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Blue Valentine


by your welcomereply 6104/03/2013

Brilliant movie. Best dissection of a relationship I've seen. Brilliant acting from both. Gosling in an astonishing performance (and one where serious buzz is beginning to build) finally proves he's a major star and if he gets enough of a push may just prove a threat to Mr. Firth. He wipes memories clean of Franco and anyone else beside Firth. He and Williams provided some of the most real, raw, true moments I've seen in a film about relationships in years. You root for no one but truly feel and empathize for these characters and the dissolution of their love.

Williams while wonderful, is no threat to Portman, but Gosling...

by your welcomereply 101/12/2011

But does he show his wang?

by your welcomereply 201/12/2011

I agree with everything R1 wrote with the exception that Williams also deserves an Oscar nod for her subtle and sensitive performance.

This was one of the strongest movies I've ever seen. Really impressive: Thought-provoking, well-acted and -written, honest and brave. I've never seen a movie like it. I've compared it to "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" since both are such unblinking looks at the demise of a relationship.

I will probably go see it again in the theater, so good was it.

by your welcomereply 301/12/2011

Gosling could be this year's Adrien Brody surprise. Williams should absolutely be nominated.

by your welcomereply 401/12/2011

I saw it this weekend and was riveted by both Williams and Gosling....and I too think she may be a threat to the early Natalie Portman buzz.....I have never seen a movie about the the breakdown of a relationship done is in such a powerful brought up things from my parents split and from a relationship I had 20 years just rang true..I went in expecting a good movie and left in awe even if there was no happy ending....

by your welcomereply 501/12/2011

I love the two actors but had to walk out of the movie in the middle. Not that it was not good, but it was too depressing. Maybe I am too depressed at the moment or worried about my own relationship. Anyway I went to see Entangled and found my happiness. But this is a great movie with deep, real characters. Ryan Gosling is the man.

by your welcomereply 601/12/2011

R6 I understand why the movie would be too real or painful to watch. At first I saw the woman's point of view (I'm a woman) but then I started seeing his perspective, then I realized the whole relationship was a mess, based on bad timing and unfortunate circumstance. It's probably not too far off many long term relationships -- the gradual decay of love. People were crying in the theater when I saw it.

by your welcomereply 701/13/2011

It does an amazing job of not assigning blame to either character - not an easy thing to do in a break-up movie. %0D %0D You just see how it cannot work and sympathize with both people. They are two different people with very different needs/wants.

by your welcomereply 801/13/2011

I thought the dissolution of their relationship was very realistic. I got the impression that both quickly hooked up with each other without really getting to know one another first because if they had, they would have seen they were incompatible. But, like so many relationships that end in breakups or divorce, they chose to overlook that because of reasons running the gamut from lust/attraction to mutual need and convenience.

I'm not sure they ever really loved one another. But then I can say the same thing about my past and current relationships.

by your welcomereply 901/13/2011

Oh, I think it was made clear that she was the love of his life, r9.

by your welcomereply 1001/13/2011

Loved it too. It's rare to see a working class character like Gosling's portrayed so three-dimensionally and sympathetically.

by your welcomereply 1101/13/2011

Why was it originally rated NC-17?

by your welcomereply 1201/13/2011

Because there's a few "unsavory" sex scenes: Ryan Gosling eats out Michelle whats-her-face who comes. And when she later (in a separate scene) resists his advances it becomes ever-so-slightly S&M-ish. Also someone fucks Michelle from behind. Big deal.

It should be rated PG so young people can watch it and not make dumb decisions.

by your welcomereply 1301/13/2011

I thought it captured what it is like when people are emotionally tied to each other but have moved on in terms of their life. This is the place Michelle finds herself. Ryan is content just to be the husband, the dad. He is completed by their relationship, she is stifled by it.

Wonderfully acted.

by your welcomereply 1401/13/2011

re. the "unsavory" sex scenes r13 describes that initially earned the film an NC-17 rating. What a bunch of prudes we've become. Brooke Shields did that at 15 in Endless Love.

by your welcomereply 1501/13/2011

A masterpiece, pure and simple and far better than the over-hyped Black Swan.

by your welcomereply 1601/13/2011

Oh please R16, comparing it to Black Swan is absurd. One is a psychological thriller the other a cinema verite examination of a marriage. Both wildly succeed at what the creators set out to accomplish. As for hype - if you don't thing the Weinsteins are shrewdly hyping Blue Valentine the max you are not paying attention.

by your welcomereply 1701/13/2011

"He is completed by their relationship, she is stifled by it."

Love how you put that -- it's exactly the case in so many of my friends' divorces.

by your welcomereply 1801/13/2011

"Why was it originally rated NC-17?"%0D %0D I thought I saw an add in either the Sunday NY Times or the weekday national edition which said the film was being shown "uncut and unedited."

by your welcomereply 1901/13/2011

R19 that's just fucked up. If people want salacious sex scenes, they should go rent a porno. If they want great acting and a fantastic movie, this one delivers. What more do they want, a porno featuring these two actors? Actually, hmmm...

by your welcomereply 2001/13/2011

R19--The producers successfully appealed the original rating. They did not have to make any changes.

by your welcomereply 2101/13/2011

I also loved the movie. I hope both leads get nominated and win. They deserve it. Emotionally raw, devastating and so true to life that it makes you uncomfortable watching it.

