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Holiday Drama: This is for those to post about any Holiday Drama they may be experiencing.

IF you are experiencing any holiday drama, please vents here.

replies 6Dec 6, 2017 6:08 PM +00:00

I'm terribly worried about Frances McDormand Sally Hawkins and that Sunshine Rosenstein or what ever her name is.

--M #4
replies 1Dec 6, 2017 6:10 PM +00:00

Here you go, OP/DL-ers, see R83's post in the attached DL thread. True "DL Holiday Drama"!

Used the Bible and fear of punishment from god to keep us in line. That way he could say no or hit us or humiliate us and never be the bad guy because he was being a good Christian dad.
the DataLounge
replies 2Dec 6, 2017 6:13 PM +00:00

My nephew has persuaded me to extend my family Xmas stay by an extra day because he wants some alone time to ask my advice about something. He split up with his wife many months ago, so I don't think it's that. Is he transitioning? Is he gay? Did he kill a man?

replies 3Dec 6, 2017 6:14 PM +00:00

How far do you have to travel? Why not the phone?

replies 4Dec 6, 2017 7:43 PM +00:00

He wants to borrow $$$$ R3

replies 5Dec 6, 2017 7:57 PM +00:00

R3 And he wants you to initiate him into the joys of anal sex,after you give him the money.

--R3 is Uncle bottom,right ?
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