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Straight guy here...with a question

I've been coming here for awhile, but rarely post, but need some advice.%0D %0D %0D A very good friend, who is gay, is getting married and asked me to be his best man. That's cool and I'm looking forward to it. I've been a best man before to straight guys and the job is pretty easy, throw a bachelor party, make sure he gets to the ceremony on time and give a toast. %0D %0D I'm concerned about the bachelor party part. Most straight guy bachelor parties that I've thrown or been invited to involved, at some point, strippers or whores. %0D %0D All of my friend's friends are straight guys, but he's gay. If I'm going to get whores for his party, it would be rude to get female whores, right? But, to get guy whores for a bachelor party, where 90% of the guys are straight, would be kind of awkward, right? %0D %0D What's the best thing to do? I want to do an all day thing like I've done with other bachelor parties. Golf, poker, whores, then go out to a club. %0D %0D What should I do? %0D %0D %0D Oh, and since I know you guys have to haze me. Yes I'm straight. I'm 27 and engaged. My dick is 6 inches and cut. I'm a moderate democrat. The only time I engaged in gay sex was when I was 6 and my friend and I touched our dicks together. No, I will not post a picture. I can't think of anything else.%0D %0D Thanks in advance for your help with this.

by HJRreply 12409/20/2014

HJR, I'd say bring whores for everybody guys and girls. That way everyone is pleased and for those who want to experiment it provides a nice opportunity. Thank you for the stats on your cock. That was very thoughtful.

by HJRreply 101/25/2011

I thought whores at bachelor parties were pasSAY.

by HJRreply 201/25/2011

[quote]If I'm going to get whores for his party, it would be rude to get female whores, right?%0D %0D Yes. That would be stupid.%0D %0D [quote]But, to get guy whores for a bachelor party, where 90% of the guys are straight, would be kind of awkward, right? %0D %0D Only if the guys were homophobic. I'm a gay man who was a best man for a straight guy. I've been to other bachelor parties too. Always with the female strippers. I play along. Because it's not about ME.%0D %0D [quote]I want to do an all day thing like I've done with other bachelor parties. Golf, poker, whores, then go out to a club. %0D %0D Um... you might want to ask the groom what HE wants to do. I doubt he'll be much into any of those things.%0D %0D In short: don't ask us, ask him.%0D

by HJRreply 301/25/2011

[quote] All of my friend's friends are straight guys, but he's gay. It's HIS bachelor party. Invite HIS gay friends, not yours. THREAD CLOSED

by HJRreply 401/25/2011

Chicks with dicks. That way, NO ONE will feel left out or uncomfortable. And a cak. There must be a cak.

by HJRreply 501/25/2011


by HJRreply 601/25/2011

Lesbian here chiming in. I would skip the whores and stripper part, and just go to a club. Maybe you can go to a gay club for a while, then a straight club. It surprises me that 90% of his friends are straight, and also that they wouldn't just have a joint bachelor party.

by HJRreply 701/25/2011

What an Especially Straight Theme you're planning for this event. Have you considered asking him what he'd like to do?

by HJRreply 801/25/2011

No whores.

by HJRreply 901/25/2011

Just invite Chaz.

by HJRreply 1001/25/2011

Straaay gaaaay heah!

by HJRreply 1101/25/2011

You must dress up like a woman and personally service everyone, gay and straight.

by HJRreply 1201/25/2011

Would a "straight" guy ever pay a subscription to the DL? I think not.

by HJRreply 1301/25/2011

I wouldn't get a male stripper. Your friend will probably just get his number to meet up with him after the wedding. You don't want to be an enabler.

by HJRreply 1401/25/2011

Well I did, r13. I don't like primetime and want to read the site when I want to. Anyway, the majority of his friends are straight and he's mentioned that he wants a party just like another one of our friends had. So he's made it clear what he wants. No one is homophobic, that I'm aware of.

by HJRreply 1501/25/2011

Something smells a little fishy around here. And for once, it is NOT me!

by HJRreply 1601/25/2011


by HJRreply 1701/25/2011

Is that 6 hard or soft?

by HJRreply 1801/25/2011

Theres no rule you have to have whores, but I'm confident that everyone would think it's funny or entertaining if you hire a stripper.

