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The Most Fabulous Gown/Dress In Film

What is the most fabulous gown in all of cinema? My vote: Bram Stoker's DRACULA and the wedding dress Lucy wears, designed by Eiko Ishioka. (Best picture I could find is linked below) Also, Cate Blanchett's coronation costume in ELIZABETH is also exquisite, as are the rest. Furthermore, what film has the best overall gown design? GOSFORD PARK and THE AGE OF INNOCENCE come to mind for me. Minnie Driver and Emmy Rossum's costumes in THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA film were gorgeous, as well. It doesn't have to be a great film to have great gowns! Show DL what you've got, girls!

by Couture Cuntreply 43110/07/2015

Bette Davis "Bumpy Night" frock.

by Couture Cuntreply 102/02/2011

Deborah Kerr's ballgown in "The King and I" does it for me.

by Couture Cuntreply 202/02/2011

That red dress that Scarlett O'Hara wears to Melanie's party. Stunning!!!!

by Couture Cuntreply 302/02/2011

Liz Taylor's strapless-daisy-bodiced dress where she meets Monty Clift for the first time in A PLACE IN THE SUN.

by Couture Cuntreply 402/02/2011


by Couture Cuntreply 502/02/2011

CLEOPATRA'S (Elizabeth's) gold caftan looking thing she wore when arriving on the slave toted palat.

by Couture Cuntreply 602/02/2011

Grace Kelly's Read Window dress. Wearing it in that dingy apartment made it look even more beautiful. Scroll down for more photos.

by Couture Cuntreply 702/02/2011

I was always mesmerized by the gold costume ball gown that Grace Kelly wore in To Catch A Thief. For glorious excess, that really takes the cake. %0D %0D Not a dress or a gown, but the Grecian-draped swimsuit cover-up she wore in High Society was pretty nifty too.

by Couture Cuntreply 802/02/2011

Audrey Hepburn's ballgown in My Fair Lady as well as her gown worn to the races.%0D %0D Barbra's gown in "Love with all the trimmings" in On a Clear Day You Can See Forever%0D %0D

by Couture Cuntreply 902/02/2011

Jesus Christ, OP. Have you ever seen a film made before 1990?

by Couture Cuntreply 1002/02/2011

Eliabeth Taylor's Helen Rose–designed Grecian-style white number in [italic]Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.[/italic] Simple but iconic.

by Couture Cuntreply 1102/02/2011

I love the costumes that I see in old Hollywood films. %0D Here is a link to the costumes worn in Dangerous Beauty circa 1998

by Couture Cuntreply 1202/02/2011

Audrey Hepburn's wedding gown in FUNNY FACE. And just about every dress she wears in that and in BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S. All courtesy of Givenchy. I like everything mentioned here so far too. Overall, the best period costumes ever: Milo Anderson's creations for Olivia de Havilland in THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD. Luxurious, detailed, vivid sense of color and all were perfectly flattering to the actress.

by Couture Cuntreply 1302/02/2011

Haven't any of you people ever seen GILDA?

by Couture Cuntreply 1402/02/2011

This one

by Couture Cuntreply 1502/02/2011

I can't remember if it was Glenn Close, Michelle Pfeiffer or Uma Thurman but it was in Dangerous Liasons and it was yellow and breathtaking.

by Couture Cuntreply 1602/02/2011

Unfortunately there's no pics, but here's a list of 30 years of memorable dresses in film

by Couture Cuntreply 1702/02/2011

Everything I've ever worn. Namaste.

by Couture Cuntreply 1802/02/2011


by Couture Cuntreply 1902/02/2011

Eve Harrington's gown and cape that she wore the night she was awarded the Sarah Siddons statue.

by Couture Cuntreply 2002/02/2011

You're a lesbian, R20, right?

by Couture Cuntreply 2102/02/2011

That monkey-fur thing in Singin' in the Rain.

by Couture Cuntreply 2202/02/2011

Katherine Hepburn in pants in Bringing up Baby.%0D %0D

by Couture Cuntreply 2302/02/2011

I always loved this gown from Jennifer Jones' "Madame Bovary". She plays this little nothing from nowhere who lives in a fantasy world, and when she wears this lovely gown to a real-life ball she feels like all her impossible dreams are coming true. %0D %0D The gown flatters her wonderfully, and when she dances it moves floats like a cloud. Sorry I couldn't find a better picture.

by Couture Cuntreply 2402/02/2011

My mother tells me the Dorothy Lamour sarong was quite popular for honeymoon night.

by Couture Cuntreply 2502/02/2011

Jean Louis and nobody could wear it better than Rita.

by Couture Cuntreply 2602/02/2011

Keira Knightley's green dress in Atonement. Perfect.

by Couture Cuntreply 2702/02/2011

Marilyn's pink gown in the "Diamonds Are Girl's Best Friend" number from [italic]Gentlemen Prefer Blondes[/italic].

by Couture Cuntreply 2802/02/2011

Really anything by Edith Head, especially when she dressed Grace Kelly, but Evan Marie Saint's red and black dress in North by Northwest gives my eyes orgasms.

by Couture Cuntreply 2902/02/2011


Thanks for the homage to one of my top three FAVORITE films of all time. I sometimes think I was the only person on the planet to love and appreciate that movie but I love it. The costumes in that film just weren't appreciated as much as they should have been.

by Couture Cuntreply 3002/02/2011

Judy Garland's dress when she accepts her Oscar in the movie "A Star is Born".

by Couture Cuntreply 3102/02/2011

29 posts and no Letty Lynton???

by Couture Cuntreply 3202/02/2011

The gown Hepburn wears to her sister's engagement party in Holiday. Simple and elegant, perfect for her.

by Couture Cuntreply 3302/02/2011

The fashion show from "Lucy Gallant"

by Couture Cuntreply 3402/02/2011

this one.

by Couture Cuntreply 3502/02/2011

The gown that Patty Duke wore in Valley of the Dolls when she and Hayward have their "cat" fight.

by Couture Cuntreply 3602/02/2011

Y'all are gonna slam me, but I don't care.

Barbra's dresses in [bold]HELLO, DOLLY![/bold] were incredible. Of course, the gold number in the Big Scene was most magnificent, but the sexy purple one she wears to the dress shop (and in which she sings "Before the Parade Passes By") is gorgeous, as well.

And the feathered hat she wears when we first see Dolly, well, I WANT THAT FUCKING HAT! Gene Kelly photographed it spectacularly.

by Couture Cuntreply 3702/02/2011

These are pretty damned spectacular. Oh, to have either of those bodies!

by Couture Cuntreply 3802/02/2011

%0D The classic movie dress!%0D %0D Vivian at the polo match.....

by Couture Cuntreply 3902/02/2011

The frocks in Marie Antoinette.

by Couture Cuntreply 4002/02/2011

R20 -- I've actually seen that outfit worn by Anne Baxter in "All About Eve" on display at a costume exhibition. In the B&W film, it looks like it would be a pastel color. In fact it was off-white (ivory) with silver, gold and white glittering embroidery.

R32 -- your link doesn't work. But if you mean that white dress with the big, ruffled, butterfly sleeves which was so influential in 1933, no one has seen LETTY LINTON in years. It was withdrawn from release at the time because of copyright infringement and hasn't seen the light of day since then.

by Couture Cuntreply 4102/02/2011

I'm also on board with Barbra's purple dress in "Dolly" -- and the wedding gown and hat at the end. Well done, Irene Sharaff (sp?)%0D %0D When I was a Brownie scout our leader took us to see "the King and I" -- I never got over Deborah Kerr's humongous hoop-skirted gowns, but especially the satin one in the "Shall We Dance?" sequence, with the sparkly headpiece. Oddly, I can't remember what color it was.

by Couture Cuntreply 4202/02/2011

Bob Mackie - Funny Lady - How Lucky Can You Get%0D %0D Faaantastic!

by Couture Cuntreply 4302/02/2011

r42 Lavender color.Love that dress too..

by Couture Cuntreply 4402/02/2011

I've always loved the simple, high-necked beaded gown Joan Crawford wears as she walks into the ocean to drown herself in "Humoresque". If you're going to go, go in style.

by Couture Cuntreply 4502/02/2011

I'd forgotten how, um, skimpy and revealing that Mackie dress was, R43. %0D %0D Great dress. Great song. Terrific performance, nicely shot.

by Couture Cuntreply 4602/02/2011

Lucy's ball gown from "Bram Stoker's Dracula".

by Couture Cuntreply 4702/02/2011

I hope that those of you who love the Dolly dresses realize that the same lady designed the King and I dresses and Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra costumes....Irene Sharaff. She also designed West Side Story, An American in Paris, Brigadoon, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf and Funny Girl, among many others.

by Couture Cuntreply 4802/02/2011

Eiko really did knock Lucy's outfits outta the park in Dracula. I always loved the orange nightgown thing she wears when the wolf humps her in the garden.

by Couture Cuntreply 4902/02/2011

Vanessa Redgrave's wedding dress in CAMELOT, entirely crocheted and then decorated with pumpkin seeds and sea shells. It's glorious.

by Couture Cuntreply 5002/02/2011

For daywear, anything and everything Doris Day wears in Pillow Talk.

by Couture Cuntreply 5102/02/2011

The gowns from The Women are glamorous but silly and impractical. LOVE the gold lame bare midriff gown that Joan Crawford wears.%0D %0D

by Couture Cuntreply 5202/02/2011

The Bride Wore Red

by Couture Cuntreply 5302/02/2011

Audrey Hepburn in [italic]Sabrina[/italic]

by Couture Cuntreply 5402/02/2011

Some great gowns at the link below. One of my personal favorites has always been the scandalous nude chiffon gown Marilyn wore in Some Like It Hot.

Also agreed that the green gown in Atonement was gorgeous.

by Couture Cuntreply 5502/02/2011

I think there were a few dresses from old movies that really made me weak. One that was already mentioned was Eva Marie Saint's red/black dress from North By Northwest. Another was the dress/coat* Ingrid Bergman wore to the ballet with Cary Grant in Indiscreet. Audrey Hepburn appears often in this category.

Modern films, don't thrill me so much, but I think everything Tilda Swinton wore in I Am Love should get a collective nod.

*and I was disappointed in Isaac Mizrahi when Isabella Rossellini showed him that very dress/coat (she still has it) and he admitted he never liked it.

by Couture Cuntreply 5602/02/2011

[quote]Barbra's dresses in HELLO, DOLLY! were incredible. Of course, the gold number in the Big Scene was most magnificent,

Want it? Debbie Reynolds is auctioning it in May.

by Couture Cuntreply 5702/02/2011

At R55's link, the post modern dresses are hideous. Pretty in Pink sheath dress? Julia Robert's stretchy hooker gettup? Demi Moore's weird holey black dress? Really?%0D %0D What about Rose's dresses in Titanic worn by Kate Winslet? She had a gorgeous wardrobe.%0D %0D These links remind me just how much I miss the fashion of yesteryear.

by Couture Cuntreply 5802/02/2011

The dress Deborah Kerr wore in "The King and I" isn't lavender, it's a sort of warm beige or pale bronze. %0D %0D What the hell do you call that color, anyway?

by Couture Cuntreply 5902/02/2011

Marlene Dietrich in ANGEL:

by Couture Cuntreply 6002/02/2011

Barbra"s red hat and coat from the opening scene of On a clear day, her first flashback as Melinda.

