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Ronn Moss

Why does he always cover his neck?

Was he decapitated and is embarassed by the scar?

by Kimberlin Brownreply 16003/05/2011

It's true, Kimberlin. If you google him, he does wear an awful lot of scarves. He seems so... Sigfried and Roy.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 101/30/2011


by Kimberlin Brownreply 201/30/2011

Neck lifts are never as successful as facelifts. They always look... odd.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 301/30/2011

Don't know about his neck, but years ago when I'd watch that soap when home sick, I found that his "acting" made Keanu Reeves look like John Gielgud in comparison.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 401/31/2011

He's a 'mo, right?

by Kimberlin Brownreply 501/31/2011

What's wrong with neck accessories?

by Kimberlin Brownreply 601/31/2011

I love the eccentricity of soap stars. Ronn Moss, Eric Braeden, Drake Hogestyn to name a few. It is a wonderful escape.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 701/31/2011

Maybe he always has a chill?

by Kimberlin Brownreply 801/31/2011

He looks like an aging alien hybrid.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 901/31/2011

He looks ridiculous. And he always looks as if he's posing.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 1001/31/2011

[quote]And he always looks as if he's posing.%0D %0D That describes every soap actor who ever breathed.%0D

by Kimberlin Brownreply 1101/31/2011

He's always in a conflict, though: he loves the speedos. . .AND the scarves!

by Kimberlin Brownreply 1201/31/2011

All I know is he is a horrible actor and he has never gotten any better. It is embarrassing to watch when he is over-acting. He looks like he was carved out of wood - not attractive at all.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 1301/31/2011

Baby, Come Back!

by Kimberlin Brownreply 1401/31/2011

Sadly, only a few of us will get that reference, R14.

Moss is the male counterpart of the aging starlet. Pushing 60 and still trying to portray himself as young and dewy. It's actually pretty creepy.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 1501/31/2011

I looked on his website and there are recent pictures with him showing his neck. It looks fine. Unfortunately, I think those scarves are a fashion statement. A very bad one.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 1601/31/2011

He's just not happy about his neck.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 1701/31/2011

As bad of an actor as he is, Ronn's ex wife was worse.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 1801/31/2011

His neck looks fine in photos on his website because they're touched up.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 1901/31/2011


by Kimberlin Brownreply 2001/31/2011

He's straight. The wig he's been wearing lately gives me nightmares.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 2101/31/2011

The guy who played Eric Forrester looked like a hamster. Brooke never aged and seemed to look younger every year. What else?

by Kimberlin Brownreply 2201/31/2011

I think he thinks the scarves are cool.


by Kimberlin Brownreply 2301/31/2011

Whenever I watch the show these days, which is a rare occurrence, I'm always struck by how KKL (Brooke) is the only member of the original cast who looks decent. Susan Flannery looks like Jabba the Hut with a buzz cut, Hunter Tylo (who was one of my first crushes) has had way too much work done, John McCook and Winsor Harmon are bloated messes, and Ronn Moss is clearly afraid of growing old.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 2401/31/2011

R3--Moss could endorse Lifestyle Lift--they always look good. ;-)

by Kimberlin Brownreply 2501/31/2011

The fabulous Forresters are more like the cast of the Addams Family in real life! This is SO funny:

by Kimberlin Brownreply 2601/31/2011

Is Winsor the original Thorne?

Who was the hot guy before Jeff Trachta?

by Kimberlin Brownreply 2701/31/2011

Was Thorne ever played by a straight actor? (I only know of Clayton Norcross and Jeff Trachta; I stopped watching the show in the late 1990s.)

by Kimberlin Brownreply 2801/31/2011

Norcross was the hottie.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 2901/31/2011

Clayton was the original Ken doll. He got beaten up on a Brazilian beach once by some guy he was trying to pick up.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 3001/31/2011

Kimberline Brown fuck you, bitch!

by Kimberlin Brownreply 3101/31/2011

[quote]Why does he always cover his neck?

