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2011 U.S. Figure Skating Championships Thread

Live Coverage will air Sat., Jan. 29 and Sun., Jan. 30 on NBC. Schedule of Events (Eastern Time): Thursday, Jan. 27 3:30 p.m.: Pairs short program (Featuring the national debut of DL Fave Rockne Brubaker skating with his new partner, Mary Beth Marley) 7:15 p.m.: Ladies short program Friday, Jan. 28 3:00 p.m.: Short Dance (Featuring DL fave Charlie White) 7:30 p.m.: Men's short program (Featuring gay head case Jeremy Abbott and Twink du Jour Adam Rippon) Saturday, Jan. 29 2:30 p.m.: Free Dance and Pairs free skate (Live coverage of final groups on NBC Saturday afternoon; check your local listings) 6:40 p.m.: Ladies free skate (Early groups begin at 6:40, final groups will be shown live on NBC in prime time) Jan. 30 1:35 p.m.: Men's free skate (Early groups begin at 1:35, live coverage of final groups begins on NBC later in the afternoon; check your local listings)

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 29705/07/2011

Nobody cares about the ladies skate this year. As the case in the last few years, US Nationals is all about the men.

This is Adam Rippon's year to move into the big leagues. He should get silver. Jeremy Abbott will win Gold again, but he is already too old for 2014. He wants to place on the podium at Worlds before he retires, but this year, is his last shot at it. Mother nature rules competitive athletics.

Charlie White/Davis will win Dance, because Charlie is about the coolest, actually straight guy in figure skating today.

So sad to see Stephen Carriere gone. What happened in 2010? Is it drugs. Family problems?

For the Gala I recommend Johnny Weir VS Evan Lysacek in mud wrestling. Come on, it would put ratings through the roof!

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 101/27/2011

Has anyone here ever seen Rockne Brubaker's ass in person? If so, please describe it.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 201/27/2011

Gross R2. The cuties in US Figure Skating today are:

Ross Miner, Scott Dyer, Adam Rippon, Dornbush Thornbush, Armin Mahbanoozadeh, Charlie White and Taylor Toth.

Of course as always, the singles dominate the looks department.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 301/27/2011

Brubaker does have a nice ass!

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 401/27/2011

R3, there are some cute single guys, but none of them are as hot as Rockne.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 501/27/2011

Yes, R4. I think it's probably the closet thing an American figure skater has to a bubble butt right now. It is big, round and muscular.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 601/27/2011

I will be praying for all of you heathen gays while I skate my way to glory

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 701/27/2011

The judges have already spoken loud and clear this season - Rachel Fatt is ovah.

I'd add pairs skater Themistocles Leftheris to R3's list of cuteness.

I'm watching the live coverage on Rockne is about to take the ice for his warm up.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 801/27/2011

Please describe the view of Rockne's ass, R8.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 901/27/2011

I am NOT praying for R8!

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 1001/27/2011

Yankowskas and Coughlin just put down a strong short program and edged out Evora and Ladwig for the lead so far. Rockne has not skated yet. He & his partner are skating to music from "Elizabeth." They are in purple velvet Elizabethan era costumes and his tunic unfortunately covers his primary assets.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 1101/27/2011

Rockne & his new partner had a generally good skate in the short and currently sit in 3rd place. They landed their side by side triple jumps cleanly, but had a few issues such as getting out of synch on their side by side spins. The new partner is only 15 and looks immature next to Rockne, who was solid throughout, but she was pretty composed and seems to have a lot of potential.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 1201/27/2011

Smuckers, the Jam for Jesus company, bought the Championships this year, so all you homosexual types better kiss and hug a girl for the camera, else you ain't winnin nut'in.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 1301/27/2011

Rockne is a handsome Italian-American stud and got a lot of endorsement deals last year from the likes of sponsors like Coke.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 1401/27/2011

Let us now refer to Coke as the "Heterosexuals Only" soda company. Got the point Coke, you don't like homos.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 1501/27/2011

R15, why are you bringing sexuality into it? That has nothing to do with it. Keanna and Rockne were a team on the rise, and were both good-looking and expected to be popular. That's why Coke chose them. It had nothing to do with sexuality.

Unfortunately Keanna bailed, and Rockne was left in the lurch.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 1601/27/2011

Rockne's ass:

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 1701/27/2011

Rockne shirtless:

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 1801/27/2011

Is any of the early stuff running on cable? The good thing about ABC having figure skating (US and Worlds) for all those years was that one of the ESPN channels always had comprehensive coverage, often live.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 1901/27/2011

R19, I think skating coverage has been cut in recent years. Unless you have the specialty channels, you can normally only watch the long programs on mainstream t.v. now. The short programs don't get covered by the major channels anymore.

So it looks like we'll have to wait until Saturday and Sunday to see the events on one of the main networks.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 2001/27/2011

Rockne modeling photo:

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 2101/27/2011

Rockne's tattoo certainly looks like an ass fucking.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 2201/27/2011

This Rockne character is one ugly mother fcuker. The obsessed poster here must be a straight female. No gay man would find him attractive.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 2301/27/2011

Nagusu was a dream! A real China doll. Lovely as a lotus blossom. %0D %0D Czisny was solid.%0D %0D Flatt bombed.%0D %0D Wagner in 7th. %0D %0D Zhao in 10th.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 2401/27/2011

Re: Flatt bombing. Why is it Americans have no mental toughness. One little thing goes wrong and they fall apart before your very eyes. In every sport.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 2501/27/2011

R23 is an idiot. The guy is gorgeous.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 2601/27/2011

I can't believe that Flatt skated to East of Eden. Michelle Kwan owns that music

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 2701/27/2011

True, R27. Michelle was beautiful with that program. I think I remember she wore a lovely orange outfit one year and finished 1st at Worlds that year (2003).

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 2801/27/2011

Flatt didn't bomb, she finished third and is quite close in the standings to both Czisny and Nagasu, which really is a joke because those two are eons better than Flatt whose skating is slow and labored.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 2901/27/2011

Flatt is the most boring U.S. female skater I have ever seen. She is so, well, flat.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 3001/27/2011

Flatt is the traditional All American Girl image. Good, white, christian, blond, debutant. She doesn't swear and she says things like "golly gee wiz" and "aw sucks!". She could go back into time, star in a 1920s movie and she would be right in place.

Most of the fans of figure skating are mature women. They look at Flatt as them in their 20s. The only other group of figure skating fans are Asian. As the old female fan base dies off, figure skating will become an Asian sport, like ping pong.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 3101/27/2011

What are these white female skaters thinking when they are 15-20 pounds heavier than their East Asian rivals? You can't do the spins because of the extra weight. Tara Lipinski was the last white female to win the Olympic gold medal flawlessly and she was petite which at the time was rare. Now all the East Asian competitors are as petite as Tara was. Tara jumped with ease and floated across the ice.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 3201/27/2011

Here is the skating TV schedule at link below.%0D %0D If you have Universal Sports channel, you have it made and can see all short and all long program, including pairs and ice dancing along with male and female singles skaters.%0D %0D Go to to see if your cable network carries the universal sports channel.%0D %0D Also go to and click on figure skating for up to date news and photos and results.%0D %0D I moved to a different city a year ago, and while my previous city cable provider provided universal sports channel, my new city does not.%0D It is very maddening for a skating fan like myself.%0D

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 3301/27/2011

Flatt also looks like she could be porn whore, R31. Lots of straight porn videos have those petite, blond All-American girls.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 3401/27/2011

R34, is your eyesight bad?%0D %0D Rachel Flatt is not attractive, and has pudgy non-shapely arms, along with a truncated, short pudgy torso, and somewhat heavy looking thighs.%0D %0D No way does she look like a porn film performer.%0D %0D Even slimmed down she still looks short, stumpy, a bit dumpy, and pudgy.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 3501/27/2011

So for DL, the events we will want to watch for the hot guys is on Saturday afternoon for Pairs & Dance, and on Sunday afternoon for Men.

