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Am I wrong to think that Susan Miller of Astrologyzone is an Astrotwat

because she pushes out her monthly posts first to her premium members and TAKES DOWN her message board so nobody can repost them? She seems so nice but in reality she is one ball busting businesswoman.

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 6010/02/2015

I've been waiting for January to post - I had no idea about posts being accessed by subscribers before the general public. I'll just wait it out...

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 101/02/2011

OH. So that's why they are never available on the first. I guess she needs cash for her perennially sick mother.

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 201/02/2011

Like DL, you have to take the good with the bad but ultimately she doesn't care about people who do not put cash in her bag. I used to get her yearly forecast but now I get that at and Barn's and Noble.

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 301/02/2011

I am not paying until she is right. Does anyone have experience with her being dead on?

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 401/02/2011

And a day and a half later they are up.

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 501/02/2011

seriously? You depend on it so much that a day and a half late is inconveniencing you??? For real?

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 601/02/2011

Maybe she does it so that her server wouldn't crash. She must get hundreds of thousands of hits in the first day of two of each month. Anyway, why are you freaking out about having to wait a day?

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 701/02/2011

I feel like sending her some Astroglide.

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 801/02/2011

[quote]Barn's and Noble.%0D %0D Come on, now. Really?

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 901/02/2011

It took 7 posts #10. Thanks for playing:)

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 1001/02/2011

Is she really that accurate?

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 1101/03/2011

WTF? You guys actually read that shit??%0D %0D %0D My ex, the Brazillian, hung on the predictions mon that site. Little did she know, if I wanted her to do/believe something, I would just read her horoscope and made sure I did/said whatever it was so it would coincide with her horoscope prediction for on or around that date. Then she would be sure to go along with it, figuring it was somehow "destined."%0D %0D %0D God, you guys are idiots. Suckers!

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 1201/03/2011

And you sound like a manipulative piece of trash.

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 1301/03/2011

I bet Susan Miller is a Virgo.

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 1401/03/2011

Girlfriend, when you live with a narcissist, you gotta do what you gotta do.%0D %0D %0D Thank God that relationship's been over for a while now.

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 1501/03/2011

So, OP, was your horoscope all that you hoped it would be?

[quote]I bet Susan Miller is a Virgo.

I think she is!

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 1601/04/2011

Well, Virgos are supposed to have a fantastic January!

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 1701/04/2011

R13, that is so fucking evil. I love it.

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 1801/04/2011

[quote]Well, Virgos are supposed to have a fantastic January!

Oh, yeah? I found out yesterday that the job I got called about back in November is not happening due to the lack of funding.

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 1901/04/2011

Selling worthless magic pays big in 2011 for Virgo, R20.

Immediately sell copper jewelry, sea glass, recyclable menses pottery, and quilted gingham cats for extra cash.

January 20th take your glue gun and squeeze a few squirts into your most Easterly neighbor's car locks. He has it coming.

January 25th, Having stolen a goat from your local grass-fed dairy, proceed to the cemetery nekkid. Bring a knife, blankets, and a gramophone.

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 2001/04/2011

As a former astrologer, who still keeps track for family and friends, I think she is awful. I'd never seen that site before and her nursery school comments for each sign are absurd. How you can get through her comments without wanting to wee-wee on your screen is beyond me.

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 2101/04/2011

agreed, R22

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 2201/05/2011

I don't have that kind of aim, R22.

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 2301/05/2011

Well, I find her informative. I read my Sun sign for general info and my Ascendant for how things influence my specific houses of activity. I was really interested in her take on the 1-4-11 solar eclipse. Because it was so close to the beginning of the month I got antsy. I take all astrology writing as advice not dicta. And I do believe that she is truly interested in the astrocash...

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 2401/05/2011

Her predictions are awful. Non of the stuff she is writting about comes true, at least not for me. But I have heard I am not the only one.

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 2504/23/2012

Anne Ortelee is better. I listen to her audio blog under the 'Weekly Weather' link.

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 2604/23/2012

[quote]Her predictions are awful. Non of the stuff she is writting about comes true, at least not for me. But I have heard I am not the only one.