Oh, come on, OP. Like YOU would go on television flaunting your circumcision scar? Please.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 3201/31/2011

From r20's pic, I suspect he hasn't gotten past the whole Bay City Rollers look from 1975.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 3301/31/2011

I'd suck him off til the botox travelled from his face and out his cock.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 3401/31/2011

I got the reference, r15! I even alluded to that in some other B&TB thread, and I only used to watch the soap when it first started.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 3502/01/2011

I don't understand the posters who say Brooke looks the same and criticize other cast members' cosmetic surgery (is there any soap star that hasn't gone under the knife?)%0D %0D I don't watch the soap anymore unles by accident, but about a year ago I was flipping through channels and thought another actress altogether was playing Brooke. I used to love her, so I stayed a while to compare actresses. Then all I could do was gasp (yes, the gay gasp) as I noticed those unmistakeable Brooke gestures comming through the Botox, tightened/stretched face, and Korean eyes. %0D %0D I'm happy to report that I saw a scene a few weeks ago and it seems her surgery has somewhat settled.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 3602/01/2011

Some people may say it's because of anorexia

by Kimberlin Brownreply 3702/01/2011

Why does anyone watch the show? Small cast. Everyone has slept with everyone multiple times. The only interesting character was Betty White as Stephanie's mother.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 3802/01/2011

Moss was always terrible at playing dramatic scenes. He can only do the smug thing.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 3902/01/2011

The LA Fashion industry. Not ONE gay character. Hilarious. Hire Van Hansis as a flaming male model or something, bring on Jake Silberman as a cynical reporter covering the fashion industry -or make him a re-cast C.J. - and watch the ratings fly.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 4002/01/2011

He looks way different than the way he looked as Ralph Mouth on Happy Days.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 4102/01/2011

Have they had gay characters in the past?

by Kimberlin Brownreply 4202/01/2011

Yes, r42. Jim J Bullock used to appear.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 4302/01/2011

Isn't he supposed to be a complete airhead. even dumber than that Cameron Matheson guy?

by Kimberlin Brownreply 4402/01/2011

Why did they can Kyle Lowder? He was great with Moss and Adrienne Franz.

Agree KKL is gorgeous.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 4502/03/2011

R I C K !!!

by Kimberlin Brownreply 4602/03/2011

Lov that clip.

I hope the guy finds some work. It's not easy for soap actors these days.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 4702/03/2011

That show came on when I was home one day and there were three male leads who all used to the Barbara Walters lens and had so much botox they looked like drag queens.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 4802/03/2011

Thankfully Brooke's acting has improved since this clip. The same can't be said for Ridge:

by Kimberlin Brownreply 4902/03/2011

In that link at R20, I first thought I was looking at Bea Arthur as Maude!

by Kimberlin Brownreply 5002/03/2011

I think Susan looks damn good for as sick as she has been in the few past years. %0D %0D Hunter Tylo looks like a fish. When she first started with the show, she was beautiful. Now, she looks like a disaster. She also seems to be "mental" as well. %0D %0D KKL has had work done but she looks pretty much like she did 20 years ago, just a slightly older version. The main issue I had with her was that long ass stringy hair of hers. She now sports a slightly more stylish hair style.%0D %0D Jack Wagner looks like walking death. When I watch old shows of him on Melrose, it is hard to believe that was the same person. He has aged horribly. He needs MAJOR work done on his face. It is sad that he looks older than than woman that is playing his mother. %0D %0D John McCook has gained some weight but he still is a nice looking silver daddy. %0D %0D Windsor has gained some weight but doesn't look bad. %0D %0D Ronn Moss has gotten some work done and looks better. For a while there he was competing with Jack Wagner on who could look the oldest. As long as they keep coloring Ronn's hair, he should be ok.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 5102/03/2011

Lesley Anne Down is still a fragrant lady. I like her cougar persona.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 5202/03/2011

Ronn does like his scarves. Have seen him at The Grove on several occasions and he always has a scarf around his neck.