Why are straight me so stupid?

by HJRreply 1901/25/2011

[quote]I don't like primetime and want to read the site when I want to. You don't have to pay to read it in prime time. You also a fraud!

by HJRreply 2001/25/2011

I would ask specifically... do you want male stripper/whore there?%0D %0D Aren't you going to invite any of his friends, or all of your friends mutual?%0D %0D Young kids these days... this is great. I would never have heard of a straight guy planning a bachelor's party for his buddy when I was in my 20s. Love it.

by HJRreply 2101/25/2011

Ask him what he wants. I'm a gay guy hosting a bachelor party for my straight friend (I'll be the only gay there). He doesn't want strippers or whores, or even risque shows (we're going to Vegas), so it will just be good, clean fun.

by HJRreply 2201/25/2011

OP I would hire a hot male/female to strip & fuck in front of everyone, if whores is the way you want to go. Who doesn't like a good fuck show / live porn? The straights will be checking out the girl and your buddy will be watching the guy. Or if he said he wanted a party just like one of your friends had, maybe he wants to see some titties. Everyone loves titties.

by HJRreply 2301/25/2011

Straight guy: Let's get the one and only straight thing about us: We're monogamous, and I don't want whores at my partner's bachelor party. %0D %0D

by HJRreply 2401/25/2011

What straight man pays for a subscription? OP, you are gay, gay, gay.

by HJRreply 2501/25/2011

Hilarious how some of you are playing along.

by HJRreply 2601/25/2011

"Everyone loves titties."%0D %0D Not at ALL true. Idiots like R23 who want to fit in make the rest of the gay population suffer.

by HJRreply 2701/25/2011

I'm done answering why I paid for subscription. Anyway, a sex show might be fun. A little background... we all went to college together. He came out during our 4th year. It was no big deal for most of us and we all remained good friends. Even though he's gay, the vast majority of his friends are straight. %0D %0D He's a good kid and I want him to have a great time and I want the party to be about him, so I will take your advice and ask him what he wants in terms of whores. At our last bachelor party he ate a butterfinger out of the whore's box, so he's down for a good time. %0D %0D

by HJRreply 2801/25/2011

[quote]At our last bachelor party he ate a butterfinger out of the whore's box, so he's down for a good time.[/quote] I'm calling it. EST. Time of death: 8:19 PM.

by HJRreply 2901/25/2011

I would fucking freak out if anyone ever sent me a stripper, a whore or anything of that nature. Can't you just have a nice dinner without the cheap tricks?

by HJRreply 3001/25/2011

Tee-hee.%0D %0D I love the est acronym troll; it's always subtly and accurately funny.%0D %0D I'll play along- have a "Passions (sex toy)/Tupperware" party. That way, the straight and gay guys can all order items that are not only useful, but fun, too.%0D %0D I'd love to be the consultant for that party.%0D %0D

by HJRreply 3101/25/2011

OP, eat a Butterfinger out of Cheryl's cunt and die.

by HJRreply 3201/25/2011

HJR, get a male/female couple or a male/male/female threesome to strip. Go bisexual.

According to DL, lately, there are more bisexuals than gays or straights.

by HJRreply 3301/25/2011

Is your friend's fiance (sorry, can't get the accent to work) also having a bachelor party?

by HJRreply 3401/25/2011

I'm a straight guy too, OP, who paid for a subscription. But, I'm only on here for the lesbian pussy. My one complaint is there isn't much in the way of lesbian pussy posts.

by HJRreply 3501/25/2011

Whenever these parties are mentioned I'm reminded of the poster awhile back who got trouser tracks on his thighs from a stripper who wasn't too clean.

by HJRreply 3601/25/2011

R29, it was DOA. But the attention starved DLers tried their best to bring it back to life with defibrillators for about 45 minutes.

by HJRreply 3701/25/2011

OP, PLEASE take R32's suggestion. I am HORNY as a GOAT tonight. I've even got the butterfingers!

by HJRreply 3801/25/2011

I'm kind of baffled by the whole gay bachelor party thing. Are they both attending? If not, is the other one considered the woman and having a shower or something? %0D %0D Also if your friend at a candy bar out of a whore's filthy vajayjay, it's only fair that you return the favor and eat a candy bar while getting your dick sucked by a whore.

by HJRreply 3901/25/2011


They're great in mixed company. And they won't short-change you.

