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So if somebody blocks you on FB.

Have you automatically blocked them? I don't like the idea of him seeing my stuff on mutual friends pages.

by 34 going on 14reply 15305/02/2015

I wondered this when I went to block my ex, and they had already blocked me. I am guessing they cannot see you if they block you. At least I hope so. You should still be given the option; Facebook glitch if you ask me. I pray that my ex cannot see or hear of my existence.

by 34 going on 14reply 101/19/2011

When you block someone, they cannot see anything of you... they cannot search for you, cannot see your comments, cannot even tell you have a FB page. And vice-versa.%0D %0D One person does the 'block', but it goes both ways.%0D

by 34 going on 14reply 201/19/2011

Honey, you're 34. Come on.

by 34 going on 14reply 301/19/2011

So if someone blocks me, they can't see me?

by 34 going on 14reply 401/19/2011

is blocking the sameas deleting?

by 34 going on 14reply 501/19/2011

Is blocking the same as hiding? I assume that if you hide someone because you don't want to read their posts, they can still read your posts.%0D %0D But that the same as unfriending?

by 34 going on 14reply 601/19/2011

correct, R4%0D %0D No, R5.%0D %0D

by 34 going on 14reply 701/19/2011

I've blocked people who have friended me only to unfriend me later on.

by 34 going on 14reply 801/19/2011

Blocking is not the same as hiding.%0D %0D if you hid someone, all that happens is you no longer see their updates in your news feed. You can still go directly to their profile and see them, and they still see you and have no idea you 'hid' them.%0D %0D Blocking means they can't see you at all, and you can't see them at all. For you, it's like they're not even on facebook. You see nothing. For them, it's like YOU aren't even on facebook. They see nothing. It's mutual. You're still on facebook, they're still on facebook, but you two don't exist for each other. You are no longer friends, and you can't even friend each other (until one of you stops blocking).%0D %0D Unfriending means you just unfriend them. You can still search for them and friend them again. You can still see their comments on the updates of mutual friends (depending on the friend's security settings of course).%0D %0D

by 34 going on 14reply 901/19/2011

Still don't get how you block others from knowing you're online (and can therefore im you). %0D %0D Something about a signal in the lower right hand corner that I never could find.

by 34 going on 14reply 1001/19/2011

r19 doesn't yours say "chat" in the corner, click on that and hit go offline....

by 34 going on 14reply 1101/19/2011

Go to the box on the lower right hand side that says "Chat" Click on it, when it opens click on "options", then click on "Go Offline" there you are all invisible!!

by 34 going on 14reply 1201/19/2011

I have someone who I am friended to who changed their privacy settings so I can't see their wall or photos or basically anything about them - but they stopped short of actually unfriending me. Does this mean they can still see my wall and profile (because I never specifically tweaked my own privacy settings to exclude any of my friends)?

by 34 going on 14reply 1301/19/2011

Uh... it's so obvious. Just turn the switch off! %0D %0D Your friends lists are listed in the pop up. Just turn the swith off for all the lists that have people you don't want to see you.%0D %0D You can also switch it off for individual people.%0D %0D Or hit that big huge "Options" button and "go offline". %0D %0D I don't understand what you're not getting. It's really simple and obvious.%0D

by 34 going on 14reply 1401/19/2011

Hiding someone removes them from your news feed, but they can still comment on something of yours. Blocking them gets rid of them in absolutely every way.

by 34 going on 14reply 1501/19/2011


by 34 going on 14reply 1601/20/2011

Blocking makes it as if the two of you (blocker and blockee) don't exist. You can post on a mutual friend's status update and neither will see the other's comments. I have one friend who looked like she was talking to herself on her wall. Then, about the 5th comment down, she wrote, "You're right X." And I knew that my blocked ex-friend was having a conversation with her. It's kind of fun, actually.

by 34 going on 14reply 1701/20/2011

Is this stuff really that complicated that so many of you can't seem to grasp it?%0D

by 34 going on 14reply 1801/20/2011

What if somebody wants to friend you and you don't want them. If you hit the "Not Now" button, they could get pissed at you and maybe cause a stink. If they've already asked to friend you, can you enter them into the Blocked category so that they simply think you no longer exist on YouTube?

by 34 going on 14reply 1901/20/2011

In the case of not liking someone but not wanting them to know it or get pissed, I'd friend them THEN hide them.

by 34 going on 14reply 2001/20/2011

If someone blocks you, shouldn't you be able to search for their name on google still (to see if they have a facebook account)?

