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Should I Let My Dentist Remove my Wisdom Tooth?

The tooth is very symptomatic, but I have always heard you should never let a dentist pull a wisdom tooth. Should I save this for my periodontist? The perio is more expensive. And what's all that about the dangers of pulling wisdom teeth after age 40? Refresh my memory please.

by Thanks!reply 7503/26/2013

where did u hear that crap..of course u should let ur dentist pull it, perodontis aren't going to do it, they treat gum disease.

by Thanks!reply 101/21/2011

If he thinks he can pull it without a problem, he probably can. If it looked too dificult...he would pro send you to someone else.

by Thanks!reply 201/21/2011

I had all four pulled out last year. The molars weren't impacted so they were extracted easy-peasy.

by Thanks!reply 301/21/2011

Why won't your dentist refer you to an oral surgeon, OP?

by Thanks!reply 401/21/2011

OP, if you have a problem is a wisdom tooth, you're always suppose to have it removed. Who the hell have you been listening to? Get the sucker out! Trust me, it's nothing. I had five removed, went home, and was eating by the next day. The painkillers are great too!

by Thanks!reply 501/21/2011

OK. I'll let her do it.

I have just heard that dentists are less skilled and tend to fuck things up. I guess that's only in the case of an impacted wisdom tooth.

by Thanks!reply 601/21/2011

I had my four wisdom teeth removed by an oral surgeon, not my dentist, though my dentist referred me to the surgeon. I would not have a dentist do it. r5: you had five wisdom teeth removed? How many do you have left? What kind of creature are you?

by Thanks!reply 701/21/2011

I'm 54 and I had my three remaining wisdom teeth extracted two years ago...all at once. I went to an oral surgeon. I figured if I had to endure it, I might as well have it happen once and for all than to drag it out and go thru it three separate times. No dry sockets, no ill effects. I didn't even need to take the pain meds.

by Thanks!reply 801/21/2011

R8, you didn't need to take the meds--but you did, I hope?

by Thanks!reply 901/21/2011

No, I did not. I'm at that point in my life where I feel better knowing exactly what's going on.

by Thanks!reply 1001/21/2011

If your dentist can't do it for whatever reason, he or she will refer you to an oral surgeon. I had a wisdom tooth extracted after the age of 40 and, other than some bleeding for a few hours, had no complications whatsoever. No swelling, no infections, nothing. In fact, I didn't even have to take that Tylenol with codeine that the dentist prescribed for pain after the extraction.

by Thanks!reply 1101/21/2011

Let the dentist do it. I was very skeptical on the subject myself, and finally allowed my dentist to pull the top two. They rolled right out. I was done in less then five minutes and had no issues.

by Thanks!reply 1201/21/2011

How fucking stupid do you have to be to not know what a periodontist is?

by Thanks!reply 1301/21/2011

If they're not impacted, there's really no reason not to have your dentist do the extraction, unless, of course, he's a total noob.

by Thanks!reply 1401/21/2011

[italic][R5]: you had five wisdom teeth removed? How many do you have left? What kind of creature are you?[/italic]

Yeah, the dentist seemed to ask the same thing.

I don't have any left. I guess I'm special -- so much wisdom!

by Thanks!reply 1501/21/2011

R15, wisdom teeth are the back molars that come in after the age of 25 or so. All the rest of the teeth are just regular molars. Wisdom teeth are not different in any way from regular molars except for the timing of the eruption. I don't think you had special molars.%0D %0D R10, that's the stupidest thing I've heard today. Every doctor will tell you that controlling pain aids healing.

by Thanks!reply 1601/21/2011

I say do it yourself and save

by Thanks!reply 1701/21/2011

Mine are, more than likely, impacted. So I have not experienced any grief from them, so far. I did got to a fucking nightmare dentist 15 years ago for a "filling" and he started to do a root canal, then told me he had a lunch appointment and would pack it until Monday.

One hour later I was literally screaming in the middle of an upscale store. As it was a Saturday I had to go to a private hospital and pay to be in no pain. That dentist was adorable, kind and did what he could but he did mention that there was nothing wrong with the tooth in the first place and my screaming was due to a nerve being left exposed.

I lost the tooth two years later despite the best efforts of that dentist and my then company dentist. These are men I would trust with anything.

So, back to you OP, do you know/trust this dentist? If you do then there should be no problem at all.

by Thanks!reply 1801/21/2011

Why is it stupid? I experienced no pain at all. Should I have taken those strong medications and spent those couple of days in a hazy cloud of non-functionality regardless of the fact that I didn't really need them?

by Thanks!reply 1901/21/2011

I had all my wisdom teeth by age 17, r16. Your "after 25 years old" is bullshit.

You can also have more than 4 wisdom teeth.

You're an idiot.

If you don't know what the fuck you're talking about, don't post.

