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Nicole Kidman:''I Was Damaged'' After Tom Cruise Divorce

The star also candidly spoke out about that Hollywood relationship, which saw her shoot to fame all those years ago, and described the personal sacrifices that she felt she had to make in order to be Mrs Tom Cruise.

'That was a great relationship. It was great,' she said. 'I think it ran its course.'

'I was never seeking to be a celebrity. But I was prepared to do that for love. And that is something that is hard to do.

'It's hard when you're young. But I'm ready to give up anything for love, because ultimately, that is what you have.'

The 43-year-old also admitted that she found the high-profile marriage breakdown a struggle.

'I was really damaged and not sure whether that was ever going to happen again to me,' she told us. 'I certainly never thought I'd have a baby at 41. But we never know what's around the corner.'

But, hurt and divorce aside, ultimately she argues that the notion of falling in love is what drives her.

'I'm very driven by falling in love,' she said. 'I fall in love and I'll drop everything and change everything.'

by Miareply 11012/02/2013

[quote]'I was never seeking to be a celebrity...'

Oh, my sides!

by Miareply 102/03/2011

'That was a great relationship. It was great,' she said. 'I think it ran its course.'%0D %0D Bitch, please...%0D %0D "Great relationship[s]" don't run their course.

by Miareply 202/03/2011

I love her too and agree that "I was never seeking to be a celebrity" is laughable. It sucks that she thinks we're stupid enough to buy a line like that.%0D %0D

by Miareply 302/03/2011

Jesus Christ. Any goodwill she earned being married to the midget is gone. She's so full of shit. Obviously Tom's let's use our "love" for PR. She and that ratface she bred with are just gross in their public declarations.

by Miareply 402/03/2011

What a total self serving crock of shit.

by Miareply 502/03/2011

So I guess that her "contract" is still in effect.

by Miareply 602/03/2011

The first she was asked if TC is gay (by the late, great Movieline) she didn't deny it.

"I wouldn't know. He's not gay in my experience. You'd have to ask him."

by Miareply 702/03/2011

[quote]'I'm very driven by falling in love,' she said. 'I fall in love and I'll drop everything and change everything.' I guess she didn't love her adopted children enough to drop everything and change everything. Bitch.

by Miareply 802/03/2011

Bitch please!!

That marriage was pure PR. Thats why she not only post Tom, but the kids too! Let's not forget how Tom filed right before community property laws in CA went into effect, even though his wife had miscarried weeks earlier.

by Miareply 902/03/2011

I loathe her more and more as time goes by, meanwhle her crazy ex husband seems oddly more appealing.

by Miareply 1002/03/2011

She sounds rather pathetic.

by Miareply 1102/03/2011

"I was never seeking to be a celebrity. But I was prepared to do that for love."

That's totally going to be my facebook status update today.

by Miareply 1202/03/2011

I didn't think there was any actress more cluess than Gwyneth. But Gwynnie has met her match in this space cadet. Does Nicole actually think people will believe her?

by Miareply 1302/03/2011

God, she's really shilling for an Oscar upset.%0D %0D Nicole, dear, it's not happening.

by Miareply 1402/03/2011

Actually she's worse than Gwyneth - Paltrow is amusing in all her narcissism, but Kidman is just induling in the laziest kind of cynicism.

by Miareply 1502/03/2011

I get this very strange feeling that Nicole Kidman is trying to get sympathy for an Oscar. Just the time of it all.%0D %0D Why now? Why didn't she admit this in the first place?

by Miareply 1602/03/2011

[quote]Why now? Why didn't she admit this in the first place?%0D %0D She's damaged? You have no fucking idea!

by Miareply 1702/03/2011

R7 - link please


The first she was asked if TC is gay (by the late, great Movieline) she didn't deny it.