by 34 going on 14reply 2101/20/2011

You can do better than just hide them though.%0D %0D Create a new friend list and call it something like "Siberia" or "NotFriendFriends" or something.%0D %0D Then go into your privacy settings, and anything you have set to "friends only" or "friends of friends", change to a custom setting of "Friends only EXCEPT Siberia" or "Friends of Friends EXCEPT Siberia".%0D %0D This, with the hiding, will minimize what they can see of you, as well as hiding them from your news feed. You can even make it so that they cannot comment on your wall.%0D

by 34 going on 14reply 2201/20/2011

what if I just close my eyes really tightly, plug my ears and Go, "LA LA LA LA" really loudly?

by 34 going on 14reply 2301/20/2011

In my view blocking is assinine. Therefore if A blocks B- A should be able to hide from B, but not be able to pretend that B is not alive- A should be forced to see B every day unless B in turn decided to act like a 5 year old and hide as well.

by 34 going on 14reply 2401/20/2011

"NotFriendFriends"? Christ, just grow a pair and unfriend them completely. Why go to such lengths to practice petty exclusion?

by 34 going on 14reply 2501/20/2011

[quote]Why go to such lengths to practice petty exclusion?%0D %0D %0D There are times when you could be dealing with someone who is stalkerish, so you just want to disappear from their view, very quietly.

by 34 going on 14reply 2601/20/2011

r13, if your friend changed their privacy settings so you can't see their wall etc - but you're still "friends" - yes, it means they can see your wall etc unless you change your privacy settings to exclude them from access to your wall.

by 34 going on 14reply 2701/20/2011

This is just silly. R13, why don't you unfriend them? And why haven't they just unfriended you? Years ago on LiveJournal, someone created a filter specifically to exclude me. It was very obvious. I defriended her since she didn't want me to see what she wrote. She got mad at me because, in her mind, I had committed a major breach of online etiquette. I don't understand people like that. R13 and others need to just move on like adults instead of playing with filters and hiding. R25 is exactly right on this.

by 34 going on 14reply 2801/20/2011

You queens need more well ventilated basements.

by 34 going on 14reply 2901/20/2011

[quote]"NotFriendFriends"? Christ, just grow a pair and unfriend them completely. Why go to such lengths to practice petty exclusion?%0D %0D One perfect example is coworkers friending you. You don't want to snub them, but you don't necessarily want them to see all your business either. You have to work with them, so you decide to create as little friction as possible. Similarly some family members might fall into this category.%0D %0D Do you have such an utter lack of imagination that you couldn't conceive of a legitimate reason to do such a thing? Really?%0D

by 34 going on 14reply 3001/20/2011

Question: If you have a FB "friend" you'd rather not see stuff you post on your wall, does "blocking" them work?

I am guessing the only way to prevent a FB friend from seeing your wall is to UNfriend them, so why bother with "blocking" in the first place?

by 34 going on 14reply 3101/21/2011

Um, just quit the darn thing. What's the point?

by 34 going on 14reply 3201/21/2011

How do I change my Top 8 friends?

by 34 going on 14reply 3301/21/2011

[quote]I wondered this when I went to block my ex, and they had already blocked me. I am guessing they cannot see you if they block you. At least I hope so. You should still be given the option; Facebook glitch if you ask me. I pray that my ex cannot see or hear of my existence.%0D %0D Your ex cannot see or hear of your existence. Which is why your ex blocked you.

by 34 going on 14reply 3401/21/2011

R31, blocking someone automatically unfriends them.%0D %0D Blocking is a super-set of unfriending. %0D %0D Blocking is far more restrictive than just not being friended.%0D %0D Again, why is this so difficult for some of you to figure out or follow? This isn't rocket science.%0D %0D

by 34 going on 14reply 3501/21/2011

Wouldn't it be SUB-set?

by 34 going on 14reply 3601/21/2011

Depends on how you mean it, I guess.%0D %0D If you're talking about "number of people", then yeah.%0D %0D If you're talking about levels of security, no. And I was talking about the set of restrictions restrictions. %0D %0D Blocking is the MOST restrictive, the abolute top-level. Below that is unfriending. Below that is hiding. Below that is being friends.%0D %0D And of course you can fine tune the restrictions for both non-friends and friends (and friends-of-friends).%0D %0D

by 34 going on 14reply 3701/21/2011

Perhaps I am missing something, but at least in my browsers you can only dim out the button for a group but not an individual. There is no way to be online for some chatters and keep the fact that you are online from other people.

