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Who''s the busiest black actress these days?

Halle? Don't think so%0D %0D Angela? Fat chance%0D %0D Tifah? Maybe%0D %0D Whoops? 1 morning gig gives you security, but it's over at noon and doesn't make you a busy person.%0D %0D Oprah? Not really an actress anymore%0D %0D Alfre? Maybe 10 years ago%0D %0D Vanessa? Maybe close 2nd%0D %0D My guess is Rere. As in Ms. King. %0D %0D Am I wrong?

by 227reply 17301/01/2014

Taraji's pretty busy.

A shame about some of the other ladies you mention.

by 227reply 101/06/2011

Zoe Saldana

by 227reply 201/06/2011

Isn't it obvious?

by 227reply 301/06/2011

Taraji P Henson

by 227reply 401/06/2011

Kerry Washington?

by 227reply 501/06/2011

I definitely think Zoe is on her way to being the biggest earner (if she already isn't) but not necessarily the busiest.

by 227reply 601/06/2011

S. Epatha Merkerson broke Michele Lee record as the longest running female character on TV.

by 227reply 701/06/2011

Matt Lucas

by 227reply 801/06/2011

Zoe is latina.

by 227reply 901/06/2011

um, HELLO?

by 227reply 1001/06/2011

Carol Channing

by 227reply 1101/06/2011

Bish, pls, we all know it's Madea.

by 227reply 1201/06/2011


by 227reply 1301/06/2011

Amber Riley

by 227reply 1401/06/2011

Heidi Montage

by 227reply 1501/06/2011

God, I thought the title said "ugliest".

by 227reply 1601/06/2011

And by black actress, you mean gay actor, correct?

by 227reply 1701/06/2011

Um, OP?

The term is blacktress, not "black actress." Please stop using that. It wounds.

by 227reply 1801/06/2011

Latina is not a race. Zoe is a black latina, and yes she counts as a 'black actress'.

by 227reply 1901/06/2011

R10, Ms Khalil would cut you if she found out you insinuated she's black!

by 227reply 2001/06/2011

Loretta Devine is still very busy after all these years in the business. She is in most movies that involve more than one black person lol.

Vanessa Williams has also never hurt for work.

by 227reply 2101/06/2011

C.C.H. Pounder was everywhere for a while.

by 227reply 2201/06/2011

Julianne Moore. Seriously.

by 227reply 2301/06/2011

None of them are as big or busy as they should be. Angela Bassett should not be scrounging for work in Tyler Perry films. Vanessa Williams does TV work, despite being a big film star in the nineties. Regina King is good, but again, has been reduced to television. %0D %0D Zoe Saldana starred in two of the biggest films of 2009, yet Hollywood has no idea what to do with her. She should be as big as Bullock.%0D %0D Halle is supposedly oscar worthy in "Frankie and Alice" but since her first win was viewed by many as a joke, she will most likely never receive another nomination. %0D %0D

by 227reply 2401/06/2011

Well, I'm certainly busy keeping Will interested...

by 227reply 2501/06/2011

r9, Zoe is indeed of Dominican heritage, but in interviews she has repeatedly stated that she considers herself first and foremost a "black woman." In the interview I read she didn't mince around with African-American or "of color". She said black, plain and simple.

by 227reply 2601/06/2011

[quote]Regina King is good, but again, has been reduced to television%0D %0D It's not 1965 anymore, when only unemployed actors or aspiring New York theater luminaries did TV (well, with the exception of L&O:)%0D %0D Stars are no longer "reduced" to TV, especially when they can look forward to commanding $22 million a year after the 5th year of a hit run.%0D %0D I know, $22M is something they can command in one movie, but not for years at a time (almost ever!)

by 227reply 2701/06/2011

Three guesses, darlings, as to r27's true identity.

by 227reply 2801/06/2011

Oprah portrays a straight woman every day, in the longest running daytime drama.

by 227reply 2901/06/2011

LOL r28

by 227reply 3001/06/2011

R24, Vanessa Williams had several film roles during the late 1990s, but she was never a big film star.

by 227reply 3101/06/2011

Viola Davis

by 227reply 3201/06/2011

I would disagree with Viola Davis if the OP meant "busiest" as high profile work.

Love her, she should have a movie star career.