"I wouldn't know. He's not gay in my experience. You'd have to ask him."

by: Anonymoustreply 7t02/03/2011 @ 12:50PM

by Miareply 1802/03/2011

She still looks surprised....

by Miareply 1902/03/2011

Ugh. I'm so sick of these actors saying that they never wanted to be famous. Bullshit! All actors want to be famous! Fame = success.

by Miareply 2002/03/2011

Nicole Kidman's face: "I was damaged" After Tom Cruise Divorce.

by Miareply 2102/03/2011

For R18:

[italic]Q: That brings me to another rumor that chases Tom, that he%E2%80%99s gay.

A: That he%E2%80%99s gay? Really? Well, ummm, he%E2%80%99s not gay in my knowledge. You%E2%80%99ll have to ask him that question.[/italic]

I'm not R7, but I know how to use Google. Learn how to look shit up yourself, R18.

by Miareply 2202/03/2011


by Miareply 2302/03/2011

Bitch please. I wrote the book on damaged. When you're on your fifth gay husband, and your daughter is on her third gay husband, then maybe someone will feel sorry for you.

by Miareply 2402/03/2011

Am I the only one who think tiny Tom Crooze is a total shit?

by Miareply 2502/04/2011

That bitch is trying to write my next Genius Novel. Fuck her. Fuck her straight to a deserted island so I can write "Message in Bottle 2: Nic of Time".

by Miareply 2602/04/2011

I thought the contract was she got "A" list celebrity and he got "proof" of his heterosexuality. Oh Zenu!

by Miareply 2702/04/2011

Just lost any respect that I had for her. Why perpetuate the lies? There is no need. She is out of the contract now.

by Miareply 2802/04/2011

Cruise divorced the delusional twit because she was pregnant with another man's child. Kidman is so lost in her movie star persona, she does not realize the rest of us are on to her. Over rated hack!

by Miareply 2911/15/2012

r28 and r29 are both wrong:

her contract isn't up. Also, TC recently joined NK's publicity firm.

She will keep saying shit like this to perpetuate the idea that TC is all straight. Now more so than ever.

And r29: he never 'divorced' her for the reasons you mentioned. Their contract stipulated they would 'divorce' after ten years, and that date had just arrived.

The public 'dumping' of NK was part and parcel of their PR strategy.

Her contract remains intact, to this day.

by Miareply 3011/15/2012

Of course she was damaged then... by her plastic surgeon!

by Miareply 3111/15/2012

Nicole Kidman- Great Actress, Intelligent woman and has grace.

As for you haters below if you aren't on Tom Cruise's payroll you have rocks in your heads. Just for the record little Tommy-Wants-His-Way hasn't won an Academy Award and probably never will.

by Miareply 3203/23/2013

I'm not really a fan, but we just watched the Paperboy on iTunes, and she was actually quite good in a flawed film. Zac Efron wasn't terrible either, but I guess he'll need more to fully transition from Disney.

by Miareply 3303/23/2013

I'm very surprised by this. Still, in 2013, we've learned nothing, and are in the dark.

When will the world realize that it's ok to be gay.

Sexuality is complicated.

The world thinks TC is gay or bi (at the very least) or just fucked up sexually, yet this fame whore is perpetuating the Hollywood myth of glamour.

Think Joan Crawford still desperately clinging to the spotlight.

Her people need to realize they won't get anywhere with the public by continuing on the TC path.

by Miareply 3403/23/2013

I guess she has to say this. She's an employee.

by Miareply 3503/23/2013

Tom Cruise [click thru for more details] homosexual, not a real marriage, HIV or AID's, sex addict, started out as a male prostitute for Merv Griffith (that's the reason he became famous)Much more info, click thru on URL. thank you Sandra Bullock and Jamie Jones

by Miareply 3603/23/2013

Nicole is very savvy on how to use the press. She is box office poison but has used beard Keith Urban and her publicists to stay in the public eye. When she talks now about how she is free to work with challenging material and auteurs, that is code for "big studios will no longer hire me." Stoker is her latest flop.

by Miareply 3703/23/2013

She never seeks to be a celebrity in the same way Joan Collins keeps her skin tight by eating salads.

by Miareply 3803/23/2013

Her latest stunt is to "renew" her vows later this year with Keith. Do we care? It must make Australian housewives feel good. I am curious to see if they can make a good film out of "Grace of Monaco," because it will be two hours of her frozen face up on the big screen.

by Miareply 3903/23/2013

NK rated at A$320 equal 3rd richest self made millionaire woman in Australia. Aussie dollar is currently US$1.04.

by Miareply 4003/23/2013

Nicole Kidman is one of the most ambitious actors out there who seems extremely driven to stay on top.