All on NBC.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 3601/27/2011 %0D %0D both good sources of skating competition results, news, articles, photos

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 3701/27/2011

Stay away from the FSU (Female Straight Universe). They ban gay posters or anyone who says other male figure skaters are gay, from the message boards. is a smaller board, but I have never seen them ban a gay poster. is actually a pretty good site. If you want to know how good, go to Canada's They update maybe once a week, there are no pictures of any event, only behind the scenes footage of known heterosexuals - about 50% of the clips are Patrick Chan. No wonder Brian Orser has made excuses to avoid attending the Canadian Championships for the last 3 years.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 3801/28/2011

US women have DOMINATED figure skating for over 50 years. Now they are taking a back seat to Japan.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 3901/28/2011

[quote]US women have DOMINATED figure skating for over 50 years. Now they are taking a back seat to Japan.

And Korea, and most likely in the next decade, China as well.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 4001/28/2011

how is the fat red headed girl with thick legs doing?

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 4101/28/2011

The Asian domination of figure skating will completely push it out of North America and Europe. Figure Skating will become like Sumo competitions. 15 years from now, American tourists will buy tickets to "these shows with skaters dancing on the ice" they have in Tokyo and Beijing. This is the reason the ISU gave up on Europe and North America.

Korea is a world of it's own, they really don't follow or care what is happening anywhere outside their own country. The Korean fans arrive at the competitions, for their skaters only and leave immediately after wards.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 4201/28/2011

Even in the US. The top six after the short, 3 of the ladies are Asian.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 4301/28/2011

Is Ryan Bradley skating this week?

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 4401/28/2011

Alissa Czisny is the fan favorite. Ryan Bradley is apparently a really nice guy who gets along with everyone off the ice, sort of like the extreme opposite of Canada's Patrick Chan.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 4501/28/2011

Patrick Chan is wonderful. Shy. Not in your face like those sequined dudes

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 4601/28/2011

R46 = Skate Canada PR bot

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 4701/28/2011

It's turning into a feel good story for Ryan Bradley. Ancient by skating standards, beaten and forgotten, he's currently sitting atop the standings over favorites Abbott and Mroz! It's like Rudy Gallindo 2011!

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 4801/28/2011

Good for Bradley, but he is very inconsistent with his jumps, and his spins are slow. He's a ham and that helps detract from his deficiencies in skating skills. Let's see if he can hold on in the free skate.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 4901/28/2011

Ryan is a super nice guy, but his skating is sooo cheezy.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 5001/28/2011

I like the trend in men's skating fashion that the outfits would be suitable to wear on the city streets.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 5101/28/2011

Forgot to add, this is the guy who said in the Kiss n Cry to him mom, laughingly, "I'm not gay!" He can be the next "hetero" icon of US Figure Skating.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 5201/28/2011

We are obligated to support family first. So that means Abbott, Rippon, Dyer and Miner to start off with.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 5301/28/2011

"I like the trend in men's skating fashion that the outfits would be suitable to wear on the city streets."

Someone should tell it to the the short program at Euro Champs 2 days ago there were some horrible outfits barely wearable on the ice arena

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 5401/29/2011

So sad to see Adam Rippon down in the ranks. Maybe he is having too much fun and not working hard enough.

Where is Evan "Tiny Meat" Lysacek? I thought the USFSA wouldn't even start the competition until this closeted queen showed. I'm sure they will find a photo op girl for him, he doesn't need to bring his own.

A little bit of Abbott cleavage, although the picture quality is poor. Spandex is your friend Jeremy.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 5501/29/2011

Adam's not known to be a slacker. He's probably having growing pains, adjusting to his new height. Evan hasn't announced that he is retiring but he's not competing this season. He will skate a special exhibition on Sunday evening.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 5601/29/2011

Ego has permanently destroyed Evan Lysacek. Ego has also, permanently destroyed Johnny Weir.

Neither one is mentally capable of winning another competition.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 5701/29/2011

I'm getting too much pussy to compete!

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 5801/29/2011

Evan Lysacek is not exactly the "Rocket Scientist" of the figure skating world. That title belongs more to Scott Dyer. Evan Lysacek holds up the other end of the spectrum though, aka "keep twirling on the ice there princess, coffee's not ready yet".

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 5901/29/2011

The last couple that skated ( the guy whose mom died) were very elegant and did a great job.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 6001/29/2011

That was a very nice skate indeed! I've never heard of either of them before.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 6101/29/2011

Notice they always have to mention when the male skater on the ice is married or engaged or seeing or interested in a woman.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 6201/29/2011

what kind of underwear do skaters wear under tight pants?

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 6301/29/2011

Does anyone else think you are looking at Princess Fiona from Shrek while watching Rachel Flatt skate?

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 6401/29/2011

What is is with all these competitors, ala ridiculous American Idol contestants, blathering on about how the most important thing about their perfomance is to have fun out there? It is ludicrous and infuriating. Audiences are expecting you to deliver on your years of honing and perfecting your talent to be worthy of being watched by us. Whether you are "having fun" out there is the least of my concerns - and it should be yours too.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 6501/29/2011

R62 you really need to look north to Canada if you want to see that type thing - extreme version.

Skate Canada started a campaign, in 2008, to flush out all gay skaters from competition for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Called "Tough", it was introduced at the Skate Canada meeting in September 2008. Canada's 2 top male skaters (then World Gold Medalist Jeff Buttle and Canadian Silver Medalist Chris Mabee) "retired" within 10 days of the meeting. So you can imagine what was said behind closed doors.

For the first time in 40 years, the entire Skate Canada team sent to Vancouver, was 100 percent heterosexual male - all talking (bragging) about their heterosexuality in public.

ABC World News exposed it, April 30th, 2009 but Skate Canada basically ignored the ABC story. The Canadian gay media was under extreme pressure from the Prime Ministers office and the IOC, to stay away from the Olympics and publicly said nothing about it.

For their silence, EGALE Canada was sold a crock of lemons about a Gay House. Later, the IOC never officially acknowledged Gay House. Gay House became nothing more than an office front in the city, during the Olympics, that gays visiting for the Olympics were encouraged to drop by. Very few showed up, as it never got any official association with, or promotion by, the IOC. The Canadian Gay community got sucker punched.

Figure Skating is one of the rare areas where the USA is far ahead of Canada on the fair treatment of Gays. One day, somebody is going to write a book about this dark era in Canada's LGBT history or include what actually happened, in an autobiography.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 6601/29/2011

I miss Katarina Witt.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 6701/29/2011

I heard somebody say it was the Smuckers US Figure Skating Championships, but I checked the site and it is still the AT&T US Figure Skating I guess the USFSA did not sell out to Christian Jam Co.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 6801/29/2011

What I wouldn't give to shoot my jizz in Charlie White's hair.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 6901/29/2011

I have a question - if you have trained every day of your young life for the last 4 or 5 years to land a triple lutz, why the hell are these bitches falling on their asses all over the ice when they attempt them? I mean, I expect a skilled surgeon to perform delicate operations successfully all the time because they have been trained. It's the same thing here, the only difference being it's kinda slippery.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 7001/29/2011

Yeah, nobody cares about the Ladies, because an asian woman will be winning.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 7101/29/2011

Rachel Flatt could still have a future in skating, if the ever re-mount "Muppets on Ice" she'd be the ideal Miss Piggy.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 7201/29/2011

Something is very wrong with the ice, every girl has fallen...not one clean program.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 7301/29/2011

Midori Ito wouldn't have fallen!

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 7401/29/2011

[quote]Midori Ito wouldn't have fallen!

91 Worlds

92 Olympics

Enough said!

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 7501/29/2011

Czisny's dress looks like it's gotten caught in a few doorways. I like her, but I don't trust her mettle. She exudes a feeling of sympathy from me, but I'm glad she won. %0D %0D Flatt resembles a young Viv Vance. That was lot of pressure skating last as a defending champ. %0D %0D Nagusa choked again.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 7601/29/2011

[quote]Flatt resembles a young Viv Vance. That was lot of pressure skating last as a defending champ%0D %0D LOL, I couldn't agree more on that.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 7701/29/2011

Don't think it was the ice, R73. What a lackluster field.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 7801/29/2011

Flatt looks like she should be driving a minivan and delivering her kids to school. She has no neck, no posture and no chance of getting near a medal at Worlds

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 7901/29/2011

News from the European championships yesterday: Florent Amodio is adorable. See his outfit at the link.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 8001/30/2011

Another news from the European championships is the "dream of her life becoming true" type of story for Sarah Meier. Her last competition, in front of her home crowd, the last skater to dance....and her first gold medal. The only clean routine in a, frankly, horrible competition

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 8101/30/2011

[quote]Flatt resembles a young Viv Vance. That was lot of pressure skating last as a defending champ.