I agree. I used to read her "predictions" from 2004-2007 and they were nothing she said would happen ever did.

I no longer believe in astrologers.

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 2704/23/2012

What about Jonahan Cainer? Anyone find him the least bit accurate?

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 2804/23/2012

I found the overall descriptions of my signs to be 99% accurate from Jonathan Cainer. Even his daily horoscopes, seem to mirror what I'm going through but it's not like he predicts the outcome.

Whatever happened to the guy on DL that would do signs for us? Did he call himself Merlin? I really liked him!

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 2904/23/2012

I know three people that think Susan Miller is accurate!

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 3004/23/2012

Great logic, R27. So after the shuttle disaster did you quit believing in astronauts? Do you not believe in meteorologists because of a few bad forecasts?

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 3104/23/2012

Anne Ortelee is one of the best out there and her podcast is really informative.

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 3204/23/2012

Most of them are just big airheads. They talk a lot but say very little.

Don't waste your money on them. And stay away from card readings they are even bigger BS.

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 3304/23/2012

Astrology is a scam. Anyone that believes in it gets exactly what they deserve.

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 3404/23/2012

R31 = "Astrologer"

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 3504/23/2012

You're an asstrohole for taking that crap seriously, OP

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 3604/23/2012

I fucking bought her iphone app.

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 3704/23/2012

Something big must have went down because now her website is blocked for viruses, my computer was like "Oh hell no!" and you can't find her page on facebook.... Ooooooo.... Happy Retrograde!!

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 3805/14/2012

She blames it on Venus Retrograde.

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 3905/16/2012

She's horrible. And she's smart not to have a "Comments" section up, because she was dead wrong about every single thing she said last year for me. My favorite, though, was her dead-serious prediction that the presidential election wouldn't be decided for months, when it was called before midnight on 11/6. Really? Stars told you that? Sure you weren't just making assumptions based on your assessment of the impact of Sandy? If astrology isn't a crock of shit, then Susan Miller is just terrible at it. Or else it's a crock of shit.

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 4001/02/2013

Based on last week's wanfering moon, I predict r41 will be repetitive

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 4101/02/2013

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 4201/02/2013

Agree on Anne Ortellee. She is the least full of shit of any of the online astrologers, I find. She addresses planetary trends on a weekly basis and gives you a heads up.

Election 2012 had similar atrological aspects to Election 2000 - Mercury retrograde, etc but these aspects manifested in ways liek voter suppression, and hurrican Sandy disruptions, etc. Susan Miller took things to an extreme.

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 4301/02/2013

SM is tweeting everyone and their mother about this "monster moon" that is coming on 3/27.

I have a friend with a child who's mentally unstable. She has suffered for years worried sick over him and what he might do next. Just lately her life has been hell because of her constant worries. The child's birthday is 3/27. Can you imagine how she's feeling now after reading SM's fearmongering about this full moon plus saying that a "bad" moon on your birthday can negatively impact you for up to a YEAR? The poor woman is beside herself now because ONCE a SM prediction maybe kinda came true.

You know I don't believe in this myself, but I can understand how a person with great worries and stress might turn to astrology for comfort. Then gets this!

Even if it is true, why announce it beforehand? It's not something anyone can really prepare for. If you're in bad shape, all you can and will do is worry day and night.

I don't think she has any idea of how she's impacting people. I can't believe she'd choose to be so irresponsible.

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 4403/04/2013

I have a friend who does Very clued-in, smart and empathetic writing about astrology, relating it to current events. Much cooler than ditzy, wishy-washy Susan Miller!

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 4503/04/2013

She's a pathetic whinger - theres always a an excuse & doesnt she just love telling everyone what a martyr she is...stomach flu my arse!

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 4608/01/2013

She is also always late. Late w. postings, late w. meetings. Late late late. It is getting so played out. She has maganged to carve out a career for herself though. No real job would put up with her Piscean tardiness.

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 4707/04/2014

First of all, big hello to you OP. Cool to meet a fellow Aquarius.

