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Kelly Slater. Any stories?

For some reason, he or his company keeps popping up on my facebook feed. I watched a little bit of a video he posted, and dear god, he is hot as fuck! I didn't realize how sexy he is. He also pinged a little, but that could be because of his surfer vibe. Are there any stories?

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I met him in Cocoa Beach in the early 90s. He was nice and didn’t ping. His daughter is in her 20s now.

A few years ago, ESPN magazine named him the world’s greatest athlete. I agree.

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r1 delusional

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Kelly when he was almost 40. Awesome body

R2 - lol. My ex gets so mad when he thinks about that. Kelly is an 11 tine world champ, he is better than Secretariat when ESPN TV featured as one of the top 30 athletes.

FLEX TIME: "When I first examine someone, I check their range of motion. Kelly touched the ground easily, so I asked him to arch backward with his hands on his hips. A 35-degree angle is normal; Kelly touched his nose to the ground. I've seen only contortionists and yoga masters do that. We all have areas of our bodies that are tight and inflexible, but Kelly has only smoothness and grace." -- Tim Brown, ASP co-director of sports medicine
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teenage me had a major crush on him back in the early 90s, stories of homophobic speech be damned. boy was FINE.

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