Which brings us to the inevitable 'Lucy as Mame' comparison. Lucy was set to compete in the 1973 Nationals as a tie-in to her movie.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 8201/30/2011

"Florent Amodio is adorable. See his outfit at the link."

I think his FP is a bit too "galaesque" When he sees the score, he did a little dance to celebrate

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 8301/30/2011

Photos I've taken for you, datalounge, at the US Nationals this weekend:

The Pairs Podium (from left, Rockne Brubaker, Jeremy Barrett, champion John Coughlin and Mark Ladwig):

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 8401/30/2011

Adorable Ice Dancer Ian Lorello:

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 8501/30/2011

And for you Charlie White fans, the Dance Podium:

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 8601/30/2011

Not sure if this pic does him justice, but ice dancer Logan Giulietti-Schmitt is a sculpted thing of beauty also:

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 8701/30/2011

And one more of the Pairs podium that you might enjoy:

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 8801/30/2011

That pairs podium has got to be a lineup of the UGLIEST GUYS in US figure skating. Yuck!!!! I heard John Coughlin is a great guy in person, so I will accept him, providing he keeps his clothes on.

Men singles has the all the lookers, outside of Charlie White. Having said that, only figure skater in Canada right now, who doesn't look like a turd, is Joey Russell. So the USA is doing much, much better, but ONLY when the mens singles podium is factored in.

(I am beginning to think skaters mom's must post here, who else would think those pairs skaters are hot?)

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 8901/30/2011

Mark Ludwig has serious cleavage

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 9001/30/2011

Indeed, r83. I'm just watching the repeat coverage on the BBC and the commentators said you could be forgiven for forgetting it wasn't a gala performance.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 9101/30/2011

Coming up at 4:00 the real Princesses of US Figure Skating.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 9201/30/2011

Weir won the Readers Award of a major figure skating magazine. It was presented at half time of the men's long program competition. He's the only person besides Michele Kwas to win the award more than once! He thanked the fans and encouraged skaters to be themselves.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 9301/30/2011

Adam Rippon is twink supreme!

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 9401/30/2011

The Indian (??) guy had a really nice routine.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 9501/30/2011

Yes he did, he was quite elegant.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 9601/30/2011

That indian guy seemed kind of gay.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 9701/30/2011

Jeremy Abbott falls off the podium and the world team

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 9801/30/2011

Hottie bubblebutt Ryan Bradley is the winner! I like how he yelped like he just got goosed when he found out he won the title.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 9901/30/2011

Jeremy Abbott will have to be put on suicide watch

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 10001/30/2011

Safe to say, the Japanese and Canada's Patrick Chan probably won't be feeling all that threatened when they see the U.S. lineup for worlds.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 10101/30/2011

Jeremy Abbot just tweeted....

To those who skated their best Congrats and well deserved. As 4 me I am sorry. Just wasn't my year I guess. Regroup / refocus 4 the future.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 10201/30/2011

I thought Ryan Bradley was adorable until in the post-tournament interview he spoke about himself in the third person. Such a turn-off.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 10301/30/2011

This is a fundamental shift in the mens power structure.

Ryan Bradley is too old to compete in 2014, so he is really just keeping a younger skater from getting a head start for 2014.

They seem to be "heterosexualizing" Ross Miner already (MTV leak), so Richard Dornbush gets the Tiara as the gay communities new favorite.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 10401/30/2011

So R104 do you think Ryan Bradley should bow out of the up-coming World Championships and allow the younger skaters go in his place?

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 10501/30/2011

He won't but that would be the best thing for the USA R105. Ryan Bradley should retire before Worlds, freeing up his spot for somebody who will still be young enough to compete in 2014.

Funny........ Johnny & Evan left and the entire US mens team imploded. Not one of those scores, is anywhere near a podium spot at Worlds. I guess team USA is going to sit on the sidelines this year.

2011 Mens Worlds podium will be Japan/Canada/Japan.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 10601/30/2011

So R106 if you were the head of the USFSA you would pull Ryan Bradley out of the Worlds and replace him with the two younger skaters.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 10701/30/2011

Bradley was overscored for that long program. He still belonged on the podium. But it should have been a closer call between first and second. Abbott imploded.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 10801/30/2011

Abbott was horrendous. Also hated all the cutesy-custesy faces he was making in the kiss and cry area.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 10901/30/2011

Why is Abbott so unlikable? I'm trying to put my finger on it. No matter, his inconsistency and guaranteed implosions are an embarassment to US skating.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 11001/30/2011

I LOVED that hot middle eastern male skater! Beautiful ass and HUGE bulge!

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 11101/30/2011

Jeremy Abbott's short program was thrilling and brilliant!%0D %0D And exquisitely executed!

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 11201/30/2011

Yes his the shape of his ass was accented perfectly by his suit and he skated beautifully! What's his name?

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 11301/30/2011

I thought Adam Ripon's program was gorgeous, exquisite, very artistic, thrilling, and beautifully executed.%0D %0D He has a bright future.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 11401/30/2011

Ryan Bradley was drastically and dramatically over-scored for his long program.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 11501/30/2011

The middle eastern skater is about 4 feet 11 inches tall and is tiny, tiny, tiny - a little midget of a fellow - a pocket person.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 11601/30/2011

Does anyone know the name of the Middle Eastern skater? I'm trying to find the video on Youtube. TIA

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 11701/30/2011

Armin Mahbanoozadeh

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 11801/30/2011

Armin Mahbanoozadeh, and his ass!

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 11901/30/2011

I watched most of NBC's two hour broadcast today. Which male figure skater is NOT gay? Every one I saw I strongly believe is gay except the one that did the Hulk program, Keegan Messing. Despite Ryan Bradley's denials it is obvious he is gay. Adam Rippon is beautiful. I hope he improves and makes it to the Olympics.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 12001/30/2011

Ryan Bradley is not gay, get over it.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 12101/30/2011


by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 12201/30/2011

Charlie White is not gay - and lots of other male pairs skaters and male ice dancers are not gay.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 12301/30/2011

[quote]Ryan Bradley was drastically and dramatically over-scored for his long program%0D %0D Not true, his artistic performace clinched the gold.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 12401/30/2011

Thanks, R118 & R119. He is adorable and looks so young...

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 12501/30/2011

R124, Ryan Bradley's long program was very sloppy and sloppily executed.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 12601/30/2011

I eat old people's excrement!

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 12701/30/2011


by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 12801/30/2011

Every performance was bad today. The entire mens podium is 30 points less than what they are competing against internationally. The USFSA shouldn't have even awarded the medals this year.

Ryan Bradly is not my type so I don't care if he is a closet case or not. I find it ironic that the biggest story at nationals was Johnny Weir's presentation. It tells you a lot about what has been happening externally.

........and the 2011 World Championship goes to Daihatsu Takahashi (because Patrick Chan peaked too early)

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 12901/30/2011

Armin Mahbanoozadeh is 19 and gay.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 13001/30/2011

What is the upper age limit to compete in figure skating at the Olympics? Since when? Is there an upper age limit for Worlds or US Nationals?

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 13101/30/2011

[quote]What is the upper age limit to compete in figure skating at the Olympics? Since when? Is there an upper age limit for Worlds or US Nationals?%0D %0D There is no age limit but Ryan Bradley is 27. At the next Olympics, he will be over 30 years old. This was probably the best he could ever hope to skate, and he was still about 30 points shy of what the top men in the world can do.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 13201/30/2011

It's sadly ironic that Johnny's message of inclusion should be at the same event where the winning men's program was a comedy routine deriding an effeminate fop.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 13301/30/2011

Bradley will get eaten alive at World's. The international judges HATE his style of skating.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 13401/30/2011

Ryan Bradley is gay gayer gayest!

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 13501/30/2011

[quote]Bradley will get eaten alive at World's. The international judges HATE his style of skating%0D %0D You wish.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 13601/30/2011

Bradley has been to World's twice and never finished higher than 15th. His cheezy antics only appeal to flabby American flyover fraus.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 13701/30/2011

[quote]Why is Abbott so unlikable?