Sometimes I don't want to talk to someone certain person, but I don't want him to think I am online and ignoring him.

So I made a bunch of groups containing only one person and gave the group the name of that one person. Now I can appear to be offline to some people and not others.

I think I need a life.

by 34 going on 14reply 3801/21/2011


by 34 going on 14reply 3901/22/2011

That's a good question, R21. I have no idea. What you can do to prevent showing up on google is change your privacy settings to being unsearchable in public search. That prevents anyone looking you up via google, it also prevents anyone from looking you up on facebook (unless they are your friends)

My understanding of blocking is it cuts all ties you have with the person you are blocking. I've only ever had to block one ex. Not everyone uses the blocking thing with malicious intent, in fact, I wish my ex all the best, but I don't believe it's healthy to have an ex on facebook - well not all of them, it obviously depends on the circumstances of your past relationship. When you block what happens is, you can no longer see them on facebook and they can no longer see you. Which is the reason for blocking. It's not one way, it's two ways.

Rest assured R1, your ex cannot see anything about you. Which is a reason why he (or she) blocked you. It goes 2 ways, it isn't a glitch. It's clearly noted on facebook that blocking is two ways. I wouldn't worry about it - they aren't looking at your facebook if they went to the trouble of blocking you.

by 34 going on 14reply 4001/22/2011

R38, do you REALLY have a need to constantly toggle individuals back and forth?%0D %0D Why don't you just put all the people you want to ever chat with in one group, and just toggle the whole group off if you're not in the mood to chat, and on if you are?%0D %0D I don't get why you'd want to create a dozen friend groups each with one friend. That seems ridiculous.%0D %0D

by 34 going on 14reply 4101/22/2011

can you make you fb profile unsearchable - where they can't find you in "search"?

by 34 going on 14reply 4201/22/2011

Ys R42. I did that with my page. I think it should be under your privacy settings. I think it's under the public search option - you can click on "searchable by friends only" or something of the sort. It makes you unsearchable by those who are not on your friends list - and also unsearchable on google.

by 34 going on 14reply 4301/22/2011

Nice. Thanks, R43.

by 34 going on 14reply 4401/22/2011

You're welcome. It's a great option especially if you don't want co-workers looking up your page and friending you etc.

by 34 going on 14reply 4501/22/2011

With my current batch of co-workers, none of us have friended each other. I think it's an unspoken rule. I mean, I see you people more than anyone else...why do I need to see you on FB too? Plus, I don't want a comment said on my wall to be taken out of context and cause political drama at work. It can happen very easily.%0D %0D I've had to block two people who were stalking me. It took a lot of stalking to get me there, but it was a good call.

by 34 going on 14reply 4601/22/2011

I've learned a lot from this thread. Keep the questions coming. So much easier than looking up the information and/or figuring it out on FB. Some of their explanations are very convoluted.

by 34 going on 14reply 4701/22/2011

R46, how can you tell someone was stalking you on FB?

by 34 going on 14reply 4801/22/2011

Yes, r13. They've put you on a list where they are purposely preventing you from seeing those things. They can still see your profile. You can adjust your settings, ie. prevent people from seeing your photos or wall, etc., by going under your privacy settings and choosing "custom" setting. Then you will be asked who is allowed access to that feature. This is where you can select "everyone except Joe Blow."

Either your friend has done that to all of his contacts or just you, for some reason. It might be that you are a work friend and that's all he wants you to see.

Personally, I don't get the stupid privacy. It's all going to be public information one day. May as well embrace that concept now.

by 34 going on 14reply 4901/22/2011

I learned a lot from this thread. Someone who had been semi-stalking me on other forums had sent me a "friend" request long before I joined FB. Thus, when I opened a FB account, he was already there asking to be friended - but I assume he didn't know I had finally opened a FB account. I blocked him so his name no longer is on the list of pending friends.

by 34 going on 14reply 5001/22/2011

That's strange R50. How can someone send you a friend request if you are not a member of facebook yet?

by 34 going on 14reply 5101/22/2011

Your friend gives them your email address, R51.%0D %0D I've gotten requests as well. Though I do have a fake Facebook name account. Otherwise I want nothing to do with it.

by 34 going on 14reply 5201/22/2011

They were both people that knew me in real life, R48, and they were using FB to message me, comment on everything, and generally try to stay omnipresent, as if I would then give in and love them.

by 34 going on 14reply 5301/22/2011

R53, how can they post comments to you if they were not your friend? I thought only friends could post comments to you.

