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Sophie is back with a big new sound!

Sophie (born Samuel Long) has a new sound for"It's Okay to Cry"

Are you a fan of Sophie?

SOPHIE - It’s Okay To Cry: SOPHIE debuts new live show on October 24th at Red Bull Music Academy Festival LA. Tickets a...
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Sophie co-directs the striking, intimate visuals for "It's Okay To Cry" with Nicholas Harwood - the song itself is a huge sonic departure from the super-synthetic hyperpop offerings of the Product era. This is a heartfelt ballad with tinges of R&B and '80s pop, with vocal power in spades and a familiar dose of SOPHIE's signature sleek electro for good measure.

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Sophie (born Samuel Long)

I was just about to ask.

I hope I like her voice better than Antony of the Johnsons' voice. Or Rufus', for that matter.

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Why can't I understand a word out of their mouth?

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She's cute but the song doesn't do it for me.

The glimpse of her nips at the end of the video, tho.....ooooooweeeee!

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Those cheek implants are ghastly, why do they all insist on that Amanda Lepore/Vadge look?

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She looks a little like one of the Ru girls. Milk? Or maybe Max.

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Bump so that people stop creating threads on this topic

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OP = Sophie

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Very cool.

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Gay novelist North Morgan is a big fan:
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Not my cup of darjeeling.

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SOPHIE hits the mainstream, Watch your back, Beyoncé!

“Being completely authentic about the time you live in is something that I would view as a career-long objective.”
replies 14Dec 7, 2017 11:08 AM +00:00

is that another he man man trannie?

replies 15Dec 7, 2017 11:15 AM +00:00

carrot top needs to be buried up to his forehead in dirt. cathy dennis you ain't.

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She-Man and the Masters of the Tranniverse

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Did she really put those implants under her skin. Or is that special effect putty?

Totally freaky if she put that into her face.

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"she" looks so creepy and ugly. and the "song" is shit. Can't believe this is considered cool by today's kids. ewww.

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Zhe puts the "zhe" in zhenzhational!

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I've said it before and I'll say it again. No more fucking trannies.

--& fuck you Priscilla for advocating male genital mutilation & heteronormativity
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Does she still have a shenis? I guessing it is or was xl. Did she show it to Madonna?

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The real name should be "It's not okay to cry if you're a man because if you cry that makes you a woman."

This, recorded 45 years ago, was more progressive:

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Product was an odd robotic disc, not pleasurable for my old ears. This ditty above has a certain something lush. So completely different. It seems to have a dash of Years & Years slowed down with later Kate Bush.

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The cheekbones are, however, early Bagdanoff brothers.
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