He tries so hard to be charming, but of course real charm requires no work.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 13801/30/2011

No thoughts on Mr. Dornbush?

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 13901/30/2011

The 2nd tier men in singles were really good today. I wasn't surprised to see Abbott have problems, although he did have a very nice first half of his program. I also wasn't surprised to see Ryan have some nerves and make a couple of mistakes with his quads. He fought back well though and I was happy that he won after all these years.

Ryan is supposedly straight, but he could also be gay. Don't you think he pinged when he made those excited, girlish screams when he found out he won?

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 14001/30/2011

"Ryan Bradley should retire before Worlds, freeing up his spot for somebody who will still be young enough to compete in 2014."

Oh, please. No way should Ryan have to give up his spot. He worked hard over the last year and earned it.

And Ryan can still compete in 2014 if he skates well.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 14101/30/2011

"I watched most of NBC's two hour broadcast today. Which male figure skater is NOT gay?"

I agree. I saw all the NBC coverage today and thought the same thing. I have pretty good gaydar and practically every single US male single skater who skated today was gay.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 14201/30/2011

I think Joubert is finished unfortunately, R80.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 14301/30/2011

Who was the guy the winner was hugging afterward? Not his coach. I heard the announcer call him his partner?

Did I hear right?

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 14401/30/2011

OP you're funny! I used to train with Brubaker....he's a sweetie, and has an even sweeter ass. His brother Colin, not so much.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 14501/30/2011

R144, as far as I know Ryan Bradley hugged his sister and his coach.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 14601/30/2011

NO, towards the end, He hugs some other guy that came from backstage somewhere.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 14701/30/2011

Any other details about Rockne or his ass, R145?

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 14801/30/2011

I don't know, R147, but I doubt they would out Ryan or refer to his partner on national t.v.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 14901/30/2011

Richard Dornbush has major gay face, I hope he doesn't lie like others do. The Frau's & Daughters who make up 99% of figure skating fans, won't notice he is gay, so he should be true to himself and he will skate better. We need photos of his ass, before we can make any further comments.

Look a the second photo (link) for proof of Ryan Bradly's sexuality.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 15001/31/2011

Although it would have been highly unusual to do so, Abbott's status as a former two-time national champion and 2010 Olympian possibly could have been enough for the international committee to pick him over the silver and bronze medalists, Richard Dornbush and Ross Miner. But the committee stuck to tradition and went with the three medalists -- led by new U.S. champion Ryan Bradley.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 15101/31/2011

Abbott always crashes at Worlds and he is too old for 2014. If he was on the podium, even once at Worlds or the Olympics, they may have.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 15201/31/2011

r151, I was at the Nationals this weekend and actually had an interesting discussion about that situation with a USFSA official. In '92 or '94, the USFSA skipped over Mark Mitchell, who'd medaled at Nationals, in order to send Todd Eldridge to the Olympics. Todd had sat out Nationals with a bad back, then went on to bomb at the Olys while Mitchell seethed at home. The hard feelings that scenario caused in the skating community are still remembered.

Flash forward to this year, when a good case could be made to send Jeremy Abbott to Worlds instead of Ross Miner, in order to have at least one somewhat internationally known and respected man on our team and perhaps increase our chances of hanging onto 3 Men's spots for next year's Worlds. But coincidentally Ross Miner, who'd be skipped over in that scenario, is coached by none other than the last guy it happened to, Mark Mitchell. So they stuck with their recent policy of just sending the top 3 finishers at Nationals.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 15301/31/2011

R153 Todd won a Bronze Medal at the previous worlds, which allowed the US to send 3 men to the Olympics. Plus Todd was much more well known to international judges.

Because another Olympics was going to be in two years (94) a compromise was made. Paul Wylie at 27 would go to the Olympics. And then his spot for Worlds would go to Mark Mitchell.

The feeling was that Mitchell could go to the Olympics in two years, rather than four.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 15401/31/2011

Ryan got 10 extra points for mouthing the words "Mom, I'm Not Gay" in the kiss and cry.

Check the updated COP manual. Look under the Skate Canada clause. The points carry over for 3 years.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 15501/31/2011

The judges took marked Jeremy Abbott down because he insisted on wearing an earring.

They have told him repeatedly to take the earring off, but Jeremy has refused. So they marked him down, which made the difference between third and a spot on the World Team and fourth place.

Watch next year, Jeremy will skate sans earring.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 15601/31/2011

But, his earring is in the heterosexual ear, so why would they have a problem with that? It doesn't matter anyways, figure skating is fast becoming an Asian sport.

I can see a future where American, Canadian or European skaters take on Korean, Chinese or Japanese citizenship to compete in the Olympics. Asia will have the money and training facilities. Figure Skating over here will become like Badminton, a microsport.

Show skating is basically dead. The success of show skating is the public feedback on figure skating. When the show skating numbers collapse, it all collapses.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 15701/31/2011

Yes, R150, that is the part where Ryan Bradley screamed like a little girl when he won. I referred to that part above. It's what made me realize that he may be gay afterall.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 15801/31/2011

Interestingly, Jeremy Abbott wore the tiny earring up on top of his ear, rather than at the bottom of his ear.%0D %0D I am still thrilled by Jeremy Abbott's short program - it was thrilling, exciting, fierce, stunning, extremely well-executed.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 15901/31/2011

If Jeremy Abbott doesn't get his act together, he won't be getting any more trips to the Worlds.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 16001/31/2011

R159 that is the earring the judges objected to.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 16101/31/2011

I doubt he was marked down for the earring. The judges marked him well for his short program, and would have done so for his long had he not fallen on his ass.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 16201/31/2011

He only started wearing the earring this year. After his first international, the judges pulled him aside about it. But he ignored their advice

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 16301/31/2011

Let's discuss Ryan Bradley's ass. What did we think of it? To me it was best viewable in the short program.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 16401/31/2011

The US mens podium is easily the best looking podium in the world - except Fugly Bradley. Replace Fugly Bradley with Stephen Carriere and OH YEAH! Top 4 bottoms in figure skating.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 16501/31/2011

I disagree, R165. You're probably the same poster on this thread who said Rockne Brubaker is ugly.

Ryan Bradley is not Ryan Phillippe. But he is nice-looking and a lot taller and beefier than those other scrawny guys.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 16601/31/2011

Eww. Stephen Carriere is fugly too.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 16701/31/2011

So was anyone here at the event?

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 16801/31/2011

Stephen Carrier is my pick for the sexiest guy currently in US figure skating. How can you say this guy is anything but? Yes I think Rockne is ugly, the entire world, outside of females, thinks Rockne is a fug. Plus, Stephen has the mousey gay voice which adds to his sexiness.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 16901/31/2011

Rockne is very hot and sexy, and is popular with women, gay men, and corporate sponsors. That's how he landed Coke and 24 Hour Fitness.

He has smoldering Italian looks.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 17001/31/2011

R170 is Rockne's Mom.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 17101/31/2011

Does Rockne have a girlfriend?

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 17201/31/2011

[quote]that is the earring the judges objected to%0D %0D Funny, I was very distracted by that stupid earring that Jeremy was wearing on the top of his earlope. He didn't look cool, just stupid with it on.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 17301/31/2011

[quote]I doubt he was marked down for the earring%0D %0D Many judges found it a distaction, according to the reporters.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 17401/31/2011

Ryan is cute, has very pretty eyes.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 17501/31/2011

Jeremy needs to get his head together or he won't be going to any more World Championships.

He also better get himself a quad - fast.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 17601/31/2011

Jeremy already has a quad, landed repeatedly in competition, but not regularity.

The big problem with Jeremy now, is the attention he is getting. Jeremy is a very emotionally needy person and when given attention for something he does, he will stop doing it because he is getting the attention he needs. The biggest thing that hurts Jeremy now, is the possibility that he will return to unknown status, that all his twitter followers will leave, that is what he really fears. His low profile image is NOT from choice, it is a way of addressing him pain, versus Weir/Lysacek. He hates that they get more attention.

If Y&J put him in a fan void, make him close his twitter and facebook until he wins again, Jeremy will do anything to get it back. If they let him wallow in his defeat and the pity fans throw on him, he will keep getting the attention he needs and never win again. Realize what his real need is and use it. Jeremy does not need to win gold, he needs to be popular.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 17702/01/2011

Why do I get a vibe that Alissa and her hot male coach - Jason - are getting it on? The Asian wife looks like an afterthought.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 17802/01/2011

The judges are allowed to mark-down a skater for their appearance on the ice.