I saw Taraji in an actors' roundtable, and she struck me as someone who trusts people around her more than she should.

by 227reply 3301/06/2011

Anika Noni Rose seems to be doing pretty well these days.%0D %0D [quote]Halle is supposedly oscar worthy in "Frankie and Alice" but since her first win was viewed by many as a joke, she will most likely never receive another nomination.%0D %0D The two things that irritate me most about this (very accurate) statement are the fact that (a) Halle's win is considered a joke even though many film critics did indeed say she gave the best performance by an actress that year (including Roger Ebert, who flat-out said on his TV show that Halle deserved to win the Best Actress Oscar); and (b) her win seemed to be less dismissed by whites as it was by blacks (many of whom felt that that honor of being the first black actress winner should have gone to Whoopi or Angela instead), so I don't think it's just racism going against Halle but rather an overall lack of respect for her craft -- i.e., the feeling that she's just another pretty face with nothing else of merit to offer (though in fairness, she does have as much talent as several of her equally-successful contemporaries, Reese, Keira and J-Aniston among them).

by 227reply 3401/06/2011

s/b "less dismissed by whites THAN it was by blacks"

by 227reply 3501/06/2011

[quote]since her first win was viewed by many as a joke,%0D %0D %0D I don't know who these "many" are, but in my social and professional circles (I'm in the entertainment business), her win was considered monumental, historical, and well deserved.%0D %0D Only later did some sour grapes start popping up which said less about Halle Berry than they did about the instigators.

by 227reply 3601/07/2011

Zoe Saldana is the bushiest blacktresss of them all!

Er, BUSIEST! I mean busiest!

by 227reply 3701/07/2011

Queen Latifa

by 227reply 3801/07/2011

Vivica A. Fox?

by 227reply 3901/07/2011

'Introducing Dorothy Dandridge' (even though it was not accurate) should have been released in theaters so Halle could have won for it, instead of fucking Monster's Ball.

by 227reply 4001/07/2011

She's a mediocre actress no matter what you put her in.

by 227reply 4101/07/2011

I'd say, Thandie Newton.%0D %0D In the past ten years, she's been in 15 films, from Mission Impossible II to Colored Girls, and has done TV work in between, from ER to voice work on American Dad.

by 227reply 4201/07/2011

I hope Zoe's acting skills have improved since Center Stage.

by 227reply 4301/07/2011

The booty shakers in music videos. Sadly. They're busy as hell.

Viola Davis SHOULD be, she's a fucking brilliant actor.

by 227reply 4401/07/2011

I'd have to say it's Zoe by a mile. Was just commenting the other day that it seemed like she was in pretty much everything.

I was checking out her imdb, I'd almost forgotten she was in the original Pirates of the Caribbean too. By the time she does Star Trek sequels and Avatar sequels in addition to every thing else, I'd say she'll probably hold the title for the foreseeable future.

by 227reply 4501/07/2011

Thandie Newton is British; does that make a difference?

Are we talking American blacktresses, or any blacktresses?

Well, since Zoe Saldana is Dominican, I guess we're talking international blacktresses.

If that's the case, what about that black English actress who was on DOCTOR WHO and now is on LAW & ORDER: UK?

by 227reply 4601/07/2011

Another vote for it being Thandie Newton. Queen Latifah is another possibility.

by 227reply 4701/07/2011

Uhm, Zoe is latina, not black.

by 227reply 4801/07/2011

[quote] hope Zoe's acting skills have improved since Center Stage%0D %0D OMG, I LOVE that movie!

by 227reply 4901/07/2011

People forget Thandie's spectacular performance opposite Kidman in "Flirting". Kidman was wonderful as well, but of course Kidman as a white actress went on to glory while Thandie is still on the fringe.

by 227reply 5001/07/2011

What about Rosario Dawson? I thought she gave a great performance in RENT. She also seems to work quite a bit but still has not found that breakthrough role.%0D %0D Did anyone mention Gina Torres?

by 227reply 5101/08/2011

Um, r48, read the thread. Your invalid point has been addressed already. We're talking about race, not nationality or ethnic origin. There are 4 races globally.%0D %0D Though maybe asking you to read is a stretch - your eyesight cannot be that good, if you think Zoe is Caucasian.

by 227reply 5201/08/2011

I don't think Zoe Saldana is particularly talented or attractive. Same with Rosario Dawson. Don't understand why they keep geting work.

by 227reply 5301/08/2011

[quote]Vivica A. Fox

If gospel plays count

by 227reply 5401/08/2011

[quote] Oprah? Not really an actress anymore%0D %0D %0D Anymore? ANYMORE? You mean never WAS.%0D %0D You meant to say just "not really an actress."%0D %0D

by 227reply 5501/08/2011

Kerry Washington has a busier and more varied career than most of the women mentioned. Halle is a glamour girl and Zoe is very close to being typecast in "tough chick" roles.