If what is on screen is even considered NC-17 material....we are a fucked up society.


Did anyone get the impression that she had been molested by the father?

by your welcomereply 2201/13/2011

What r8 said.%0D %0D Two of the most natural, spontaneous performances I've ever seen.

by your welcomereply 2301/13/2011

Depressing but great.

by your welcomereply 2401/13/2011

I sincerely hope these aren't all shill posts, but they sure sound like it.

by your welcomereply 2501/13/2011

I'm not a shill, but an Ampas member and voter, and it was a brilliant film. It will be nominated for BP, and both will be nominated for BA. Highly recommend.

by your welcomereply 2601/13/2011

R26 I have no idea what you're talking about. What awards are BP and BA? Thanks in advance.

by your welcomereply 2701/13/2011

It's playing now in NYC and LA.%0D %0D Does anyone know when it will open wide ?

by your welcomereply 2801/13/2011

I like blue.

by your welcomereply 2901/13/2011

Wonderful film. %0D %0D Gosling is (as usual)great: "Half-Nelson," "Lars and the Real Girl," "True Believer," and "The Slaughter Rule" prove just how good he is when given a character that is not likable, and the Hollywood fare of "The Notebook" and "Fracture" is enjoyable because of him. Btw, look for "All Good Things." Not quite as good as "Blue Valentine," but engrossing, and Frank Langella deserves an award for creepiest performance of the year.%0D %0D And yes, Williams is superb. The film reminded of the "kitchen sink" dramas from England in the early 60's (i.e, "Lonliness of the Long Distance Runner")and hopefully the film will get enough buzz in the next couple of weeks to get Oscar noms.%0D %0D Looks like "True Grit" might win after all. Who would have thought?

by your welcomereply 3001/13/2011

I admired much about Blue Valentine: its construction, its sensitive portrayal of blue collar and working class Americans, the difficult questions its characters (particularly Cindy) ask themselves, and above all the acting. But I didn't love it. without showing the middle - the disintegration of the relationship in the intervening six years - I felt cheated. In the end, it felt more high-concept than its pretensions assert.

by your welcomereply 3101/13/2011

Absolutely [r22]

by your welcomereply 3201/14/2011

"True Grit"? I hope not.

Jeff Bridges sounded as if he had marbles in his mouth, I needed subtitles to understand him!

by your welcomereply 3301/14/2011

True Grit is no threat in any way.

by your welcomereply 3401/14/2011

I am afraid that Toy Story might have a chance....

by your welcomereply 3501/14/2011

I don't really have a lot of patience for stories that expect me to sympathize with young women who fuck around without protection, get knocked up, and wouldn't dream of having an abortion. We know this story isn't going to end well.

by your welcomereply 3601/14/2011

It is far more than that R36. As a couple of posters have mentioned, she might have been molested. And the pregnancy is the result of a rape. She tries to get an abortion and she gets scared shitless mid-procedure.

by your welcomereply 3701/14/2011

I didnt get the impression that she was molested AT ALL. where did you get clues from that? also, where is the rape thing from? I think its very very clear she got pregnant bc her bf came inside of her when they were having sex ...there was a whole scene showing that%0D %0D Gosling was great but I was really, really blown away by Williams. IMHO, if the academy is going off of strongest performances - shes the black horse to Annette Bening (I know this statement is controversial and I thought Natalie Portman really delivered but in my opinion it was a 2 dimensional character)

by your welcomereply 3801/14/2011

dark horse

by your welcomereply 3901/14/2011

Hey R37 Michelle's character breaks up with her wrestling boyfriend because he didn't wear a condom, not b/c he raped her. She was pissed at him, remember?

I did not get the sense that there was molestation involved. Instead, I got the sense that her dad was a dickhead who intimidated the entire family.

by your welcomereply 4001/14/2011

I def dont think there was molestation involved. they left their daughter to stay overnight with him. he just created an emotionally abusive environment when she was younger.

by your welcomereply 4101/14/2011

I watched this a week ago and am still utterly haunted by it.

You know how you feel after you have a very vivid, emotional dream, and it affects your mood for days after? That's how I feel about this movie.

Should have won "Best Picture," especially when contrasted with "The King's Speech."

TKS was a good movie and I adore everyone who was in it, but it was a completely conventional, studio, "feel-good" movie.

"Blue Valentine" was the best movie to come along in quite a while. Not pleasant to watch, sure, but totally ballsy filmmaking.

Gosling should have won Best Actor as well.

by your welcomereply 4205/28/2011

very fine movie, brutally honest and refreshingly different. Gosling and Williams gave the best performances in an American movie last year. Hands down. I am grateful that there are young American film actors as good as these two.

by your welcomereply 4305/28/2011

The only scene I didn't like was when Michelle was in front of a computer screen and kept repeating the same line.

I thought it sounded poorly scripted.

