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DC Films faces the music following Justice League bust

Variety also confirms Matt Reeves wants to make The Batman with fresh talent of his choice.

Warner Bros. is planning a shake-up and restructuring of its DC Films operation following the box office disappointment of “Justice League,” Variety has learned. Jon Berg will be leavin…
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Seems like Jakey and Hamm will have to battle it out for the role.

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Ben got his dick caught in the Pervgate wringer?

--Katie Graham
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I never watched Mad Men but I did see Baby Driver and thought was not movie star materialize.

I like Jake but he was terrible in that Netflix animal rights movie. He has made so many BO bombs (that’s what he gets for distancing himself from Brokeback) if did a Batman turkey don’t think he could survive.

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Hamm was not

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Jake has nothing to lose by doing a superhero movie. He doesn't seem super interested in being an A-lister, so no big deal if the movie flops. And even if a BO bomb has a bad effect on his career, it's not like he'll never work again. He's set for life anyway.

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Yeah, Baby Driver was a misstep for Hamm. Mad Men is where it's at. However, I've got a suspicion he has no range. On the other hand, you don't really need range to play the fucking Batman.

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Jon Hamm?! Puh-leeze. They are going to go from one older chubby alcoholic to another one.

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Jake and Jon both want the role, but neither are box office attractions.

Wasn't Jake's last film "Life"? I'm not sure if it was considered a bomb, but it proved Jake's name on the movie poster doesn't put butts in the seats. ("Life" also had Ryan Reynolds with co-billing; and btw, it's a pretty good movie, despite being formulaic.)

WB/DC should definitely go younger and look for someone who can stay for a 10-year run as Batman. Zack Snyder was in love with over-the-hill Batman. Now that Snyder has been given the boot, start fresh with a 35 year-old Batman Let Whedon develop a "Buffy" aged Batgirl and wait a couple of movies to connect the "Batfamily". Ignore the idea that Robin has been killed by the Joker and Harley.

So, the challenge is to find an under-40, actor, with marquee-value, who wants to sign a multi-picture deal, and ultimately be persona non grata with Marvel / Disney / Fox.

Good luck, Warner Brothers!

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What if Marvel were allowed to reboot the Batman franchise? Obviously that wont ever happen, but how much better might it be?

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