by 34 going on 14reply 5401/22/2011

R54, yes they were friends, but it got out of hand. It wasn't just the FB stalking, but constant texting me, showing up at my house, calling me all the time, bringing me random gifts.%0D %0D Stalker. Look it up.

by 34 going on 14reply 5501/22/2011

Now I get it R55. I originally went on the basis that they were stalking you on facebook - only on facebook. But what you describe is pure stalking - not just online, but offline. Now I understand what you mean.

by 34 going on 14reply 5601/22/2011

I am over Facebook. It pisses me off how the company is jerking the user around. Making personal information available to business partners, making privacy settings as difficult as possible and changing the layout at will without anyone asking for it, I'm having enough of it. People say if you don't like it, just stay away from it. It's exactly what I have started to do. I just don't find it appealing anymore. Facebook needs a competitor that is equally strong.

by 34 going on 14reply 5701/22/2011

R57-- Facebook's invasion of privacy is worsening.

by 34 going on 14reply 5801/22/2011

Stop blocking people. Call them up and talk to them about whatever is bothering you and work it out.

by 34 going on 14reply 5901/23/2011

This is why I don't use social networking. As currently implemented, it brings more negatives than positives.

by 34 going on 14reply 6001/23/2011

What is tagging all about? My name is included, with dozens of others, on someone's photo of some scenery. Rolling the curser over the photo brings up various names of people.

by 34 going on 14reply 6101/23/2011

Here's my question. How do I get rid of photos of myself on my profile page that I didn't put there? I notice that there's a Delete option for the photos I posted but not the same option for those photos posted by friends. %0D %0D Do I go to: Report this photo %0D %0D That sounds so serious!%0D

by 34 going on 14reply 6201/23/2011

When you are ON a photo of you you don't want tagged there's an UNTAG option.

Use it.

by 34 going on 14reply 6301/23/2011

What is the purpose of tagging? Why does someone put your name on a photo?

by 34 going on 14reply 6401/23/2011

Why not?

It's just a way to identify people in a photo.

by 34 going on 14reply 6501/23/2011

You can also tweak privacy settings on tagged pics that become part of your profile - i.e. pictures someone else put there. %0D %0D I just did it with some less than flattering pictures of me, opting for them to be visible to "only me". Click on your Account tab. Go to your privacy settings, then "things others share" then "photos and videos I'm tagged in"%0D and get ris of those pics of you others may think are cute but show too much wrinkle or fat for your taste.

by 34 going on 14reply 6601/23/2011

ris => rid. Sorry

by 34 going on 14reply 6701/23/2011

59, don't be vapid. I don't want to call up the vicious boss who tried to fire me and chat about it. I just want to be able to go on Facebook and not see her, her photos and her comments all over our mutual colleagues' Facebook pages. And I don't want her to have access to any part of my life.

Is it really so hard to understand that people have situations that are different from yours?

by 34 going on 14reply 6801/23/2011

[quote]It's just a way to identify people in a photo.%0D %0D No, it's not that simple. %0D %0D When you click on a photo of a sunset and there are a dozen names appearing in a mouse-over, it's not identifying people when the photo has no people. %0D %0D People who "own" the photo add tags of dozens of names of others on FB. %0D %0D Is tagging a way of signifying "These names are my bff" and I want all 40 of them memorialized in this sunset photo? Is that a way of saying, "All these people are special to me"? %0D %0D Maybe it's not an American thing since 98% of my FB friends are European and that's where I see scenic photos tagged with many names.

by 34 going on 14reply 6901/23/2011

I've really come to appreciate the blocking feature on FB...I blocked a weird guy after a stalking situation and he became a total non-entity.

I wish this was possible on LinkedIn, where we both have a professional presence. There the 'viewed your page' shows evidence of his continued attentions.

by 34 going on 14reply 7001/23/2011

What is the "Poke" link in the upper right? What happens when you "Poke" someone? Does it send something onto their wall?

by 34 going on 14reply 7101/23/2011

NO ONE uses the poke feature.

It's L - A - M - E.

by 34 going on 14reply 7201/23/2011

It's good to know that it's L - A - M - E, but what does it do?

by 34 going on 14reply 7301/23/2011

This is a very helpful thread.....learning so much here that should be more easily accessed on fb itself. Thanks everyone!

by 34 going on 14reply 7401/23/2011

I was asking about tagging and suddenly I got tagged in a photo for the first time.%0D %0D I still don't get it. I'm not in that photo. Someone tagged my name to that photo. %0D %0D Was it just a way to tell me to look at that photo?

by 34 going on 14reply 7501/23/2011

Nothing, r73. It simply "tells" the other person they've been "poked."

by 34 going on 14reply 7601/23/2011


Here's the deal.

