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Writing off half of your family.

Growing up I wasn't close to my Dad's family with the exception of two of his sisters (he was child 7 of 9 and he's the only one to have died,) and two of my first cousins, I lived next door to one of his older sisters and his youngest sister was always one of my favorites. As an adult I’ve seen them at various holidays, reunions, and other family events the invitation of which usually got passed on to me from my father, after his death the invitations came through his last wife (my mother passed in 2004) who the family kept in constant contact with. The invitations stopped coming for her when she started dating again last year, I also stopped getting invited to these events. Well, with the exception of once when someone asked where I was and I and I received a hasty phone call halfway through the gathering. I did not drop everything to attend. And when his youngest sister was diagnosed with breast cancer I never would have known had I not been trying to get in touch with the other of my “close aunts” on the day of the surgery to remove the tumor. In 1984 My father built a cabin by the river on what was my grandparents property, the older of the two aunts built another about 200 yards away two years later. She was a widow with a 12 year old daughter and this became her home. After my mother died my Dad decided to move to the cabin full time and after he married my step mother added on an addition of an 18x24 living room turning the old, small living room into a formal dining room and providing them with enough space to hold holidays with my newly acquired step siblings and their families. After my father’s death my step mother continued to live there, she is marrying in February and as the cabin now belongs to me I was considering spending weekends there as it’s only about 10 miles from my house. Some way or other the property where the cabins sat ended up in my Aunt’s name after my grandparents died. Daddy had ownership of the cabin, but not the land on which it sits. He somehow ended up with a plot of land a little under a quarter mile away. My father’s siblings, especially the older aunt mentioned above began to hate my stepmother when she started dating, I figured if there was going to be any trouble it would have occurred then. Fast forward to yesterday, my aunt asked if I could stop by for lunch today she wanted to talk about a few things, I figured it had to do with my stepmother, but surprise, surprise, when I got there to discover my youngest aunt there as well and that my older aunt and her husband plan on serving me with papers for the cabin to be moved before the new year. They kept attempting to site their unhappiness with my stepmother as the reason, but honestly, she’s lived there for a year and a half without them doing any such thing, why would they want her and the whole fucking house out by new years eve when she’s remarrying six years later.

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