And Jack Wagner. Amazingly, he looks BETTER on camera than he does in real life. A few years ago when the Daytime Emmys were at the Kodak Theater, I hung outside watching the stars arrive, and then come out for smoke breaks during the ceremony.

Jack Wagner showed up looking like his face was inflamed -- face very red and puffy to the point he was almost unrecognizable. But when I got home and watched the show on DVR, Jack looked exactly like he does on B&B.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 5302/03/2011

I wish they would keep Rickkkkk and send Marcus off to Forrester International. They can also send Liam off to Spencer International. Has anyone seen the tons of YouTube videos that Clifton has made? And you guys think Franco is egotistical.

I guess we'll have to suffice with Ollie and Brandon Beamer as the resident hotties.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 5402/03/2011

Brandon Beamer what a name

by Kimberlin Brownreply 5502/03/2011

Can I just interrupt here for a moment to say that "The Young & the Restless" has gone totally off-the-rails crazy stupid?

by Kimberlin Brownreply 5602/03/2011

Moss's second wife:

by Kimberlin Brownreply 5702/03/2011

Moss is married to a bunny? Whoa

Clifton and his web channel is annoying.

Y/R has jumped the shark. Where is Fonzie?

by Kimberlin Brownreply 5802/04/2011

I forgot that Brooke Logan used to be a chemist, working in a lab where she would pour blue liquid into a tube while Ridge (or Eric) stood in the door opening and gazed at her adoringly.

Also: Ron Deacon, Caroline's rapist. They sure knew how to pick the worst actors in daytime.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 5902/04/2011

True story.

I knew a guy that dated a girl who wore scarves all the time. Like she never took them off at all even while having sex. One night while spending the night at her apt. he decided to take the scarf off of her neck.

So he waited until she had fallen asleep and slowly and quietly peeled it off. When it was off he noticed she had what looked like a huge red line or scar across her neck but before he could investigate further she awoke with panic in her eyes, she sat up and as she grabbed for the scarf around her neck he her fell off.

This might be the same situation with Moss.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 6002/04/2011

True story.

I knew a guy that dated a girl who wore scarves all the time. Like she never took them off at all even while having sex. One night while spending the night at her apt. he decided to take the scarf off of her neck.

So he waited until she had fallen asleep and slowly and quietly peeled it off. When it was off he noticed she had what looked like a huge red line or scar across her neck but before he could investigate further she awoke with panic in her eyes, she sat up and as she grabbed for the scarf around her neck her head fell off.

This might be the same situation with Moss.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 6102/04/2011

Hunter Tylo used to be drop-dead gorgeous, and this is coming from a gay man. I remember when she first started on AMC under the name Deborah Morehart. She really was stunning. It's a shame she couldn't let herself age naturally and keep the injectors, fillers, and cosmetic surgery to a minimum.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 6202/04/2011

R59. It was Belief (sp). The formula Brooke invented. I think it made cloth wrinkle free or am I dreaming?

When is Ashley Jones coming back?

by Kimberlin Brownreply 6302/04/2011

OK I'm a little embarrassed to admit this, but Jack Wagner was the first guy I JOed to. In the early 80s, he was a on a little-remembered cable soap called A New Day in Eden. He never wore a shirt. I was 13 and I thought he was the most beautiful man I'd ever seen.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 6402/04/2011

R56- The show has been a mess for the past couple of years or so. The writing has just been absolutely horrendous.%0D %0D R63- You are correct. Remember the Forresters tried to stick it to Brooke and have her sign over the rights to the formula that she created.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 6502/05/2011

What's the final word on LeBlanc and Reikert? Have they ever dabbled in the mansex?

by Kimberlin Brownreply 6602/05/2011

r66%0D %0D uh... DUH!%0D But I would love to know details!

by Kimberlin Brownreply 6702/05/2011

This is a hysterically funny clip! I think Kelly was screaming because of what Hunter had done to her face.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 6802/05/2011


Is no one going to comment on the story at R61?

by Kimberlin Brownreply 6902/05/2011

I miss aj,too.