Have a blessed day.

by Thanks!reply 2001/21/2011

[italic]One hour later I was literally screaming in the middle of an upscale store. {/italic]


by Thanks!reply 2101/21/2011

I'm 57 years old and not a single one of my wisdom teeth have ever come in and I've never had any problems from them. I did have a dentist tell me about 25 years ago that I'd need to have them removed within a few years if they didn't come out. Oh well, they don't always know what they're talking about.

by Thanks!reply 2201/21/2011

Mary me all you want - it was fucking mortifying once the Novocain wore off I did scream. No-one was more upset than I was, seriously.

by Thanks!reply 2301/21/2011

I don't really know the dentist. She was referred to me by my periodontist after I fired my former dentist (second one in 5 years).

Have had only one experience with this one so far, which was good. But I have had shit luck with dentists in the past. And I vowed never to have them do anything but simple fillings and simple pullings; the things my perio will not do.

by Thanks!reply 2401/21/2011

OP at R24.

by Thanks!reply 2501/21/2011

R20, the age of eruption is between 17 and 25. And, no, you can't have more than four wisdom teeth. If you have more than that, the extras are supernumarary (or something like that) teeth. Your wisdom teeth are your third molars. You literally cannot have more than four third molars.%0D %0D So, if you don't know what you're talking about, don't fucking post.%0D %0D And, shove your blessed day up your ass.

by Thanks!reply 2601/21/2011

The extras are your TWINS!!

by Thanks!reply 2701/21/2011

"[R20], the age of eruption is between 17 and 25."

That's not what you wrote.

"And, no, you can't have more than four wisdom teeth."

Yes, you can. Wisdom teeth, in very race cases, can even grow back.

Go get an abscess, cunt!

by Thanks!reply 2801/21/2011

I had two wisdom teeth in the same spot- one on top of the other in the bottom of my mouth. Had them both removed at the same time and the dentist left some gauze in the deep hole and didn't realize it. A few hours later I was in excruciating pain and my face had swollen up. Went back to the dentist and he removed the gauze. I was OK but in pain and on meds for a while.

Haven't had any other wisdom teeth removed but have a little pain in the other bottom tooth.

So I did in fact, have 5 wisdom teeth and now have 3 left.

by Thanks!reply 2901/21/2011

I had an infected wisdom tooth removed 3 years ago by an oral surgeon and it still hurts. I am not joking. There is a hole in my gum which hurts. It also smells bad when I irrigate it every day. I told my dentist, he took an xray and said everything's fine. %0D %0D He doesn't even know the oral surgeon, so it's not as if he's trying to cover up for him.

by Thanks!reply 3001/21/2011

I had a dry socket after the removal of my wisdom tooth, so I don't know if that matters.

by Thanks!reply 3101/21/2011

Just remove it yourself. People have been doing it for thousands of years.

by Thanks!reply 3201/21/2011

[/italic] Closing italics.

by Thanks!reply 3301/21/2011

[/italic]Italics make people sound psychotic. That's fun.

by Thanks!reply 3401/21/2011

Dentist or Oral Surgeon, doesn't really matter. Just ask them to make sure they get all the fragments out.

I had all 5 (yes another with 5 of them) out when I was 18 or so - by an oral surgeon.

Fast forward to my mid thirties and I start getting gum pain. Weeks go by and suddenly I feel something coming out of my gum. Looked like a piece of seashell. I didn't know if it was a broken tooth, bone fragment or something i'd eaten that got jammed in my gum. The dentists were stumped (this was in Asia) Finally found one dentist that said it was a piece of my wisdom tooth that had slowly worked its way out. Problem was that since the jawbone had been exposed, there was some necrosis and a piece of that had to be taken out and everything sewn shut. That hurt more than having the teeth taken out in the first place!

by Thanks!reply 3501/21/2011

R28, you dumbass, was supernumerary too big a word for you to look up? You cannot have more than four wisdom teeth. The fifth, sixth, seventh, whatever molars beyond the ones you are supposed to have are called supernumerary teeth.

by Thanks!reply 3601/21/2011

Wow, I came here as I thought this would be helpful for my fiance but many of you are so rude!

This person asked a simple question, maybe they haven't had many teeth issues so do not know the difference between them, why would you!

Secondly with regards to painkillers, I have a fractured spine and spend every day smacked off my face just to be able to get out of bed, I miss so much of my 7 month olds learning! Who would willingly take meds they do not need! I save good on you for not taking them!

If you really have nothing better to do than swear and be generally offensive, find a new forum! Jeeze!

by Thanks!reply 3707/16/2011

Hey OP --

I don't care what happens inside your mouth unless it's me cumming in it!