Gentle reminder that it's rather unhelpful to read forecasts purely for sun/rising signs. You need to examine how the planets in the sky (in transit) look against your own natal chart, that will tell you how the cosmos may be affecting you. You personally have a combination of ten natal planet/house positions, making highly specific angles (aspects) to one another, creating a very specific energy that's all your own (except for the one kid born at the exact same time in the hospital bed across from your mother, I suppose). That's not even mentioning asteroids and other transitory cosmic bodies moving through space.

I am an Aquarius--and, looking purely at my close inner circle, so is my grandmother, my neighbour, my best friend's boyfriend, and my infant cousin. We have very different day-to-day experiences. Both me and my cousin have the moon in Libra and Venus in Capricorn, too. Even then, he's a moon dominant 7th house type, with aspects to Jupiter, so he will not have the same day as me, a Uranian/Saturnian 12th house type with an afflicted moon.

Also, he's 18 months old and can spend every day eating mashed banana and playing in sand. It's context, too.

Suns only tell us about the ego, the selfhood of a person, the light they display. There's a lot going on with you underneath that self, right OP?

If you're going to follow astronomical/astrological advice, I'd really try hard to learn to read your own chart in depth and with accuracy. It's one part mathematics, one part astronomy, one part archetyping, and one part social psychology. Just learn to use the tools and understand the symbols, and you won't even need astro-twats and their cliquey, dumb messageboards and extortions to tell you about your own existence, mundane and spiritual.

Power's all yours to use and interpret as you will, babe.

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 4807/04/2014

Susan miller gives an excellent free service and is ill at the moment so please cut her some slack if she reads this I suggest she forgets all of us and thinks of herself for a month and catches up with herself forget August move straight to Sept your followers will understand and the others don't matter health first get well soon x

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 4908/04/2014

There is always an excuse for why she is late. Getting old. I'm sure she looks at everyone else's predictions and then tries to say something a bit different.

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 5008/06/2014


by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 5108/06/2014

Every single month without fail at the beginning of the month there is an excuse as to why the forecast is late because she is so ill. i don't bother checking in any more. Too annoying...

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 5209/02/2014

I agree with OP. Unacceptable customer service. She forgets her "free" online readers and their word of mouth recommendations are the reason why she's become so famous in the first place. We appreciate her insight and art, but we the readers are also her customers, driving traffic to her website which in turn fuels the rest of her empire. She's built her "empire" based on the website. There is an implicit "contract" with her readers - when you have an online presence that is a portal to the rest of your career, you need to respect that relationship. There are ads and pop-ups all over the website, so it's not like it's really "free" in terms of not bringing her any revenue.

Besides, the IT guy(s) that support the website are so full of themselves too. Posting 12 HTML pages full of plain text that someone else writes (Susan) should take less than 30 minutes if that. Yet, the postings have been delayed several times over the years because of the IT guy (from the message posted on the site).

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 5309/06/2014

Hey, girl's gotta make a living.

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 5409/06/2014

the inside scoop is that susan's mother was the gifted astrologer and her mother died. since then, susan has struggled to cope, since she isn't a bona fide astrologer. people who do know astrology who have met susan find that she dodges their technical questions whenever they are asked. she'll only talk about easy things, like sun, moon and rising signs.

it's possible susan's a bit of shyster. her mother had a gift.

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 5509/06/2014

R55 Astrology isn't really a "gift" any more than math or spelling is. Anyone can learn it. Just like learning a religion or how to speak another language.

Susan just doesn't give a fuck about AZ because it's free. She gets paid in advertising hits so it's good to have thousands of people checking profusely the first week of the month to see if she finished yet.

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 5609/06/2014

I have never liked her brand of astrology. There are better out there. Try googling "evolutionary astrology."

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 5709/06/2014

Susan is sick again, so her September forecast will be late.

RT @astrologyzone: I was so afraid to tell you I was sick again, dear reader. My doc was just about to change my meds to new one, just approved by FDA (gov't).

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 5808/30/2015

She's a nutcase.

by Disillusioned Aquarianreply 5910/02/2015
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