Say I am good friends with "Joe" but Joe rattles on, and I don't want to deal with him at the moment.

Now Jim is also my friend and he has a better feeling for when I am apt to be trying to get something done while I am at the computer and when I don't feel like chatting and so on.

So I want Joe to be available for chat about 1/4 the time I am on Facebook, but Jim can be available for chatting whenever he is on Facebook.

It's a small thing, but I swear that older chat services had an off/on button for each friend, and I wish Facebook had it.

It is ridiculous and I am obsessive.

by 34 going on 14reply 7701/23/2011

Oh wow. I had no idea people actually USE the FB chat feature.


by 34 going on 14reply 7801/23/2011

R77... just don't respond to someone you don't want to chat with. How hard is that?%0D %0D Seriously, you could have just left your browser open and walked away. They don't know. After a few minutes of no response, they'll go off and do something different.%0D Or just navigate away from the page.%0D %0D It's not like you're chained to Facebook Chat and forced to chat with anyone who chats with you at gun-point.%0D %0D What the hell is wrong with you?%0D %0D

by 34 going on 14reply 7901/23/2011

Anyone who tags someone who isn't actually in the photo is using the tagging feature wrong. They're idiots. I don't know what to say about that.%0D %0D Tagging is what you do when you identify people in photos. It adds their name to the photo, indicates which person in the photo is that name, and will add the photo to the tagged person's collection of photos.%0D %0D I do not see or understand the point of tagging someone who was not in the photo.%0D %0D Don't let morons who misuse features confuse you.%0D %0D

by 34 going on 14reply 8001/23/2011


Say you have a close group of college friends.

And you make a trip back to an old "diving hole" you all used to go to.

If you post a recent photo of the place and want them all to see it -- and harken back to the old days -- it makes total sense to tag them in it.

by 34 going on 14reply 8101/23/2011

Or, R81, you could just email it to them.%0D %0D Or create a "group" consisting of your friends, and then post to the group.%0D %0D Or trust that they're your friends, and they already see the photos you post on their walls.%0D %0D

by 34 going on 14reply 8201/23/2011

Thanks r80 and r81. Now I get it. I got tagged in a photo of a recent event at the high school I left several decades ago. Now I realize that the person wanted me to view the photo.

by 34 going on 14reply 8301/23/2011

How do I tell FB that I don't want the mobile site when I look up FB on my tablet or cellphone. I keep hitting Full Site on the bottom, but sure thing next time I get to see the mobile site again. I prefer the full site because it has more features.

by 34 going on 14reply 8401/23/2011

I don't know. I'm not on Facebook.

by 34 going on 14reply 8501/23/2011


by 34 going on 14reply 8601/24/2011

You are welcome, r83.

by 34 going on 14reply 8701/24/2011


by 34 going on 14reply 8801/25/2011

OKAY, here's a new question about FB, having to do with the 10 friends that show up on your profile page.

I know FB says they use algorithms to determine how to get the people to show up but for me, it's always just about the same 15 people or so. I have done lots of googling and a lot of people believe it has something to do with people that are checking out your page. Some people I interact with a lot, but some I don't at all, but out of 550 friends, it's just a strange sort of smattering of people that are or were close to me. I think it has something to do with the number of times people check your profile. My ex KEEPS coming up even though we end things over a month ago. I even hid him from my newsfeed so that I didn't have to see what he was up to, and I haven't checked his page in FOREVER, and yet every day, he's still there on my page. What do you's think?

by 34 going on 14reply 8905/17/2011

I was feeling cranky and unappreciated one night, something that is happening more and more now that life is largely virtual, and I un-friended about half my list.%0D %0D Now I feel badly because there is no way to know how each of them feels about it or if they care or have even noticed.%0D %0D But I guess since it isn't real it doesn't actually matter. Perhaps I can re-create myself somewhere else.

by 34 going on 14reply 9005/17/2011

[quote]Though I do have a fake Facebook name account.

Me too, it's not my real name.

Although I *did* post some personal info to help others identify me (previous place of work, the town I grew up in, etc)... has that totally ruined the whole point of having a fake name?

by 34 going on 14reply 9105/17/2011

r89, I'm convinced this is the case. My ex and his craziest friends were popping up all the time during the breakup; now that it is all passed, it seems whomever i am dating or hanging around with that week is also featured--regardless of whether we've posted anything on our pages, etc. I think it simply tracks who is visiting your page.

by 34 going on 14reply 9205/17/2011

I have a list of about 10 people that are blocked...bitchy ex's who make one smart ass comment too many during harmless conversations BLOCKED...bipolars who go over the line ex's ex BLOCKED. Run of the mill nosey pricks BLOCKED Fuck that who wants them nosing around?