Have a nice day, ciao.

by Thanks!reply 3807/16/2011

Had 5 of them removed in my late 30's, as I was having some moderate issues with them. I was awake while they were getting extracted, and had no problems. I wound up going shopping afterwards, and then when home to crash. When I woke up, it was like it never happened -- no pain, no swelling, no bruising, etc. I was eating normal the next day.

by Thanks!reply 3907/16/2011

Another vote for an actual oral surgeon.

by Thanks!reply 4007/16/2011

The expression, r20, is not "Have a blessed day."

It is "Measure my anus!"

by Thanks!reply 4107/16/2011

I've avoided getting my wisdom teeth out all these years because the doctor said I wouldn't be able to have oral sex for 2 weeks if I got them out.

by Thanks!reply 4207/16/2011

[quote]If you really have nothing better to do than swear and be generally offensive, find a new forum! Jeeze!

You must be new here. Please don't tell us what to do.

by Thanks!reply 4307/16/2011

Had all four of mine removed at once. One was causing discomfort, but none were impacted. My dentist referred me to an oral surgeon.

I was awake. It was simple and quick. I had no swelling, major bleeding or pain afterwards, did not need pain meds, and was back to eating normally the next day.

Go to an oral surgeon, they will be more experienced with the procedure than your regular dentist.

by Thanks!reply 4407/16/2011

Just got an estimate to remove one of my wisdom teeth by an oral surgeon....upper left. He quoted me about $125.00. He is also an M.D.

I am over 50 and her went into some of the hazards...esp. if it is on the bottom...more problems getting it out and potential harm to teeth in front of it.

Spend the $$ and have the expert do want someone who pulls teeth all day long and not just twice a month.

Good luck...

by Thanks!reply 4507/16/2011

[quote] And what's all that about the dangers of pulling wisdom teeth after age 40?

There is a 90% death rate for people over 40 who have their wisdom teeth removed.

by Thanks!reply 4607/16/2011

[quote]There is a 90% death rate for people over 40 who have their wisdom teeth removed.

WTF? My Mom had an impacted one removed in her 60s and she was fine.

by Thanks!reply 4707/16/2011

Your mom was lucky.

by Thanks!reply 4807/16/2011

I chickened out three times when they forced me to watch videos or read pamphlets saying I could die or my face could be paralyzed and if so I could not sue.

fuck that.

by Thanks!reply 4907/16/2011

How can I get my health insurance to pay for some teeth that need to be pulled?

My orthodontist needs them to be removed.

Also, my dentist didn't even suggest pulling them herself and referred me to an oral surgeon. Which I have to wait about 2 and a half months to see for the 1st time.

by Thanks!reply 5007/16/2011

Why do wisdom teeth need to come out if they aren't causing any pain of discomfort? It seems every kid gets them out in their late teens anymore whether they need them out or not. Is it a racket?

by Thanks!reply 5107/17/2011

I had to pay 500 $ to remove each of my wisdom teeth. Fucking expensive! I had to do it though.. both were fucked up and I would have been in so much pain if I didn't remove them. Too bad we don't have free dental in this country. A disgrace really.. the richest country on earth, but still can't afford free dental for the people. So fucked up.

by Thanks!reply 5207/17/2011

[quote]Why do wisdom teeth need to come out if they aren't causing any pain of discomfort? It seems every kid gets them out in their late teens anymore whether they need them out or not. Is it a racket?

Sounds like a racket to me.

Yes, some people *could* develop problems with their wisdom teeth down the line, but that's not a valid reason to pull them out imo.

Luckily for me, my orthodontist did a fantastic job of spacing out my teeth when I was a teenager, and I haven't had a single problem with any of my wisdom teeth.

Although, I did faint and smash my face against an endtable last year, necessitating a root canal for the front tooth I'd killed, and a crown for the chipped tooth beside it. >:(

by Thanks!reply 5307/17/2011

Speaking of rackets, I think my orthodontist had one going.

Both my older brother and I had braces as teenagers, and at the end of treatment, we both had minor surgical procedures to sever some gum tissue so that our teeth wouldn't migrate back as easily as they otherwise would.

I have spoken to literally hundreds of people who've had braces, and NONE of them have ever had or heard of such a surgery.

So, either my orthodontist was the smartest man in the world and the only one who performed such a brilliant service... or he had an agreement with the oral surgeon and got a cut of the fee.

