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Sean Cody's Ethan On Why He Won't Do Bareback, Sean Cody Porn, Whether He's Gay or Straight, and How Big His Dick Really Is

Over two years of cyberstalking has finally paid off, as Ethan Elliott is finally talking to The Sword in his first and only exclusive interview since leaving Sean Cody. The Sword: Your Sean Cody name was Ethan, but I see now you’re going by Ethan Elliott? Ethan Elliott: Yeah, Ethan Elliott is my official stage name now. And I’ve seen you go-go dancing at events in San Francisco. Is the city your home now? Yes! I just moved here a few months ago. Originally, I was born and raised in Washington state. I lived out in a small country town, just a half hour north of Portland, Oregon. I really love Washington, but I’m not a big fan of the 200+ days of rain each year. That’s probably why I love the California sun so much. Plus, San Francisco is such a beautiful city that I figured it’d be a good place for me to settle down and grow some roots for awhile. Why go-go dancing? I actually started dancing because I needed to make a quick $300, so that I could buy a ticket to go to Burning Man back in August of 2012. I ended up auditioning at a bar called Powerhouse and instantly fell in love with the place. My favorite thing about the bar is that they have these two rope rings that you can hang from while your dancing on the bar top. I used to love gymnastics so naturally I had a blast swinging around on them. Now I’m dancing all over San Francisco—The Cafe, Beatbox, The Lookout, Midnight Sun, and any random events. And there’s also your work with Mr. S Leather. Yeah, they’ve been having me pose in some of their new clothing items, cock rings, and ball stretchers. The photo shoots with them have been really fun and the crew is really cool. What about porn? Do you have any plans to do movies in San Francisco? I actually do! I’m working on a few different projects with a few photographers and artists right now. My close friend and photographer Brody S. Harris has a Tumblr featuring me and a few others; we’re sexualized characters in this fetish/fantasy world, and my character as “Mercurious.” I’m also starting my own fan site. Expect a lot of exclusive photos and videos, and it’ll evolve as time goes on. When you were working at Sean Cody, were you aware that you had fans? Were you aware of The Sword’s…uhhh…appreciation of you? I actually had no idea until I started getting approached on the street when I was walking around New York City. That’s when I started to pay closer attention and noticed how many different porn and blog sites were paying attention to my work. It wasn’t until I landed in San Francisco that things really started to take off, though. And Sean Cody models don’t use social media at all. We only hear from them after they stop filming. Does Sean Cody forbid models from interacting with the public? Sean Cody does a great job at keeping us protected from the public eye. I imagine this is because a lot of Sean Cody models aren’t looking for the fame or publicity. That’s about all I can really say… You stopped appearing on the site right around the time they started shooting bareback scenes. Did you stop filming with Sean Cody because they started producing bareback content? Yeah, pretty much. I knew bareback wasn’t my style, and it was also around that time that I was feeling I wanted to branch off and do my own thing, anyway. To each his own, though. I’d just rather be safe then sorry. Do you have a favorite scene from your time with Sean Cody? I wouldn’t say that I have a favorite scene, but I did really like working with Calvin and Landon. They are both really chill, down to earth, and fun to hang out with. Some of Sean Cody’s gay models have mentioned that there are “homophobic” undertones while filming/on set with other “straight” models. Did you find that to be true? Is everyone straight there? You know, I wouldn’t say that there were really any homophobic undertones that I witnessed. I’d say the whole Sean Cody experience was relaxed, chill, and professional more than anything else. The whole shooting process is actually pretty laid back and fairly organized. And yes, a lot of the Sean Cody models are actually straight. I know this is really hard for some people to believe, but it’s true. What about you? Please don’t dodge the question and tell me that you hate labels or that you’re “sexual.” Well, I’m definitely a very “sexual” being! Ha ha. But…actually, I love women in real life, believe it or not. Being around a lot of gay men in my adult life has brought me to some interesting sexual experiences with other men, but I’ve never really found a true, genuine desire to have sex with another man. More than anything, I think I just like to have fun playing the flirting and teasing game. Sexually, do you keep things pretty traditional, or are you into any fetishes? Honestly, I hadn’t ever even been introduced to the fetish world until I landed here in San Francisco. Once I hit up the Folsom Street Fair back in 2012 I had a whole new outlook on what’s out there in the world of sex. As of right now, I’m still pretty traditional, but I’m always open to try new things. What are you doing when you’re not dancing or modeling or doing porn? I live for new adventures! I love to travel. I actually just finished a two year road trip driving around the U.S., going to different music festivals and national parks. I also love to hike, snowboard, longboard, smoke weed, color, paint, practice yoga, meditate, and chill out with my friends. I pretty much do it all. And if I haven’t done it yet, I hope to do it one day. How big is your penis? My dick is a solid 9.5 inches. Will you marry me? Ha! I’m so down! What’s the worst that could happen? No comment. Thank you for your time, Ethan!


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