Unfriended a crazy drunk bitch who went off at a party once too many times. She wrote a note: why did you unfriend me? I told her in the note why. STILL she didn't get it. Now at parties she is fake-nice but who gives a damn, done with her!

My privacy settings are awesome and I have fan pages and pages for my biz so I have this FB thing done pat.

Rule number one: don't take any bullshit in cyberspace, put that index finger to good use!

by 34 going on 14reply 9305/17/2011

God, I fucking hate Facebook and everything about this stupid generation.

by 34 going on 14reply 9405/17/2011

That means you don't know how to make money off of the thint!

by 34 going on 14reply 9505/17/2011

I had one scary experience on facebook. I had this guy come out of no where stocking me by sending messages saying things like, get out of my country, and do you like taking advantage of our system. I guess he thought I was a foreigner by my last name? I have no idea why he said those things to me. He just went a way, but months later he sent me messages again and I finally reported him. It was really scary because in the guy's picture he looked deranged. I had no idea who this creep was. I belong to some history clubs because I love history. Out of no where I got this picture of this psycho looking woman who sent a message saying, so we are fiends of the Romanoff%E2%80%99s honey? EWWWW! Yuck! Immediately I reported her, and that was the end of her. %0D %0D Someone posted on Facebook that there is a way you can find out who is checking out your page. They have some steps to follow with links. Has anyone received that? Does anyone know if that is a scam?%0D %0D %0D Also, is anyone here getting these bimbos who send you a message saying I love your profile. You seem like such a neat person? A couple of them I have checked out their profiles to check out who they are and they have these real risqu%C3%A9 pictures up on their profiles. Are they prostitutes? It is so annoying%0D %0D

by 34 going on 14reply 9605/18/2011

@96 YES they are hookers. If they have so called fresh face look and only 3 0r 10 friends...then you ask, do I know you? They say no, but I'm looking for a friend...LOL

That other thing is a spam/hacker DO NOT CLICK ON THAT LINK if it says you can see who watches your profile...

by 34 going on 14reply 9705/18/2011

Stocking you, R96? Really?

by 34 going on 14reply 9805/18/2011

Good one, r98.

by 34 going on 14reply 9905/18/2011

I block my exes

by 34 going on 14reply 10005/18/2011

[quote]How do I change my Top 8 friends?

Sleep with one of them.

by 34 going on 14reply 10105/18/2011

[quote]Someone posted on Facebook that there is a way you can find out who is checking out your page. They have some steps to follow with links. Has anyone received that? Does anyone know if that is a scam?%0D %0D ALL such posts and links are scams/viruses. NEVER CLICK ON ANY SUCH LINK. There is NO WAY to find out who is checking out your page. Deal with it.%0D %0D

by 34 going on 14reply 10205/18/2011

When's the prom, OP?

by 34 going on 14reply 10305/18/2011

r102 speaks the truth.

by 34 going on 14reply 10405/18/2011

I HAVE A QUESTION! so I understand that you can go offline...but that means that EVERYBODY cannot see that you are online...i want only some people to see that I am online. and with the new chat thing...i can't find where I can make lists HELP!!!

by 34 going on 14reply 10507/10/2011

So glad I've deleted my account. I feel like I've left a cult.

by 34 going on 14reply 10607/10/2011

If you block someone who was on your friends list, and you two ever exchanged messages, they will still be able to view your profile. All they have to do is go to their inbox, click on one of the messages, and they are taken to your profile.

by 34 going on 14reply 10711/22/2011

We know who you are and we see what you do

by 34 going on 14reply 10811/22/2011

Not true, R107. Nope.

by 34 going on 14reply 10911/23/2011


by 34 going on 14reply 11011/23/2011

OK, used to, you could select your top 8 friends, or something. Now, you can't. How can I randomize the list of friends that come up when my profile is viewed? This cunt pops up on my list every time and I am DONE with her. We're coworkers so I can't unfriend. How the hell do I get her out of my effing top 8??

by 34 going on 14reply 11112/18/2011

How do you hide your friends in the new horrible timeline? My friends are now accessible to all my other "friends," but some of them are just random friend hogs.