Everything from their costume to their haircut to their make-up

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 17902/01/2011

"Jeremy already has a quad, landed repeatedly in competition, but not regularity."

This statement is contradictory, and that's only the beginning of its problems. He can't be landing it repeatedly if he's not doing it regularly.

He may have done it a few times over the years, but it has been very unreliable, particularly over the past year, and that's what matters.

He wasn't able to do it at the Olympics or Worlds last year, and didn't even bother to ATTEMPT it at Nationals last week.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 18002/01/2011

R178, that Asian wife is former world champion Yuka Sato...she didn't just fall off a dump truck! Let's hope Jason is keeping it in his pants. I feel so old when I see Yuka coaching...I remember the days when she was in the shadow of Midori Ito.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 18102/01/2011

Rockne sendin some love to DL.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 18202/01/2011

Is Rockne gay-friendly?

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 18302/01/2011

[quote]that Asian wife is former world champion Yuka Sato...she didn't just fall off a dump truck! Let's hope Jason is keeping it in his pants. I feel so old when I see Yuka coaching...I remember the days when she was in the shadow of Midori Ito.

Which was a shame, Yuka is a beautiful skater and had the softest knees of any woman during that time. I was happy she won the worlds and she did have a nice professional career. Ito stayed in Japan for the most part since her endorsements and sponsors were there but Yuka performed for many years as a professional. After Kyoko Ina decided she wanted to stay in the eligible ranks and team with John Zimmerman Yuka took up pairs skating with Dunjen.

Speaking of Ito, I read maybe about a year ago she was still hitting her triple axel at 40 years old. No female skater has come close to landing the triple axel with the speed, height, and accuracy that Ito and for a short time Tonya Harding had.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 18402/01/2011

So what do we think of John Zimmerman's new career as a coach?

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 18502/01/2011

John Zimmerman is the "Keanu Reeves" of figure skating. Will the 7 year old girls like being call "Dude"?

Ross Miner is the Athlete type who gets fat quickly, when he stops competing - watch.

After this years Nationals, I almost get the feeling that the USFSA has given up. Like there is about to be a massive change in the guard.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 18602/02/2011

So R186 are you acknowledging that there is not much the USFSA can do to keep the gays out anymore?

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 18702/02/2011

I just listened to the theme song from the USFSA's Movie "Rise" . It sucked eggs...I mean it was BAD........... It sounds like a butch of 60 year old hippies in some basement, making the song up as they go along. If this is any indication of what the rest of the film is like, I feel sorry for the next generation of athletes, who will be getting less training because the USFSA has to pay off the debt incurred making this lemon of a movie.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 18802/02/2011

I don't think the USFSA has given up when it comes to men's skating, but I think they want to break the selection crap that the 3 top men at nationals automatically go to worlds & Olympics. This is the perfect time to do it, in a year after the Games. If Team B does better at the Four Continents then Team A does at Worlds, the USFSA will then have the perfect excuse to change the method of selecting it's National teams. Why else send Jeremy, Adam and Armin to 4CC? %0D %0D BTW - Whoever upthread called Jeremy on his emotional neediness got it right on the money.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 18902/02/2011

Is Rockne Gay Friendly? Ask his boyfriend....

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 19002/02/2011

Boyfriend, R190? I don't think Rockne is gay, unfortunately.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 19102/02/2011

ROSS MINER is the new EVAN LYSACEK, as far as US Figure Skating is concerned. That is why they decayed JEREMY ABBOTT into 4th. Expect a lot of "ROSS ogles girls" statements to come out in the next 3 years. You were warned. So long BRANDON MROZ it has been trivial.

DREW MEEKINS seems to be the HOUSE MOM of gay male figure skaters. Has anyone noticed that? I wonder if DREW is willing part of the control structure, keeping gay skaters in the closet, in exchange for his SARAH&DREW blog promotion? That would make him a sell out, even though he convinces himself he does it for their own good. How easily manipulated he is.

R191 is one of those females who posts messages saying "Do you think this guy is hot?, do you think this guy is hot"..... YOU CAN'T HAVE HIM HE IS STRAIGHT!!!!!". You have psychological issues to deal with there R191, R182 and so on. In the gay male dominated world of figure skating, any guy who doesn't have sex with another guy, is too ugly to have sex with.

It seems that all of North American figure skating is now concentrated in either COLORADO SPRINGS or DETROIT. What happened to Canada's legendary MARIPOSA? How can Canada be proud of it's medal count, when it has to ship athletes out of the country, for years, to ever win medals? If you ship Canadian steel to Japan to become a LEXUS, nobody will think the LEXUS is a Canadian car, because it is made with Canadian raw materials. Canadian figure skating has problems.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 19202/03/2011

A lot more detail can be found in the "Homophobia in Figure Skating"

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 19302/03/2011

The US ladies are stank. The men's field has never been more deep or diverse. Unfortunately, the men are not marketable. They are either ugly straight guys or flaming queens who wouldn't sell Wheaties or Campbell's soup

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 19402/03/2011

FU R192. You're such an opionionated little faggot.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 19502/03/2011

One of you bitches needs to post this picture of Evan and Calvin Klein's pornstar boyfriend/prostitute on FSUniverse or any of the other frau dominated boards.

Put on the heading-

EVAN LYSACEK PARTIES WITH GAY PROSTITUTES AND PORN STARS! That should put the fraus on there in cardiac arrest.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 19602/03/2011

Sounds like R195 is headed down Denial river.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 19702/03/2011

"The US ladies are stank. The men's field has never been more deep or diverse."

Except for the small fact that the US men are probably going to have trouble getting on the World podium.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 19802/03/2011

Alyssa Czysny is fabulous in every way.%0D %0D Ms. Wagner is a wonderful skater.%0D %0D The asian Murai is a great skater.%0D %0D The women's field has great depth and expertise and charm.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 19902/03/2011

U.S. women's skating still hasn't recovered from the departure of Michelle Kwan

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 20002/03/2011

On DL, Michelle Kwan is called Michelle RepubliKwan, as she is a big GW Bush and Republican party supporter. The USA as a whole, has still not recovered from the Republicans.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 20102/03/2011

I don't care about her political affiliation. She was a great figure skater and won 5 world titles.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 20202/03/2011

Does that picture of Evan Lysacek at R196 scream "I Am Evan Tiny Meat" or what????

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 20302/03/2011

How can you tell his cock size based on a photo?

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 20402/03/2011

Jeremy Abbott has the best butt on the podium. Check out the video at link

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 20502/03/2011

I'll grant you that Jeremy has a nice ass, but nice asses are quite common in figure skating. Jeremy has one of the better ones in the U.S., but he loses out to Brian Joubert and others internationally.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 20602/03/2011

Evan Lysacek hangs around with Vera Wang a whole lot - Evan and Vera are seen at lots of events together and he has dinner with her frequently.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 20702/03/2011

I see that Evan is at the medal ceremony, pinging away as usual

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 20802/03/2011

Yes, Evan attended the National Figure Skating Championships in Greensboro last week. He skated in the Exhibitions which occur on the last day. The Exhibitions will be televised this coming weekend on NBC.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 20902/03/2011

[quote]I don't care about her political affiliation. She was a great figure skater and won 5 world titles.

She should have retired after 2002 and 2 or 3 of her 5 titles should have gone to other skaters.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 21002/03/2011

1. Guys with tiny meat religiously wear black pants, because black doesn't reflect the light and it is hard to tell.

2. Guys with tiny meat also have naturally high voices and have to consciously lower their voice. Male voice is determined by the size of the gonads.

Evan Lysacek pretends to date women, so on a courage level, he also gets the tiny meat of the year award. But in Evan's case, this is also a physical truth. Check it out, no bulge.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 21102/03/2011

Evan Lysacek has a very low voice. His voice is not high at all.%0D %0D But he does have gay inflection and gay intonation in his voice when he speaks without thinking first.%0D %0D He also has sort of a gay sing-song voice when he speaks without thinking first.%0D %0D But his voice is LOW.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 21202/03/2011

Which skaters would those be R210? You can't possibly mean Irina Slutskaya who was arguably the most ridiculously overscored skater in history. She was a sloppy mess and like all Russian skaters, whined and cried every time she wasn't handed a gold medal.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 21302/03/2011

About the new US Silver Medalist Richard Dornbush.