Kerry does very interesting (if underseen) dramatic work, and its only a matter of time before she gets the right role in an A-List project that leads to Oscar attention.

And she's got the beauty endorsements as well. Younger than Halle and Taraji, and more versatile than Zoe.

I think she really is Halle's heir apparent.

And I'm NOT her publicist, just a big fan.

But she should think twice before hitting Broadway again, though.

by 227reply 5601/08/2011

Yall think I look good?

by 227reply 5701/08/2011

[quote] But she should think twice before hitting Broadway again, though.

Right - because she really can't act.

by 227reply 5801/08/2011

That's all fine and dandy, but I had to google Kerry Washington to find out who the hell she was. %0D %0D And I'm still not sure.%0D %0D I swear I don't live under a rock. Even if I were to be having an idiot moment, shouldn't the busiest blacktress be immediately recognizable?

by 227reply 5901/08/2011

Not joking here - Marla Gibbs has a LOT of irons in the fire. I am in the business and know this for a fact.

by 227reply 6001/08/2011

r60 I believe you, she has always been a really industrious woman.

by 227reply 6101/08/2011

"Angela Bassett should not be scrounging for work in Tyler Perry films."

Why doesn't Angela get better roles? Is she difficult to work with?

by 227reply 6201/11/2011

[quote]Halle is supposedly oscar worthy in "Frankie and Alice" but since her first win was viewed by many as a joke, she will most likely never receive another nomination.

No she's not. The movie sat on a shelf for two years for good reason. It's a piece of shit.

[quote]Viola Davis SHOULD be, she's a fucking brilliant actor.

Davis, Henson, and Woodard are excellent character actresses. Woodard will work until she's 100.

[quote]Vivica A. Fox?

Fox ruined herself with bad plastic surgery and now takes anything and everything that is offered to her.

by 227reply 6301/11/2011

Annicka Noni Rose should be the busiest. She always gives a true but subtle performance. She's pretty but rarely glams it up. Thandie is vastly over-rated and I don't think she indentifies as black but rather british bi-racial. She has said she has nothing in common with african-americans.

by 227reply 6401/11/2011

Sanaa Lathan should be the busiest. She comes off so natural in every role and her sexiness is off the charts. I've loved her since Love & Basketball. I was even able to get through an entire movie with Matthew Broderick (whom I loathe) just to see Sanaa.

by 227reply 6501/11/2011

I haven't seen Sanaa Lathan since that movie she was in with Simon Baker.

by 227reply 6601/11/2011

Sanaa did "A Raisin in the Sun" with Diddy and Phylicia Rashad on ABC two years after the Simon Baker movie.

by 227reply 6701/11/2011


by 227reply 6801/11/2011

Hands down....Michelle Obama

by 227reply 6901/11/2011

2011 Roles %0D %0D Viola Davis has two high-profile film releases this year: THE HELP in August and EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE.%0D %0D Angela Bassett is working more, too. She has JUMPING THE BROOM in May and THE GREEN LANTERN in June. %0D %0D Paula Patton has JUMPING THE BROOM and MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL. %0D %0D Halle Berry has DARK TIDE and NEW YEAR'S EVE.%0D %0D Loretta Devine continues to be cast in a lot of supporting roles in film and television. She's probably the busiest.%0D %0D %0D A good number of black actresses are heading to television for meaty roles.%0D %0D Kerry Washington, Gabrielle Union, Taraji P. Henson, and Robin Givens have starred in pilots for the 2011-2012 television season.

by 227reply 7004/25/2011

Setting aside who is busiest, who is everyone's favorite blacktress?

by 227reply 7104/25/2011

Zoe is latina.%0D %0D lol Zoe is as dark as me. %0D %0D Shes Black.

by 227reply 7204/25/2011

The term is blacktress, not "black actress." Please stop using that. It wounds.%0D %0D That is beyound Ghetto.

by 227reply 7304/25/2011

someone mentioned Kerry Washington. Hoo boy, good think she had cheek implants, rhinoplasty, a weave, I mean *everything* under the sun done to her, because otherwise she would be a nobody.

Kind of like Halle would have been a nobody without everything done.

And to throw a white actress in there Angelina would have been a nobody without cheeks, lips, nose, everything done either.

by 227reply 7404/25/2011

Loretta Devine

by 227reply 7504/25/2011

I would say Loretta Devine too. Or Vanessa Williams. Both always have something out.