I wonder which one is true?

by Thanks!reply 5407/17/2011

All these stories about teeth makes me queasy. I am 32 and no wisdom tooth yet. Will I still get them?

by Thanks!reply 5507/17/2011

R50, you can't get your health insurance to pay for teeth extractions at the request of your orthodontist.

by Thanks!reply 5607/17/2011

Go for it man...... it is worth it just for the drugs you get afterwards!!!

by Thanks!reply 5707/17/2011

Oral surgeons will be able to deal with any complications.

by Thanks!reply 5807/17/2011

I had all four out a few weeks ago and whle it wasn't a breeze, it was relaxing to have the week off work and be on painkillers. I didn't take them one night and woke at 5 in the morning, in total agony. So it was a curiously relaxing time because I was spacy from the drugs but not in any discomfort. I did get really tired of eating soft food, though.

by Thanks!reply 5907/17/2011

I was told by my orthodontist that unless the wisdom teeth started giving me problems, there was no reason to pull them.

by Thanks!reply 6007/17/2011

R55, only two of my wisdom teeth ever came in. My mother is in her 60s and never got any of hers. Wisdom teeth are "vestigial," meaning their original function has been lost (much like the appendix). Looks like natural selection is starting to gradually do away with them. If you're 32 and don't have them, chances are you'll never get them.

by Thanks!reply 6107/17/2011

one good reason to pull wisdom tooth is that they are challenging to clean and are prone to cavities. if you have a crowded mouth, removing them may aid with alignment.

by Thanks!reply 6207/17/2011

I have permanent nerve damage from having my wisdom teeth removed (tingling and extra sensitivity on my chin). As you get older, the roots get closer to your nerves. I'd have an expert do it OP.

by Thanks!reply 6307/17/2011

For goodness sake, just get a second and third professional opinion. Why would you listen to us?

by Thanks!reply 6407/17/2011

Wisdom tooth removal is usually a surgical procedure, not a mere tooth extraction and that's why you need an oral surgeon doing it.

by Thanks!reply 6507/17/2011

I'm 50 and my dentist just removed my last two wisdom teeth. I had periodonitis (wouldn't use mouthwash with alcohol because i'm a dumbass AA). After a couple of thousand dollars worth of planing (?) and gum work - I got an estimate to have gum surgery and remove those wisdom teeth. My co-pay would have been over $1700. I went to my dentist and had it done for a copay of less than $200 and I am fine.

Fuck you - periodontal surgeon!!!!

Do it.

by Thanks!reply 6607/17/2011

As you age, the roots of the back, upper molars can grow into the sinus under your cheekbone. When they pull it, it can rip a hole in your sinus. That needs a surgeon to fix on the spot, so, if you're older, I'd go with an oral surgeon because what happens after that sinus is ripped is not pretty and can lead to severe infection.

by Thanks!reply 6707/17/2011

R16 misses the point. There was no pain! I had the same experience. I was given medication for pain when my wisdom teeth were removed and never used it. There was no pain or even discomfort.

by Thanks!reply 6807/18/2011

To the anonymous person who said "How fucking stupid do you have to be to not know what a periodontist is?". You are an incredibly rude, ignorant, jerk, who needs to be taught a lesson in manners. Just because a person doesn't know what a periodontist is, doesn't mean they are just means they are misinformed. You, however, are nothing but a small, stupid little douchebag.

by Thanks!reply 6903/03/2013

OP, your dentist can take an X-ray and determine if there are any possible complications during or after the extraction. If so, he or she should refer you to an oral surgeon.

by Thanks!reply 7003/03/2013

"There is a 90% death rate for people over 40 who have their wisdom teeth removed"

I think you'll find that there is death rate of 100% for people over 40...eventually... whether or not they have any teeth removed.

by Thanks!reply 7103/05/2013

I had all 4 of mine pulled last year at the age of 54, by an oral surgeon. Wisdom teeth are a real challenge to maintain, and the gums were starting to recede back there. I wasn't having any major problems, but went ahead and had them pulled to prevent future issues.

The surgery itself wasn't too bad, but for about 3 weeks afterward EVERY remaining tooth in my mouth hurt! It felt like they were moving around in my jaw! The pain meds gave me crazy-bad dreams, so I stuck with ibuprofen and it worked fine.

My part of the bill came to about $600.

My 86-year-old mother still has one wisdom tooth left. She started having problems with them in her 60s and 70s.

by Thanks!reply 7203/05/2013

I had five. One was fused with another tooth. They warned me about my jaw. I had to get it done as it was biting into my cheek.

by Thanks!reply 7303/05/2013

Few things I would love to clarify here. 1) You can have more than one wisdom tooth. 2) You can also not have wisdom teeth grow in, that means that you are higher on the evolutionary scale than others. 3) I got my wisdom teeth taken out by my dentist and it was fine, they are trained and most likely have been removing wisdom teeth for a long time. 4) I don't know why every asshole and idiot thinks they should post on the internet, just don't you unintelligent pricks. 5) It's not scary, you don't feel a thing. ( I had my mouth numbed, no laughing gas and I haven't taken any pain killers, and I am A okay minus discomfort & swelling. (Boo-freaking-hoo)

by Thanks!reply 7403/26/2013

R69, but you're so fucking stupid you were scolding someone who posted years ago, someone who probably isn't even on this site anymore.

Where are all the straight cunts coming from?

by Thanks!reply 7503/26/2013
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