His parents pulled him from the California Public Educational system and Home-Schooled him. Here is a quote from Dornbush's CHEA (Christian Home Educators Association of California) site.

"It is a major contributor to the ongoing demise of the economy and the character of a nation. Moreover, the massive rise in homosexuality in the last generation may be directly attributed to the failure of fatherhood.

In his book Bringing Up Boys, Dr. James Dobson ascribes the number one nurture factor in the incidence of homosexuality to "the lack of a loving and respectful relationship with a father."

......and they enrolled him in Figure Skating??? Welcome to Figure Skating, US Silver Medalist, Richard Dornbush.... have you met Johnny Weir?

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 21402/03/2011

Lu Chen should have won in 96, Kwan was overscored in the short program in the 02 Olympics and Sasha Cohen should have won nationals in 2000 considering she fell in her short program.

Kwan was boring to watch and should have turned pro after the 2002 Olympics.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 21502/03/2011

Bitch Kwan was greedy for Olympic gold despite her reliable embarassing gaffes whenever performing on that global stage. Like the Japs at Pearl Harbor, she should have never been trusted by the US team officials to come through.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 21602/03/2011

FSU bans gays? Bwah ha ha ha ha! This poster is either being facetious or has never actually read FSU.

And sorry, this mature lady figure skating friend has NEVER, EVER seen Rachael Flatt as of younger version of moi. At least I hope I was never that boring.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 21702/03/2011

Actually, I'm pretty sure all pro football players are gay. I mean, come on! They wear shiny, skin tight pants, and they're always smacking each other's asses.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 21802/03/2011

R212, do you really think Evan has a low voice? Are you kidding me? Most men have a much deeper voice than that?

I'm not saying he has to sound like Christopher Lee, but don't pretend he has a deep voice. He has high-pitched voice.

Try listening to some men every day, and you will see that 90% of them have a lower voice than Evan.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 21902/03/2011

What is it with Evan and Vera Wang? She really does look like a hag in that pic. I thought she had more class than to show up at a birthday bash for a prostitute/porn star. She was shown on the jumbotron sitting with Evan at nationals and quickly turned and looked mortified.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 22002/04/2011

I'm so tired of hearing what a great skater Kwan was. She choked when it counted. How is that so great? I'm just saying.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 22102/04/2011

R221 = Tara Lipinksi%0D %0D Kwan won 9 National Championships and 5 World Championships. You can hardly call that choking. True, she never got the Olympic Gold, but no one in their right mind would put someone like Sarah Hughes in Kwan's league. Janet Lynn, for example, is considered one of the best figure skaters ever and she never wone even a single World title.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 22202/04/2011

Is anyone on this board thinking of going to Tokyo for the Worlds? I live in Mobile, Alabama and I'm looking for a platonic travel mate.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 22302/04/2011

R221 Kwan is the most decorated US skater (male or female) in sports history. No one can take that away from her.

The fact is Kwan's greatest performances have been when she was the hunter and not the hunted.

With the exception of her National titles (which she could have won in her sleep) whenever she has defended a title or was the favorite going into a competition she choked.

But when she was the underdog going into a competition she could perform brilliantly.

Even when she defended her world title in 2001, she wasn't the favorite going in. It was Irina Slutskaya, and Kwan turned in a great performance.

I still think if she was injury free, she could have won the 2006 Olympics. She wasn't the favorite going in and it was all Irina Slutskaya or Sasha Cohen.

Shizuka Arakawa who won did no triple/triple jumps and only did five triples cleanly. That was an easily beatable performance. But the other women left door open for Shizuka Arakawa.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 22402/04/2011

Gag me. No one CARES that she was national champ. Big fat deal. People act like she's the second coming of Christ. I'm sick of the bitch.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 22502/04/2011

She is also five-time World Champ and two-time Olympic Medalist.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 22602/04/2011

[quote]I still think if she was injury free, she could have won the 2006 Olympics. She wasn't the favorite going in and it was all Irina Slutskaya or Sasha Cohen.

No she wouldn't have. Kwan fangurls are deluded. She couldn't do the points grabbing spirals or spins that the other girls were doing.

Leave it to Kwan fangurls to turn a thread about the 2011 nationals into something about Michelle Kwan.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 22702/04/2011

Hmm maybe you are right R227.

I'm not a fangurls, but I forgot that her signature spiral was marked a level 1! That was at the 2005 Worlds (her last competition).

That is the lowest level you can get for a spiral.

She never competed under the new system, cause she skipped all grand prix events, so she never got used to it. So she was unfamiliar with how the scoring was done.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 22802/04/2011

Michelle RepubliKwan is the Anne Coulter of Figure Skating. That is all....

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 22902/04/2011

R219, you are flat out wrong. Evan Lysacek has a low voice.%0D %0D You are also idiotic.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 23002/04/2011

R230, you are the one who doesn't seem to know what a deep male voice sounds like.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 23102/04/2011

As I said at R212:%0D %0D Evan does have gay inflection and gay intonation in his voice when he speaks without thinking first.%0D %0D He also has sort of a gay sing-song voice when he speaks without thinking first.%0D %0D But his voice is LOW.%0D %0D R231, R219, you seem intent upon casting Evan as nelly and a nancy-boy, when he is not.%0D %0D I get the feeling that you have seen very few of Evan's interviews during his past skating and during Dancing with the Stars. If you had seen a lot of these interviews, you would not be trying to cast him as nelly.%0D %0D

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 23202/04/2011

Did you guys know this porn actress used to be a skater? She claims she was in training for the Olympic trials at one point:

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 23302/04/2011

R232, I'm not trying to cast him as a nelly-boy. I don't have enough strong opinions about Evan one way or another to care much about him.

But I don't think he has a deep voice. As I said, if you want to know what a deep voice sounds like, listen to Christopher Lee, James Earl Jones or Tom Baker.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 23402/04/2011

I didn't say Evan's voice is DEEP. I said his voice is low - as opposed to being high.%0D %0D Just a few minutes ago, you were saying that 'all regular men' have a low voice.%0D %0D Now you're suddenly saying that only 'Christopher Lee, James Earl Jones or Tom Baker' type voices are low voices.%0D %0D You don't know what you are talking about NOR DO YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT EVAN LYSACEK.%0D %0D So it is best that you keep quiet since you know so little about Evan and know so little about voices.%0D %0D %0D

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 23502/04/2011

Calm down, drama queen at R235. I know plenty about Evan Lysacek - perhaps more than you. I watch a lot of figure skating and saw almost all of his major performances over the past few years, including the Olympics of course, and lots of interviews.

I even happen to remember that he mentioned once he is 25% Italian.

I just don't think his voice is as deep as most men's. The 3 actors I cited where obviously meant as extreme examples of deep voices.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 23602/04/2011

Watch the YouTube clip of the mens medal ceremony, in particular how the 4 medalists reacted to USFSA President, Patrica. The body language will tell you everything you need to know about the current state of US figure skating. Watch who shakes who's hand, how long and who is passed by.

There used to be a YouTube clip, a 2008 shopping tour of Toyko with Evan Lyscacek, Jeff Buttle and Mao Asada. If you can find it, you will hear Evan talk in his naturally, flamingly gay, high pitched voice. Everything else is Yuka Saegusa whacking Evan in the back of the head yelling "bring it down an octave princess!"

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 23702/04/2011

Did Evan have it deleted to hide his gay voice?

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 23802/04/2011

If there truly is a God he wouldn't let Scott Hamilton and Kurt Browning be tv commentators. Listening to those two is a crime againt humanity. They sound like such social jerks and say ridiculous things not to mention their crazy screaming.

If there is a God they would be replaced by John Zimmerman and Fedor Andreev.

Let's face it, Hamilton and Browning have faces for radio and voices for the hearing impaired.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 23902/05/2011

I had a dream last night where Ryan Bradley came out of the closet to the press after realizing late in life that he was gay.

I was disappointed when I woke up!

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 24002/05/2011

I used to know Evan, and he was definitely no stranger to the pussy when he was younger. He did things like make out with girls in hot tubs and had some serious relationships with female skaters prior to Belbin.