Also, how do you switch to the UK version that is old-style and probably more private, and may not become the enfocred timeline?

God, I despise FB now, but i have to use it for work.

by 34 going on 14reply 11212/18/2011

Quick question: can other people see when I last logged into Facebook(both my friends and those who aren't friends)?

by 34 going on 14reply 11312/18/2011

This Facebook stuff freaks me out, learned this after asking to friend a few I thought I was friends with and they rejected me. Now I only friend those who ask to friend me first. Thank god people do ask to friend me. I'd just rather not chance the rejection of those who apparantly aren't particularly fond of me. I'd just rather not know of it.

(Saga of someone who was bullied half to death as a kid-that old shit left an impact)

by 34 going on 14reply 11412/19/2011

Can people who have the new timeline feature tell us what you can and can't hide from others? I haven't switched over yet.

by 34 going on 14reply 11512/19/2011

As far as I can see, EVERYthing is made public. You have to redo all your prefernces, and even then, all your posts get made publiuc, until you specifiy, freinds only, you only, hide posts one by one from timeline.

Plus, your entire Freind list is made visible to any friend, except blocked which has been disucssed.

I'm pretty sick of it already; forcing us to post a huge billboard-sized photo? Fuck you, FB.

and demanding that it not be self-promotional, when pretty much any professional is self-promoting? FU, FB.

I spent a coffee-fueled afternoon, manually deleting old posts, just out of vengeance for this invasive, pervasive and utterly corrosive website, which is ruining lives every day.

by 34 going on 14reply 11612/19/2011

Geez R116, I deactivated mine a few months ago. So glad I did!

by 34 going on 14reply 11712/19/2011

how to find out if someone is hidding fro me in the chat, i know is a opcion that u can be invisible individualy to the person u dont want to chat with

by 34 going on 14reply 11804/08/2012

Plz can someone help me on this: my boyfriend deactivated his account about a year ago. In my message box I still have messages we sent but after deactivation his profile pic appeared as a anonymous pic, and his name was in black. Now all of a sudden his old profile pic is next to his message, and when I click on the message there's an enverlope next to his name (which is still in black!) He swears he's not blocked me but I need to know if this is the case from my description, any help would be great thx xx

by 34 going on 14reply 11904/11/2012

A 'friend' of mine unfriended me on facebook, then blocked me but because I used to go on his profile to see how he was doing his name and pic keeps coming up and I want it to go away but dont know how

by 34 going on 14reply 12004/24/2012

I have a similar question about grindr...if I have a star on someones profile as a favorite, will it still disappear if he blocks me?

by 34 going on 14reply 12104/24/2012


by 34 going on 14reply 12204/25/2012

r69, r75, r80:

Tagging people who aren't in the photo may technically be a misuse, but it is also a way of drawing specific individuals' attention to the photo - the fact that they are tagged prioritises it in their timeline and means they definitely see it.

In fact, I noticed this being used a lot more since the advent of timeline, which only seems to show selective content, with marketing announcements being given a priority.

by 34 going on 14reply 12304/25/2012

I have a question ...what does it mean if my profile pic doesn't show up on my friends friend list? I can still see his.

by 34 going on 14reply 12405/07/2012

i want to ask a question. if you block someone from your fb page and they get to you through someone else's page and then report your post and fb makes you remove it that's not right that's why i blocked that person so they wouldn't see. what can i do about that?

by 34 going on 14reply 12505/15/2012

I have a question. If i block someone from my facebook and unfriend them will my friends be able to see their posts on my profile. Do I have to delete them manually?

by 34 going on 14reply 12605/31/2012

so you said if A blocks B both cannot see anything about each other not even on their friends profile,and also is only if one of them decides to unblock but if is A that block isn't A suppose to be the one to unblocked

by 34 going on 14reply 12706/25/2012

Can someone help me im being stalked. I know 2 person who blocked me, but she is still posting stuff about me with my name and everything calling me and my family very bad names and bothering me other FB friends asking about me and telling stuff. My friends already report the comments that she made but they are still there :( What can i do please??

by 34 going on 14reply 12807/17/2012

I personally think its dum when someone blocks you...I have done it myself to people I work with because of business ...then I go and unblock them later it's real is childish ...just talk to the person...if you don't confront it will never go away. man up about things...

by 34 going on 14reply 12907/19/2012

>>So glad I've deleted my account. I feel like I've left a cult. reply 106t07/10/2011 @ 04:15PM

I'm so pleased I read this thread! I never really wanted to join FB - and have resisted all the friends who keep telling me I should - and recently been thinking maybe I should relent to keep in touch with some old friends who now live overseas, etc -

Then I read this thread and all thoughts of joining up have evaporated.