KKL needs to tell baby Bell to put the brakes on the Thomas storyline. It's tiresome and no chemistry. The dude is pretty wooden and makes Moss look like Olivier.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 7002/05/2011

I can't believe the Jacquie Courtney thread got yanked.%0D %0D

by Kimberlin Brownreply 7102/05/2011

I can't believe I yanked off to the Jacquie Courtney thread.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 7202/05/2011

We can talk about her here, r71, if you'd like.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 7302/05/2011

R68. %0D %0D Here is another hilarious one. I guess this is when Taylor returns from being held by that hottie Prince Omar.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 7402/05/2011

Thanks, Wesley.%0D %0D

by Kimberlin Brownreply 7502/05/2011

Who is Jackie Courtney?

by Kimberlin Brownreply 7602/05/2011

So, r.61's friend slept with someone who had a head transplant?

by Kimberlin Brownreply 7702/05/2011

Is that bulldyke Susan Flannery still chewing the scenary on this POS show?

by Kimberlin Brownreply 7802/05/2011

Wait, Susan Flannery is gay?

by Kimberlin Brownreply 7902/05/2011

SF is still going strong.

Can someone link Darla's final scene. It always makes me cry. Also, the late,great Darlene Conolly was also in her final days on the show. I miss her.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 8002/05/2011

Who's Vanna Tribbey?

by Kimberlin Brownreply 8102/05/2011

The same could be asked of you, r81.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 8202/05/2011

Probably to hide a scar, or having a wrinkled neck.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 8302/05/2011


by Kimberlin Brownreply 8402/06/2011

steam room

by Kimberlin Brownreply 8502/06/2011

I haven't watched Y&R in ages but ran into it by accident last night on SoapNet. Maura West is on it now -- according to Wikipedia, she'll be 39 in April & has had 5 children. Her real name must be Dorian Gray.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 8602/06/2011

Actually r68, although I didn't like her messing with her face, Hunter looked ok in that clip, except the fish lips. However, whatever else she did to her face after that messed it up. She can't move the other parts of her face at all

by Kimberlin Brownreply 8702/06/2011

r82, I lasted twice as long as Vana Tribbey! Mac Cory even proposed marriage to me.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 8802/06/2011

r88, did John Randolph die trying to save you from a fire that Olive had started? I think not. Mine is the bigger legacy, bitch!

by Kimberlin Brownreply 8902/06/2011

r89 You were cast because you were blonde and had a passing resemblance to Jackie.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 9002/06/2011

...and r90, you were cast because you had a passing resemblance to National Velvet.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 9102/06/2011

If it weren't for Susan Flannery, Jack Wagner and Leslie Ann Down, there would be NO good acting talent on the show whatsoever. Sally Spectra's loss was a major hit for the show. Katherine Kelly is serviceable as "Brooke" but Hunter Tylo has never been good and her off screen antics and facial "reconstruction" make her off screen perils look tame in comparison.

This Brooke-fucks-her-way-through-the Forrester-bloodline routine was past its due date in 1989. The kid playing Thomas has no talent whatsoever and I suspect that it's abundantly clear even to him that his presence is required only for how good he looks without a shirt on or with his pants halfway down his crack. The girl who plays Hope blows him off the screen whenever they are paired together, and she's not exactly Cate Blanchett herself. Let's hope the Bells dump this storyline as well as that Amber whore blackmailing-the-baby-daddy one. Hasn't she done this about ninety times previously?

by Kimberlin Brownreply 9202/06/2011

How about doing this one - Sheila returning?

by Kimberlin Brownreply 9302/06/2011

I doubt we'll see Sheila back on the show, R93. Kimberlin Brown, the actress who played her, had a massive falling out with her ex-friend Hunter Tylo years ago over some nasty personal matters.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 9402/06/2011

But Kimberlin is a much better soap actress. I'd go so far as to call her a GREAT soap opera actress.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 9502/06/2011


by Kimberlin Brownreply 9602/07/2011

I'd love for Brown to come back but as r94 stated Tylo would probably nix it.