She strikes me as one tough cookie and I agree that her statement about not wanting to be a celebrity as about as sincere as Donald Trump stating that he never wanted to be famous.

Most female actors seem to get pushed aside for the younger crowd once they hit 40 (Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan, Julianne Moore, etc all seem to work a lot less in their 40's then they did when they were younger) but Nicole somehow continues to get work.

I tip my hat to her in that she is working hard to stay relevant in an industry that isn't known for being kind to women over 40 in general (Meryl Streep excluded).

She doesn't seem to want to fade quietly away and a part of me doesn't blame her. She's hitting her prime and yet lives in a world where the cast of "Twilight" brings in the major box office.

At some point unfortunately the age factor is going to catch up with her and I'll be fascinated to see how she handles it. (I'm guessing she'll produce her own films.)

by Miareply 4103/23/2013

She was fucking Ewan MacGregor that's why they divorced

by Miareply 4203/23/2013

She has talent but has struggled with three obstacles: audiences find her cold, she chooses dark material, and Botox has made her mask-like. But I agree, the film business is rough on women. Even Kate Winslet is taking a role in a YA franchise.

by Miareply 4303/23/2013

Email for Tom: I looked great at an Omega appearance in Germany. Big check. I am filming my third straight movie in London since pretending to be pregnant. PR people working up new angles for us. Ring, ring, my name is Nicole

by Miareply 4403/23/2013

[quote]'I was never seeking to be a celebrity."

Oh bullshit. She was in multiple movies before she married Cruise--she wanted nothing OTHER than to be a celebrity.

Why doesn't anyone call her out on her phony bullshit? She gets away with murder.

by Miareply 4503/23/2013

It's the intimidation factor. I now have a vagina.

by Miareply 4603/23/2013

'I was never seeking to be a celebrity...'

What she really meant was "I was so desperate for fame that I would have sold my own mother and both my kidneys and slept with every director in hollywood including Penny Marshall or even married a homosexual midget" That's what she really meant.

by Miareply 4703/23/2013

Even beyond the rumors about TC's sexuality, we can see how controlled the media is. When Nicole brings up that relationship and why it ended, why not ask her about some of the more lurid rumors?

At the time many people believed that Cruise blew his stack when she became pregnant on the set of Moulin Rouge, figuring out that she was fucking Ewan McGregor. Why not challenge her on that?

The reason is simple: the media is not really free, but controlled by monopolistic conglomerates, and the same people that own the studios own the newspapers and the news channels. Endless propaganda.

Nicole's image was actually saved by Cruise's ego -- no way he wanted to be known by the public as her cuckold -- and the studios' interest in keeping her image relatively clean, with the dirt on their break-up only ever being in gossip rags or message boards.

That's also why Tommy boy got in trouble a few years ago: you don't fuck with big Pharma.

by Miareply 4803/24/2013

If you are in a long therm relationship with TC, you are either dumb, very crazy or a famewhore.

by Miareply 4903/24/2013

Sort of canny to bring up the world's most famous beard-deal. It's of more interest than their fading careers, and 'reminds' the dimmer public - and themselves! - of how so very 'hot' they were in their prime. ("I mean, just look how keen Kubrick was to use us!")

Canny in the short term, to revive 'interest'; but in the medium term unwise, since it'll only provoke again the archive of ridicule. Diminishing returns, but evidently worth a go. Shameless of course, with notes of desperation too.

by Miareply 5003/24/2013

Nicole is a compulsive liar.

"Oprah I watched your show ever since I was a little girl in Australia."