I hope Robin Givens gets a good role soon. She is might be a bitch, but she is a criminally underrated actress.

by 227reply 7604/25/2011

That Pine Sol chick.

by 227reply 7704/25/2011

I never thought very much of Robin Givens, except for her part on "Head of the Class"

by 227reply 7804/25/2011

Anna Devane Smith is my favorite right now. Love her in Nurse Jackie.

by 227reply 7904/25/2011

I went to the IMDB page of numerous actresses, Raven Symone, Thandie Newton, Halle Berry, etc.

Busiest does seem to be Halle Berry with 4 things in pre or post production.

by 227reply 8004/25/2011

Gabrielle Union is swamped with make-up ads.

by 227reply 8104/25/2011

Gabrielle Union is a homewrecker!

by 227reply 8204/25/2011

There are far more talented black actresses than Gabrielle Union, but she never seems to be without a film or TV role. %0D %0D She's "safe" because she is pretty much a black Barbie doll and not "ghetto". She's the longest-running NEUTROGENA spokesmodel and the only black one.%0D %0D Every year, one of her TV projects fails, and every year she is hired for a new TV show. It's like she's white.%0D %0D Unlike the more talented black actresses, she has a high profile on black blogs because she's been dating NBA supertar Dwyane Wade, who plays for the Miami Heat. Their relationship is controversial.%0D %0D --------------------------------%0D %0D 2012 Think Like a Man (pre-production) %0D %0D 2012 Good Deeds (filming) %0D Natalie %0D %0D 2012 Family Tree (post-production) %0D %0D 2011 Miss Dial (post-production) %0D Long Story Caller %0D %0D 2011 Little in Common (TV movie) (completed) %0D Brooke Burleson %0D %0D 2011 NTSF:SD:SUV (TV series) %0D Sandy Canyons %0D %E2%80%93 Mexican Space Shuttle (2011) %E2%80%A6 Sandy Canyons %0D %0D 2010 Army Wives (TV series) %0D %E2%80%93 Murder in Charleston (2010) %0D %0D 2009-2010 FlashForward (TV series) %0D Zoey Andata %0D %E2%80%93 Countdown (2010) %E2%80%A6 Zoey Andata %0D %E2%80%93 The Negotiation (2010) %E2%80%A6 Zoey Andata %0D %E2%80%93 The Garden of Forking Paths (2010) %E2%80%A6 Zoey Andata %0D %E2%80%93 Let No Man Put Asunder (2010) %E2%80%A6 Zoey Andata %0D %E2%80%93 Blowback (2010) %E2%80%A6 Zoey Andata %0D See all 9 episodes %C2%BB %0D %0D 2009 Life (TV series) %0D Jane Seever %0D %E2%80%93 One (2009) %E2%80%A6 Jane Seever %0D %E2%80%93 Initiative 38 (2009) %E2%80%A6 Jane Seever %0D %E2%80%93 5 Quarts (2009) %E2%80%A6 Jane Seever %0D %E2%80%93 3 Women (2009) %E2%80%A6 Jane Seever %0D %0D 2009 Body Politic (TV movie) %0D Jessica Sharp %0D %0D 2008 Cadillac Records %0D Geneva Wade %0D %0D 2008 Ugly Betty (TV series) %0D Renee Slater %0D %E2%80%93 Burning Questions (2008) %E2%80%A6 Renee Slater %0D %E2%80%93 Twenty-Four Candles (2008) %E2%80%A6 Renee Slater %0D %E2%80%93 A Thousand Words by Friday (2008) %E2%80%A6 Renee Slater %0D %0D 2008 Meet Dave %0D No. 3 - Cultural Officer %0D %0D 2007 The Perfect Holiday %0D Nancy %0D %0D 2007/II The Box %0D Det. Cris Romano %0D %0D 2007 Daddy's Little Girls %0D Julia %0D %0D 2007 Football Wives (TV movie) %0D Chardonnay Lane %0D %0D 2006 Running with Scissors %0D Dorothy %0D %0D 2005-2006 Night Stalker (TV series) %0D Perri Reed %0D %E2%80%93 What's the Frequency, Kolchak? (2006) %E2%80%A6 Perri Reed %0D %E2%80%93 Timeless (2006) %E2%80%A6 Perri Reed %0D %E2%80%93 Into Night (2006) %E2%80%A6 Perri Reed %0D %E2%80%93 The Sea (2006) %E2%80%A6 Perri Reed %0D %E2%80%93 The Source (2005) %E2%80%A6 Perri Reed %0D See all 10 episodes %C2%BB %0D

by 227reply 8307/18/2011

How about Zoe Saldana?

by 227reply 8407/18/2011

Uhm, Zoe is latina, not black.