He may have just been a big closeted mo as a teenager, but he did date women. Some of my old training partners made their status messages "I made out with Evan Lysacek" to get attention after he won the Olympics.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 24102/05/2011

Tara Lipinski who has been doing commentating recently is horrible at it.%0D %0D I cannot stand listening to her.%0D %0D She has no depth of thought nor depth of expertise, and says really simple-minded dull things.%0D %0D just awful

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 24202/05/2011

is jeremy abbott gay?

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 24302/05/2011

Obviously, R243

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 24402/05/2011

But did Evan actually have sex with a woman, R241?

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 24502/05/2011

Kwan is not a Republican. She just took a job as a diplomatic envoy when Bush was still president. Now she works for Obama and attends fundraisers for the Democratic Party, takes photo-ops with Biden and Clinton, etc.

Yeah she dated that son of a horrible Christian Fundie, but I think she just saw dollar signs and was going through Torino depression. I hope she got over that.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 24602/05/2011

Michelle just needs to go away.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 24702/05/2011

She has. It's the fans and haters that keep bringing her up.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 24802/05/2011

R241, it's possible that Evan may have forced himself to have sex with a woman, but I still find it very difficult to picture him fucking a woman's pussy.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 24902/05/2011

[R245], no idea if he had sex with any of the women he dated. i didn't know him *that* personally. lol.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 25002/05/2011

I see, R250. So the relationships may not have been sexual then. That's my point.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 25102/05/2011

I know this is a thread about US Nationals, but to add to R66 comments about Skate Canada%E2%80%99s homophobic campaign, it is NOT just one thing. It is many things.

1. In September 2008, when Buttle and Mabee retired, Skate Canada failed announce Mabee%E2%80%99s retirement, they only announced Buttles. Mabee announced it on his website as did his hometown newspaper, the Tillsonberg News. Skate Canada announced Mabee's "sudden" retirement, 3 months later. By then December, Mabee had been touring with the cast of HighSchool Musical on Ice, for nearly 1 month. Why did skate Canada hide Mabee%E2%80%99s retirement for 3 months and then lie about the date he decided to retire? What were they afraid of?

2. When Elvis Stojko said %E2%80%9CWe don%E2%80%99t want to obliterate all the gay guys%E2%80%9D %E2%80%9CWE%E2%80%9D meant more than just Elvis. When Elvis said this to ABC News, he was repeating what was already conveyed to him by Skate Canada, in words Skate Canada really, really wished he didn't use. Skate Canada tried to make Elvis the fall guy for this, but the campaign wasn't his idea.

3. In April, after the Olympics, Skate Canada hired Barb MacDonald, the Communications person for One Way Ministries - a Christian Association in Ottawa, linked to James Dobson%E2%80%99s, Focus on the Family. (James Dobson was called the most dangerous anti-gay American alive, by America%E2%80%99s oldest LGBT org, the National Lesbian and Gay Task Force). In June, Barb MacDonald officially left One Way Ministries, but on their website, they say Barb will be continuing to work with them, in an %E2%80%9Cunofficial capacity%E2%80%9D. There are 33 million people in Canada, couldn%E2%80%99t Skate Canada, particularly considering the accusations of homophobia, find - any - other - PR person to hire?

4. At the Olympics, Skate Canada officials arranged for teenaged girls, to ask Patrick Chan for his autograph, while Patrick was doing an interview. Further more, they regularly edit-in Patrick Chan talking about his attraction to girls in their Webcast clips. Preceding the Olympics, they did exactly the same thing with Vaughn Chipeur. They have never asked other single skaters such questions. If this is not intentional promotion of heterosexuality, I don%E2%80%99t know what is.

The %E2%80%9CTough%E2%80%9D Campaign to rid figure skating of gay skaters is not the only crack in Skate Canada%E2%80%99s armor. There are many cracks and that is why they look so bad. It is not one thing, it is many things.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 25202/06/2011

R252, I don't deny that there are anti-gay people in Skate Canada. I am not happy about it, and I even arranged for my Member of Parliament to contact them and rip them a new one.

But I don't see the point of bringing it into every single discussion when it isn't relevant to what we are talking about.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 25302/06/2011

Well, I certainly appreciate r252 and r66's comments. If the US Championships weren't going on, I wouldn't have found out about Skate Canada's homophobic ways to the extent that was illuminated here. Thanks for all the additional input.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 25402/06/2011

Let's get back to the topic of the American skaters.

Ryan Bradley definitely pings sometimes. Does he have a boyfriend, or does he live as "straight"?

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 25502/06/2011


by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 25602/06/2011

R241, making out with guys in hot tubs is very much like making out with girls in hot tubs, except sex is always the result. So if that is what you mean saying "Evan did things LIKE making out with girls in hot tubs" technically you are correct, the two are similar. They both happen in hot tubs, one is kissing the other is sex.

Evan's serious relationships with women, would be Doctors, Lawyers, Physio therapists. As there is money and contracts involved, they are quite serious relationships.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 25702/06/2011

When Johnny Weir was on the Howard Stern show a few weeks ago, he did say that Evan Lysacek was straight.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 25802/06/2011

I trained at the same rink with Michelle and Karen Kwan. They are Republicans. Her ex-boyfriend was a hateful homophobic ass.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 25902/06/2011

R258, I think Johnny had to say that - he couldn't out Evan and say he was gay, so I don't think he felt it was his place.

On Chelsea Lately last year, Johnny hinted that Evan might be gay.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 26002/06/2011

Johnny is covering for Evan. He got the don't rain on my parade speech. Evan is happy to live in 1987.

I highly disapprove of out gay males inning closeted gay males, but it is how showbiz works. I just hope Johnny got something significant in return.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 26102/07/2011

Weir would have no problem outing Evan if he wanted to. When it comes to Evan, Wier has no filter. %0D %0D After Weir was on Chelsea Lately and hinted that Lysacek was gay with a creative wink, he later backtracked and said that he did not 'wink' and that it was 'creative editing' by the producers. IMO, if Lysacek was gay, then Weir would have found no reason to backtrack.%0D %0D Based on reports that I have read about Nastia Luikin's 21st birthday party this past fall, Evan and Nastial needed to get a room.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 26202/07/2011

Evan Lysacek is the biggest closet case in the entire world of figure skating, a world full of middle aged women who think all male figure skaters are straight, it is not to hard to pull the wool over their eyes.

Nice try R262 but nobody outside of the FSU girls, is buying it. Is that you Lauren Rossi?

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 26302/07/2011

I could care less if Lysacek is straight, bisexual, or gay. However, I do find it amusing that some think that Lysacek is gay just becasue he gave a shout out to "Arthur" after his olympic long program. I guess that they don't realize is that "Arthur" is Arthur Becker, Vera Wang's husband. (Vera and Arthur have been mentors of Lysacek's for several years)

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 26402/07/2011

Who is Lauren Rossi? %0D

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 26502/07/2011

People know Evan is gay because he has sex with guys, including Jeff Buttle and Johnny Weir.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 26602/07/2011

If Johnny and Evan had slept together, we would have read about it in Johnny's book.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 26702/07/2011

No we wouldn't have

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 26802/07/2011

R263, you live in a world of vast exaggeration.%0D %0D I wonder why you feel compelled to exaggerate.%0D %0D Middle aged women who like figure skating could care less who is gay and who is not among male skaters.%0D %0D And they certainly know that some or many are gay, and it is not a priority or factor at all in terms of enjoying figure skating competitions.%0D %0D No wool is being pulled over the eyes of figure skating fans.%0D %0D You are a nut case.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 26902/07/2011

"I do find it amusing that some think that Lysacek is gay just becasue he gave a shout out to "Arthur" after his olympic long program."

That is not the reason people think Evan is gay. The reason people think Evan is gay is because he pings to the heavens in every way!

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 27002/07/2011

Most figure skating fans could care less if the skaters are staright or gay. Maybe I am in the minority; however, I don't get a gay vibe from most of the male skaters and in fact the only two that I get the gay vibe from are Weir and Rippon.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 27102/07/2011

"The reason people think Evan is gay is becasue he pings to the heavans in every way"%0D %0D Probably the reason that people feel that Evan is gay is b/c he is a figure skater and all male figure skaters "must be gay." I have heard some say that Evan's voice is a give away that he is gay. Well then I guess that his father is a closeted gay because Evan talks like his Dad. %0D %0D

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 27202/07/2011

R271 and R272 are probably PR shills for the USFSA

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 27302/07/2011

[273] takes the prize for the lamest post. So original...NOT.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 27402/07/2011

It's not meant to be original. It's meant to point out how ludicrous and shallow the above posts were.