Bitch you were like 17 when my show started. Little girl my ass.

by Miareply 5103/24/2013

Maybe she's lying about her age, r51.

by Miareply 5203/24/2013

Kidman is just as creepy as Cruise.

by Miareply 5303/24/2013

What r35 said.

She's a lying, mendacious bitch. And on their payroll.

That's why she, Queen Bee of box office POISON, keeps getting role after role, even though all her films flop hard, one after the other.

You seriously think any regular female star, who was not on Scientology/studio/pr-interest payroll, would get this many chances in the face of that many flops?

No, they wouldn't.

by Miareply 5403/24/2013

The sentimental tripe at r41 was revolting to read.

She's a Scientology enabler, co-guilty of everything that sinister cult did during her time with TC, purely by lending her face to that 'church'. And before you protest that she was never a member - who cares! She willingly became an important factor for that 'church' to work, i.e. making TC look normal and straight.

She's guilty as sin, and needs to be called out on it. So does KH.

She's also wildly overrated as an actress, which is why her films BOMB. She can't connect with audiences, her frozen face is a joke, and talent-wise there are better actresses out there (e.g. Naomi Watts, who is aging gracefully, and who mops the floor with NK in the acting dept).

Save you tears for people who deserve them, r41.

by Miareply 5503/24/2013

'That's also why Tommy boy got in trouble a few years ago: you don't fuck with big Pharma.'

I like this.

I believe you are right: they declared him fair game, and he probably didn't even realize why they were coming after him.


by Miareply 5603/24/2013

I'm sure the truth is much more dull than the speculation.

by Miareply 5703/24/2013

So she did Days of Thunder for love?

by Miareply 5803/24/2013

Oh, and one more thing to shed some light on this:

NK is 'close friends' with none other than Rupert Murdoch, fellow Aussie and owner of 20th century Fox.

Yet another reason why bitch stays on top, getting roles, while the public cares zero about her films.

She truly is a whore, in every way you look at it.

by Miareply 5903/24/2013

Oh shut up, R59. How can she be "on top" and box office poison? She makes small films like Rabbit Hole or arty projects for auteurs like Stoker. She's not on top. Jennifer Lawrence is on top. Kidman is a known brand, familiar to a certain generation of filmgoers and will always be associated with her '90s heyday. But she is, by all accounts, a terrific actress so shut up with your branding her a whore with your "in every way you look at it" hysteria.

You have no idea what it actually takes to succeed and get ahead, do you?

by Miareply 6003/24/2013

[quote]You have no idea what it actually takes to succeed and get ahead, do you?

Damn straight.

by Miareply 6103/24/2013

by Miareply 6203/24/2013

Her new film is a bigger flop than her last film. I wish she woulf just go away already!

by Miareply 6303/24/2013

R55 Spot on! Every woman, Holmes, Cruz, Kidman who helped Cruise maintain his Hollywood A-list status with fake marriages and relationships were enablers and not one bit better than Cruise. All of them were driven by greed, for career, fame and fortune and in the case of Holmes and Kidman there were even children evolved who became victims of this criminal organisation.

by Miareply 6403/24/2013

R63 I agree. Her day in the sun was over long ago. Why doesn't she just focus on her family instead?

by Miareply 6503/24/2013


It's spelled "Clique... clique... clique... clique..."

by Miareply 6603/24/2013

Why would anyone believe anything she says? Actors entire lives are built on mythmaking

[quote]Kidman, the subject of rumours she's had cosmetic surgery, denies she has gone under the knife. And her porcelain skin has never seen a botox needle.