This thread is lumping actresses together based on the color of their skin. Black = not white skin.

So, Jennifer Lopez is yellow right?

by 227reply 8507/18/2011

Loretta Devine owns this thread gosh darnit. %0D %0D Owns it. %0D %0D She is so busy that she is currently subletting this thread to young Miss Thandie Newton. That is how busy she is gosh darnit. %0D %0D %0D %0D

by 227reply 8607/18/2011

Jennifer Hudson's been pretty busy acting like she didn't have gastric bypass.

by 227reply 8707/18/2011

[quote]Uhm, Zoe is latina, not black.

Uhm, Zoe identifies as black and Latina.

by 227reply 8807/18/2011

R71: even though your use of the word "blacktress" is improper, you ask an interesting question about favorite actress.

I've long admired Alfre Woodard's work (back to her Hill Street Blues Emmy-winning performance). She's done solid, quality work for over three decades. She's a damned good actress, period -- regardless of her level of melanin.

I'm also a fan of Viola Davis. I saw her first in college theater productions in Providence (my dad was on faculty at Rhode Island College). I knew that she was destined for bigger things than that commuter school. Of course, I did not know that she would win two Tonys and get an Oscar nomination before age 45.

by 227reply 8907/18/2011

Zoe Saldana-Zoe grew up in Jersey%0D Kerry%0D Tarji%0D Queen Latifah %0D Naomie Harris%0D Zoe Kravitz-she,Zoe S Kerry Washington have it on lock right now. Followed by Taraji and Naomie Harris who has tons of potential. She keeps getting signed to big budget films. She's been actng a while now. %0D %0D Thandie Newton%0D Angela Basset%0D Viola Davis%0D Loretta Devine%0D Halle%0D %0D It seems both Zoes,Kerry,Thandie and Taraji are some of the busiest in the business as far as females period. %0D %0D For Viola,Angela and Halle. For being older women they still get good roles. All are very particular about what they accept. %0D %0D Loretta keeps it busy but, is still underated. %0D %0D Queen Latifah is behind the scenes directing. So is Jada-Pinkett Smith. Still stays busy.

by 227reply 9007/18/2011

Gabrielle Union has been working straight for 17 years straight in Hollywood. She also has a degree in marine biology. Plus she still is the first black women to have a contract with nutrogena. She is not starving for money or roles.%0D %0D Zoe Saldana is black/latin women. She refers to herself as a black women. She also has stated she is a Latina. Like Gina Torres,Celia Cruz etc. They are Afro-Latino.

by 227reply 9107/18/2011

Sharon Leal%0D Tasha Smith

by 227reply 9207/18/2011

Angela Bassett is so gorgeous, and talented. I wonder why she doesn't get more roles. It doesn't make sense.

by 227reply 9307/18/2011

Angela is also 53 years old. If white actresses that age are having difficulty finding good roles, imagine being a black actress in Hollywood in this day and age.%0D %0D Not all is bad for Ms. Bassett. She just signed on (replacing Halle Berry) to co-star on Broadway, this fall in THE MOUNTAINTOP with Samuel L. Jackson.

by 227reply 9407/18/2011

In the 1990s, Nia Long was the busiest black actress. Now, she barely works.

by 227reply 9507/19/2011

Loretta Devine is not just a fine actress but she's also a total pro and her reputation is one of the best in the business. Repeat business and lots of new business through word of mouth. That's how you stay in show business.

by 227reply 9607/19/2011

Angela also has children and a hubby. I don't think she is struggling. I think it's by choice and what works best for her. Ms. Loretta is truly gifted. %0D %0D I've heard Nia barely works because she is a whiner and bad mouthed Halle Berry. That could all be lies. I think Nia is a good actress. Maybe there is choices behind her decisions.%0D %0D Sanaa Lathan works steadily as well.

by 227reply 9707/20/2011

Paula Patton.

by 227reply 9807/20/2011

Viola Davis is supposed to be great in The Help

by 227reply 9907/20/2011

[quote]I don't think Zoe Saldana is particularly talented or attractive. Same with Rosario Dawson. Don't understand why they keep geting work.

