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Israel Horovitz has been ACCUSED!

Please don't let him be Jewish, please don't let him be Jewish...

Nine women have provided explicit, on-the-record accounts of being molested or assaulted by Israel Horovitz, a screenwriter whose credits include My Old Lady, Author! Author! and Sunshine, as well …
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Another sexually hostile Jew.

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Vile man.

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I had no idea he was a Beastie Boy's father.

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I had no idea he was still ALIVE! In fact, I don't know why he's famous....didn't he just do some early play Dustin Hoffman was in??

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Ishwael Howowish

--Baba Lizsha
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Hate to alarm you, OP, but that name does sound just a tad Jewish. Maybe he should take a cue from an ex-Horowitz and adopt the surname "Ryder" (as in Winona).

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Who dat?

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Pretty bad that his son believes the women. This guy must be a real shit.

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His son, Adam Horovitz, of Beastie Boys fame, said in his own statement: “I believe the allegations against my father are true, and I stand behind the women that made them.”

I wonder if he's mad that one of the victims was a former girlfriend of his.

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Please don't let him be Jewish, please don't let him be Jewish...

I'm going to google his name. I'll tell you what I find out.

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Hot daddy. He could get it.
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Not necessarily a Jewish name. Now if it were Schlomo Pincus that would be different.

--Mary White, nee Weiss, Upper East Side
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How did I not hear about this until now?

Pretty bad that his son believes the women.

Well, not that he has any reason not to believe them, but also the Beastie Boys were very pro-women and then there's the fact that he's married to Kathleen Hanna.

Jocelyn Meinhardt was 19 in the summer of 1989 when she joined Horovitz in a fellowship at the Gloucester Stage Company in Massachusetts. Meinhardt had known him already, as his son, Adam Horovitz of Beastie Boys fame, was her high school boyfriend. In the New York Times report, Meinhardt claimed Israel drove her to his family home, where he began to kiss and fondle her. He then allegedly led her to his bedroom, where she claimed he raped her.
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I looked for the video where Adam speaks out against rape at the MTV Awards but couldn't find it

"I read in the news, and heard from my friends, all about the sexual assaults, and the rapes that went down in woodstock 99, and made me really sad and angry. Ok, are you all there? Ok. Ya'll remember that? Woodstock, what happened? So I was thinking why should I just feel mad about it, and not do anything about it? And I think we can do something about it. As musicians now I'm talking to all the musicians here, (thank you Diana Ross) all the musicians here, I think we can talk to the promoters and make sure that they're doing something about the safety of all the girls and the women that come to our shows. I think we can talk and work with the security people to make sure they know and understand about sexual harassment and rape and they know how to handle these situations. You know what I'm saying? Respectfully."
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Shame on you, R13. That picture was taken in 1947!

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According to the NYTimes, in the early 90s Horovitz was the subject of accusations from 10 women. That's probably why his son isn't surprised.

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