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Former Freeper Boss Looking for a Handout

BACKGROUND: The worst people I ever worked for. Hard core Regressives and Jesus freaks. Insanely dishonest (they were defending 26 separate lawsuits at one point) On the day of Obama's first inauguration they flew the flag outside their building upside down. He is a nasty old drunk who sexually harassed every woman who worked there. Her, his second wife and much younger than him. She was a former pole dancer who once she became too old and too fat for the job found Jesus. I got out of there over a year ago. They have since gone bankrupt and lost their business but she has found a new scheme to occupy her time and fund her coke habit: event planner. I just got off the phone with her. The conversation went as such: Her: Hi! guess who? Me: I dont know, who is this? Her: It's Beth! Do you miss me? Me: (Gee, I didn't recognize your voice, so what does that say?) Hi Beth. What can I do for you? Her: I was looking on your old computer for that program you used to do the pictures and ads and I cant find it. Where is it? Me: You mean Photoshop? Well, that was my software. I removed it and all the other software I installed on the computer before I left. Her: Why? Me: Well, I thought you would want the computer returned to what it was before I started working there. Besides, I was the only one using it. Her: I see. Well, I was wondering, could you stop by and put it back? Me: I dont know. That software cost me $700 (a slight exaggeration) I guess I could do it but I would need to be paid for it. Her: Okay, how much do you think you would need? Me: I guess $300 would be fair for my time and the software. cue crickets Her: Okay. Let me talk to my husband about that. I've been kept abreast of their situation from a former co-worker. Their waterfront mega mansion is in foreclosure and they have been reduced to driving leased cars. Three hundred dollars may as well be three million dollars for them. What a great way to start the weekend.

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