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Aspergers or just crazy

Inspired by another thread, I have to wonder if I should seek a diagnosis of Asperger’s (or Autism spectrum) Below is a list my reasons for suspecting - Eye Contact, I seldom make it, when I do, it becomes unbearable after maybe two seconds. The only exception to this is if the person in question has startling blue eyes that I just can’t stop looking at, though admittedly, I probably never look for more than a second or two at a time even then. - Conversation, I can talk endlessly about any subject that I’m interested in, seldom leaving my listeners a chance to speak, I’ll interject side stories detailing something that I’ve mentioned into my own dialogue, it never occurs to me to check to see if my audience is listening because I naturally assume that they find the same subjects intensely interesting. If the subject is changed before I make a point or tell a detail that I find delightful, I’ll change the subject back, even if I have to sit through (mostly ignoring) other topics for ten minutes before I can interject this tidbit, in certain situations, I change the subject back immediately. However, at other times I can hit many different subjects in one rant. - I tend to research things that spark my interest. I can easily be up most of the night reading information on whatever has sparked my interest recently. I’ll look at the clock and realize that it’s nearly 5am and I’ll have been yawning at 11. - I will definitely say that unless I’m being purposeful, I am quite clumsy and without grace. - I was very verbally advanced at an early age, my vocabulary was on collegiate scale before I finished middle school. However, I’ve never been great with spelling or punctuation. I can however use a dazzling array of words appropriately during a verbal conversation. - Sex, This one always confuses me. I can literally go a month or more without being horny. Then I’ll hit a period where I want sex 24/7 I only want to do specific things with specific guys, I may have one that I only want to top for, another that I’ll only bottom for, yet another that I’ll engage in leather and kink with. But would not do so with the others. Because I just don’t see them as being sexually fit for the position. Then after a couple of weeks I get sick of it all and won’t have any desire for sex for at least a week or more. This makes relationships unbearable on that front, because I’ll feel as though I’m forcing myself into sex to please my partner, then I’ll be back on hot and heavy and confuse the hell out of them. - I also don’t care for someone to actually live with me. When I want them there, I want them there 24/7, but when I want space, I want them to go home until I’m ready to spend time with them again. I think I’m a seriously fucked up individual.

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