Why not pull that hottie Sean Kanan from Y/R ? Bring back in AJ/KKL and AF for some kind of triangle. Yea it's been done before but it would be better than baby daddy storyline.

r92 you are spot on. I wonder if that Thomas dude looks at Moss and sees himself in 25 years. At least Drew Bell was tolerable. If Jaqueline McInnes would ever finish tha film, things might get more entertaining.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 9702/07/2011

Yes R92, that is why her doing it again makes it just that much more painful. She didn't learn her lesson when she tried her little scheme on Rick, and once Dollar Bill gets involved, she is going to pay dearly.%0D %0D Amber was doing perfectly fine at Jackie M designing clothes until she got involved with stealing Forrester designs. She just never learns.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 9802/07/2011


by Kimberlin Brownreply 9902/07/2011


by Kimberlin Brownreply 10002/07/2011

Any nude pics of Moss or Winsor Harmon?

by Kimberlin Brownreply 10102/07/2011

Still sexy at 76!

by Kimberlin Brownreply 10202/07/2011

R92, well-written and you know your stuff; one quibble (and I'm sure you know) Brooke didn't hook up with Eric until 1990; plus KKL really sold it with Winsor in the late 90s, which caused Steph to go over the deep end and win her first Emmy for B&B. So I think they got plenty of mileage out of it all.%0D %0D It's maybe five years too late to be doing Brooke/Thomas. (Tho that guy has one of the best bods I've seen since Shemar.)%0D %0D I actually BOUGHT the stuff with Oliver; when she took her mask off and shook that head of hair I thought: brilliant, we were all expecting this to be Steffy.%0D %0D

by Kimberlin Brownreply 10302/07/2011

OK bitches, this thread has made me start to DVR this and watch again. I haven't seen it since Stephanie got conked on the noggin and lived among the homeless.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 10402/07/2011

Marcus has been shipped off to Forrester International...yippee.

Love the interaction between Wagner and Flannery. Where is annoying Agnus? Why oh why do they let Sarah Brown be a piece of wallpaper

by Kimberlin Brownreply 10502/07/2011

R104, Steph went back to Skid Row -- this time with her memory -- last year and they had the SAME actress playing a homeless woman/extra (in a flashback and in present day.)%0D %0D It was a trip and woke Steph up to the fact that there are people who don't get the Ruthanne Owens happy ending.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 10602/07/2011

The black homeless woman has now been rejuvenated and is the hostess at 'Daisy's Inn', a coffee gathering place, which they created to show the homeless women's recapturing of a life off the streets. And she now has a love interest on the show.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 10702/07/2011

R14,%0D %0D You can blame it all on me.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 10802/08/2011


by Kimberlin Brownreply 10902/08/2011

r89 John Randolph may have died for you but Steve Frame came back to life for me.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 11002/08/2011

off topic here, but my God, AW had successfully recast STEVE FREAKIN FRAME and then decidd to kill him off.%0D %0D Had that show kept him and then gotten Jacquie back in 84 and if it had rebuilt the Matthews family it would have been so much better.%0D %0D Whatever happened to that guy who played the second Steve?

by Kimberlin Brownreply 11102/08/2011

Did anyone catch sneezing kitty during the Amber /Hope showdown?

by Kimberlin Brownreply 11202/08/2011

Another episode Thomas the wooden pining over Brooke.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 11302/09/2011

I'm so excited.

WillAmber be exposed? Will Carl come through with the test?