Agree. I think Dawson is less talented between the two (if that's possible). I remember Saldana in an episode of PUNK'D. My god, what trash.

by 227reply 10007/20/2011

r95, does she have to act to her death bed? Maybe she got tired.

by 227reply 10107/20/2011

r101, her death bed? Nia is in her early 40s and never said that she planned to retire any time soon.

by 227reply 10207/24/2011

Tisha Campbell is on a new show called The Protector, I like it.

by 227reply 10307/24/2011

Obviously - THIS one.

by 227reply 10407/24/2011

Viola is brilliant%0D %0D Still hoping for Sanaa and Kerry%0D %0D Loretta is technically the busiest%0D %0D Regina got robbed for the Emmy%0D %0D Gabrielle should be in a "Mad About You" type of sitcom%0D %0D Given up on Vivica%0D %0D Guess Monique is content doing a talk show%0D %0D

by 227reply 10507/24/2011

No black actress is that busy in 2012...

by 227reply 10601/03/2012

No mention of Marianne Jean(nne) Baptiste?

by 227reply 10701/03/2012

13 years ago, Nia Long and Vivica A. Fox would have been the stars of "Think Like A Man".

I think that Gabrielle Union "took" Nia Long's career, and Taraji P. Henson "took" Vivica A. Fox's career.

by 227reply 10805/02/2012

My favorite blacktress is Taraji P. Henson.

That's all.

by 227reply 10905/02/2012

What about that heffalump that was in Precious? She was on that Andy Cohen show recently and she might be doing some other stuff.

by 227reply 11005/02/2012

R110, Gabourey Sidibe is not THAT busy.

by 227reply 11105/06/2012

As long as Thandie Newton disappears, I don't care. THANDIE MUST BE DETROYED.

by 227reply 11205/06/2012

I KNOW you heffas didn't forget about me! I'm an Academy Award winner, motherfuckers.

by 227reply 11305/06/2012

Arnold Schwarzenegger hand-picked Vanessa Williams to costar in the film they did together—which was very good. Too bad she didn't get more high profile feature work like that; her talents have been underused in sad fare like Ugly Betty, IMO.

Thandie is very plugged-in politically. Her longtime association with Nicole paid off very well with Tom Cruise and other Hollywood connections. Absolutely overrated, as someone else pointed out.

What needs to happen immediately: A remake of "Lady Sings the Blues" with IRENE CARA as Billie. Irene's career was derailed by some nasty litigation with some heavies in the music biz years ago, but she's far too young and much too talented to be retired down in Florida. Anyone who remembers her work in the original "Fame" would love to see her working again.

by 227reply 11405/06/2012

The actors in the successful #1 film "Think Like a Man" will continue to be relegated to second-tier parts in television and third/fourth-tier parts in movies...if they're lucky. Meanwhile, Emily Blunt, Keira Knightley, Jason Segel, Jennifer Anistion, etc. get chance after chance, flop after flop to become movie stars. Gotta love it.

by 227reply 11505/06/2012

Don't mean to hijack, but who do you think should play Storm in still another X-Men reboot? (assuming the reboot is the kick ass African goddess verison of Storm, not Halle Berry in a bad wig - wrong thread - hanging off a wire)

by 227reply 11605/06/2012

Garcelle Beauvais is another one that could have had a massive career if it wasn't for the way Hollywood works. Her claim to fame is still the Jamie Foxx Show after all these years!! I hope a great role finds her one day. Now she is too busy being a mom and divorcing her husband.

So beautiful:

by 227reply 11705/06/2012

Look out bitches - I'm gorgeous, brilliant and I am NOT my mother.

by 227reply 11805/06/2012

Taraji, Viola, Keri, Alfre, and Loretta will never hurt for work. Phylicia Rashad's career has picked up quite a bit in the last 5-6 years

[quote]Garcelle Beauvais is another one that could have had a massive career if it wasn't for the way Hollywood works. Her claim to fame is still the Jamie Foxx Show after all these years!! I hope a great role finds her one day. Now she is too busy being a mom and divorcing her husband.

Very beautiful,okay but not great as an actress.

Vivica Fox must spend just about every penny she earns because she takes anything and everything that is offered to her from a guest shot on a TV show, a low budget tv movie, a decent theatrical film, to a crummy reality show hosting gig.

Queen Latifah to a lesser extent has done the same and is dangerously approaching Whoopi Goldberg territory as far as doing doing one or two good roles then taking a lot of "for the paycheck only" parts.

by 227reply 11905/06/2012

r119 I dont believe that about Queen Latifah. Lesbians are generally good with their money, very frugal. She doesnt live that flashy lifestyle. And she will always have work if their are awards shows to be hosted.