by HJRreply 4001/25/2011

Thanks to everyone who responded with legit reponses. The rest of you can go back to being lame.

by HJRreply 4101/25/2011

[quote]At our last bachelor party he ate a butterfinger out of the whore's box, so he's down for a good time. %0D %0D %0D So... you'd be willing to do body shots off the abs of a hot naked male stripper?%0D %0D Just curious if YOU are down for a good time, or if you're really homophobic and just don't realize it.%0D %0D

by HJRreply 4201/25/2011

OK, after the butterfinger comment, I think everyone is right. EST.

by HJRreply 4301/25/2011

Well Mr. HJR. I think it is sweet you are doing this for your friend. Now shut up and eat me. PLEASE!!!!!!!

by HJRreply 4401/25/2011

OP, you sound like a nutcase. Why would you assume your friend (who sounds like a real class act, Butterfingers and all) wants to start their marriage off by humiliating a sex worker? It's totally possible to have a cool party that will be fun for everyone, gay and straight.

by HJRreply 4501/25/2011

Sausage Party!

by HJRreply 4601/25/2011

OP, please tell stories of straight bachelor parties. What happens? Do strippers suck or get fucked by a lot of guys? 10? 15? Does the groom fuck a whore before he gets married?

by HJRreply 4701/25/2011

OP, on the slight possibility that it was a serious question, my answer is that I doubt the whole bachelor party concept translates real well to gay unions. But you never know, so you might as well ask him.

by HJRreply 4801/25/2011

As long as there are 3 or 4 gay guys invited, you'll have enough whores.

by HJRreply 4901/25/2011

OP? Call me.

I'll rock your little world.

by HJRreply 5001/25/2011

ditto with R6

by HJRreply 5101/25/2011

[quote]It surprises me that 90% of his friends are straight, and also that they wouldn't just have a joint bachelor party.

I'm gay (out since 1982), and I don't have a single gay friend locally. A few gay friends scattered across the country, but my closest friends are straight. One of them would absolutely be my best man if I were to get married.

Neither of us are big partiers or are into strippers, OP, so that part I couldn't advise you on, but the other comments are right, ask your friend what he'd like. I would have my bachelor party at a nice restaurant. No, come to think of it, I don't know that I'd have a bachelor party at all, because I'd want all my friends, men and women alike to attend, and I certainly would want my husband-to-be to be there. So I guess I'd just want a nice pre-wedding dinner with my closest friends, but without family and acquaintances and other guests. But that's just me.

by HJRreply 5201/25/2011

I eat old people's excrement!

by HJRreply 5301/25/2011

I want to know what goes on a straight bachelor parties too. %0D %0D OP, cancel the party. He will appreciate it much more if you hire him a private dancer/whore to fuck his daylights out before he gets married. And he's going to hire himself one anyway so you might as well save him a dollar.

by HJRreply 5401/25/2011

Gay male here, but I've been to a few bachelor parties over the years. I do not understand why naked women and sex needs to be part of the scene.

My favorite party involved a number of friends from grad school and took place over about 10 hours. We started on a weekend afternoon and did a Ropes Course (walking across rope bridges, rappellnig down a rock wall, and riding on zip lines through the trees). Much fun, screaming, chest thumping, and male bonding. Then we went to a Lucky Strike bowling alley and bowled / drank - much more laughter here. We ended up in a private room at a Morton's Steakhouse with much eating, more drinking, and even more laughter.

It was a Guys Day and Night Out where we could behave like kids again, drink, and tease each other when one threw gutter balls. But we all had fun.

by HJRreply 5501/25/2011

Ironically, the lesbian at r7 has the best advice. If there's a good mixed gay/straight club in your town that's a good option.