I'm crying in anticipation

So Thomas and Dayzee new couple? I'm ok with anything to stop the Thomas/Brooke fiasco.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 11402/10/2011

I started a thread on "Hope stroking Amber's white Pussy while she waited for the pregnancy test" on the soapcentral boards. Needless to say, my thread was promptly deleted.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 11502/11/2011

The anticipation. Did Carl mess up the test or not??

KKL,SF and HT have submitted themselves as Best Actress nominees. JW and DD as Best Actor...RonnMoss did not submit himself.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 11602/11/2011

I can't believe no one has said this yet about Ron Moss' penchant for scarves, but do you suppose he might be hiding ligature marks from auto-erotic asphyxiation? Maybe Viagra alone won't do the trick. Who knows what he and his ex-Playboy Bunny wife are into.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 11702/11/2011

R117, I watch The 'Bold and the Beautiful' every day, and Ron Moss NEVER has his neck covered up, so I don't know what you are talking about.%0D %0D Just because you've seen him with a scarf when he's out in society....%0D %0D he NEVER covers his neck on The Bold and the Beautiful.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 11802/11/2011

It was just a thought. I haven't watched The Bold and the Beautiful in over 20 years when, of all people, my father did. I stumbled upon this thread and thought that the name rang a bell.%0D %0D I didn't mean to offend you, but you might consider that on the set of BB he can avail himself of good makeup artists, perhaps not something he can do in his everyday life off set.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 11902/11/2011

Oh no. The opening credits are going to change on the 21st. I don't like change. A rough version is on YouTube.

It must be a very rough version because Ronn Moss is not listed and Adrienne Franz is listed as Andrea Evans. KKL is listed before SF. The Logan sisters are also listed before HT. I must say that the women do look beautiful as does the men. I suppose they are going the way of Y/R with rotating opening credits.

I'm sure it will grow on me and the old version will always be on YouTube.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 12002/13/2011

My dad watched the show 20 years ago as well, R19. That and "Loving."

by Kimberlin Brownreply 12102/13/2011

I really wish Kimberlin Brown was still a player in soaps. She was one of the best.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 12202/13/2011

Kimberlin is capable of the sweetest, most maternal performances. Look at the nurturing in this clip. She has such sweet life in her, and yet, is capable of playing the most depraved psychopaths. I miss three dimensional performers on soaps, and Kimber is one of the best in the biz.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 12302/13/2011

That's nice, R123.%0D %0D And here she is being a TOTAL c---!

by Kimberlin Brownreply 12402/13/2011

Nobody puts it to those silly bitches quite like our Sheels!

by Kimberlin Brownreply 12502/13/2011

Kelly Monaco looks really pretty in that clip, R123. Watching GH, I've always thought that she looks really young, but now I realize how much she's aged over the years. She looks great, but she really looked like a 15-year-old on PC.

Michael Easton looks as stupid as always, with that bad hair, bad voice, and dumb face.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 12602/13/2011

B/B or Y/R better grab her.

So will Patrick Duffy continue on the show with the big Dallas remake in the works?

by Kimberlin Brownreply 12702/13/2011

Kelly really looked like she could be Kimberlin's daughter. B&B or Y&R are mad not to try and lure Kelly on to play one of Sheila's daughters.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 12802/13/2011

The men of B/B were on The Talk last week. Ronn Moss was wearing an orange t shirt, hot pink scarf/ascot, knee high Ugg boots with fringe.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 12902/21/2011

What happened to the cats in Amber's doublewide?

by Kimberlin Brownreply 13002/21/2011

r64, I'd love to know more about what you can remember about A New Day In Eden. Always hoped that some dude out there in cyberspace would have vids to post on YT. %0D %0D It was Jack Wagner's start as an actor, and his B&B co-star Susan Flannery was ironically Eden's producer. %0D %0D Btw, Douglas Marland had nothing nice to say about Jack Wagner later. Marland felt Wagner was a horrible actor, and couldn't believe he went on after Eden to become one of soapdom's hottest actors. Always wondered why the hate considering Marland's penchant for his show's studs (and his history of becoming involved with them). Did Wagner reject Marland? Or did a romance go sour?%0D %0D Personally, I think the former. I think Jack Wagner is %100 hetero - the most hetero guy in the industry. And I love that he hasn't done a thing to fix his face and is growing old ruggedly.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 13102/21/2011

Growing old ruggedly = looks Asian.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 13202/21/2011

He looks the same as on GH except older.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 13302/22/2011

r132, looking Asian comes from too much plastic surgery.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 13402/22/2011

Asians have plastic surgery to make themselves look white.