Glenn Close as Norma Desmond in Sunset and Dalmations.

by Couture Cuntreply 6102/02/2011

r59 on the screen it has a slight lavender hue to it.

by Couture Cuntreply 6202/02/2011

Every so often I read a thread on this board and I'm convinced I'm straight.

by Couture Cuntreply 6302/02/2011

It's not light lavender, it's mauve.

by Couture Cuntreply 6402/02/2011

Loads 1 through 37 created the most AMAZING cumfrock.

by Couture Cuntreply 6502/02/2011

Check out Audrey Hepburn's wardrobe in "Funny Face." You'll also get the bonuses of a great movie, great score, great cast--one of Holywood's last great original musicals. Hepburn is totally captivating, as usual.

by Couture Cuntreply 6602/02/2011

I love the peacock-blue Jacques Fath dress Moira Shearer wears to Lermontov's villa in [italic]The Red Shoes[/italic].

by Couture Cuntreply 6702/02/2011

Philadelphia Story

by Couture Cuntreply 6802/02/2011

You really can't go wrong with Travis Banton, Adrian or Helen Rose. Though my heart belongs to Orry-Kelly.

by Couture Cuntreply 6902/02/2011

[quote]Though my heart belongs to Orry-Kelly.

He did great work on [italic]The Maltese Falcon[/italic]. None of those outfits qualifies as fabulous. But the outfits defined the actresses' characters so well, especially the Widow Archer's vulgar mourning wardrobe.

by Couture Cuntreply 7002/02/2011

I love Dietrich's fur hat in Scarlet Empress.

by Couture Cuntreply 7102/02/2011

Here's Keira Knightley's Atonement dress. I would have liked it much more if she had the body (or foundation garments is what I think they call them) for it.

by Couture Cuntreply 7202/02/2011

How about this stunner worn by Irene Dunne as she sings "Lovely to Look At" in Roberta.

by Couture Cuntreply 7302/02/2011

Oleg Cassini designed all of Gene Tierney's outfits in "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir." For a poor widow, she dresses very well.

by Couture Cuntreply 7402/02/2011

In 1982, I swear I saw Oleg Cassini on the #1 train in NYC.

by Couture Cuntreply 7502/02/2011

What, nobody's mentioned Nomi Malone's "It's Ver-sayce" dress yet? The one that revealed how desperately shallow and materialistic her Showgirl dreams really were?%0D %0D It really was cute, though.

by Couture Cuntreply 7602/02/2011

Charles Busch's "Die Mommie Die" Sheath with matching lining of cape.

by Couture Cuntreply 7702/02/2011

Ilsa Lund.

by Couture Cuntreply 7802/02/2011

The Adrian Marie Antoinette, Norma Shearer amazing

by Couture Cuntreply 7902/02/2011

Sofia Coppola - Godfather III

I know, I know, but I love the wardrobe for this movie.

by Couture Cuntreply 8002/02/2011

That dress is really pretty, R80. Diane Keaton's costumes are also gorgeous. Milena Canonero designed the film.

by Couture Cuntreply 8102/02/2011

Ginger Roger's Lady In the Dark dress is stunning. Mink lined with ruby glitter. It weighed a veritable ton. They had to make a copy of it comprised of lighter "substitute" fabric for her to dance in it.

by Couture Cuntreply 8202/02/2011

Charles Busch's black and white sheath,,,,,

by Couture Cuntreply 8302/02/2011

I was looking for a photo of Catherine Deneuve and ran across this page devoted to pictures of her in opera gloves. I thought Dataloungers would appreciate the obsession.

by Couture Cuntreply 8402/02/2011

All the costumes from The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

Especially this one:

by Couture Cuntreply 8502/02/2011

I love Rosalind Russell's two suits for His Girl Friday...not sure who designed them. Columbia's resident designer Howard Greer?

by Couture Cuntreply 8602/03/2011

IMdB says Robert Kalloch, R86.

by Couture Cuntreply 8702/03/2011

In Republic's HIT PARADE OF 1943, stars Eve Arden and a very young Susan Hayward wore duds designed by Adele Palmer...but supporting player Gail Patrick (playing - SURPRISE - the bitchy rich girl) wore fabulous gowns by Adrian (which probably cost more than the rest of the film did).

by Couture Cuntreply 8802/03/2011

I nominate the scandalous red dress Bette wore to the White Ball in "Jezebel"--if not for actual style then for effect:

by Couture Cuntreply 8902/03/2011

Not a gown, but I love everything Catherine Deneuve wears in Belle de Jour.

by Couture Cuntreply 9002/03/2011

I love Travis Banton's gowns for Marlene Dietrich in THE DEVIL IS A WOMAN. They are amazing. His work in SHANGHAI EXPRESS is great too. I second whoever said MARIE ANTOINETTE by Adrian. %0D %0D For contemporary films, Sharon Stone's costumes in BASIC INSTINCT and DIABOLIQUE were beautiful.

by Couture Cuntreply 9102/03/2011

91 reply's and no one mentions Orry-Kelly's showstopping mourning dress on Roz Russell in "Auntie Mame"....she does the whole scene- from entering the room, to taking off her cape and hat, to playing out a funny, long scene with a lot of business, and the last shot, when she turns her back to the camera for the first time.....POW!!!!! If you haven't seen it , it is a must, and the THE top ten movie dresses of all time...

by Couture Cuntreply 9202/03/2011

GWTW was glossed over--yes, the red dress is gorgeous, but so is the white one Scarlett wears at the beginning...and the green sprigged dress she wears to the barbecue.%0D %0D I also like the outfit she wears near the end, when she goes to see Ashely at the mill: a white dress with a baby blue velvet jacket and a little white hat with netting.

by Couture Cuntreply 9302/03/2011

The sexiest outfit Ingrid Bergman ever wore - "Notorious"

by Couture Cuntreply 9402/03/2011

"My vote: Bram Stoker's DRACULA and the wedding dress Lucy wears, designed by Eiko Ishioka."%0D %0D I hated that thing. It was hideous! I've never seen a Victorian wedding dress like looked like that; it looks like something you'd see a contemporary fashion model wearing as she struts down the runway. And that thing on her it supposed to be a hat? And that huge thing around her neck is a "ruff", which looked ghastly even when it was in fashion in the 16th and 17th centuries.

by Couture Cuntreply 9502/03/2011

Judy's gown in the "Born In A Trunk" sequence in A STAR IS BORN, wherein she sings "Melancholy Baby".

by Couture Cuntreply 9602/03/2011

"I also like the outfit she wears near the end, when she goes to see Ashely at the mill: a white dress with a baby blue velvet jacket and a little white hat with netting."%0D %0D Oh, it's so fabulous! %0D %0D I would add Meryl Streep's New Year's Eve gown in "Out of Africa."

by Couture Cuntreply 9702/03/2011

Scarlet's dress for the party at Twin Oaks at the beginning of GWTW. %0D %0D About 20 or the 50's cinched waist numbers Edith Head did for Elizabeth Taylor in the 50s.

by Couture Cuntreply 9802/03/2011

That strapless black and white number Holly Hunter wears in BROADCAST NEWS. You can tell she feels so pretty in it. It's a good film otherwise, but for those few scenes it is all about that dress.

by Couture Cuntreply 9902/03/2011

Didn't Edith Head have it in her contract that she received sole credit for costumes at Paramount even though Givenchy designed most of Audrey Hepburn's iconic costumes? I'm thinking particularly of SABRINA. I love the gwon Hepburn wears to the house party. I don't think that was Edith Head.

by Couture Cuntreply 10002/03/2011's a shame Knightly didn't fill that dress out, she's so emaciated

Kim Basinger's Black/white hooded gown in LA Confidential

by Couture Cuntreply 10102/03/2011

r95 you're kind of missing the point of Eiko's costumes in Dracula - they're not supposed to be realistic depictions of Victorian costuming at all, especially Lucy's. They're impressionistic kabuki freak-outs that fit Coppola's fever-dream film perfectly. I mean, look at Gary Oldman's armor from the opening sequence:

by Couture Cuntreply 10202/03/2011

Vanessa Redgrave's wedding dress in CAMELOT.%0D %0D Elizabeth Taylor's party dress in A PLACE IN THE SUN.

by Couture Cuntreply 10302/03/2011

For sheer, over the top fun, I loved Elizabeth Taylor's whole wardrobe in "BOOM!" Particularly this insane headpiece and Japanese outfit she wore in this bizarre scene with Noel Coward:

by Couture Cuntreply 10402/03/2011

Geraldine Chaplin's pink travel ensemble in "Doctor Zhivago." OMG!%0D

by Couture Cuntreply 10502/03/2011

Barbara Stanwyck's midriff-baring black gown from the beginning of "The Lady Eve"

Ginger Rogers had so many of them in the Astaire films, but my favorite is the white gown from the "Never Gonna Dance" number in "Swing Time"

by Couture Cuntreply 10602/03/2011

Gayest. Thread. EVAH. I love it!

by Couture Cuntreply 10702/03/2011

I would concur on Ginger in the Rogers/Astaire movies. So many gorgeous gowns, esp. the fully beaded number in Follow the Fleet's Let's Face the Music and Dance. The sleeve action nearly took out one of Fred's eyes.

by Couture Cuntreply 10802/03/2011

I agree with Lucy's wedding gown. It was just soooo wierd.

by Couture Cuntreply 10902/03/2011

Grace Kelly's black and white outfit in REAR WINDOW... just beautiful.

by Couture Cuntreply 11002/03/2011

Cyd Charisse's pleated skirt in the "Dancing in the Dark" sequence from THE BAND WAGON.

by Couture Cuntreply 11102/03/2011

Elizabeth Taylor's wedding dress in FATHER OF THE BRIDE.

by Couture Cuntreply 11202/03/2011

Yes, Deborah Kerr's "King And I" dress was mauve. A color considered acceptable for "half mourning" in the 1860s. In fact, all of Kerr's clothes are colors that would have been considered correct for a woman who had been widowed for over a year. Black, white, mauve, grey and a pale, dull blue.

R100, as head of Paramount wardrobe, Head got sole screen credit, even if the only thing she did was approve costume sketches that others had done. In "Sabrina," Hepburn's grey traveling suit, black full-skirted satin cocktail dress and the white pique evening gown with black embroidery were all from Givenchey's fashion line of the year before. Hepburn bought them directly from him, they were shipped to Hollywood and that was that. But Head technically had the right to hog screen credit, and she did. And undeservedly won an Oscar. The black cocktail dress with the "Sabrina" neckline was refitted and slightly raised for Hepburn, who was self-conscious about her prominent collar bones. Both flattering and sophisticated, it started a craze. And Hepburn made sure Givenchy got screen credit for her clothes from then on, beginning with "Funny Face."

by Couture Cuntreply 11302/03/2011

Lucy and Ethel's paris gowns.%0D %0D Seriously, Marie Antoinette had gorgeous costumes but that whole era was great for clothing be it mens or womens. The whole set looked like a candy box. Men could wear bows, ribbons and makeup and heels. Her male hairdresser in pink is fabulous.

by Couture Cuntreply 11402/03/2011

I can't believe Flare mentioned the ridiculous Gwen Stefani in The Aviator, without having the good sense to illustrate how the original was worn to much greater effect.

by Couture Cuntreply 11502/03/2011

I'd go with the shimmering silver 30s gown Joan Chen wears to the inaugural ball at the Salt Tax Palace in Manchukuo for "The Last Emperor."

