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Who Are Some Famous Rock Musicians That Are Real Jerks? Any Good Stories? Part II

Carry on.

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I have heard Sting is very pompous and full of himself.
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Cyndi Lauper Belinda Carlisle Natalie Merchant

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From the previous thread re: Celine Dion. She was allegedly 13; the two years were added on to make it look more respectable. They met when she was 12.

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This time can we hear about real life encounters with details and not regurgitated drivel from the masses of rock shock memoirs and autobiographies?

And enough about Lou Reed and Lennon. We all know they were assholes.

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David Crosby is a jerk/asshole-although not nearly as bad as some, a drama queen, full of himself, pretentious, and probably still uses drugs. Stephen Stills makes Crosby seem like a nice easygoing guy.

Neil Young is very nice and considerate, and so is Nash. But Neil is a perfectionist and likes his music done his way, but he's very nice to staff and fans who he meets, but holds very bad long grudges against other musicians he's worked with.

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Mike Gordon from phish is a real jerk. He treats everyone like shit including venue staff, bartenders/restaurant staff-he's extremely cheap despite being well off/rich, does not even like the members of the bands he's in or has been a guest with, thinks he's a great bassist when he's not nearly as good at playing or songwriting as he was decades ago-his new songs suck, and is a hebephile/pedo.

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The last two threads about this were so interesting, don't let it die!

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From a close relative who's an exec and worked with just about everyone Jerks: Natalie Maines (from Dixie Chicks). Total control freak and all around jerk. Paul Simon can be an ass, as can Van Morrison. Sting is about as pompous as you think he is. Nice guys: Kid Rock, James Taylor, Pat Monohan (Train), Bono, Edge, Jimmy Buffet, Roseanne Cash, Mark Knopfler. Actually, there are more are nice guys than ass hats.

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Anything on John Rzeznik?

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Jimmy Buffett is a major asshole. He only is "nice" to people who have something he wants like money or drugs. He's a total asshole to fans and staff at venues. He also used A LOT of speed (meth) in the 60s and lots of coke and booze in the 1970s and 1980s, and probably still drinks and uses drugs.

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Any Scorpions stories? Is Klaus gay?

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Tom Waits is really nice but very eccentric and socially awkward. His wife/manager is an overprotective bitch.

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ewwwwwwwwww r5

Bassist booked for child endangerment
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R11 is his wife the reason why Tom seems so moody & sad all the time? Or a personality quirk? Or is just the gimmick?

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Anyone have a smear of Motley Crue dirt that ISN’T in one of their many spurious tomes, or that the professional blowhard Eddie Trunk hasn’t already spoken on?

I’m on a Spotify kick with Crue remixes and am shamefully enjoying it, so I need DL to remind me what horrific grifty abusive dirtbags the band are and stop me turning into a casual fan (no disrespect to Tommy Lee, who drums like a beast and is sweet & trashy-handsome even now). I already know the shit of legend, everything they’ve been on Larry King about, so I’m looking to really dredge the metal lake here.

They had a few jams and even a dark classic or two, but not to get all Scaruffi; it really blows my mind these guys got as far as they did on 90% audacity, pyro & ballyhoo. Crue songs often sound way better performed by other bands (especially women), as b-side covers. Maybe Nikki should have gone the Steinman route...

I’m still in danger of liking them, so please someone serve scoop (bonus if from their make-up/break-up period in the 90s).

Music video by Cassadee Pope performing The Animal In Me. (C) 2014 Big Machine Records, LLC.
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R11 I'm not surprised, she's basically controlled his music and life since they started dating. I saw on facebook how they remixed his album "Real Gone" that was from 2004, and I'm not sure why the expect people to buy it or download it? Or to download/buy their remixed/remastered albums?

It's a shame he doesn't tour and perform live. I'm not surprised he's extremely socially awkward, he's bipolar/manic, but obviously takes meds and sees a therapist.

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Anyone have any stories about Lennon's sexuality?

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R16 Lennon was apparently bisexual but closeted.

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Maynard James Keenan of tool is a HUGE asshole, and primadonna who believes the world/universe revolves around him. The rest of his bands musicians act the same way, but he's really rude and stuck up to venue staff, people who work for him, and the people who are unfortunate fans of his music.

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What Crue remixes on Spotify are you talking about ? 80s Metal and Metal in general are my dirty listening secret.

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Sorry I was asking you r14 ^^^

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Anyone have anything juicy on New Order’s Bernard Sumner??

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Tom Waits's wife, Kathleen, is responsible for his complete reinvention. He was stuck in that lounge-lizard persona for many years in the 70s and early 80s (that shtick sure got tired, although I enjoyed it at the time) until he did the film "Rumble Fish" and met Kathleen, who was a script supervisor. He fell very much in love with her, and she influenced him and his musical direction greatly; she was into stuff like Captain Beefheart and Bonzo Dog, which opened his eyes and his horizons and he never looked back. Carefully remade himself into what we know of him now. I cannot stand it when people think men in the music biz are controlled by harpies and bitches, which completely discredits their masculinity and power. Most of the time, these guys have hardcore drug issues and / or are howling narcissists, and their wives keep them grounded. Kathleen is a wonderful woman and Tom is a great guy. I know them peripherally. They have a normal life and raised their children well and there is no reason to accuse him of being a barracuda, him of being a spineless mental case. Punto.

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I meant accuse HER of being a barracuda.

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This YouTube video of Blur being interviewed by beloved Canadian radio host Nadwar shows them for the nasty pieces of shit that they are. Check out Nadwars Channel on YouTube he is so respectful and loving to the musicians he interviews. These guys are so damn mean and Nadwar is the sweetest.

Strange news from another star... Blur torments Nardwuar in this 2003 interview.
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Tom Waits' wife Kathleen Brenan is a total cunt. I say this as someone who knows them.

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R25, elaborate.

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The blur guy with the glasses looks like an accountant.

Damon actually has a normal voice? Hate his geezer sound

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Any good Axl Rose stories?

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It’s not often that I get Tom Waits gossip. More please.

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She's a total control freak, highly narcissistic, and yes she's extremely overprotective and makes the worst helicopter parents look normal.

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What’s worse than a helicopter parent ...a drone parent?

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r18, Carey, too?

He seems so laid back in interviews. Keenan you can tell is an asshole from the word go. OTOH, he hates that part of his life, but goes back to the well to support his winery/lifestyle. The other guys benefit from the tours too, of course.

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