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What are some of the stories you remember reading about Paul lynde?

I'd say that Lynde's exasperated threat to fuck a baby who was crying during an airplane flight is one that most of Paul's fans have heard.

I've also heard that he was a very mean drunk. Did he die from a combination of pills and booze?

I'm fairly certain that he would still have a showbiz career if he were alive today.

by Ohhhhhhh! Sammy!reply 3506/15/2013

From the Lynde biography CENTER SQUARE:

[quote]One of book%E2%80%99s many examples of this lashing out occurs at a meeting between Lynde and Lana Turner: Before the screen legend could speak a word, Paul%E2%80%99s drunken brain recalled the brouhaha over the murder of her mobster boyfriend, and he snarled, %E2%80%9CYou killed him, didn%E2%80%99t you?%E2%80%9D

by Ohhhhhhh! Sammy!reply 101/24/2011

"I'm fairly certain that he would still have a showbiz career if he were alive today"

He'd be 84, sitting by a pool in Palm Springs & pinching the pool boy's ass.


by Ohhhhhhh! Sammy!reply 201/24/2011

He WAS Helen Lawson!

by Ohhhhhhh! Sammy!reply 301/24/2011

I remember a story of him sitting in The Eagle in Columbus Ohio, and he had someone go pick up guys for him.%0D %0D A friend of mine witnessed this himself.%0D %0D

by Ohhhhhhh! Sammy!reply 401/24/2011

he wasn't written about, OP, there were no stories to read

by Ohhhhhhh! Sammy!reply 501/24/2011

Lynde died from a heart attack, not an overdose. He quit drinking about a year or two before he died for reasons he never revealed.

by Ohhhhhhh! Sammy!reply 601/24/2011

He couldn't reveal the reason he died because he was too dead, R6.

by Ohhhhhhh! Sammy!reply 701/24/2011

In honor of Paul Lynde's birthday (June 13, 1926) here are some Lynde quotes from "Hollywood Squares."

by Ohhhhhhh! Sammy!reply 806/14/2013

Peter: "Paul, what could explain someone with brown carpet, brown furniture, and brown painted walls?"

Paul: "I'd say the maid exploded."

by Ohhhhhhh! Sammy!reply 906/14/2013

Aaah, he truly is the patron saint of Datalounge

by Ohhhhhhh! Sammy!reply 1006/14/2013

He was, indeed, a MEAN drunk. Kinda sad, actually.

by Ohhhhhhh! Sammy!reply 1106/14/2013

Awful man.

by Ohhhhhhh! Sammy!reply 1206/14/2013

Paul Lynde didn't just say dirty things on The Hollywood Squares, he said kinky things. And bitchy things. In the real world he'd be the kind of person you'd invite to a party full of boring people, just because you knew he'd say something outrageous and liven things up.

by Ohhhhhhh! Sammy!reply 1306/14/2013

If Joan Rivers has a career, he'd have one.

by Ohhhhhhh! Sammy!reply 1406/14/2013

Paul Lynde is exactly how I imagine most Datalounge posters to be.

by Ohhhhhhh! Sammy!reply 1506/14/2013

So, R9, what is the correct answer? Colorblind?

by Ohhhhhhh! Sammy!reply 1606/14/2013

"Paul, in 'Alice in Wonderland,' who said 'I'm late! I'm late!'

"Alice, and her mother is sick about it."

"Who was known as 'Old Ironsides?'"

"Barbara Stanwyck."

by Ohhhhhhh! Sammy!reply 1706/14/2013

He is a little bit before my time, but everything I have read about him he sounds like he was a really horrible person.

by Ohhhhhhh! Sammy!reply 1806/14/2013

No one is mentioning the bizarre death that happened in Lynde's San Francisco hotel room ( The Sir Francis Drake ), in 1965. He and a young 24 year old trick had been drinking for hours, and came back to the room. They were partying, making a lot of noise, so the police were called. Just as the cops walked in , Jim 'Bing' Davidson, either jumped, or fell, to his death, 8 stories up. The whole thing was kept very quiet, and Lynde went on to his future success. Strange ?

by Ohhhhhhh! Sammy!reply 1906/14/2013

How about Lynde's own death ? Paul Baressi finds him? Baressi, former Travolta BF, notorious Enquirer informant ( for big $$$), porn actor / director, general all around Sleeze. Always found that mysterious.

by Ohhhhhhh! Sammy!reply 2006/14/2013

Interesting article about Davidson.

The opening line is probably one heard around S.F. way before he uttered it.

by Ohhhhhhh! Sammy!reply 2106/14/2013

I've heard poppers played a part in Paul Lynde's death. He was with a trick, and they were both using it while engaged in sex, causing the fatal heart attack. The trick panicked and left Lynde to die.

Apparently an autopsy was performed; Lynde had the insides of a man in his 80's, not a 56-year-old, because of his years of self-abuse. A nasty drunk, he had been fired from The Hollywood Squares because of his belligerent behaviour.

by Ohhhhhhh! Sammy!reply 2206/14/2013

[quote]sounds like he was a really horrible person

I've heard for years that he was a notorious racist, which makes me sad given how much a fan I was of his work.

by Ohhhhhhh! Sammy!reply 2306/14/2013

R 22 The grocery ad is interesting in that newspaper. Prices that is.

by Ohhhhhhh! Sammy!reply 2406/14/2013

There's a funny story about Lynde in Dick Van Dyke's autobiography.

by Ohhhhhhh! Sammy!reply 2506/14/2013

I read somewhere he was a mean, brutal fuck. Supposedly he picked up some fan, took him back to his hotel and topped him violently. Then he took a Magic Marker and signed his name on the guys ass so everyone would know "you got fucked by Paul Lynde."

I think it was in one of those Boze Hadleigh books so I question the veracity.

by Ohhhhhhh! Sammy!reply 2606/14/2013

[quote] Then he took a Magic Marker and signed his name on the guys ass so everyone would know "you got fucked by Paul Lynde."

I'm stealing this.

by Ohhhhhhh! Sammy!reply 2706/14/2013

Paul Lynde was before my time, but I've watched a lot of Youtube clips and he was funny as hell. Here's Paul doing the weather on a local newscast in the 70's and he was in top form.

by Ohhhhhhh! Sammy!reply 2806/14/2013

Didn't know he was a racist, but I guess it figures.

by Ohhhhhhh! Sammy!reply 2906/14/2013

r20, Baressi also claimed that he was the one who discovered Divine dead. Divine was sked to be on "Married With Children" but died the night before the filming.

Baressi got around.

r13, Lynde was kind of like the Oscar Wilde of modern times.

by Ohhhhhhh! Sammy!reply 3006/15/2013

When they broke the window of Lynde's house, they found him in bed WITH HIS EYES WIDE OPEN.

Spooky, eh?

by Ohhhhhhh! Sammy!reply 3106/15/2013

Basically Roger the alien.

by Ohhhhhhh! Sammy!reply 3206/15/2013

[quote]Lynde was kind of like the Oscar Wilde of modern times.

Except that Lynde didn't write plays, poems, novels or short stories and other people wrote all his bon mots for him.

But he delivered all those scripted quips on a popular TV show, so I guess that makes him a "wit" by modern standards.

by Ohhhhhhh! Sammy!reply 3306/15/2013

Weren't the Lynde quips written by Bruce?

by Ohhhhhhh! Sammy!reply 3406/15/2013

He was hilarious, but he totally stole Alice Ghostley's schtick.

by Ohhhhhhh! Sammy!reply 3506/15/2013
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