Vivica Fox on the gospel play circuit right about now.

by 227reply 12005/06/2012

The only place Gabby Sidoube is busy is at a Golden Corral.

by 227reply 12105/06/2012

latifah has endorsements - she is a commercial entity and has a lot of money.

by 227reply 12205/06/2012

R116, Janet Jackson was initially the one the director wanted for Storm, but she was busy touring at the time. Angela Bassett was also supposed to be in the running, but the part, as history shows, ended up going to Halle.

by 227reply 12305/06/2012

As others have noted, Loretta Devine. Maybe not always doing the most interesting or high profile work, but she's always working.

by 227reply 12405/06/2012

[quote]And she will always have work if their are awards shows to be hosted.


And like r122 QL has a lot of checks coming in

by 227reply 12505/06/2012

My question is, who's the BUSHIEST black actress these days?

by 227reply 12605/06/2012

R121, I laughed, and it's such a stupid and obvious joke. But, I laughed. I think it was because of the specificity of "Golden Corral" not just "the only thing she's busy at is eating."

by 227reply 12705/06/2012

The great part is that most of the black actresses still look lovely in their 30s and 40s whereas most of the white actresses have to remove their wrinkles with Botox and fillers.

by 227reply 12806/11/2012

But, that doesn't get them any more work, R128. Granted, most white actresses, or actresses of any race don't get much work.

by 227reply 12906/11/2012

Kerry Washington is the lead--not co-lead, the lead--of a network series. That's got to be keeping her plenty busy. And I bet she books lots of films from the exposure, as well.

by 227reply 13006/11/2012

It's really quite pathetic that Hollywood ignores very attractive black actresses in favor of bland white actresses!

by 227reply 13110/08/2012

I think Loretta Devine just truly owns this thread. No doubt about it. I am linking to her imdb listing.

Condola Rashad is soon to be an actress to watch if you were to ask me. She is really good in theatre and has also done t.v. and such as well. Maybe one day she will sublet this thread from Loretta Devine.

by 227reply 13210/08/2012

Black actresses aren't usually going to be cast in the love interest role of a mainstream studio movie. That is what a large percentage of the roles available to working actresses are. Therefore it becomes very tough being a black actress, it always has been and sadly will continue to be so.

by 227reply 13310/08/2012

You said it #133 and that is the reason, I think, that Mindy Kaling is using her power to give herself handsome White guy love interests. She isn't Black but she is dark skinned and she is making a statement.

by 227reply 13410/08/2012

r133--Hollywood is portrayed by right-wing media, but in many ways it is MORE conservative than many conservative pundits out there in its portrayals of interracial dating, gay relationships etc. I doubt that many Americans of any political stripe would not go and see a film if Sanaa Lathan was the love interest of Alex O'Loughlin.

by 227reply 13510/08/2012

OP, did you mean who is the BUSIEST black actress or who is the BUSHIEST black actress?

by 227reply 13610/08/2012

And r134, Mindy's determination to show herself as attractive to the bland white guy love interests on that show is deeply problematic. Good show, though.

by 227reply 13710/08/2012

R133 is correct. Hollywood is very racist when it comes to casting.

R135, some white women HATE it when black actresses are cast as love interests opposite white actors. On television shows, the female fans detest black women / white men pairings. The black actresses usually is called horrible names, petitions are started for her to be killed off, etc.

by 227reply 13810/08/2012

Tyler Perry

by 227reply 13910/08/2012

The current success of television's "SCANDAL" and Oscar-winning "DJANGO UNCHAINED" *should* result in Kerry Washington garnering top film roles, but it won't. She only has time to star in one film during the series' summer hiatus.

by 227reply 14003/12/2013

Yeah, right...

by 227reply 14103/12/2013

Zoe "I'm not Black" Saldananana

by 227reply 14203/12/2013

Kerry Washington

by 227reply 14303/12/2013

r134 While your post wasn't intentionally offensive, I must say your statement was troubling. I don't think minority women should seek validation through white men. Being paired up with and Indian, east asian, or black male actor is just as good as a white actor.

by 227reply 14403/12/2013

Actually a lot of the busiest black actresses are in minor supporting roles. CC Pounder and Loretta Devine get LOTS of work. But it is never major roles/leading roles.