"To be honest, I am completely natural," Kidman tells Marie Claire magazine. "I have nothing in my face or anything," she says. "I wear sunscreen, and I don't smoke. I take care of myself. And I'm very proud to say that." ... Kidman, 40, says she does not judge people who have had plastic surgery. "Anybody can do anything to themselves, their bodies," she says.

by Miareply 6703/24/2013

I just realized Stoker is Fox Searchlight - Murdoch.

by Miareply 6803/24/2013

One has to advance one's prospects. Looking for fame is not necessarily about seeking adulation and attention, but having to chance to make the type of movies you want to make:

by Miareply 6903/24/2013

It's like Whatever Happened To Baby Jane. She still is prattling on about these childish 12 year old girl notions of love and romance. Does she make little hearts on her scripts as well? No one buys it. No one cares. Shut up and go away.

by Miareply 7003/24/2013

Nicky was so damaged that she went out to lezzie bars and started clamboxing! I wonder how happy Tammy was when that happened. That defied the terms of their contract didn't it?

Oh and no one can top Gwennie in his absolute cluelessness. Add to the fact that she fucked Mario the Fatman(who is so gross not even a desperate Joan Rivers would fuck 'im!), she is eternally a cunt in my eyes.

by Miareply 7103/24/2013

I suppose it protects her image to talk about Tom in positive terms ("we were really in love"), as opposed to a harsher reality ("I was ambitious and he was a big star but gay and needed a beard"). That divorce settlement created her fortune, along with giant paydays around 2005 and 2006 (she took the money and ran, the movies flopped). She still gets giant checks from Tom each year, along with big pay days from Omega and other sponsors where she is an "ambassador." She irks people because everything she does or says is phony.

by Miareply 7203/24/2013

She's probably talking about her back from spending ten years slouching on the red carpet in flats.

by Miareply 7303/24/2013

What's Tom doing these days?

by Miareply 7403/24/2013

Tom makes big special effects films - "Oblivion" and "All You Need is Kill." He still is a giant money maker, although how much longer he can do this in his 50's is unknown. He seems uninterested in any small project, all of his movies are huge and employ hundreds of people. He works 24/7. I could be wrong, but he never mentions Nicole. I think most interviewers are probably told not to ask him about anything personal.

by Miareply 7503/24/2013

Tom licked-a-the-ass

And got-a-the-AIDS

by Miareply 7603/24/2013

Tom wants to be the most famous man in the world. He has super human powers. Although she is dead to me, Nicole wants a second Oscar, and she will spend or do whatever it takes to get it. These are simple people with simple goals. Take a lesson.

by Miareply 7703/24/2013

Nicole Kidman through her new set of teeth:'I Was Damaged' by plastic surgery.

by Miareply 7803/24/2013

She speaks in platitudes.

The fact is she was a ferociously ambitious young person who knew exactly what she was in for when she married Cruise. A friend of mine who worked at Paramount told me it gradually evolved into a contractual agreement with the studio which specified that as long as she remained married to him she'd get first-look priority at the best scripts which were in development.

by Miareply 7903/24/2013

The new veneers ruined her face:

by Miareply 8003/24/2013

Her old veneers at least looked natural:

by Miareply 8103/24/2013

Nicole Kidman looks really gorgeous in that new Stoker movie. Her face actually looks so much better more recently than it did inthe past few years.

I don't know, I like her as an actress, so it's hard for me to really bash her. I just try to ignore the Tom stuff.

by Miareply 8203/24/2013

I don't think Tom is giving her any help these days. She changed to Angelina Jolie's management and they threw her into "Tresspass" with Nic Cage. It bombed. "The Railway Man" she picked up because Rachel Weisv dropped out. "Grace of Monaco" is her return to a lead role, but it's a giant gamble for TWC. She has international fame, but Tom probably enjoys that she still can't sell tickets. Given CO$ tenets, she is SP and I imagine they only communicate through lawyers.

by Miareply 8303/24/2013

I'm the spitting image of Grace Kelly

by Miareply 8403/24/2013

Her face has been fucked up for so long, it's hilarious that Kidman thinks she can deny plastic surgery.

by Miareply 8503/24/2013

Strange that Tommy isn't dating yet. Are they still screening for applicants?

by Miareply 8603/24/2013

Potential GFs probably got scared off by Maureen Orth's article in Vanity Fair.

by Miareply 8703/24/2013

So was I, Nicole.

