DataLounge V6 Overview

What is This

One of the biggest problems in browsing and in serving message boards is the user's inability to see new discussion activity without refreshing the page. The users constantly refresh demanding many millions of unnecessary page views per month from the servers.

Ajax allows the system to do the checking for you. The system periodically downloads all the new posts so you never have to refresh.

This asynchronous polling vastly reduces the number of requests the servers have to contend with while at the same time making the experience more conversational.


Show YouTube Inline

Embed YouTube videos.

Show Images Inline

Attempt to display images embedded in the page. Images may not display depending on the linking policies of the site hosting the image.

Scroll New Postings

Set the Thread Watch window to follow you as you scroll so it is always visible.

Items per page

Change the number of items listed per page.

Thread Watch Window:


The top line of the Thread Watch window indicates the status of any pending server communication.

If you do not interact with the system for a while it will stop retrieving new posts. The next time you click on something it will download all the misses activity and continue watching for new posts.

Star (on)

Thread is on your watch list. Click star to unmark.

Star (off)

Thread is not on your watch list. Click star to mark thread.

Thread Subject

Click to display the thread. If you have viewed the thread in this session it will only display the unread posts.

Unread Replies

The number of unread posts in the thread for this session.

Thread list Color Coding:

Posts with light blue background have been viewed in this session and have no new posts.

Posts with yellow background have unread posts.

Posts with white background have not been viewed in this session.

Find Thread / Reply

Enter the words to find in the thread subject, keywords or body of the OP and replies. Works best if you enter very specific words like names. Do not enter common words like "the" or "a" etc.

Threads are ranked by the number of times your search terms occur in a thread.

In the find thread results listing you can view the replies within the thread that contained your search terms by clicking the [search thread] link

Posts are periodically batched into the search corpus. If may take up to an hour for a thread to appear in the search results. The search corpus is limited to the most the recent 200,000 (appx) posts.

When viewing a thread you can search replies using [find reply]

Thread Listing:



Show all currently active threads.

Previously Viewed

Show only threads that you have viewed at least once in this session.

Never Viewed

Show only threads that you have not viewed in this session.

New Replies

Show only the threads that have been updated since the start of your session. Thread are removed from this list once you display them until new posts come in.


Last Reply Date

Choose this to see the threads dynamically in reverse chronological order by the date of the last reply to the thread.

Thread Create Date

Choose this to see the threads in reverse chronological order by the date the thread was first created.

Reply Count

Choose this to see threads with the most replies.

Find Thread

Quickly search thread titles and keywords of currently active threads.


Redisplay the current page

Post A New Thread

Create a new thread

Star (on)

Thread is on your watch list. Click star to unmark.

Star (off)

Thread is not on your watch list. Click star to mark thread.

Thread View:

Back To Thread List

Redisplay thread list in last selected mode. When possible it will scroll to the position in the list of the last viewed thread.

Show All Posts In Thread

When displaying only unread posts use this to show the entire thread.

Last Page

Jump to the last page

Flag: WW

Submit a vote for Wit & Wisdom

Flag: FF

Submit a vote for Flames and Freaks (report to webmaster)

Flag: Troll-dar

Highlight all the posts made by that poster. Kind of like the golden lariat of truth.

Post A Reply

Post Formatting:

[quote]paragraph will be quoted up to carriage return

[bold]this text will be bold[/bold]

[italic]this text will be in italic[/italic]

About Post URL Field Embedded Images and YouTube:

When the setting is turned on the system will attempt to embed the target of the post URL field. When linking to YouTube paste the URL of the YouTube page - not the embed code. Images may not show up inline depending on the link policy of the site where the image is hosted. If the image does not display click the link to open it in another window/tab.

About Browser Back & Forward buttons and Bookmarking:

The standard browser functions should work in most modern browsers. You can copy the url out of the location bar in your browser (not by right clicking on the link) for sending via email or linking from other sites.