If he really wants the sex show then the bi-performance thing is probably the best idea. You and your straight friends may think you're cool with the gay thing but how many of you would be willing to eat a Butterfinger out of a hot guy's ass? At least if there's a hot naked chick there you don't have to just watch him getting off with the male stripper.

by HJRreply 5601/25/2011

BTW, didn't we have a thread a few years ago involving an old gym troll and eating a Butterfinger out of someone's ass? I believe the guy got kicked out of his gym and then got banned here. Anyone remember that?

by HJRreply 5701/25/2011

bizarre r57, why do I want to say yes to that. I do remember something like it.

by HJRreply 5801/25/2011

Another lesbian chiming in here.. why not just get some dude strippers and some female ones? I also think R57 is a good idea. Find a fun club that has go go boys or some kind of strippers. I know a few clubs in LA that have both girl and boy "dancers" going on at the same time. And OP.. I wish all straight people were as cool or at least thoughtful as you seem to be..

by HJRreply 5901/25/2011

Get Todd involved. It will end in tears... no wedding. Problem solved.

by HJRreply 6001/25/2011

if you had said "snickers" instead of "butterfinger", you might have survived, OP.

by HJRreply 6101/25/2011

[quote]At our last bachelor party he ate a butterfinger out of the whore's box, so he's down for a good time.%0D %0D Retch! I don't understand how people can eat Butterfingers. Baby Ruth's taste so much better.

by HJRreply 6201/25/2011

So, a titty bar is just too obvious for everyone, right?

by HJRreply 6301/25/2011

Surprised no one else suggested this yet... -Rent a hotel suite. -Put out a beautiful spread of flat bread, crostini sticks, maybe some chutnies, pickled cornichon, things like that, and a nice Chardonay. -All sit around a giant screen TV in your Snuggies while watching all the episodes from The Golden Girls season 3 DVD! -Cap it all off by letting the bachelor suck all you straight guys off! Now that, is a perfect bachelor party for any gay man.

by HJRreply 6401/25/2011

[quote]tease each other when one threw gutter balls

Filthy pervs

by HJRreply 6501/26/2011

satisfy everyone: get tranny strippers.

by HJRreply 6601/26/2011

Just save your money and fuck the guy yourself OP

by HJRreply 6701/26/2011

I have a fuck machine that I'd be happy to rent out for the occasion.

by HJRreply 6801/26/2011

I think it would be fun to set up a glory hole, bait the other straight guests with a woman and then when they stick their dick in the hole, have a gay guy on the other side sucking them off. Do the reveal after everyone has cum.%0D %0D Please video this and post a link. TIA!

by HJRreply 6901/26/2011

I hate R64. He made me embarrass myself by cracking up in public.

by HJRreply 7001/26/2011

I'm still confused as to why there aren't more gay guys involved in your gay friends wedding plans. Is there something wrong w/ him?

by HJRreply 7101/26/2011

Instead of conforming to tradition, why don't you reflect on who your friend is, what he means to you and what he would like to do? Why are you all gathering?%0D %0D The idea of a bachelor party for a gay male wedding is stupid anyway. It's not like they're monogamous.

by HJRreply 7201/26/2011

Is a straight guy banging a stripper right before his wedding a celebration of monogamy?

by HJRreply 7301/26/2011

Rent out a VFW hall with patriotic bunting, provide a baked potato bar, with pancakes and spaghetti for the straight people. For drinks a fruit punch made of wine cooler and Grey Goose vodka with floating bananas in it. Instead of a stripper, ask the local community college male gymnastics team to do a couple tumbling runs in their underwear, and then bring in a couple motorcycle dykes from the local club to come in with whips who will ask the straight guests to do degrading gay party things like like doing jell-o shooters off each other's naked chests. Wind it up with an All-ABBA dance party where all the guests get naked and shoot each other with silly string and Redi-Whip. Then dress the groom up in thong, dog collar, and leather chaps and leash and walk him out to a limo where a naked male escort awaits to escort him home.%0D %0D

by HJRreply 7401/26/2011

"Golf, poker, whores, then go out to a club."

Oy. I just pictured Nick Lachey.

Another lez here, OP. Just go to a gay club and a straight club but not in that order.

You should have planned a trip to Vegas.

by HJRreply 7501/26/2011

You are not Straight OP.

by HJRreply 7601/26/2011

HRJ, if i were you, I'd give what he wants and if he wants a gorgeous and hung male stripper then go for it. When all the straight male friends are already drunk, their estrogen level is high and loosen up. It's all about the drinks!

by HJRreply 7701/26/2011


Do over.

by HJRreply 7801/26/2011

EST...trolling trolling

by HJRreply 7901/26/2011

why doesn't he have any gay friends? internalized homophobia?

by HJRreply 8001/26/2011


by HJRreply 8106/09/2011


by HJRreply 8207/01/2013

"The idea of a bachelor party for a gay male wedding is stupid anyway. It's not like they're monogamous."