I wish I could find a better picture of it than this so you could see its full effect. There's a great shot where she raises a toast to her husband before the entire throng and then sadly disappears into the night to find solace in opium, and it's one of the most stunning shots I've ever seen in film.

by Couture Cuntreply 11602/03/2011

R115, your link doesn't show anything. I want to see the original.

by Couture Cuntreply 11702/03/2011

[quote]Glenn Close as Norma Desmond in Sunset

That's not in a film.

by Couture Cuntreply 11802/03/2011

The black evening gown with the abstract lace bodice that Claudette Colbert wears in "The Palm Springs Story."

by Couture Cuntreply 11902/03/2011

I love the 1870s gowns Gabrielle Pescucci created for The Age of Innocence--this red evening gown Michelle Pfeiffer wore was stunning:

by Couture Cuntreply 12002/03/2011

R94 and R115, you links do not work.

by Couture Cuntreply 12102/03/2011

whoops--there's a picture of it here, too--the silver satin with the fox, in the picture with Wallace Beery.%0D %0D The negligee at the bottom of the page is also a favorite.

by Couture Cuntreply 12202/03/2011

One man owns several of the costumes discussed here.%0D %0D

by Couture Cuntreply 12302/03/2011

The Talented Mr. Ripley had great men's and women's costumes%0D %0D %0D De-Lovely sucked, but the costumes were fab

by Couture Cuntreply 12402/03/2011

At Long Last Love (Cybill Shepherd and Madelyn Kahn in a Cole Porter musical) sucked.. it was so bad it was campy bad. But the black and white costumes and set design were diVINE!

by Couture Cuntreply 12502/03/2011

Oh man, I'd forgotten about the "Sabrina" costumes -- they were wonderful. I don't know who Edith Head thought she was fooling -- even as a little girl I knew Hepburn's clothing in that film was by Givenchy. (I remember wondering if Humphrey Bogart's secretary's dress was Givenchy also.)

by Couture Cuntreply 12602/03/2011

No one rocked a bias cut satin gown like Jean Harlow.

by Couture Cuntreply 12702/03/2011

Keira Knightley's green Atonement dress

by Couture Cuntreply 12802/03/2011

Love Hepburn's traveling outfit in Sabrina. God I was disappointed with the remake. Julia Ormond was so bland and the clothes boring. I couldn't watch Hello, Dolly because Walter Matthau was the lead male and all I could think of was how old and ugly he was compared to Barbara. Why the hell would she want him?

by Couture Cuntreply 12902/03/2011

Pretty dress at R128 but she desperately needs some tits.

by Couture Cuntreply 13002/03/2011

The gowns in "Les Girls," the gay version of Rashomon, are sublime.

by Couture Cuntreply 13102/03/2011

R93 & R108 are reading my mind! The outfits you cited for GWTW and for Astaire/Rogers, especially Let's Face the Music and Dance weer exactly those I wanted to recognize. %0D %0D I was home being sick recently, and watched Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra on Comcast. It was one of the most unintentionally funny movies I've seen in a long time. %0D %0D The movie had a few moments,when Rex Harrison and Richard Burton tried really hard to act, but it was generally the most awful mess and Elizabeth in particular was truly, really bad. Just. Awful. %0D %0D But her costumes were almost uniformly gorgeous,(there were two or three exceptions) especially the colors. And she had a different outfit on in every single scene. It was like a one woman fashion parade. Most of her wigs were crap, but she had great hats. They must've done at least 20 or 30 different outfits.

by Couture Cuntreply 13202/03/2011

For whatever reason, I do have to say my favorite was the ball gown Audrey Hepburn wore in My Fair Lady. Exquisite. I've loved many of the gowns you all have mentioned but that's my personal favorite.

by Couture Cuntreply 13302/03/2011

[quote]I couldn't watch Hello, Dolly because Walter Matthau was the lead male and all I could think of was how old and ugly he was compared to Barbara. Why the hell would she want him?

I dunno--money and social status? I'd wager matchmaking barely paid the rent on her humble flat.

Seriously, I used to think the same when I was a kid. But I grew to love his performance, and the craggy sweetness he brings, especially when he realizes he's falling in love with Dolly. I just adore that little scene in the shop toward the end, when they do that little dance together. (See it here, from 2:48-3:50)

by Couture Cuntreply 13402/03/2011

Wittiest period costuming in movies ever: Murder on the Nile designed by Anthony Powell who also designed Dangerous Liaisons and many others.

by Couture Cuntreply 13502/03/2011

Vanessa Redgrave's gold gown and headdress she wears in CAMELOT in the scene where Lancelot is knighted. That thing must have weighed a ton.

by Couture Cuntreply 13602/03/2011

Edith Head did not design the red and black frock Eva Marie Saint wore in [italic]North by Northwest[/italic]. In an interview last year Saint described how Hitchcock took her shopping at Bergdorf Goodman:%0D %0D [quote]There were a few pieces done at M-G-M but he wasn't happy with the look. He had a specific look. Sexy Spy Lady. He took me to Bergdorf Goodman in New York, and the models went by, and the things that I liked-- he would say, "Tell me only what you [italic]really[/italic] like." And I loved the black dress with the roses, and some other things. And he said, "Wrap them up for Eva Marie." He never would have said that if he hadn't agreed with it. But he'd done his homework, I'm sure, and he didn't have the models come out in anything but what he would choose too. He was very meticulous about everything, and I loved that because that helped me prepare and work out who this sexy spy lady was. It all helps. It starts from the inside, but who wouldn't want to play Sexy Spy Lady? What actress wouldn't want to play that? But the look was so important.%0D

by Couture Cuntreply 13702/03/2011

The grecian gown Genevieve Paige wears in Youngblood Hawke when she comes into the bedroom of James Franciscus. Once glimpsed, never forgotten. It defines sophistication.

Nicholas and Alexandra is gorgeously costumed.

The cullottes and overfrock Marie France Pisier wears in The Other Side Of Midnight as the mistress of the richest man in the world. Everything she wears is sensational...

by Couture Cuntreply 13802/03/2011

Although the film may have been a misfire, the gowns Theoni V. Aldregde designed for Lucille Ball in Mame were truly breathtaking.

by Couture Cuntreply 13902/03/2011

The Cecil Beaton gown and turban from On A Clear Day. A couple were made. One was recently auctioned. Babs owns another.

by Couture Cuntreply 14002/03/2011

Mame (Rosalind Russell version), Out Of Africa, Shakespeare In Love, and To Catch A Thief are the kind of films where the costuming is so exquisite in every frame they give rag queens the trembles.

But no one could wear feathers like Marlene...

by Couture Cuntreply 14102/03/2011

Cedric Gibbons, who was MGM's principal art director for over 3 decades had a similar contract to Edith Head at Paramount. Every major (and many minor) MGM film carried his name as the production designer even though he often just chose the actual designer and simply signed off on the plans. But he was ultimately responsible to LB Mayer for every decision. %0D %0D Edith Head was elevated at Paramount to principal costume designer because the studio bosses felt that the far more talented and creative (but often alcoholic) Travis Banton had gained too much control and influence over their leading ladies, particularly Dietrich, Lombard and Mae West. Head was considered far more practical and economical and was always valued as the ultimate "company man" by directors as well as producers. But then, most actresses apparently loved her designs, too.

by Couture Cuntreply 14202/03/2011

And Edith loved the actresses.

by Couture Cuntreply 14302/03/2011

Bill Travilla deserves special mention here for all of his designs for Marilyn Monroe, particularly those already mentioned in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (so many more than just the pink Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend gown), There's No Business Like Show Business (Heat Wave!) and especially the three spectacular white dresses he did for The 7 Year Itch. The subway grate dress is most remembered but the other two are even sexier. %0D %0D Did he design How to Marry a Millionaire? I should know also has one of the wittiest film wardrobes ever made.

by Couture Cuntreply 14402/04/2011

"Pretty dress at [R128] but she desperately needs some tits."%0D %0D And some hips and an ass. %0D %0D

by Couture Cuntreply 14502/04/2011

Travilla did Millionaire for all three leads.%0D %0D His last film with Monroe was Bus Stop, but he did a series of sketches when she was being considered for "The Stripper" which eventually went to Joanne Woodward after Monroe's death.%0D %0D Rumor has it that Debbie Reynolds has a reserve of $3 million for the subway grate dress when it goes up for sale this May. It has now turned a tan color from age.%0D %0D An exact copy of the dress made in the 1980s from snipping apart the original and remaking the pattern (by Travilla himself) sold for $60,000.%0D %0D Travilla's Estate has approximately seven Monroe dresses in it's archives, including the first prototype versions of the Pink Diamonds and Red Little Rock costumes from Blondes. And about nine original sketches including the one for the white dress appraised at over $100,000.%0D %0D Travilla did over 100 productions in both film and television with one Oscar and two Golden Globes.%0D %0D Travilla is also the only Costume Designer to have a successful private label and for over 30 years along with his film career.

by Couture Cuntreply 14602/04/2011

Faye Dunaway's dress in Towering Inferno!!

by Couture Cuntreply 14702/04/2011

It's worth watching the extras on the Valley of the Dolls DVD for the Travilla segment.

by Couture Cuntreply 14802/04/2011

R147, I was so worried that dress wouldn't survive.

by Couture Cuntreply 14902/04/2011

Murder on the Orient Express... loved the scene boarding the train!

by Couture Cuntreply 15002/04/2011

[quote]The cullottes and overfrock Marie France Pisier wears in The Other Side Of Midnight as the mistress of the richest man in the world. Everything she wears is sensational...

She was such a beautiful woman. WEHT her?

by Couture Cuntreply 15102/04/2011

The late Theoni V. Aldredge did NOT design LUCY/MAME, r 39. Perhaps you are thinking of Theodora Van Runkle.....

by Couture Cuntreply 15202/04/2011

Julia Roberts' red dress in "Pretty Woman"...just FABULOUS!%0D %0D Natalie Portman's black swan make-up...OMG!!

by Couture Cuntreply 15302/04/2011

Diana Ross's white satin dress in "Lady Sings The Blues" when she performs God Bless The Child.

by Couture Cuntreply 15402/04/2011

I'd have to go with r1.

Can we also include TV? I thought the Versace mille feuille dress Carrie wore in the Sex and the City finale was extraordinary.

by Couture Cuntreply 15502/04/2011

The black and white suit Jane Birkin wears at the end of 'Evil Under the Sun'. Actually, all of Anthony Powell's clothes in that film were pretty fab, especially Diana Rigg's sequin dress with the turban.

by Couture Cuntreply 15602/04/2011

I have to agree also with those posters saying Grace Kelly in Rear Window, or pretty much anything for that matter.

And, of course everything Hepburn wore from Breakfast at Tiffany's by Givenchy is iconic. I mean, the hat, the sunglasses, the dress - TO DIE.

by Couture Cuntreply 15702/04/2011

"Diana Ross's white satin dress in "Lady Sings The Blues" when she performs God Bless The Child."%0D %0D And the yellow dress she wears when she decides to quit the whorehouse, leaving poor old Big Ben (Scatman Crouthers) in the lurch. %0D %0D

by Couture Cuntreply 15802/04/2011

Dunaway in The Thomas Crowne Affair.

by Couture Cuntreply 15902/04/2011

R152, Theodora/Theoni...tomato/tomahto. Who gives a shit? Why do they have such similar names anyway? Very annoying. And Lucy wore the clothes stunningly whoever the hell designed them.

by Couture Cuntreply 16002/04/2011

To see Ginger's Lady In The dark dress in action:

by Couture Cuntreply 16102/04/2011

Those beautiful gowns in Bernardo Bertolucci's The Conformist designed by Gitt Magrini

by Couture Cuntreply 16202/04/2011

Amazing Bob Mackie gown from Funny Lady%0D %0D Hello, Gorgeous!

by Couture Cuntreply 16302/04/2011

"Funny Girl" is on TCM at 5:15 today, gurleenas!

by Couture Cuntreply 16402/04/2011

And Vincente Minelli's original FATHER OF THE BRIDE is on TCM tomorrow at 6:15 PM! I will be watching especially for Liz's wedding dress, commented upon above!

by Couture Cuntreply 16502/04/2011

Mary Astor's finale costume from Meet Me in St. Louis designed by Irene Sharaff....wish I could find a photo to link!

by Couture Cuntreply 16602/04/2011

Gloria Swanson was the original Hollywood clothes horse starting in the Teens and throughout the Twenties, usually directed by Cecil B DeMille in films like Male and Female, Why Change Your Husband? and Madame Sans-Gene. But sadly those films are either lost or their costumes remain uncredited.

by Couture Cuntreply 16702/04/2011

Audrey Hepburn's Ascot Race outfit in MY FAIR LADY. And her ball gown in MFL

by Couture Cuntreply 16802/04/2011

Everyone's white dress in the final scene of Meet Me in St. Louis.

by Couture Cuntreply 16902/04/2011

Queen Margot has some gorgeous costumes

by Couture Cuntreply 17002/04/2011

Look! The Winged Victory of Samothrace!

by Couture Cuntreply 17102/04/2011

Any dress worn by Guy Pearce in PRISCILLA.