So was I.

by Miareply 8803/24/2013

Is is true that she ___ Harvey Weinstein?

by Miareply 8903/27/2013

Me and my crocodile tears

by Miareply 9004/04/2013


by Miareply 9105/09/2013

That looks freaky, R91.

by Miareply 9205/09/2013

Nicole Kidman throws shade at bestie Naomi Watts by refusing to support her in CBS Oscar Special

by Miareply 9308/30/2013

Naomi is a better woman than Nicole anyway.

Do your research and you find out what i'm talking about.

by Miareply 9408/30/2013

That Perez article is stupid. Anything that is broadcast after the voting period ends isn't going to help anyone get an Oscar. Airing in the hour before the telecast, on a different network no less, certainly wasn't going to boost Naomi's chances of winning. Pure fiction.

by Miareply 9508/30/2013

She's trying to maintain a decent image, in terms of Conor & Isabell, doesn't want to be seen crapping on Dad. And yes I know they don't pend much time with her and never have. You know it's the Scientology thing? I credit her with being strong enough to resist that crap.

by Miareply 9608/30/2013

The beautiful and Botox-free Nicole Kidman enjoys a Keith Urban concert

by Miareply 9709/15/2013

However i should be fair with her. She was enchanting at her most recent photo. Good for her. I'm sorry that freaky paparazo spoiled her day after that event. How sick paparazzi can be!

by Miareply 9809/15/2013

Whatever she is doing now, or NOT doing to her appearance, she needs to keep it up. She looks great in those fashion show pics--better than she has in years.

by Miareply 9909/15/2013

I was really damaged.

by Miareply 10012/02/2013

[quote]'I was never seeking to be a celebrity

That's where I stopped reading.

No one has worked harder to be a celebrity than Nicole Kidman. No one. She wanted that more than anything. She would never have worn all those stunning gowns to the Oscars when she was mostly known as Tom's arm candy had she not wanted to be a celebrity.

by Miareply 10112/02/2013

R101, you don't know me, you can't judge me. I'm a down to earth woman, i have discipline in my life. I'm a devoted wife and mother.

by Miareply 10212/02/2013

[quote]That's where I stopped reading. No one has worked harder to be a celebrity than Nicole Kidman. No one. She wanted that more than anything. She would never have worn all those stunning gowns to the Oscars when she was mostly known as Tom's arm candy had she not wanted to be a celebrity.

Totally agree. Maybe after achieving A list status for many years, it's no longer an obsession, but it certainly appeared to be for many years that was her number 1 priority.

by Miareply 10312/02/2013

All of her interviews are a crock of shit and they all go the same way. She's been playing the "anything for love" card for years. It's her only public persona.

by Miareply 10412/02/2013

I was the victim in my relationship with Tom. I loved him dearly, he didn't stand by me. I was very humble, i was always two steps behind and i really didn't mind. I had no other aspirations. People misunderstood the great passion i felt for Tom. But it's ok now, i don't really care about all this misunderstanding anymore, because i'm really happy with Keith and with my two lovely daughters.

I was never obsessed to be famous or to have my own kids...i'm not guilty. I really love Connor and Isabella as much as i love my biological kids. To me it's the same, can't you see that?

by Miareply 10512/02/2013

Is this the face of a completely natural woman?

by Miareply 10612/02/2013

Does she say this stuff so she'll believe it? Because nobody else will.

by Miareply 10712/02/2013

R67. Interesting quote. She certainly used to smoke, and if she has stopped and is indeed "looking after herself" - good. However, I do find it hard to believe she has had no work done on her face. None of my business, and I am in such a minority as I think she is a good and interesting actress. I also have a secret in dealing with actors I don't like . . . . sssssshhhhh (whisper) I don't go to their movies. ( or blubber on DL or lose sleep over people I don't know ).

by Miareply 10812/02/2013

Hi! I'm a tool.

by Miareply 10912/02/2013

If you decide to get involved with a creepy nutcase like TC you are already severely damaged. Or just an opportunistic fame whore, probably both!

by Miareply 11012/02/2013
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