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UN to visit Alabama to investigate poverty and inequality

In other words, UN investigates Trump country.

A United Nations official arrives in Alabama this week to investigate poverty, inequality and "barriers to political participation" in the state.
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At the heart of his fact-finding tour will be a question that is causing increasing anxiety at a troubled time: is it possible, in one of the world’s leading democracies, to enjoy fundamental human ...
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The UN is a glorified hate group that has been leeching off the US since the end of WWII and has enabled more dictatorships than the League of Nations ever did.

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Maybe Alabama would be better off under Israel's control.

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Trump is proof the world would be better off under Jewish control, and not just any Jews but gay Jews.

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R2 = R3 = R4

Incensed much?

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Don't pretend rejecting Judaism or denouncing homosexuality while sending a heterosexual pedophile to the US senate has done them any favors, R5.

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