Of the black actresses that get prominent roles it is basically Kerry Washington and Zoe Saldana.

by 227reply 14503/12/2013

r 142 Zoe Saldana has never denied being black. People are just angry that she is black latina rather than black american.

by 227reply 14603/12/2013

Zoe Saldana

by 227reply 14703/12/2013

I know who it is for white actresses: Madonna!

by 227reply 14803/12/2013

Zoe Saldana and Kerry Washington are both Black Americans of Caribbean descent. Saldana is Dominican and Puerto Rican, and Washington is Jamaican. They both have very diverse ethnic ancestry like most Black Americans.

by 227reply 14903/12/2013

Were Zoe and Kerry even born in the US?

by 227reply 15003/12/2013

Kerry was born in the Bronx.

by 227reply 15103/12/2013

r150 Yes they were both born and raised in the USA. Kerry has a black american father--- it is just her mother that is black Jamaican.

by 227reply 15203/12/2013

r146, no. Some people are angry because Saldana told all black actresses to stop complaining and get off of their lazy butts. She WISHES she were on the same level as Bassett, Rashad, Woodard, Henson, Queen, Davis, can keep going. Her goal is to win an Oscar not to provide exceptional and quality performances for audiences.

by 227reply 15303/12/2013

I can tell you who it should be, bitches!

by 227reply 15403/12/2013

Zoe is a very bad actress.

She is very bland, quite boring,

by 227reply 15503/12/2013

I can't stand Zoe Saldana. For someone who's distancing herself from Black culture, I wish she'd shown the same disdain for the Nina Simone biopic and not foisted herself on that when there are many, better black actresses like Viola Davis who would have nailed Nina.

by 227reply 15603/13/2013

Zoe Saldana has not distanced herself from black culture.

by 227reply 15703/13/2013

Vivica Fox does something every year, but I wouldn't call her busy.

by 227reply 15803/13/2013

r153 I agree. She has made a lot of stupid and offensive statements about race and black people. I hope she doesn't believe it and simply was doing it so that she doesn't get on the bad side of white Hollywood. If she believes it, she thinks simply because SHE gets work, it is easy for other black actresses.

by 227reply 15903/13/2013

r156 How has Zoe Saldana distanced herself from black culture? She was in the us remake of "death at a funeral" in which most of the cast was black. She also was in "drumline

She has never denied being black. Should she do a black romantic comedy for people to stop with the accusations.

I don't like her comments about black actresses being lazy as an excuse at why they aren't hired. Neither her not dropping out of the Nina Simone movie after accusations of colorism-- but she hasn't distanced herself from being black.

by 227reply 16003/13/2013

Exactly r159, she lets it be known first that she is a Latina.

by 227reply 16103/13/2013

r161 Being Latina and being black is NOT mutually exclusive. Her parents are from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic--- but she is STILL BLACK. She has never denied the obvious.

by 227reply 16203/14/2013

I find strange that Mariah Carey and Halle Berry (both with white parents) relate more to being Black than Zoe Saldanana who is obviously Black.

by 227reply 16303/14/2013

My favorite blacktress is Roxxxy Andrews.

by 227reply 16403/14/2013

r163 What has Zoe done that makes you think she doesn't identify with being black?? Is it because she dates white men? If so how do you feel about black men that only date white women. Are they white wannabes.

by 227reply 16503/14/2013

R165 Nobody has mentioned anything about "white wannabes"

The discussion is about how Zoe Saldana has publicily stated that she is not black

by 227reply 16603/14/2013

r166 She graced the cover of Essence and ebony magazine. She corrected a journalist when they told her she was "brown" and not black. Zoe has never denied being a black latina. Are you trolling??

by 227reply 16703/14/2013

That is incorrect, R166.

Before "Star Trek" and "Avatar", Zoe Saldana clearly stated that she was a black Latina.

[bold]“When I go to the D.R., the press in Santo Domingo always asks, “¿Qué te consideras, dominicana o americana?” (What do you consider yourself, Dominican or American?) I don’t understand it, and it’s the same people asking the same question. So I say, time and time again, “Yo soy una mujer negra.” (“I am a black woman.”) [They go,] “Oh, no, tú eres trigueñita.” (“Oh no, you are ‘dark skinned’”) I’m like, “No! Let’s get it straight, yo soy una mujer negra.” (“I am a black woman).”[/bold]

In an interview two weeks ago, she once again identified as a black Latina.

You are either ill-informed or making up things.

by 227reply 16803/14/2013

Kerry Washington

by 227reply 16903/14/2013

Thank you R168, I've never seen Zoe act ashamed of the fact that she is black.

I do agree though that she isn't the best actress, not terrible, but pretty mediocre.

by 227reply 17003/14/2013


by 227reply 17103/14/2013

SR171 ...Snooki is neither an actress nor black.

You fucking need glasses.

by 227reply 17203/14/2013

I think the snooki thing was a joke

by 227reply 17301/01/2014
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