Speak for yourself, please.

by HJRreply 8307/01/2013

You are a straight guy who knows about Datalounge and posts here? I think this whole post is a load of crap. There are 90% sraight guys going to a gay wedding? Hmmm!

by HJRreply 8407/01/2013

Um, do realize that this wedding you're questioning would have already happened about 2 years ago, right?

by HJRreply 8507/01/2013

Deeper voice, try again: "Straigghht Guy here..."

by HJRreply 8607/01/2013

Troll post

by HJRreply 8707/01/2013

I'm in still in awe that someone a while back suggested the renting of a dwarf.

It's bizarre and hilarious at the same time.

Sort of like a Jodie Foster speech.

by HJRreply 8807/01/2013

Does the best man have to pay for the bachelor party?

by HJRreply 8907/01/2013

do you wipe back to front?

by HJRreply 9007/02/2013

No real straight man would say " out of the whote's box",,,

That's so misogynistic and crass it could only be a troll or a gay man who literally hates women.

by HJRreply 9107/02/2013


The wedding went well. All the straight guys got shit-faced and the gays guys took advantage of us. (I always thought taking a cock up your ass HURT! Boy, once it's in, it's a life-changing experience.)

The gay couple that got married split up after two months because one of them insisted that bread shouldn't be kept in the refrigerator. Although I'm still straight, I'm currently dating the other half of the couple (not my former friend).

After the break-up of his marriage, my former friend decided on a career change. He's now pursuing a career on Broadway.

by HJRreply 9207/02/2013

OP does a terrible impression of a straight guy. Probably only observes them from a distance and everything he knows he learned from movies.

by HJRreply 9307/02/2013

She paid $18 ?!!!!

by HJRreply 9407/02/2013

Op is some mysangist fish trying to stir shit. We can smell the estrogen from here.

by HJRreply 9507/02/2013

fish? dude, man up and talk normal.

by HJRreply 9607/22/2013

[quote]If I'm going to get whores for his party, it would be rude to get female whores, right?


[quote]But, to get guy whores for a bachelor party, where 90% of the guys are straight, would be kind of awkward, right?

Only if the straight guys are homophobic assholes.

I'm a gay man, and I've been to many bachelor parties. There's always a naked female stripper. It's not awkward because it's about the GROOM, not me.

If this was a legitimate post, I'd love a REAL update.

by HJRreply 9707/22/2013

If this is going to be a mixed straight/gay/(bi?) bachelor party, and if the groom wants something sexy, perhaps you could hire three high priced porn stars or escorts for a MMF sex act. But, be advised, your friend may or may not want anything sexual, perhaps least of all that.

by HJRreply 9807/22/2013

How did I miss this thread back in the day? It's hilarious.

by HJRreply 9907/22/2013


by HJRreply 10011/04/2013


by HJRreply 10109/18/2014

You know I'm going to take the coward's way out. No whores. Plan your outing, whatever they like, maybe a day at some resort where they have options for tennis, swimming, golf, etc. and you organize some activities. Then have a great dinner, and depending again on what people like, you can go casual or expensive, then go clubbing. If guys want to hook up, or need whores they can do it on their own. If you want, get a private dining room for your dinner so you can make some raunchy toasts and present some gag gifts, etc.

You can even have your bachelor party a few days, or even a week in advance so he can go whoring with his gay friends if he wants. But please. No whores. And I would tell you that if you were gay.

I hate the idea of whores. Single gay guys get enough of whoring around. If they find someone and are in a stable relatio0nship, I'm thrilled for them.

by HJRreply 10209/18/2014

Go to search online for guys who are

a. escorts. b. do stripping.

Have the guy show up and do a strip show.

And avoid getting any girl strippers. They can cost more and will detract from the point of this - a guy guy's bachelor party.

The rest of you should go out to a strip club once the gay guy gets his lap dance.

by HJRreply 10309/18/2014

I'm assuming the guy he is marring is coming along as well? I mean doesn't he get a bachelor party?

You might have two separate ones and then meet at a club.

by HJRreply 10409/18/2014

*a gay guy's bachelor party

by HJRreply 10509/18/2014

Do gays actually have old-fashioned bachelor parties? Most of the gays that I know have gone through entire phases of their lives that were bachelor parties and they don't actually need to get anything out of their system, and let's face it, some of the gays' wedding nights will look like free-for-all bachelor parties.