This - and the other thread where people paste all sorts of random people's Facebook banalities. Blah!

by 34 going on 14reply 13007/22/2012

can somebody cockblock you on facebook?

by 34 going on 14reply 13107/22/2012

Can you block someone on Facebook if you've never been friends? If it's true blocking means it's as if you're not on FB, can I block someone in advance?

by 34 going on 14reply 13207/22/2012

Somebody is stalking me. They are blocking me on facebook and then unblocking me....They are spoofing through Yahoo and going around a block on my cell phone. the police are involved in that. How do I unfriend this person and block him so he can't do this to me anymore....Help!

by 34 going on 14reply 13308/17/2012

[quote]can somebody cockblock you on facebook?


My question - how do you know if you've been unfriended? Do you get a message or anything?

by 34 going on 14reply 13408/17/2012

[quote]Can you block someone on Facebook if you've never been friends? If it's true blocking means it's as if you're not on FB, can I block someone in advance?

You do not have to be friends with someone to block them.

by 34 going on 14reply 13508/17/2012

if you block someone and you want to put you relationship on there but they are friends with that person can they see anything?

by 34 going on 14reply 13601/30/2014

This is some heavy shit.

by 34 going on 14reply 13701/31/2014

Ya but all the person has to do is unblock you and look at your page and block you again. It should be a two way option some how. My ex has done this to me a couple times.. Unblocked me and sees the pictures of my new girlfriend and than she blows my phone up.. Is there any way to block someone that has blocked you?? Help please it's putting stress on my new relationship

by 34 going on 14reply 13803/04/2014

Me & my boyfriend was planning to get married last month, just last week we had some argument that made him get angry on me just because of the argument, he said we will not be married again and the next day he left me and we broke up. I still loved him and I wanted him to marry me, for me to get him back i had no choice than to contacted dr.marnish@ yahoo. com to help me and he helped me to bring my lover back to me so we can continue our plan to be married. he came back after 3 days

by 34 going on 14reply 13904/22/2014

is blocking them the same as defriending them?

by 34 going on 14reply 14004/22/2014

R139, what's your name? I don't know you at all and I want to block you forever.

by 34 going on 14reply 14104/22/2014

I hope R139 is a parody or joke post. Otherwise, that is one scary stupid person who is at or near the bottom of the food chain.

by 34 going on 14reply 14204/22/2014

I agree r24. It's so fucking immature. And it's an unnecessary act of aggression. Like being someone's FB means your really "friends" anyway? If someone pissed me off, maybe the most I would do is hide their updates from my feed or adjust my privacy settings. Why the need to be so aggressive and nasty? We're all grown ups - I think we all know how to just shrug and ignore someone without acting like we're in 7th grade.

by 34 going on 14reply 14304/22/2014

Just a reminder I posted before. When you search for a person, ever after they come up when you type the beginnings of their name. To stop this, block them, then unblock them. Now use the search and their name no longer comes up automatically.

by 34 going on 14reply 14404/22/2014

Can someone know you looked at their FB profile/ page/photos/info? Is looking at or copying photos anonymous, or is their some app or something that lets them know you did this?

by 34 going on 14reply 14505/02/2014

r144, how do you block a person on FB?

by 34 going on 14reply 14605/02/2014

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by 34 going on 14reply 14705/02/2014

Pls tell me when blocked and both are in the same group can they see the things i post on the wall of the group.

by 34 going on 14reply 14805/07/2014

I was wondering about R148's question, too? Does anyone know?

by 34 going on 14reply 14905/07/2014

i just learned this you can also add a person to the restricted list which only allows them to see your public posts and to see your posts that you tag them in which is what you should do if you want to friend someone and dont want them seeing your stuff when they ask why they cant see your stuff just say im not sure it must be something with facebook.

by 34 going on 14reply 15005/15/2014

If u block someone on FB&the person u block deletes there account and then creates a new account, is that person still blocked from ur FB page if they are still using the same name??

by 34 going on 14reply 15107/21/2014

What I hate is how blocking only goes one way. The person who blocks you, has the power to unblock and see you (then they have to wait 24 or 48 hours until they can block you again). But you can't block them if they block first. Gosh, I hate Facebook.

by 34 going on 14reply 15207/21/2014

Just create another account if you want to see their page, just don't ask to be friends or do the same thing you did in the old account...

by 34 going on 14reply 15305/02/2015
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