Whites have plastic surgery to make themselves look asian.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 13502/22/2011

Christopher Templeton, who played Jack Abbott's long-time lovesick handicapped secretary Carole Robbins on Y&R, passed away on Feb 15 - she was 58.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 13602/22/2011

r135 ... Indians bleach their dark skin to look white. %0D %0D White people stain their skin to look dark. %0D %0D It's a wacky world ...

by Kimberlin Brownreply 13702/22/2011

RIP Carole. When was the last time she was on YR?

by Kimberlin Brownreply 13802/22/2011

Carole left Genoa City in 1993 with her sexy husband Skip (Todd Curtis). %0D %0D Templeton had her own website - although she said she loved both Jacks, the pics shows she was more inclined to Lester's Jack.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 13902/22/2011

No Wagner gossip?

by Kimberlin Brownreply 14002/23/2011

Why does Lesley Anne Downe play his mother?

by Kimberlin Brownreply 14102/23/2011

That is a Bell trick of keeping parents and their children both engaging as contemporary sexual objects for story purposes. On Y&R, William Bell rapidly aged Nick and Victoria to make them sexual counterparts to their still sexually active parents Victor and Nikki. Bradley Bell's B&B is the most notorious, as Brooke, Ridge and Taylor should not have had such grown children so quickly to sexually complicate their stories. It's all about aesthetics, not truth. %0D %0D

by Kimberlin Brownreply 14202/23/2011

It's creepy considering JW is older than LAD.%0D %0D I see that Bell is not finished with the unrequited love of Thomas for Brooke. ick

by Kimberlin Brownreply 14302/23/2011

Did $Bill push Amber?

by Kimberlin Brownreply 14402/25/2011

I'm guessing tracheotomy scar.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 14502/25/2011

KKL and SF are pre nominees for Best Actress for Emmy Awards, DD and JW for Best Actor.

Oh please let KKL get it this year.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 14602/25/2011

JW is six years younger than LAD, r143.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 14702/25/2011

But he looks at least 20 years older, R147

by Kimberlin Brownreply 14802/25/2011

KKL will not win unless Flannery retires.%0D %0D It wouldn't surprise me if one of the younger gals Kim Matula or Jaqueline McKinness doesn't win younger actress.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 14902/26/2011

So, when the hell is Kimber coming back?

by Kimberlin Brownreply 15003/01/2011

With ratings on all soaps so dismal, someone needs to grab her.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 15103/01/2011

If B&B or Y&R were ever cancelled, the coolest ending would be for Sheila to enter a big party with an AK-47 and mow them all down.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 15203/01/2011


by Kimberlin Brownreply 15303/02/2011

Poor amber

by Kimberlin Brownreply 15403/03/2011

Well done with Amber falling over. I assume annoying Steffy will use this as leverage against $Bill.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 15503/04/2011

Ronn Moss turned 59 yesterday -- March 4.

Ronn truly is the male Lucci. Almost 60 and they write his character as if he's 40.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 15603/05/2011

Soap threads are not allowed. Why post on it when you know it's wrong?

by Kimberlin Brownreply 15703/05/2011

Lucci looks good for her age.

by Kimberlin Brownreply 15803/05/2011

Thomas FOD? oh my

by Kimberlin Brownreply 15903/05/2011

r157 would be kissing Gadhafi's ass no matter what ...

by Kimberlin Brownreply 16003/05/2011
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