Do they really think we are going to believe that Evan and most other male skaters are straight?

Wier and Rippon are the only two with the gay vibe? Yeah, right.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 27502/07/2011

Karen Kwan retired from skating when she was 18. Michelle is 2 years younger. It seems unlikely that two high-school girls, while in training, would be spouting off republican talking points at the rink. Nice try.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 27602/07/2011

Michelle Kwan is obviously not a hard-core Republican, if she's a Republican at all. She's an ambassador for the Obama administration, just like she was during the Bush administration.

Just because an athlete is asked to represent the United States by a President of a particular party doesn't mean they are a card-carrying member of the party.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 27702/07/2011

I really do think that Michelle Kwan is a Republican.%0D %0D I could be wrong. But that is the impression that has been in force for many years.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 27802/07/2011

"that is the impression that has been in force"

'impression' is the key word there. The impression seems largely created by people bashing her simply because she was chosen to represent the U.S. by a Republican.

I'm prepared to rake her over the coals if there is evidence of her speaking at Bush rallies or making large donations to the Republicans, but I don't see that.

On other threads we have actual evidence in the way of documented donations and statements of celebrities who are Republicans. I would like to see that for Kwan before reaching any conclusions.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 27902/07/2011

Kwan went out of her way to make appearances at the White House with George Bush, and to attend many White House banquets and special dinners in the George Bush White House.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 28002/07/2011

Anyone know if Ryan Bradley has a boyfriend?

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 28102/07/2011

Michelle's longtime boyfriend, Christian Anschutz, comes from and works for one of the most powerful conservative/neofascist families in the US. %0D %0D See link for all of the gay-hating organizations her almost-father-in-law supports.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 28202/07/2011

Michele Kwan is a proven, anti-gay Right Wing c*unt, heavily defended by FSU fangirls who think Evan Lysacek is straight and only 2 male skaters are gay. Need I say more?

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 28302/08/2011

Does Adam Rippon have a boyfriend? He looks like a Bel Ami porn twink, so I assume he's had lots of offers.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 28402/08/2011

Johnny said that Michelle gave him a hard time when he refused to shake GWB hand at a White House reception in 2006

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 28502/08/2011

Enough about Michelle Kwan.

This is a thread about the 2011 championships and about the men who skated there.

Get back on track.

I want to hear more about the men and twinks of 2011.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 28602/08/2011

Gay world does not want Evan Lysacek to be gay. He is not the best looking guy, he has no ass, he is %E2%80%9CQueen Tiny Meat%E2%80%9D and he tries so hard to make the world think he is not gay. Evan has big personal problems with his sexuality. Believe me, I would love to let the Fraus have him. The next time Evan is in Colorado Springs, send him over to James Dobsons %E2%80%9CLove Won Out%E2%80%9D class, see if Dr Dobson can %E2%80%9Cfry the fairy%E2%80%9D out of Miss Lysacek, if that is what you want. It doesn%E2%80%99t work, but I have no problem with them trying (on Boitano either). As for Paul Wylie, just put him down already, it is a waste of electricity to try. Colorado Springs has 1 Ted Haggard too many now.

Having said that, please don%E2%80%99t send Dr. Dobson the following skaters: Adam Rippon, Jeremy Abbott, Jeffrey Buttle, Christopher Mabee, Stephane Lambiel, Timothy Goebels, Daihatsu Takashi, Ross Miner, Jeremy Ten, Taylor Toth, Stephen Carriere, Scott Dyer, Tim Koleto, Armin Mahbanoozadeh, Paul Poirier, Garrett Gosselin, Richard Dornbush (this guy is at severe parental risk for electro-sexual conversion therapy already) or Joey Russell (a bit of a parental risk too) over. We quite like them in the family. Princess Weir, Orser and Galindo are immune to it.

I won%E2%80%99t comment on Evan Bates%E2%80%A6.yet.

I%E2%80%99m going to give Michal Brezina a free pass as he comes from backwoods country. Brno is a long way from progressive Prague.

So far, we are neutral regarding the other male skaters, but that may change. If by some freak of science, Dr Dobson is able to fry the fairy out of Miss Lysacek, then please send Charlie White over to Chelsea Piers, so we can try and %E2%80%9Cfry the straight guy%E2%80%9D out of Charlie.

If we had to pick a Dyke Wish List: It would include Alissa Czisny, Ashley Wagner, Tessa Virtue and Mao Asada. I would have also included Yuna Kim, but the Orser thing makes me suspicious she has jumped to the dark side.

P.S. For the %E2%80%9Cwho is Lauren Rossi%E2%80%9D person. She is an IMG rep. IMG is the multi billion dollar sports agency, which owns the %E2%80%9CStars on Ice%E2%80%9D franchise, among many other holdings. Lauren Rossi works out of NYC, under Yuki Saegusa and David Baden. IMG also uses Toronto based Andrew Stokes, when dealing with Canadian SOI. Most of the Stars on Ice skaters are reped by IMG, the notable exceptions being Jeremy Abbott (Fireworks) and Tessa Virtue - Scott Moir (some loner Alberta agency Pelletier set them up with).

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 28702/08/2011

"he is "Queen Tiny Meat""

How do you know? have you seen Evan's cock?

I agree he has a lousy ass though. Most male figure skaters have big, sculpted asses. It's pretty pathetic if a guy is a skater and his ass is as flat as a pancake.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 28802/08/2011

Evan has tiny bits, mini gear, he is hung like a squirrel, he has extra sunlight between the legs, moth balls, he is a little guy, g-string safe, peanut cup, midget poled, pinky dicked lying closet coward. He is not the only figure skater lite on packaging, but a least others have bubble butts to compensate - DEAL!

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 28902/09/2011

It doesn't bother me if Evan has a small dick, R289, since I don't really like him. I was just wondering how we know this.

I guess you are going from photos. You can't necessarily tell from photos until you see the real thing in action, but it's not like it matters.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 29002/09/2011

So, who will get the coveted SOI spots? Will SOI be 100% "heterosexual" once again this year? Another dinosaur show (Eldridge, Weiss, Browning) No wonder their audience is 50 year old women. I hope the Johnny Weir fans boo the closeted Lysacek when he skates in Canada.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 29102/10/2011

Don't attack FSU. The board is pretty cool and relatively gay-friendly.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 29202/13/2011

R292 "relatively gay-friendly" when compared to whom? Fundamentalist Christianity or Islam?

In 2008, I received a message from an FSU administrator blocking my account because talking about anything gay on FSU was prohibited. She said her decision was by consensus, a vote the paid members held. I still have the message.

Things have changed a little bit, because I see a mildly gay themed thread today, but to declare that gay-friendly is a stretch - a big one. I would use the phrase, the FSU allows some gay posters to exist now and some discussion of gay issues in figure skating, under certain circumstances, is more accurate.

I am all for moving forward, even at a snails pace, but you need to ask yourself, if Johnny Weir never came out, would these 1 or 2 current mild discussions about something gay in figure skating, even be allowed on the FSU?

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 29302/14/2011

Our US Bronze Medalists in pairs (and last year's US champs) are out of the 4 Continents competition next weekend due to a nasty accident. Caydee Denny sliced Jeremy Barett's leg in practice, requiring him to get 42 stitches. They'll be replaced at 4 Continents by our fave, Rockne Brubaker, and his new jail-bait partner Mary Beth Marler.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 29402/14/2011

Only jail bait if he is heterosexual.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 29502/14/2011

"They'll be replaced at 4 Continents by our fave, Rockne Brubaker"

YAY! Good to see Rockne get an opportunity. He deserves this.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 29602/14/2011

Wow, some of you make the rest of us look really bad.%0D %0D throwing around racial slurs and passing judgments on everyone.%0D %0D it's such a shame that some gay people are just as narrow minded as all the straight homophobes we've been trying to educate.

by Rockne Brubaker''s Masseurreply 29705/07/2011
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