Are we still at a point where we should be focused more on the actual union that the bacchanalia that precedes it?

by HJRreply 10609/18/2014

[quote]Plan your outing, whatever they like

Gurl you're 3.5years late. The gays are probably divorced by now already.

by HJRreply 10709/18/2014

[quote]Do gays actually have old-fashioned bachelor parties?

It's time to dump hetero marriage traditions and come up with something better for a gay couple.

by HJRreply 10809/20/2014

I'm a straight guy too OP. But I, like you, also loooooove cock.

by HJRreply 10909/20/2014

Get 2 male whores and 4 female whores, fun for everybody.

The whores or strippers can do a fun dance routine with each other.

by HJRreply 11009/20/2014

The OP should have returned to tell if the marriage is still intact.

by HJRreply 11109/20/2014

Maroons! This thread was bumped from years ago.


by HJRreply 11209/20/2014

R92, that update is based on DL threads of old, it's not real.

by HJRreply 11309/20/2014

But it is FUNNY, r113!!!

by HJRreply 11409/20/2014

Even funnier was the actual thread about the couple dealing with problems on where to keep the bread. People chimed in with votes for refrigerator, freezer, or breadbox. The OP of the thread didn't check back after a day or two and then, about a year later, it was back on his front page and the arguments were still raging. And it still kept going.

by HJRreply 11509/20/2014

r115, it has entered DL legendary thread status.

by HJRreply 11609/20/2014

1 or 2 female strippers/whores for the straight guy, maybe more depending on the number.

1 special male stripper/whore for your gay friend.

Go up to each and every straight guy that will be attending and let them know the plan. Also alert them to the fact that your gay friend may want to suck cock and eat cum or even rim the asshole of the male stripper/whore. If there are any straight friend that objects to this or is uncomfortable seeing a guy suck another guy's cock, eat his cum and lick/tongue fuck his asshole, tell them to sit it out so that only straight guys who are cool with it are in attendance. That way your straight friends can be themselves with the female whores and your gay friend can be himself with his male whore. Please provide enough condoms for everyone.

Just so you know, I know of a similar situation that a friend of my old boss told me about. He was one in attendance of primarily straight men at a bachelor party for a gay guy. Well, let's just say that over the course of the night 4 of the straight, mostly married men, gang fucked his eager whole. Supposedly he had 4 dicks inside his ass and 6 in his mouth, eating the cum of at least 5 of them. They all meet up every now and then for "guy time" events and all of them act like nothing happened and that they were too drunk to remember. So keep in mind that even though you think most of these men at the bachelor party are straight, if they are put in a sexual situation it's possible that a few them will want to engage in some man sex.

by HJRreply 11709/20/2014

R117 knows that the putative couple has been divorced for two years already, right?

by HJRreply 11809/20/2014

I love the OP.

My straight buddies are like bitches on a bouquet. They really want me to get married, and IF I do, the competitors for groomsmen will be bloody!

Go to a straight strip club, and then plan for a hot guy to come out at the end for your buddy.

When I came out 24 years ago I couldn't even IMAGINE a time where straight men would be gung-ho about a wedding, let alone a gay wedding. Oh, how times change...

by HJRreply 11909/20/2014


No that was a joke post. If you go back and read it the poster says they broke up because they fought over whether bread should be kept in the fridge. That's a reference to a classic thread here on DL.

by HJRreply 12009/20/2014

That wasn't a butterfinger.

by HJRreply 12109/20/2014

It's very cool of the OP to be willing to throw a Bachelor party for his gay friend, kudos to you. I could go both ways on the stripper thing. On one hand I would say just get a male stripper, this is his party not everyone else's - plus he's likely sat through his fair share of female strippers at his straight friends bachelor parties. On the other hand, I would feel bad if fewer people showed up because they heard there would just be a male stripper, you would know better than the rest of us if the attendance might drop if you forego the female stripper.

by HJRreply 12209/20/2014

sounds like the whore's will already be there whore, er i mean OP...have fun!

by HJRreply 12309/20/2014

I don't buy this thread or the OP for a minute.

by HJRreply 12409/20/2014
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