And then I read that the actors ad-libbed. That is the downside to ad-libbing. You get the spontaneity, but sometimes the words suffer.

I also read that the director would give the actors direction separately so they couldn't anticipate what the other character was going to do.

It was an amazingly adult movie that didn't pander to the Hollywood sweet spot demo.

by your welcomereply 4405/28/2011

Amazing film. Ryan Gosling is my favorite actor to come along in years. He is amazing. Michelle Williams is outstanding as well. I get such a bitch vibe from her in real life though, and a strange intensity. But she is an amazing actress. They give me hope as far as younger actors go. (Ryan is Half Nelson is insanely awesome as well)

by your welcomereply 4505/28/2011

I can't believe Ryan didn't even get a nomination for this. Criminally overlooked IMO.

If it weren't for Julia Roberts employing her own personal Oscar campaign for Javier Bardem, Ryan might have gotten in.

by your welcomereply 4605/29/2011

[quote]I am grateful that there are young American film actors as good as these two.

Gosling is Canadian.

by your welcomereply 4705/29/2011

It can't be that great if Michelle Williams is in it. The chick is the very definition of bland.

by your welcomereply 4805/29/2011

Think again. She was great in it.

by your welcomereply 4905/29/2011

Michelle Williams annoys me for some reason. She is the founding member of what I call the "baleful stare school of dramatic acting."

Even the director on the DVD commentary talks about how Michelle's acting consists of her keeping her face relatively blank while "all these things are going on in her mind."

Frankly, I think he gives her too much credit.

Gosling, on the other hand, is phenomenal in everything he does.

by your welcomereply 5005/29/2011

I would have liked it better if the director didn't so blatantly copy the camera work in Olivier Assayas's early films. And he can't hold candle to Assayas.

by your welcomereply 5105/30/2011

Well, now I won't sleep. That was pretty hardcore. I loved them both. Didn't they film the falling in love scenes last? I seem to remember that. Great movie, glad I finally saw it and that I don't have to see it again.

by your welcomereply 5212/22/2012

Michelle and Ryan were terrific in it. Depressing movie, though.

by your welcomereply 5312/22/2012

You guys watched it last night on Showtime? I watched 50/50 (which I actually enjoyed) and saw that BV was coming on right after and I just couldn't. I saw that one in the theaters and once was enough. Amazing movie with brilliant performances though.

by your welcomereply 5412/23/2012

Was it really rated NC-17? That's insane. It's so good. I got the feeling that Cindy's dad was a drunk/rage-aholic and that's what made her fall for Dean (who was seriously loveable in the beginning, kind of reminded me of my husband.)

When the ex-boyfriend came up to his work and kicked his ass did he say "I'm the guy your kid is going to call daddy." And then you got the feeling that if only out of self preservation, Cindy would take her kid and move up to the town with the dorky doctor. It all came full circle. You could see Dean drinking himself to death in some tiny studio apartment surrounded by the pictures of his family, a la Walter. Jesus, now I'm depressed all over again.

by your welcomereply 5512/23/2012

The few pounds Michelle gained for the role suit her.

by your welcomereply 5612/23/2012

It was a great movie. Was it overlooked during awards season? Also, the first few minutes when it goes through a typical morning of getting ready for work, getting the kid ready etc, were so true to life. I loved this movie! And I'll probably never watch it again.

by your welcomereply 5712/24/2012

What's with the renewed popularity of Blue Valentine? It's the number 1 indie film on iTunes...and I just borrowed it from my parents, who had BV among a bunch of films that were only recently available on DVD.

by your welcomereply 5804/03/2013

Great movie, but hard to watch because it is such a realistic depiction of a relationship gone bad.

I heard the reason it got an NC-17 rating was because of the scene where Gosling is sucking William's pussy. Actually that happens twice in the movie. The first time she enjoys it. The second time we see it happening she's so repulsed by him she shoves him away from her.

The sex scenes in the motel are excruciating to watch. He's doing his best to pleasure her but it's obvious she has no sexual feelings for him at all anymore.

I got the impression that Cindy never had any role model to show her what a good relationship should be like (the marriage of her mother and father is lousy), hence her dickhead jock boyfriend. Along comes Dean: he's a loser, undeducated, going nowhere, but he's also funny, caring, loving and he adores her. She revels in his attention and when she gets pregnant he's there for her and offers to marry her and be her kid's father, even though the baby is probably the jock boyfriend's. So they marry. A few years down the line, after the bloom is off the rose, Cindy, who has become harder to get along with over the years, realizes that she's married a loser going nowhere. His goofy personality is no longer appealing but incredibly annoying. It doesn't help that even though he's still relatively young he's lost his looks. Their relationship has turned to shit. It all seems to plausible and real.

It's a compelling film with great acting. Tought to watch, but it's worth it.

by your welcomereply 5904/03/2013

He's more of a loser at the end. He had some ambition early on.

by your welcomereply 6004/03/2013

R58 The director has a new movie out called The Place Beyond the Pines with Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper. A lot of the promo stuff says from the director of Blue Valentine so I'm assuming there is a renewed interest.

by your welcomereply 6104/03/2013
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