Any dress worn by Cillian Murphy in BREAKFAST IN PLUTO. (Espcially that chiffon number.)

Wow, how i'd love to look up their dresses!

by Couture Cuntreply 17202/04/2011

I liked some of the outfits worn by Doris Day in a number of her movies. Her costumes in Midnight Lace were classic and her white sheath gown in Pillow Talk was beautiful. And, of course, she had a body to die for so they looked fabulous on her. %0D %0D In That Touch of Mink where Cary Grant buys her a traveling wardrobe there is a mink coat with interchangable satin outer shells that I adored. I liked the white shell and the navy blue shells. I always wanted one of those.%0D %0D And, of course, her Calamity Jane buckskin "pantsuit" was to die for. LOL!

by Couture Cuntreply 17302/04/2011

I adore the dress Monica Bellucci wore in Matrix Reloaded.

by Couture Cuntreply 17402/04/2011

The dress Jodie Foster wears in Contact after she asks Angela Basset "um, do you know where I can get a really great dresshh?" She looked so natural.

by Couture Cuntreply 17502/04/2011

You'll notice how rarely one of Hollywood's biggest stars, Judy Garland, is mentioned in this thread.%0D %0D Because of her constant weight fluctuations, lack of dependability at wardrobe fittings, general tardiness and absenteeism and impatience with drapers and tailors fussing over her body, she became a difficult mannequin for studio designers. %0D %0D And it's why her most iconic costume, the simple man's tuxedo jacket became a signature look. It was first used in Mr. Monotony, the number cut from Easter Parade, although a beaded gown was first planned. And then later brought back for Get Happy in Summer Stock, when she returned 25 lbs lighter after her nervous breakdown.

by Couture Cuntreply 17602/05/2011

r176 I posted that I loved the gown that Garland wore in "A Star is Born", in the scene where she accepts winning the Oscar.

by Couture Cuntreply 17702/05/2011

r168 Loved the gown Hepburn wore in MFL at the Ball...

by Couture Cuntreply 17802/05/2011

I loved the wedding gown worn by Connie in The Godfather, timeless beauty

by Couture Cuntreply 17902/05/2011

Susan Hayward (as Helen Lawson)'s gown when she sings the song "Ill Plant My Own Tree" in Valley of the Dolls.

by Couture Cuntreply 18002/05/2011

Audrey Hepburn is gorgeous and a true fashion plate. When she died, she left a void that will never be filled.

by Couture Cuntreply 18102/06/2011

[quote]One man owns several of the costumes discussed here.

I'm guessing that the costumes seen in his revue are reproductions? The originals would be too fragile to be used that way.

by Couture Cuntreply 18202/06/2011

Constance Bennett's beautiful Hattie Carnegie wardrobe in OUR BETTERS. A forgotten clotheshorse, Bennett looks stunning in the gowns and for a slim little thing fills them out beautifully.

by Couture Cuntreply 18302/06/2011

At Link: The Best Dresses of All Movies%0D %0D I don't agree with the 1st choice.

by Couture Cuntreply 18402/06/2011

I remember as a child being in awe of the gowns that Raquel Welch and Faye Dunaway wore in The Three Musketeers and its sequel. Their cups runneth over.

by Couture Cuntreply 18502/06/2011

Thanks R185, I'd forgotten that movie and it's fab costumes. Some nice beefcake in it too.

by Couture Cuntreply 18602/06/2011

You have to have a very special kind of figure to carry off a classic Hollywood evening gown and Judy Garland just wasn't built that way. She was a little Black Irish fireplug. I'm sure she was very aware of this and that this was one of the reasons she didn't like costume fittings.

by Couture Cuntreply 18702/06/2011

Re The Three Musketeers:%0D %0D Raquel was infamous at the time for bringing in her OWN costume designer Ron Talsky (who she was also "dating") and the frocks she wears, though highly flattering, have nothing to do with 17th century France. Ditto her Hollywood diva hairstyle.%0D %0D Faye's gowns are historically somewhat more accurate though she obviously cajoled the wardrobe dept. (and particularly the hair and makeup depts.) to fuck around with the period as well.%0D %0D If you're interested in the true look of the mid-17th century, however, please check out Geraldine Chaplin as the Queen. You'll find that she was either too faithful to history or too weak to bargain, depending on your point of view.%0D %0D The men in this film are gloriously faithful to the period and though somewhat eccentric, the true look really pays off.

by Couture Cuntreply 18802/06/2011

R184: thanks for that link.

It's absurd to select Keira's green gown in ATONEMENT as number 1. It's a lovely dress, sure, but there would have to be something iconic and instantly recognizable about the actress, the character, the movie, and the moment. Not the case.

Compare ATONEMENT with the other top 10 choices. The movie (which I found tiresome and hugely overrated) and the actress (Keira's pretty, but also pretty forgettable) really suffer by comparison with Liza, Cate, Vivien, Nicole, et al.

by Couture Cuntreply 18902/06/2011

[quote]I'm guessing that the costumes seen in his revue are reproductions? The originals would be too fragile to be used that way.%0D %0D Nope. They're the actual costumes. Some people find that disrespectful, but they are very well taken care of and he's got a seamstress that maintains them in wonderful condition.%0D %0D Eventually, the majority of them will be going into a museum.

by Couture Cuntreply 19002/06/2011

Katharine Hepburn in "Christopher Strong". It's wild!

by Couture Cuntreply 19102/06/2011

The costumes were definitely gorgeous in Coppola's Dracula film, OP. They were designed by a Japanese designer as you know, and she won the Oscar for it.

by Couture Cuntreply 19202/06/2011

While I cannot single out one dress, Doris Day's wardrobe was pretty memorable in Midnight Lace. Same with Grace Kelly in To Catch a Thief.

by Couture Cuntreply 19302/06/2011

Except that the costumes in that guy's revue were originally worn by actresses of all different sizes. They could simply not all fit the hag that's wearing them in that silly video.%0D %0D Get real!

by Couture Cuntreply 19402/06/2011

haven't read all the responses, but just watched Father of the Bride - how about the glorious bridal gown and the gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor bride!

by Couture Cuntreply 19502/06/2011

Raquel Welch IS Myra Breckenridge....

by Couture Cuntreply 19602/06/2011

I agree R195. The gown and Taylor.. beautiful!

by Couture Cuntreply 19702/06/2011

It is wonderful to see Doris Day mentioned in this thread. She always looked beautiful in her movies. The lady really knew how to wear a dress.%0D %0D I can't believe that nobody has mentioned Miss Faye Dunaway dressed to kill in The Towering Inferno! That dress is legendary on the DL.

by Couture Cuntreply 19802/06/2011

How could anyone not mention "Ziegfeld Girl", with its extravagant 1940s version of 1920s showgirl costumes?%0D %0D Here's Hedy Lamarr dressed up as the Milky Way, Lana Turner wearing stars and a lot less dress, and Judy Garland wearing tinsel from neck to ankles.%0D %0D

by Couture Cuntreply 19902/06/2011

Helen Rose designed Elizabeth's gown for The Father of the Bride and ALSO her real life wedding gown that same year when she married Nicky Hilton, 1950. THAT gown looked very close to the "movie" gown.%0D %0D Grace Kelly's wedding gown was also drop dead gorgeous and is another iconic gown, although not from the "movies," per se. It was ALSO designed by Helen Rose.

by Couture Cuntreply 20002/06/2011

When Charlotte Vale transforms herself in "Now Voyager" many of her gowns are absolutely stunning. And the hats! (But that's another thread.)

by Couture Cuntreply 20102/07/2011

I liked Doris Day in Midnight Lace, R198. I went looking for pictures, but hadn't posted the link before because I hated the way she was posed. So ungraceful. I also like the white dress she wore dancing in Pillow Talk.

by Couture Cuntreply 20202/07/2011

for some reason when I was a kid I always thought the teal blouse/dark blue skirt dress that Maureen O'Hara wears in "The Parent Trap" was great. %0D %0D Looking at the stills from that movie though I think I pretty much like her whole wardrobe. I wonder if she's pretty much the inspiration for Betty Draper?

by Couture Cuntreply 20302/07/2011

What are you picking on us for any way? We are NOT the ones who got fat. %0D

by Couture Cuntreply 20402/07/2011

[quote]Except that the costumes in that guy's revue were originally worn by actresses of all different sizes. They could simply not all fit the hag that's wearing them in that silly video.%0D %0D They don't fit perfectly. Notice in the red sequined "New York" outfit how it doesn't fit properly around the bust.%0D %0D And there is more than one female in the show. %0D %0D (No need to be nasty, but then again, this is DL. Is that your mother I hear wanting you to rub her feet? Run along now.)

by Couture Cuntreply 20502/07/2011

LOL!!! R199, Poor Judy!!! She looks ridiculous!! Was this an inadvertent homage to The Tin Man?

by Couture Cuntreply 20602/07/2011

The photo of Judy with Hedy and Lana does make her look ridiculous, but to be fair, in the actual film, isn't she playing one of many chorus girls in that same outfit, backing up a big number, in which Hedy and Lana are more featured?

by Couture Cuntreply 20702/07/2011

I just saw "All About Eve" this weekend on TV. I'd read Davis' "fasten your seatbelts" party gown was $80/yard brown English taffeta. Twentieth Century Fox' workroom hadn't ordered enough fabric for the customary two copies of the dress. The fitters had gotten the measurements wrong. At the final fitting right before shooting Davis' gown was way too big. Head flipped out, but Davis played with the dress; the shoulders fell to the sides and the look worked with some pinning and stitching. That's why she keeps hauling the skirt around through the scene.%0D %0D I noticed last night that Baxter's gown at the end when she finds Phoebe in her apartment has one strap falling down. Was that just the actress showing Eve was exhausted and was letting her shoulders slump, or was it supposed to show she was really a skank? The straps fit in the banquet scene, so it wasn't a measurement problem.

by Couture Cuntreply 20802/07/2011

The measurements weren't wrong, they were for another actress.%0D %0D Davis' dress was originally made for Claudette Colbert who had to drop out of filming due to a back injury.%0D %0D Davis filled in without time to get the costumes refitted and while the sleeves were supposed to go over the shoulders, they fell, Bette liked them, and the rest is cinematic history.

by Couture Cuntreply 20902/07/2011

Another vote for Kerr's "King and I" gown

by Couture Cuntreply 21002/07/2011

Judy Garland's red velvet ballgown from Meet Me In St. Louis was one of the loveliest costumes she ever wore. For once, the gown was properly cut for her figure and she WAS thin at that time, one of her "up" periods since she was falling in love with Vincente Minnelli and saw that he was making her look "pretty" on film for, what SHE thought, was the first time.

by Couture Cuntreply 21102/07/2011

So was Claudette really so much bigger than Bette? That surprises me.%0D %0D Now I'm trying to imagine Margo Channing only seen from the left profile.

by Couture Cuntreply 21202/07/2011

I just watched FATHER OF THE BRIDE and Helen Rose really outdid herself with the costumes in this. While Liz's wedding gown was perfection, I also loved a lot of Joan Bennett's wardrobe, particularly that outfit and the elegant jewels and feathered hat she wears when they first go to meet the in-laws. There are some close-ups in the car of that hat and it must have been quite something in color/in person. I wonder what color fabric it was? I imagined it a very pale, almost sea-foam green with the large white feather setting it all off fabulously.

by Couture Cuntreply 21302/08/2011

Fashion Week bump!

