cuolo is interviewed in the December Playboy (no nude photos) and claims she and Galecki secretly dated for 2 years. For what it's worth.

by Pennyreply 6111/19/2011

LOL guys, it's parody.

by Pennyreply 6211/19/2011

The characters are not "in college" they teach and do research at the college level.

by Pennyreply 6311/19/2011

Actually, they don't teach; they merely do research.

by Pennyreply 6411/19/2011

R4, and wouldn't we all?

by Pennyreply 6511/19/2011

Someone bumped a thread dead in APRIL for THIS?

by Pennyreply 6611/19/2011

Jim Parsons (Sheldon) proposed to his boyfriend at the Emmy's, and Johnny Galecki (Leonard) is married. So Jim is one of the gay guys... My family thinks it's Simon Helberg (Howard).

by Pennyreply 6705/06/2012

First off, Kunal is married to a beauty pageant winner so I highly doubt he's gay. And secondly, he seems happy in that relationship. All that rumor is at this point is speculation. For those of you wanting to spread around rumors that are false, think about what you're putting the actual person though who you're speaking about.

Congrats to Parsons if he even is gay, his publicist hasn't been able to be reached for commenting. False rumor or not, I still think he's a great actor no matter what his sexual preference is.

by Pennyreply 6805/25/2012

Johnny Galecki ain't married.

by Pennyreply 6905/25/2012

Will Parsons talk to David Letterman about his recent coming out? Find out tonight!

by Pennyreply 7005/31/2012

It's Stuart from the comic book store that is the missing 'mo

by Pennyreply 7106/01/2012

I just started watching this show and it has me in stitches. Jim Parsons is one of the funniest men to me. Fortunately, TBS runs it most evenings so every episode looks new to me.

I love Laurie Metcalfe as Sheldon's mother. I watched the episode last night where he resigns his job and goes back to Texas. He plans to teach the creationists evolution and his mother, the born again Christian, tries to tell him that evolution is only his opinion. He can be so obnoxious, but he can't challenge his mother.

by Pennyreply 7206/21/2012

STOP using 'mo,' r71. You have been warned and you will be banned.

by Pennyreply 7306/21/2012

who cares they all look like fags on that show but the ones who truly are are going to spend the rest of their eternity in hell because being a homo sexual is an abomination!!! when did all the moralS get sucked out of this disgusting universe? and more importantly when did society become so religiously and spiritually starved? so go ahead and keep making the hollywood gays and not gay is even richer by feeding feel to there fires , by buying their movies watching their shows and listening to their ridiculous b******* on their day today live who gives a fuck!!!!! society need to pull their heads out of their asses in realize the world should Not be taken for granted..... remember to all you sinners out there who love to laugh it up god is a force not to be reckoned with. good luck on judgement day assholes of the world.

by Pennyreply 7408/17/2012

R74, I'm amused that you capitalized the word Not, but not the word God.

You're going to hell for that. What's more, I can see your dirty pillows. And so can your Momma.

by Pennyreply 7508/17/2012

Jim Parsons is, of course, totally out now. Kunal Nayyar is still closeted.

Those are the two gay guys in OP's blind item.

by Pennyreply 7608/17/2012

East Indian guys almost always seem gay so it's hard to say about Kunal.

by Pennyreply 7708/17/2012

Oh and their fam forces them to marry so that's not a factor either.

by Pennyreply 7808/17/2012

the indian guy got married recently.

the guy who plays howard is married as well.

i would not be shocked if jonny came out.

by Pennyreply 7908/17/2012

R74, are you gay? Do you realise that plenty of LGBT people work in jobs to make the world a better place, do you realise that there are plenty of assholes in the world that are gay or straight, their sexuality makes no difference.

You talk about morality as if only a straight person can be moral. I must assume that you therefore think Mugabe, Hitler and other such characters are/were immoral fags.

Well sugar, wise up. Why don't you just go fuck yourself all the way back to the KKK where you belong.

by Pennyreply 8008/17/2012

Nayyar married Miss India 2006 winner Neha Kapur in December 2011.

by Pennyreply 8109/28/2012

Helberg is married to actress Jocelyn Towne (also a Crossroads School grad and then University of California Berkeley grad); they dated for several years before finally tying the knot in 2007. They purchased a $3,000,000, 4,200 square feet Hollywood estate from Charlie Sheen, in a posh suburb of Los Angeles. Helberg and Towne had their first child on May 8, 2012, when their daughter Adeline was born

by Pennyreply 8209/28/2012

Kunal Nayar is married... His wife is hot!!

by Pennyreply 8310/20/2012

he's hot

by Pennyreply 8411/24/2012

It's awesome how the blind item called Jim Parsons. It was fairly obvious to us homos early on, but I'm still glad he came out.

Who is the other gay? I have bad lesbodar... Could it be that Penny chick? Or maybe Mayim Bialik?

by Pennyreply 8511/24/2012

who is the other gay MAN, r85

by Pennyreply 8611/24/2012

Nayar's marriage could have been arranged. I have persian gay friends who have been forced to do this?

by Pennyreply 8711/25/2012
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