by Couture Cuntreply 21402/10/2011

It's not so much that actresses are bigger, but designers create for a specific role and before wardrobes were store bought, they were made on mannequins with the actresses measurements. An inch or two off can make a garment drape completely different.%0D %0D Travilla himself makes comment about after Garland left VOD, that Hayward pulled all the padding out of the costumes and wouldn't let Travilla refit them properly.%0D %0D Contrary to popular legend, Garland didn't steal her wardrobe. Travilla made her copies of a couple of her favorite outfits to lessen the sting of getting fired from the film.

by Couture Cuntreply 21502/10/2011

I know the movie version was awful but Florence Klotz's costumes for the film version of A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC are gorgeous, especially Taylor's. Klotz also designed the original production on Broadway and won the Tony that year for her work.

by Couture Cuntreply 21602/10/2011

Another big difference with today's films that have contemporary settings:%0D %0D The costume designers are mostly just fashion stylists who have connections to couture houses. Without much of a point of view of character development, they bring in racks of clothes to please the star actresses, which is bad enough. Then the director and all the studio bosses tear apart the wardrobe until it is all compromised down to a generic nothing. %0D %0D Long-time NY-based and theater-trained designer Ann Roth is one of the exceptions. Working Girl is a prime example of her best work....witty, sexy and memorable character clothes.

by Couture Cuntreply 21702/10/2011

r215 I didn't know that. I always heard that she TOOK the sequined pantsuit.

by Couture Cuntreply 21802/10/2011

That's because it's make for a much better story if Garland stole the clothes, getting back at the studio for letting her go.%0D %0D Barbara Parkins perpetuates the myth by repeating it during the commentary on the VOD dvd, and she also states that when Sharon Tate was killed, her baby was ripped from her womb which is another falsehood.%0D %0D Out of all the people who "claim" to have received an invitation to visit Tate that night, I wish Parkins had accepted hers.%0D

by Couture Cuntreply 21902/10/2011

[quote]Out of all the people who "claim" to have received an invitation to visit Tate that night, I wish Parkins had accepted hers%0D %0D %0D %0D "That would have been imPOSSSHIBLE!"

by Couture Cuntreply 22002/10/2011

Barbara, you're being Ob-nox-ious.

by Couture Cuntreply 22102/10/2011

HA! R221%0D %0D

by Couture Cuntreply 22202/10/2011

Less fraus, more frocks, bitches!

What do we think of this list? I agree that Amy Adams/ENCHANTED and Vanessa Williams/UGLY BETTY are both good choices, but I do not agree with the Amanda S./MAMMA MIA choice or the GREY'S ANATOMY.

It is interesting to note that they include THE LITTLE MERMAID. What is everyone's favorite animated dress? Maleficent in SLEEPING BEAUTY has a pretty fabulous ensemble, as does The Witch in SNOW WHITE, I think.

by Couture Cuntreply 22302/11/2011

For ensemble costume, I think it's hard to beat the embarcation scene in "Murder on the Orient ExpresS". The large cast comes in by ones and twos, and most of our information about their personalities and station in life is told through their clothing. That's what costume design should really be about - revealing character through purely visual means.%0D %0D Sorry, I can't find the scene on youtube, but the entire movie seems to be available.

by Couture Cuntreply 22402/11/2011


by Couture Cuntreply 22502/20/2011

I love this thread.

by Couture Cuntreply 22604/13/2011

I've said something about this in another thread but never got an answer. Is there some reason why Hollywood costumers of the bygone era could not get a period hairstyle right? They did not wear the 40's pompadour in the 1800's.

by Couture Cuntreply 22704/13/2011

These are period correct.

by Couture Cuntreply 22804/13/2011

It's not from the movies, but who could forget Carol Burnett's little thing in from the window.

by Couture Cuntreply 22904/13/2011

Edith Head said in interviews that costumers and designers often researched a historic era thoroughly, only to be told by producers that period costumes and hairstyles were too weird and alienating to audiences of the 40s, 50s, etc. %0D %0D So what you saw onscreen was usually a hybrid of accurate period design and contemporary fashion of the era, R227.

by Couture Cuntreply 23004/13/2011

They sometimes got it right, though, r230. Meet Me In St. Louis was accurate for Lucille Bremer, Mary Astor and Marjorie Main's hairstyles. Big Gibson girl pompadours. The costumes were period correct, even Judy's red velvet ballgown. Victorian ballgowns could be a bit decollete and show some arm. The only thing that was 40's was Judy's "square" bangs on that auburn wig. Heinous.

by Couture Cuntreply 23104/13/2011

[quote]too weird and alienating to audiences of the 40s, 50s, etc. %0D %0D That's really strange but then the 1950's were a kind of conservative little bubble of time completely insular and xenophobic.

by Couture Cuntreply 23204/13/2011

All of Vincente Minnelli's films have fabulous costumes, but I think GIGI and AN AMERICAN IN PARIS trump MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS and the Judy movies he did. I love Hermione Gingold's dresses in GIGI, as well as all of the chic cafe/party scenes with the modern crowd. Liza does wear some gorgeous stuff in A MATTER OF TIME, as well.

by Couture Cuntreply 23304/13/2011

"You'll notice how rarely one of Hollywood's biggest stars, Judy Garland, is mentioned in this thread.%0D %0D Because of her constant weight fluctuations, lack of dependability at wardrobe fittings, general tardiness and absenteeism and impatience with drapers and tailors fussing over her body, she became a difficult mannequin for studio designers."%0D %0D I don't dispute this in general, but I agree with others who have mentioned Irene Sharaff's red Christmas Eve gown for her in MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS, which I do think is one of the most fabulous gowns in film. Gorgeous, simple, perfect.%0D

by Couture Cuntreply 23404/13/2011

[quote]Meet Me In St. Louis was accurate for Lucille Bremer, Mary Astor and Marjorie Main's hairstyles. Big Gibson girl pompadours. The costumes were period correct, even Judy's red velvet ballgown.

The colors are all wrong in the clothes they wore--it was to suit Vincente Minnelli's elaborate color schemes for the movie rather than to reflect reality.

And Lucille Bremer and Garland are wearing weird hairstyles that aren't really like the Gibson Girl styles at all--they're like an ugly compromise between 1940s sausage rolls hairdos and Gibson Girl upsweeps.

by Couture Cuntreply 23504/13/2011

Can you expand more on the colors being wrong, r235? What kind of colors did women really wear in 1903-04?

by Couture Cuntreply 23604/13/2011

They wouldn't wear colors this bright, like the violet dress at right or the chartreuse of the dress behind Judy Garland. These colors were chosen to emphasize the film's Technicolor, but they would have been considered garish at the turn of the century.

by Couture Cuntreply 23704/13/2011

Those were whore colors R237.

by Couture Cuntreply 23804/13/2011

You can always count on authentic period hairdos in historical films when the character is meant to be unattractive. %0D %0D Perfect examples are Olivia deHavilland in The Heiress, Laura Hope Crews as Aunt Pittypat in Gone with the Wind and Marha Hunt as Greer Garson's younger bookish sister in Pride and Prejudice.

by Couture Cuntreply 23904/13/2011

Van Smith is spinning in his grave. Gone AND forgotten on Data Lounge, of all places. Tsk.

by Couture Cuntreply 24004/13/2011

I know they didn't necessarily break any new ground, fashion-wise, but I always loved the dresses in Titanic.

by Couture Cuntreply 24104/13/2011

Has to be one of the many Cecil Beaton creations that Barbra Streisand wore in "On a Clear Day."

by Couture Cuntreply 24204/13/2011

Well, if it's one of those, r242, the most spectacular is undoubtedly the white turban set with faux-opals and the matching white dress she wears in "Love with All the Trimmings."

It's a spectacular outfit, but it looks nothing like Regency dresses (though it is Empire-waisted, and though wealthy women during the Regency did wear turbans). It looks much more like the Pam Am space clipper's stewardess's turban and outfit from the year before in _2001: A Space Odyssey_ than anything from the period--though it is spectacular:

by Couture Cuntreply 24304/13/2011

Here's a better clip with the "Love with All the Trimmings" gown, where you can see it full length. She looks like she's a visitor from outer space in it...

by Couture Cuntreply 24404/13/2011

And, as a point of comparison, here's the space stewardess's outfit from 2001:

by Couture Cuntreply 24504/13/2011

Rita Hayworth in "Gilda"

by Couture Cuntreply 24604/14/2011

Kate's red dress in "Titanic."%0D %0D Love. It.

by Couture Cuntreply 24704/14/2011

The Cecil Beaton gown in R244's link wins hands down.

by Couture Cuntreply 24804/14/2011

After thinking about it, I think it comes down to Travilla's pleated gold lame gown for Marilyn in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes." The dress offers the iconic example of what American movies have been - the transformation of dream into reality through movement.

The dress by itself is remarkable, but seeing it on a mannequin means nothing more than a remarkable dress. In the picture shown in the link, and in its brief appearance in the movie (censors deemed it too revealing for more than that), Monroe unites it with her most powerful screen persona seamlessly - the evocation of the heterosexual American man's ideal erotic image perfectly displayed, and laughing back at him in full knowledge and power.

She later wore the dress - its being considered costume dynamite set it up perfectly for the occasion - to the Photoplay Awards, where she won "Fastest Rising Star." This was in 1953. She walked to the podium in the dress in full Marilyn style and pandemonium ensued. Joan Crawford took her to task, as did others, and men howled with pleasure.

by Couture Cuntreply 24904/14/2011

R249...The gold pleated job looks like a hooker or drag queen get-up.

Tacky as hell.

by Couture Cuntreply 25004/14/2011

I would love to wear barbra's turban

by Couture Cuntreply 25104/15/2011

R250, yes, but.. Well, let's see....

OK. Troll-dar shows nothing. Well, maybe your attention span simply didn't follow all those tarsome words and, you know, points I used. Or you understood the thread differently than I did. But you're not getting away without being told you're making rather the same argument Joan Crawford did, just so you know the company, and taste, you keep.

As for me, the dress is "most fabulous" - the point of the thread - because it captures Hollywood and movies and gave men erections and gave Marilyn a laugh. All potent arguments. There was nothing campy, or retro, or revisionist, or hip about it. It was made to excite and nail the eye to the screen. The censors were scared of it doing just that.

For personal taste, so many other costumes people noted in this great thread are more pleasing to my aesthetics, if that's my measure. But fabulous takes sizzle, sass and something more than the imitation of that creepy green thing I'm sick of hearing about from "Atonement" hanging off the actress like a mother's weeds from her daughter's corpse.

by Couture Cuntreply 25204/15/2011

ET dress in A Place In The sun.

by Couture Cuntreply 25304/15/2011

Nicely stated, R252.%0D %0D I continue to love this, one of the gayest threads ever on DL.

by Couture Cuntreply 25404/15/2011

Do animated characters count? Mother Goethel's dress on Tangled is definitely one of my recent favorites.

by Couture Cuntreply 25504/15/2011

For R249%0D %0D Marilyn worn gold lame from the Travilla Estate Archives on display in Brighton England in 2007. %0D %0D What most people don't realize is that the gown is made cut on the bias from one piece of fabric pleated to hell and back. The only seam is the one in back when they sewed Marilyn into the dress. (A zipper has been added so that it keeps it's shape on the mannequin.)%0D %0D A large amount of boning/wire runs up both sides of the front to keep it's shape and to prevent MM's breasts from being exposed.

by Couture Cuntreply 25604/15/2011

Gold lame from the back.%0D %0D Still in production, but slated for an October release is a book from Carlton Publishing on Monroe's costumes designed by Travilla titled "Dressing Marilyn" which will have photographs of all the surviving film costumes he created for her in the eight films they did together with sketches, wardrobe test shots along with bits and pieces about their relationship.

by Couture Cuntreply 25704/15/2011

There was an old movie with Clark Gable about the big San Francisco earthquake. Whoever the love interest's character was ran a saloon and she had a gorgeous gown with some kind of embroidered leaves and vines on it. Anyone remember what the name of this movie was?

by Couture Cuntreply 25804/15/2011

[quote]In the picture shown in the link, and in its brief appearance in the movie (censors deemed it too revealing for more than that), Monroe unites it with her most powerful screen persona seamlessly - the evocation of the heterosexual American man's ideal erotic image perfectly displayed, and laughing back at him in full knowledge and power.

Well, if that doesn't win the prize for the


of the week, I don't know what does.

by Couture Cuntreply 25904/15/2011

R258, you're reffering to "San Francisco", starring Gable, Spencer Tracy, and Jeanette MacDonald. Terrific film, and the special effects are way ahead of its time. %0D %0D This is her biggest gown from the film, which she covered with an amazing white feather cloak. Not exactly accurate to 1906, is it.

by Couture Cuntreply 26004/15/2011

Wow I had no idea JM was so ugly. Hope they paid Gable double to work that thing.

by Couture Cuntreply 26104/15/2011

The costume design in JANE EYRE is stunning: beautifully detailed, well researched, and authentic to the period and the character.

by Couture Cuntreply 26204/17/2011

[quote]The costume design in JANE EYRE is stunning: beautifully detailed, well researched, and authentic to the period and the character.%0D %0D I suppose so if you want recreations rather than originals.

by Couture Cuntreply 26304/17/2011


by Couture Cuntreply 26401/13/2012

I'm with R139.....Lucy's costumes for Mame were stunners! Notably, the white chiffon she wore while dancing at the fountain with Robert Preston in "Loving You" and the purple affair she wears at the end of the film, when the Upson's visit Beekman Place.

by Couture Cuntreply 26501/13/2012

Totally off topic but the comment at R262's link is mindboggling.

[quote]If they do a movie about elizabeth taylors life kristen stewart should be the actor who potrays her. She got the looks and the "guts" to play her.

by Couture Cuntreply 26601/13/2012

Another vote for the dress that Audrey Hepburn wore to the Ascot Opening Day in My Fair Lady, and her ball gown.

by Couture Cuntreply 26701/13/2012

In case nobody has answered R151, Marie-France Pisier drowned accidentally in her own pool in April of 2011. It was a shocker. She was unforgettably gorgeous, her face similar to Vivien Leigh's in exquisiteness. She was also quintessentially French looking.

by Couture Cuntreply 26801/13/2012

I'm amazed no one has mentioned the taupe dress Carrie Bradshaw wore - and fell asleep in- on her first night in Paris with Alexandre.

by Couture Cuntreply 26901/13/2012

Audrey gown at the Ball in My Fair Lady...

by Couture Cuntreply 27001/13/2012

Barbara Stanwyck's wedding gown in [italic]The Lady Eve[/italic]. Not blatantly sexy or too frilly, but wonderful in its aristocratic sleekness.

by Couture Cuntreply 27101/13/2012


by Couture Cuntreply 27201/13/2012

Anthony Powell's Oscar-winning costumes for DEATH ON THE NILE were amazing, especially a backless silver gown worn by Lois Chiles.

by Couture Cuntreply 27301/13/2012

For those of us who aren't quite as movie-oriented, can you please post pics when referring to a dress?

by Couture Cuntreply 27401/13/2012

Not from a film, but the gown that Annie Lennox wore in the Eurythmics's "Don't Ask me Why" video was stunning.

by Couture Cuntreply 27501/13/2012

I read somewhere recently that they found Audrey's ball gown in an antique store and nobody wanted to admit it.

by Couture Cuntreply 27601/13/2012

Claudette Colbert's wedding gown in "It Happened One Night"

by Couture Cuntreply 27701/13/2012

I love those bias cut gowns but no way could most women wear them.

by Couture Cuntreply 27801/13/2012

Grace Kelly wore some fabulous gowns in "The Swan."

by Couture Cuntreply 27901/13/2012

Grace Kelly's entire wardrobe in Rear Window was wonderful. That movie was Grace at her best and those dresses were just sublime. Jimmy Stewart didn't want her cast as he thought she was too sexy for him.

by Couture Cuntreply 28001/16/2012

Lucy's wedding dress was spectacular but I'm thinking something from the 30s or 40s might be more my favorites.

by Couture Cuntreply 28101/16/2012

You have no power here, Miss Paltrow.

by Couture Cuntreply 28201/16/2012

Eva Marie Saint's wardrobe for North By Northwest, Grace Kelly's by Edith Head for her Hitch films, and Tippi in that green suit all show how Hitch liked dressing his ladies and creating wardrobes for them.

Kay Kendall dressed by Balmain in The Reluctant Debutante - with that feather boa! - also Capucine in Balmain in The Pink Panther. Those gals knew how to wear clothes.

Bette's gown for the party scene in Eve is pretty iconic too, and Orry-Kelly's for the 3 girls (Kendall again) in Les Girls, and his dress for Monroe in Some Like It Hot.

Travis Banton's Dietrich dresses in the 30s.

by Couture Cuntreply 28301/16/2012

Has anyone discussed Ginger Rogers's feather dress in the "Cheek to Cheek" number?

Apparently dancing next to it was a nightmare for Fred Astaire, but the thing wafts so beautifully they look like they're dancing in midair!

by Couture Cuntreply 28402/26/2012

And "Ghostbusters" was on last night, and I still love this dress on Sigourney Weaver.

by Couture Cuntreply 28502/26/2012

I'm too lazy to go back and read all the posts in this thread but NOTHING beats the nude-beaded flapper dress that Marilyn Monroe wore to seduce Tony Curtis in Some Like It Hot.

So utterly daring for 1959 and, if I may say, even still shocking today.

Thank you, Orry-Kelly!

I'll never understand why that dress never became as iconic as the pink Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend dress or the 7 Year Itch subway grate dress. Maybe because it was not shot in color?

by Couture Cuntreply 28602/26/2012

Audrey Hepburn's in My Fair Lady for the ball, and her long black dress in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Judy Garland's for the Christmas Dance in Meet Me in St. Louis

by Couture Cuntreply 28711/16/2012

Any gown or dress worn by Miss Cillian Murphy.

by Couture Cuntreply 28811/16/2012

Let's get contemporary. Trash film but amazing gowns: Mirror, Mirror. Julia Roberts and chick who plays Snow White.

by Couture Cuntreply 28911/16/2012

If you want to talk contemporary film, Anna Karenina with Keira Knightley will win the Oscar for Best Costumes.

by Couture Cuntreply 29011/16/2012

I love the second wedding dress Claudette Colbert wears at the very end of "The Philadelphia Story." So glamorous.

by Couture Cuntreply 29111/16/2012

You mean "The Palm Beach Story," don't you, R291?

by Couture Cuntreply 29211/16/2012

Carrie Bradshaw's gown that she wore her first night in Paris waiting for Alexandre - she fell asleep in it.

by Couture Cuntreply 29311/17/2012

Jessica Lange in King Kong

Costune Design by Anthea Sylbert

by Couture Cuntreply 29411/17/2012

I liked Scarlett's caught in the act red dress that Rhett makes her wear to Ashley's birthday party.

by Couture Cuntreply 29511/17/2012

Melanie Griffith's "bod for sin" dress in Working Girl

by Couture Cuntreply 29611/17/2012

I am sorry to intrude, but do any of you fashion-conscious denizens of DL know the name of the man who was featured in Bill Cunningham's slide show in yesterday's (Sunday's) New York Times? There were about six photos of him across from Bergdorf Goodman in various suits and jackets, some with scarf and gloves. Very attractive.

by Couture Cuntreply 29711/26/2012

Bumping a beloved thread.

The B&W photo doesn't do it justice, but Angelica Huston's fitted, full-length black gown in PRIZZI'S HONOR affected me quite deeply as a gayling. The sash was shocking Schiaperelli hot pink.


by Couture Cuntreply 29812/23/2012

That photo really captures what makes Anjelica such a striking presence.

by Couture Cuntreply 29912/23/2012

Check it out, DL fashionistas!

Though I find the disembodied trousers.... disconcerting.

by Couture Cuntreply 30012/26/2012

Has anyone posted this yet?

by Couture Cuntreply 30112/26/2012

For you design queens, a look at ANNA KARENINA design on screen. Pretty good blog, too.

by Couture Cuntreply 30201/04/2013

Thanks, R188 -- Yvonne Blake's designs were brilliant, particularly the outfit Milady is wearing when she plans to kill the Duke of Buckingham.

I also like the black dresses worn by Diana Rigg and Anabella Incontrera in "The Assasination Bureau" and Sophia Loren's mourning get up in "El Cid". Claudia Cardinale's ball gown in "The Leopard" is also magnificent.

And, R36, I love that one as well.

by Couture Cuntreply 30301/04/2013

Here's the only pic I could find of Patty's "it's a WIG!" dress.

by Couture Cuntreply 30401/04/2013

R138 "The cullottes and overfrock Marie France Pisier wears in The Other Side Of Midnight as the mistress of the richest man in the world. Everything she wears is sensational..."

Oh did I LOVE that movie and totally agree. RIP Marie France.

by Couture Cuntreply 30501/04/2013

I checked and the costumes for The Other Side Of Midnight were by Irene Sharaff. Amazing talent. Her Nicholas and Alexandra gowns are unforgettable.t

by Couture Cuntreply 30601/11/2013

Maybe I'm a redneck, but I have never understood why men who are not sexually attracted to women, and who are not cross dressers themselves, can be so obsessed with womens' clothing like this?

by Couture Cuntreply 30701/11/2013

Sometimes all you need is the right HAT.

Especially one by Phillip Treacy...

by Couture Cuntreply 30801/11/2013

Well it's on film. And it's all about panache. Another fabulous Annie Lennox getup...

by Couture Cuntreply 30901/11/2013

[quote]Maybe I'm a redneck, but I have never understood why men who are not sexually attracted to women, and who are not cross dressers themselves, can be so obsessed with womens' clothing like this?

It's not the clothing per se. It's what remains. The moment. The mood. The memory of the line of beauty.

by Couture Cuntreply 31001/11/2013

And also because, right now Western culture, men are given so few opportunities to express panache, which is something very different from style.

by Couture Cuntreply 31101/11/2013

does anyone know where i can find a photo of the dress jodi foster wore in was beautiful with the long satin

by Couture Cuntreply 31202/14/2013

Pfft, R19! That thing only sold for $800,000 at auction in 2006. Marilyn's pleated ivory halter top from SEVEN YEAR ITCH fetched a cool $5.6 million.


by Couture Cuntreply 31302/14/2013

Faye Dunaway's plunging halter dress in "The Towering Inferno." Rrrrrrarrrr.

by Couture Cuntreply 31402/14/2013

I was thinking Swoozy Kurtz wore the yellow gown in Dangerous Liaisons.

There were some beautiful gowns from the past but I can't remember, who wore what.

by Couture Cuntreply 31502/14/2013

Maybe you're just an idiot, R107.

by Couture Cuntreply 31602/14/2013

Maggie's white slip dress in "Cat On a Hot Tin Roof".

Faye Dunaway's grecian style dress in "Towering Inferno".

Sigourney Weaver's flowy, red "Zuul" dress from Ghostbusters.

by Couture Cuntreply 31702/14/2013

Jesus Christ, R316. That was a reply from 2 years ago. You're the idiot, really.

by Couture Cuntreply 31802/14/2013


by Couture Cuntreply 31910/30/2013

Carrie Bradshaw's dusty colored dress would have worked better in ANY other color. Hepburn's "Sabrina" big party embroidered dress is right up there at the top, if not the de facto winner, of this thread. I believe you have to hand it to MM though, for her white pleated haltertop in "The Seven Year Itch." It defines the character, Marilyn herself, and it's been one of the most-mentioned creations. I think if it were put into a "lineup" with several of the other contenders here, it would win hands down. At least from het guys.

by Couture Cuntreply 32010/31/2013

I've always gotten a kick out of Kate Hepburn's dress from Bringing up Baby with the weird headress thingie.

by Couture Cuntreply 32110/31/2013

Glinda the good witch in Wizard of Oz.

by Couture Cuntreply 32210/31/2013

Beat me to it r322! Did you know that Adrian designed a unique costume for each of the Munchkins?

BTW--this HAS to be the gayest thread




by Couture Cuntreply 32310/31/2013

Any dress worn by the ultra feminine beauty, Miss Cillian Murphy, is automatically the most fabulous in film.

by Couture Cuntreply 32410/31/2013

You're all wrong. It is this one.

by Couture Cuntreply 32510/31/2013

How soon you bitches forget.

by Couture Cuntreply 32610/31/2013

Harlow in Adrian.

by Couture Cuntreply 32710/31/2013

**The Golden Compass** / **Dracula**

Nicole Kidman's costumes in TGC are spectacular, especially the golden overlay gown she wore in the 'Council' dinner scene; and the exquisite costumes in FFC's Dracula.

by Couture Cuntreply 32810/31/2013

Kate Winslet's outfit with big hat while board the Titanic.

by Couture Cuntreply 32911/01/2013

Here's the outfit R328 was referring to, in "The Golden Compass".

It's not a great picture, but it's the only full-body shot I could find in 30 seconds of googling.

by Couture Cuntreply 33011/01/2013

Grace Kelly -Rear Window Audrey - My Fair Lady Marilyn -Seven Year Itch

by Couture Cuntreply 33111/01/2013

The red dresses that Sister, Delores and Sparkle wear in the original "Sparkle."

Or the stage performance with Tisha Campbell in "School Daze" with Jasmine Guy.

by Couture Cuntreply 33211/01/2013

"West Side Story" was on a local channel, and I was mesmerized by the full-skirted lilac dress that Anita wore for the school dance and "America".

I do seeing a girl dance in a full skirt, the way it floats and spirals around her is lovely to see!

by Couture Cuntreply 33301/26/2014

This iconic dress.

by Couture Cuntreply 33401/26/2014

Beginning of the film

by Couture Cuntreply 33501/26/2014

Fast forward to more recent pics...Katniss wedding gown in THG: Catching Fire

by Couture Cuntreply 33601/26/2014

It wasn't Depp's best movie but they dressed the future Mrs Depp quite well in a stylish retro 60s way.

by Couture Cuntreply 33701/26/2014

Fab-u-lous, both of them.

by Couture Cuntreply 33801/26/2014

LA Times list of favorite movie gowns, some already listed on this thread.

by Couture Cuntreply 33901/26/2014

Three- Deborah Kerr's champagne colored satin ball gown in THE KING AND I designed by Irene Shaft.

Vanessa Redgrave's wedding dress) very brief scene) in CAMELOT.

Elizabeth Taylor's party dress (white) in A PLACE IN THE SUN.

Barbra Streisand's "Before the Parade Passes By" lilac colored dress in HELLO, DOLLY! Another one by Sharaff.

by Couture Cuntreply 34001/26/2014

This is by far the most frustrating bumped thread ever! Half the links don't work after a few years and the other half were broken links to begin with.

Kay Francis had some of the best gowns of the 1930s, period. There's a forgettable movie of hers called The Keyhole where she's gliding around in the most gorgeous slinky art deco number ever, apparently "flame red" in color. Unfortunately this is the best picture I could find:

by Couture Cuntreply 34101/26/2014

what movie has the most fabulous gowns?

Dangerous Liaisons, James Acheson

(also a great fucking movie!)

by Couture Cuntreply 34201/26/2014

My 3 Favorites:

Eve harrington's dress (and accompanying coat) on the night she won the Sarah Siddons award - All About Eve

Cecelia's green dress in Atonement

Selina Kyle's black dress in the ballroom scene of Batman Returns

by Couture Cuntreply 34301/26/2014

[quote]My vote: Bram Stoker's DRACULA and the wedding dress Lucy wears, designed by Eiko Ishioka.

Yeeessssss. The wedding dress was fantastic and wonderfully strange. A lot of the costumes in that movie were just gorgeous.

The wedding dress really needs to be seen in the movie to fully appreciate it, because it had all these layers and details.

by Couture Cuntreply 34401/26/2014


by Couture Cuntreply 34501/26/2014

All the outfits from Sweet Charity's "Rich Man's Frug" number--but especially lead dancer Suzanne Charney's black halter-dress/white opera gloves combo:

by Couture Cuntreply 34601/26/2014

Leslie Caron's pleated skirt during the Toulouse sp?? can-can dancers section of the ballet in AN AMERICAN IN PARIS. Irene Sharaff.oh, and Gene Kelly and that marvelous ass in skin tight white

by Couture Cuntreply 34701/26/2014

Ruth Chatterton's gowns in "Dodsworth" 1938 were gorgeous and could still be worn today to any red carpet affair.

Her jewelry in that film is outstanding and is worn sometimes in odd places. For example, she wears dress clips in her hair at the temples and no earrings. She also wears broaches on the small of her back and it all looks wonderful.

The attention to clothes, jewelry and accessories in this film is outstanding

I recommend it highly.

by Couture Cuntreply 34801/26/2014

You'll notice Irene Sharaff's name appearing in many of these replies.

Her work was so iconic and respected that when she recreated some of her Broadway musicals for blockbuster films, the female stars wore the same designs in the film that the original stage stars wore on stage, e.g. Deborah Kerr in Gertrude Lawrence's dresses in The King and I and Rita Moreno and Natalie Wood in Chita Rivera and Carol Lawrence's dresses in West Side Story.

And, of course, Barbra Streisand wore many of the same outfits in the Funny Girl film that she originally wore in the Broadway musical.

by Couture Cuntreply 34901/27/2014

Sigourney's "Zuul" dress.

by Couture Cuntreply 35001/27/2014

The death of Irene by suicide. The "Hollywood Babylon" version might be wrong.

Some more info on dress designs is located in a link in the story.

by Couture Cuntreply 35101/27/2014

R349, I don't understand why Sharaff won the Oscar for THE KING AND I and WEST SIDE STORY. Sure, those costumes are lovely and iconic, but she simply rehashed the costumes she designed for their respective Broadway productions. She wasn't like Cecil Beaton, who designed altogether new costumes for the film version of MY FAIR LADY.

Which reminds me, I don't know if it's been mentioned yet, but Audrey Hepburn's Ascot gown and hat is quite fabulous.

by Couture Cuntreply 35201/27/2014

Tell me, should I start a "most fabulous menswear in film" thread?

Or is menswear just not memorable enough for a thread? I mean, how much can you say about Cary Grant's tuxedos vs. Rock Hudson's.

by Couture Cuntreply 35301/27/2014

r352, Sharaff didn't redesign because by the time the films were made, lots of those costumes were ICONIC and were as much a part of the storytelling and character identification as the music and lyrics. Why change something that's perfect? If you look at Beaton's costume designs for the Broadway MFL, it's clear he needed to rethink things a bit.

Btw, Sharaff was the one who had the brilliant idea to tell the largely unknown and balding Yul Brynner to shave his head instead of wigging him.

by Couture Cuntreply 35401/27/2014

Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot

by Couture Cuntreply 35501/27/2014

Audrey's beautiful Givenchy party dress in Sabrina was the first film costume That really registered with me as a teenager. I watched the film again recently and I still find that dress remarkable.

by Couture Cuntreply 35601/27/2014

Why, thank you, r356!

by Couture Cuntreply 35701/27/2014

Ann Miller's red and white ombre feather number in "Easter Parade" is pretty fabulous. (MGM must have thought so too, they reused it 2 years later for Gale Robbins in "Three Little Words".)

Also, Leslie Caron's white satin gown with the black bird-things at the shoulders in "Gigi" looked sensational.

by Couture Cuntreply 35801/27/2014

LOL r357

by Couture Cuntreply 35901/27/2014

[quote]And, of course, Barbra Streisand wore many of the same outfits in the Funny Girl film that she originally wore in the Broadway musical.

Of course, Mary!

by Couture Cuntreply 36001/27/2014

"If you look at Beaton's costume designs for the Broadway MFL, it's clear he needed to rethink things a bit."

What was wrong with the stage costumes, r354?

by Couture Cuntreply 36101/27/2014

Gene Tierney's LBD in The Razor's edge- simple, but fabulous. Designed by Oleg Cassini.

by Couture Cuntreply 36201/27/2014

The dresses on Marilyn in "Some Like It Hot" would have looked better if she hadn't been so plump. She was pregnant at the time. She was also drinking heavily, which probably added to her weight gain. No wonder she lost the baby she was carrying; she drank and did drugs all throughout the pregnancy. What a mess she was.

by Couture Cuntreply 36301/27/2014

I've always been fascinated by the Escherlike design of the black lace bodice Claudette Colbert wears in "The Palm Beach Story."

by Couture Cuntreply 36401/27/2014

R363, Marilyn had an ectopic pregnancy in which the embryo implants outside the uterine cavity. That's why she lost the baby.

by Couture Cuntreply 36501/27/2014

I recently saw the "Running Wild" black dress that Marilyn wore in "Some Like it Hot" and it was quite small, tiny even and this was commented on during the appraisal.

She was not this big fat woman.

by Couture Cuntreply 36601/27/2014

Oh, come on. I've seen "Some Like It Hot" several times and she's almost busting out of those dresses she wore. And I'm sure all the pills and booze didn't do anything to help the fetus inside her survive.

by Couture Cuntreply 36701/27/2014

I saw this on Antiques Roadshow on PBS!

by Couture Cuntreply 36801/27/2014

"Also, Leslie Caron's white satin gown with the black bird-things at the shoulders in "Gigi" looked sensational."

This one? Yes, it looked beautiful, and look at the lovely little moon in her hair. It's the symbol of the Goddess Diana, the virgin huntress, and she's wearing it as she's about to sell her virginity to a playboy. So it's quite a lovely outfit, but it does get points off for hitting the viewer over the head with symbolism.

Still, it makes me wonder why more women don't wear moons in their hair.

by Couture Cuntreply 36901/27/2014

All of her dresses were fabulous in this picture, but this one has to be in play simply because you are lying if you claim that you didn't want to gasp when she stepped out of the car.

by Couture Cuntreply 37001/27/2014

Currently at the Virginia Museum there is the "Hollywood Costume" exhibit. It's quite fascinating, featuring some of the greatest Hollywood costumes past and present. It has a couple of classic costumes worn by Marilyn Monroe; the white halter dress from "The Seven Year Itch" and the dress she wore on the yacht from "Some Like It Hot." Neither of them fitted a "tiny" woman. The dresses were made for somebody with good-sized boobs and hips and butt. She sure didn't have a "tiny" anything!

Some other great costumes from the exhibit:

The green dress from "Atonement"

Marlene Dietrich's tuxedo and top hat from "Morocco"

Glitter pantsuit worn by Susan Hayward in "The Valley of the Dolls"

Purple gown worn by Barbra Streisand in "Funny Girl"

Judy Garland's gingham dress from "The Wizard of Oz"

Ginger Roger's red sequined costume from "Lady in the Dark"

Gown worn by Claudette Colbert in "Cleopatra"

Costumes worn by Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal in "Brokeback Mountain"

Costumes worn by Ed Norton and Brad Pitt in "Fight Club"

Tippi Hedren's suit from "The Birds"

Costumes worn by Robert DiNiro in "Taxi Driver", "Raging Bull", "Casino" and "The King of Comedy"

Those are some of the costumes on display. I wish they'd had more from older movies than modern ones. Those costumes were much more stunning.

by Couture Cuntreply 37101/28/2014

I agree that glitter pantsuit from "Valley of the Dolls" was pretty stunning.

I "stunned" it right off the lot when I left!


by Couture Cuntreply 37201/28/2014

In "Mommy Dearest", Faye Dunaway comes down the stairs in a Chinese-inspired glittery gown. It was fabulous!

by Couture Cuntreply 37301/29/2014

Here, Helen Lawson's glitter pantsuit.

Genuflect, bitches!

by Couture Cuntreply 37401/29/2014

Isn't Helen Lawson's glitter pantsuit based on ones Judy Garland wore in her early 1960s concerts?

by Couture Cuntreply 37501/29/2014


Judy was originally cast in VOTD, was eventually fired and took off with some of the costumes.

One of which was the heavily embroidered and jeweled pantsuit that she proceeded to wear in some of her last concert dates of the late 60's.

Hayward replaced Judy and they recreated the costumes fit to Hayward.


by Couture Cuntreply 37601/29/2014


by Couture Cuntreply 37701/30/2014

[quote] In "Mommy Dearest", Faye Dunaway comes down the stairs in a Chinese-inspired glittery gown. It was fabulous!

Irene Sharaff designed those costumes. She said "Yes, you may enter Miss Dunaway's dressing room, but first you must throw a steak in - to divert her attention."

by Couture Cuntreply 37801/30/2014

Deborah Kerr's lilac ballgown in "The King and I" was beyond fantastic. I wonder how it compared to what was worn in the original Broadway production.

by Couture Cuntreply 37901/29/2015

well the two most highly saught out are from wiz of oz dorothys dress and princess leia white gown from star wars

by Couture Cuntreply 38001/29/2015

The guy riding on top of the bus in "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert"

by Couture Cuntreply 38101/29/2015

I agree about Bette Davis's dress at Margo's party in All About Eve.

by Couture Cuntreply 38201/29/2015

Elizabeth Taylor's white gown in a place in the sun

by Couture Cuntreply 38301/29/2015

Grace in TCAT Diviiiiinrr

by Couture Cuntreply 38401/29/2015

[quote]it does get points off for hitting the viewer over the head with symbolism.

There can be no doubt R369, that everyone who watched the film or saw the still photo felt the over-the-top slam of the symbolism.

by Couture Cuntreply 38501/29/2015

I hated most of the costumes in "Into The Woods", including Cinderella's ball gown, but I have to admit that the witch's makeover gown was pretty wonderful!

2014 was a poor year for fabulous movie gowns, wasn't it. CGI is making them a thing of the past.

by Couture Cuntreply 38601/29/2015


I can't take my eyes off it.

I just saw this dress in a still from Mirror Mirror (never wanted to see the movie), and it is astonishing. I guess Eiko Ishioka did the costumes for that mnovie too? Amazing work.

by Couture Cuntreply 38701/29/2015

True. The queen's insanely over-the-top gowns in "Mirror Mirror" were the only remotely good thing about that film.

by Couture Cuntreply 38801/29/2015

That icy-white wrapped sheath dress, with the rhinestone "supernovas" that Jessica Lange wore at the end of "Sweet Dreams" is a real stunner. It wasn't Patsy's "look" at all, but it suited Lange and the scene exceptionally well.

I think we'll have to give the prize to Billie Burke in "The Wizard of Oz." She wore that same pink chiffon "tea cozy" the entire film, and STILL pulled it off.

by Couture Cuntreply 38901/29/2015

I'm with R265! Theadora Van Runkle did a fabulous job designing the costumes for Lucy in Mame.

by Couture Cuntreply 39001/29/2015

I always liked this Walter Plunkett design from GWTW.

by Couture Cuntreply 39101/29/2015

I haven't gone back and read the entire thread but if I had to pick the most memorable fabulous gown in film it would have to be Marilyn Monroe's sheer beaded clinging dress in Some Like It Hot in which she sings I Wanna Be Loved By You.

Sensational!!! And that was back in 1959. I don't think anything since has been as sexy and as sensuous.

by Couture Cuntreply 39201/29/2015

You mean this dress, R392?

It's hardly authentic to the 1920s setting.

by Couture Cuntreply 39301/29/2015

My all time fave.

Sophisticated, elegant, subtle; just perfection.

by Couture Cuntreply 39401/29/2015

The Edith Head gown Kim Novak wears in her first scene in Vertigo

by Couture Cuntreply 39501/29/2015

For me it would have to be from "Now Voyager"

Charlotte Vale's white flame stitch evening gown from the scene when she meets Jerry at the party after she accepted her fiancé.

Orry-Kelly was a genius!

I also loved Judy Garland's Oscar dress from "A Star Is Born"

I think that was Jean Louis. It couldn't have been that HACK Mary Ann Nyberg - she did the "Would you like to see a film"? dress. YUCK!

by Couture Cuntreply 39601/29/2015

The dress Julia Roberts wears to the opera in "Pretty Woman".

by Couture Cuntreply 39701/29/2015

Yeah but look at what that dress is on R397.

by Couture Cuntreply 39801/29/2015

R398, I thought she looked great. She has not been able to equal that on film though.

by Couture Cuntreply 39901/29/2015

The dress Walter Plunkett designed for Vivien Leigh to wear in the scene where Scarlett attends Ashley's birthday party was some dress dress, but it wasn't the RIGHT one. He made it red, for one thing. Red was NOT Scarlett's color; I guess he used red to emphasize Scarlett as a "scarlet" woman (she was accused of adultery with Ashley. But red was never associated with Scarlett in the novel; her favored color was green. In the novel he dress she wore to the birthday party was much different. Rhett was forcing her to go to the party; he goes through her closet swiftly and pulls out a dress: "her new jade-green watered silk dress. It was cut low over the bosom and the skirt was draped back over an enormous bustle and on the bustle was a huge bunch of pink velvet roses." Wow! I'd love to have seen a good Hollywood costume designer come up with a version of THAT dress. It wasn't red, but it would have been just as provocative as a flaming red dress and would have made an equally strong statement. Throwing the dress at Scarlett he tells her "Wear that. No matronly dove grays and lilacs tonight. Your flag must be nailed to the mast, for obviously you'd run it down if it wasn't." In other words, Rhett is telling her she's a whore so she'd better dress like one for the party.

by Couture Cuntreply 40001/29/2015

Only the fabulous Marilyn could wear this fabulous frock

by Couture Cuntreply 40101/29/2015

Best movie dress ever is either Vanessa Redgrave's pumpkin-seed wedding gown from CAMELOT, or the green strapless dress Keira Knightley wears in ATONEMENT. Both have been mentioned upthread.

Best wardrobe ever: Bette Davis's Orry-Kelly clothes in NOW, VOYAGER. Runner-up: Claudette Colbert's dresses in THE PALM BEACH STORY.

by Couture Cuntreply 40201/29/2015

Nicole Kidman's golden-over-lay gown in "The Golden Compass." Pefection.

Olivia Hussey's burgandy party gown in the original 'Romeo and Juliet,' including her 'mother's' golden gown and head piece. Franco Z. and his costume designers knocked it out with those. (Costume design won Oscar.)

Both's detailed beauty has never been matched since.

by Couture Cuntreply 40301/29/2015

How wonderful to see this fabulous thread back again - I thought for sure we had lost it for good! Thank you darling people for keeping it up and keeping it good. I might even re-join if it gets filled up and I have to start a Part 2... :-)

by Couture Cuntreply 40401/29/2015

[quote]How wonderful to see this fabulous thread back again - I thought for sure we had lost it for good!

When you want to bring back an old thread that you started, go to Google and enter "Datalounge" followed by a few words from the title of the thread.

by Couture Cuntreply 40501/29/2015

"On an Island With You" It's an Esther Williams movie but the outstanding dress in the film is worn by Cyd Charise when she tangos' with Ricardo Montalban in the night club as Esther watches.

Its Black lace with a green crinoline that simply floats as she moves.

Breathtaking. I think it's Irene.

by Couture Cuntreply 40601/29/2015


by Couture Cuntreply 40701/29/2015

YES R407 that dress is gorgeous!! but i think that is from the broadway production and not the film.

by Couture Cuntreply 40801/29/2015

I saw 'Come September' w/ Rock Hudson and Gina Lollobrigida recently. Gina'so wardrobe is incredible but I just loved the black and white dress. Perfect combo of classy/sexy

by Couture Cuntreply 40901/29/2015

Bitches. Please.

by Couture Cuntreply 41001/29/2015

[quote]For ensemble costume, I think it's hard to beat the embarcation scene in "Murder on the Orient ExpresS". The large cast comes in by ones and twos, and most of our information about their personalities and station in life is told through their clothing. That's what costume design should really be about - revealing character through purely visual means.

You're right on target. That whole scene is absolutely stunning.

by Couture Cuntreply 41101/29/2015

Murder on the Orient Express:

Wendy Hiller as the Princess Dragomiroff. Not exactly fabulous in the strictest sense, but unforgettable nonetheless.

by Couture Cuntreply 41201/29/2015

Death on the Nile was every bit as good as Murder on the Orient Express, costume-wise. Maybe better.

by Couture Cuntreply 41301/29/2015

Leslie Caron's white gown with crystal birds on the arms in Gigi.

by Couture Cuntreply 41401/29/2015

That white Gigi gown and the crescent moon headdress were stolen from a famous painting. Sorry, blanking on the artist's name.

by Couture Cuntreply 41501/29/2015

[quote]Death on the Nile was every bit as good as Murder on the Orient Express, costume-wise. Maybe better.

What made Orient costumes more impressive than Nile was the opening presentation of the costumed characters. The costume presentation told a story - no dialog needed.

by Couture Cuntreply 41601/29/2015

Kay Francis in MANDALAY (Designer: Orry-Kelly)

by Couture Cuntreply 41701/29/2015

Actually while I wouldn't say it was the "most" fabulous, it comes close: Scarlett O'Hara's red dress. The one she wore to Miss Melly's Birthday party after Rhett caught her mooning over Ashley and he had heard the gossip about them. He was P.I.S.S.E.D., but when they opened that front door, she squared her shoulders, held her head up high and owned that room.

by Couture Cuntreply 41801/29/2015

The angel dress in Ever After.

Sorry, the link is to someone's Pinterest.

by Couture Cuntreply 41901/29/2015

You're right, r410. Carol wore it 1000x better.

by Couture Cuntreply 42001/30/2015

Eiko Ishioka's work in Dracula is beyond anything ever seen onscreen, Tilda Swinton in Orlando was stunning (by Sandy Powell), and the whole Women wardrobe (by the one and only Adrian) was just perfect.

by Couture Cuntreply 42101/30/2015

The color of "The King and I" ballgown changes according to where it's published. It's a different shade on movie posters from the color on the DVD cover. Looking at it on my TV via DVD, it's the color of lilacs in the Spring.

by Couture Cuntreply 42201/30/2015

On every TV I've ever had, the "King and I" ballgown looks like a sort of beige with a bit of orange in it. Almost a very subtle copper tint, it's a really lovely shade.

I remember it as being a slightly warmer color than this picture, but it's certainly not a lilac.

by Couture Cuntreply 42301/30/2015

[quote]Gene Kelly photographed it spectacularly.

Ahem, R37.

by Couture Cuntreply 42401/30/2015

The color of Miss Kerr's remarkable gown appears to be a dusty/tawny shade of old rose. The lighting DID play havoc with the color though. It really IS a spectacular creation. She "handled" it extremely well, but then, could we expect anything less from such a fine actress?

by Couture Cuntreply 42501/30/2015

Loved the entire wardrobe from "The Lady Eve", especially the wedding gown.

by Couture Cuntreply 42601/31/2015

Honeymoon negligee, The Lady Eve:

by Couture Cuntreply 42701/31/2015

Morning Coat with slacks, Lady Eve.

by Couture Cuntreply 42801/31/2015

Edith Head's gowns for Shirley Maclaine in What a Way to Go.

by Couture Cuntreply 42902/01/2015

Since it's that time of year again...

by Couture Cuntreply 43010/07/2015

Any and all the costumes in Excalibur, magnificent. Nicholas and Alexandra, stunning. All of the old MGM silver screen musicals of the 30s had breathtaking gowns!

by Couture Cuntreply 43110/07/2015
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